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Baby Modeling Casting Call – Boston, MA

A new baby care website is looking for little bundles of joy to star in how-to videos. A baby model casting call is searching for infants who are under 6 months old. Babies of all ethnicities are being hired to appear in the videos for the Boston based company. It is set to launch in May. From changing a diaper to swaddling a baby, the website will be helping parents everywhere. This is a wonderful opportunity to start your baby in modeling and acting. Each selected infant will be paid $35.00 per hour. Each video shoot will guarantee at least two hours of work. Filming will take place in the Boston area either April 7th, 15th or 29th (exact date to be finalized his week) in 3 hour slots. Details for the 2018 baby modeling casting call is below.

About the Company

A new website being created in Boston,, that’s going to provide advice, information, and support to those involved in baby care.

What They Are Looking For

As part of the informational site, it is going to have professional “how to” videos on it showing different aspects of baby care. For example, how to change a diaper, how to swaddle a baby, how to burp a baby, bottle feed, clear stuffy nose, etc. Each topic will be its own video and each video will be no more than 3-5 minutes.

The videos will feature real babies and we are looking to hire 2-3 infants under 6 months of age. The babies will be anonymous – we won’t use their name or anything that would identify them.

We are paying $35 per hour for babies that appear and guarantee at least two hours worth of pay, though it’ll probably be much more because we have identified 10 videos/topics to film.
Seeking non-union infants of any race.

How to Apply

If your baby is available for the shoot days (April 7th, 15th or 29th -exact date to be finalized his week) in 3 hour slots, submit by email. Please contact if interested. Include your name, phone number, email address and photos of your child.

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20 Casting Responses

  1. Dashara Harris

    I have a baby boy name Derrion
    In the United States
    He’s 2 months
    We would love to be interested in learning more this opportunity.

  2. Serafina

    We have twins boy and girl in Chicago. They are 1 month old now. We would be interested in learning more about this opportunity.

  3. Agnes yap

    Aiden Ng
    Baby boy
    Ig: littleaidenng
    Mother IG: agnesbii

  4. Ziyal

    Hi, i have a 11months baby boy…named Aric from Malaysia…would like to seek for an opportunity of casting for my baby. Please do response and do contact me.

    Name: Ziyal (father)
    Age: 28yrs
    Job: Own business

    Origin: Malaysia

  5. Jenna Kittler

    My son Loki is 8 weeks old. He loves cooing, smiling and baths. He loves getting pictures taken. He has the biggest blue eyes.

  6. Paula Rolle

    When is the next huggy casting call in Miami Florida

  7. princess xing lei

    Hi i have 1 year old baby she’s so cute adorabe and she has a cuties smile.

  8. Jennifer Richmond

    Male-7 months-he isn’t allergic to any thing-can drink water,a little juice, milk will just need oatmeal-still in daipers- can sit up some may need to some assistance

  9. Ebony Vaughter

    Hi my name is Ebony and my 6 months baby boy name is Shaun Braylon. He have a killer smile that will melt your heart💞

  10. Gherghel

    Meine Babys ist wouwwwwwwwww, 6monate die name Gherghel Sophia danke

  11. Joanne Rumph

    My twin grandsons 11 months
    Looking to get into the commercial Media field.

  12. Tyna Kamara

    Hi My name is Tina i have a 3 month old chubby beautiful bouncy baby. Very energetic active and photogenic.

  13. Susmita

    Hi my daughter is 8 month old. She is very cute, sweet pritty and attractive. Her name is Anaya Laxmi

  14. Kavita Vinay Tayal

    Hi, my baby name is Yug Tayal. He is 2 months 5 days old. He is bery cute and smart baby boy.

  15. Apoorva Chaudhary

    Hii my kid he is 11 month is there smthng for him

  16. Sylvia

    Hello, I have sent photos of my baby. Thank you

  17. Kamal Modha

    We have sent the photos of the baby for the baby contest kindly response.

  18. Charlie Guy

    My name is Charlie guy. My son is 4 months old. His name is Nasir.

  19. fridah gacheri

    baby name Austin kimathi 5 months old

  20. fridah Gacheri