Captain America: Civil War - Movie

Captain America: Civil War – Movie

Just when you thought the Marvel Universe couldn’t get any bigger, they go and top themselves again and again and their latest project set to burst in front of cameras may just be the one that tops them all. Captain America: Civil War will begin shooting very soon, continuing the jaw-dropping storyline started in Avengers: Age of Ultron and adding one of the biggest cherries in cinematic history on top. Spider-Man will finally join the Marvel Cinematic Universe and submissions are being accepted today from aspiring actors of all ages looking join up right alongside the webbed wonder.

Captain America: Civil War is being described by many close to the film as The Avengers 2.5, a huge and hugely exciting chapter that will show what happens after the worlds governments pass an act regulating all superhuman activity which drives a wedge in the middle of The Avengers team, one side led by Captain America and one by Iron Man. This will be a movie event for the ages and Marvel will be lining up many of it’s biggest heroes (and a few new ones) to battle it out.

The group of heros featured will include Chris Evans (Not Another Teen Movie, Sunshine, Snowpiercer) as Captain America, Robert Downey Jr. (Chef, Chaplin, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows) as Iron Man, Scarlett Johansson (Lucy, Ghost World, Under the Skin) as Black Widow, Anthony Mackie (The Hurt Locker, Half Nelson, Our Brand Is Crisis) as Falcon, Chadwick Boseman (Draft Day, Persons Unknown, Get on Up) as Black Panther, Sebastian Stan (Political Animals, Ricki and the Flash, Rachel Getting Married) as The Winter Soldier and Daniel Brühl (Rush, A Most Wanted Man, The Bourne Ultimatum) as the villain Baron Zemo. Anthony and Joe Russo (Happy Endings, Carpoolers, Pieces) will return to direct this third entry in the C. A. franchise with a script by the Emmy Award winning team of Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Thor: The Dark World, The Life and Death of Peter Sellers).

The world of the Avengers will soon be turned upside down and you could be a part of it. Casting calls for roles in Captain America: Civil War will be starting up very soon and submissions are being accepted now. Performers can apply for consideration for available roles by sending emails here We will be updating this post with all of the exciting audition new and production updates for this blockbuster film so check back for more up to the minute details and leave a comment below and tell us why you love the Marvel movies and why you would like to be a part of the casting process for the historic Captain America: Civil War.

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  1. Yannis Smith

    I’d like to be a minor character in this movie that could be fleshed out later. I am a 14 year-old Jamaican/American Male with brown skin and brown eyes.

  2. Bridgett

    Hi my name is Bridgett Moore I live in ashland Alabama I would love to be on this movie be a dream come true please give me a Chance this will be my first time ever doing it im 16 years old have brown hair and brown eyes plz call my mom for any questions bout me and infl thanks ?☺????

  3. Lucas habermas

    Yo, military experience as well as years of martial arts training. Skills with a no staff and precision driving. I’m ready to be a marvel hero.

    Athletic build.

  4. edward

    Name: Edward
    Age: 18
    DOB: October 19, 1997
    Weight: 140lb
    Nationality: Dominican / Japanese
    Hair: dark brown (curly)
    Eyes: dark brown
    Height: 5’8 1/2
    Hello, my name is Edward , i have quite a personality , very active and friendly . I love to experience new things ,very fast learner, & have been looking into being a extra or having a part in the movie .

  5. Garrett Hunnicutt

    Hello my name is Garrett Hunnicutt. I live in Abilene, Texas. I am 20 years old. I have dark brown hair. I am around 5’8 in height and weigh around 130 pounds. I have always wanted to be a actor but never chased my dream. I would love to be given a opportunity to act. Especially for such a great company as Marvel. I have no experience in acting but I have always wanted to just never had the chance to do it. I would love to get my chance now for Marvel and chase my dream for acting

  6. Alexander J. Klemm

    I am Alexander J. Klemm. A German-Dominican-Japanese living in Miami.

    Age: Sep. 2. 1998 (17)
    Height: 5″11
    Sex: Male
    Body: Average
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Hazel

    Bio: I was born and raised in Strassburg/Kehl, Germany and moved to America when I was 12. I fluently speak German, French, English and Spanish. I am your multicultural dream come true. I can speak in numerous accents. Never had any interest in becoming an actor, but several close friends and relatives told me I should give it a shot. On my 16th birthday last year I was diagnosed with cancer (leukemia ALL pre-B). As of now I am in maintenance. Get rekt cancer. My goal in life is to work in the police and become Chancellor of Germany. But hey, acting could be fun.

  7. Melissa Cabrera

    Age : Will be 24 this year
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’2
    Weight 135
    Hair Color: Dark brown, blond highlights
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Ethnicity: Puerto Rican
    Personality: Outgoing, funny, dedicated and passionate with everything I do.
    Why: I am going for what I have always wanted to do and what I feel I was meant to do. If chosen for an audition, I will not disappoint.

  8. Sydney Davis (JEAN CARMEN)

    AGE: 17
    HEIGHT: 5’4″
    WEIGHT: 114 lbs

    •Theatre- 7 years
    •Acting- 3 years
    •Voice- 3 years
    •Dance- 4 years

    I have experience in musical theatre, straight acting, ballet theatre, and modeling.

    I would honestly would love to accept not only a smaller role but to be an extra. I think extras paint the backdrop beautifully and are the necessary elements that bring a scene to life.
    Thank you for your time.

  9. Isabelle Chittenden

    Hello! My name is Isabelle and I would love to be considered for a role in this particular movie! I will keep it short because I have emailed a full letter. Marvel movies are my favourite movie’s to watch! Ever since I watched the first Iron Man I became so obsessed with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I followed every movie they released and decided that the thing I wanted to do when I was older was act. Something I’ve really wanted to be apart of IS the Marvel Cinematic Universe and for an opportunity like this to come up like this I decided I would give it a shot.

    Name: Isabelle Chittenden
    Age: 13
    Hair Colour: Brown
    Eye Colour: Hazel
    Nationality: Australian, Half Korean
    Height: 170cm (approximately)
    Weight: 50kg

  10. Spencer Bishop

    Athletic, handsome, funny…the list goes on
    Don’t be shy and send me an email

    I’ll be a superhero one way or another.

  11. Alex Oliveira

    Olive skin tone
    Brown hair
    Brown eyes
    6’4″ 190lbs
    27 years old, often told I look 20.
    Athletic – grew up playing many sports.
    Very natural actor, I do my own stunts, can mold to any character. Extremely hard working.

  12. Malcom sturdivant

    My name is Malcom sturdivant an I would love to be on this show I act all the time!, and think it would be a great way to start off and get my name out their I’m 6’1 I have a athletic body type. Thank you for your consideration and my race is: black

  13. Nevin Beasley

    Hi! My Name is Nevin Beasley and i would LOVE to be in this movie i will take ANY role! I LOVE marvel my fav is DEADPOOL, Wolverine, Ironman and Hulk. I would love this oppertunity to finally get somewhere i dont have a lot of expiience but i will do ANYTHING to get a role, Please consider me and contact me if you can! I am a very fun, energetic crazy, and kind guy!

    Name: Nevin Beasley
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Dirty Blonde
    Eyes: Sky Blue

    Things i Like: Deadpool, Comics, Anime, Kingdom Hearts, Music, Legos, and Ben 10

  14. Sophie

    Hi I’m Sophie. I love to act but have very little experience,however I know I won’t disappoint you! Height 5’5″
    Brown eyes
    Brown hair


  15. Malcom sturdivant

    Hi my name is Malcom sturdivant,this comment is for an opportunity to audition for this series I have been told by everyone I’ve ever met in my life I should act and I would appreciate a chance to be in this series I am 15 and really appreciate your consideration I am 15 and 6’1 and appreciate your consideration

  16. kailey vanzitteren-marin

    My name is Kailey.. I am 18 years old and I think this would be a great chance to have. I’m a certified pro make up artist I live in California but can travel if needed.. I’m very independent and easy to work with.. hopefully hear from someone
    gender: female
    height: 5’7
    haircolor: blonde
    ethnicity: American/Hispanic

  17. ashley baker

    Im Ashley and I LOVE the marvel universe and all the movies. Im 15 years old and will take ANY part available. Please email me for any info about me or the movie. I learn lines fast please consider me.

  18. Dakota

    My name is Dakota Kotsios and I’ve been a fan of Marvel since I was 5. I recently decided to follow my passion for movies and acting and decided to begin by becoming extras in films/television. No matter the size of the role I’m always committed and I put in %150! I couldn’t imagine how it would feel to be apart of a Marvel Studio film! Please consider me! I’m young, driven, and eager to get involved in the film industry!

    Age: 20
    Hight: 6’1
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Body Type: Lean/Athletic
    Weight: 170 lb
    Skin Type: Tan/Olive
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color/Style: Dark Brown/Short
    Experience: Minor Acting, Minor Modeling

  19. Madison Miller

    I’m 24 year old female. I’m a dancer, designer, creative, very theatrical. I am 5’4 120lbs 33″ bust, 26″ waist, 34hips. Olive skin, black hair, and blue eyes. I know I would be perfect for a roll in this. I have a outgoing rebellious fearless yet intellectual side. I was a stripper for a little while because I had a controlling father and architecture was sucking the life out of me so I had quite an adventure. I’m very flexible and very athletic, I can be very intense and intimidating. I have a very strong look. I always knew if I were able to choose to be in any type of movie it would be a marvel movie or x man type (sci-fi) super human powers.

  20. Desmond Cava

    Hello. My name is Desmond Cava. I am 19 years old. I am a skilled improv actor, and really up for anything.

    6’1, skinny.

    Big, curly brown hair.

    BIG Marvel fan!!

  21. Holly

    Hello My name is holly, I’m 14 years old I love watching super hero sand I loved averages 1 and 2. I and I live in Newport. I am short 5 feet 2, I have green eyes I’m about 15 stone. And my talents are acting,taking story’s,and fashion designing.when I was a little girl I always dreamed of being apart of super hero movie. Just having a small part anything will be amazing. I would like to add I’m a big fan of captain America,iron man and black widow. I would like the chance to show people what I could do and be so if everything comes up please give me an email
    Thank you for taking your time to read this. Thank you very much

  22. Mike Rodriguez

    Hi fellas.
    My name is Mike Rodriguez. I consider My self a multi talented person some of them are Acting and Songwriting. I have participated in Music Videos and Home Movies. I also perform in some Music Concert as a backup Singer. My passion is the World of Entertainment (Movies, T.V Shows, Music). Love Action, Horror, Post Apocalyptic and Comedy movies.
    •Age – 27
    •Height – 5’6
    •Race – Hispanic/Latino
    •Hair – Black
    •Eyes – Dark Brown

    “Be Creative and Create Something”

  23. Lindsay Nelson

    Name: Lindsay
    Age: 23
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5’9″
    Weight: 160
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair Color: Brown
    Ethnicity: White
    Current Location: Camp Lejeune, NC
    Build: Athletic

  24. Cate

    Hi, I’m Cate. I’m a 13 year old girl and I love all marvel movies especially Captain America and the Avengers movies! I would absolutely love the opportunity to be a part of this movie! I know all about Marvel, DC and the CW superhero TV shows. I attend Victoria School of the Arts whre i take a drama class and I am a fast learner and eager to learn!

    More about me:
    Age: 13
    Height: 5’3″
    Eye colour: green
    Hair colour: dirty blonde
    Skin tone: caucasian
    And I’m in grade 9.

  25. Justin Meir

    Dear, Marvel
    My name is Justin Meir
    I am 14 years old and am in the 9th grade
    Weight: 150
    Height: 5,5
    Hair: dark brown
    Eyes: brown
    Ethnicity; white/ American
    Body type: muscular and thick
    I have always wanted to be a actor in a Marvel movie and get my acting career started. Marvel is the biggest and best movie and comic company and I really love everything you make.
    About me ; I am creative, funny, great reader, can be in any role or extra position, I play sports, love talking to everyone, and can work great in any position I am placed in, and am a young entrepreneur
    Thank you sincerely: Justin Meir

  26. Justin Meir

    Dear, Marvel
    My name is Justin Meir
    I am 14 years old and am in the 9th grade
    Weight: 150
    Height: 5,5
    I have always wanted to be a actor in a Marvel movie and get my acting career started. Marvel is the biggest and best movie and comic company and I really love everything you make.
    About me ; I am creative, funny, great reader, can be in any role or extra position, I play sports, love talking to everyone, and can work great in any position I am placed in, and am a young entrepreneur
    Thank you sincerely: Justin Meir

  27. Daemion Schuppert

    Hello my name is Daemion schuppert. I am a 16 almost 17 year old who lives in Tucson Arizona. I currently attend high school at flowing wells which I have had 4 years of acting classes. Acting is my passion and my dream is to one day be in a movie and show off my talent. I would love nothing more than to be in CA: CW.
    I have a dirty blonde hair color, blue eyes, I’m 5’7, work out every day, have a tan going on, and I’m also very athletic. I would play any role that would be given to me without hesitation. I love marvel movies to death and hope to join the MCU!!! God bless Iron Man, God Bless America!!!

  28. Giovanni Abreu

    My name is Giovanni Abreu and Im 14
    I’ve always loved this show since season 1 im a huge fan of the show
    and a really good actor. Its my dream to become an actor
    Hair Color-Black,straight
    Dark brown eyes
    And i live in Orlando Florida hope you consider

  29. Natan Averbukh

    Name: Natan Averbukh
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Height: 5′ 10″
    Hair: Natural Multicolored
    Eyes: Green/Blue

    I am willing to play any part! I have medium acting experience and have been in acting classes. I have been in Evita at Oak Park High School (Which went to the Jerry Herman Awards) and had a lead in Shakespeare’s The Tempest. I love acting, it has always been a passion of mine. I have also seen many Marvel movies and read many comics. This would be a dream for me especially since i love all the heroes that were in avengers.

  30. Christopher Collazo

    Hi, i’m Christopher Collazo i’m 5’9, weight 139(fit), age 14 and Hispanic.

  31. Isabela barbosa

    Hi my name is Isabela barbosa I am currently 15, my nationality is Brazilian, I currently live in Richmond Virginia in the US. My height is 5’2, I weigh about 120, I’d absolutely would love to star in this movie or be any kind of extra would be a dream come true , if traveling is needed I can pay my way 🙂 please contact me through my email : t

  32. Elizabeth Zale

    Hello! My name is Elizabeth, my friends call me Lizzie. I am looking for roles too really launch my career! That’s why I would like to be taken into consideration for a role in this movie. I am in love with all of marvel and all of its movies. They’re the bomb. I have not been put in any major or professional productions. But, I have been in many dance recitals which differ from most others. It requires a lot of acting in the show, so I do have a lot of experience in acting. I am also starring in a post-apocalyptic short film that is expected to be released within the year. I am a crazy, outgoing person (who knows when to get serious) who wants to pursue this as a career. I am 15 years old, blonde, about 5’1, and would love to get a role for this! It would be an outstanding opportunity to be in, thank you!

  33. Kevin He

    Hi !

    Name: Kevin He
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Height: 180cm (5″10)
    Weight: 72kg
    Body: Rather Slim
    Eyes: Dark Brown (comfortable with contacts)
    Hair: Short Black (willing to dye to any colour if needed)
    Languages: English, Chinese. Basic Portuguese. Early beginners AUSLAN
    Appearance: Chinese
    Due to Chinese parents, I have an Asian appearance. Born and raised in Australia so the entirety of my life is western influenced.

    I have limited experience in acting, due to limited opportunities, however working in a cinema for the past 2 years has given me insight. I have many life ambitions, with the highest priority; seeking experience in acting on a large scale. I love the entertainment industry and would be amazed with the opportunity to be apart of something that has brought me so much joy.

    I’d love an email requesting any further information that you may need or if you just want someone to talk to. 🙂

    Kind regards,


    P.S. I’m willing to travel anywhere, anytime (travel being another life ambition)

  34. Jay Gonzalez

    Age: 27
    Height: 5’10
    Weight: 160 ( athletic/ muscular built)
    Hair: head -bald, clean cut/ scruffy ( full beard if needed for rugged look)
    Eye’s: brown
    One of a kind, I’am Puerto Rican, French, Cuban and black.
    New jersey native. Very out going with a strong character. I was an Mp in the U.S Army for a few years. Ive trained in martial arts ( Tae Kwon Doe) for 13 years performed part of the demistration team, black belt by the age of 12.
    Growing up on super heros I was infatuated with the fact of saving some one or just living on the edge and doing whats righteous. I used to dress up like spiderman and start climbing on my mothers furniture always dreamed of making that areality I guess thats one of the reason for my martial arts and military training

  35. holly-jo

    hey my name is holly-jo, I have had some acting skills in my time throughout high school from year 8-11. I am 17 years old and Australian. I love preforming realism and action. I am very out going, up for new ideas, quick learner, I push myself to succeed, these are my details:::
    height : 5”1
    weight: 53kg
    hair colour: dark brown up to dying it if needed
    hair length: short, I can get hair extensions if needed
    hair: curly/wavy hair
    nationality: Australian
    body shape: curvy

    I would be great for any of the young, super hero/villain roles, and I am very excited to be ask for this role, so let me know when you can, just email me 🙂 thanks heaps

  36. Brandon Wilcox

    I’m down for any role! Haha My name is Brandon and I am trying to kickstart my acting career, much like most of the people commenting. I am very open to changing any aspect of my appearance.

    Age: 20
    Sex: Male
    Eye color: Blue
    Hair color: Brown (More than happy to change)
    Race: White
    Height: 5’10”
    Build: Lean/Athletic
    Weight: 150lbs

  37. Christopher murrell

    Hi iknow your looking for reasons to get actors here is my reasons i’ll work hard i am responsible for getting it to together when it comes to acting. I’m creative, very good at acting like to try new things, also do my best i practiced to push myself past the limits i’m a fast learner. and if you give me a chance to to be on your movie all i can say is people say i’m funny, adventurous,fun,comedy. i’m in 7th grade i get along with everyone my friends don’t believe me when i say i’m going to become an actor jokes on them. I do action and comedy acting. I’m 12 years old, i have dark brown hair, my height is 5’4,my eyes are dark brown, i love acting and songwriting. sincerely rising actor and soon marvel star

  38. CaMisha Evans

    Hello, my name is CaMisha Evans and I’m auditioning to be in this movie. I would love to be an extra because I’m reliable, a fast learner and I can adjust to any environment.

    More info:

    Name: CaMisha Evans
    Age: 21
    Height: 5’7″
    Weight: 350
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Black
    Ethnicity: African American (Black)

  39. Morganne

    My name is Morganne and i would really love to be an actor. My whole family love the Avengers but i mostly like Iron Man and Captain America. I am a crazy 13 year old and i am sort of a Tom boy. I love to ride the Ripstik and hang out with my friends with my free time. I love reciting lines from movies i do it so much people tell me to shut up. So i would love to be in this if i could. Here is a little about me.
    Height:5’2/ 5’3
    Eye color:Hazel
    Hair color:Brown/Blond,

  40. Jackson Brangal

    13 years old, big Captain America fan, has a captain america shield, good at drawing. Brown hair, and brown eyes, 5ft 4ins tall. Seen all Captain Americas. I have two lizards, I’m awesome, and going to 7th grade.

  41. Hannah Bradford

    Now this is a movie I’d kill to be in! (Figuratively)
    My name is Hannah Bradford. I’m from Alabama. I’m 19 and I have been interested in performing arts (acting, singing, hip hop dancing) since I was 8 years old. I LOVE action movies.
    I have light brown hair and blue eyes. I am Caucasian. I have VERY light skinned (with no ability to tan I might add). I am 5’4 and 135 lbs. My hobbies are teaching myself to play my keyboard, music, hip hop dancing, soccer, hanging out with friends (and coworkers), and playing with my cat. I’m always looking for casting calls.

  42. Fare Fare

    I love Marvel. I’ve watched Spiderman, Thor, Avengers, Superman, Iron Man, Hulk, and I mean the list goes on.
    Super heroes have always been an awesome hobby of mine to follow. I love everything about them. Sitting and watching the movies are exciting, I can’t imagine being in it.
    Acting is a job, leaving an impression on people, that’s creativity. Not only do I believe I can do both, I believe I can do more. There’s only one way to prove myself, let me audition.
    Thank you,
    Fare Fare

  43. Jordi Orellana

    My name is jordi Orellana. I am 14 years old, 170 pounds, and 5’8. Salvadoran and have black hair, and dark brown eyes. I am very energetic and passionate about marvel. I would love to be in this film. I live in Lakewood, California.

  44. Jennifer Zapata

    My name is Jenny I’m a current college student in Gwinnett County Georgia. I don’t have any previous experience in movies but I’m a huge people person who loves to learn new things and I would love the opportunity to have this new experience in my life. I’m a Hispanic 21 year old and I’m 5’4 with brown eyes and really long black hair. I’m lightly tan because I’m half Colombia, and peruvian. I really hope I can work with you and all that are working so hard to make this movie. Thank you so much and I hope you have a great day!

  45. emily

    Hi my name is Emily Sanders and I love to act sing and i am very energetic and I am 13 blond hair blue eyes 5’5 and I love captain America and it would be amazing if u picked me plz pick me

  46. Jeffery Saffles

    I would do almost anything to get into this movie even if I was just an extra.
    I have been in two school produced movies and one school play So I have acting experience please give me a chance but I am sure the movie will be good ether way, it would be better with me in it though.

  47. Brittney Linkous

    Well, I have always been a big fan of Marvel and the recent Marvel films have brought forth an action packed, totally epic movies. I would love to be part of the casting call because I believe I have what it takes to make it big, if only given a chance.

  48. Scarlett White

    To whom it may concern,
    Hello, my name is Scarlett. I love acting so, so much! Marvel has really inspired me, to act in one of their movies would be a huge honor. Unfortunately, I have not had much acting experience. The only acting I have done has been theater. However, the first play I was in, two years ago, I landed the lead role of Snow White. I have also played Cinderella’s Stepmother, along with a few other roles. I am looking to get more experience, particularly in movies. I would like to become a screen actress. Pretending to be someone else comes very naturally to me. Please consider me for a role!

    My information:
    I am thirteen years old.
    I will turn fourteen in December.
    I am five foot, four inches.
    I weigh 110 pounds. Most of that weight comes from muscles in my legs.
    I have an hourglass figure due to my wide ribs and hips.
    I have long, very dark brown hair.
    I have very dark brown eyes that are shaped like almonds. I have also been told I have “upturned cat-like” eyes.
    I have pale skin.
    My mother was adopted from South Korea, and my father is German, Irish, and American.
    I am a dancer, specifically a ballerina. I have been dancing ballet since I was four years old. I was recently cast as Clara understudy in the production of “The Nutcracker” produced by my Ballet Conservatory.
    I speak French. Though I am not a beginner, I would not say I speak fluently. I can read and memorize a French script,
    I am a relatively strong swimmer.
    I ride horses, but I would be considered a beginner.
    I play the piano.
    I have a determined, hard working character. I tend to get things done as soon as I am asked.
    I am shy, but friendly and polite. Once I have been around people for a while I really open up.
    I am good at working with others.
    My email is:

    I am a big dreamer. Acting in the Marvel Universe would be a dream come true, a part without a line would still make my year, or my life. I have very big dreams for life, and hope for possibly unreasonable things. Though I know that most of the things I want will most likely never happen, and I know when to accept something is over, I always try my hardest to make them happen. Please help me make my biggest dream happen! I know there are so many people trying to become actors or actresses, but please consider me. I will do my best at anything. Even being an extra would make me happy and satisfied. Anything to give me screen experience would be deeply appreciated. I really understand having to start small, so anything will work! Thank you so much, hope to hear back!

    Scarlett White

  49. Chelsea Priest

    Hello there, I am an aspiring actress waiting for the chance to make my mark in the world and I would love for it to start here.
    I am 23 years old, standing at 5′ 5″, weighing in at 200 pounds solid with light brown skin, dark brown eyes and black hair done in dreadlocs. I also have a lot of natural energy. So, basically, I’m Black, lol.
    I don’t have any experience in acting, but I have done small things since I was kid. And I have been wanting to become an actress ever since. I really want to hit the ground running and this movie would be an awesome place to start. I have fallen in love with the Avengers and their individual stories since they started filming!! In fact, these guys made me wish I could find a comic book store near me. Sadly, there isn’t one, so I have to keep myself entertained with these movies. Actually, I think I have most of them; a few have escaped my collection. Heck, I even have Thor’s helmet and Mjolnir, complete with lightning sound effects!! I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to be in the Avengers movie?! Hope you pick me!

  50. Kala Palacios

    I would love a part in this film. Acting has always been my dream and passion. I am willing to take any role as well. I am versatile and my appearance can be changed as well as my voice. I am fine goofing off or being serious, and I came each a full range of emotions on a whim. I have always been very good in acting roles in local shows and singing in my home town. I am, in my opinion, very beautiful and willing to lose or gain wait for a role as well as willing to change my hair. To be honest I have no professional experience, so I’m not 100% sure what to list about myself.
    I am a Caucasian female of German decent
    5’6 164 lbs
    26 years old
    Brown hair with a soft completion
    Almond shaped hazel eyes with a nice nose and smile.
    And I have a very nice hourglass figure. I run and lift weights and have a very strong yet feminine build.
    I wear a size 7 1/2 to 8 in shoes and I can even sprint in high heels.
    And I can sing.
    I can also dance. And I’m a fast learner.

    This would very much be a dream come true for me. I cannot even begin to stress how elated I would be being given even the smallest role. Especially any movies with the characters I grew up reading in comic books!

  51. Kayla

    My name is Kayla buchanan. I am in love with all Marvel movies. I am an actor and a dancer. I love to act and I love watching the reactions of people when I act many are fascinated. I hope you consider me in the movie.
    Age: 14 and 15 in July
    Height 5’7
    Race: African American
    Eyes: brown
    Hair: dark brown

    Dancer, actor, musician,and I am very adaptable to an role.

  52. VonFrederick Gipson

    Hi, I am VonFrederick Gipson aka Von and I am very interested in your upcoming project. I will include a link to my YouTube channel where you will be able to view my skills. You can contact me via email or phone.

    Miriam Gipson(mother): 713-253-9912
    Von: 713-201-5957

    Thank You.

  53. Sarah Grove

    Hello. My name is Sarah Grove and I was asking about the casting call for the up-coming Captain America movie. I’ve always been into acting and movies, I just haven’t realized that that is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I’m 15, I have blue eyes, brown hair, and my birthday is October 1st 1999. I’ve also been into the whole Marvel universe for a long time, and to have an opportunity to be in this movie would be like a dream come true! If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask me on this email, and I’ll gladly answer!

    Thanks for this amazing opportunity.

    Sarah Grove

  54. Justin mustacchio

    Justin here im 28 years old looking for a career in the movie business. Love doing stunts and I got 24 years martial arts want to show my talent in the movie business. Thanks again

  55. Emily brannon

    Hello, my name is Emily Brannon. I am 12 years old and I’m Marvel book writer. I have short brown hair and my height is 5’6 also, I have blue colored eyes. I am very talented in many things like, book writing,drawing,singing,some dancing,comedy,fashion designing, violin playing, and ACTING! I’ve been a fan of Marvel since the first film, Iron man. I promise, you my room is my very own Marvel studio to let my imagination run wild and I would love to share my ideas with the company but, I don’t have to if you disapprove of it. I have been bullied so much, since I was in second grade and Marvel movies always got me back on my feet. If I was in a Marvel movie I can prove to all those bullies that I am special and a somebody. I am in 7th grade now and I can say the whole script of Avengers and what action they do with the saying. Trust me my parents are a witness. LOL. I can play any role you want me to play. I’m a quick learner. Probably faster than Quicksilver, at least that’s what people say at my school and at home. People describe me as a fun,creative,adventurous,funny,and a loving person. Please consider for your movie! I swear I wont waste your time! By the way, I am a person who gets along with everyone, and I mean EVERYONE. I usually change my personality to fit everybody’s ”liking of a person.” Thank you for reading my submission! sincerely, your future Marvel star and money maker,EMILY BRANNON.

  56. Cameron

    5′ 9″
    brown hair
    brown eyes
    sing, minor dance
    long time marvel fan

  57. Liam Davies

    Name: Liam Davies
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 105 lbs
    Features: Curly hair, can play any role-good at adapting to roles, wear glasses,
    I would enjoy to play a role in this film because it would help start my acting career.

  58. Nayiri and Anjelique Alexander

    15 year old twin sisters who are looking to make their big break in the movie industry! Have done several school plays and attend Laguna Beach High School in Orange County, CA so very close to LA. We are tremendously big superhero fans and know all about Marvel, DC, and the CW superhero TV shows. This would be an extremely amazing opportunity to be apart of this project! Check out or profile on!

    More Info:
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’3″
    Weight: 118 lbs
    Eye: Light brown
    Hair: Light Brown
    Ethnicity: Armenian
    Body Type: Average/Athletic

    Write, compose, and sing our own original songs and have recorded at a professional recording studio! Please check out our profile and send us an email!!

  59. Logan Bates

    My name is Logan Bates. I live in Rome Ga. I am 16 years old. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I am around 5′ 8 in height and weigh around 132 pounds. I have always wanted to be an actor. I would really appreciate an opportunity to be a extra in this fabulous film. I was an extra in Jayne Mansfield’s Car starring Billy Bob Thornton, and also in a film, The System shot in Rome Ga. I am a fast learner. Thank you so much for your time. Have a blessed day! Sincerely, Logan

  60. Andrea

    Hello my name is Andrea I am 23 years old I’m 5″ 6 and I average to 153 lbs. I would create school plays and produced and acted in then I’ve studied acting on my own I come from an unwealthy background and stride to pursue my dream of acting. I want to show my six year old daughter that dreams come true and that if you believe you can do it, then you can. I am very optimistic, bubbly , creative , love to try new things , pushing myself past the limits , very good at acting I’ve practiced for years.. Also will do my best to make a great image for other actors and I am a fluent reader. Also if you consider me you never know you might have started something great weekend r yourselves and for others who just need a chance in life and I promise just one chance is all I need to prove to y’all that I will be a great inspiration to your cast so please email and let me know thanks for your time…