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Candy Crush Auditions for CBS TV Show

Do you love to crush candy? Candy Crush auditions are now being held for their new game show that is coming to CBS. Casting directors are searching the country for teams of two who want to be a part of the new live action show. Your chance to win money play your favorite game is here!  This is an amazing chance to team up with your favorite candy crushing friend, partner or family member

About CBS’s “Candy Crush”

The hour long series will feature teams of two players competing against giant interactive game boards to defeat obstacles and move through various levels to be crowned “Candy Crush” champion. The show promises to offer a play-along option for viewers at home.

What They Are Looking For

Now Casting Teams of 2 for CBS’ New Live Action Show: CANDY CRUSH! Win a big cash prize!

It’s time for you and a partner to test you CANDY CRUSH skills on our revolutionary interactive stage. We want outgoing CANDY CRUSH fans of all levels who want to compete in our CANDY CRUSH ARENA to win a big cash prize!

Applicants must be 18 years old

Must be Legal Residents of the United States

*Additional eligibility requirements will apply*

How to Apply

To apply, please email Cherish at ASAP with:
– Name
– Phone number
– Email
– Photo
– Age
– City/State
– Occupation
– A little about yourself and what makes you unique! Any fun hobbies, passions, talents, skills?
– Do you have a partner in mind? What is your relationship to them and why would you two make a winning team? Please provide their info as well.

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20 Casting Responses

  1. Susan Clark

    Hello! I’m a fan of playing the game and I love it and I never give up even when I stuck on a level. My level isn’t as high as a lot’s of players, But WOW!!! I love the game and it’s on TV I enjoy watching I hope and wish I could become a cast on the show….Thank you for this game.

  2. Stephanie rodriguez

    Wanna be on your show. Please from Trenton NJ .

  3. Paula

    I am at 2690 and one thing I hate about game it makes you wait weeks before getting new levels

  4. Paula

    I am one of your highest players I want to go on your show



  6. Jeanette Harris

    I am 55 years old, and sometimes I play this game on facebook. I would to go on candy crush

  7. Jeanette Harris

    I think this game looks like fun, I play it on face book but a big board like cool.

  8. Darla

    Is this show still auditioning?

  9. Bill Hunt

    How can a 16 year old play the game when it specifically states all applicants must be 18 years old

  10. Lauren

    I’m on level 2600 and there’s no more levels 😢 addicted to this game to play for money would be a bonus 😁

  11. Sandy

    I am constantly waiting for new levels to load, what better way to wait then play “for Real” ( level 2600). I Dream candy crush, looking for professional help, lol!

  12. Luis campos

    I am 35 years old I am waiting for you to make more levels on the game I believe my daughter and I would be perfect for this game hope we can join

  13. Luis campos

    I am 35 years old I am waiting for you to make more levels on the game I believe my daughter and I would be perfect for this game

  14. Portia Watson

    Me and my mom just reunited a year ago we found that one thing we have in common is solving puzzles and playing phone game’s , we feel as though it be a great bonding experience.

  15. Ginger Seekel


  16. Patty Eason

    My name is Patty Eason. I am a 47 year old teacher in Los Angeles, California. I love reading, bike riding with my hubby and 4 kids and crushing candies! If I get a chance to come on your show I’d choose my old friend Jose Gonzalez “Gonzo” to help me crush the competition. He’s smart, fun and oh so good at Candy Crush!

  17. Ramona Carter

    Hi my name is Ramona Johnson Carter aka: Frenchy. I have lived this game for …since the beginning. I do not have a partner….! I am a former Art Director and so much more. If I can’t be on the show… I would love to work behind the scenes! Call me please…ME..

  18. mike a brewer

    i been playing the game since it came out time to let me crush some candy i want to play

  19. Tonya McLaughlin

    My name is Tonya McLaughlin. I’m the biggest fan of candy crush saga. I’m in the thousands of the levels. I play day and night. I will be great on your show. My number is 7573430679. I am trying to be a contestant on the show.

  20. George mcculley

    I am 41 years old and I am on 2365 I am probably the best to ever play so I think I will be a great person to have on your show. Thank you