Cable TV Show Looking for Foodies

Casting Call for Foodies for New Cable TV Show

There is a new television series that is in need of foodies to help bring the show to life.  Do you love food? A major Los Angeles production company is searching for foodies for an upcoming HGTV/ Cooking Channel type show.

About the Show

If your Instagram is filled with delicious photos, you always try viral food crazes or if your group of friends are the first to try the hottest restaurant the show’s producers would love to hear all about you, your favorite foods and your foodie friends.

What They Are Looking For

No prior TV experience is needed but you must have some way to present who you are and your love/ knowledge of food- a blog, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat or bio video (take one with your cell phone and put it on YouTube). Looking for individuals and foodie duos (friends, spouses, family).

Have a love and/or knowledge of food

Individual and Foodie Duos

Have a blog, Instagram, Youtube, Snap Chat or Bio Video

How to Apply

Please submit a bio about yourself or your foodie duo and include any video or social media links you have to  The show is casting now and the deadline to be considered for the show is  Monday, June 27th, 2016 so be sure to submit asap if you fit the role and are interested and available.

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5 Casting Responses

  1. antonio argentieri

    I would be the right person in the right place a Pastry Chef with my delicious Italian tradition

  2. Nutritionist

    Hi! I know this was a while ago but it is something I would love to do. Please add me for casting updates!

  3. diane mckay and rhoda crawford

    Trust me not only are we foodies but we are beyond funny. I am 50 (diane) and my mom is 80 (Rhoda) we eat out at least 5 nights a week and live in south Sarasota county.. Everyone come to us for advice on to where to eat. We tell them the good, the bad and the ugly and usually my mom gives them a 10 minute story on why or why not they should eat there !!! We would love nothing more than to audition for you so you can see how we interact.. Please call anytime

    Thanking you in advance

    Diane C Mckay

  4. Ebony Durrett

    Bad Girls club should be doing casting calls in Detroit that’s where you would find the Bad Girls

  5. sharonda L. Manning

    Hello my name is Sharonda L. Manning. I am originally a inspiring personal chef for my little clientele i have. I have my own personal self own business called: sharonda Yum Yum Yummy Dishes. I specialize in “All Cultural Cuisine”. I have my current Business License. I have my current state Food license Card. I have my current Vendors License as well. I have my OWN Personal Documents for others use, as well as entertainment that is copyright, and legally owned by i sharonda l. manning . I am a 27 years old who is willing to learn everything and thing starting from the bottom to get to the top the right way, is the best way to go, with learning different techniques involved. I am educated connected with school. I attend a Culinary Arts Academy that i were hand picked from 100 people and who were the 30th person that had the opportunity to get in to. I am grateful with God as my leader and my mother secondly being one as well because she is spiritually was connected with school receiving her AA, 2 B.A.’: “Sociology”, and “Bachelor Of Art, and 1 masters of: Social Work. That she is now a social worker of San Bernardino. I love to profound my cooking, and acting as well. I am very much flexible in my talents behind use to being
    a back up hip hop dancer a former group: called “two official” , and a solo dancer name: Lazar Burnley making his seen on mtv, really big in the industry as you can google him. I would appreciate growing my many talents of working with the most educated respectable, African American man Mr. Tyler Perry, who made us believe if he can archive his dreams so can i, don’t stop, anything is possible. His story is so powerful, tearful, life shedding, spiritual, beautiful experience. I respect him. As well as Oprah Winfrey who has set her golden heel in the African American world especially for black women with her beautiful network own & her many many ethinics roles she has shown in her lifestyle . God bless thank you for this opportunity.