Bunked - The Disney Channel

Bunked – The Disney Channel

Casting news from the world of Disney keeps on coming and this announcement may just be the most exciting yet. The next great Disney Channel comedy series is here and casting calls have come with it. Auditions for Bunked are set to be held soon and performers of all ages can submit themselves for available roles today. This could be your next incredible chance to join the Disney family.

Bunked will follow teen girl Beebe Dorfman, a tech dependent “nerd” who experiences a major life change when she is forced to spend her school break as a counselor at a summer camp. Without the

aid of her trusty smartphone and electronic devices Beebe must learn skills of the outdoors quickly while keeping up with all of the wacky campers and their crazy antics. Will Beebe survive the summer,  and if she can’t Instagram it, will anyone know it even happened? These questions and more will be asked and outrageously answered in this hilarious new weekly comedy and soon you could have a shot at joining this outstanding new project from the brilliant mind of creator and showrunner Joey Manderino (Austin & Ally).

Casting calls for Bunked are being organized now for several roles of all sizes including lead, supporting, recurring, day player, stand-ins and extras. The producers and casting directors for this nature-filled laugh fest are on the lookout for fresh new talent now and interested actors and actresses can submit themselves and find more information on the project here centralcasting.com. Even more casting information can be found here centralcasting.org and we will be posting every update as Disney releases them so be sure to leave a message for us below and tell us why you want to be a part of this audition and why you want to be cast in The Disney Channel’s comedy production, Bunked.

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3 Casting Responses

  1. Cheyenne Dakota Espinoza

    HI my name is Cheyenne and I would be a funny, silly and sassy actress. I love dancing and performing in front of people and I love to sing but I’m not that good yet. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  2. Isyss Cherenfant

    Hi, My name is Isyss, I am 12 years old. I have always loved Disney since I was little, and always imagined my self being apart of one of the shows. My hobbies are Horse Riding and Gymnastics. My experience in acting started when I did stage performance’s, and theatrical plays. And I have been doing it ever since then. I love to laugh, and I am serious when it comes to acting. Hope to get picked.

  3. Ashley

    I’m Ashley and I’m 11 I really want to be picked but I’m also scared that if i do get picked my friends will laugh at me but I don’t care

  4. Ashley

    I’m Ashley I’m 11 years old. I have always wanted to be an actor/singer in the public eye I probably won’t get picked

  5. Ashley

    I’m Ashley I’m 11 years old. I want to be in this because I think this will be a great experience. My hobbies are singing and drawing.

  6. Quentin Nelson

    Hi, My name is Quentin I’m only 9 but I am pretty smart. I probably wont get picked but it is a good try. If I got picked i would probably want to be in the grizzly cabin. I think I would want to be the cool and funny one. Hope you pick me thank you.

  7. Amanda Vincent

    Hi! My name is Rowen and I have always wanted to be on a Disney show! My favorite hobbies are gymnastics and horseback riding. I would love to play any role on the show! Thanks for considering me!

  8. Courtney L Lincoln

    Hi, my name is TyRe’lle and I live in Kansas. I am 13-years-old and I do acting in school. I would like to be on TV next. I am a loud and funny person. I love to meet the cast on Bunk’d too they seem very nice to be around. I am a great actor and ready for anything! I hope I will be the next one on Bunk’d. Thank you for your time. Later!!!

  9. Daphne

    Hi i would love to be picked but i m pretty sure that my dad would never let me go i just think that it would be so much fun to be a camper i have had experience in stage before and I love to sing just not in front of everyone …

  10. Norman Brown

    Hello, my son Izaiah would love to audition for your show. He’s 8 years old and of course super talented.
    He’s funny, smart, and very good looking. His recent experience is theatrical plays & commercials for his school. Please let me know what is the next step to auditioning for this show.

  11. Rose

    Hey! My name is Rose and I am a 15-year-old from Australia. Though it would be a long shot and I don’t have the most experience, but I know I can do this. Disney Channel has been a goal for me to be cast on and I’m prepared to put in the work. I’m Polynesian, somewhat tall and ( From what I’ve been told ) humorous. Hoping for the chance !

  12. Camila juarez

    My name is Camila ,and I am 11 years old, and I would love to be the loud one because it would be so much fun. I also would really like to meet the cast of bunked. I am really kind to people.

  13. Emiliano

    Hi my name is Emiliano but you can call me by my nickname Nano and Nans and I would like to be the fun and cool one for bunked Thankyou

  14. Emiliano

    My name is Emiliano but you can call me my nicknames like Nano, EJ , Nans and I would love to audition for bunked and I would be the fun and cool one.

  15. Nateshawn

    Hey my name is Nateshawn I love Bunk’d I would love to play a role in the show it’s one of my favorite shows I’m 13 right now I’ll turn 14 July of next year

  16. kawtar elboudali

    Hi Im kawtar Im turning 14 febuary,2019 and I would love to audition for bunked I would love to play any role most secpific would be the nerdy one. I am very coaprative and would be so much fun on set. I do lots of acting at school and im so energetic I think I would be perfect.

  17. Kevin james

    When is casting calls in Baltimore

  18. Justyce

    Hi I’m justyce and I have always wanted to be on Disney I am 11 years old and my mom died a year ago it was our dream to be on Disney and I want to continue the legacy for my mom so please pick me

  19. Vanessa Corbeil


    My name is Vanessa Corbeil. I am 12 years old, soon the be 13. People seem to think that I am funny and I enjoy getting into caracters and make my friends and family laugh!

    I have been watching Bunk’d for a long time. It would mean the world to me to have the chance to be part of the cast! I am bilingual (French and English) and I love doing different accents.

    Hope to get a call soon : )

  20. Ezabella wilder

    Hi my name is Ezabella wilder and I would love a chance to audition for the TV show bunked I watch it regularly and think I would great in it

  21. Sylvia carlton

    Hi, my name is Sylvia I am 12 years old and have blue eyes blonde and brown hair (Mainly blonde) and really tan. I have done tons of training with the company Next star productions and have even got into contact with a agent in Orlando and LA! I also take drama at school because you can never learn everything. I am now looking to take on a job and think this show is perfect! It fits me very well and I think I will be perfect at this role. Thank you and please get in contact with me if you think I will be perfect too. Thank you

  22. Sylvia

    Hi, my name is Sylvia I am 12 years old and in 7th grade. I have plenty of experience as I do take drama at school and have got in contact with an agent. I have went through tons of training to be a actor and its time to get my self out there. If you could please contact me at my gmail that would be amazing thank you!

  23. Cimaron Burchfiled

    I would like to be part of Disney Channel.I would love to have my own show with my bestfriend Jakayla

  24. Cimaron Burchfiled

    I was called before and I wanna be apart of Disney Channel

  25. Ja'Kayla Winston

    I was called before and I wanna be apart of Disney Channel

  26. Tylisa Mayberry

    Hi ,my name is Tylisa im 12 years old and I have a big dream to be on bunk’d and here trying to audition.And I also have great experiences at acting and I am very good at working with people.Have a nice day love Tylisa

  27. Ayesha

    Hi my name is Ayesha. I am 9 years old. My parents are Indian. I have always been a big fan of Bunk’d and am very excited to be auditioned for this awesome show. I am very good at memorizing my dialogues and I see myself add more excitement to the show.

  28. Annaliese

    Hi, my name is Annaliese i am 12 turning 13 December 3rd I live in Brisbane, Australia and have a passion for modeling and acting i have always had a very strong interest in all these areas i do have a Australian/English accent and do live in Australia currently but I would be able to fly were necessary. I used to watch Jessie all the time and i loved the way Peyton would act i thought she was so beautiful and amazing and i looked up to her and still do i would always read her lines and after she would say something i would read it. i would love to be on Bunk’d its such an amazing show i hop you look at this and consider me thank you, Annaliese

  29. Yoogi Bianca davin

    Helo my name is yoogi davin l am 12 years old I Wanna be in Disney channel I can act just like andi mack please can I go to audition

  30. Sydney

    I have been dreaming to act and model it is an obsessed desire and i am not experienced but i am not an beginner and it would really make my life the best if you guys would please contact me any way possible i am 14 years old turning 15 in Feburaury the 16th i really do have a love for acting i am drastically good at it i have been watching disney forever and have been dreaming since day 1 please make the greatest decision ever and contact me

  31. Sydney

    I have been dreaming to act and model it is an obsessed desire and i am not experienced but i am not an beginner and it would really make my life the best if you guys would please contact me any way possible

  32. Serenity

    Hi my name is Serenity 💛 . I’m 12 years old, in 7th grade, very tall ( people say i look 14 or 15 ) i have black mid neck hair, brown eyes, and is African American. but most importantly. I always loved acting. When i was in 6th grade we did this play in front of the whole school and I had the main part ! it was so fun too finally showing the real me, the acting me and i always imagined what it will be like to be in a real movie or tv show !! since i’m getting older i really wanna take acting serious and this is where i’m starting !

  33. Mia

    Hi it’s Mia again and I hope one day I can be on bunkd and a lot of people say I look like skai a.k.a Zuri but I’m like I don’t think so, but if I did appear on the show i would be zuri younger sister, that she never talked about or never knew she had one

  34. Mia

    Hi, my name is Mia and I am 11 years old. I live in Minnesota and I really want to be on either Disney channel or nickolodeon. My talents are dancing, singing and acting. There are not much opportunities in Minnesota, but I think I got what it takes , I already started writing my own songs and my dream is to become a megastar

  35. Ariel

    Hi, my nam3 is Ariel. I am a 15 years old male. I’d love to get a chance to be in the bunk’d series, it would be a dream come true.

  36. Delilah

    Hello there my name is Delilah I am a good girl and I like to myself and I want to be on the show I’m looking for a good position Hope I hear a response I’m 10 going to turn 11 and I want to be on Disney Channel I live in Chicago IL have a good day

  37. Melissa Larsen

    I love to act and have serveral clips on Facebook Page. This is an exciting opportunity.

  38. Melissa Larsen

    Samuel Wildhorse Bass
    I love to act and have serveral clips on Facebook Page Broadway Performance Productions. This is an exciting opportunity.

  39. Joy Bailey

    Hi I am Joy, And being on Disney would be amazing and I have been looking up scripts and learning them. I love to Dance,Sing,go on Instagram, Snapchat and more Thank you!

  40. Abbie

    Im abbie I love disney channel I watch it everyday.I want to be on bunk’d ever since it came out.I love it its my favourite disney channel show.I really want a audition for disney channel show bunk’d.I have been watching disney channel for such a long time.Im only 11 but i would love to have a audition for bunk’d.

  41. Caleb Miller

    Hello my name is Caleb I am 11 years old so far but we all know that doesn’t last long. me and my friends call me a pretty funny guy I live in Montgomery Texas and my dream is to be a Director for many movies to come.but before I start the road to be a Director me and my family thought it would be good to start as an actor I’m also a YouTuber who makes movie skits with friends and family, so I think it would be great to start with Disney channel for movies,tv shows, and anything the Disney workers would like. So if you want to contact me…well I guess that’s what the email box is for.

    -ChaosCaleb 🙂

  42. Ndimu

    I love acting and im actually good at it. I am willing to do anything and everything in order to become an actress and not at all for the fame nor the money but because i love acting and i want to do it with all my heart

  43. Stephanie

    Hi! My name is Stephanie, I am 11 years old and I love Disney and I still watch it today. I always wanted to be on Disney and all of these shows, but I was always to scared to try out for a show, but now I’m ready to take that chance and get out there and make a change, bunked is certainly one of my favorite shows on Disney and I always wondered: “ hmm I wonder what the people who act on this show feel like?”, and now I wanna know what that feeling is like.

  44. Delicia Edmond

    Hello, my name is Delicia Edmond I am 14 years old and would love to be on Bunk’d! I have curly brown hair and dark brown eyes, I and 5.5 and have light brown skin. My nationality is Mexican and Black. I love Disney Channel with all my heart and my dream is to be an actor and what would be a better place to start a career. I really hope I can have this opportunity to achieve my dream.

  45. Hales

    I am 12 I really like this show and it would be say awesome to no that I am acting in my fav show

  46. Tessa

    Hi, my name is Tessa and i am 12. I always wanted to be a actress I have always been shy and quiet but when I am acting I gain me confidence and believe in my self. I hope I get a role in a tv Series or movie on day.

  47. Simone

    Hello my name is Simone, I’m 14 years old and I love acting. Watching Disney shows as a kid pushed me to towards this career. I would love to pursue acting. I liked watching A.N.T Farm, I Didn’t Do It and Bunk’d and wondering how cool it would be to act on set with them. To be a part of this cast and this show would be amazing. Disney channel has been my dream ever since my parents let me watch TV. It would be fantastic and an honour to work with the actors and actresses I grew up with.
    Thank you,

  48. Keira Johnston

    I think it would be really cool if I could act because I was named after actor Keira knightly

  49. Keira

    My name is Keira In Caucasian I have medium lengthen hair and brown hair with bluish green eyes I have always wanted to act bit never tried I am a A B student and I’m in 6th grade…I love skai Jackson ,Miranda May , Peyton list , Karen Brar, I also love ravens home , Jesse , wizards of waverly places , of course bunk’d, Andi Mack, Stuck in the middle In watching bunked right now.

  50. Julissa

    I want to be in Disney channel to have an opportunity to follow my dreams to be an actress and I hope I can get it

  51. Lexi

    My dream is the same as hundreds of thousands of kids out there: to be an actor or actress someday. Some of the biggest stars were born on the sets of Disney Channel movies and TV shows, and I would love to follow in some of their footsteps. Acting and singing have been my passions my entire life, and to be able to show someone that I am serious about becoming an actress is my goal. Even to be cast as a stand-in character or as an extra would mean so mch to me a glimpse into the life of these actors. Being cast as, like I said, even just a stand-in or background character would be such an incredible experience. There would be so much I could learn from being a part of something so very incredible as a series production like this one. Now it’s time to stop hoping my Fairy Godmother will pop out of thin air and grant my every wish, and start actually DOING something about my dream to become an actress. Love you all so much. Keep chasing your dreams, and always REACH FOR THE STARS!!!!!!!!! 🙂 thank you so much for all you do, Disney, for so many kids’ dreams. ❤️

  52. Zamaria

    Hi my name is Zamariaive always wanted to be an actor but it just never Came true I’ve always wanted to play off of Disney channel but I don’t know if that’s ever gonna come true I believe that sooner or later I WILL be an actor but I guess for now I just have to keep hoping that that dream would come true

  53. Zamaria

    Hi my name is Zamaria I’m 11 years old and Ive always wanted to be a actor on Disney channel it would be a dream come true I would love to be on any Disney channel show I really want to be an actor

  54. Takayla

    Hi my name is Takayla,I am a dancer and a really good actor also I am 11 years old and would love to be a Disney star and I also love the show’s