Bring It On, JR – Kids & Teens

Kids & Teen Acting Audition – New Jersey

Are you a child or teen actor, singer, gymnast or dancer? Do you want to show off your talent? A 2018 Bring It On casting call for kids and teens is looking for you! Producers are now casting a brand-new, world-premiere adaptation of “Bring It On, Jr.” Casting directors are searching for talented singers, dancers, actors, and gymnasts. Boys and girls ages 12-18 are being hired to originate roles in this pilot production. Pixie Dust Players is thrilled to be working with the authors (Jeff Whitty, Amanda Green, Tom Kitt, and Lin-Manuel Miranda) to create this new adaptation and present it for them this summer. This is an extraordinary opportunity that you don’t want to miss out on! Kid’s acting and singing auditions will be held on Tuesday, May 14th and Wednesday, May 15th. Dancers and gymnast will audition on Saturday, May 19th. View all of the Bring It On audition information below!

About Bring It On Jr

Bring It On: The Musical tells the story of Campbell Davis, a young cheerleader who dreams of leading her squad to victory at a National competition. The story focuses on the world of competitive cheerleading and the intense rivalries it creates. Campbell’s future is secure: handsome boyfriend, a killer squad, and the newly awarded title of cheer captain. Suddenly, however, she is mysteriously reassigned to another school: the inner-city Jackson High, where she knows hardly anyone and worse: they don’t have a cheerleading squad! Despite the challenges of fitting in at a new school, Campbell befriends some tough girls on the dance squad and helps them become a powerhouse competitor for the National Cheerleading Championships.

What They Are Looking For

We are looking for strong singers, actors, dancers, and gymnasts
Ages 12-18 to originate roles in this brand new adaptation!
Due to the needs of this production, we will be having two separate sets of auditions.
Rehearses Sunday-Thursday (6-10 p.m.), beginning June 3, in Rahway, NJ; performances run July 20-29 in Rahway, NJ.

How to Apply

For more information and to sign up for an appointment time, visit

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57 Casting Responses

  1. Samantha Camacho

    Hello, I am Samantha Camacho. I am 13 years old and I love to sing, dance, and act. I have been in several school productions and almost every time I get the lead role. I have also been in several other productions outside of school. I have been in choir for almost 4 years now and I have made it all the way to states for female vocal solo in (old dominion association of church schools) ODACS in Level 2 (7th-9th).

  2. Samantha Camacho

    Hi, I would love to audition!!! I love to sing and Lin Manuel Miranda is my IDOL! Will someone pls

  3. Kolu (Trinity-Daughter) Fainuulelei

    I have a daughter who sings on our church worship team, plays the saxophone and she doe it with humility and love. She is now a freshman in High School and she sings the National Anthem at all of the School activities. She is blessed with the gift of singing.

  4. taylor maye hicks

    Hi im Taylor hicks im 18 i play four instruments im very interested please get back to me

  5. Janylah Denise Campbell

    I cant fill out the sheet it wont print but i can sing really good i practice everyday i would love to get the part please !!!!!!!!.

  6. Chequel Mckinley

    Hi im chequel mckinley, im an 15-year old looking for ways to expand my talent in singing. Im very determined to eventually leave my mark with my talent. I’ve been in many schools that focused on the passion of the students. Surprisingly, I’ve been picked multiple times to sing . I feel like what you are looking for is right here. Thank you for even creating a space for !e to tell you about what i can do.

  7. Bophitha

    Wanna be a singer

  8. Peace Daniel

    hi am peace Daniel am from Nigeria but really want to to be part of this movie Bring it on. And I love singing and dancing I am 16 years

  9. Khala

    Hi, my name is Khala Miller. I am a 13-year-old female. I am trying to rise my acting career. I have been singing and dancing since I was around 7. I have performed in front of big crowds. I am a cheerleader. I am very devoted to being in this movie. And I will be an amazing actress for what you are looking for. I am mixed and I live in Los, Angeles, CA. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  10. Khala

    Hi, my name is Khala. I am 13 and a cheerleader. I am looking to do a cheerleading and singing role. I know what it takes to do this and I am very devoted.

  11. Areonna Mitchell

    Hi I’m Areonna I’m a level 5 gymnast I am twelve years old and is also a majorette dancer which requires a lot of flexibility and memory.i think I would be perfect for this role because of my experience in dancing and gymnastics.

  12. Chloe

    I would love to sing in this movie! I’ve just turned 14 and I hope I can get audition for a part 🙂

  13. Tammy

    Once I saw this add, I’m like “I would be a perfect fit for this show” I am an amazing dancer! I love dancing. I make my own moves and create my own dances to songs that I like. At my school, the students love my dancing. I do it in the gym and they cheer me on.

  14. Destiny Goodley

    Hey my name is destiny Goodley, I want be a singer, my dad pass away 2010 with cancer. I am 17 years old, I wanted to make my dad proud before and after he died, but I was going through so much, and my voice has become a lot stronger, and I am ready to do what I gotta do , to become big

  15. Z'Aliyah Hickson

    Hello,My name is Z’Aliyah Hickson and I am from South Carolina.I am 14 years old.I would love to try out for the acting and singing part because I believe that this would be very fun to do and a great learning experiance.I am fun, out going and very determined.

  16. Morgan Ochieng ouma

    hey am Morgan and am an actor am 13 years and i think id play well in this role

  17. April

    Hi my name is April and i would love to be on bring it on … i do gymnastics and i coukd do a cartwheel, roundofff , and a front handspring. I am 11 years old and obwoukd would be 12 in September

  18. Sanyaolu Sydney

    Hi I’m from Nigeria and I am an actress although not too many experiences but I’m good at acting and I’m also a great dancer I would really like a role so I could prove those who think I can’t do it wrong
    Thank you…..

  19. Allyah

    Im also 14 cant wait

  20. Allyah

    My name is allyah cooper and i want to be a singer ive always wanted to sing since i was lil

  21. Anaïs

    Hi my name is Anaïs I’m 14 years old, I did gymnastics 2 years ago and i still have some moves and I can sing… I participated in two singing competitions in my school and everyone tells me that i have a great voice and my dream is to become an actress/ singer

  22. Anaïs

    Hi my name is Anaïs I did gymnastics 2 years ago and i still have some moves and I can sing… I participated in two singing competitions in my school and everyone tells me that i have a great voice and my dream is to become an actress/ singer

  23. Emma Dorancricchio

    Hi, my name is Emma Dorancricchio and I’m eleven looking to be in the cast! I am a singer. I would love to come on the show for my singing abilities thank you for taking the time to read this. Bye!

  24. Morehand

    I wish I could get on this show it’s been my mine biggest dream I don’t want it crushed I’m don’t want to be to pushy but I really want this in the whole world check out my I’m stagram page kiavoni62

  25. LaSonya katrice Holloway

    Hey, my daughter Soniah would love to do this. She enjoys dancing,singing,and also modeling. She has been taking headshots and has always been really into the spotlight. May you guys please email me an audition time, date ,and place. I promise you she would make it worth yall while. She’s 13 and about to go to the eight grade she also has performed in the nut cracker before ,but other than that she doesn’t got alot of experience. Soniah also has a dance video on youtube from when she was 10 or 11. Please contact me by email or phone number.

  26. Azariah

    Hi, my name is Azariah I’m a vocal singer, I do dance ,and I tumble a little I’ve always dreamed of playing a lead role.

  27. Azariah

    Hi, my name is Azariah I’m a vocal singer but I do dance and a little bit of tumbling I’ve always dreamed of being a lead role

  28. Veronica Rockhead

    Hi, My name is Veronica, I just turned 19, I am a great singer , I can act .I think this could be a great opportunity for me because I would love to be able to take care of my family and make my mother proud of me.My height is 5’3-4 . I’m not an American citizen but I have a great personality and I am very determined and willing to give it my all..thank you

  29. Nouhaila Ed-dounia

    Hello, my name is Nouhaila, 18 years old ,i love to sing and acting bcuz i feel I can show my feeling and art through it.

  30. Desiray Johnson

    Hello. My name is Desiray Johnson. I used to be in cheer and I also sing and dance. i want to be a singer when I grow up. I’m 17 with big dreams. This looks awesome.

  31. Desiray Johnson

    This sounds fun. I love singing and dancing and I have a lot of experience in all of those categories.

  32. Amirah

    Hi My name is Amirah and I am 14 years Old I did gymnastics for 2 years but I look more forward to the acting role

  33. Philomena Draper

    Hey my name is Philomena I’m 14 I love to sing,dance and act am a fast learner and am a cheerleader am also part of my church choirs. I’ve been singing,dancing,and acting since I was 5 it’s always been my dream to become a actress and I hope I have what you guys are looking for

  34. Aaliyah Hasan

    Hi I’m Aaliyah Hasan I love all the bring it on movies! It would be a honor if I could be in it i’m 12 turning 13 in September

  35. Allexa Schabel

    Hi my name is Allexa and I am a dancer.
    I have trained in man different styles such as; jazz, tap, across (front ariel, hand stands, balances.. etc) ballet, musical theatre and much more.
    I am 22 but can pass for a 16-18 year old.
    Thank you for your time.

    All the best,

    Allexa Schabel

  36. Katie

    Hello, My name is Katie I’m 14yrs old! This looked very interesting and something fun to experience! My skills are pretty mixible! my skills go from:cartwheels,Handstands, cheststands,frontlimbers,Spits,needles, contortion, And a experienced 6yr Dancer!

  37. Katie

    Hello, My name is Katie I’m 14yrs old, and this looks very interesting and would love to experience! My skills are very mixible! Haha! I do anything from Flexibility Skills and tricks to Dancing And modeling! I’m very photogenic if I say so myself haha! P.s here’s a list of my skills if your curious….. Cartwheel,Roundoff,Backbend kickover,Frontlimber,Splits,Needles, ChestStands,handstands, And other skills in Tap Dancing,Improve Dancing, Jazz Dancing,Ballet,Hipphop, And I’ve been dancing for 6Yrs And Teacher Assitant for 1Yr! But it’s quite a bummer cause I live in Mississippi!

  38. Gracie Thompson

    Hi, My name is Gracie Thompson, I am 13 years old and would love to be one of your strong singers.

  39. Ziraya Mitchell

    Hello, My name is Ziraya Mitchell and i am 13 Africa America and 5,7 in height and about 167 pounds. I am very interested in acting im the movie and grateful for your choice in choosing me for it. Thank You.

  40. Jamaryia Walker

    Hi I am jamaryia I’m 13 and I am sorta a singer I was in choir and I would gladly like to be in this movie even if it a short role this been my dream since I was 4

  41. Kamrick render

    Hi ! my names Kamrick i’m 14 an i want to be a gymnast i think i’d be great for this role. i can do cartwheels,aerials,back handspring, front aerial, a split. this would be totally amazing !

  42. Summer Butterworth

    Hey my name is Summer I am a model and done acting once before. im a gymnast and cheerleader and would love a role in this movie

  43. Summer Butterworth

    hey my name is Summer and I have been modeling since I was a baby pretty much I did few things when I was a baby but last 2 yrs been modeling more and I also am a cheerleader and been doing gymnastics since I was 7 and I love acting and everyone says they can see me on tv or in a movie and I would love t audition.

  44. Melody Edwards

    My name is Melody, I’m 19 and I’d like to become a famous singer. I feel like I have what it takes and I am very determined!

  45. Aisha

    Hi my name is Aisha I am 12 and I love to sing! Dance and act. I think this would be a really fun thing to be a part of

  46. Lea

    Hey my name is Lea I’m 15 and I’d love to start acting.

  47. Mohammed Aljanabi

    I need the new life

  48. Khleo Arnold

    Hi, my name is Khleo Arnold, I’m 14 and I’d like to know where the exact location of the auditions will be. If you can, email me. Thank you

    • Marquita Wilson

      Hi my name is Sha’Dey Ramsey and I’m a self taught majorette dancer and gymnast, I have a disability and have been made fun of at times. But when I dance my life is super normal. My Mom is so awesome she pushes me to be all and more. I would love to audition for your role. Thank you for the opportunity.

    • Marquita Wilson

      Hi my name is Sha’Dey Ramsey and I’m 14 teen years old. I’m also self taught in majorette and have been featured on the hit TV show Bring it! I am also a gymnast, I have a disability and have been made fun of at times. But when I dance my life is super normal. My Mom is so awesome she pushes me to be all and more. I would love to audition for your role. Thank you for the opportunity.

  49. asiegbu success

    sorry forgot to add that am 17 years old

  50. asiegbu success

    hello am from nigeria and will like to parttake in this movie

  51. Aaliyah

    I think I would be good for this✌✌

  52. Camila milagro padilla ramirez

    Hi, my name is Camila Padilla
    I am from South Carolina. I am Hispanic/Latino and I LOVE to sing and dance.
    I been singing since I was 10 and had got really good at it. I sing in front of big crowds at church and school. I also sing in English and Spanish. The only dancing I do is ( Bachata, Reggaetón, cumbia and Merengue.) i am also 13 years old.

  53. Keenan Beasley

    I am a singer, dancer and ex cheer leader i love to tumble on a daily basis but sadly i live i bowling Green KY but i would love to be in this production

  54. Emily-grace credland

    My daughter is 13 years old
    She has done performing arts for 11 years
    Her height is 5 foot 6 inches

  55. Jenna

    I am willing to audition as I believe I’m talented In singing and dancing