Breacher Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

One of the biggest action stars in movie history is back and better than ever and you could land a role in his latest film. Breacher starring Arnold Schwarzenegger will begin production soon and casting calls and audition are being held shortly. This is your chance to star alongside some of the most gifted talents in Hollywood today in the biggest action production of the new year.

Breacher will star Schwarzenegger as the leader of an elite DEA task force that is hunted down one by one after they rob a ruthless drug cartels’ safe house of millions dollars. Several exciting stars have already been cast in this sure to be hit production including Malin Akerman (The Watchmen, Children’s Hospital, The Heartbreak Kid), Sam Worthington (Avatar, Clash Of The Titans, Terminator: Salvation), Joe Manganiello (True Blood, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Magic Mike), Olivia Williams (Rushmore, The Sixth Sense, An Education) and Academy Award Nominee Terrence Howard (Crash, Iron Man, Hustle & Flow) and many more roles are still up for grabs. This is your opportunity to land a role in one of the most anticipated movies of the new year. Prolific writer/director David Ayer (Training Day, The Fast and the Furious, End Of Watch) and his team of producers and casting directors will be holding auditions and casting calls for available roles very soon and submissions are being accepted now. If you would like to apply for a part in this fantastic new project you can send an email here Leave a comment in the space below and tell us why you would like to make your break in this action spectacular and be sure to check back for every audition update for Breacher as they become available.

Action legend  Arnold Schwarzenegger is back and you could be cast in his next action classic. Apply today for a role in the all new feature film Breacher.

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121 Casting Responses

  1. Kashuna Holmes

    I talented in acting/dancing
    I’m motivated
    I’m smart
    Not camera shy
    I love to entertain
    I have a passion for acting
    Very pretty
    I have an amazing personality
    I would love the opportunity to show you what I’m made of

  2. Arina

    Hello! I am an interesting and enthusiastic 22 year old girl. I have blue eyes and natural blond long hair, people always say I look younger when I am. I am currently located in Manchester, United Kingdom, but I am willing to travel! I am always very bright and people highlight me from the crowd. I have playing some leading roles at the School Theater as well as was chosen to be part of the promotion videos for university. I can speak fluently 3 languages: English, Russian and Lithuanian as well as I am learning Spanish during my free time. Have been doing part-time modelling in the past. Have an architecture degree. I am always very positive and try all different sort of opportunities. I have a very good taste of music and films and I was always very challenged to take part in filming in something great! I am happy to provide you with more information and pictures if required. You can reach me via email. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards. Arina

  3. Ryan Sorrell

    Hello, my name is Ryan Sorrell Im 29 years old Im athletic and built to do my own stunts. I played football and raced motocross for 5 years. I would be a great asset to such an action film. I am talented in acting I have been in acting classes, speech and drama, etc. I would love a chance to show my true professionalism with best in the industry, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger. If I am chosen I will work hard every day and deliver beyond what is expected of me. Thank You.

  4. Elizabeth Ko

    Hi I’m Elizabeth.
    Age: 11
    DOB: 02/26/01
    Height: 4″11
    Live: South Orange, NJ
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown
    I have acting experience. I was in school plays and was in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice in 2008. I live with my mom. She lost her job in 2008 and has been applying for jobs, but is getting rejected. I would like to help support her by getting a job. If I get a job, I would like to get one that I love to do and have fun while doing it. From my experience in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, acting is a lot of fun and I enjoyed doing it.

  5. Meagan

    Meagan Davis.
    Weight: 118
    Race: White
    Talents- Dance, Softball, Acting and Soccer
    I was born on April 21, 1993. In Selma,Alabama
    I have never been in a tv show, movie or anything but I have the ambition and the drive in my heart to be the best at whatever I do.
    I am a very fast learner and have a very good memory
    If you picked me, you would not be disappointed. This is my second application I have sent in to get picked for a role in a movie.
    I would also like to add, just because I have never been to acting school or in a minor show, does not mean I don’t know how to act. Acting
    is in your heart.

  6. Manel Bechiri


    my name is Manel Bechiri. I am 18 years old, their hair brown. my eyes are green and gray blues. I measure 1m69. I am Algerian, French.
    I’m doing theater since the age of 11, I love it! I think I’m good! I’ve played in plays. I am funny, dynamic, smiling, extravagant, I am very sociable and When I’m acting I’m in my world because I like to play, improvise and write plays. I want to share my talent and my knowledge to younger this is why I teach theater to children and they love it. I think up a school and later do my job. Acting in films is different but I want to try! Even though I live in France, the French cinema does not interest me I think American cinema is better and corresponds me .I know that later I will be an actress in america! I believe! I try my luck for casting, I hope to be chosen even if I think I have no chance because I live in France.. we never know! 😉

  7. Jaky

    Hi I am jacky from Miami. I would totally go to castings to show off my skills. I am slim about 5’5 brown hair and brown eyes. I can also speak Spanish fluently. Hope I can get a shot at this. Thank you.

  8. Quy Nghiem

    Hello my name is Quy Nghiem, I haven’t taken up acting but I definitely will be soon. I love watching action movies repeatedly which is my main goal is to become an actior star. I have a red belt 3 in taekwondo, and will be taking up muay thai as well and many other forms of MMA. I’ll do anything to be in the movie, even as a extra or background person just to gain more experience and be able to give advice to young ones one day that i was taught by the industries best. Jackie Chan and Jet li are my inspiration and would like to be next to them in a movie one day, any action star is a big inspiration. I am healthy, and always take up any challange, even if its executing daring maneuvers. Acting has always been my dream career/job and i hope to gain many opportunities.

    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Area: Adelaide, South Australia
    Ethnicity: Asian, Vietnamese
    Height: 5’6

  9. Rick Santa Maria

    Hi, My name is Ricky Santa Maria and I have dark brown eyes and brown hair. I am 5 ft 7in and i weigh 165 pounds. I am hispanic but have white skin. I am 50 percent mexican and 25 percent german and 25 percent british. I am very outgoing and love to act and sing. I have acting experience on set but as extras work. I would love to get a major acting role so please contact me thanks

  10. Jake Hamilton

    Hello, i would like to apply for any suitable positions you may have available.
    My names Jake Hamilton, i’m 17 years old from Manchester, England, and live in Perth Western Australia. I would be committed to fly overseas for the audition.
    I Would love this opportunity, and be honored to be able to take part in your production.
    I’ve been waiting for a big break for ages now in acting, and coming across opportunities like this is unbelievable.
    Arnie is such an inspiration, and working beside him would be out of this world!
    Feel free to email me

    Thank you for your time!

  11. Lee Farrell

    Hi My names Lee Farrell Im from Enland London , I have previously Worked in Security

    I like going to the Gym and working out
    Love action films
    Predator and Terminator 1
    and 2 where my favourite

    One of the Thing I have always wanted to do is get my foot indoor and become a actor in action films
    for a long time I have always been looking in different directions to see what would be the right move in my life to take
    It would be my Dream to get into the film industry
    I am white British

    I have Short hair as I like it shaved back

    I am 5ft 10 inches

    Im qutie tonned

    have a good positive attitude towards others and I work well with in a team
    I am a focused and reliable individual
    I know alot of people don,t get the chance to do things in theier lif, But if I was given that chance it would change my life for good

    I was Born In South London Beckingham in 22 December 1985
    If Given the chance to take a part in this film It would that appreciate it alot as I am seeking a new job and New Career in my life at the age of 26 yrs old

    For the Casting and the role I am available

  12. Michelle Clausen


    My name is Michelle, I’m 22 years old and I am from Denmark. Ever since I was a little girl acting, has always been a big part of my life, in one way or another. I am a very energetic and funny girl to be around, and serious when I need to be. I love what I do and do everything to make it work. I am a girl who’s very open, honest, faithful and work incredibly hard to make my dreams come true.
    I’m always happy, smiling/charming and helpful to others.
    My biggest passion is to make a career in action.
    It would be an honor for me to have the opportunity to get to audition/casting or possibly qualify for next season.

    Gender: Female
    Hair: Blond
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 121 ibs
    Waist: 28’’
    Hips: 35’’

    Etnicity: Danish

    My experience spans over the following roles:

    Theater & Movie:
    – Klovn the Movie (Movie)
    – All for one – Alle for en (Movie)
    – My sisters kids – Min søsters børn (Movie)

    Cinderella ………………………………….……………………- Role: Cinderella
    Robin Hood…………………………………..………………….- Role: Lady Marian
    The Smurfs……………………………………..………………..- Role: Lady Smurf
    The Princess and the Pea……………………..……………….- Role: Princess
    Beatles Tour…………………………………….……………….- Role: Paul McCartney
    Romeo and Juliet……………………………….……………….- Role: Juliet
    Peter Pan…………………………………………………………- Role: Wendy
    Musicalius…………………………………………….………….- Role: Musicalius
    Thumbelina……………………………………………..……….- Role: Thumbelina
    Clumsy Hans……………………………………………..……..- Role: Clumsy Hans
    The ugly duckling……………………………………………….- Role: The ugly duckling
    The little girl with the matchsticks…………………………..…- Role: The little girl with the matchsticks
    Nightingale…………………………………………………………- Role: Princess
    The shepherdess and the chimney sweep……………………….- Role: Shepherdess.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Sincerely yours,

  13. Emerson and Jefferson Cortez


    We are twin brothers and martial arts fanatics, specially kung fu and we are able to perform very entertaining fight scenes

    We have already a experience shooting in a big French action movie production in Hong Kong entitled Largo Winch, so we can act very well in action films!!

    If you can take a look at the videos, we will be very grateful for your consideration!!

    Thank you very much!!

    Cortez Brothers

  14. Linda

    Hello. My name is Linda and I’m 14 years young.
    Weight : 50kg (110)
    Height : 153cm (5*0)
    Hair : Black, Ombré Style
    Eyes : dark brown
    DOB : September 23, 1998
    Shoe size : 3
    Skin : a bronze-brown skin

    I live in Germany but I’m Asian. I go to high school. I play the piano for almost 6 years. I love to sing and to act. I would be amazing if I could meet Arnold Schwarzenegger. Just to talk with him and work with him! It would be a great experience!
    Thank you!

  15. Audrey Sturges

    My name is Audrey
    Age: 18
    Height: 5’9
    Houston ,TX
    Black and white
    Athletic,can cry on site, hard worker,never quit, and i often get compared to Raven Symone.
    No experience but I am a very good learner and I memorize very well.
    Iv been a leader..huge x-men fan and to be considered for this part would be an honor

  16. James Nelson

    Please give me a chance to be in the movie with the legend. im 5’7 white male 185 pounds pretty muscular. give me a shot i know ill be the best. will give it my all

  17. Victor Dadoun


    My name is Victor Dadoun.

    I’m 21 and I study acting for four years.
    I also do fitness and karate so I can change my body for any role.
    I did several plays and some appeareances in movies.

    My greatest asset is that I’m French, so you will find a different actor than all the Americans you already have.

    By the way, my English is really good.

    Hope to meet you soon.

    Victor Dadoun.

  18. Aldo T

    My name is Aldo, I am 24 and just finished Engineering school. I was born in Albania and moved to the US when i was 13. I used to be a chid actor back home and upon moving here I gave that up. People always say that I come off as very convincing with my conversations. Also, past 3 years, my mom has not stopped begging me to at least apply for one audition – apparently she thinks I would make a good actor due to my presence and eastern euro look…lol


  19. Shane Fitzsimmons

    My name is Shane Fitzsimmons.

    I have only ever done short films for friends. Nothing professional. I saw an opportunity to apply to be in an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and could not pass it up.

    I’m 5’11” and weight 215lbs. I will do any role for the movie. I am easy to work with and take directions very well. It would be a dream to simply meet Mr. Schwarzenegger and an absolute life achievement to be in a movie with him.

    I’m looking forward to your reply.

    Get back to me! Do it now!!! I’m here! C’mon! Do it now!!!

  20. Ali Shahab

    My name is Ali Shahab and I am from Karachi, Pakistan. I have a great Personality and attractive & silm guy, I could give you so many reasons on why I want this opportunity. Just give me a chance and you won’t be let down. I’ll work at whatever you need me to.

    Name: Ali Shahab
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 155
    Eyes: Black
    Hair: Light Brown

  21. Glenn B

    I’d be a great extra. Age 44

  22. sheedah

    Hi, my name is sheedah and I’ve always had a passion for acting, producing, and screenplay writing. It would be a great opportunity and experience to work alongside of iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger. My objective as an actress is to grow personally and professionally and to cultivate my craft. My ultimate goal as an actress would be to inspire people to be who they are where they are and to remind the supporting audience that people are world changers on and off screen. This role will be a honor as well as a blessing to evolve my acting career.

  23. David J

    My name is David J I’m an ex pro wrestler and I have been taking acting workshops/classes recently to sharpen my skills. I would love the oppurtunity to auditon for any role on this film. I have a great look for a cop I know this because everyone tells me so. I earned a role playing a detective in a local movie here in Florida and I also did a short film on domestic violence. I will send my headshots to the email above. Thanks!

  24. Simone B

    Hello, my name is Simone Beza and I would love to be considered for such a great movie. I am an aspiring,devoted and passionate actress. I believe i should be considered for this movie because i am a hard worker, professional, self motivater and open to criticism to improve my acting. I am a responisble twenty year old that wants a serious acting career. Please email me If you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your consideration.

  25. Christopher Logan

    Im Christopher Fox Logan and I believe i would be great for you movie. I’m only 16 but i have done many things both on stage and in film, including a Public Service announcment, several plays and a few musicals.
    Easy to work with and a quick learner, I believe that not only could I learn a lot from this experiance, but be a great addition as well. Acting is my blood and soul, therefore I would love to grow in my craft and work with amazing people such as you.

  26. Benjamin Wood

    My name is Benjamin Wood I am a former pro wrestler and accomplished actor. I had worked with Arnold on the Tomb and we had great chemistry 14 days on set . This film is the energy that I am about and I feel in any role I would add something viable to the production. With a unique look and physical abilities I can do it all on the highest level. My talents have truly not been discovered yet but I know I will get there.

  27. Sasha

    Hello! I am Sasha : ) I’m 20 years old graduate of sociology and a skin care professional. I can play as a 14 year old and higher. I look young and most people think I’m that age. I can say I’m an attractive individual. I have confidence in myself and with my body.
    I’m well experienced in front of cameras and am well with direction. I’ve been in school musicals and armature movies. I’d like to expand my acting career and I believe this will be the best opportunity for me. I’m very down to earth, I love to have fun, I’m out going and friendly. Others will describe me as loyal, respectful, independent, determined, organized and social. I love to try new things. I like to play all sorts of sports especially volleyball and swimming. I love to stay in shape and exercise and eat healthy. I love dancing, singing and acting. I have great communication skills. I’m mature and I can adapt to things easily. I have the ability to work under pressure. I am a hard worker. I spoke both English and Spanish fluently and I have a knowledge of basic French. I love to travel I’ve been to 12 different countries. I love to explore new cities, meet new people, try different cuisines and explore at the moment I work as a visual designer. On my free time I volunteer at the boys and girls club. I have been living in central Florida for 3 years now. I was born & am originally from Connecticut.
    Measurements: 34-24-35
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 108 lbs
    Ethnicity: Puerto Rican descent
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: brown
    DOB: April 14, 1992
    Shoe size: 6
    Hair length: below shoulder length (curly)
    Skin tone: olive

  28. Armando Almeda

    Before I die I want to look back in life and see what I have done that others had he chance to do but did not set foot to that first step.

    Name: Armando Almeda
    Im a 18 year old hispanic with passion and commitment in acting.
    5’6″ ft and 155 lbs. intelligent and handsome. In college but do Have the option to take time off.
    Live in Oceanside,Ca
    Very out going with a great personality. I always try my best to do every I do. Giving up is not an option in this world. Please feel free to contact me

  29. Mike

    Hi, my name is Mike. I am 34 years old, attractive white male, 5’9″ 170lbs and in shape. I have chiseled facial features. I have 15 years of experience in the military, including military police and intelligence, with a deployment to Afghanistan, as well as civilian law enforcement (& SWAT) and I am currently a federal investigator. I am also a martial arts expert/black belt. I was an extra in Stop Loss. I would love to have a part in this film and I know I would do well.

  30. Natasha

    hi. i am 23 and i live in iowa. i am shy but i have the ability to be completely involved and loose myself completely in things. i have never acted before but that would make me fresh talent. i can adapt and i am very pashionate. It has always been my dream to act. i would please love to be given a chance.

  31. Alexa Nix

    Hey my name is Alexa Nix. I KNOW I would be outstanding in this movie. I have multiple acting experiences from school plays, being apart of my local theater, commericals and educational videos. I have a great personality and wonderful to work with. Thank you for your time.

  32. Case McCallister


    My name is Case McCallister and I am a professional fitness and fashion model based out of Houston, TX. I would be a perfect fit for one of your roles. I am 6’1, 175 lbs. I have emailed some pics as well. Talk to you soon!

  33. Kim Nunez

    Hi I’m Kim Nunez, 19 years old, born in Manhattan, New York Coty, currently living in Tampa, Fl and I would love the chance to be able to audition for a part in a feature film. I am of Hispanic heritage, but I can play a mixed variety of heritages, I can also play the part of any age between the Pre-teens up until the early twenties. I have experience in performance, I have sang in a choir for 11 years and played a few instruments, Piano and flute. I’ve always wanted to be able to become a young actress ever since I was a little girl and It would be such an honor, blessing and dream come true to be able to watch something on television or in the movies and say, “Hey, that’s me”! I am a brunette, 5’3 with medium brown eyes and I would love to be your next actress!

  34. Halee Dion

    Hey there ! My name is Halee Dion and I just moved to LA from Detroit, MI to attend USC. I have never thought of persuing a career in acting but since moving to California, its safe to say the ‘Californication’ has set in. I have always loved to entertain, and been known as somewhat of a ‘Drama-Queen’ back home. People have always told me to pick up acting or modeling, but I have never thought much of it until now. This show seems simply fantastic and would die to be appart of it. I am an incredible worker, a blast to be around, and by far a perfectionist.
    I’ve been known as nothing less than an ‘italian goddess’ or a female Daniel Tosh. I am 5’5, 115lbs, 19 years young (always pass as a 21 year old), athletic build (I’ve been in sports since I was 5yrs. old) caucasian, dark brown hair, and the prettiest blue eyes you have ever seen.
    Hope to hear from you soon! (:

  35. Shana Noll

    My name is shana Noll and acting is a big passion of mine. I’m african American, 19 years old. I’ve been acting for most of my life. I love acting because I get to be someone one other than myself.I love looking at things from someone else’s eyes and fully putting myself in a character. I would love to have the chance to audition even if I just end up as an extra. This is my life. I just need the chance at following my dream.



  37. Jesse Weber

    My name is Jesse Weber and I am from Evansville, Indiana. I could give you so many reasons on why I want this opportunity. Just give me a chance and you won’t be let down. I’ll work at whatever you need me to.

    Name: Jesse Weber
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’10
    Weight: 155
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Light Brown

  38. Aaron Scott

    Hello My name is Aaron Scott Im 24 years old, I’m African American, Artistic, a Professonial Performer, Affluent in American Sign Language, I recently was in a film called “42” base on a famous Baseball Player Jackie Robinson and several Professional Music Videos,I have an enormous passion in Acting and Dancing. I would love to have the opportunity to be in another film to open some doors to get my foot in.

  39. Madison Hatch

    Name: Madison Lee Hatch
    D.O.B: 12/16/1993
    Age: 18
    Height: 5’10
    Weight: around 150
    Hair : Brunette
    Eyes: Hazel
    From: Wilmington, NC originally, Brooklyn, NY now for modeling contract.
    Languages: English
    Talents: Surfing, Skateboarding, Guitar, Snowboarding, Painting, Comedy, Modeling
    Hobbies: Surfing, Painting and Drawing, Writing music, Spending time with friends and family.
    Acting: Featured role in FUN’s new music video “Carry On” being released in a month. Featured role in NBC’s “Smash” as character mistaken as Merriam. Season 2, Episode 2/3. Currently featured as 1 of 15 brokers featured in Martin Scorese’s new film The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo Dicaprio, Jonah Hill, Mathew McConaughey, Jon Favreau, and Jon Bernthal. The brokers are part of Leonardo’s “company” so to speak.

    Modeling: Dick’s Sporting Goods 2012/2013 Winter campaign “Welcome Winter” premiering October 1, 2012.

    Modeling agency: CESD NYC, print/ad department model: Madison Hatch

    I have read through the descriptions, and honestly believe I fit with a crew and cast that is producing such an amazing show. I am here in NYC for modeling, but I’m pushing myself to the acting side of things. I want to pursue an acting career, I know the best way is to work, make friends and connections, and work towards your goals and dreams. I graduated high school top ten in my class and was always the kid everyone thought would get an academic scholarship or go pro in surfing, but I guess I had other things in mind. I was accepted in to the colleges I wanted to pursue but ended up moving to New York officially the week before orientation because I knew it was an opportunity that I can not set aside and wait for. I knew I needed to work towards where I want to go. My experience that I listed was all the work I’ve had the luxury of working on and participating in since the beginning of this summer. I am a very easy going funny guy, with a good head on my shoulders, and a lot of creativity. I love being active, and simply enjoy putting a smile on people’s faces. My goal as an actor, is for the audience to watch the short, show, or movie that I have poured myself into as a character, and walk away with a changed heart or mindset. I want people to walk away, changed. Whenever I was young I remember seeing movies, coming home, and staying up in my room and running around and acting or pretending as if I was one of the characters in the movie, for example play batman, or spiderman, or Gosling in the notebook. I always saw and took part in the magic that the crew and cast, came together for and created. And I know that that same feeling or experience is one that I want to contribute to and give to others.

    Thank you so much for your time.

    -Madison Lee Hatch

  40. Travis Herald

    Travis again.
    I forgot to mention:
    I don’t really care what kind of part I get. I would love to be an actor in the future and any role will bring me a step closer to my dream. I also want to have the experience and have fun in the process. It’s really not meeting the actors in the film for me, it’s acting with them and helping however I can in making a successful film. Good luck, fingers crossed.

  41. Travis Herald

    My name is Travis Herald and I don’t have much experience in acting but I am an extremely good liar and basically a natural actor. Not 100% sure how I would act in front of a camera but doing it at home with my family is fine.
    I’m 18 in 5 days
    18X lbs
    slightly out of shape.
    slightly scruffy facial hair, or none.
    I can be funny.

  42. Joselyn Arroyo

    Hey, I am 18 (female) i have been in acting schools and have joined in school plays and I know I would be great for this film because I am a really good actor! I know words don’t mean anything that’s why instead of me saying it I would love to get the chance to show you I would be a great choice. So please consider me and I guarantee you won’t regret it.!

  43. Bendriel Oniyama

    I would love an audition because I have been wanting to become an actress since the 3rd grade. I’ve had experience in the past from plays to classes. I believe that if giving a chance to be on television, I could do great things. Thank you for your time.

  44. Ken Rieves

    My name is Ken. I have read the post from other people and it appears that most of the people wanting to be in the cast are all very young. Do you have any parts for older guys?
    I live in central Texas but I can go anywhere.
    Ken Rieves

  45. Joanna

    Hello guys my name is Joanna , 23 years old model and actress also a dancer
    I would love to take a part of this movie

  46. Drew Hawk

    Hello my name is Drew Hawk. I am…
    Dark blonde-Brown hair
    I have 6 years of experience in drama and 11 years or martial arts experience.
    I am extremely outgoing and comfortable with basically anything.
    I have no fears or problems involving any possible stunts.

  47. Ania

    Hi! My name is Ania Chambers-Hunter
    I am 14 years old and my birthday is June 21,1998
    I am 5 feet 5 inches tall and weigh 112lbs!
    I am african american and have dark brown hair medium length
    I have dark brown eyes
    IOne of my best qualities is how outgoing I am! I am very outspoken!
    My personality is big and very defined!
    I go to a performing arts school and take theater arts classes
    I have been in about 5 school plays/skits
    My hobbies include dancing,singing,swimming, drawing, I can dance well too! But acting ofcourse is my main passion! I love it more than anything!

    Please choose me for a role! I’d LOVE to be in this movie!

  48. Meri


    My name is Meri Zaja. I am 18 years old and I am from Macedonia, small country on the Balcan Peninsula. I would really like to be a part of this interesting movie. I have experience in acting. I have performed in many school activities and also I have been part of several music videos of Macedonian singers. I have blond hair, brown eyes, I am 167 cm tall and i weight 56 kg. I speak 7 languages: English, German, Greek, Turkish, Serbian, Croatian, Slovene. Camera loves me, I am not nervous in front of it and I can easily learn lines. Beside acting, I dance and play flute and piano. Acting has been a dream for me since I started to talk and I would be very very hapy to act in this cool movie. If you pick me to act in this cool movie, I will be the only Macedonian on the set 🙂

  49. michelle

    My name is Michelle and i’m 15 years old
    I would Love it to play in breacher , Arnold Schwarzenegger Is one of my Fvorite Actors
    And it would be a big oppurtunaty to play with him in the movie
    i’ve tried a lot of things to be in a movie but no one gives me a chance
    I think of myself that i can act very well , and my english is not that bad , i Live in holland
    And its my dream to be an actress in Amerika And maybe even get famous haha
    I have Blonde hair and Blue-Gray eyes , My weight is 57 and my Length is 1.74

    Hope you respond

    Greetz Michelle.

  50. Derek Hurst

    My name is Derek Hurst from Arkansas. I have been in nine movie’s already and I would like to be in more. I had a Kideny transplant back in 1996 the day before my 15th Birthday that saved my life. Before then I was on a machine that was keeping me alive. My Mother bought me movie’s after movie’s that I would have something to do. The movie’s entertaine me and got me strong and to have faith. I want to give back and help other people that can’t get out bed or do anything.

  51. Derek Wayne Hurst

    Hello My name is Derek Wayne Hurst

    I would love to be in this film. I have already been in 9 movie’s and I would like to be in more.
    I had a Kideny Transplant back in 1996 and I’m doing well. Before that I was on a machine that
    was keeping me. I almost died about three times but I am a fighter that keeps going.
    My Mother bought me movie’s That I would have something to do because I could not do
    anything while I was hook up the machine not even to play with friends. The movie’s I watch gave me hope to live and to have faith. Now I want to give back and be in movie’s that I could
    help someone out in need. I dont even care about getting paid. I just want to entertaine other people like the actor’s did for me. Also please do not pick me because of my health.
    Pick me becaues I can do it. I can do anything that I want now.

  52. Cyrus

    Hello i go by Cyrus I am 21 years old( i am 5’9-10″ with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes) 1st generation persian I participated in theater throughout my time in catholic schools because my parents thought the city i was being raised in did not have good public schools (haha) i graduated high school from a public school near by because of my curious nature. I am very disciplined(i train in martial arts all and have received my black belt) I am considering finishing my pre law schedule however i thought id give this a shot please let me know if you would like a hard worker who is willing to work with others and happy to show plenty of respect and follow instruction while giving his individual flavor to things.

  53. jessica

    hello my name is jessica
    i am 19yrs old
    brown hair
    brown eyes
    eager to work.
    dedicated to becoming the best actress i can be.

  54. Michael Elkady

    Hello, my name is Michael Elkady. I am 24 years of age and born in Bayonne New Jersey . I currently reside in South West Florida. I have a full time job with a very flexible work schedule. I am willing to travel for any opportunity, even if it’s none paid. I have some past experience as being an extra and I enjoyed every bit of it. I am seeking to be a featured extra or an extra. If chosen for an opportunity with your up coming film project, feel free to contact me. I’ll provide all other information needed upon your request. Thank you for your time and consecration in advance, I look forward to learning, growing and advancing each project.
    Ethnicity: White
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 6’1”
    Weight: 215 lbs
    Age: 24

  55. Danny

    I am a male, 7 years old, natural/talented actor. I have modeling experiences from Denmark, Copenhagen and now living in Miami Florida.
    Don’t contact me if this is a scam to try to make me pay in the name of getting Fame & Discovered!

  56. Samantha Brown

    Hi, I would like to participate in “Breacher”, because acting is something i’ve dreamed about doing all my life; particularly action films. You will not find anyone else as passionate or committed to playing a part in this film. I will go the extra mile, and I won’t accept anything less than exceptional. Just getting a chance to be around these acting veterans, and soaking up the knowledge that they’ve collected over the years will do wonders for me. I really hope there’s an opportunity for me. Thank you for your consideration.

  57. donald tucker


    height 5’8
    weight 185 pounds
    age 23
    hair black
    eyes brown
    brithday 07/30/1989
    caramel brown skin

  58. Ken Beck

    My name is Ken Beck. I live at the Briggs house. I would like to be a extra in the movie.

  59. Natalie Reddy

    Good afternoon! My name is Natalie Reddy and I was born Reddy to model and act! I’m 20 years young, female, height= 5’7″, 111 lbs.,natural red hair with a matching ivory and freckled complection, as well as a stunningly unforgettable smile and personality as the cherry on top! I’ve been contemplating what I would type as my comment, but honestly, I’m more of a face-to-face or talk over the phone person because those are the forms of communication that I feel are most efficient due to the sole fact that you get a better understanding of where I’m coming from when I speak. However, if I must grab your attention thru this comment then here goes!
    I’m currently a college student attending Indian RIver State College in Sebastian, Florida going for my business degree in hopes of opening my dream business with my own hard earned capitol from modeling and acting. I seem to be stuck here because my mother is afraid that the world is going to end in a few months and I’m afraid that I’m not going to have my chance to shine beforehand! I was raised very maturely and have ethical professionalism, awesome charisma, positive energy, self motivation, and the ambition to take me to the top and not fear the height! I really appreciate the opportunity to express myself to whomever may be reading this, and I promise you that your expectations will most certainly be met and even exceeded if you do decide to pick me for I put forth 200% effort to everything I persue and never give up till the job is finished to perfection! 772-713-8417 is my cell, feel free to call! Peace out! =)

  60. patrick reuman

    Hello i’m Patrick Reuman,
    You should out me in this movie because I love acting I have been acting in youtube videos for a year and been writing books all,my life. Also I do stand up comedy so i’m not afraid to talk in front of people or have pressure out on me. I’m 5 foot 8 white with brown hair. I’m very nice and great with people. I pass anywhere from 15 years old to 25. I’m in shape and believe I can play any role and i’m ready now.

  61. patrick reuman

    Hello i’m Patrick Reuman11,
    You should out me in this movie because I love acting I have been acting in youtube videos for a year and been writing books all,my life. Also I do stand up comedy so i’m not afraid to talk in front of people or have pressure out on me. I’m 5 foot 8 white with brown hair. I’m very nice and great with people. I pass anywhere from 15 years old to 25. I’m in shape and believe I can play any role and i’m ready now.

  62. Michael Elkady

    Hello, my name is Michael Elkady. I am 24 years of age and born in Bayonne New Jersey. I currently reside in South West Florida. I have a full time job with a very flexible work schedule. I am willing to travel for any opportunity, even if it’s none paid. I have some past experience as being an extra and I enjoyed every bit of it. If the opportunity ever knocks for advancement within the film industry, I will open up and say “Hello”. If chosen for an opportunity with your up coming film project, feel free to contact me and ill provide all other information needed upon your request. Thank you for your time in advance, I look forward to learning, growing and advancing. Please review attached image for my complete description.

    Ethnicity: White
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 6’1”
    Weight: 215 lbs
    Age: 24

  63. Alexandra Brookins

    Hello, my name is Alexandra Brookins, but I prefer to go by Alex. I am sixteen years old, 5’7”, and somewhere between being fit and extraordinarily out of shape. My hair is light brown, I can tan easily and also get rather pale if I stay out of the sun, my eyes are a cross between blue and green. My acting experience mostly includes live theater, which I have been doing since I was eleven. I don’t have a lot of experience in front of a camera, but I am willing to learn and adjust because film acting is something I would like to passionately pursue. I am learning to throw knives and speak Russian, both of which I find interesting and exciting, but I am still learning and have much more to learn. I live in a small town, born into a big family, a lot of people believe I can’t make it and follow my dreams, but I aim to prove them wrong.
    Please send me an email with any further questions you may have.

  64. Rosario sherman

    Hello, I would love to play in this movie along side my favorite action hero.

    name: Rosario Sherman
    Ethnicity: African American
    Age: 19
    Dob: 05/15/93
    Weight: 158
    Eye color: light brown
    Hair color: black

    I think I can do great in this film as a helper to the main character. I hope to hear from you. Email me

  65. Lissy Batista

    Lissy Batista

    Height: 5’8” Dress: 2-4
    Bust: 34 Shoe: 9.5-10
    Waist: 25 Hair: brown
    Hips: 35 Eyes: brown

    Modeling Experience
    Cache Freeze Modeling Boston
    Boston Fashion Week Runway Modeling Boston

    John Casablanca’s Modeling and Career Center Boston, MA
    John Robert Powers Boston, MA
    Introduction to Make-up
    ° Full day/evening
    ° Color print
    ° Black & White print

    Introduction to Runway
     Posture
     Stance/ walk
    ° Turns/Movement Refinement
    ° Freestyle / double ramp routines

    Introduction to Acting
    ° Auditioning process
    ° Slate / copy
    ° TV commercial
    ° Props/cue cards
    ° Shared scenes
    ° Sitcom and Drama

    Special Skills
    Bi-lingual (English and Spanish fluent)

  66. Ariel Gumora

    Hi. My name is Ariel Gumora. I am a male, 16 years old (I can pass for about 18 as well), about 5 “10, light skinned African American, and with dark curly hair and dark brown eyes. I believe I should be chosen to participate in this film because I am very talented for my age. Besides acting, I have many other talents including music. I am a great person to work with as I get along very well with people, and I soak up information like a sponge and I leave great impressions wherever I go. Send me an email for questions!

  67. Jasmine Lassiter

    🙂 Hello my name is Jasmine I am 19 years old and only 3’9 I can pass for the age 7 to 25. I have dark brown eyes and dark Brown and black hair. I am African American with a little French and Indian. I love to travel and act, get into new things. I am very creative. I speak more than five languages I’m a quick learner. I’ve done pageants competed in National Beauty pageant’s. I think I will be great for this because my uniqueness. I stand out, that’s just how I was born so I learned to accept the fact I’m a little person, something that helped me with that was acting. I recently just finished a major film for Disney, coming soon March 2013 OZ. It was one of the most Amazing experience ever. After I finished that project I fell in love with Disney and Acting and said I must continue and further my acting. I’m. a very determined, hardworking and positive fun person to be around . I am a actress , comedian,model and entertainer. You will absolutely fall in love with me guaranteed .

  68. Nebraska Howard

    Hello my name is Nebraska Howard yes its my real name I am a seasoned actor of stage and short films since 1999. ive never taken any role for granted if its 2 minutes or 2 seconds of air time its ok. Becasuse i love my craft every experience is a new one no matter how long one has been performing.Ive never been in this for the fame and all the perks its that getting up extra early when there is no need to. But you do anyway beacuse you love your job my passion runs very deep for this its being around the cast and calling them your second family watching everyone grind 24-7 to be great only one shot is all I need hope to here from you stay blessed.

  69. Da'Jon Porter

    Hello, My name is Da’Jon Porter and I am 21 years old. I currently live in the Washington, D.C Area, with a major in Acting and singing. I love every second of my craft. I eat, sleep, breath this craft. I love to touch and interact with millions of people face to face and around the world. I know I have what it takes to be apart of this movie, because not just my talent will show, but my work ethic will show as well. I will work 24/7 even 48 hours. Whatever time you need me to be there I will be there and stay later then the most. I truly need this and HAVE TO HAVE THIS DREAM OF MINES… I’m tryin to help and provide for my mother who is a single mom raising my sister and taking care of her mother and uncle and sister. I’m not doing this just for me but I’m doing it for my family.. I know My talent will shine… I just need that chance.. Please give me. I have the experience with working with a play director in this business, I have studied of his work and so many others. I will take any oppournity that you give me. Anything, and I will give it 100 and ten percent… I promise you I will please consider me!!!! Please.

  70. Marcus


    My name is Marcus Marks from Houston, TX. I am 26 year old with great energy and awesome personality. This new venture into acting has been a great experience and I plan to have a prosperous career.

  71. Ryan Quinn

    Hey, my name is Ryan Quinn, im 17 year old actor, i currently live in Newport R.I ,
    height: 6’2 ; Skin: mixed -tan ; Body Tone: Fit Hair: Curly Dark Brown
    I was just reading your add about the new Movie coming out, and i thought i could probably take a roll in this movie ,
    I’ve Been Refferred By the Great actors- Neshat Neghavi, Lance Carter, ive also talked to many directors for good tips and advise, Please Contact back if noticed =]

  72. Bridney Hayes

    Hello. My name is Bridney Hayes. I am an African American female 24 years of age. I have been seriously acting since 2007. Ever since then I cant see my life without it! Acting has come to be my passion and it’s what I want to do more than anything for the rest of my life. I’m always happy when I’m doing anything to do with acting. Whether its, a play, a small part in a movie, a long rehearsal, or just merely having a meeting about it. Time never goes by too slow. I lose myself in the world of drama. I have done many stage plays, been an extra in an independent film, and was a main character in one short film. I’m pretty much always up for an opportunity when it comes to acting even if I’m not a character in the production and just helping on set. As long as I can be in the environment , I’m happy. I would love the chance to be a part of this film. Im passionate & ready to work. I just need the chance!!

  73. Natalie Margulis

    Pick me because:
    I am a little like Dishwalla and a whole lot like Dog the Bounty Hunter
    Plus my mom thinks I’m cute
    Also I’m not an Israeli gymnasit but I once played one on TV.

    Does being fluent in German help?

  74. Anita Williams

    I’m an inspiring actress and I love would to be a part of this movie. I’m a nice person and ready to work.

  75. Katrina Thompson

    My name is Katrina Thompson
    My birthday is on July 31 1997
    I am 5’8
    I am Blonde
    I have green eyes
    I am not shy at all
    I have a great personality
    I am in drama club at Collins hill Highschool
    I also take drama classes
    I can play the piano, the guitar, I am on the swim team, and I can dance very well
    I have been in 7 school plays
    I love to act

    Please call me, i would love to be in this show!!