Boss Level Starring Mel Gibson – Kids & Teens

Movie Extras Casting Call – Atlanta, GA

Academy Award winning actor and director Mel Gibson is on his next venture. The Hacksaw Ridge director and Daddy’s Home 2 star is filming his new movie “Boss Level”. Also starring in the film are Naomi Watts and Frank Grillo. Filming is underway in Atlanta, Georgia and a new casting call has been released. The movie is searching for adult and teen actors. Specifically the casting directors are looking for male and female BMX bikers. Bikes should be 16 to 22 years old and be able to do some tricks. They also need skilled skateboarders who are 10 to 20 years old. These roles will pay featured rates. In addition, kids and teens who are 10 to 15 years old with a skater look are also being hired. The shoot is set to take place on Monday, April 9th. All of the 2018 kids and teens audition information is below!

About Boss Level

The pic centers on Roy (Grillo), a retired Special Forces veteran who is trapped in a never-ending loop resulting in his death and must figure out who is responsible and stop them. Jeong will play Chef Jake, who runs the restaurant where Roy finds himself every morning as he is forced to re-live a particular day. [Deadline]

What They Are Looking For

New feature film Boss Level– upcoming Monday 4/9 in Atlanta we are looking for the following:

BMX bikers, skilled bikers. Looking for guys and girls 16 – 22 years old that can do some tricks
Skateboarders who are skilled. Will be paying featured rates.
Looking for guys and girls 10 – 20 years old

Also looking for kids and teens 10 – 15 years old — don’t have to be skaters or BMXers but that have a look that would fit our skater and BMX group.

How to Apply

To apply email Use either BMX OR Skateboard in the subject line of your email. Include a current photo, your full name and phone number.

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6 Casting Responses

  1. Jonathan Miller

    Hello, my name is Jonathan Miller, I am 14 years old, and I think I can audition. I live in Miami FL. My father is a Drama and music teacher and teaches voice acting, so I pick that up as well. The music and voice acting are the main things I pick up from him. I hope I could play a good part in this movie.

  2. Grigoris Drakakis

    Hello! My name is Grigoris Drakakis.
    let me introduce myself.
    I am a Greek model and actor who has appeared on hundreds of book covers in many genres, including that of USA Today and New York Times Best Selling authors. With many years of experience in modeling both in Greece and USA . I am athletic with experience to kickboxing, Karate and wrestling
    I send you a sample of my work which is some of my covers and cinematic trailers. You could take a look at it. Please let me know if you are interested. I would be very happy to collaborate with you!

    Black Hair
    Brown eyes
    Neck 16.5
    Ch. 40
    S. 42L
    W. 32
    i. 33
    Sh. 11.5

    I look forward to hear from you.
    Thank you in advance,
    Grigoris Drakakis

  3. Gianna Harrison

    I believe I would be able to fit this roll!

    • Gianna Harrison

      My response was sent in too soon, but the reason i am responding to this is because i have always been into show business and love watching performers. This is a small role but I would love to be a part of such a cool experience. My name is Gianna Harrison, and i am 13 year old from Pennsylvania

  4. Naiara

    Hi, my name is Naiara, i’m from spain, but there’s no problem to move forma me and my family.
    I think i can audition forma this role to try yo help my carrer like actress.
    I have alredy done theatres and this year i al the main charapter.
    I have good califications at school un english and i still lerning It watching TV series.

  5. kelly micheal

    I’m Kelly Michael by name am 15 years of age. I saw your audition for teen actors and I will be very happy to be given such a great opportunity. You see, it has been a dream of mine to be an actor. I don’t want to be an actor for fame as many do. Acting makes me happy because, I’m doing what I love. I will be very glad if chosen. But I have one problem and that’s I am in Ghana. May be you could come and pick me and adopt me as a foster son till the cast is over. May be I could stay with you and you will be giving me other acting opportunities till I finish my schooling there when you like you could bring me back to my country or let me stay with you till am all grown.
    Thank you.