BMW Commercial Seeking Dancers

Dancer Casting Call – Nationwide & Canada

Have you been searching for a 2018 dance audition? Are you ready for your chance to be in a commercial? The luxury car brand BMW is now searching the United States and Canada for dancers! Casting directors are on the search for men and women between the ages of 25 and 38 years old. The team is looking for professional dancers to star in the shoot. Dancers of all ethnicities are welcome to apply to the casting call. They have included examples below the roles. Filming will be in Los Angeles, California between October 22nd and November 4th. The pay will be $500.00 per shoot plus an additional $2,000.00 for a flat buyout. Dancers could be needed for one to three rehearsal days and four to six shoot days. This is an incredible experience to showcase your dancing skills to the world. View the 2018 dance casting call information below.

About BMW

BMW of North America, LLC was established in 1975 as the United States importer of BMW luxury/performance vehicles.

What They Are Looking For

Start Date: 10/22/2018 – 11/04/2018
Location: Los Angeles, CA, total rate of $5000
$500 per Shoot ( possibly 4- 6) and Rehearsal ( 1- 3) day.
Any same or separate day fitting will be considered included in the above compensation.$2000 additional flat one time Buyout for Use.
A scenario of 2 Rehearsal, 4 Shoot, a Fitting and Use would then for example come to $5000. Canadian talent will receive visas as needed.



25 to 38 years old, ALL ETHNICITIES, male and female.

Role name reflects the styles we need and as reflected by the known dance artists in these videos:

Lil Buck:

Keone & Mari, Dassy Lee, Loic Mabanza for example:

And once she starts dancing:

Detailed Information

Every move in the commercial is a coordinated move, much of it as with our samples above a symbiotic or “liquid” relationship between the dancers and the external stimuli.
Even just their walking will be a reflection of their personal basis in Urban or or Hip Hop
or Contemporary or Popping/Boogaloo or…

The result will be a Fusion of styles including Flexing,Jookin and whatever some of those signature ripples-in-a-pond or boneless liquid fluidity and other whimsical new moves.

We are free-styling at the casting to “Could” by Elderbrook. The whole tone/thru line of the spot is joy, pleasure and ease (you and the car both). No matter if your style is based in Urban/Hip Hop/Flexing/Boogaloo/Jookin/Contemporary/etc.

You’re going free-style with “Could” by Elderbrook. It’s all about you personally,
that which you want to do and the authentic emoted expression (aka acting) in your face.

Casting Call Advice

The choreographer referenced French Hip Hop, the AirPods TV Commercial, ‘Stroll’ with Lil Buck Marian Hill’s Down (or Chet Faker – Drop the Game) specifically as far as incorporating small/isolated body part movements and hand movements. Relaxed, liquid, floating. For the guys as least, lets enter frame with Circle Glides or any type of Glide.

Totally treat this casting as a vehicle for YOUR personality, story, fun, nuances, quirks, facial expression ……. this is all and only about you and the nooks and crannies you enjoy bringing to it. Joy, pleasure, fun, ease. Those of you who come from a contemporary/modern background, especially but not exclusively the women, for sure also incorporate that. Google this spot: HomePod – Welcome Home by Spike Jonze – Apple . The choreographer used that as perfect inspiration.

25 to 38 years old, ALL ETHNICITIES, male and female.

MODERN, CONTEMPORARY, BALLET, maybe jazz – I can dive into the PROFESSIONAL Dancers with a basis in the more structured disciplines as long as they can play 30’s. Specifically, I want those who totally can and will play with improvisation, whimsy and emoted expression more typical to other genres.

look at HomePod – Welcome Home by Spike Jonze – Apple:

How to Apply

To apply, please send your name, dance links, dancer pics, and phone number.

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2 Casting Responses

  1. Travis Hair

    I’m a 37 year old that loves to dance and sing for others as well as myself. I have a navy passport that I have to renew for traveling if needed and I’m very passionate about things I’ve wanted sine I was little. I live in Virginia as of now and I’m African American. I simply love to dance and would like to showcase my talents for this commercial.

    Travis Hair

  2. Doris Black-Hubbard

    Seeking modeling or acting roles for ages 50+. Very active physically fit mature female with acting experience in different roles. Voice overs and commercials also of interest.