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Movie Auditions for Lead & Extra Roles

Are you ready for the chance to star on a TV show? Ben Stiller is teaming up with Showtime for a new series and you could be in it! There is a 2017 acting casting call for you to apply to! The mini-series “Escape at Dannemora” auditions are being held for principal lead and background extra roles! The series is being directed by actor Ben Stiller. Starring in the show are Benicio del Toro and Patricia Arquette. Casting directors are searching for men and women for the television show. They are looking for actors as well as people with real law enforcement or reporter, photographer and camera operator experience. The team is looking for men and women of all ethnicities, sizes and looks who are ages 30 through 60’s. They are also seeking law enforcement, correctional officers, reporters, photographers and camera operators.

For the roles that call for people with real experience, individuals can be currently working in one of those professions or retired. While they are looking for those specific roles, they are looking for models and actors of all types who are ages 18 and older. TV show auditions are being held on Saturday, July 22nd from 10:00am to 5:30pm. The casting call is being held at the Strand Central Theatre in Plattsburgh, New York. If you fit a role and would like your shot at landing a role, attend the open casting call!

About Escape at Dannemora

Escape At Dannemora is based on the headline-making true story of a 2015 prison break in upstate New York, which spawned a massive manhunt for two convicted murderers who were aided in their escape by a married female prison employee with whom they both became sexually entangled. [Deadline]

What They Are Looking For

Ben Stiller & Showtime Network looking for the following types to audition for an upcoming mini-series (principal + bg roles)! Especially looking for types below, but all welcome to attend/submit!


– MALES & FEMALES (30’s – 60’s) – All different looks & sizes.

– REPORTERS/ PHOTOGRAPHERS/ CAMERA OPERATORS – Individuals w/news experience, current or retired.

How to Apply

Those interested in auditioning may attend the open casting call.

When: SAT, JULY 22 (10am – 5:30pm) Where: STRAND CENTRAL THEATRE, 25 Brinkerhoff St, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

Where: STRAND CENTRAL THEATRE, 25 Brinkerhoff St, Plattsburgh, NY 12901

Bring current, non returnable photo. Wait time determined by turnout. No experience necessary! All welcome to attend.

If you have any questions you can email (we do our best to reply, thanks for your patience)

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  1. Mike Charnock

    Richard Matt worked as a delivery person for William Rickerson, a local fishmonger used by our restaurant, The Shores, on Tonawanda Island, NY. After abducting Rickerson, Matt dismembered and disposed of his body on the island, a place that he knew was remote and isolated from his experience doing deliveries in the area. The FBI conducted their investigations on our property in search of Rickerson’s remains, which eventually led to the discovery of Rickerson’s torso underneath a boat dock on the north end of the island.

    Our restaurant, marina, and surrounding property are available for filming the Showtime series based upon these events. Please feel free to contact us to make arrangements.


    Michael Charnock Jr.

  2. Sherry & Max Szemplenski

    Hi , We are interested in information & casting call updates . Recently, we have been in 3 made for TV & Movie castings as extras in Buffalo/ Niagara Falls Film Commission. We have photos, resumes & experience. Thank You . Sherry & Max Szemplenski New York 14011