Bella And The Bulldogs - Nickelodeon

Bella And The Bulldogs – Nickelodeon

The most popular sport in the country is the focus of one of the most popular shows on television and now the sensational series has scored the greenlight for a brand new batch of episodes. The Nickelodeon football comedy Bella and the Bulldogs will be rolling in front of cameras for another winning season and actors of all ages could soon have a shot at a spot on this all-star TV team.

Bella and the Bulldogs follows perky Texas teen Bella Dawson whose life takes an unexpected (and awesome) twist when she make the unbelieveable transition from head cheerleader to starting quarterback of her school football team the Bulldogs. This fabulous family comedy mixes the outstanding passion of

Friday Night Lights with the loveable characters and hilarious adventures of such past Nickelodeon classics as Victorious and iCarly and has quickly won over millions of fans of all ages. This winning production was created by Jonathan Butler (Haunted Hathaways) and Gabriel Garza (Monsters vs. Aliens) and features a talented squad of performers that includes Brec Bassinger, Lilimar, Buddy Handleson, Haley Tju, Jackie Radinsky and Coy Stewart. New aspiring actors will be needed to join this group in the new season and submissions from talent of all ages and types will be accepted shortly.

Casting calls for incredible roles of various sizes will soon be up for grabs in all new episodes of the breakout Nick hit Bella and the Bulldogs and excitement levels are reaching a fevered pitch. We will be posting every audition notice and news item right here so make sure to check back on all details and developments for this sporting good series and in the meantime leave a message in the space provided below and tell us what you think of the show and why you would like to be a part of upcoming casting calls held for Nickelodeon’s Bella and the Bulldogs starring Brec Bassinger.

Bella, the Bulldogs and you, it could be happening soon! Stay tuned for more fabulous casting news for Nickelodeon’s Bella and the Bulldogs.

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621 Casting Responses

  1. Maci Briggs

    Name: Maci Briggs
    Height: 5’7″
    Age: 13, almost 14

    I love the show Bella and the Bulldogs. I have only acted in school plays, but I have had performing experience for a long time. I was a dancer for 5 years and I just ended a season of Cheerleading. I have always wanted to be an actress, more than anything else and I believe Nickelodeon has amazing opportunities for young kids like me. I hope I will be considered for a role on the show.

  2. Jadyn irwin

    I am a girl in Arizona my ZIP code is 85392 I always wanted to be a actor on Nickelodeon and on my favorite show Bella and the bull dogs I am 12 I act at home and at school I was awarded one of the best actors at school and want to Bring it to tv I love meeting new people and want to meet and become close with the crew even after the show if there are any openings I would love to do it and there is one thing I have to do before I can work on set I have school but I am a fast learner so I can do both and learn both at the same time and if it is in Arizona by me I will be to every rehearsal no matter what I enjoy reading so there will be no problem with the lines and I with be in contact with you guys at any time my school starts at 8:25 and ends at 3:15 besides then I will be there I go to sleep late and wake up early I will follow rules and am a positive person everyone says I am lovely to be around I have never Ben on tv before but I can make it work I wanted to be a actor since I was 2 everyone laughed and made fun of me so this would really help show them I am good enough and can do it I am on the soccer team but am free I will talk to the coach and let her know I am you guyses after school I hope when can talk after the show as well I know you guys do a lot for the show and I want to help I like being helpful and kind when ever I can

  3. Jacob

    Blue eyes -blond boy hair

  4. Jacob

    I am also 5.6/half tall

  5. Jacob

    Hi my name is Jacob caramel I’m 14 years old I was born March 11 2003 follow me on social media Jacob caramel and on musically I love nickelodeon so email if I made it in make a section so I can make a video showing my acting I am also American and UK. My most priced projection is my hair’clothes video games and my skateboard. please let me know if I made it

  6. Liam Snyders

    I also have experience from acting in plays at church and at school

  7. Liam Snyders

    Hi, I’m Liam Snyders, I’m 15 years, I’m kind of tall, I have a dark complextion, I have some experience with acting, I’m good at lots of sports, I can adapt easily to changes, and if learn, I can speak with almost any accent I want, and I’m from Cape Town, South Africa

  8. Liam Snyders

    I’m 15 years old
    I’ll kind of tall
    I have dark skin
    Brown eyes
    Black hair
    I’m good at sport
    I adapt easily to changes

  9. Liam Snyders

    I really loves this show, I always watch it, one of my favourite characters is Troy, I just like his style, and the type of charcter Troy portrays, I really want to be chosen for this show, even though I’m not from North America, I’m from South African, my favourite actor on the show would be Lilimar Hernandez, cause sheshe’s and amazing actor, and I really like the scene’s when she shouts in Spanish, because it’s really funny

  10. Share rose

    I am 14 years old going on 15 years old I was in drama class last year and I love acting and would love to be on Bella and the bulldogs.

  11. MiZaiya

    My name is Ashanti I’m 13 going on 14. I would love to be part of the cast. Because it’s such a good show. I love acting and my favorite sport is basketball. I dont have acting experience. But I would love to be apart of the cast.

  12. Alana

    My name is Alana Hartley. I am 12 and 1/2 yr old. I love Bella and the Bulldogs. I was the main lead roll at my school production of Alice in Wonderland. I was in my school talent show singing Thumbs-Sabrina Carpenter. I am also in choir. I was in many plays. I have long brown hair brown eyes. Please choose me. I have a passion for theater.

  13. Dj Won

    Name is Dj I’m 10 years old I’m good at acting and I would to be tv,star

  14. Airryn Emanuel Mitchell

    Airryn E Mitchell
    Age: 16
    DOB: 8/7/2000
    Wt: 130 lbs
    Ht: 6’1.5

    I like the variety of the show – pure comedy! It shows strength not only as a team but as a family. Celebrating good times, support in tough times resulting in life lessons. I’m full of personality. Gifted in acting, dancing, music. Willing to send a video (audition) for any script available. Please give me a chance.

  15. Mayan Bak

    I love Nickelodeon! Its the best TV show! All due respect I hope to get a trial! Am Mayen age 15 yrs

  16. Mayan Bak

    My name is Mayen, nick name Starboy. I love Bella and the bulldogs . and would love to be an actor, am not skilled but just a trial will do me good. Thank you!!

  17. Kayleigh

    My name is Kayleigh I am 12 years old I have no experience. But I really won’t to be in this show or any show.
    Hair: Strawberry blonde
    I live in Georgia but happy to travel. I am a great actor.
    I would love to play this role.

  18. Miranda

    I just relize I should write more about me. I love to act and have good self-esteem. I love to really love to dance and can get a dance role if it is possible. I’m blond and have green/hazel eyes. I also love to modelling. My other comment is already sent down below.

  19. Miranda

    Hi, I’m Miranda and I’m live in Sweden. I know somone wonder why I do here but my dream is to be apart of the nickelodeon channel. My english is good so think about that. I’m going to USA year 2018 and if I can do a video audition from my home or facetiming an audition, I can Come to USA when I need and stay there when we shooting. If it would happen I Can stay there so long it needs. I would be thankful for update about all auditions here! Love nickelodeon and specificiality “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn” and “School of rock”. Maybe it’s crazy but I’m pretty sure I have what it takes. Love you all!

  20. Blake

    My name is Blake Parker I’m 12 I live in florida,st.pete I will love to cast in this tv show I’m popular in youtube and I’ve watch this show for a very long time please can I have a roll!

  21. Brenda

    I think my child is good for this part because she always like to play football or like to cheer. My child is a tom boy like bella but also enjoy doing girly girl stuff like hair and getting her nails done. Also, my is 12 years old but, very tall. She is about “5,5” and in the 7th grade (Junior High). She live in OH area in Cincinnati.

  22. Olivia Katsirubas

    Hello my is Olivia Katsirubas
    I live in Broomfield Colorado.
    I am 14 years old.
    Green Eyes.
    Long blond hair.
    Height is 5’2″.
    I have been acting since the age of six which gives me 8 years of acting experience. I love the TV show and have watched every episode. I love the plot of the story and the development of the characters throughout the season. I would love to be apart of Bella and the Bulldogs. Being apart of the show would be such a great experience, and would help me in my acting career. I have a wide stretch of character emotion and movement which helps me fit easily into any role. To add to my personal description for further help, I am athletic and creative (dance, flute, singing). Thank you for your consideration.

  23. Justin

    Hey,Im Justin! im 12 ,but First im a big football fan,i actually play for my countys team,I love the show, I also like the Funny plots and twist of each episode! Im Trying To Become an Actor And this would be a great opprotunity for me, I feel likei can be such a great addition to that wonderful thing you guys got going on,and possibly make my self a valuable asset to your cast! Thanks alot for reading and have a great day!

  24. collin briggs

    i think it is great and i would appreciate a chance to audition im 14

  25. Camden

    Hi. My name is Camden Taylor i am 12 years old and acting is my biggest passion and I would love to be on Bella and the Bulldogs.

  26. Merel van gool

    My name is merel van gool i’m from belgium but i wanna move for this job i don’t know about my family i’m 13 my harecolor is brown
    I don’t have actor experience but i really wanna act. And it don’t matter what show it is. But i really wan’t to act in los angeles, californië that woud be amazing if that was posible

  27. Sincere Jackson

    Hi my name is sincere Jackson and I’m 17 years of age Bella and the bulldogs is my favorite show
    I started watching it when I had to baby sit my little cauzen and it was her favorite show and every
    Day I come over to her house to baby sit her and she would be watching Bella and the bulldogs
    It was her favorite show she died on her birthday she had really heart problems because her mother did drugs before she was born she was going to tern five years old I loved my little cauzen
    But when I herd they where having adittions I thought I could show that she haven’t been forgotten by being on her favorite show

  28. Ariel Escobar

    My name is Ariel Escobar. I love acting and softball. I’m 12 but I look 13 or 14. It would be a true honor to be included just as an extra. I love to act so much in fact it is my life. I have played a lead role as Thisbe in Pyramus& Thisbe an insert of the Midsummer Night’s Dream.(I’m apart of Drama at my school.) I would be up for any part. I like this show because it displays comedy and shows that anyone can do anything. It’s amazing that a girl is on a football team and is great!
    Ethnicity: white Hispanic
    Eyes: dark brown
    Hair: straight light brown with blonde streaks
    Favorite sport: Softball
    Location: Southern California

  29. Tegan

    Hello, my name is Tegan Vincent.
    I am 14 years old. I have blonde and brown hair and blue eyes. Also I am 5’4. I am a size 10 and weigh about 8 stone.
    I am Caucasian.
    I do performing arts as GCSE and also I do art for GCSE.
    I have been to lots of dance classes for example ballroom, ballet and hip hop. I done shows every year in primary and I have skates for 6 years so I am a confident person. I am very dedicated and easy to get along with. I am very passionate about this . I’m a sporty person so I have a lot of energy. As I was growing up I watched Disney channel and nickelodeon. My favourite show on nickelodeon was victorious by far. Please consider me 🙂

  30. Jordan Horner

    My name is jordan horner, im 14, i love bella and the bulldogs, ive watched every episode, i dont have acting experience, nut i badly want to become an actor, im a fast learner, please choose me, i have alot of great qualities

  31. Darnell Etienne

    Darnell Etienne
    I am 10 years old.
    I have been met with awards for singing,
    I won the Singer of the Year award at my school
    For singing I’m a Superhero in a made-up movie.
    I got the solo of my chorus.
    I am Haitian Creole,
    Living in Jonesboro, GA.
    I should be in a Nickelodeon show because I’ve got
    Great singing and acting skills, and good hair.
    Hair and Eyes: Black
    Country: USA
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: African-American (light)
    Fav Sport: Basketball

  32. ELENA

    AGE : 21
    HEIGHT : 5,6
    HI I’m student of fashion desinger, i like to dance,acting and singin ….i did athletic,track and fiels when i was in greece for 10 years now i live in new york and just the TV general is my passion and im good for everything about artist ….so if i have a change you dont lose ! i need your email to send a video of me and pfoto

  33. Itati Plascencia

    Hello, my name is Itati Plascencia. I just turned 14 years old on April 24, 2003. I am 5.02 1/2 ft tall. I have brown eyes and brown curly hair. Acting is my passion. I really like this TV show and I think this is a really good opportunity because I live with 5 brothers and my dad. My mom and I are the only girls in the house…But I do ave my girly girl side…”Like, literally you don’ t even knoooooow.” So I hope you guys take me in consideration.

  34. Willow Harrison

    Age: 14 going on 15
    Height: 173cm
    Hair: Brown but with blonde tips, just past shoulders
    Eyes: Brown
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Favourite sport: Rugby League (foot ball)
    Country: Australia
    Brief description about me:
    I’m a very dedicated young girl, searching for an acting career for my life. Last year at awards night for my school I received a cultural award: Junior Performer of the Year. When it comes to acting, I put in 210% effort because acting is my passion and my life, if an Australian could star in Bella and the Bulldogs, I’d be very grateful if you’d take me.

  35. Ashyia Reyes

    Hi, my name is Ashyia Reyes, I’m 14 going on 15 years old. About 4’8″, I know pretty short right. I saw the show maybe about 2 years ago and thought it was super cool because it inspires girls that we can be just as boys and sometimes even better. I actually wanted to play football when I was younger but was too busy playing softball. I would love the experience and the job because I’ve never done something like this before but I feel like acting would be something super fun and awesome to aspire in.

  36. Bethel Gold

    I think American football is cool with guys and the only girl cool

  37. Aisha Abdisalam

    Name:Aisha Abdisalam
    Favourite sports:American football 🏈
    I would really love to be in Bella and the bulldogs
    P.s i am really a talented kid thank you 😊

  38. Grace Deck

    I love Bella and the Bulldogs!!!!! I would love to be part of the cast because it’s such a great show and I love to act.

  39. Loveybird

    My name is Javana I am 9 you can use me as like I don’t like Bella and I take her friends but they think am sweet I do like Bella though

  40. Corey-ann Morgan

    Hi I’m coreyann Morgan I can play football really great for a girl, however Bella reminds me of my self, who is a girl that can do anything that I am called up for this acting job would be great for me, it wouldn’t even feel like acting because this role shows the type of girl I really am
    I am 14 thick brown 5″3′ and a great actress who you can never get bored around naturally

  41. Sara Ahrens

    I’m 10 almost 11 and I’m really wanted to be on nickolelodeon for 2 years and since i was 5 i always wondered what it would be like to be on tv. So please consider me

  42. Sara Ahrens

    I’m 10 almost 11 and I’m really wanted to be on nickolelodeon for 2 years and since i was 5 i always wondered what ot would be like to be on tv. So ease consider me

  43. Melissa

    Hello my name is Melissa lopez and I am 15 years old I would love to be part of a nickelodeon show and show my skills (: I have an Instagram,twitter, etc if you would like to see how I look like..they are all

  44. stanley babalola

    hello, my name is Stanley, I do really want a shot on Nickelodeon. I really love to dance act and play football and basketball and I would love to be on it. I promise you won’t regret it if you help me out. I really do have the passion for acting and I have always wanted to be on Nickelodeon. I live in Nigeria and I am 17years old, fair skinned and handsome. I promise u won’t regret it, pls help…..I promise you won’t be losing helping me, you will be gaining. because you will be investing on something great(me).. help me..

  45. TYLEAH


  46. Natasha Amaro

    Hi my name is natasha I am 17 years old, I like the series I think it is very good, and I love sports, I have seen that the cast has talents, I can play guitar, draw and dance a little, if something works,I would like a chance, I am of Latino ethnicity

  47. Evan McCoy

    My name is Evan McCoy and I am a Beginning Actor with moderate experience in film. I have been in one student film and I am going to shoot another one in March. I am also a Football player have been since I was 4 yrs old. I love the show I watch it when I can.
    Age: 15(Dec 12, 2001)
    Height: 6.0
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Hair: Shaved Black
    Weight: 250

  48. Breanna Thompson

    HI I’m Breanna Thompson people call me drama queen I have lots of medals for acting I love ,love love acting so can you like get a manager for me

  49. Evan McCoy

    My Name is Evan McCoy and I am a Beginning Actor and I am a Football Player so I can be part of the show easily. I have been in one student film and I am filming another next month. I am also an Intermediate Comedian. Jace Normen is a Role Model for me.
    Age 15(Dec 12, 2001
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Height: 6.0
    Hair: Shaved Black
    Weight: 250

  50. Tatiana

    Hi I’m Tatiana
    Height -5’4
    Eyes – brown
    I love this show it shows DAT gender does not matter ur goog our good I’m good at sports and I love acting I’m good with drama and a fast learner and I will love this opportunity to really start my acting career I’m hardworking and I believe I can do this if you give me a chance

  51. Tina

    Hello I am Tina and I love bella and the bulldogs because the girl bella is very confident and cool. When I was 11 or 10 I would help a Regisseur because I love this series. I come Form Düsseldorf and I where happy when I Can help you in this cool Serie.

  52. aimee sweeney

    Hello im aimee and im from Ireland ever since i was young i loved watching all the nickelodeon shows and wishing i could be with the stars of them i always wanted to be an actress and i love bella and the bulldogs because it shows girls they can follow their dreams and can do anything. so if you would give me the chance i would love to be on the show please consider me…..Thank you.

  53. Hunter Rust

    I’m going to leave it short and simple. Please consider casting me for a role of a male who can play age of anywhere from 16-19. I play football, and love acting. You will not regret casting me. I also would love to help make new ideas for episodes. If you would like to contact me, Thank you!

  54. Hunter Rust

    I’m going to leave it short and simple. Please consider casting me for a role of a male who can play age of anywhere from 16-19. I play football, and love acting. You will not regret casting me. Thanks.

  55. Hannah Bourne

    I`m Hannah bourne and I am from London. I have always had a dream and that dream was to become a singer ,dancer and actor and i`m willing to make that dream come true so if you can give me a chance to make that happen I`ll make sure to commit to whatever you give me so if you can send an email for where there is a audition… Thank you

  56. Christiana inamah

    Hi my name is christiana inamah am from nigeria but i live in canada british columbia fort st john i would like to audition if u let me to ,my skills are dancing and singing and acting thanks for reading.

  57. Maureen Landu Malundama

    Hi my name is Maureen Malundama and I love Bella and the bulldogs. I like this show because it shows that girls can do many sports and are athletic like boys. It also shows me that the stereo typical girls are not what all girls are like. I would love to be a part of this amazing TV show. I do singing and dancing and i am in my church choir. It would be appreciated if you accept my request.
    Many thanks Maureen Landu Malundama

  58. Emma Flinn

    hello my name is Emma flinn and i would love to be apart of this show so i can express myself and Nickelodeon is my favorite channel. may i please be a part of this show. hope to be with you!!!!!!
    i have been on a speech team
    i’m 11 almost 12
    i live in Indiana
    greens burg
    i’m just saying this will mean a lot if you would let me even audition for it thanks and hope to audition with you soon!!!!!! if you need me i will be at a school called st marys greensburg school.

  59. marcellius avery

    Hello,my name is marcellius im 12 and i watch every episode of bella and the bulldogs and actually i play football so i have a little expierience in football and i would love to be on the show.

  60. Pamela Marinova

    Hey!My name is Pamela.Im 16 years old(from Bulgaria).I love Bella and the bulldogs because it’s funny and show that one girl can play ,,boys sport,,. I always wanted to be an actress

  61. Kelsey Cowden

    Hi my name is kelsey Cowden im 14 years old and I love Bella and the Bulldogs because it shows that girls can do the same things as Guys and it’s really funny, I would love to be apart of this show cause I have always wanting to be an actor but haven’t gotten many open chances so I hope u read this and give me a chance.

  62. Holly Salem

    Hello my name is Holly Salem, I am a teenage girl who lives in Canada, I am 14 years old and I would love to become part of the cast! I have always loved the show ever since it came out I think it really portrays an amazing message! I am very enthusiastic and I portray great emotion, I am also very athletic but can also pull off a girly girl! I am also very smart and have a great sense of humour!

  63. Tamoneika-Beanka

    I live in Jamaica my name is Tamoneika-Beanka Bailey (I’m 16) I think Bella And The Bulldogs is a great TV series and I would love to be on one of Nickelodeon’s series even if it’s just as an extra. I can act and I’m not a bad singer or dancer

  64. Jordan Reynolds

    Hi my name is Jordan Reynolds. I am from Jackson, Mississippi and I am 15 years old. I have acting experience because of a performing arts school I went to. To me the show is a great show. It shows a team who aren’t afraid to say whatever they need to say (mostly Bella). The reason I want to be in the show is because I love to entertain. To me acting the scene by being dramatic or comedic is way better than watching it. Being funny is my speciality and it is something I love to do.

  65. modecai praise

    hi Nickelodeon my name is modecai praise, i am 17 years old i live in kenya. i love acting and singing. My hobbies are playing video games,watching tv mostly nickelodeon sometimes i get in trouble for watching tv a lot. My dad usually tells me that am never going to make it, but i wanna prove him wrong. I want to be on tv like other kids please help me make my dream come true

  66. Alondra delvalle

    Bella and the bulldogs is one of my most favorite show and I would love to be on that show for a few episodes and I love to act but I have never been on TV exept for the news where I sing but I’m still just a kid or pre-teen but I will love to be on that show

  67. Eraneja Cusick

    Hello , I am Eraneja ( Air-Ah-Nee-jah ) Cusick. I am from Elgin Illinois, but currently living in Rockford Illinois. I am 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. I enjoy playing volleyball, watching tv, acting
    and hanging out with my friends. I hope you guys read this and hopefully cast me on to this show. I really love acting I consider myself bold, funny, and very out going as a person. I have no experience, but I pick up things rather quickly and I love working with people. I do believe in dreams and my dream as an actress will come true with hard work and dedication. One of my main reasons of wanting to peruse a career in acting is so i can show other people that dreams do come true. Working hard does pay off. I want to show people that no matter your age, name, or skin color everything is possible. If a normal girl from a very small city can do it, you can to. I hope to hear back from you guys thank you very much.

  68. Jean Jeune

    HI Nickelodeon, I’m not gonna be timid to ask you guys; can I audition for Bella And The Bulldogs.I’m a big fan of your works and the actor’s work, and i think i know i can be one of them. I got the looks and talent. Even though I don’t have an experience, I learn fast and practice some lines i find online. OKAY! Time to describe my self:
    Age: 13 but one day left till I turn 14
    BOD: November 13, 2002
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 140
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Black
    Ethnic: African-American
    Skin Color: Light-Skin
    Skills: Can play Football, can dance, can sing, can act.

    Trust Me…………………………..Pick Me………………………….I’m the one…………………………You wont regret it.

  69. Mary Sargsyan

    My name is Mary Sargsyan I’m 15 years old and I really like the show. I love how this defies stereotypes of girls being on the sidelines while the guys are out playing the sports. Plus, the show is really fun to watch. I know I would be a great addition to the show since I can get along with anyone well and I can act, dance, cheer, and I’m pretty good at football and other sports. Its always been a dream of mine to be on Nickelodeon since I would always watch and picture myself in them. My friends describe me as optimistic, energetic, and sometimes loud. I’m 5’3″, dirty blonde, and caucasian. If there are any upcoming openings reach me

  70. Azuoma Sophie

    Bella and The Bulldogs Has proven to be one of the A’s in Nickelodeon and I Azuoma Sophie want to be a part of this great show because we in West Africa have not seen any of our teens play part in any Nickelodeon Role.
    It will be an Encouragement for those of us Here in West Africa to know we Have potentials and we can also be part of the great TV series.

  71. Kristen Jackson

    I meant Bella and the Bulldogs, oops.

  72. Kristen Jackson

    Name: Kristen Jackson
    Age: 17
    Location: Illinois
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 125 lbs.
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Burgundy
    Ethnicity: White/Caucasian

    Hello! My name is Kristen. I am 17 years old. I am interested in being part of the cast for Stuck in the Middle. Please contact me if possible. Thanks! 🙂 I love acting. I’m very hard-working and serious about my career. I am also very friendly and outgoing as well.

  73. Sam Babidge

    Hi, my name is Sam Babidge and i am 14 years old and from australia. I have been watching nickelodeon for years and have seen my favourite shows come and go such as icarly, sam and cat, victorious and drake and josh. My favourite show right now is Bella and the bulldogs and i would love the chance to be on the show. I have been an extra in a couple of movies and i am the drama captain at my school. I would love to be on the show and would love to hear from you. Thanks

  74. Rebecca

    Hello, my name is Rebecca and i’m 14 years old and 5″6 in height. I’m an inexperience actress but i’m looking to change that. I have always had an interest in singing and acting. I live in Pennsylvania but have no problem to travel. I’m a hard-worker and I would love if you can just give me a chance i promise I won’t disappoint. It has always been my dream to act and to make something of myself and I hope this could be my chance.

  75. Joshua

    Hello, my name Is Joshua, I have no Actor Experience and I am trying to find a show that can hire me or pick me for an audition for Bella And The Bull Dogs. I am from the United States, I am friendly, I enjoy talking with people and I also enjoy making new friends. I’ve seen this show before, well, a lot of times to be In fact, If Brec Bassinger can read this or even sees It, or a member or someone that can tell her that I am from Twitter, do you remember me from Twitter? My Twitter User Name Is Joshua Blackerby, I am fan_brec on there, that’s my nick name or my User Name, I can’t remember, sorry. My hobbies, I enjoy playing outside whenever I get the chance to, I enjoy taking walks, playing video games, and I used to play football with my Uncle Scott, we called It soft football, I remembered the football got caught on something, I think It was a chair, and It busted like a balloon would. I have 4 dogs, Tinkerbell, Princess, Samson, and Chase Ocrege. I also have a kitten named Jackson, my mom found him on the streets and she saved his life, If It wasn’t for her, Jackson may not be alive today, he’s a rescued animal. I love to play video games, play on my Xbox One, and play football whenever I get a new football or I find mine. I hope that I meet Brec Bassinger one day, maybe we can even do 1 on 1 football, we can just throw It back and fourth, or play tag football, one of my Idea’s for It would be throwing It to her, she can go to a tree, she touches the tree with the football, and she gets 1 point, If I go to her tree, and I make It without getting touched, I run over to her tree, touch It with the football and I score 1 point. The points go up to 10 points, who ever gets to 10 points wins, and If we can get the whole cast and crew of Bella And The Bull Dogs we can play tag football together, and we can put It on TV as an episode of Bella And The Bull Dogs. Maybe one of my dogs can star In Bella And The Bull Dogs, you can pick any animal that I list, Tinkerbell, Princess, Samson, Chase Ocrege, Jackson, Glioth, or Snoopy, or you can pick all of them and you can do whatever you want to do with them In a episode of Bella And The Bull Dogs. For Christmas, we can make a special episode with my animals In It, and there will be no scripts In It, there will only be the crew and cast, Including me, and whoever you pick to star In Bella And The Bull Dogs.