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Fancy yourself a food artist? Do you think you’ve got the goods in the kitchen? Have you always wanted to test your skills against the best chefs? in the business? Here is your chance! The Game Show Network along with the producing team behind hit series The Great Food Truck Race are set to bring the next sensation in cooking competition show to televisions everywhere with Beat The Chefs. Casting calls and auditions for this exciting series are set to be held soon and you can apply for consideration today. Now you can put your culinary skills to the ultimate cooking test and compete for a huge cash prize.

Beat The Chefs is about ot become the biggest cooking competition on television and now you can be a part of it. The show will search the country for real people with a love of food and a passion for cooking and put the in head to head battles with some of the best chefs from around the world with a big cash prize up for grabs. Whether you are a stay at home mom tinker with new recipes, a dad experimenting while watching the kids, a young person who likes to cook for groups of friends, whatever your story, if you’ve got talent Beat The Chefs wants to hear from you. The producers and casting directors are looking for fun, charismatic and competitive contestants for this show that will change the cooking game forever. If you think you’ve got what it takes to take down the best practice up your ace recipes, grab a couple of friends to be your sous chefs and throw your hat into the Beat The Chefs ring. Auditions and casting calls are just around the corner and you can apply today. To submit yourself for this sure to be Game Show Network phenomenon you can send an email here with your name, contact information, age, photo of yourself and your sous chefs, your cooking history and a description of your best dish and for more information you can head here More details will be coming soon so stay tuned and leave a message below and tell us why you think you’re ready to Beat The Chefs.


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  1. Larissa Kama

    My name is Larissa aka “The Traveling Tart”. I’m a pastry chef with over 30 years in the food and restaurant industry. I’d LOVE to compete on this show! I have mad kitchen ninja skills and not only create pastry and dessert magic but can throw down on some eye rolling, toe curling food as well. You can find my blogs and pics of my creations on . Hope to meet you all soon 🙂
    Larissa Kama

  2. Beth Taylor

    Stay-at-home energetic mom of 3! I have one son who is in a wheel chair due to a chromosome deficiency at birth. My other son has major food allergies, so I literally cook three hot meals a day! Cooking is my life. It has brought so much joy to cook food for friends and family. I take bringing food to a pot luck very seriously. I text people I know are coming and make sure I bring the right dish. I also was on swim team in high school and won a turkey in a free throw shooting contest last weekend. To say I am competitive is an understatement. I may be be small but when I have the eye of the tiger I will win!

  3. Molly Winsten

    Hi there! My name is Molly and I live in Boston, MA. I have competed on the Food Network in the past and I currently do live cooking demonstrations in Boston! My biggest challenge has been overcoming the diagnosis of high-functioning autism. Food has helped me relate to others and I just love being in the kitchen! Please check out my instagram

  4. richard t vanderplas


    I am interested in trying out for you show. I was on Chopped once, and almost won! Either way it was a lot of fun, and I love to be on camera.

    I travel the world each year for 4-6 months to research food and have a blog, and cater weddings with my company edenopolis here in NYC each spring, summer, and fall. Check us out on, or on Instagram/facebook @edenopolis.
    We specialize in cooking with fire and food art installations.

    Call me anytime and let me know what you need!

  5. Ashley Flanagan

    I am a 26 year old mom from a small town in nova Scotia called Wentworth. I just finished culinary school in June & i am looking for something to bring the excitement that i am missing from school back to my life. being a mom of a 4 year old, & being in college the last 2 years has been such a weird & rewarding struggle. its crazy that i actually made it to graduation, overcoming many obstacles along the way. Being from a small town its hard to find opportunities & chances to make a move. & now that i am finished school, its all hitting me, what do i do now? i need a purpose & i want to show my daughter that you can do anything you set your mind to.

  6. Anthony Bar

    Hello my name is Anthony Bar and I have been a French Chef for over 15 years. I have also done modeling with multiple casting interviews for chef shows, Id love to be on this one!

  7. Lisa McQuery

    My name is Lisa, I’m 33, and I’m an American but live abroad in Europe. I have a great passion for cooking, and would like to become a professional. I love experimenting, and creating new dishes for my friends and family. I know that I could be on the show and would welcome the chance. Because I’ve spent over a decade in both Italy and Hungary, I have a good feel for both national cuisines, including others as well. I would be willing to go back to the States if given the chance to appear and compete on the show. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing back from you soon! Buon appetito!

  8. Theo Young


    My name is Theo Young and im from Boston, Massachusetts. Cooking has always been my passion. I have over 15 years of experience in the restaurant/hotel industry and have always dreamed of one day opening my own restaurant. I have cooked all types of food/dishes and can easily learn new dishes as well. My cooking skills are top notch and i know i have what it takes takes to beat anyone im put up against in a cooking battle. I cant speak on it too much as i can show you better than I can tell you. I assure you my skills will not disappoint you and they will make for an interesting showdown.

    Theo Young

  9. Brenda Green

    I think the chef’s don’t know everything about I learn from the best were we get down to nitty gritty .

  10. Asher Pe'er

    Hi Im Asher , well can’t say im a pro , im very good with any thing got to do with the Moroccan food ,
    since of age 15 worked in restaurants , i love cooking specially big dinner parties. would love to give it a try and see what i can do to impress .
    looking for some excitement and some challenges .
    I alway complain when eating out , its just not good enough .
    any ways would love to compete with a “REAL CHEF “

  11. Jean Pierre pozo

    My name is jean pierre I am a cook I have done everything. With food I am very passionate about cooking I have learned sushi. All most everything else is easy for me to pick up so I feel like I am on a master level but I still have a lot to learn. I just want a oppatunity to show people what I have been living for thank you.chef Jean Pierre Mr.pozo

  12. Aavriti

    I am very much passionate about cooking….professionally I m an engineer….but my heart is beat with the wok on fire ;).

  13. stephen blake

    Hi i love food and i love cooking i want to test my skills and ability and see how far it gets me, so i would like to apply for the show.

  14. Lorenzo steele

    Hello, my name is Lorenzo Steele I’m 33 years old I started cooking when I was 14 years old in high school I attended an vocational school learning the basics then I went off to work for corporate restaurants where I got my pace and learned what pressure was while being consistent. Then I worked for my first 4 star restaurant where I applied 11 times before I was hired because I had minimal experience but was given a chance where I worked for 4 years then I went off to culinary school In Pittsburgh where my passion for cooking exploded into this industry. I have worked for various companies always attaining a position in leadership and I always wanted to run the show but in my way creatively, effectively and consistently so I hope you will take in consideration some of my background showing interest in your show thanks for your time and hope to be considered.

  15. Carmen Rodriguez

    My name is Carmen Rodriguez. I am the Culinary Program Coordinator for a great non-profit in Santa Fe NM. I am interested in your new show. I would love to give a couple of our students the oppurtunity to showcase their talents along side myself against any and all Pro chef’s out there.

  16. Carlos Torres

    I am interested .

  17. Yasmin Abdalla

    I’m Swiss. I’m a chef. I want to be in your TV show. That’s it.

  18. Peter Gurhrie

    I’m good at what I do!!! CIA trained. Class of 92 top of my class. Cooked for 10 year before that now 37 years later cooking again just did a year a Disney springs Boathouse 2800 covers a night can I keep up with the kids. Was the corporate chef of the Austin Grill. 2005. In 96 cooked for Uzbekistan government for the Olympics in Atlanta Georgia. sous chef Nava Atlanta Georgia. Sous chef Astor Place place Miami Beach Executive chef Sheraton Corporation1988 to 1999 started as a line cook
    kitchen Manger for Flanagan’s, Fridays Applebee’s, sous chef at PF Changs, I won a full set of All-Clad cooking pots and pans on The Price is Right

  19. Adam

    Adam Marino
    Austin TX
    Musician, Event Coordinator
    My name is Adam Marino.
    I am an artist by heart, and have been ambitious enough to be one by profession as well for over 15 years. I have had an interesting life; It has given me an incredibly unique skill set, that I believe could be extremely valuable to you now.
    I am looking for the next chapter of my story, and I think it should be with this company. I am creative, intelligent, I play well with others, and I can start immediately.

  20. Penny Lowe

    Hello, my name is Penny, I have been cooking for over 40 + years.
    When I cook for fun and family, I cook multiple ethnic cuisines. I have tried out for the Next Food Net Start show twice along with about 50,000 other people. I am currant member of the ICS (International Chili Society). I compete in chili companions and hold serval first place wins. Over the years you could find me cooking on stage in front of large crowds at State fairs and Home & Garden shows. I worked for five years for “Cooking the American Way” a kitchen ware company, demoing their products by cooking in people’s homes. I have four years formal “Tea House” cooking experience, which included a lot more than finger sandwiches! I worked as a privet chef for five years and for a cater serving parties of over 100, for three years. Currently I teach canning, fermentations and survival foods for a two preparedness survival groups I am the organizer of, for when the funk hits the fan! I just won a community “Chef against Cook-basket challenge”. The event promoters said, that I was the only cook to have ever taken the chef’s knives away from him, that left him prepping with a paring knife. I had no idea and had to laugh at that, I must say. I bring a good personality, strong female energy with a quick wit.

  21. quenby schuyler

    My name is Quenby Schuyler I am a home chef, farm to table style. I have a pretty big following, and would love to test my skills against talented chefs. I am unique, creative, and ambitious-would love a chance:)

  22. Rehan Khan

    Hello My name is Rehan Khan.
    I’m s chef/owner of umami global bistro. I’m very interested in competition against any chef. Plus I believe my charming personality will be very entertaining too.

  23. Chef Ace Champion

    I would love the opportunity to beat all of your chefs. My name is Chef Ace Champion. I am a born champion with 12 awards under my belt. I will bring the game and the inergy you are looking for.

  24. Akil Peck

    I’m interested in testing for any food show I love food I have always been in the food industry all my life my in-laws used to own a restaurant and lived to serve in fact she passed away on the job in the kitchen

  25. iscratchedthat

    I think I’m most definitely ready for this because I’ve been preparing for the exact moment where my opportunity is to show my skill level. I just applied ?

  26. Ramona Price

    Hi. I’m Mona. I am 51 and have been cooking since I was 8.
    I am currently attending culinary school and would love to go up against the Chefs

  27. Mike Downing

    My Name is Mike Downing I’m A 48 year old carpenter from Cleveland Ohio ” GOD HATES CLEVELAND ” Ya I know but I love living here. Pre kids I had build myself a man cave in the basement but slowly got pushed out to the garage. My garage seemed to be where all the neighbors come to party and eat all of my tasty food so I built a simple kitchen in the garage and started a web based show I’m just and average guy that can make incredible food that all people can relate to.

  28. Tamara Coleman

    My name is Tamara Coleman
    I’m 37 years old
    I’m a food blogger

  29. Armando Soler

    Would like to audition for the show I am currently a home cook with 35+ yr cooking for family and friends, I audition for Master Chef 3 and went on to the last part of the auditions. I have a infused way of cooking anything from Cuban ,Indian, , English, French and American . My favorite is meats. So I hope I get a call back to prove home cooks can cook to.

  30. Nick nelson

    I am Nick Nelson I love to cook and mabey I can one day me something ov myself I would love this opportunity pleas let me do this so far down on everything I just wanna show the world I have what it takes

  31. Alfredo Vargas

    I would love to audition to beat the chefs, i have been an executive chef in las vegas, texas and new mexico and about a year ago i traded my knives for 10 lb hammers and now do oil fracking in west Texas with the hope of one day opening my own restaurant. I think i have what it takes to beat the chefs even im now just a oil worker…

  32. William D. Wilday

    My name is William D. Wilday. aka Chef William D.
    C 518-701=1521
    H 518-355-6996
    Age 67
    my picture and portfolio can be found here “casting360/portfolio”
    Haven’t decided on a sous chef as yet. Need more information from you such as where the casting will be and for how long and the dates.

    My signature dish is Macaroni and Cheese.
    I graduated from Schenectady County Community College Culinary Arts program. Worked in a couple of restaurants in the area before starting Conscious Cuisine Personal Chef Service.
    I have been cooking for many years and am looking forward to putting my skills against the Top Chefs!

  33. Dawn Rajendran

    This southern girl moved up to NYC knowing only down home food which by the way is wonderful but in no time I was being inspired by Larousse Gastronomique and spending summers cooking on a tiny Greek Island! My repertoire includes Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Columbian, Peruvain, El Salvodorean and Caribbean. I am proud of my Alabama roots and enjoy throwing down with some Cajun food as well. I have an annual Mardi Gras party here in NYC ordering my alligator and andouille sausage from Louisiana and of course some Moonpies for tossing and lots of Hurricanes! I’ve also won various cooking competitions and thrive on adrenaline! I’ve got the experience, the confidence and the variety of culinary expertise! I’m the girl for the job!

  34. Latasha Bevelle

    I would like to be considered for the show I am not a chef, but I have a passion for cooking and I have been in the kitchen since I was 12 years old. I changed the way I eat so much and I would like to show others that you can have a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the things that you eat creatively while doing it. I don’t think you have to compromise your taste buds for the sake of health. The food I make is delicious and flavorful all in one. I strive to encourage other’s to eat healthy with a smile and to be fabulous while doing it. Yes I said fabulous! I like to cook in heels lol… I think it’s sexy to own the kitchen so you may as well look it. On a serious note I hope you pick me for the show. I would love to share my talents with you all!

  35. Abbey Solomon

    Stop looking!!! You and the production got the guy you NEED right here! With having 23 years of experience under my belt being and only 33, it is a lifetime of kitchen and culinary blood running through this body! Here are some of my major accomplishments in the in the food world. I was voted best fine dining chef of Lincoln in 2011, 2013 Iron chef Niagara champion, runner up on the Food Networks Chopped Canada (suffering from phenomena episode 24) and many more. I do consider my self a food artist. Please feel free to checkout my Instagram page @Chef_Abs , Twitter and Facebook. I hate to be that dude but I am pretty easy on the eyes and know that is what the entertainment biz is all about, pretty people making pretty food. So if you like what you hear and what a dude to through down some killer dishes, PLEASE CONTACT ME….. I’ll keep harassing you anyway! Have a wicked day and an easy planning process!!

  36. Anna davis

    I am VERY competitive and love sharing my gift of cooking with others. I am known for my cooking among everyone I know–friends, family, even college professors–and simply host parties to share my new recipes. It is my dream to compete in a cooking show! I have had a passion for cooking since age 7 and that passion has only grown. A few years ago at age 19, I won a Country Women’s Beat the Heat competition receiving $500. I have also received Honorable mention in one of Taste of Home’s summer competitions, and have had recipes published by Taste of Home on three different occasions. I believe I have a unique talent with food and would love to have a chance at this competition!

  37. Henry Lebard

    You should put me on the show because girls will want to tune in due to my good looks. You’ll get decent ratings.
    Also I am very talented and very versatile in the kitchen. All the bullshit that some chefs think they make can be redundant and complete nonsensical. I’ll win this competition and show everyone that the best cooks are not the ones working in restaurants.
    best wishes,

  38. Dr. Gordan Wang

    Hello all. My name is Dr. Gordan Wang and I’m a Pathologist (St. Jude) in Memphis Tn. I recently opened a restaurant here with the motto “Eat Responsibly”. I believe that healthy eating can and will change your life. I opened this because I truly care about the foods that people are putting in their body. i would love to compete on this show and show America that you canmake a fabulous meal with no butter cheese or sugar… In fact, these things are no where in my kitchen and my food is fabulous!!

  39. Darshi (DJ) Jenkins

    I have always wanted to test my cooking skills against a trained chef. I am a self taught chef who loves food and for others to enjoy my food.I always give 110 percent everytime and I’m all about flavor. I was tired of spending good money on food with no flavor so I bring it hard. I get a real kick out of challenges such as here’s your ingredients cook me something. To me that shows alot of talent and it’s a good way for me to show off my skills. So you should really consider me for your show cause I bring passion and fire to a kitchen and let my food speak for me

  40. Jake Hack

    I am currently a chef in Baltimore, MD. I recently opened a 300 seat seafood restaurant specializing in locally sourced ingredients. I recently won Mason Dixon Masterchef, a bracket style, single elimination culinary tournament that pits sixteen of Baltimores premier chefs against each other. I am looking forward to competing more, and I think this would be a great opportunity for me to really show what I’m made of. Please consider me!! Thanks!

  41. David Holman

    I would LOVE to go up against the pros. I grew up in the restaurant business, but haven’t cooked professionally for years now. However I still love to cook for my family and friends. I am an intrepid traveler and live for new food experiences that I can recreate at home.

  42. timothy green

    love this show love to cook all types of food pick me from savannah georgia

  43. Asia Womack

    Hi, im 27 years young, African American single mother of two, I’m a full time Le Cordon Bleu student in Chicago IL. I’ve done very well I have a birthday coming up on July 10th and half way to graduating the certificate program. Food and the cooking of it has brought my family together near and far time and time again, it’s a staple at family functions, celebrations and special occasions for many years.
    I’m good at cooking soul food but I’ve been exploring different cuisine’s and my school helps me do that. Mexican cuisine and culture has been a passion of mine to craft and perfect, I’m a huge fan of Chef Rick Bayless .
    I’d love to learn, and have an unforgettable experience by being on the show. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Great fully Asia Womack

  44. Kevin lusk

    I have been a cook for 15 years , my mother was my influence so for sure she would be a sous chef. I have 4 children who will tell anyone “I am the best cooker in the world” lol. Cooking has been a passion of mine and my family gets to reap the benefits of my abilities . Through making meals for my family, I have been able to integrate every kind of vegetable my children did not like
    And now there is nothing they don’t like! I have worked in every aspect of the kitchen , from dishwasher to kitchen manager. I have a signature dish that I’ve served over the years and have had customers follow me from restaurant to restaurant for this one dish.
    I believe when a chef or cook makes a dish,the attitude and energy they possess at the time imprints on the plate and the server before the customer even sees it. Very important too remember ! I have decided to apply because of the encouragement of my awesome friends , who keep telling me to try it out . So I have finally taking there advice.
    Thank you
    And good luck too all

  45. Paula Wildgrube

    My son and I would love to audition for the show. We love cooking and cooking shows. We have both done a bit of acting and this sounds like it is right up our alley. Also, our family has a micro business that produced “Groovy’s Salsa” simply the best salsa made in the state of Alabama. We would love a chance to showcase it to the American tv audience.

  46. Reign Frankenstein

    My name is Reign and food is my absolute life. I truly believe that life is lived meal to meal and plate to plate. I am a single mom living with five other family members and do not make very much money. My days are not always the easiest, but my cooking is what makes everything okay at the end of the day. My food is the one thing that I can control and the one thing that I know can put a smile on anyone’s face. I have just started my own small business from home where I make my own gourmet homemade marshmallows and other uniquely flavored treats, while also attempting to be a stand up comedian. My culinary point of view is unique but also practical and family friendly. I have the ability to beat the chefs because my passion is extreme and my motivation never runs out. I am never more of myself than when I’m cooking and showcasing that is my ultimate dream.

  47. Cindy Luby

    If there is one thing I can do it’s cook. I have never been to cooking school and would like to win money so I could open up my own place. I have a great pallet and have often said if given the opportunity I could out cook even the best chefs. How do I know this? Call me up and taste for yourself. I have just sent my last Kiddo off to college and all I want to do now is figure out how I can cook for a living. Now is the time for my dream. My canvas is a plate and your pallet will be so happy you’ll want stand up and dance. lc

  48. david williams

    300 plus lbs 6 ft funny guy with handsome face and up beat attitude about life and looking for opportunity to share my cooking skills and open myself to the public.

  49. Terrence Taylor

    Terrence Taylor-owner
    An Associates degree in Culinary Arts from The Art Institute of Atlanta. I have been cooking for 10 years and a Caterer for 4 years. I developed a passion for food early on in my childhood. My creativity mainly started because I was the only child. I’m a family man so most of my traditional recipe training comes from a southern family style meals. I will be a great contestant because of my training in food BEFORE and AFTER culinary school. I love a challenge and this will be the experience of a lifetime.

  50. Tamara Gatewood

    Hello, My name is Tamara Gatewood I am 31 years old and have been a chef for six years now. I work at Sunrise Ski Resort. I have been a Sioux chef for almost two years now and I love cooking and transforming food into art. I want to people to know how native American food is potrayed.

  51. Boris Sanders

    I would love to compete in this competition, I am a chef for mitchells catering. A fine dining catering company, I’ve been cooking for about 14 years in the culinary field. I have friends that graduated fron sone of the top schools in the us but they still turn to me for advice. I am a threat to anyone in the kitchen, I can cook anything. I’m what you call “great competition” these are the reasons I believe that you should consider me. And that picture realky looks like me.

  52. Fabian Ortega

    Hello I’m Fabian, I’m great at cooking and I would be willing to challenge any chef. I’m a actor as well and can sing. I cook all the time, and invent new things and try different types of foods. If I would to be on Beat The Chefs, I would give the chefs a challenge. That’s what your viewers want, a challenge from a 15 year old. I’m a male, American/mexican. Please send me a email.

  53. Lewell Jones

    I would love a chance to be on the show because I am an amateur cook with loads of ideas and I am a big fan of food network and cooking channel. I absolutely love cooking competitions and have always wanted to be apart of one.

  54. Bart Trevino

    I would very much like to participate in this competition. I consider myself an extremely talented cook and I often challenge myself with recipes blindly picked from cookbooks or I take a recipe and put my own saveory twist on it. I am a beast in the kitchen and on the grill.

  55. Lucinda Knight

    I would like to audition for the show because I love to cook .My family and coworkers like it when I get in a cooking mood. They tell me my food is really good. I have worked in food service all my life, and my daughters and I would love to share my creations with everyone.

  56. Amy McCualsky

    Hi, I have been a home cook for about 30 years and am a foodie. I would LOVE the chance to be on “Beat the Chefs.” I am outgoing, good natured and very competitive. I have written restaurant reviews and stories about chefs and culinary trends in my journalism career. My Italian grandmother and mother instilled the love of cooking in me and they live on in my heart. My true passion is cooking and it is my dream to start a food truck. I have several signature dishes I created I can email you about when I get the right email address to send it to, as well as any other information you need. Please give me a shot! Thank you very much. – Amy McCualsky

  57. Joshua Adkins

    I would like to audition. I am a college student, but I can do way ore than boil water. My friends all get really excited when I have them over for dinner, because I am always experimenting and up with new ideas. My dishes are influenced by the flavors of China, India, Vietnam, Mexico, France, and many other areas of the world. I jump at the opportunity to try new foods, and often end up trying to reproduce them at home. I also specialize in what I call “leftover cooking” – basically taking the leftovers from the fridge and a few other ingredients and making something new and awesome from them.

  58. Noel

    My name is Lillian Aguirre. Im 48 years young 5 2″ and I’m a chef who can cook anything ! I love food and the power it has to bring a family together, to provide, heal etc. Being a good cook is more then just memorizing recipes, it’s putting apart of yourself in every bite. I love a challenge and this is also an experience of a lifetime. Id love the chance to show the world what I can do ! Please contact me by email with details!

  59. asma jebali

    my name is ; asma jebali
    spoke; english * fransh*arabic
    skin color; not black and not white
    age;(18) 😉
    hihgt; 1;69
    colour of eyes; dark brown
    colour of hair; dark brown
    *** my dream is to be actress in holywood iven if it is hard cause im not from usa but i spook like english geril i dont have acsent ps i love singing and dinsing to dobel threit loooool but acting is the first and last from i was 10 i larned english and acting i have experyence just in theater but im talent girl my dream is to share my talent with all ouver the world so plzz help me to my dream come true i will naver ever let you dawn gyus and plzz belive in me .. i hope you gyus give me a chance cause without chance nothing will change i belive that some day i will have Opportunity and i hope you give it to me gyes thnx so much***

  60. Scipio Mundine

    Name: Scipio Mundine
    Height: 6’0
    Ethnicity: African American
    Eye Color: dark brown
    Hair Color: black
    Hair Type: short
    Gender: male
    Talent: actor
    Hometown: Los Angeles, Ca
    School: Santa Monica Community College (in the Spring

    Hello, my name is Scipio Mundine. I have some experience in acting, such as a few Theatre classes i took in High School. For the longest, I’ve been looking for some film work. Im very interested in Television and Film Acting. I had a pleasure of working in short films in acting classes i’ve taken in highschool before. I am very intelligent, personable young man who is gifted with the talent I have, in acting. My learning skills and dedication are excellent. I have the ability to move and speak in precise manner at right moment for particular impact; pacing of action. Im really good to understand and utilise the rhythmic expression of the play, dictated by script, director, other actors, type of pla. I catch on fast and could regulate speed of delivery and speed of action. I have good communication with other actors also. I also can control my breath for vocal projection, maintain energy. Im really glad that I heard about this castingcall through web and would love to hear back from you guys soon and also to meet with you guys.

  61. Fabio

    Hi Monique, I just wanted to culoratgnate you on your success. I am glad that I ran upon your website (I was just browsing and saw you). I have made many of your recipes, and because of you people are wondering how all of a sudden I know how to cook. Thank you, and I am glad that you are not a selfish person and likes to share your recipe with others.

  62. Brianna Conti

    i am a 17 year old girl and my mom is my insiration i would love to be on this show with my mother lisa conti to prove yo dont have to have go to a fancy school to learn to cook. cookingcomes easy to me and its fun, and i would love to beat your chefs

  63. Deanna Williams

    Would like to audition for the show I am currently a chef specializing in soul food and gourmet food also have won three pie baking contest in my hometown. Cobblers and Pies are my specialty with baking as well as gourmet desserts.