Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Movie

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Movie

What do you get when you have the world’s most popular superheroes face off against each other in the same film? Quite possibly the most exciting movie event of all time and most definitely the most fantastic casting call opportunity of the year.  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the sequel to the 2013 worldwide megahit Man Of Steel is set to begin filming soon and casting calls for a number of once in a lifetime roles are being organized now.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice plans to follow up where the riveting Man Of Steel left off – and then take the series to incredible new levels. While details on the top secret script are sparse, what is known is that the two superhero titans will be battling each other on screen for the first time ever while also going up against the classic Superman villain Lex Luthor with an exciting appearance by none other than Wonder Woman for good measure. This project will be jam packed with some of the most iconic characters in comics history and will show them all in ways that audiences have never seen before!

Director Zack Snyder (Watchmen, Dawn Of The Dead, Super Punch) will return once again to helm this massive blockbuster that features a script from Snyder alongside The Dark Knight mastermind David S. Goyer and Chris Terrio, who won an Academy Award for his work on Argo. The amazing cast will be made up of Henry Cavill (Immortals, The Tudors, The Count of Monte Cristo) who returns as Superman/Clark Kent, two-time Oscar winner Ben Affleck (Argo, The Town, Good Will Hunting) as Batman/Bruce Wayne, five-time Academy Award nominee Amy Adams (American Hustle, The Fighter, Enchanted) as Lois Lane, Oscar nominee Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network, Zombieland, Now You See Me) as Lex Luthor, Gal Gadot (Fast & Furious 6, Knight and Day, Date Night)  as Wonder Woman/Diana Price, Oscar nominee Diane Lane (Secretariat, The Perfect Storm, The Outsiders) as Martha Kent, Oscar nominee Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix, Hannibal, Ride Along) as Perry White and Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons (Die Hard: With a Vengeance, The Lion King, Reversal of Fortune) as Alfred the butler. This is absolutely shaping up to be the most highly anticipated movie of the decade and a must audition for up and coming actors of all ages.

Casting calls for  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice are being planned now and the first open audition has just been announced. Interested performers of all ages can head here to sign up for all casting opportunities for this incredible production. We will be posting further casting call dates as they are revealed so be sure to check back for more updates and leave a comment below and tell us what you think of this movie event and why you want to be a part of the casting calls for Batman vs. Superman.

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  1. Victoria Skeith

    My name is Victoria Skeith (Vyktorea)
    Im 27 and canadian (Japanese Irish Cree & French)
    I have brown hair but sometimes go as a blonde
    I have brown eyes
    Im 5’1 with a slim/athletic build



  3. Maria Pascoa

    I love this movie because it’s building very well made the messianic character of Superman. Far from being a simple fight of good against evil, it is a struggle between hope and despair .
    I would like to be part of this movie as Wonder woman because, she’s arguably one of the most powerful female characters of all time and a favorite of DC Universe fans.
    I could show my string and poweful and unique skills as a fight warrior with an amazing and helpful heart

  4. Cheyenne mykel Rodriguez

    Hey I do not know if it is too late but I’d love to be apart of this movie! I’m a model from Waterford , Michigan. To see pictures go to my facebook or instagram at Cheyenne Mykel Rodriguez. I have no acting experience, but I am a quick learner. I’m very determined, motivated, and outgoing.
    Height : 5’3
    Waist : 23″
    Hips : 34 ”
    Bra size : 32 ddd
    BBrown eyes
    Brown hair
    I walk in heels great if needed
    Once again I am a quick learner and I think you would not regret using me even if it’s for an extra. I also came to your open casting call, but I changed my email and don’t know if you wanted me or not. My email for some reason just stopped working.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Cheyenne mykel rodriguez

  5. Shelby Murray

    Name: Shelby Murray
    Age: 19
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 211lbs
    Body type: curvy/fat
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Hair color: Bleach blonde
    Eye color: brown
    Hair length: shoulder length
    I’m always a slut for justice

  6. Awien

    Hobbies:Acting,singing,dancing,modelling playing sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball and hockey
    Hair:Dark Brown
    Eyes:Dark Brown
    Add:Calgary, Alberta
    Gender: female
    This is so exciting I hope always wanted to be in the movie the featured Batman and Superman if I really get the part I will be the happiest person in the world I think I deserved it for because I love them both and I also c this is so exciting I hope always wanted to be in the movie the future Batman and Superman if I really get the part I will be the happiest person in the world I think I deserved it for because I love them both and I also act

  7. Daemion Schuppert

    Hello my name is Daemion Schuppert. I’m am 16 almost 17 who lives in Tucson Arizona. I currently attend high school at flowing wells and I have had 4 years of acting classes to help me prepare. I have won an award for best actor in my class in my freshman year. I think I would be great for the part of one of the robins in The DC universe. I have the hair and body that fit the role perfectly.
    I Have dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, I’m 5’7, I work out very often and I’m very tone, I am tan, and very athletic.
    I feel I fit the part because Robin reminds me a lot of myself and I could just see myself as him. He has always been my favorite and I would love nothing more than to play him. Thanks for you’re consideration:D

  8. Ramandeep Multani

    HELLO! =D My name is (as you might have noticed above) Ramandeep Multani, but Raman is fine as well. I am a 20-year old who loves to experience new things! I have been an extra for a small production and absolutely loved what I was doing. Being able to meet new people was an amazing experience, I love it! I am a singer (been singing since the age of 8) and dancer (did hip-hop for 5 years in high school) and would really like to get more involved in TV shows or movies. This movie would be an amazing platform to start!

    Gender: Female
    Location: BC, Canada
    Height: 5’4″
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color/texture: Brown, Wavy (Can make it straight or curl it)

    I feel that I would be a great addition (even if temporary) to the crew with my extremely optimistic, fun, and outgoing personality! Of course, I can be serious when required (or sad or mad, and so it goes on…)!

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Ramandeep Multani

  9. Saskia Tatusko

    Hey there! I’ve always wanted to be in a cool superhero movie!!! This movie sounds very interesting and fun! I would so love to be apart of it in any way possible! I just recently turned 15 on May 6:) and I’m a girl (if you couldn’t already tell by my name or writing)!! I’ve been acting since I was 5 (unprofessionally but hopefully that will change:D) and singing since I was 3. When I was 10 I went to an open call with the directors from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. There were 250+ people’s there, and they were picking 10 people to “move on”. I was so excited when they gave me the exciting news that I had been one of the 10 people picked! Unfortunately, my mom would not let me pursue this, because she didn’t think it was real, although I am still possibly convinced that maybe it was. Now, I’m trying to live my dream! Please consider me for any role, and I promise you will not be disappointed! Why me?! Why me out of all the other people trying to pursue their dream as well. I’ll tell you why. If I could describe myself, my whole self in one word, it would be passionate. I do what I love, and I would really love to pursue this number one dream of mine. I’m passionate about becoming an actress! I have big dreams and I really hope I achieve them! But hope can only take me so far… I have to start somewhere, and I’m really excited about acting!! I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m very funny, outgoing, and flexible (able to move around roles), so with that said I hope I’ve at least given you a good background on my acting “career”.

    Here are some physical features
    of myself as well:
    Race/ethnicity: white/(50% Hispanic, 25%German, and the rest partially Irish and Ukranian)
    Facial features: brown, hazel eyes and two dimples on my cheeks:)
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 110
    Hair color: brown hair with naturally, lightly ombré hair (from the sun)

  10. Rebecca

    My name is Rebecca Forte, I’m 16, from (and living in) Montreal, Canada QC.
    I’ve had lots of acting training, and even more training in singing, since I was 7 years old and I’d love to have this opportunity. I live for acting, and music. Break a leg!
    I’m 5’5 feet
    69 kg
    Eyes are brown and hair is also brown with a few blonde parts and layers.
    I’ve performed (musically) a lot of times in Montreal, including on camera, and also acted on camera, I have a lot of experience in these areas, and I hope I get picked for this awesome opportunity, feel free to contact me if you want to perhaps know more about me, and thank you for considering me.


  11. Jenni

    Age: Thirteen
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’2″
    Weight: 127
    Hair: dark brown
    Eyes: Blue eyes

  12. Aida Natasha Aboutalebi

    My name is Aida and I am 14 years old. I live in Sweden but I speak English fluently and my parents are from Iran. I have wanted to be apart of Disney for so long but I just haven’t had the chance. Now I see this big opportunity for me to farfil my dreams.

    I am about 5,3 / 160 cm
    Hair color, black
    Eye color, very dark brown
    I love to sing, dance and act. I am also a figurskater, I practice five days a week and I have for about eight years.

    It would mean so much if you got back to me.

    As for the audition I could send a self taped audition

  13. Sean Gutbezahl

    Hello. I would love if you were to consider me for a role in this movie. I am a huge batman fan and love the comics. I have taken acting classes at ACT in San Francisco, and I know some basics about the film business and how it works. I am a very high energy person and I am a very quick learner especially in acting. I do not just want to be in this movie to be recognized like some of the other people that want to audition, I really like to act and it is one of my favorite things to do. I do not have any movie or TV experience, but I am always up for a challenge and am not afraid of being rejected. I would love to be a role in this film and, I would just love to be a part of the process of filming this movie.

    Location: Danville Ca
    Availability: Open
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14 (but some people say that I look 12)
    Height: 5′ 3″
    Weight: 106
    Race: Caucasian
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Varies
    Build: Athletic and Skinny
    Personality: Fun, can follow directions, can play a variety of roles, and am always up for a challenge
    – Look good in long hair or short hair, but I have never tried a buzz cut.

  14. Brandon Scott

    Hello! Let me start this by saying it would be a huge honor to take part in this movie. I have been reading Superman vs. Batman comics forever, and they are my favorite plots in the entire DC universe. Now that being said, I dont have much acting experience, but I like to think Im a decent actor. I flew through all of my Drama classes as if they were nothing. I’m very good at setting the emotion and tone of my voice, and I have a pretty sarcastic/dark sense of humor.
    I’m 18 years old, only a few months away from 19, I’m 6’2 and have a lanky build. I have brown curly hair and bluish-green eyes. Thanks for your consideration, I hope to hear from you!

  15. Tyra

    hi my name is Tyra I’m 14 I have curly brown hair brown eyes I’m biracial I’m 5″3 I played in my school talent show so I’m not that shy I played in a couple plays at school too I would love to be in this movie because I love Batman and I love Superman and because its my dream to become an actor and a model .

  16. Jacob Winslow

    Hi my name is Jacob Winslow, I am a professional freerunner and am currently in the process of opening the only parkour and freerunning gym in all of Michigan with my team Phoenix Freerunning. I have done stunts for tv shows, commercials, short films, and live performances before and still do. i am a huge fan of the show and want nothing more than to be a part of it. Thank you.

    20 years old
    6ft tall
    Brown hair
    Brown eyes
    188 ibs
    Athletic build

    -Jake “SideShow” Winslow

  17. Sonja Sherrill

    I am a huge fan of batman and superman. I am 12 years old. I am 5’6. And love to act. Bye

  18. ZPerez

    My name is Zenida Perez and I am 21 years old. I am 5’3″, average build, with shoulder length brownish blblackish hair. While I have never acted in anything, I treat my life as its own stage. I would love to be a part of this production because, well frankly, I don’t think I could make my mom any more proud than by being involved in a movie that has Batman in it. I was raised with a love for superheros, my favorite being Superman. I just can’t express how much this would mean to me!!!

  19. Kate Jones

    My name is Kate Jones i have always wanted to be actress since i was very young I am outgoing and very fun to be around. I am 17 years old but my age range is 15-20, i am Caucasian, i know that i would be perfect for any role on this show, my talent is diverse and i can be any one at any giving moment. i am 5’0 ft i have brown hair (longer than shoulder length) brown eyes. I am home schooled so i have very flexible hours. Thank you, for reading my message, and I hope you take it into consideration.
    Thank you,
    Kate Jones

  20. Bryanna Starr

    Hey, I’m Bryanna!

    (I wanna keep it short..) I seen this and I think it would be pretty cool to try out, plus Batman is cool.. I did Drama in this year and did some plays with that as well.

    Age: 15

    Looks: Short; Dark Brown hair, with same eye colour. Medium tan skin, little freckles on cheeks. Tall [5’11.5ft] with an Pear body and wears glasses.

    Personality: Funny, Shy at first, Kind, I might some cold but I’m really not.. and Weird, but in a good way and Loud.

    Extra: Drawing is one of my hobbies, basketball(I’m not good at it but I love playing), video games, seeing an animal in pain is just heartbreaking or anyone in that fact.. plus I could get over my fears just to do a part. And just being a weirdo with or in front of my friends, to keep them happy. Plus I don’t talk like an robot or go very quiet..

    Email if you want more and I’ll get to you as fast I can!

  21. Dave Dulaigh

    Hello, my name is Dave and this is the first time i have tried to act in a movie though i have acted in many different productions for theater arts inside and outside of school, I have always been a fan of the batman and superman series alike and would love to opportunity to cast as possibly robin or any other part that is available

    Age: 15
    Height range: medium
    Ethnicity: White
    Gender: Male
    Eye color: green
    Hair color: Blonde
    Location: WA

  22. Derek Terpstra

    Hi, I’m Derek.
    -almost 13 years old
    -white American
    -short brown hair
    -brown eyes
    -4 ft. 9
    -89.9 lbs
    I would love to play any role possible because I know this is a very late notice.
    I know the whole acting concept, and I’ve auditioned in real life before for TV shows, but I’ve never got a call back from anyone.
    But anyways, if you consider having me on the show, please call me, or leave a message
    (616) 218-5652
    And again, I would love any “kid” role on the movie.

  23. Mattias hime

    My name is Mattias I am 15 for this movie Robin should be in it as a lil character and I would like to be this Robin. Have mixed martial arts background and if ur interested email me please.

  24. Aranza

    Eye color:brown
    Measurements :34-24-34
    Hair color:brown
    Skin color:tan
    Please contact me at:

  25. wayne walters

    Height: 5’3
    weight: un-known
    age: 11 years
    race: mixed
    comment: BATMAN!!!

  26. Jeffre Peña

    23 years old Latino
    I live in New Jersey
    Height: 5’10
    Shirt size: Medium
    Shoe size:9
    Pants size:32/32

    Im a big super heroe fan, i grew up watching all the justice league shows and i feel that i have the potential to be part of this film because im outgoing, energetic,have the body type for stunts and i love playing different types of rolls, and becoming different people..I feel that this could be a big chance for my dreams to come true. I’ve always wanted to becomea famous Hollywood actor ever since i was 5 years old.
    Hope to hear back from you guys!

    Jeffrey Peña

  27. Marie-Pier Marchand

    Name : Marie-Pier Marchand
    Gender : Female
    Age : 23
    Hair : Straight and brown
    Height : 5’10
    Weight : 135 lbs
    Skin : Light
    Body : Hourglass
    Eyes : blue-green
    Hi, my name is Marie-Pier Marchand. I am a French Canadian who fluently speaks English, and can do it without any accent. I am already in two modelling agencies in Montreal, B Models Management and Hélène Rousse total casting. I am a very beautiful, talented and determined woman. Acting is my passion, as well as dancing and singing. I am passionate about the Golden Age cinema, because of the wonderful stories, the ardor in telling stories and the decency woman used to show in movies. I have starred in many theatre productions since childhood and I also have a DEC (diploma before University in Quebec) in Arts & Theatre. I also do a lot of modeling and figurations in various projects. In 2014, I starred in the amateur movie “At all cost” by JS Marsolais. Recently, I was chosen to be a part of a web series called “Rise: trahison”, in Montreal. My greatest wish is to extend my knowledge and talent in cinema. I also am quick on my feet for when it comes to adapting and learning new things. I love to learn and to work hard on every aspect in life. As I grew up, I was often bullied because of my love of super heroes and video games. For my comrades, it wasn’t normal for a girl to be more interested in fictional characters and video games instead of makeup and fashion. Never the less, I decided to ignore the bullies and continue to pursue my passion for comics and games. To be a part of this movie would be a great experience, a dream come true and a good way to learn new things. Don’t hesitate to communicate with me or my agencies for anything at all!

  28. Artem Sokol

    Hi! My name is Artem Sokol! I’m from Belarus(no problems with going to USA or another country)
    My life credo: everywhere and not once! This means that I want to do in this life as much as possible and not once). I believe that the profession does not necessarily have to be the only one. In my case, I want to succeed in architecture, music, cinematography, and so on.
    My height is 6.2
    Age: 18
    medium-length dark hair
    green eyes
    Ethnicity: European

  29. Caleb Wishloff

    My name is Caleb Wishloff, I am a 16 year old teenage boy. I am around 6 feet tall, 170 pounds and I have a really fit build. I have short hair that can be styled in various ways. I have green eyes and I have a slight tan. I grew up always making videos and spfx, I have come a long way from home videos. I am actually an amateur film maker, I watched over 30000 hours in movies since I was 4 or 5, ben Affleck is an amazing actor and it would be a honour to work with him. I have a lot of knowledge on his acting style and even the DC idea behind the show.
    Plus I have a huge amount of knowledge in acting and film making. Acting has always been a passion of mine and when I heard about this casting call I didn’t even have words for how I felt. I believe I could be a huge asset to this show, I have gone through a lot of hardship in my life, I lost my mom when I was twelve. This in turn lets me use true emotion to fortify a scene. I have acted in a lot of short films, and I have even went to film and acting camp. I really love the idea behind this show and believe me when I tell you I know what I am doing I just need my shot to prove it. I have a great deal of knowledge in spfx, and makeup. I would also be interested in just working on set as a gaffer, boom operator or even just being allowed to watch and learn. I am not looking to be paid for my time. I just want experience. I just want my chance to prove to the world I am a somebody and if you are an agent reading this just hear me out. Give me the chance to prove everyone wrong, let Ben read this. Let him decide please give me that chance. I loved good will hunting and I know that ben and matt wrote that in college. Ben made his own break and I beg of you to help me make mine you wont be disappointed.

    I have a lot of other experience In other things, I can provide them upon request

    If you guys are interested I believe I could benefit you a great deal, just give me a call or email me if you are interested.
    Thanks a lot, even for just considering my proposal, if you cant find a rle to accept me in no worries.

    Caleb Wishloff
    youtube- calebwish7711

    Thanks again I hope to see you guys soon
    How do you like them apples!!!

  30. Patrick Caldwell

    Hey my name’s Patrick Caldwell, I’m 19 from Perth in Western Australia. To put it bluntly, I’ve studied drama for 15 years, mostly stage, and I just feel that TV/movies are for me. I’m young, fresh-faced and ready. I understand the struggles of having little due to living with a man with a brain disorder due to drinking too much when I was 12 and due to that I’ve been exposed to such a high level of legal, political and dramatic battles that no 12 year old should had to of experienced. Through it all though, I’m still smiling, laughing and just enjoying life. I’d say my sense of humour is somewhat ‘taboo’ as I say the first things on my mind (it’s a blessing a curse, believe me). At the same time though I know when it’s time to mess around and time to work. I’m not saying I’m the guy for this movie or that I’ll get you guys an Oscar, what I’m saying is, I can give you reality.
    All I ask in return is a chance.

  31. Lauren W

    I’m Lauren.

    I have a body and hair, much like everyone else.

    I took theatre classes with said body, and loved it (hair was there also).

    End of plug.

    P.S. Batman vs Superman vs Sharknado, anyone?

  32. Desmond Turner

    My name is Desmond Turner and I’m 5ft.11in. and weigh 160. lbs. I am a very out going and , humorous teen. Very fashion orientated. I have a very acute sense of music, I play the upright bass and I read music and just started playing the piano in school. I am in the 11th grade. My dream is to be in this huge production so everyone can see my acting skills.

  33. Maddie G.

    Hi my name is Maddie, I am 20 years old. I have dark chestnut colored hair and brown eyes, am about 5’4” I LOVE The marvel and Dc franchise, and have seen every movie along with reading most if not all of the comics when I was younger. Batman and Superman being two of all time favorites of course, being part of this movie would be like a dream come true. Thank you for your time, hope you have a great day!

  34. Brianna Hinson

    Hi my name is Brianna Hinson And I would really like
    To be a part of this movie. I’ve only been in about
    3 plays when I was younger but I was not always the
    Lead role. I really want a part in the movie because its
    My dream to be an actress and I know a lot of other people
    Probably said the same thing but I’ve always wanted to be in
    An action movie since every time I watch one it seems so fun
    To make I hope I can audition thankyou

    Age: 13
    Height: 5’3
    Hair color: black
    Skin color: tan
    Eye color: brown

  35. Cassie Poitras

    Hi my name is Cassie Poitras, I’m 16 years old and I live in Prince George, BC, Canada. I have wanted to be an actress since I was a little girl and this movie seems like the perfect opportunity. I have loved Batman for a while as well. I have acted in a few school plays as well as my town’s production of “A Christmas Carol”. I have also been dancing for 12 years and singing for 2 years and I performed in my studio’s production of “The Nutcracker”. I have brown hair, blue eyes, and am approximately 5’6″.

  36. Anthony Polegato

    My name is Anthony Polegato
    I am 22 Years old
    Based out of Ottawa, Ontario
    5’10 and Weigh 145lbs
    I am hoping to receive an audition for Superman vs Batman: Dawn of Justice because i am a huge fa and have worked my whole life dreaming to become a part of the superhero world. if i could have that one chance i would make it clear that i belong in these films and can be a pivotal part of this franchise.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  37. mason

    Hello my name is mason posnikoff and I’m 16 years old and I’m very interested in doing this movie considering batman and superman are in it I am willing to play any role possible.I’ve always been interested in being an actor after attending my schools drama class for 4 years now. I live in Alberta canada
    Eye colour-brown
    Hair colour-brown

  38. Andres Rodriguez

    hello! let me start by introducing myself my name is Andres Rodriguez i have been a supporter of marvels movies for years know i am very out going i am actually in rolled in drama classes so i am not afraid of acting in front of an audience i am very entertaining and fun i would love to be apart of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie please contact me back if any questions.

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5’9”

    Weight: 132 lbs

    Shirt size: M

    Shoe size:10

    Pants size: 29/30

    Hair: dark brown

    Eyes: light brown



    Location: orange county , CA

  39. Kailey Oman

    Kailey Oman
    Kailey Oman February 2, 2015 at 3:45 pm | Permalink
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    My name is Kailey Oman, I am sweet, competitive, outgoing, funny, determined and athletic. I have no professional experience in acting but from practicing, doing skits, and plays I have enough experience to be in this movie. New faces keep on appearing in tv shows and movies, this could be my ticket to the acting world. I want nothing more than to be a famous actress and what better way to start off in such a huge movie. I would do ANYTHING to be in this movie. I am athletic, determined girl. I love to dream big, acting has been my biggest dream ever since I was a little girl, it would be amazing if I could pursue my dream. I am willing to do anything and whatever it takes to be on this movie. Thank you for your time, have a great day!

    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Hair color: Blonde
    Eye color: Green
    Height: 5″9
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Hobbies: Acting, dancing and sports

  40. Clayton Lovern

    Hello! My name is Clayton Lovern. I am a professional gymnastics instructor and I am also a member of the Detroit Pistons Flight Crew. At my gym I coach two competitive teams and have created and grown my own program of classes for our gym. I would love to be an extra in the film and/or possibly do some stunt work, it would be great experience for me and an awesome story to tell the kids i teach. I always try to encourage them to take advantage of every situation! I hope to hear from you! Here are some quick things about me.

    Gender: Male
    Height: 6ft 1in
    Weight: 185lbs
    Location: Michigan, US
    Ethnicity: White
    Skin colour: Caucasian
    Eye colour: Green
    Hair colour: Strawberry Blonde


  41. Christopher Smith

    Hello, My name is Chris. I am 24 years old, new to Orlando, Florida and looking for a career change from fire fighting. I am interested in working in the new Batman vs Superman movie. I am an extremely fast learner and have excelled in every job i have ever taken on (probably due to my attention to detail and my consummate want to succeed), so acting does not pose a threat to me. Being raised in northern Michigan has molded me into quite the athletic individual as well, so my muscular physique fits right in with the superhero theme. I am a high energy individual who would love nothing more than to work along side some big name actors! Although me may not remember me, i welcomed Henry into his favorite restaurant in Detroit for almost a year and parked his car for him at no other then Vinsetta Garage, so its time for him to do me a favor! 😉

    – Caucasian
    – 6’0″
    – Brown eyes
    – Naturally tan skin
    – 175 lbs w/athletic muscular build
    – Black hair (combover in the winter, shaved to 1/8″ in the summer)
    – I have been told i look like both Dwayne Johnson, and Colin Kaepernick on multiple occasions

    I hope to be a part of your cast
    – Chris