Barbershop 3 - Movie

Barbershop 3 – Movie

The long wait is over, comedy fans. The announcement you’ve been waiting for is finally here – Barbershop 3 is officially a go. The all new adventures of the most outrageous haircut crew in entertainment are ready to cut heads and cut up audiences in theaters everywhere and shooting is planned to begin shortly. Casting calls for highly desired roles in this long awaited feature will be starting up soon and actors of all ages can apply today to get a head start on the auditioning process.

Barbershop 3 will once again follow the unbelievable antics happening in and around the south side Chicago cut shop. After two hit films, the spin-off feature Beauty Shop and a Showtime television series this franchise is still going strong

and now another hilarious look at the line store is coming. The incredible cast of the first two films are all negotiating their return to the series including Ice Cube (21 Jump Street, Friday, Are We There Yet?) as Calvin Palmer, Cedric the Entertainer (Top Five, A Haunted House, The Soul Man) as Eddie, Queen Latifah (Steel Magnolias, Chicago, Valentine’s Day) as Gina, Eve (Glee, Whip It, The Cookout) as Terri, Sean Patrick Thomas (American Horror Story, The District, Not Another Teen Movie) as Jimmy James, Troy Garity (Boss, Steal This Movie, Sunshine) as Isaac Rosenberg. Director Malcolm D. Lee (The Best Man Holiday, Scary Movie 5, Roll Bounce) will make his debut in the franchise and he will bring along the fabulous Nicki Minaj (The Other Woman) in a new role. Kenya Barris (Black-ish) and Tracy Oliver (The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl) have written a laugh out loud script based on the original story and characters created by Mark Brown (Two Can Play That Game).

Casting calls for Barbershop 3 are being organized now and auditions for roles of all sizes will be taking place throughout filming. Submissions from performers of all types and experience levels are beginning to be accepted now via emails to News on this project is just now coming in so keep checking back for more news and information on auditions and production and leave a message for us below and tell us what you think of this film franchise and why you would like to have a shot at the upcoming casting calls for Barbershop 3.

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  1. Jamal Lawrence


    My name is Jamal Lawrence. I am a proud fan of the Barbershop franchise. This franchise is interesting because it’s basically all in one. It has all the factors of a great movie that everyone will watch because it’s different from the other movies. It stands out. Anyone who gets the chance to be in such a movie is very lucky because being apart of the franchise is awesome and rememberable. This is the type of franchise where they would leave you waiting for the next big movie and I love that. But please let me know if I got the audition for this movie, it would be an honor to even be an extra on the set. I have gone to Duke Ellington School For The Arts. I am funny, emotional, chill, I love entertaining people, I have great memorization, and I love Barbershop.

    Thank you,

    (Here are my attributes)

    Age: 15
    Weight: 119.2 lbs.
    Height: 5’10”
    Ethnicity: African American
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown
    Birth Date: March 25, 2003

  2. Deric McCottrell


    The Barbershop franchise is definitely a franchise that will be remembered for as long as time is time. An african-american dynasty with a vibrant yet iconic cast. Ice Cube is a great artist, director, actor and business man. Barbershop is all about unity and standing strong amongst all the adversity and triumphs that may occur in our personal lives with the people closest to us. I would like an opportunity with the dynasty because I am seeking an uplift on my music career. I feel that through this acting opportunity, there’s nothing that can stop me. I have so many ventures blueprinted, I just need someone to give me a chance. If selected I will be forever grateful and will always put my best foot forward! My artist name is “Monotone Shawty”. I have over 50 music videos on YouTube. I believe I have what it takes to be the next African-American icon in America!

    All I need is one chance!

    Age : 24
    Height : 6’4″
    Weight : 193 lbs.

  3. Chandelier Hinton

    Hi my name is Chandelier…..yes just like the actually light fixture lol. But my name is just as great as me. To grow up with my name you have to literally have a banging and funny personally to even take the teasing that comes with it. Overall. honestly I’m just a riot to be around. Who wouldn’t want that. Check me out…i brighten up a room literally :).

  4. Naesha Mcnear

    Hello my name is Naesha I’m 19 I’m African American I’m from Miami all i ever did was dream about being an actress being in front of cameras and with my mom and dad around they always would tell me long as i put my heart into what i want to do or be in life i would make it and do it I Am Very Passionate About Acting i have an great personality I Have No Acting Experience. I Feel Like I Would Be A Good Role For Any Part Just For The Experience and it would be great working with ice cube

  5. Chris Glynn

    My name is Chris Glynn
    Very athletic. I workout 4 days a week and can run 3 miles in 16:36 & 4 miles in 22:42
    Went to Officer Candidate School for the United States Marine Corps
    Scored 300/300 on USMC PFT (Scores were all past the maximum requirements)
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Hazel
    Ethnic background: Two or More Races

    I would bring a unique feel to the set, I’ve always gone above & beyond in all of positions/roles in my careers and without a doubt I would do an exceptional job while on set. Lastly this would be an amazing opportunity and a great experience to participate in a film in Hollywood and see the other side of the film.

  6. stacey fluellen

    Well i think i would be a great person ro audition one of the roles because im a great barber and i have the looks and im very funny

  7. Kiana Ingles

    Hi My name is Kiana Ingles, I’m 5’3 with light tan skin green eyes , Great smile perfect personality for a comedy movie.I’m at dancer I write my own movies. And I’m 20 years old. I will love to be apart of this movie. I watch the last two movies and fell in love it was so funny. I love ice cube I’ll love to work with him. I hope to hear from someone.

  8. Keahrra Howard

    Hi my name is Keahrra Howard I am 16 yrs old and I would love to audition for a role in “Barber Shop 3” even if it’s just an small role. Before I got into acting I’ve always sanged and I still do, but so happenly acting has became another talent of mine. I started acting at the age of 10. I’ve just recently auditioned for this company called AMTC I made the audition both ways with Acting and Singing, but the problem was they wanted money. So now I’m looking for something to audition for that doesn’t require money and I’m hoping that this is it. So please send me and email letting me know some info about the Barber Shop 3 audition.

  9. Jadalynn Thomas

    Hello! My name is Jadalynn! I am an African American 12 year old female, 105 lbs and have a very bubbly personality. I am an aspiring actress who would love to share the movie screen with any of the characters in this movie. I have done several auditions including comedic and dramatic monologues along with auditions for commercials. This opportunity would be fantastic and a great start to doing what I absolutely love to do – ACT! I have participated in an acting class on camera called Cast Kids with Shauna Bartel in Orlando, Florida. This class has helped me to learn how to relax and be myself on camera along with just having fun. I would love this opportunity to show you that I will work hard and be the very best “Me”!”

  10. Camari Page

    Hi My Name is Camari , I Am 14 Years Of Age. My Birthday Id December 14, 2000. I Have No Acting Experience. I Feel Like I Would Be A Good Role For Any Part Just For The Experience and Also Because I Want to Become An Actress. I Know For Not Being An Experienced Actress This Movie Might Be A Big Start But I Am Very Passionate About Acting , and It’s Been A Life Long Dream To Meet Nicki Minaj , and Queen Latifah If Thay Decided To Part Take In This Movie. I Live In Chicago ….Southside. I Weight 149.9 Lbs. I Am 5’5 and I Have Brown Hair . Brown Eyes , and Braces. I’m Funny , Passionate , Loud , Emotional , and I Have Very High Goals. School Is Important To Me , As Well As Entertaining People Whether It’s Singing . Dancing Or Acting.

  11. macey cross

    My name is macey cross, I’m 15. I’m white and 190 pounds. But I got a lot of skill and sass. I know hoe to act. Ive been doing since I was little. I’m very funny, And think I will be good for this

  12. Grubby

    Awesome man. I’ve been a big fan of Cube’s work. Esp. The Friday trilogy, but it’s sad the Bernie Mac has passed us because I wanted to see the final Friday movie which I said it should be called The Day After Friday. Where Craig gets hitched and all the original cast members from the past Fridays were all in this one. D-bull and Damon ended up as partners in love but always bitched about which 1 is the bitch out of them 2. Smokey came back as rehabilitated into a Johovah witness, pinky and money mike went into a controversial business together called something like Pimps and Spins records. Daedae, well it’s Daedae. But anyway, I’d love to take a role in the new Barber Shop 3. See, out of all the people that have submitted for this movie, I have 1 special, but very quite unique gift that I use to my advantage when I’m out in public with my buddies and shit, at work, or just about anywhere. I have Tourette’s syndrome and I’ve learned how to use my condition and control it to my advantage. I was diagnosed at the age of 8. I’m 37 now and still doing what I do best. I can make people literally piss or shit themselves from making them laugh hysterically to where it hurts them to breathe from laughing so fucking hard. I can go to a house party, club or even a bar. Don’t have to drink at all. Just sit back and wait for the people to start gettin drunk and then it’s my time to goto town and let my Tourette’s take over to where people are like ” Holy fuck man! That dudes hammered! LOL!” And at closing time, I walked out straight as an arrow and drive home sober. Then I’ll here about it for the next few days, months and sometimes even years later.
    I know I’m a natural for this film. What better type of part to have in this film is a white boy with Tourette’s comin in and out of the barber shop. Trust me, I don’t bullshit anybody. Where I’m from, all ya have to do is ask “Hey do you know Grubby?” And people will tell you everything.
    Athletically built with retarded tattoos on me( looney tunes, pink panther, etc.
    Brown hair
    Blues eyes
    And most importantly, a face only an Ugly stick can turn away from.
    Hey, if you guys want any type of proof, video footage, etc. or whatever you may want from me
    please feel free to send me an email, which you already have, with any type of request that you may wanna review, check out or whatever ya’s want.