Ballers - HBO

Ballers – HBO

HBO is teaming up with one of the most exciting trios in Hollywood for it’s next hit production and shooting is starting now. Ballers, produced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (Fast & Furious 7, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Hercules), 2-time Academy Award nominee Mark Wahlberg (The Fighter, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Entourage) and 2-time Emmy nominee Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights, Lone Survivor, The Leftovers), is unlike anything that the network has ever done before and is about to change the face of the mega-popular and award-winning network. Casting calls for this fantastic new production are being held now and actors of all types and ages can submit themselves today for available roles.

Ballers will be loosely based on “The Rock’s” athletic past as the story will follow a group of professional football players and the family, friends and drama that surrounds them. With all three of the producers having past success with football productions this production is poised to be the next monster hit HBO series.

The cast of Ballers will feature Johnson in a recurring role alongside

an impressive collection of talent that includes Omar Benson Miller (CSI: Miami, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Miracle at St. Anna), 2-time Emmy Award winner Rob Corddry (Childrens Hospital, Hot Tub Time Machine, Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay), Golden Globe nominee Troy Garity (Gangster Squad, Barbershop 2: Back in Business, Boss), Tara Holt (American Horror Story, Californication, The Young and the Restless), Jazmyn Simon (Parks and Recreation, Welcome to the Family, Hello Ladies) and Taylor Cole (The Glades, Supernatural, The Green Hornet).

Casting calls for Ballers are happening now and will be continuing throughout the production. Actors of all types and ability levels can submit themselves for consideration today by sending emails to We will be posting every released audition and shoot detail right here so check back for further updates and leave a message below and tell us what you think of this new project and why you want to be a part of the casting calls for HBO’s Ballers.

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  1. Samuel Judd

    I was Sgt Judd us army infantry and left the service in 2009. Since then I have worked manufacturing. I have been looking and looking for a way to break into this industry but it seems impossible unless someone gives you a chance. I’m still very athletic and I watch more films than anyone I know. My emotions are always bubbling below the surface and ready at my becan call. This is the only thing I could see myself doing and finding even an ounce of satisfaction. I pray that you find it in your heart to give me that chance. I will travel any distance for the opportunity.

    Vital stats:
    29 years old.
    6″ 1′
    175 lbs
    Brown hair
    Brown eyes
    Slim athletic build

  2. Khamarr Davenport

    To whom it may concern,
    I would love to be apart of this project.. I have always loved to take on the characteristics of other people to entertain others.

    Hair: black
    Eye color: brown
    Weight: 165 lbs
    Height: 5’9
    Race: African American
    Location: Georgia
    Gender: Female

  3. Tracy Lewis

    Hi, I’m Tracy
    Race: African American
    Height: 5’10
    Weight: 185 lbs
    Body: Athletic body
    Located: Georgia
    I’m very new to this but willing to make a lot of changes for a new career.
    I love the acting business I’m 25 and ready to try new things and I think acting would be great for me and I choose this film because I would love to start in a episode with Dwayne (the rock). Not only because of him because I have great acting skills but no experience I would love if you guys gave me a shot at being a star

  4. Julius

    I am:
    21 years old
    149 lbs
    Blonde hair, hazel eyes, athletic, acting experiences, bilingual, 4. Kup in Taekwondo. I think telling I’m a huge fan isn’t necessary.

    I look forward to hearing from you.



  5. Tierra

    To whom it may concern,
    I would love to be apart of this project.. I have always loved to take on the characteristics of other people to entertain others.

    Hair: brown
    Eye color: brown
    Weight: 141 lbs
    Height: 5’6″
    Race: African American
    Location: Georgia
    Gender: Female

  6. Damon Ahlgren

    Hi, my name is Damon Ahlgren. I haven’t had any acting experience outside of Drama and Speech class in High School. I guess I was too shy to consider doing anything along those lines when I was younger. I would an opportunity to try my hand, as I personally believe I would learn to excel in this business. I don’t expect anything important in the movie, maybe just an extra role.
    Name: Damon James Ahlgren
    Age: 22
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Short Dirty-Blonde
    Facial Hair: Black/Blonde/Red
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5′ 9″
    Weight: 140 lb
    Location: United States, Michigan
    Body: Thin, Athletic
    Languages: English

  7. Kendra Crew

    Height: 5’2

    Weight: 84 ib

    Eyes: blue

    Hair: brown

    Encity: Female

  8. Hank Snyder

    I have had the opportunity to work on 2 featured films thus far and have realized to make it in the entertainment world requires connections, creativity, and most of all experience. I also know its not what I am but the role I am given to play. So thank you for your time but I’m not asking to be picked but to be given the chance to show you what I may have to fulfill one of the upcoming roles in a hopeful audition.

  9. James Jones

    Wats Up folks,To whom it may concern my name is James Jones and I would love to be apart of this movie being one of my favorites….and I would love to play in the sequel. Ima big guy ex college football player…effortlessly funny…i jus make ppl laugh…its a gift i guess. Lol and I can be very serious….so I’m amazingly versatile!!!!

    Name: James E. Jones
    Age: 26
    Height_ 6’3
    Mixed Race

  10. Matthew Magnante

    I would love to be considered for this role as I have always wanted to act but felt I was too shy to do so. Acting would be a great way for me to express myself in a way that I may have not always be able too. I have broken out of that a lot and prove to people I can do this. I believe I can provide something good to the show as a kind hearted person that has been through the ups and downs of life and understands every concern and feeling. I am 5’10 and lean but can bulk up quickly if needed. Dwyane Johnson and Mark Wahlberg are great actors and it would be a privilege to work alongside them.

  11. Melefusi Eke

    Hi, I think my brothers would be a great fit to take part in this movie.

    Brother #1

    Name: Fatai Eke
    Ethnicity: Tongan
    Age: 18
    Height: 6 ft. 7 in.
    Weight: 205 lbs.
    Body type: Athletically Lean
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Brown
    Location: California
    Sports played: Basketball (Small/Power Forward, Center), Football (Safety, Wide Receiver), Volleyball, and Track & Field (Short Distance Races, Shot-put/Discus).
    He’s very outgoing, humorous, and photogenic. He’s a people person, selfless, hardworking and honest.

    Brother #2

    Name: Siaosi Eke
    Ethnicity: Tongan
    Age: 22
    Height: 6 ft. 6 in.
    Weight: 375 lbs.
    Body Type: Big Build
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Brown
    Location: California
    Sports played: Football (DT, OT, TE), Basketball (Center/Power Forward), Volleyball, Soccer (Defense), Track and Field (Shot-put/Discus), and Rugby.
    He’s also very humorous, honest and photogenic. He’s adventurous, hardworking, and friendly.

    They both would be great additions for this movie, because their personalities and their presence, themselves, would be great to work with and have around. Please consider them. Thank you!

  12. Lucas Bueno

    my name is Lucas Bueno and I am originally from Brazil and I am living in Naples,Florida for around 2 years now, and I am 14 years old.English is not a struggle for me at all because I have been in an International since 8 years age.
    I already have had the chance of being in school plays and improv, which makes me know and be prepared for what acting is like, and can also adapt to rolls fast because of the improv that I did and truly enjoyed doing.I play tennis a lot, 4 hours of tennis and 1 hour of fitness everyday because I enjoy it so much and lucky enough to have such great parents to give me this oppurtunity.But now I am seeing that I truly love acting and want to be able to have this experience and feel what it is like to be an actor .Because of my tennis I am fit weighing 135 lbs and 5’5″ in height.I think Ballers would be a good fit for me because first of all I love Dwayne Johnson, and I am willing to give my 120% of my effort and dedication towards this and to do any atheletic scenes and working out for the process of the movie.And also I will be willing to do any sacrifice in order to have the best performance I can possibly have.

    Age:14 (04/25/2000)
    Weight:135 lbs
    Height:5 foot 5
    Hair color:Brown-blonde
    Eye Color:Brown

    I sincerely thank you for being able to read this description about me, and I really look forward for having this oppurtunity.

  13. Devin Sweet

    Name: Devin Sweet
    Location: Tampa, FL
    Age: 29
    Height: 6’3″
    Weight: 205
    Bald by choice
    Brown eyes

    I have no acting experience but am an avid movie goer. I follow Dwayne on Instagram and Facebook, am a big fan of Mark and Peter, love their projects. I have been in sports my whole life so I under he dramas and the pressures of that life. Thank you for your consideration.

  14. Abimael Gonzalez

    Hello, my name is Abimael Gonzalez, 32, and I would love to be considered for this fantastic project. I am an actor, athlete, singer and over all outgoing person. I have past film, theatre and musical experience. I’m looking forward to expanding my career by becoming a part of a promising project, such as this. Growing up I played street basketball, football, baseball, and free running (parkour), with no equipment; just all heart, skill and no excuses. I know what it is to struggle, fail, succeed and over all persevere through life’s adversities. I believe that I can bring honesty and life to any roll I am given an opportunity to portray. Everyone has a story to tell, please allow me an opportunity to be a part of this story.
    Feel free to contact me. Headshots and resume are readily available.
    Brown Hair
    Brown Eyes
    Able to play ages 18-35

  15. Vanessa Sturms

    25 years old
    Pensacola Fl.
    Filipino and whie but look Hispanic
    130 lbs
    black hair
    wavy/curly hair

  16. Jasdeep Jassar

    I am a 21 year old college student who used to be a linemen in high school. I am of indian decent light to bronze skin with a linemen build. I have long black hair am 5’11 about 210 pounds and work well in all settings. I feel that I am excellent candadite for this movie because I look the part and I can act. Currently reside in Buffalo NY and traveling isn’t an issue, I am open to any all needed appearance changes. Please consider me to be an addition to this movie.

  17. Dakota Bailey

    I have travelled the world once and have had some amazing experiences, now I want the opportunity to have more. My name is Dakota Bailey and I am from Wpg, Manitoba, Canada. While I was travelling all over the world with my family for one year I had the opportunity to be many different people, whether a sheikh riding a camel around the great pyramid of Giza, or an explorer climbing table mountain in South Africa or the first time. These experiences let me experience different cultures and something other than normal life and I would be ecstatic to have to chance to experience it again. I would be thrilled to have any part in this series. Below are some details about myself:

    Sex: Male
    Height: 5’8″
    Eye colour: Hazel
    Hair color: Brown
    Race: Caucasian
    Weight: 150lbs
    Body Type: Athletic

  18. Brejon darby

    Oh yeah I’m want to show off the world what I got this is a chance to show what I got

  19. Brenton Pushetonequa

    I am a 6 foot 220lb. Native American aspiring actor and would love a shot at working with Dwayne Johnson and crew to help make a superb rendition of his past. I am athletic and have done a few Marathons so I am ready to show my acting skills and athletic skills. I am tan skinned with some facial hair and young and handsome looking for my age. Thank you for your consideration.

  20. Mark Updike

    Hello! I am Mark Updike. I am a horse trainer and riding coach to help build confidence in both horse and rider. I do training clinics around the state of Florida and I am a Magician. I am 48 years old and doing what I love and loving what I do. That is my only source of income. I helped out for free a small time movie director for a film festival this weekend and believe I look good in front of the camera. I am comfortable in front of crowds. I am a former Marine and have a colorful personality. So I am told. I would love a chance to work on my acting skills.

    Mark Updike you can google my name and get some info.

  21. jessica

    Hi my names jessica gatlin and to be honest i have no idea why i should get it. Im 14 maybe to young and i just want to be part of it. Well i guess thats it

  22. Jalaysha Smith

    Hi I’m Jalaysha and I would love to be apart of this HBO production. Acting is my life and if you would give me a chance to live that dream. I would be forever grateful. Thank you



    Ethnicity-African American

  23. Irma Valladares


    My name is Irma, I’m from Miami, Fl and I am 16 years old. I would love to be a part of this movie. I attended the school of International Models of America, where they trained me in modeling aswell as acting. Ever since I was born my dream was to be an amazing actress, I honestly could care about the fame and money, I truly have a passion for acting. I really hope you would give me the chance to be apart of this production.
    I have an account on, so if you would like to see pictures of me and find put my information

    Thank you, God Bless You and have a great day!

    Yours Truly,
    Irma V

  24. Kyle Spencer

    I would be an ideal candidate for this show since it is a show all about athletes and their lives. I played high school and college football as well as running track and field. I am 6 feet and 205 pounds. I still workout with college football players and a few of the players in the experimental league set up this year. I know what it’s like to be an athlete and have experienced the ups and downs and struggles of balancing the life. You should cast me for this role I would be a definite asset to the show.


    Hi, My name is Michael Capistran and I thought I might give this arena a shot and see what I got and to see what unfolds for the future, I got nothing to lose, but all to gain from focusing on the hard work, so if you may take me into consideration I would really appreciate it. Thank you for your time…Here is some of my info and if more is needed you can reach me at….Thanks again.

    Gender: Male
    Age: 39 (but I can pass for 28-30 with the looks)
    Height: 5’8″
    Weight: 206
    Body Type: Muscular/Athletic Build
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Race: Hispanic/White
    Born and Raised: Texas
    Languages Known – English, Spanish

  26. Lorenzo

    Hi my name is Lorenzo from Puerto Rico but leave in Tampa. I’m roockie acting but I practice Taekwon-Do second degree black belt ready to kick some ass. I ‘m really agile. Please give the opportunity I’m full of good surprises.

    Weight 177 pounds
    eyes: brown
    age: 34
    gender: male

  27. Zach Dupree

    My name is Zach Dupree and im very interested in a possible role in this series. Im 15, white, stand 5 foot 9 and a half inches. I wear glasses, have dirty blonde hair, blue eyes. I am bigger than average, but not huge. Im not gonna give a stereotypical reason as to why i want this role. Im not gonna say acting is my “passion” or anything. But dont get me wrong i do like to act. Im interested because i dont have money like other kids. I just have to help pay the bills. I hope you consider me strongly because i have a strong work ethic and will do my best. You can contact me at 254-245-2197. Thank you very much.

  28. David Olaniregun

    Hi, my name is David Olaniregun I am 13 years old and I live in UK London. I would be honoured to be apat of this film which I am sure will be a major success I know your probably looking for an actor with a bunch of experience I may not have experience but I have something better, I have drive,determination and persistance. Ever since I was a really young boy I dreamed of being an successful actor/singer and this could be my first major step. I would love to be taken into consideraton of being apart of this movie, if I was picked it would be an amazing expereince for me. I can sing, dance, play the drums,guitar and keyboard/piano so if there was a role around those lines I would be perfect for that. Thank you for taking the time to read I hope you take me into consideration.

    Thank you.

  29. Ken porter

    I attract success both financially and spiritually.

  30. Caitlyn

    I’m Caitlyn Bryant.
    Age- 15
    Hair color- blonde
    Eye color- brown
    Average height. I’ve been in plays before but never a movie.

  31. Ethan Turner

    To whom this may concern he/she
    my name is Ethan Turner and i am applying for a role in this movie, i am honest, hardworking, everything i do is my 100% . i have love acting out movie in my head, when im sad i go through lines of my favorite movies and that always makes me happy when i am sad. also when i watch movies i always put the subtitles on and thats my way of learning and practicing lines from movies and i am really good.. i can do a video if need be. i have been a extra in the movie RISE OF THE UNDERDOG… so i have a great idea how things work on set and love it. i don’t want to do movies or be in this movie for fame and fortune, i want to be in this movie and be in more movies not just to show people that i am good at acting but also to show everyone and myself that i can make it in this business and that i worked really hard for it. acting is my passion, it is the one thing i know that i can do and do very well. all i need is a chance… my dream is to be in movies and make great movies and to share it with the world. thank you ..

  32. jericka hunter

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Jericka Hunter, I am very interested in landing a role for this movie, it would be an honor to have the chance to meet many cast members and other directors, as well to get better experience in the industry. I would give a list of all of my accomplishments and achievements but I would rather let my actions and skills speak for themselves.

    Name: Jericka Hunter
    Gender: female
    Age: 18
    Ethnicity: African American- Cherokee Indian
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Height: 5’4
    Thank you for viewing my submission

  33. Alaya

    Hi I’m Alaya and I am fourteen years old. I’m currently living in Texas and I’ve dreamed of being on TV forever. I love to perform, create, entertain, become someone else, tell a story, etc.
    I love acting and theatre so much that I can’t imagine going through life with a different career, even if it means spending years upon years with no work. I love adding layers to a character, making them seem real by adding mannerisms and habits. I love the fact that you can be someone completely different and yet still be yourself at the same time. I love getting the oppurunity to meet the wonderfull people and experiencing new places and things.
    I love everything about acting.

  34. Lareka Bowles

    Hello my name is Lareka and I’ve been seeking an opportunity to become an actress. I’m 40 years old, 5′ 7 and well preserved. Acting has been a dream of mine for over 15 years and would be honored for the chance to work with such wonderful and successful actors. My husband and I are fans of the Rock and Mark Wahlberg. I have experience in local church plays. I have the abilities to show any and every emotion and make it work for the scene. I’m hard working and very passionate about becoming an actress and I plan to give 110% to any role.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Lareka Bowles

  35. J.C. McCray

    My name is Joel McCray, also called J.C., and I am an actor. I am 12 years old and I am a 7th grade home school student. I have been performing since 2010. I started my career in music doing recitals and singing. I went on to perform in church stage plays and to sing in choir. I have been studying and acting with several theaters and I have an acting coach as well. Now, I perform with a top-notched theater group presenting world-renowned, classics, as a quadruple threat – piano, singing dancing, and acting. I am looking for my big break in TV or on “The Big Screen,” preferably in a comedy, as I am well-known as the goofy, nerdy kid and I embrace that. I really hope that you consider me for a role, any role, as I just need to prove to everyone that i am a truly, talented actor and young comedian. Thank you for the opportunity to express my desire to be apart of this awesome project. I am a huge fan of The Rock, too!

  36. Rosalie Vasquez

    Hello, I’m Rosalie Vasquez and I would like to be an actress. I am a very smart, charismatic, outgoing, persistent, and focused individual that would be a great addition to the team. Not only am I a quick and determined learner but I’m bilingual. Ever since I was a little girl (I’m 19 now) I’ve wanted to be an actress but not for the money or fame, but to be a role model and make my parents proud. I grew up in a harsh neighborhood in New York and all I ever wanted was to make it and get my parents into a better and safer neighborhood. My passion for acting is so grand that I act as if I’m on a t.v. show when I’m in the shower (lol). My point is, this would be a great opportunity for me and I won’t let you guys down.

  37. Grace

    Hello Casting Directors,
    My name is Grace, I am 18 years old. I have performed in several plays and showcases at the theatre in my town. I love to perform on stage, whether it is acting, singing, or dancing. I would love to be on your show! My family and I love The Rock and it would be an honor to be in a the same movie as him. Thank you for this opportunity!

  38. Lydia T

    Name: Lydia T
    Age: 27 (But can EASILY pass for 18 due to AMAZING genes! Gift & a curse) lol
    Location: Marietta, Ga.
    Height: 5’2 / Weight: 125-128 pds on a good day lol
    Slim build
    Emotional WRECK on the inside, smiling bright eyed bushy tail pleasant people pleaser on the outside lol no, seriously. That’s me.
    I believe I’d be perfect for this role because I can relate to a dysfunctional family. I’m sure we’ve all got “family drama” but when your father is a crazed mentally abusive sociopathic woman beater stalker police officer who lands himself in jail for being a crooked cop, and a grandmother who is pretty much a narcissistic lesbian who thinks she can BUY the love of her family & friends all you have to do is accept her cursing you out, bashing every decision you make in life (good or bad) and watching your caring, STRONG, & beautiful mother endure these things PLUS LOTS more on top of losing the only sibling you’ve ever known. You tend grow up pretty fast, and learn a thing or two about being ‘dysfunctional’ but struggling through it at a VERY young age. This is not a pitty story, these are SOME of the struggles I’ve overcome (and you haven’t heard anything yet!) lol but not for nothing I’m very familiar with the baseline of this project. I’ll fit in somewhere. Lol Thanks for listening! This was therapeutic. See you on set! 😉 A girl can dream can’t she??

  39. Anthony Mangione

    Hi I reside in Long Beach, CA. I am currently a Natural Bodybuilder who competes for a drug-free organization called MuscleMania. Ive won the Mr California title and Im very passionate about fitness and I always doing what is necessary to win.

    Height 5’9″
    weight 180 lbs
    bodyfat maintain 9% or lower

    I would love to do a project of this magnitude!

  40. Stephen Carter

    Hello my name is stephen carter I am a 24 year old student from Chicago Illinois. I am 6’1 180 former high school football, basketball player. I would be honored in love to have the opportunity to be in show business an also to work with Dwayne johnson. I am a passionate an driven young man who is looking for an opportunity like this thank you for your time

  41. Sophia Paniagua

    Hi my name is sophia Paniagua I am
    I have brown hair
    I am Hispanic
    I am 5 feet
    The reason I think I can be apart of this is I have done many plays at school and I am actually in one right now. I can do all sorts of diffrent types of people. I have always liked the fact that when you act you can act like a whole diffrent person.

  42. Brianna Cosey

    Hey guys, my name is Brianna c: I would really enjoy being apart of this movie. I have a little experience because I have taken theater from 7-9 grade. I am open to even the smallest part available, even if it doesn’t have a line. Please give me the opportunity to live out a dream of mine!
    Age: 14 (could pass for a few years younger or older)
    Height: 5 feet
    Weight: 109
    Lives in dallas metroplex

    Thanks for considering ((;

  43. Alexander Jalland

    Hello, I’m Alex and I am 18, 6.1 foot tall, 75kg, dark brown hair, blue eyes. I’m British and living in Richmond Hill, Georgia. I have a muscular physique, I dead lift 330 pounds. I sprint and do long distance running. I have trained in Karate for 5 years. I play rugby as well as football and many other sports including a number of athletic events. I have other skills including weapon handling, horse riding, skiing, sailing and many more. I have a good voice for accents and can play serious and comic roles.




    first off let me say this is a great idea that you are putting into work. Dwayne Johnson is a phenomenal actor as well as the other actors that are going to be working with him. I feel that I would be an asset to your production because I know that I will be the best I can be. Hello, my name is Brianna Pickett. I know you don’t have time to read all of these message, but I would like for you to take some time and your patience to read mine. I’m a 20 year old woman who has had her trials and tribulations. I used to walk to, ride my bike to, and eventually drive my car to work. I’ve slept outside to sleep on couches to finally have my own place, then I lost it now I have it back. I’ve been through a lot. Now I’m ready to have my dreams come true. I don’t have much to offer but I have my word, trust, and my talent. I love to transform myself to a whole other person. If you decide to bring me on your production, you won’t be disappointed. Once again my name is BRIANNA R. PICKETT. Thankyou for your time and patience.

  45. Giuseppe

    Not bad for over fifty!!!

  46. Brendon Luka

    Hello, I am interested in acting for this movie due to the The Rock’s ability to portray every role well and him simply being an inspiration overall. I believe in my ability due to playing certain roles and characters since I am a professional wrestler on the indie levels living in NY. Ballers certainly interests me due to the astounding cast and the drama aspect. Thank you.

    Age: 18
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Gender: Male
    Weight: 165 pounds
    Height: 5’11”
    Body Type: Athletic Build
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown

  47. Jack Scanlon

    Hello I’m John Scanlon, I like to go by Jack. I’m from the Western Suburbs of Chicago. I am 21 years old. I am 5’7″ and I weigh 150lbs. I have a very muscular physique. I am very athletic, and I have played football. I am also ambidextrous. I believe I would make a great fit to this series.

    Thanks for the time,
    Jack Scanlon

  48. Victor Peluso

    Age: 20
    Height 5’7
    Weight: 150 athletic

    I live in the dallas metroplex, specifically Frisco, Tx one of the fastest growing cities in the nation.
    Honestly I dont know why you WOULDNT choose me. Im fuckin awesome. Me and Mark would look great standing next to eachother and I could totally pass as The Rock’s son or something since no one really knows what the hell either our ethnicities are. Hes filipino right (joking)?

  49. Ashley Richardson

    My name is Ashley Richardson I am 5’2 and I weigh between 100-110 pounds. I have been acting for six years and I have been in several theatrical productions. I would love to be a part of this production. Thank You.

  50. Ashton Booker

    Hi my name is Ashton Booker im 14 years old and im available for any part even if its just a small part such as a extra. Im trying to make my dream come true and if it means having just one part of the movie and one scene then i’m perfectly fine with it. Im really interested an auditioning for this movie because of 3 reasons. The first one being i love to put my face on a camera. The second one being anything that has the rock in it haha is probably going to be interesting. Last but not least, the third one being I like how an this movie you guys are excepting all acting levels and what not, that really caught my eye,
    Eye: green
    Hair: dark brown
    Height: 5’6
    Age : 14
    Name : Ashton Skylar Booker

    So yeah Id really appreciate if you guys could give me a email back at or give me a call at 908-210-2380 or 908-655-7566 and if youd like a picture of my face i can also send that. Thanks 🙂

  51. Jillian Deller


    My name is Jillian Deller and I am interested in being cast in your film. I am a 19 year old female with brown hair and eyes. I am about 5’9 with a slim, athletic body type. Unfortunately I do not have much experience with acting but I am very interested in it and I believe that my confidence and willingness to learn makes up for my inexperience. I hope you consider me for a part and please feel free to message/email me back if you have any further questions.

    Thank you and good luck,
    Jillian 🙂

  52. Anthony Flores

    Hello my name is Anthony Flores Im 17 years old. I live in San Fernando, California

    Height: 5’6″ Weight: 145 lbs.

    It has been a dream of mine to be on tv especially next to one of my idols Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.
    I am a fast learner and always willing to try new things. Im always trying to have a good time but when its time to be serious I am.
    Ive been doing competitive allstar cheering for almost a year ive developed many skills from it such as back handsprings, front handsprings, backtucks, layouts & back walkover in less then a year

  53. Ariel White

    Name Ariel White
    Age 22
    Sex Female
    Height 5’6
    Weight 150
    Hair color Brown
    Eye color Brown
    Ethnicity Caucasian

    Hello my name is Ariel, I’m from Phoenix Arizona. I am attractive, young and full of energy. My life long dream is to become a famous actress or comedian. I’ve been inspired to act since I was a kid by watching actors like Jim Carey, Will Farrell, and Adam Sandler. I have a very funny and outgoing personality. Since I was young I’ve been class clown and the sarcastic joker of the family. However, I am also able to be serious or play a more sophisticated role. I’d love to star in any movie as a extra or even a small role, I’m determined to get my personality and face out in the media because I know that the “set” would absolutely love me.
    I would love to be a star in this hit series because it would fit me perfectly and I believe I have what it takes to adapt in any type of “set if my all is in it. These are the actors that inspire me growing up, I’ve been through a hard upbringing growing up so I know what it takes to fight for something you want and achieving goals superbly cause I know that what I have is gold.

  54. Jonathan Manning

    My name is Jonathan Manning, I’ve been inspired by Dwayne Johnson since I was a kid. If I had more sheets of paper for how many times I drew The Rock, with his artched eye-brow, I wouldn’t of went through so many pencils. I’m an artist so I know what it’s like being the underdog, for alot of people it is much like sports because of size at first etc. I think I would do well on this series, please consider me. Thank you.

  55. Anthony Arner

    Hello, my name is Anthony Arner, and I really would like to become a great actor someday and I couldn’t think of a better way to do that then to work under all of the stars and professionals in this film. I have some experience under my belt and I also have an amazing amount of energy and talent. I am also capable of taking direction well and adapting to tough situations. I plan to make it big someday. I believe in myself and want to prove to everyone else what I am capable of. That’s why I think you should consider me as an addition to your film “Ballers”.
    Ps. I loved watching wrestling when I was younger and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been a great idol.

  56. Alexis Marie Vallone

    Hi my name is Alexis Vallone, I am a FireFighter/ EMT, physically fit, articulate, adventurous, racial ambiguous as far as the way I look and eager to learn. Have some modeling experience, I tackle tasks quickly and very diverse.

    I met Dwayne Johnson here in Davie, Florida when I was about 10 years old, and he was the sweetest celebrity I have ever met and he left a everlasting impression. I am forever a fan and it would be a dream come true to see/ work with him again.

    Athletic Build
    Brown hair
    Hazel Eyes
    Some Tattoos- In professional attire, you will not be able to see.

  57. Luis west

    My name is Luis west I am a 25 year old african American
    I am 6’4 322 pounds with muscular physique from Brooklyn nyc

  58. Saydie Bradley

    I love meeting new people, and experiencing new things! I would love to be a part of this!

  59. ebony

    Im an adaptable woman, ive been told id be a good actor & ive always wanted to be an actor.
    Ive struggled a lot so mainly its its a dream that id like to come true.
    Thanks for your time.
    Im 5’2
    More of a curvy yet athletic build
    (beach body type)
    African American
    Born and raised in grand rapids. Simple but nice town
    Coming on a rise.

  60. Jed Allen Freels

    “Ballers” What an opportunity, be part of a great series staring a legend like the ROCK! I am Jed Allen Freels a 32 year veteran highschool coach and teacher along with being a Nashville Recording Artist and The founder of Auburn Actors Theater. It would be a dream come true to be part of this series and what a message it would send to all my students and athletes….Never give up on your dreams……. I have a degree in education but also a degree in speech communications and theater with an emphysis in performance. I have done Hundreds of Stage Rolls and would jump at the chance to be part of this in any small way. You can check out more at I look forward to the chance of being part of an amazing new series.

  61. Tyler Green

    Hi my name is Tyler Green. I’m a 16 year old boy with brown hair, I’m 5’8 and I’m a swimmer (if that matters). I would like to take part in this as a kickstart for my career. I’ve never acted before but according to my peers I’m very good and I’ve always been interested in doing it. This show sounds awesome and it would be an honor to be in this show, even for an episode or two. Contact me on my email if you plan on reaching me.

  62. Ethan Downey

    Hello, My name is Ethan Downey… I would love to see if I am the one your looking for to play the part in these episodes… Contact me any time at my email address… I am 17yrs old , around 5’8 with blondish hair and big blue eyes.. I am looking forward to hearing from your company in the future… Thanks for your time.

    Ethan Downey

  63. Buddy Eubanks

    My name is Buddy. I gave up my life in Atlanta(career, friends, etc.) to become a caregiver to my disabled Marine son who was injured multiple times is Iraq and Afghanistan in multiple deployments. A decorated war hero(purple heart recipient, etc.), he, himself, is an accomplished writer and is attending College studying drama, as thankfully, he is doing much better, which gives me time to pursue some of my own interests. We plan to incorporate a couple of businesses including his acting and writing career along with a 5013c charity to give back to wounded soldiers and their families, and I will run these businesses for him as I am college educated with a master’s degree(MBA) and spend quite a few years in management of corporate America.. We feel that a great way for me to get a true understanding of the business is to participate in some capacity in some moves and/or plays. I have an outgoing personality and a great sense of humor, and yes, I still have a bit of a southern accent. I am open to any role that may be available, and look forward to learning more about the possibilities. We make our home in New York, about an hour from NYC. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  64. Hayley Assink

    Name: Hayley Assink
    Age: 20
    Height: 5’5”
    Hair color: Light Brown
    Eye color: Blue
    I am a part of the Seattle Talent Agency and want to pursue a career in acting. Acting is my passion and I would love to be able to have it as my career.
    Plus, I love football and Mark Wahlberg is one of my favorite actors! So that would be absolutely amazing to be a part of one of his projects.

  65. Jameer Walker

    My name is Jameer Walker , im 16 years old , tall , and chubby with glasses . Im 6’1 240 Pounds And Id love to be a part of this show ,I am very fun to be around but im serious when it comes down to it . I hear a lot that I Am not camera shy and that I have a very loud voice (sometimes I dont know if thats good or not) .

  66. Jikeme Daniels

    Name: Jikeme Daniels
    Height: 6’1
    Race: Mixed Black American
    Skin Tone: Caramel Brown
    Hair: Locs, color Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Age: 22
    Body Type: Buff, muscular, and athletic

    I am a passionate individual, I can adapt to many situation. I am a professional musician and professional Kick Boxer for the United States of America for the WAKO TEAM. I have many more talents and abilities as well. So if something needs to be done in a fun but professional way, I am available.

  67. Jennifer lockstedt

    IMDB Jennifer Lockstedt

  68. Caolan Clarke

    Name: Caolan Clarke
    Height: 5’7
    Race: Caucasian
    Hair: Short Brown
    Eyes: Blue
    Age: 16
    Body Type: Thin, athletic
    I think i should be given a chance to prove myself as i am very passionate yet professional when it comes to acting and I would not let you down. I am very mature for my age and would take any role that is given to me and make it work. I go to Drama clubs and am doing GCSE level and will be doing A level as i want a career in the industry and where better to start than through a very successful production company’s film. Thanks if you took the time to read this .

  69. Terry Watley

    My name is Terry L. Watley,I am 33 years Old! I have always wanted to be a actor of any kind.I’m from Jacksonville,Fl and Played Sports all my life and I feel like i could be a great fit for this film,I would love to be apart of this project. Thank you!

  70. Frank

    Hello my name is Frank Bauknight.
    Age: 19
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 120
    Race: Black
    Location: Charlotte, NC

    I’m a nice short country boy. No acting experience but Im ready to work!!! I have a passion for acting and movie making and touching hearts.

  71. Sharmistha Das

    I am Sharmistha Das. I am an aspiring actress from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Acting and modelling is my passion. My ambition is to be a Hollywood actress. I am requesting for an opportunity to showcase my talent in the Hollywood film/television industry .
    My details are as given below:
    NAME- Sharmistha Das
    GENDER- Female
    LOCATION- Kolkata, West Bengal, India
    DATE OF BIRTH- 05/Feb/1993
    AGE- 21 years
    EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION- B.Sc. from University of Calcutta
    LANGUAGES KNOWN- English, Bengali, Hindi
    HEIGHT- 5’3″

  72. Kristy

    I should be considered because I am the ideal 30 year old actress. I have raw talent and ready work. I’m very photogenic, camera friendly and good at taking direction. This would be a great opportunity for me to break into acting. If you take a chance with me, you won’t be disappointed.

  73. Trae Johnson

    Names Trae Johnson,
    I’m about 5’7-5’8 140-145lbs
    African American and I’m 23 years of age turning 24 in the new year.
    I would like to be considered because all my life
    I’ve been told I’m an animated person with always
    Acting out stories it just emotions just to get the people more into the story I’m telling.
    I’m not expecting a lot knowing a lot of the people here have a lot more experience than me,
    But all I need is one shot to try and make something out of nothing. I’m a quick learner
    When it comes to everything and I’m hoping this is something I can learn and have under my belt
    Thanks for the consideration and hoping maybe I could get picked.

  74. Tyerell

    A yo I’m really from the hood no need to be acting, I’m all authentic and educated. I’m 23 and aspire to become an actor with my good looks and charming personality. My mojo is in tact and I have a great personality. I cannot be duplicated, only copied. I am along the lines of :will smith, Samuel Jackson just to name a few. I have immense star power already and can play the bad guy like a 2nd nature.

    Fear- false,evidence,appearing to be real.

  75. Guillaume G. W

    Je m’appel Guillaume et je suis un jeune homme français de 20 ans.
    Je suis un passionné du cinéma, et j’adore Dwayne Johnson.
    Je n’ai jamais participé jusqu’à présent à un film. A part quelques petits courts-métrages que j’ai fait moi même.
    Taille : 1m85
    Poids : 75kg
    Cheveux Blonds
    Yeux Bleus
    J’espère en fait rajouter une petite touche française à votre film et que vous serez intéresser.