Baby Models Casting

Baby Models Casting

Attention all parents, grandparents, guardians, aunts, uncles, godparents – a brand new baby modeling opportunity is here and ready to give you the chance to share your beautiful child to the world. An exciting new voice in the baby clothing design industry is looking for a fresh crop of bright and charismatic boys and girls to be the faces of their latest line of luxury baby apparel. Casting calls are happening very soon and submissions are being accepted today.

Paige Lauren Baby is a fast growing baby clothing design label set to take the industry to a new and exciting level and possibly shepard your child into a fabulous, once in a lifetime experience in baby modeling. This luxury design house is looking for boy and girl models from the ages of

3-9 months to be featured in their baby layette line materials. Models chosen will be prominently used in all aspects of the company’s marketing rollout including, online, print and in-store displays. This is an incredible chance for your child to be the shining face of one of the hottest baby brands in the world and for you to get a huge headstart on a college fund or savings account for your little angel. If you have a special little one at home that everyone tells you has to be a model, why not start today?

Casting Calls for this outstanding new baby modeling opportunity for Paige Lauren Baby will be taking place soon you can submit your little one today by sending emails to with your child’s gender, size, age and recent photos. More information can be on this outstanding line can be found here and will we will posting more casting updates as they become available. Keep checking back for more details and leave a message for us below and tell us why your baby would be perfect for the Paige Lauren Baby model casting.

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429 Casting Responses

  1. Rochelle Smith

    Hello my son is 2 months old he’s a very calm baby so noise won’t be a problem he’s ready for the acting industry please give us a email please and thankyou

  2. Shwetha

    My baby boy is 7 months old. He has a wonderful smile with bright eyes. His photogenic features are commendable. Would love to hear back from you.

  3. Rose

    My baby Kiyan is 9 months and super cute and with killing features!!
    Would love him to have this opportunity !

  4. Nevaeh

    Hello casting call, My Baby Girl Nevaeh is a wild child, Fun loving energetic girl. We’d love the opportunity of casting call to call us for modeling or even a simple audition it’d mean the world to us .

  5. Sarah

    Baby Olivia is a sweet and loveable beautiful baby girl. Everyone that sees her instantly melts at her dark brown eyes and cute dimple. She is our little blessing and even at her tender age she is so quiet and peaceful. Our family is compelled in love with our bundle of joy!

  6. Diane Medeiros-Collins

    I have a 6 month old baby girl who has dark hair and blue eyes and fair skin tone….her eyes look like marbles….we would be so excited to represent your brand…she has an amazing temperament and is such a happy baby!!

  7. Katelynn

    My four month old son Silas is a very photogenic and happy baby. He loves the feeling of fabric and loves to smile and will always look at the camera.

  8. Dean

    Hi, my son is now 6 mos old and he weighs 16.535 lbs. I call him sweet face because he always smile even to people he does’nt know, they say my son is friendly and people loves him so much because of sweetness and smilling face.

  9. Giselle

    My baby boy is 5 months and 2 weeks old. He weighs 16.8 lb. he loves all the attention he can get. And the women love him. They say he’s took their heart. He has nice big brown eyes, long eye lashes, thick eye brown, and light brown hair.

  10. Giselle Machado

    My baby boy is 5 months and 2 weeks old. He weighs 16.8 lb. he loves all the attention he can get. And the women love him. They say he’s took their heart. He has nice big brown eyes, long eye lashes, thick eye brown, and light brown hair.

  11. Sandy

    My identical twin granddaughters, Eva and Vera, are 6 months old and weigh 15 lbs each. They love having their pictures taken and attract attention everywhere they go. Not just because they are twins but because there is so much cuteness times two!! Honestly! Email me for pics!

  12. deli susana

    Mau ikut casting buat baby saya berusia 5 bulan

  13. Kisandra Forrester

    My son is 4 months and is very active, happy, and special! He is a very good baby and a natural born star! This would be an amazing opportunity for him and I’m sure he’d impress everyone. Thank you!

  14. Mary Oguntoyinbo

    Hi, i have a beautiful 8 month old baby girl. She always attract attention everywhere we go. We get comments from she is so adorable, cute, precious and all. I think this would be a good opportunity for her as she is very active, attentive with beautiful smile.

  15. Mariah DiMassimo

    My son is six months old and he is a very happy , active, unique individual! He hardly cries and he loves all the attention he could get. I believe this would be a very good opportunity for him .

  16. Prince aalwani

    Dear sir /mam please give a chance my son please i request you my son is 3 year old give me a addition date ,time,address my number

  17. Sindey

    We are told our little boy Eli is so adorable and expressive ALL the time. My husbands co-workers swoon over him anytime I go visit to have lunch date, and then take Eli around the tower to show him off to others! 😂 His dad and I keep thinking maybe he should do commercials! He has a great smile and just turned six months old a few days ago. Would love to pursue a great opportunity like this for his future college endeavors! He’s a ladykiller!

  18. Josh

    My Lil Baby girl got all these other babies wrapped up in her poopy little diapes. Im tired of random people trying to hold her and telling me and her mommy that we need to keep making babies. Wierdos. Get my lil girl Amira on tv. ( separate fees and charges may apply to hold and snuggle the baby)

  19. Amanda mc cann

    Hi I would love to get my amazing smiley happy 5half month lil boy clayton into modelling as he is such a happy handsome baby always smiling and giggling I would like more info if possible please, thank you 😁

  20. Ana

    My son is the cutest daemon in the world, he s a proper heartbreaker. 😁 Who ever met him said that has to see him again… he makes you miss him. 😍

  21. Alana Rivers

    My son would be an excellent candidate for this amazing opportunity. He has an infectious great big smile and his dimples are just icing on the cake. He is a very happy baby. Everyone that meets him tells me that he is such a happy baby and is a really good boy. His smile will make anyone’s day. He has lots of energy. He’s 20 pounds. He turned 7 months old on the 13th of July. It’s like he knows he’s taking a picture whenever I take one of him because that smile is out of this world. You have to see it. Please see my email with his picture from Alana Rivers.
    Thank you

  22. Apeksha

    My baby girl named sarthika is too cute.Evey time she has adorable smile on her face.At public place unknown people come to me and ask me for taking pic of my baby because of her charming face and cute smile.My baby’s postures and gestures are very real and attractive.She gives expected poses in front of camera.

  23. Deilyn

    My son Kollage is 3 months old and has the prettiest dimples when he smiles. His background is Spanish/Vietnamese and Lebanese! He is so loved by anybody that meets him.

  24. Valeria

    I think my baby will be a perfect fit. She is beautiful. I’m not just saying that because I’m her mom, every where we go she gets compliments from everybody. She has beautiful big eyes and a pinky complexion. I am ready to show her off to the world.

  25. Maisha Young

    My daughter should be apart of your modeling casting; because she is photogenic ; makes everyone happy around her. She gets compliments on her look every time we are out. She likes to smile , she has her own personality and is good with other adults.

  26. Bella

    Baby Bella Is 7 months and everyone of all race says that the baby is beautiful and should do some sort of modeling. Baby Bella is joyful and very playful. She does not cry when she is being carried by other people that are not her parents. Bella is very comfortable in front of the camera. She loves looking her best without even trying, and believes that representing PAIGELAUREN clothes will encourage mom and dads that their babies need to dress comfortable with a simple luxury look and feel.

  27. Fredrika

    My son just turned 6 months on the 23rd. He has mesmerizing blue eyes. Eyes and heads turn no matter where he goes. People of all ethnicities stop to get his attention. He’s born to a biracial and multiracial parent. Both of us are AA. I was told my son should be in a magazine, on a diaper boy, Gerber baby, and more. I say, “Hey it wouldn’t hurt to try.”

  28. Myoonia Holmes

    I think my baby will be great for this because he’s so adorable and Lovable

  29. Karen morales


  30. Wynter Sanaa Keizer

    Miss Wynter Sanaa is a burst of smiles 24 hours a day. Coming from a carribbean island background, this baby girl loves to dance to the sound of music anywhere. She loves the camera and knows exactly when she has the spotlight and its her time to shine! At 9 months old she is already a consistent walker. Her parents keep her stylish and her personality goes right along with it. Miss Wynter Keizer is a well rounded happy baby, and she loves people.

  31. Brandi Hoszouski

    I believe my daughter Zoe who turned 6 months on April 5th would be a great candidate. She is Mexican/Canadian. she has an infectious smile! She is a very happy, easy going baby. She has lots of brown hair and big brown eyes!

  32. Payal Spears

    Miss Chanél Spears is a beautiful 8 month old baby from Seattle, Wa. She has a beautiful ethnic background mixed with Fijian/Indian from her mother and Irish, Puerto Rican, Jamaican mix from her father. She has beautiful big almond shaped Grey/Greenish eyes and a beautiful olive complexion to compliment them. Chanél loves to smile and pose for the camera and being happy and eating is her hobbies.

  33. Royal rivas

    I think that he will bring lot to the table great personality and warmth and joy

  34. Jessica

    Blake would be a good candidate for this position as he is a very good baby. He is very easy going, and very happy. He is almost 11 weeks now and weighs 11 pounds. He is white, has lots of brown hair and blue eyes.


    Greetings. Does this competition applies to African countries too. I have a cute baby whom I am sure you would love to see his picture so cute that even nurses at the clinic think he is she. will be glad to to get your response . I am from Tanzania East Africa the land of Mount Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar

  36. Alisi Mataele

    Molini is a 6 month, pacific Islander baby with beautiful dark hair, dark eye brows and long dark eye lashes along with her bright smile that is eye capturing. But what’s more captivating is her loving joyful personality. Coming from a big family, Molini loves to be surrounded by people who adore her. I know Molini is what your looking for to help represent your beautiful layette clothing design label. They say, “America is the land of opportunity, well this is a dream come true and a once in a lifetime experience that Molini can look back on. We would love the opportunity to work with your team.

  37. Savita

    My son is really fab. He can make such a variety of lovely faces. He is 9 months old. Every one admires him!!!

  38. Brenda

    Hello I just sent an email with information and pictures of Mia. She is perfect for this fit, everywhere we go someone always gives her a compliment. Everyone is in love with her curly hair, so many people tell me she looks like Moana. Mia is always smiling at everyone, she babbles away, plus she’s photogenic!

  39. harmeet

    Hiii, I am Taveshi Pathania just 2 yrs 3 mths old, would to apply for child model

  40. sameer jagtap

    Dhruv.. our baby who has spread smile in our life for last 7 months, since the time he is born. His long hair rests on his shoulder covering ears and thats his one of the asset to his charming looks. His playful smile is also an add-on to his innocence.. Being in his 7 months of age he conveys his demands through his talkative and sparkling eyes.. they really says a lot… Dhruv prefers being effervescent than being cranky. We have attached few snaps of Dhruv to the provided email address, which will prove every statement made hereinabove.

  41. Bao Lee

    Our daughter, Genevieve, is a unique little babe with a sweet heart! She gets attention everywhere we go and we think she’d be a quality candidate for your new line.

  42. Onia Webber

    My baby girl “Zuri” the name says it ALL She just turned 8 months today and I will be sending you photos of her.

  43. Susan

    Our son is a biracial 5 month old. He is very CUTE! His big blue/grey eyes stand out and his facial expressions are the way to his personality. He is a baby that most definitely always knows what he wants. He is starting to move all around and just about to sit up. He is very in tune with the world.

  44. Mandeep

    My beautiful daughter is 6 month old.we are indian.her name is Mantaz.her name of meaning art of queen.she is really sooooooooooooooo cute and beautiful.she has lots of hair.when she bornt doctor said o my god lots of hair.

  45. Roberta

    My son Ethan is a delight! He’s always smiling, always comfortable around people (friends, family and also strangers) and basically never in a bad mood (hard to believe, I know). He is the perfect pick for this audition, trust me! 🙂

  46. Emma Maria Moratalla Mendioro

    Hi sent to your e mail my baby julia claire photo…she’s a hit in our town….always smiling baby and very photogenic…she is 5 mos old

  47. Tara Jacobs


    My son Tristin is a chubky monkey! He has fully kissable cheeks. He has luscious,soft and curly full head of hair. He is a charmer, he has an adorable smile and he is real attentive. His personality shows through his pictures. He’s my big bowl of joy… So i know he’ll bring joy to your company too!

  48. Cat

    Our son River gets so much attention everywhere we go, he is absolutely gorgeous.

  49. Jennifer Vittini

    My baby is 4 months old and every where I go I get stopped and literally get the stroller taken away from just so people can walk with her and show her off. I get so many compliments about how beautiful she looks and people constantly tell me I should put her in modeling. I’ve been reading about how to start and where to go. I hope this website works for my Jianna Amalia!

  50. Miranda Sicard

    I have a 5 months almost 6 month old who is just the sunshine of my life, he can make anyone smile and is just the cutest thing he loves the camera and already knows how to pose! I would love to give him the opportunity to share his cuteness with the world!

  51. Majan

    People say think she is cut, I’m a bias mom.

  52. Raquel

    Hey I have a 4 months old. Very cute and chubby, very happy and always smiling, very alert. Noah Alexander

  53. Rinku

    My son is 3 months old. We are Asian and so my son too. He is so adorable and is an angel to me. He is so cute, lovable, with beautiful smile and with dimple !!! Yes he has dimple too …

  54. Emily

    Hi! I have baby gurl name is athena nathaly R. De castro, she photoginc baby .. and she like to wear dress