Babies for Global Brand Paid Video

Global Brand Video Casting Babies in New York City

There is an educational video for a global brand that is looking for babies to appear in the video shoot. The casting team is looking for ethnically ambiguous babies, who are preferable female, between 7 and 12 months of age.

About the Video Shoot

The video shoot will be for an upcoming virtual reality project for a global brand. The video will simulate senses and will take place from a baby’s point of view. The viewers, who will be medical professionals, will put on virtual reality goggles and be able to view from the baby’s eyes a mother interacting with her and all of the sights and sounds. The video will be shown at a trade show.

A real baby will be used so that the mother can interact with the baby’s hands and feet and so the viewer will have a more authentic experience. Casting directors are looking to shoot for two days the week of May 23rd. The shoot will take place in the tri-state area. Babies from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut will be considered. Parents are welcome to be present during the entire shoot. Everything will be professionally and safely run, a nurse will be on set. The baby will only be placed in the scenes once the shots are set up and the camera is ready to roll to minimize any disruptions. The baby will have a quiet area in between shots.

What They Are Looking For

Babies 7-12 months old
Ethnically Ambiguous
In the tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT0

How to Apply

To be considered, parents should send an email to The email should include photos of your baby. One photo should be a shot from slightly over her head looking down at the body so her belly, feet and arms are in the frame (or as close as you can get to it). The baby can have a diaper on and should be in the entire frame of the photo.

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2 Casting Responses

  1. Samantha

    I have a 11 month baby boy….am willing to see him on Tv

  2. winner

    I have a very plump and sweet babygirl.,but i live in Nigeria..