Awkward - MTV

Awkward – MTV

Awkward. is coming back for an all new set of fabulously entertaining episodes and an all new set of incredible casting calls are coming right along with them. Several spots will soon be open for roles in the all new season of MTV’s half hour dramedy series and submissions are being accepted today from up and coming actors.

MTV’s Awkward. tells the often uproarious and always heartfelt story of social outcast high schooler named Jenna Hamilton who, after an accident in which she breaks her arm is misconstrued as a suicide attempt, sees her notability skyrocket – for better and worse. This classic coming of age story with a twist has scored legions of fans who

tune in each week to watch the finely calibrated stories of the highs and lows of love and friendship and all of the grey areas that lie between. Featuring a talented and diverse cast that includes Ashley Rickards (A Haunted House 2, Struck by Lightning, One Tree Hill), Jillian Rose Reed (Supah Ninjas, Weeds, Age of Dinosaurs), Beau Mirchoff (Scary Movie 4, I Am Number Four, Poker Night), Nikki Deloach (Love & Other Drugs, Grounded for Life, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation), Desi Lydic (Not Another Teen Movie, The Client List, Good Luck Charlie) and Greer Grammer (iCarly, Life Partners, Chastity Bites) and hilarious and emotional storylines by creator Lauren Iungerich (10 Things I Hate About You), it’s easy top see why this half hour series has shot to the top of critics lists and become a fan favorite around the globe.

Casting calls for upcoming episodes of the MTV hit Awkward. are taking place right now and performers can apply for consideration for all available roles today. Submissions from actors of all ages and types can be sent to today. More audition details will be posted here throughout the nes season so check back for further updates and leave a message below telling us what you think of the series and why you would like to be chosen for casting calls for Awkward..

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92 Casting Responses

  1. mriana cantu

    location Denver
    spontaneous, hard working
    face book Mri Cantu
    Instagram Missmriana

  2. Teejayy Gonzalez

    Let my personality speak for itself! Let’s converse, talk. I’m adaptable. My willingness to do what it takes to be successful runs thick in my blood.

  3. Gloria Loren

    I always loved “Awkward” and how the comedy/drama always seemed to draw me in and was very relatable! And I’ve always wanted to get a chance at acting so it would be a dream come true!(:

  4. Stanley Imokha

    Name: Stanley Imokha
    Age: 27
    Ethnicity: Black
    Nationality: Nigerian
    Height: 6″0
    Weight: 200Ibs athletic
    Location: Denver Colorado

    i have previously acted, written and directed my own comedy skits

  5. Dominique Morgan

    I absolutely love this show and always thought I’d be perfect for it! And now finding out I have a chance.. wow! I feel like I would be a good fit for this show because I’m quick with come backs, and probably very overly confident but in a funny way! I just really love myself and some self love would be a great addition, would it not? I’m also pretty outgoing and daring, and everyone loves those kinds of people right?!

  6. Shauna

    I love the show “Awkward” !!! And I think by adding a quirky Irish girl to the cast would give a little more arising!! I’m fun and literally up for anything new and exciting ?

  7. Emily

    I really love the show awkward I’ve been watching it since it aired. I would really like to be casted because I’ve always wanted to start in a TV show. I probably won’t get in the audition because I have no experience but if u ask me every one loves an under dog a person they least expect to make the show. Thank you for your time.

  8. Ashley

    Denver Colorado
    5’2 130 lbs
    Brown hair – Blue eyes
    Visible tattoos
    Stepping out of my comfort zone and trying to broaden my horizons

  9. Carlie Philio

    Name : Carlie Philio
    Age: 17
    Born : 1999
    Gender : Female
    Height : 5’6
    Weight : 138
    Nationality : African American and Caucasian
    Eye Color : Light Brown
    Hair Color : Brown
    Grade : 12th

    I was born and raised in Texas with my 2 sisters and 3 brothers , in addition I have a step-sister and 2 nieces. I am the 4th oldest… not that interesting. I’m not a actor or comedian, just a normal girl that goes to school and hangs with her friends. I played some volleyball , do a little art , sports fan, participates in student council and school activities. I like being around my friends and going shopping .. having fun. I’m a mean-nice type of girl it just ,depends on how I wake up and what I look like that day. I get along with all types of people even though I probably have more boys as friends than girls. I feel like I am a good role model. I can be a little conceited, but it’s not as bad as you may think. I plan on going to school to be a pediatric nurse because I love kids. I plan on having a family and just enjoying my life , travel , and things in that nature.

  10. Lauren brewster

    Would love to hear more

  11. Kristal dunn

    My name is kristal im almost 16 i live in a small town henryville indiana, im not a actress but id love to be on awkward its very interesting and its a very good show i would put all my effort into it
    Im 5’1 wieght 120 have black hair blue eyes and a nice tan i have on tattoo and its hidden very curvy and attractive very out going acting is a big thing in my life that i would love to do

  12. Jamie Everly

    Hello, My name is Jamie. I really enjoy the show and the script wonderful, the show is always keeping me wanting to see more, it’s a great watch. I can relate to the show, as I’m sure many of us can, the whole high school setting and going into adulthood, anything is possible, and all of the ups and downs of friendships, relationships, family life, just everything life will throw your way in the mix of it all. “Awkward” .. just the word its self has always stuck out to me, it kind of really explains my life. I think all of the actors on the show are great and have great talent. There is a mix of personality. I would greatly enjoy to be a part of the experience. I don’t have much experience professionally in acting, but I do enjoy acting and being on camera. I would like to show the skill I do have and even put myself to the test of becoming greater from the whole professional experience, there is always something new to learn everyday, even if it’s something that you usually do with ease. I know that I could offer what it takes to be a part of the experience of Awkward. On to some things about myself, I’m a collage student from a small town, who’s up for new and exciting things. I’m 5’8 and about 120lbs. I have brown hair and brown eyes, and I’m 23 years old.

  13. Taylor Shymanski

    Hi! My name is Taylor Shymanski, I live in a small town in Minnesota! I’m 17 years old, but attend college and look older. I have a few extra pounds on me, but I work it well. I have blue eyes and a brown to blonde ombré. Awkward is by far my favorite show, and Sadie is my favorite character! Is love to come in as a family member or just another college/ high school student! Thank your for your consideration

  14. jorge sandoval

    My name is jorge sandoval Disney has always been my dreamI will love to be part of this amazing show it will be great and fun
    Gender male
    Age 21
    Hair color/black
    Eye color/brown

  15. emily hord

    I love this show. The script is amazing. I have had experience in the modeling and acting industry. It has been awhile, but I would love to help and be apart of the team. I have no problem sending headshots.

    25 years, 5’3″, 140lbs, attractive, curvy, natural red hair, green/blue eyes, fair skin. Tattoos hidden/unseen, energetic!

  16. Anndria Anderson

    Hi I am 33 years old and would try out acting and not just go to auditions for once. I’ve always wanted to be an actor but never went to school. But I think that I was born to act and because awkward is so interesting and a very good show I would be the perfect candidate. Please consider my submission. Thnanks

  17. Darian Shepard

    Hello, my name is Darian Shepard and I am 20 years old. I have no experience in acting, but if given a chance I believe with the effort I would put in, I could become outstanding. I have always loved acting and filming and have waited for a chance to put myself to the test. Acting has always been a dream of mine and I believe if I were to get a part on your show I could make my dream a reality. I’m just a small town girl looking for a place where I can fit in.