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Austin & Ally, one of The Disney Channels all-time biggest hits has earned millions of loyal fans and the praise of critics everywhere. Now the producers and casting directors for this Mouse House made success are holding open casting calls and auditions for new episodes for the highly anticipated new season and you can be a part of it.

Featuring rising stars Ross Lynch and Laura Marano, Austin & Ally follows the story of Austin Moon, a cantankerous and outgoing musician and singer and his unlikely partnership with Ally Dawson, a shy but exceptionally talented songwriter with an extreme case of stage fright. Millions of viewers are tuning in every week to follow the outrageous adventures that these great characters have on their road to stardom and now you can get in on the action!  This is your chance to follow your performing drams and work side by side with some of the Disney Channels most talented up and coming stars.

Auditions will be held soon so stay tuned for all of the exciting details. Stay tuned for your shot at fame and stardom on Disney’s Austin & Ally !!!


Leave a comment below to let us know you are interested in this fantastic opportunity.

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6 Casting Responses

  1. Sophie Case

    Hello, my name is Sophie Case and I LOVE and I mean LOVE acting, especially comedy. I am none to be the very goofy, funny one in my my family! Thanks for hopefully considering me.

  2. Anthena King

    Hello my nane is Anthena King i live in Atlanta Ga im 19 yrs old and im interested in being on Austin and Ally

  3. Lea Brandeis

    I can also sing a bit but I never do!! 😉

  4. Lea Brandeis

    Hi i’m Lea Brandeis.I love Austin and Ally! I’ve watched most of the episodes and would love to be in it.I’m only 10 and watch Disney Channel everydayI live in Singapore but I am moving to Penang in Malaysia on the 23 July. I always dreamed of being an actress but i never told anyone about it. I hope I get a part!! 😉

  5. Alex Ho

    Hi I am Alex Ho and I’ve just turned 14 years old and I’m from China. I’m now a year 9 at Yew Chung International School. I have black hair and black eyes and my height is 159 ( almost 160). I love Disney and acting a lot and it would be really awesome if you give me this opportunity to act in Austin and Ally. My English is okay Becuase I speak it everyday. It would be the opportunity of life time. Please consider me, Thanks!!

  6. Esme Howard

    Hi my name is Esme Howard I am 14 years old from England i have watched most Disney Channel Series since the age of 7. I have always wanted to be an actress and that will always remain my dream. I am not the type of person who will go crazy over celebrities unless it is the harry potter cast or twilight I am quite smart so I have the chance to pursue acting. If anyone is reading this i would love to show you my talent however i can’t travel to far from home as I am the eldest of 5 I moved to the north east in when i was 9 years old so i don’t really have an accent. If you are interested in my my email is I can sing act and i don’t look ugly i think. I am not small I am 5.5 foot please consider letting me do an audition by emailing me i would love to do any type of film but I don’t swear and don’t plan too.
    Hope you will get in contact.

  7. Simeon

    Hi my name is Simeon I love disney channel and I love to act. I am 12 years old and I live in the United Kingdom with my mum. I have browne eyes and black hair, I love sport. I am 4 foot 8.I do not have any acting experience,It will be blessing and an amazing experience to work with you

  8. Simeon

    Hi my name is Simeon iIlove disney channel and I love to act. I am 12 years old and I live in the United Kingdom with my mum. I have browne eyes and black hair, I love sport. I am 4 foot 8.I do not have any acting experience,It will be blessing and an amazing experience to work with you

  9. Farah McConnell-Psaltis

    Hi, my name is Farah, I’m 12 years old and for years, it has been my absolute dream to be in a movie or series, as my dream is to become an actor. I have watched Austin and Ally and I loved it!! I would do anything to become a part of this and it would make me thrilled to be a part of it. Xx


    Heyyy my name is Anamalia Falemaka and i am 13 years of age. I luv watching Austin and Ally and its always been my dream to be on the disney channel. I SING BUT NOT REALLY HIGH AND I PLAY GUITAR. I am really tall for my age and i’m mature. Some of my hobbies include


    Hi my name is Anamalia Falemaka but u can call me Ana. I am 13 years of age and i luv to be on austin and ally. I sing but not that high. I PLAY GUITAR AND I CAN ACT. Some of the things i luv to do is sports and just playing the guitar and sing. I live in Tonga in the Pacific Island and yea. I hope i get a role in he showw. It has been always my dream to be on tv and i luv to watch the disney channel and hopefully one day be on disney channel but about myself………………… height: I’m quite tall for my age hair colour: Dark Brown hair type: Really Thick

  12. Nina

    My name is Nina and I would love to be considered for this fantastic opportunity! I’m 20 years old, and though I may be a bit old for Disney Channel, I have always loved it as a child and even in my teen years. I have family that watches Disney still and I think all of these shows teach children great lessons. I hope you will consider me for any part.

  13. Favor Nweke

    I would like to be a part of the Austin and ally show I wish I could get a chance here I am eleven years old but I look older so I can play older people it will be an honor and a dream come true if I am accept thank you for giving me this opportunity and I promise you will not be disappointed if you pick me Thank you so much

  14. Kaitlynne Laverell

    Hello, My name is Kaitlynne Laverell and I Love disney channel. I’ve always wanted to be on it. I can sing very well, I can dance a little, not very much, and I can act. I’ve been in a couple of musicals. I’ve been the main character in both of them. I am 12, 13 in six weeks. I have short, straight brown hair. My Parents do know I’m at least telling you im interested, I don’t have anything fancy. I’m just a regular teenager, with a spark of talent. I would be honered if you’d even consider me. Thankyou!

  15. Shemaiah Mills


  16. Alina

    country:Israel,but I know English very well
    I have light-brown hair
    And brown eyes
    I watch Disney always, every day
    And my dream has always been to participate in Disney
    I’m a little shy but I can get over it
    Anyway I look cute girl but basically I’m “bad girl” (LOL) I think it can really add to a series
    and I love music! I love writing songs, I love singing I think my voice is not so beautiful but I had a teacher who taught me to sing, and I’m also learning to play the piano

  17. Nathalie Navarro

    My name complete is: Nathalie Navarro
    my year old is: 12 year old
    I live in: panama in Don Bosco
    My deport favorit is: futbool, ballet etc.
    I have hazel brown eyes
    I have brown/blonde hair
    I love sport modeling and acting
    Is a big opportunity
    I speak two idioma: spanish and inglish
    Este es mi grandisimo sueño por favor no lo desilucionen

  18. Kwamae hood

    Hi I am 15 and my name is kwamae I can sing,dance,and rap i am a stand up comedian in my city and I think if I could be part of this show it would be awesome not that it’s not cool with out me I am just saying it could be better

  19. Melody Ann Jill Tais

    Name:Melody Ann Jill Tais
    Hey,I live in Malaysia and if a miracle could happen i would really like to go for this audition because I really love acting in a comedian way i guess.Other than that,I really love Disney Channel because i have been seeing them since i was born and it inspires me to act like them.After that,I also can do other things such as singing,dancing and maybe play some music instrument.I hope i can get the role and be a faithfull cast for this show.
    Although im from Malaysia but i can speak english quite well and I can even do some accent .
    My parents doesnt know that im doing this because i would like to surprise them if i get the role to the audition (i hope)

  20. Gina Mathada

    I live in southafrica. I am 16 years old. I love acting comedy shows like Austin and Ally. I am a very good actress. I can act weird and funny and every role. I am a very dedicate person and also work hard on what I am doing at the moment. I am the kind of person who has a very flexible personality and can easily slip into any character. I am light coffee colour. My hair is short.Brown eyes and I love singing.

  21. Cecilia Kriegh

    Name: Cecilia
    Age: 15
    Hair: Long blond/brown
    Eyes: brown
    Height: 160cm
    Hi I’m Cecilia, I am 15 years old. I have blonde/brown hair, and brown eyes, I always been into acting, my main goal has always been to act. Although I have never been in a show or movie I would really like to be and show people what i got. I also loved to modeling when I was younger. I also play Soccer and Guitar, . I am very mature, and get along with others very well. I really hope that I can be on the new season of Austin And Ally. I also believe that I would be a good addition to the show. Thank you so much fore you time.

  22. Sierra Gulli

    Him I’m Sierra Gulli. I’m 13 years old, brown hair with little ombre of gold, brown eyes, and a love for acting. I haven’t been a major role in any movie/show, but I have been extras in movies such as Spy Kids. I have been watching Disney my whole life, it was like my other family. I have a very flexible schedule. I’m about 5′ 3″ and I hope you can consider me!

  23. Avery Schnitzler

    Hair: long dark blond
    Eyes: gray blue
    Name:Avery Schnitzler
    My name is Avery Im 13 years old and I Looove acting and I can sing.

  24. Annie B. Ruiz

    Hi my name is Annie.. I’m 12 years old. I’m looooove Austine and Alley???And would love to be apart of this Historic Show???

  25. Abby

    Name: Abby
    Age: 12
    Hair: Medium Length Hair
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5’3″
    Town: Pocatello, ID
    Hi I’m Abby, I am 12 years old. I have blonde hair, and blue eyes, I always been into acting but never really knew it, and always thought that I wanted to be a dentist or a doctor. I now want to be an actress. Although I have never been in a show or movie I would really like to be. I also love to sing and believe that I’m really good at singing. I also play the cello, I believe that starting to play the cello has really changed my life. I am very mature, and get along with others very well. I really hope that I can be on the new season of Austin And Ally. I also believe that I would be a good addition to your show. Thanks so much for looking at my comment.

  26. Andra Gogan

    Hi,I.m Andra Gogan! I have 17 years old ( but i can look like a girl between 13 and 18 years old :))
    I nevertheless follow my dream: to act in Disney series. I have been preparing myself for this for a lifetime.
    Please find a very brief description of myself: I have been teaching dancing lessons to children since i was 12 ( around 100 children ), I have been singing since i was 3 years old ( I was in Guiness World Record Book for the longest live singing concert of a child, when i was 10 years old: 3 hours-55 songs ), I was the host, the MC of Violetta LIVE concert in Romania, and at present I am qualified in the semi-finals of ‘Romania’s Got talent’ contest with a combination of Tap Dance and Street Dance, i duble voice( like Doc McStuffin, Sofia the First, Chloe from “Dog with a Blog”) in my coutry at Disney Channel and Disney Junior and I present the New Disney Tv Show in my country “I love Violetta”. 😀

  27. Zainab

    My name is zainab i am 13 and going to be 14 in march i have stared in 5 theatre productions in ireland i attended 4 years od private stage/music school i sing very i have had a lead eole in the following productions in ireland time quest ,richie hayes wonderful emporiums and Dr seuss . Seussical the musical . I have plenty of experience and i am very committed i lice in irwland but i am visiting chicago for the mean time i would be very happy to play a part
    Urs zainab

  28. Ailani Acosta

    Hi my name is Ailani Acosta. I love Austin and Ally and I would love to be in the show. I’m 5 years old I’m very social, happy, love to dance and sing just like Aistin and Ally.

  29. Manon

    My name is Manon and I’m fond of Austin and Ally ! Since the beginning I fell in love with the movie. The whole picture is beautiful, the acting, the music and the dance. It’s a real pleasure to watch that show because each time I’m laughing. The reason I love it so much is because the energy that emerge from the show is communicative, and the atmosphere created is magic. In a way, I see myself in this show, so it’s natural for me to propose myself to become a member of this incredible production ! I’m only asking to share the love for dance.
    If you have any questions, feel free to email me any time. Thank you.

  30. Frannie Swanson

    Hi, my name is Frannie Swanson and I love to act! I am ten years old I live in Minnesota but am willing to drive to almost anywhere!

  31. Sukari Williams

    Hi I’m 17 years old but I would really love to audition to start my acting career professionally. Please email for more information.

  32. Felix cantres

    Hey I am a good dancer and singer and Iike to be on Austin and ally in thinks you two are very talented and it will be a dream to be on the show

  33. Mekhi

    I been watching disney channel since i was 8 .
    I always tried to listen for the audition number on the radio .
    My mom found the number but I had to get my grades together and now they are.
    hope i make it

  34. nyasha

    hi my name is nyasha I live in Zimbabwe I’m 17 years old it has always been my dream to be part of Austin and Ally it will be a once in a life opportunity to be part of something big like this and show my talents thank you

  35. Chasity

    My daughter, Emma, loves this show!
    Emma Flynn
    Has done dance for 7 years!
    She would love this opportunity!!

  36. Logan

    Hello, my name is Logan and I am a college student at the University of Toledo. I can never see my nieces that live in Kalamazoo, so I thought if i made it on to the cast of Austin and Ally that they could see me everyday. I would not take the experience for granted. I am blonde, 5’6, and awkward but funny. This opportunity would mean the world to me.

    Thank you

  37. Andrea

    Hi im Andrea and i hope i get the part

  38. Andrea

    I hope i get the part

  39. Janaye Thomas

    It’s simple choose me!!!!

  40. Nattryal banks

    Hi , I’m nattryal banks it has always been a dream of mine to be on TV.
    Hair: black
    Skin:African american
    Place:Washington, bc
    Eye color : brown
    Height: 5ft, 4in
    Weight: 125

  41. Antasia

    I’m getting a Disney audition for Austin and Ally which is my second favorite TV show

  42. Tashinga

    Hi I’m Tashinga I live at Botswana but I was born at Zimbabwe. Austin and Ally is my favorite show.I can danc and sing very well and I think being an actress in your show will be a big opportunity to show my talents and living the dream I always wanted.If I get the role in Austin and Ally my mom and I would be very happy. At least if u can give me a chance to show you my talents I think you will be impressed

  43. Jessica

    My name is Jessica and this sounds fantastic! It would be an absolute dream come true to be apart of this show. Austin and Ally has been one of my favourite Disney shows for years. Please contact me when the auditions for this open.

    Thank you 🙂

  44. Hashir

    Hi ,
    my name is Hashir and i love acting and singing. its been the world to me and i love auditioning for musicals and TV drama programs. i was in Cinderella last year (2014), i was in snow white (in 2013) and i did one more musical in 2012 which was Shrek. (i have loads of experience already) . I love Disney channel, i watch it everyday. i really want to be in Austin and Ally. i’m just waiting , for when the auditions are.
    here are my details:

    name: Hashir
    gender: male
    where i live: london uk
    hair colour: black
    eye colour: brown
    drama level at school: A (nearly reached A*)
    race: brown

    please can you tell us when the auditions are as soon as possible please

  45. Stephanie

    Hi I’m Stephanie and I am 16 years olds.
    I love Disney channel
    I love acting
    And I live in London, UK

  46. Robyn

    Hi my name is Robyn Lyndon, I am 16 years old. I am a fan of Austyn and Ally but not a huge one, due to I don’t watch it a whole lot. I’m just being truthful with you, if you don’t mind? I love acting and hope to have the opportunity on this show

    I am:
    Gender: Female
    Province: Ontario
    City: Guelph
    DOB: February 03 1999 (16 years old)
    Hair: Redish/Browish with blonde ombre, straight
    Skin: White
    Height: 5’5
    Eyes: Blue

  47. Theona

    I would love to act in this show! I can do many accents, When I need to I can be very dramatic. I can sing, dance and would an amazing addition to your show.
    I can sing really well! (I love Maddona) and I watch every episode of this show! I have had some experience in school productions and other thing. I walked out the canadian women’s team at the 2015 opening fifa game with my soccer team on national telivision.
    Contact me anytime.
    Hair: Gold brown, med length
    Eyes: Hazel
    Age: 11
    Please consider me!

  48. alyssa

    hi im alyssa im 10 years old about to be 11 I live in sac ca ive awaysed loved to act sing and dance if I enter this show it would be my dream because my celeberty crush is ross lynch he is my phone screen my computer screen and I hhave a whole bunch of pictures of him in my cabnet ive awasys wanted to work on Disney chann el since I was six

  49. fatima

    hi my name is Fatima I was born on January 12 2003 and I am 12 years old going to 13 years old in 3 months what I like to do is sing , dance , and act I have been in chorus for 4 years I go to safety harbor middle school and I wacth Austin and ally a lot and it is like my favorite show please get this message

  50. Semira Michael

    Hi, my name is Semira Michael. Acting is my passion and Austin and Ally is one of my favourite shows, so this opportunity would be amazing!

    Gender: female
    Age: 17
    City/Province: Toronto, Ontario
    DOB: March 13, 1998
    Hair: black, curly/straight
    Skin: light skin
    Height: 5″5
    Eyes: dark brown

  51. Chanel Blackmore

    Hello, I’m Chanel and I’m 13 years old I have been acting for a while now, and I really like it, I have never thought much about it until now. I was thinking about doing Modelling but after doing it, I realised its not what I want to do. I have wanted to work on a show because I think it would be a great opportunity for me, and my family. I have always loved the idea of being on TV and making people happy when they see me, I love making people happy, because it makes me happy knowing that I have shared that experience with them. I love seeing/meeting new people, and I can automatically be kind/friendly with them, I’m a easy person to work with, and I can easily remember things, so it will be easy to remember lines, I’lI hope to hear from you.

  52. Cadence Meade

    I’m eight years old I was born June six 2007 I love to sing and dance I live in Hartford Connecticut my mom’s cell phone number is 860-656-4342 her name is Clover Meade .

  53. liliana


  54. liliana

    Hi my name is liliana but you can call me lily i love to sing, play basketball,dance and alot of sports and alot of things and i really want to be on you show and i am 9 please please please please please

  55. Emmie

    Hi my name is Emily. I am 12 years old. My birthday is may 10th 2003 . I have longish blonde and Brown hair, blue and green eyes . I may not live in America but I would still love to work on this amazing series. I live in a little town called Marlborough in the UK. I have been acting since I was 4 years old and love it. Acting is my passion. I love it so much.If I did get a acting job me and my family would be prepared to move to America so I could live my dream of becoming an actress. I have had a lot of experience in acting .If I got a role it would mean the world to me.I also have a degree In singing and acting.

  56. Emmie

    Hi my name is Emily. I am 12 years old. My birthday is may 10th 2003 . I have longish blonde and Brown hair, blue and green eyes . I may not live in America but I would still love to work on this amazing series. I live in a little town called Marlborough in the UK. I have been acting since I was 4 years old and love it. Acting is my passion. I love it so much.If I did get a acting job me and my family would be prepared to move to America so I could live my dream of becoming an actress. I have had a lot of experience in acting .If I got a role it would mean the world to me.

  57. Lori Harris

    Hello. My daughter Laci is 8 years old and loves acting! Shes in acting school plus theatre. She is very well behaved and has an outgoing personality! She has been in various magazines plus got offered to Zulily. She loves acting and being in the spotlight! You will fall in love with her and would be a great addition to your show!
    Blonde hair
    Blue eyes

  58. Ajah Honey Flowers

    Hello: My name is Ajah Honey Flowers and I am a 15 year old performing artist. I have marble eyes (dark brown, light brown and black) and straight marble hair; 5’1 1/2 and i am Puerto Rican, Jamaican and African American. I create my own music, sing, act and playing instruments such as the piano, flute and violin. I have had the honor to perform at the Hartford Stage, school events and the XL Center over the past 2 years. When I was younger, I attended the Artist Collective to strengthen my talents, build confidence and enjoy what I do for a living. It will be blessing and an amazing experience to work with you! Be blessed always!

  59. Alyzza Raya

    I live in California I love Disney shows.You need me on your show I wouldn’t give up I will be on your show you want me on your show I love acting . This would be a dream come true.

  60. Alyzza Raya

    I live in California you want me on your show .I love acting I also love all the shows on Disney. You need me on your show. I won’t give up.

  61. Destinee

    Hello my name is destinee here’s some facts about me.

    : 11 yrs old
    :live in Florida
    :black thick hair
    :love to sing… ALOT
    :when i was 2 i loved to act but never audition
    :want to play in austin and ally

  62. Eve slaton

    Hi my name is Eve slaton I am a big fan of Austin and ally it is has always been my drame to start on Austin and ally I am 12 years old I love to sang and dance and act Austin and ally hass always been my number one show ally is so smart at everything that she needs to know and Austin is cool what do and thanks of for a song and I have a crush on ross lynch so place make my drame come true thank you Austin and ally.

  63. Leah Mattas

    Age: 15
    Height 5’4
    Eye color: Blue
    Hair color: Brown with Blonde highlights
    My name is Leah Mattas, I have been watchig disney since I was about 3, and for a while I loved Austing and Ally. I currently live in Ohio, but am able to fly out anywhere in order to audition or to work! I have been singing and acting since 5th grade, and I have met with many brodway actors in order to improve. I am capable of doing accents, and have no fears when it comes to acting or singing. While i’m aware you get a lot of these messages if you choose me you will not regret it. I have a great positive attitude and am always willing to step out of the box and be different.
    Thank You!
    Leah Mattas

  64. Dwaine Dominic Boakye

    Hiya, I think you should give me a chance as I’ve been watching Disney Channel, all my life. I’ve been watching it since I was a little kid. I’ve seen from Phil of the Future to Descendants and Invisible Sister :). This would be an honour and an amazing chance to be on a show and meet the awesome cast, and I could learn so much from them too! Who better to learn from than the expert? I love Austin & Ally and I’m a huge fan of Ross. He’s HOT. Sometimes even my family enjoy it :). I’ve always wanted to be in the film industry so please give me a chance. I have good memory, and would not disappoint! I am also a singer/ songwriter in my spare time. I used youtube and my self titled facebook page ‘Dwaine’. 🙂
    Age: 16
    Hair color: Black and Brown
    Eye color: Dark Brown
    Race: Black
    Height: 6’0”
    School performance: Straight A-C average

  65. Abbey Leamons

    Austin and ally is the only disney show were i can audition to be myself! A music lover.

  66. Abbey Leamons

    My name is abbey leamons and im 11 years old i would love to be part of this amazing show because my whole life revolves around music and dancing and acting. I have been in many shows in my life and i think im ready to show the world and inspire young children like myself to follow their dreams.

  67. Emily Marziale

    I love Disney channel so much. I’ve been watching it since I can remember. This is an amazing opportunity because I love the show Austin and Ally. All of my siblings watch the show and sometimes even my parents!! I have always wanted to be an actress for Disney channel so I’m glad I finally can try. I am also a singer/ songwriter and a ballet dancer.
    Age: 15
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Blue/green
    Race: White
    Height: 5′ 6″
    School performance: Straight A’s
    Gender: Female
    Body Type: thin

  68. Lauren Michelle

    Heyy! I’m Lauren. I am a 13 year old singer/actress from Southwick Massachusetts. Disney has been a big part of my life for a long time and it would be a dream come true to be on one of the shows! I have been doing school and church plays since I could talk and I’ve been singing since birth! Literally… Mom says I came out singing… But she might of just been loopy… ANYWAYS! I’m a goofball and I love everyone. I usually perform with my 2 best friends Megan and Sophi. It was with them I desided I wanted to be an actress/musician. However my problem is I ONLY really sing (in competitions and stuff like that) with them, but I would probably audition alone.

    Hair: short and strawberry blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5′ 2″
    Weight: 115 lbs
    Race: White
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: 3/26/02
    Fave Color: Orange
    School: Bs and Cs and a few As
    Other Skills: Singer, Dancer, Actress, Voice Actress, Designer, Stylist, Makeup Artist, and Writor
    Family: sister Katie (8), mom Julie (38) and dad Chris (35).
    Please email me auditions near me come up!
    ***at the time of posting this I have a dislocated hip but in a few weeks I should be dancing crazy again*** also if you see a picture of me with a nose piercing its fake. THANK YOU!!!

  69. Diamond carroll



  70. Trinty Chatman

    I love the show

  71. Jamyiah Gooden

    I like austin and ally because it has charecter and your acting and having fun at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!☺

  72. Sky Perkins

    Hello, my name is Sky Perkins and I am 11 yrs old, I currently live in Oahu , Hawaii. I am very silly, outgoing, loves school and athletic. I would love to audition for this show it is my favorite. my brother Rakna me I watch it all the time. It is my dream to be a young actor in Disney. my mother has taken me to acting lessons and between that and my sports it is all my passions. Please consider me. I won’t let you down!

  73. sophie

    and if you email me could you please tell me what country you act in

  74. sophie

    hi im 12 and I would love to take part I the show Austin and ally I love this show im a female

  75. Savanna Micol

    Hello, I’m Savanna.
    – 15
    – Long blonde hair
    – Blue eyes
    – 5’4″
    – Caucasian
    – Female
    I have many siblings and because of them I love Disney Channel. I do not have any acting experience although I do competitive cheer and perform in front of many people. I also do choir. I hope you choose me because I have always wanted to be an actress since I was young.