Are You Normal, America ? – OWN

Are You Normal, America? - OWN

Ladies and gentleman this is your chance to be a part of the next game show phenomenon. Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network is looking all across the country for contestants for contestants for the new game show Are You Normal, America?. You could become the next contestant and the winner of a $100,000 cash prize.

Are you a super fun and outgoing person? Do you love to talk? Do you excel when you think on your feet? If so then the producers of Are You Normal, America? are looking for you! This game show is defiantly unlike anything on TV today. Contestants will be paired up at random and challenged to solve riddles while working as a team. Questions will be based on your ability to decide what behavior could be termed “normal” to a polled section of the general public.There is a twist, however. The riddles will require you to reveal personal details about yourself in front of a live studio audience and millions of viewers at home! If you have a LARGE personality and energy for days this show is right up your alley. Are You Normal, America? is absolutely not for the faint of heart but it will be loads of fun. If you’re ready to put yourself out there to the world for a chance at $100,000 Are You Normal, America? is the game show for you. Open casting will be starting soon so leave a comment below if you’d like to get in on the fun and riches.

Imagine walking away with $100,000 just by being yourself! If you’re a people person and are ready to put yourself out there for the big cash prize leave a comment today. This is your chance to answer a resounding yes when the OWN Network asks the question Are You Normal, America?

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  1. Sven J Svensson

    I am very interested in knowing the when/where/how for auditions!

  2. Stacey Katz

    Hi there! 5th grade New Jersey public school teacher here…who would absolutely love a chance at this amazing opportunity. I have said to myself, my daughter, friends and students that I would do so well on some of the popular game shows on TV today. I can only make this dream come true by actually applying to participate! It will set a great example to the people I love the most in my life that you actually have to PURSUE and take ACTION when working to achieve your dreams!

  3. Sherein White

    I would love to be chosen I’m 27 year old single mother of 1 and I’m very outgoing, dramatic, and loud pick me please

  4. Sharon L Porter

    I am 62 years old and live in Sebring, Florida for the past 15 years. I lived in Maryland the first part of my life on the eastern shore on the Chesapeake Bay. I love people and children. I have done all types of jobs in my life time from shucking oysters one winter when out of work to managing a restaurant, accounting for an international company and a Christian youth director. I have been a volunteer in many things. Tee ball coach, Sunday school teacher, food baskets for needy and much more. My hobbies are cooking, baking, reading and singing. I love my family. As you can see I have done many things in my life but I am a chief of all trades – master of none. I think it would be fun and an honor to be picked for your show. The money would be great also as my husband and I have taken care of our family members for many years and after my moms passing this October it leaves us alone for the 1st time in quite awhile and we would like to travel and do and see some of America before we are to old and can still enjoy it and each other. I would also like to help my children with a down payment on a home of their own. Thank you for considering me.

  5. Adonis Cooper

    I would love to be a contestant and part of this new game show. I am definitely hoping to be chosen to audition and be cast.

  6. valerie cody-nunn

    please pick me

  7. Devin Anderson

    In Illinois, with a BIG personality! Ready to film when you are!
    24/m/IL USA

  8. nicholas tregoning

    sign me up sounds like alot of fun.

  9. Nicholas swift

    It sound a lot like my type of thing. I’m great with riddles or I just think I am. But I’m full of energy and I’m a very big talker. I’m up for any challenge that comes my way and I most definitely want a 100,000 bucks. I have a lot of energy and super hyper. I think I lost the off switch somewhere before I was born lol hahaha. But yes please send me some more info. Please pick me cause u haven’t seen nothing yet. Tell the big O I love her network own and I miss her talk show. She is the worlds greatest. Thank you for your time and hope I’m one of the lucky ones.

  10. Stacy Brown

    What if being “NORMAL” is actually weird? I am the most “NORMAL” person I know, which is actually weird, so I constantly live in this philosophical loop. I am a Mom of 5 kids, 6 if you count my husband/man child, so thinking on my feet is a job requirement. My quick wit and often self deprecating humor has gotten me out of many sticky situations andddd… has put me in even more. My favorite holiday is April Fool’s Day where I start planning a minimum of 6 months in advance.

  11. Christiean Morrison

    How do I apply?! This is definitely the game show made for me.

  12. samantha j sevrey

    YES YES YES! PLEASE PICK ME! I am not sure what “normal” is, but I know I am HONEST, NOT shy, can think on my feet (25 yrs of management and 5 kids later… and GREAT at riddles!

  13. Candice Craddock

    I can’t wait to see what your definition of NORMAL really is! I’m very interested in learning more and hopefully becoming a contestant!

  14. Tkeyah Chatman

    Im normal! I would love to get in on the fun and riches !!

  15. Tkeyah Chatman

    I would love to get in on the fun and riches !!

  16. Dominique

    I’m so ready freddy!

  17. Kim

    Yessssssss sign me up!!!

  18. Ysacc

    I’m a very very common American just jumping along livening life with my eyes close like everyone does so I think.

  19. Allysia Necole Head

    My Time Has Come.!

  20. Jmichael

    Well I’m known to my family as “the mouth” or “skitzo”, that should automatically qualify me, shouldn’t it? LOL I’m extremely outgoing, fun to be around, and I will talk and talk until someone pretty much has to tell me to shut up.. 🙂 I treat everyday of my life like the Roast master of a Comedy Central Roast! Very open and honest about how I feel or see things and I love to make people laugh until they cry and/or pee their pants..

  21. Britney Mack

    ummmm Define “normal”

  22. Katie Thompson

    Please! This show sounds like the right kinda show for me! I’m down to earth, funny and always myself.

  23. Chelsey Crofts

    My name is Chelsey Crofts and I would love to be considered as a contestant on Are You Normal, America. I am energetic, outgoing, and not shy at all. This game show sounds like something that would be right up my alley! I am 26 years old and I live very close to Los Angeles.

  24. La Barner

    I am very interested in the OWN network’s casting for Are you normal, America? Please count me in! Talk soon!

  25. Heather Garcia

    Yes yes yes yes YES!!!

    Open book right here, and love to speak up and stand out.


  26. Suzanne Michelle Poplaski

    I am, as well as a goofball! I LOVE to laugh and make others laugh, ya I laugh at my own jokes 😉 what can I say? Welllllll…… can someone be absolutely georgous AND have two master degrees AND be weird? Yup, so let’s play Are You Normal America?!?!

  27. Diana Carter

    Almost afraid to sign up for Are You Normal, America ? Let me just say….Are you normal, is like saying One Size Fits All.
    I am a very out going 61 year old female, although no one believes I am 61. I love to laugh and I make people laugh, usually unintentionally. I am more than ready to have some fun and get this new game off to a fresh new start, and of course win some money!! So what are you waiting on, I can hardly contain myself.

  28. Emmanuel

    I am extremely interested I am an 19 year old queer Afro Latino young man and all my life I’ve never been normal. Growing up I always dispised my differences, and tried to mask them away. Today I embrace my differences because they are the attributes that uniquely compose my existence, they create me as the individual. I feel as though I have a greater purpose in life, just like Oprah once did. I am meant to heal the world and rise this planets vibration. I would highly appreciate if you guys took the time to reach how to me and simply give a chance to follow my dreams on making this world a better did. I want to be as influential as Oprah is and empact society the way she has. I want to influence and aspire everyone around me. I am an indigo child and I am destined to help save the world.

  29. Marie Tufono

    Hey there, my name is Marie aka the Pharaoh aka Marie the Pharaoh aka broke ambitious college student in the middle of Texas. I’m the most easy going, spontaneous, fun loving, outgoing, energetic 20 year old in the center of the Lone Star state. And I can’t wait to showcase my goofy personality to y’all.