Annie Produced By Will Smith

Annie Produced By Will Smith

Annie has been a worldwide musical classic for almost 40 years with countless theatrical incarnations and two feature films and now it is set for another shining moment with Hollywood superstar Will Smith the man in charge of bringing it back to the big screen. Smith and his team of producers and casting directors are starting a worldwide casting call for several exciting roles for aspiring kid and teen actors and submissions are being accepted today. This is your chance to land a role in one of the biggest films of the new year and work alongside some of the biggest talents in entertainment.

Annie tells the heartfelt story of a hard scrabble, adorable orphan who is plucked from a miserable orphanage by grumpy millionaire Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks and wins the hearts of the wealthy man and his trusty house staff. Featuring a touching journey from rags to riches and some of the most memorable songs in the history of musicals including ‘Tomorrow’, ‘Maybe’ and ‘It’s The Hard Knock Life”, Annie has charmed millions the world over and now Will Smith has it poised to do so again. This all new version will be directed by the uber talented Will Gluck (Easy A, The Michael J. Fox Show) and will feature are star studded cast that includes Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx (Ray, Django Unchained, Any Given Sunday), Cameron Diaz (There’s Something About Mary, Shrek, Bad Teacher), Emmy winner Bobby Cannavale (Boardwalk Empire, The Station Agent, The Other Guys), Rose Byrne (Bridesmaids, The Place Beyond the Pines, X-Men: First Class) and the magnificent Oscar nominated rising star Quvenzhané Wallis (Beasts of the Southern Wild). This incredible cast has only begun to form as many open auditions are coming very soon. This is a terrific chance for a number of up and coming young actors to make their mark in this amazing new feature.

Auditions for several key supporting roles in Annie are being held soon and interested actors can apply today for consideration. If you would like to tale your shot at one of these fantastic parts you can head here for character breakdowns and submission instructions and for more information on the production. We will post any casting updates that come our way so be sure to check back for more details and leave us a message below and tell us why you want to be a part of the casting calls for Annie produced by Will Smith.

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397 Casting Responses

  1. Abby

    I have two adorable girls
    ages 8 & 10
    Both are outgoing, smart and funny
    we’d love to have the opportunity to try out
    for a role in this production

  2. Lithia Joy Foultner

    Hi I am Joy,
    I really LOVE acting and singing !!! I really like the movie ” Annie” and I as just hoping that I might be able to get a part big or small for anyone ! I am gonna have to be honest with you and say that u really haven’t been in a movie before BUT I have been in a couple dozen plays at my school, church, and local theater. I have really been liking forward for a opportunity to play in a movie or in a musical. For a couple years ( since I was 7 )all of my family has been telling me what an amazing actress I am and so I thought that I could maybe get at least a small part in an action movie. I really hope that you can give me the chance to live my dream and enjoy my life as an actress.
    Hair color: dark brown
    Skin color: light dark brown
    Height: 5 foot 2
    Age: 11 1/2
    Eye color: brown
    Weight: 100 pounded about

  3. Abbie Satre

    Hello!!! I am Abbie Rose Satre. I am 10 years old. I look a little young for my age…I think. I was just Annie for Halloween…I love Annie!!! It is my dream to play Annie in a movie or play. I look like Annie, I even have a few freckles on my face. When I was trick or treating people asked me to sing for them, so I sang. And guess what…I got lots of candy!!! Then I went to Wendy’s restaurant and they too asked me to sing. So I sang in front of the entire staff and all of their customers. It was fun…I loved it!!! I earned myself an extra large frosty!!! Everyone says I look just like her.

    I have 8 brothers and sisters. I am number eight. I have preformed my entire life. My whole family is musical. I have performed at school, at church, and in the community. I even had a small part in Les Miserable. I love to sing and act!!! I hope you will consider me in your new production of Annie. If you’d like to see me perform please seach my mom on Youtube…Julie Satre. You will know which video to watch because I look just like Annie. I hope I will hear from you soon!!!! Thank You!!!!

  4. Aliyah Lustig

    Hi I’m Aliyah Lustig, but I like to be called Ali. I am 11 years old, 4’8″, 82 lbs., I love acting, and have been referred to many acting programs. I have red hair that can be curled easily, or I could get a perm, so I would be perfect for this movie.I love to make people laugh, and I love sports and the outdoors. I currently play soccer for Blackhawks. I live in Arizona, but can be driven or flown to an audition. I hope you’ll take me into consideration. I would like to audition for a strong, reoccurring part, but I would take any chance to be on TV. Thank you for taking time to read this. You can contact me at the email I left. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  5. kshara pruden

    My name is kshara pruden
    Race:African American
    I am looking for a way to get a start in acting. I am a dancer and would make an excellent orphan. Please consider me.

  6. Christina Priestner

    Look no further I am Annie in the new Will Smith movie!

  7. Monica Brown

    I’m a 38 year old mother of three. And was a childhood fan of Annie. I’ve introduced my 10 year old daughter to this wonderful movie and she fell in love with it! Like she’s watching it now as I post this comment. : ) Any how, I know my daughter would be excited to have an opportunity to be a part in this special film. We both would actually. We’re from Philadelphia, PA, but currently reside in Saint Michaels, MD. So if we could please have all important information regarding how to audition for the New and upcoming Annie Movie we would greatly appreciate it.


  8. Paris Morley

    Hello my name is paris Morley I’m 17 years old and I’m from a small country town in nsw Australia with not many people nor many opportunities to have an opportunity like this and to have a role along side such an amazing actor would truly mean more than the world to be I’ve loved to act sing and dance w ever since I could remember love being in front of a spotlight or an audience have so much confidence within my self and I’m willing to give absolutely anything a go I’m a determined young actress who has done many theatre plays school plays and Always am willing to take on any challenge thrown at me Thankyou

  9. Jessica Price

    Hello my name is Jessica and I’m 11yrs old. I’m currently in James and the Giant Peach and I’m a main character. Acting is my life and I would be thrilled to be in this film.

  10. Rayven Moewet Nealey

    Hi, my name is Rayven Moewet Nealey. I am 13 years old. I love to make people laugh. Their smiles brighen my day. I love to sing, dance, and draw. Singing gives me an escape from the real world. Dancing gives me a way to explain myself in a way I couldn’t do with words. Drawing let’s me brighten up and become someone different. I hope you consider me.

    Thank You.

  11. Krystal Gonzalez

    Hi there,
    My name is Krystal Gonzalez, and I would love to be a part of this amazing production!
    I love Annie and would be a great addition to your cast. I am 22, but I look like a young teen. I think I could fit perfectly! I’m 5’2, hispanic, brunette, and brown eyes.

    Thanks for your time!

  12. Nicole

    Hi I am Nicole I am ten I love Annie I always dreamed of being in the movie I am a great singer and I am such a good actor I have working for my dream to be a actor hopefully I can get my chance I am great with others I have seen the commercial and I know I am going to love it god bless u

  13. Priscila Abigahil

    My name is Priscila Abigahil. I’m 14 years old turning 15 this October 5. I’ve been in the highest drama class for 3 years. My teacher Nancy Anaya (Drama teacher at Utterback Middle School) moved me instantly after I performed my first monologue. I’ve been in 5 plays and one short film.

    My favorite actors:

    Ladies: Chloe Grace Moretz and Melissa McCarthy
    Men: Jake Abel, Logan Lerman and Will Smith


    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 102
    Hair: Medium brown, long, curly/wavy, perfered straightened
    Eye: Brown
    Race: Mexican/American

    Info: I can dance. My mom perfers this talent over all the ones I have ever since she first saw my performance in school about bullying, I have a video. I don’t know if you want to watch it. But dance isn’t my biggest passion. It used to be singing, but I used to be bullied in school so I got insecure. When I started acting in 6th grade it built confidence for acting and dancing, but I’m a mute when it comes to that subject. I’m not that flexible. I can do the Scorpion and the bridge, but I’m working on gymnastics.
    I was never popular in school, but I knew a lot of people. Though it was like they didn’t know me. Drama was always a place to be myself and imagine I’m someone else. My drama teacher says that I sometimes get carried away with my character. I prove her wrong when I’m always the favorite character in our plays. Sometime I would even have a small part like a maid, yet everyone loved me.

    I guess that’s it for now. I mean if you like me and want to get to know me more, I would be more than happy to tell you more about me.

    Twitter: _Percy_P_
    Instagram: _Percy_P_
    Wattpad: PercyBieberxD (I Like writing stories)

    I hope you guys like me. Bye.

  14. Jenna

    I love to sing and would love to be a part of this movie. My mom grew up listening to the original Annie with Andrea McArdle and introduced Annie to me. I have seen the movies and went to a play.
    I have been singing since I’m 3, it’s what I love. Everyone has some kind of talent whether you make it or not.

  15. Hanna Corley

    please contact me i promise you wont regret it

  16. Olivia Shields

    I would love to audition to be in this movie!!
    I am 12 years old and I love to sing and dance. Annie is one of my favorite movies. I sang the song Tomorrow so often when I was younger, my parents would nightly put on different musicals hoping I would latch on to a new “tune”.
    My mom owns a dance studio and desperately wants me to be a dancer but I’m a singer at heart and I love to be on stage. Even if I am not offered a part, I would love just being a part of it!
    Thank you for considering me and thank you for your time.
    Good luck with the movie!


  17. Musa Muhammad

    I always wanted to do a movie or show I’ve been in a couple plays like peter pan and Christmas programs. I also dance and do little performances with my little brother for nursing homes and contest. I just moved from Milwaukee to Arizona you can find mu dance video on YouTube @ Gas pedal caked up Milltown primes please look at for me would be a huge honor.

  18. Zebonie

    I am not famous but I want to be, I’ve been in the public eye now for like 2 1/2 years. You can find me on you tube channels.(Zebonie Lopez) . I have been wanting to be on tv shows I love acting , dancing, portraying diffrent acting people. I am smart funny caring self empowering young lady. I would like an opportunity to be able to do a casting with your company. Plus I love this show I watch this all the time. I am 16 years old from lake wales fl. I also am bilingual and I am 5″1 . (Hispanic) with no accent.
    Name : Zebonie Lopez
    Height 5″1
    Weight 112lbs
    Shoe size 5
    Hair color black
    Eye color. Brown/black
    Gender female
    Age. 16
    Talents ; ballerina, bilingual, outspoken, funny, can play any role, funny, comedian, self empowering, self motivated,

  19. McKenzie Elias

    the sun will come out tomarrow. and hopfully my dream will too. hi im mckenzie im 14 years old and i am a singer/ actress. im in theatre with East Valley Childrens Theatre here in mesa. i know there are 50,000 kids auditioning for this, but im one you wont regret looking at. i have been a performer since birth. i love kids and i love working with people. i play basketball and i am constantly in theatre. i take instructions very well. and if u dont believe me, put me to the test. maybe far away or maybe real near by youll be there calling me your next hit.

  20. "Trey" Jerome Schneider

    I have little acting experience aside from a few small productions in my school years (including two opera/musicals) but I feel as though that means few or no bad acting habits and the ability to learn key parts with a clean slate. I’m extremely hardworking, but am struggling to start a career and have always thought about acting in the back of my mind. For me, something like this could be a complete life and career-changing opportunity. I would love to get a start in something that I can fully enjoy and express myself through. Playing a role in a movie would be a great break from reality and a chance to immerse myself into being someone else. Willing to work hard and do whatever is necessary to start a career that I can have fun with and enjoy.

    athletic 185 lbs (can gain or lose weight for role)
    brown hair and eyes

    I can also provide photos or even a video if necessary.

  21. Amanda Toedte

    I would love to be in this Movie! I also love all of Will Smiths work and I love to sing dance and act. My favorite character is Peper because she has spunk juat like me and I would not let you down if I got casted! 🙂 thanks you for taking your time to read this 🙂 ~Amanda Toedte

  22. Trinidee Coates

    I will be 11 y.o. August 11, and love to dance, sing and act. By the way I look very similar to the original Annie with the curly hair, eyes and dimples. I would love to audition in person to see if we could work together. Thank you So much!!

  23. Taylor Anne Tafoya

    Hello, my name is Taylor Anne Tafoya. “Annie” is a favorite of mine, and I excited to see what wonderful things Will Smith will do with this classic. I was enchanted with acting since seeing my first stage production as a young child, but caught the “acting bug” when I first performed with the Missoula Children’s Theatre 8 years ago. I’m 16 yrs old now and since that time, I’ve been dedicating my time to doing some local theatre acting, professional voice lessons, and dance to prepare for a move into an acting career. I enjoy comedy and drama very much but musicals are my favorite to perform. I have also had some television experience on a local kid’s science show. I am looking to gain experience and for personal growth as an actor. Please consider me for any upcoming projects. Blessings to you and your current project and thank you in advance for your time and consideration!

    Location: ST LOUIS, MISSOURI

    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Height: 5’3”
    Weight: 150 lbs.
    Hair: Brunette/Auburn
    Eyes: Blue Green
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    “Pied Piper” Missoula Children’s Theatre- Missoula, MT (2006)
    Woodland Schools Children’s Choir-Voice- Dr. Melissa Cooper, Marble Hill, MO (3 years)
    Woodland Choir- Mr. Jordan Kinsey, Marble Hill, MO (1 year)
    Saxony Lutheran High School- Band Percussionist and Choir (2 years)
    Southeast Missouri Music Academy-Professional Voice Lori Shaffer, Cape Girardeau, MO (3 years)
    TobyMac’s Camp Electric-Voice-Instructor, Jamie Grace, Nashville, TN (2013)
    Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ (AMTC)-Acting-HUB Chicago, IL (beginner-2014)

    “Pied Piper”- Towns Kid/Chorus-Hobbs, New Mexico
    Declamation Performer/Winner-Scholastic Meet, Dexter, MO
    “Noye’s Fludde”-Mrs. Noye’s Gossip, Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, MO
    “It’s a Wonderful Life”-Mrs. Martini, Saxony Lutheran High School
    “Wizard of Oz”-Dancer/Chorus, Saxony Lutheran High School
    “Oklahoma!”-Armina/Dance Hall Girl, Saxony Lutheran High School

    Hooked on Science- reoccurring child actor/participant, Cape Girardeau, MO

    Special Skills:
    Cheerleading, Dancing, Voice, Acting, Making new friends and SMILING!

  24. Armani thompson

    Hi my name is armani…i think tbat i should be apart of this show because im not shy and i love dancing and acting and sing too….pls e mail me it would not be a bad choice…thanks for takeing your time to read this..

  25. Selina

    I LOVE ANNIE! WILL SMITH! This must be a dream production! I was in Annie and played the role of ‘the woman in the window’ I was runner up pick for Miss Hannigan! This would be a lot of fun to be involved with! I love to sing and dance and I’m 23 years old from Kentwood Michigan, 140lbs 5’8 with acting experience! I’m ambitious about acting and being involved with film and movies and would be great for Wills team! Plus Jayden and Willow are my cyber guardian angels! (Twitter) I know I have strong focus when involved with task, I’m dedicated and reliable. I can take on any told suitable for me and I’m more than ready to work hard and keep chasing my dreams. This would be a awesome place to start!

  26. Sydney Hernandez

    Hi my name is Sydney Hernandez. I am 14 years old and I’m 4’11 with brown hair and brown eyes. I love to sing and dance and I have actually performed in Annie serval times. I would love to get a part in this movie because Annie is one of my all time favorite musicals.

  27. taliya

    oh and iam 5;1

  28. taliya

    hi my name is taliya i am 12 years old and i can sing act and even do gymnastics i would love if you would pick me i am really talented thank you for reading this

  29. Gabreana Ruthland

    Hello my name is Gabre-Ana, most people call me “gabby.” I’m 5’2 or 5’3, size 0-2, 14 years old, african-american (was born in Jamaica). I am an experienced actor, my grades are great. Hair and eye color is dark brown. My weight is around 95 lbs. I currently live in New Jersey. 🙂
    To start off, getting a supporting acting role would be the start of my dream. I am an aspiring actor. I’m dedicated, respectful, and wholehearted. I have a passion for acting and it would be a honor and privilege to get this job. If I the opportunity to get a role in Annie, I’m promise I won’t let you down! thank you! >

  30. Allie Seay

    Hi i am allie and i love annie. I would want to be annie. The only thing is my hair is dirty blonde. I have glasses but i can do it without them.

  31. Franchesca


    11 years old. Can appear to be 12

    Want to be pepper

    Almost played pepper in a play

  32. danielle brod

    hello my name is danielle, 21 years old
    130 lbs
    blond hair
    blue eyes.
    i would love to be apart of the annie movie. i was annie in the play when i was in school.

  33. Rebecca

    Hello, I am very interested in acting. I have been performing on and off stage ever since I was very young. I was a main character in every one of my school plays in elementary school up to middle school. I also took drama classes in middle school and high school. I have always wanted to be in a movie, or tv show. I believe it is something that I would excel greatly in. I have a likable personality, and great qualities that make me distinct from others. I don’t say this because I am trying to boast, I say this because I have been told many times by people who I have met, and people who know me very well. I am not trying to become famous, I just really enjoy acting. I love comedies, dramas, romance, action, adventure, and I believe I would be a great character in any of those genres.

    Thank you so much for reading this and I hope to here back from a casting director.

    Rebecca Joy Derksen
    caucasian female
    age: 23
    eyes: brown
    hair: brown
    height: 5’4″
    weight: 110 lbs

  34. Sheeley

    I love Annie! I was Kate the orphan last year. I can sing Soprano and Alto. And can play piano and Alto saxophone. I am 5′ 4″. I am funny and can make people laugh.
    I am 11 years old.
    -Sheeley McMahon

  35. LaVele Ross, Jr.

    I am LaVele Ross, Jr. I am 17 years old and I am interested in joining the cast. I live in San Tan Valley in Arizona, and my school’s theatre troupes and I just finished the Back to the 80’s Musical which we performed at Life Point Church in Copper Basin May 8-10th. I want to be a part of Annie because I simply want to act, sing, and dance. Despite the fact that I didn’t have a big role in the musical, I was still thankful to be a part it.

  36. angelina

    name: Angelina
    age: 14
    birthday: 4-26-2000
    i’m Mexican
    hight: 5’0
    eyes: bron
    hair: brown up to hips
    im loud, funny, crazy, talk alot
    every time i do on of these i gt a call back and we go and se what they have us to i do ab 5 or 3 of thm and they all want me to com back they said ill b good at it and ive wanted to do this since i was 7 and i still want to do this till today im in drama class i love sports
    My skills
    – I really do love working with other people
    – imitating and acting different things
    – I am a hard and diligent worker
    – I do remember lines very well
    – I am always passionate about what I am doing
    – When a job is handed to me that job always gets done
    – I do act well to become the character and act have the director would want to see this film. I always want to my best to make sure the character is the best it can be.

  37. Olivia Karger

    Hi, my name is Olivia Karger. My life revolves around singing and acting. my dream is to become a famous actor and singer. I have written my own songs and have put together a movie / sitcom. performing enables me to reach into my feelings and emotions. i engage myself in the part and embellish the character. I am the one you are looking for. I want let you down. I have been doing drama and singing since i was four. Ever since I started prep and ever since all my teachers tell me they will see me on the stage and movies and to remember where I came from.

    See you at the auditions.

    Olivia ( LIBBY )

  38. Cha-cha Canete

    Hi.i am Cha-cha Canete,9 years old from the Philippines. I work as a child talent for television and also endorses several brands in the country. I sing,in fact, last July 2013 I joined the World Championships of Performing Arts held in Los Angeles, Calif. and won 2 silver medals. I would be honored to be part of one of my favorite movies.Thank you.

  39. Sheldie Derival

    Hi My Name Is Sheldie Derival I`m 20 years old and I would love to do this job I would be perfect for it I`m patient nice loving and sweet please pick me I really need a job so bad. Also I live in Miami Gardens, Florida

  40. Rushi Patel


    Name: Rushi Patel (yes im indian 🙂

    Gender: Male

    Age: 13 (turning 14)

    I am a professional actor who currently live in Canada, Alberta Edmonton (BUT SOON MOVING TO ORLANDO, FLORIDA). I have been doing Drama my entire life in school and acting in theatre schools. I am really confident that i could get into this movie for any role you want to give me, but I do not want to be an extra or anything. If there is no roles available for me… then I am really sorry for wasting your guys time! 🙂 BUT I REALLY WANT TO BE IN THIS 🙂

  41. Yasmine Rock

    Hi my name is Yasmine Rock and i love acting but unfortunately where i live ( Australia) there’s not many opportunities for acting jobs especially movies. I do go to acting courses , I went to an adult actors now course and are going to do courses at frog management. I know you would have heard this a lot but i really think that this would really help me start my acting career (everyone starts somewhere) i would also be comfortable with flying and a range of many roles. I would be a friendly person on set and would never let anyone down.
    Race- i was born in England but now live in Australia
    I am 12
    around 1.60 maybe a bit taller
    D.O.B 15/02/02
    Eye colour – my eye colours vary from different colour sunlight-blue/green.
    Hair colour-blonde- but willing to dye.
    I danced in competitions for the state for 5 years and i can sing- i got a solo for songfest which was for all the schools across WA

    I do have a twin sister who is willing to act. I promise that i would never let you or the cast and crew down!

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Thankyou, Yasmine Rock.

  42. Hilary Hall

    Hello, my name is Hilary. The movie Annie means a lot to me. It always reminds me of spending time with my sisters. I love singing and dancing. I’ve done many school plays and drama competitions, although nothing on actual television.

  43. nikkita cronin

    I’m 17 years old I can sing and act I’ve been in loaded of musicals with lead roles like phantom of the opera I was Christine, I was also in the sound of music and in was the oldest child . I’ve always wanted to play Annie or even one of the kids so it will be a big adventure to be able to star in this amazing movie .

  44. Emmalyn Milner

    Hi my name is Emmalyn milner Iif I could ever get the chance to be in this movie I would cry and cry and cry my dream is to be a famous actress. description: red hair, blue eyes, 4`11, short haha, and pale. please think about this I am also 12 years old, please think about this I sent in my application.

  45. Giana Gorden

    My name is Giana and I am 9 years old. I am a caucasian female, living in Wisconsin. I have shoulder length brown hair. I am a gymnasts. I love gymnastics, I love to sing, and I love to act! I am funny, energetic, outgoing and an extremely determined person. I see what I want, and I work hard for it! I love Annie!

  46. Winston Willard

    To the casting directors that read this:
    Hello. My name is Winston James Willard. I am a19 year old, 6′ 3″ African American with a voice that some compare to Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones. I have had some acting experience a long time ago from the ages of 4-10 doing plays with my church. Currently I am a marketing student, but I feel my destiny is an acting career. I could say many other random facts about me but as a person with a business marketing mind I know how to sell myself in any role and would hope you give me the opportunity to show it rather than say it because as they say, “Actions speak better than words.” Thank you.

  47. Civarro ousley

    Hi my name is Civarro Ousley and I’m very passionate about being a actor in Chicago. All my life I grew up with people saying I have a different face then others in my family. I have audition for commercial to sell products. I really have a passionate about modeling too. I went to plenty modeling auditions and they didn’t want me for modeling, they wanted me for acting because, they have said my face have a cover of a magazine face. So, that really inspired me to become an model and an actor in the entertainment industry.

  48. Auriel Burnett

    I am an 18 year old aspiring actress from Cleveland, Ohio. I am currently studying theatre at the University of Toledo.

    When I was eight years old I experienced a moment of euphoria. I stepped out on stage to perform for the first time with the Cleveland Singing Angels; I knew right then I was destined to be in front of an audience. While I do enjoy singing, acting is my true passion.

    I have experience working as a movie extra in three short films taped in my hometown: Life’s Poison, Speechless and Underdogs. I co-starred in the short play The Blueberry Hill Accord at Kent State University, and last fall I was cast in the play Out to Lunch at the University of Toledo. I also have experience working behind the scenes assisting with hair, make-up, wardrobe, building the stage, props and stage design. I’ve taken voice, piano and ballet lessons; I’ve modeled in various fashion and hair shows in the greater Cleveland areas; I worked as an apprentice for the Young Audiences of Northeast Ohio/ArtWorks; and I have attended several intensive acting workshops through the Cleveland Playhouse Square theatre.

    I think I would be a great asset to your film in any capacity. Thank you in advance for your consideration!

  49. langston mcguire

    Hi I’m langston McGuire I’m 13 Years old. I am a boy; i would really like to be in this movie and i will be anything you want an extra actor whatever. I really want to be in this movie I like sports like baseball basket ball and foot ball and soccer ball; I like skate boarding.i can sing a to. I like will smith a lot and love acting i take drama class at my school I really like running; I also like writing I’ve wrote three stories tone was sixty some pages. I would really like to be in this movie.

  50. Alexis Franco

    Alexis Franco
    Age: 16
    Hieght: 5’2
    Body Type: Average
    Ethnic: White/ HIspanic
    Location: Phoenix AZ
    Hello, I would like a chance to audition for this because I have admired acting since I was 8 Years old. I have much knowledge of acting and modeling because I attended John Casablanca’s acting and modeling school / agency. I feel like getting a chance to audition for this will be a great opportunity to open the doors of my dream job. I am also a great fan of Will Smith’s acting. Thank you for your consideration.

  51. Alexis Franco

    Alexis Franco
    Age: 16
    Hieght: 5’2
    Body Type: Average
    Ethnic: White/ HIspanic
    Location: Phoenix AZ
    Hello, I would like a chance to audition for this because I have admired acting since I was 8 Years old. I have much knowledge of acting and modeling because I attended John Casablanca’s acting and modeling school / agency. I feel like getting a chance to audition for this will be a great opportunity to open the doors of my dream job. I am also a great fan of Will Smith’s acting. Thank you for your consideration.

  52. Janette Sanchez

    Hi I really hope you notice me and pick me I have been looking at many jobs but I can’t find the right one until I seen this audition. I am Janette Sanchez from Arizona, I am Hispanic I told both English and Spanish I am a 17 year old girl but i can look 12 im 5’3 and I am skinny I also have braces at the moment. Please get back to me I’m really looking forward to working on this show. I love to act and I am really good at it .

  53. Yasmine Martinez

    Hi my name is Yasmine and im 13 years old. I love theater/musicals. I have been in many school plays before and I have lots of experiences performing in front of lots of people so i have lost all stage fright.
    I have gotten the chance to perform at 3 major league Baseball games. I LOVE being on stage with a ton of other people! I have danced since i was 2 years old our dance studio has done an Annie Musical once but i was unable to participate in that one due to a twisted ankle 🙁 But i am better than ever and ready to perform.

  54. Xandria villafaner

    You’re missing out on this hard working 8 year old if not given a chance to prove.

  55. Emma Cox

    Age: 19
    Height: 5’3, 5’4
    Body type: average
    Location: chicago area
    I have been involved non professionally with music theatre for years and would like to begin my professional career. I am a talented singer with a broad range, although I lean towards soprano. I have the ability to look either younger or older than my age. My experience includes the roles of Dorothy Gale in the wizard of oz, peppermint Patty in You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, Mortimer in Arsenic and Old Lace, and many other participating roles. Furthermore, I have dance experience from six years of show choir. I am very professional and hope to be considered for this film. Thank you.

  56. Damian Walker

    Hi im Damian. I am 10 years old and in elementary school. I am an African American male with brown eyes and long curly hair. I attend a Magnet School of the Arts. I have been one of the stars in many school plays. I draw, plays sports and have red belt in martial arts. I can follow directions, learn quickly and I learn my roles well. My mom makes sure of it. I don’t have a lot of acting experience, but I think this would be a great start in building my portfolio.

    Thank you in advance,


  57. John Irwin

    Hi my name is John Irwin I’m 12 yr old boy . I can sing act I do a lot of voices and other. My faviort color is green .I think I be great for peter pan or what ever you have in mine.I’m nature , funny I get along with all age. I been bully because I have been 2-3 inch shorter than average height . I can fake cry ,over dramatic if I want too .THX You for your time.

    I hope you pick me It will be my honor.
    You can contact me at my email
    Thank you again

  58. Amber Ware

    Name: Amber Ware
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’5/5’6
    Body Type: Average
    Weight: 180
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair: Short (Afro), Curly, Dark Brown
    Ethnicity: African American

    Why should I be consider for this movie?
    I believe that I should be consider for this movie because I love to act. I want acting to be my life career, it’s the goal I’m trying to achieve. I am also a very funny person. Making people laugh is just what I’m good at. Not also forgetting to mention that I can play other roles other than someone who is funny. I can be horrific, dramatic, or just plain plain if it is required of me for the role. I also understand that having a well organized and impressive resumé can sometimes be required. Knowing that this is just one of the things I lack, if given the chance I would be able to build this resumé and let the world see my art. With that being said it could be all because of you, if given the chance. My singing is something that I’m still working own. But overall I would say I have a decent voice.

  59. Bria Spellman

    Hello, my names Bria. I’m 16′ 5’6′ and have long brown curly/wavy hair. I should be considered for this film because I have attended the Foothills Fine Arts academy in Phoenix Arizona, and was a part of the drama program. I have been in fiddler on the roof, and a mid summers night dream. I also play the guitar, flute, and a bit of the piano. I am also very athletic and took 4th place in the state of Arizona for swimming as a freshman. Sports have taught me to never give up, and to push myself past my limits. I have also recently found out that Robert Duvall is my Great Uncle! I hope your choice is me. Thank you for your consideration. – Bria

  60. Destiny Green

    I’m destiny green, 14, freshman in high school, Marana to be exact, I just started they’re theatre program, and I’m looking for more ways to further my acting career. I did Annie in middle school production, and I loved every second of it. I’m really looking forward to this production and I’m really hoping to hear from you, here is my personal information:

    Name: destiny green
    Birthday: April 13,1999
    Email address:
    Height: 5.6 (yes a bit on the tall side)
    Weight: 130 ( and a bit heavy, but it evens out with the height, right)
    Eye color: greenish/ hazel
    Hair color: brunet/ dirty blonde
    Talents: I don’t really consider them talents, but I can sing, act(of coarse), make a water drop sound, kind of play piano, and I can walk a goat( just a random fact)

    Thank you for your time and I really hope you consider!!!

  61. sesil ekdi

    hi, my name is sesil ekdi and i’m from zürich, switzerland. i know it’s not easy to become actress if i’m from there but i believe in me! maybe this is my chance. i”m searching everyday for a casting or movie but it’s really hard to find one.
    in school i’m the best under 60 actors. i’m very very talented and confident i know this because people are telling me this everyday.
    i love acting and this is what i want to do!
    age: 14 (look like 16)
    height: 1.68m
    weight: 53kg
    hair: long, dark brown
    eyes: brown

    if i can play in this movie it would mean the world to me!
    thank you in advance.

  62. Kiersten Murphy

    I’m 11 and I am going into 6th grade I have starred in an Annie production before and it made me start dancing and singing I am interested in being an orphan or Annie but I really want to be Pepper because she’s tough or Molly because she had a sweet heart. I am tough and can handle a scrape or 2. I refuse to let anybody think they can bully me. I like to act and I have starred in the following:
    -Broadway revue
    -Fall revue
    -Peter Pan
    95 lbs
    Hair color:
    Skin color:
    Pale white
    I do have freckles !!!!!

  63. vega sherman

    im 13 and a girl i love to act i go to school for it in fl. i have brownish blond hair
    i do karate, and girl scouts, and running , and swiming

  64. Stephanie Himebrook

    Hello, my daughter is a 4 year old with a spirit going on 14! She’s a petite 4 yr old with very light blonde hair and big brown eyes. Ever since she was a baby, people have complimented me on how beautiful she is. The very first play I took her to was Annie and being only 3 years old, she was glued to the girls singing and dancing. She sat for 2 1/2 hours with the brightest sparkle in her eyes amazed at the theatrical performance. It was like she wanted to be a part of the stage so bad. She beamed from ear to ear & clapped after every scene. From there on out I realized being on stage might be a fulfillment for her. We went right out & bought the movie afterwards and to this day its still her favorite! Knowing her outgoing personality and bright spirit, I put her in dance at the age of 2. When it’s time to perform she turns it on and shines! Please consider her for an audition, she has a passion of performing and Annie has a part of her heart!

  65. Noemi

    Hello, my name is Noe I’m 17 years old, 5’1, dark brown hair, brown eyes and very thin. I was born and raised in Miami Florida. I’m very out going, energetic, known for being funny and also called a drama queen. I’m always very friendly and get along with everyone very quickly. I just recently graduated high school. Ever since I could remember I’ve had a passion for acting, I love to act. I’ve done several plays as the lead role. I haven’t had proper training because my family hasn’t been able to afford it. My biggest dream and goal is to become an actress. I’m willing to play any role even as just an extra, I just want a chance to prove and show people what I can do. I believe I’m myself and know if I follow my heart and work hard to make my dreams come true I will achieve it. I’m not looking to be famous, but I do want to be successful. I will work harder than anyone, and will respect and follow all the rules. I’m ready to fight to make my dreams come true. Thank you for your time.

  66. Jahforia Taylor

    African American / Cuban
    Speak english & spanish
    15yrs old
    Some experience
    Natural Talent <<<

  67. Leslie Michelle

    Hello, My name is Leslie Michelle and I am from Tucson, Arizona and I am 17 years of age but will be turning 18 on August 7th. I am such a Will Smith fan! And of the Annie movies because I grew up watching them. I would love to be apart of this musical as an actress, extra or a back up singer. I have acting and singing skills which I have learned in school. I’ve been in school plays and musicals. I would love this opportunity because this will really make my dream come true! Singing and acting is what I was born to do! I will be willing to work so hard for this oopportunity.If you have any qquestions please email me! Thank you! 🙂

  68. Johnathan Anderson

    Hello I am an African American/Caucasian male 6’3 215 lbs, 20 years of age , I am looking
    For the opportunity to show the people what I can give, I am from Orlando FL
    And willing to fly wherever I can to have the opportunity to audition.

  69. Bobbi and Patti Chagolla

    We are identical twins. We love to sing and dance. Our mom told us we can finally apply for jobs. We want to earn money to take our friends to Disneyland for our next birthday.

  70. genesis abrham collins

    I really wanna make this

  71. genesis abrham collins

    Will smith is a person who I think should be a hall of fame because my family have watch your shows like fresh prince.thats funny will and ashily are funny . Robocop,Men in black,Iam a legend,and others.ive watch Annie the movie.I wanna be a star because that’s my dream I’ve been tryin to go for other but I haven’t made it.

  72. Robin

    My 8 year old little lady was born to be a star. I know, all parents say that. I, and many have said, believe she has that “it” factor. She’s full of life and wants to be in the spotlight. I told her she could start auditioning once she could read. Her spunk, drive, and beautiful nature (both in and out) are going to take her far. How fun would it be to break in with a classic like Annie! And, on the big screen! We’ll certainly be looking further into this.

  73. samiye villa

    I am 9 years old, I sing, rap,dance, and act with lots of different voices, I’m out of Orlando, fl and would like to audition for a role in annie❗

  74. Thaddaeus Peay

    Hello my name is Thaddaeus Peay. I’m a 14 years old African American young guy, that is very talented I sing dance and act. I actually stared in” Annie Jr. The Musical at my former middle school. My character was Rusfus the Conman this was a great experience for me, it was great. I believe I would be perfect for this movie I have the singing ability along with so much more. I’ll be hoping to here back.

    Thank you, Thad Peay

  75. Tiger-Lily Jonathan

    Hi my name is Tiger-Lily and I’m 10yrs old. I have just completed a weeks show at the theatre in my city. I played Annie! I take exams in royal schools of music singing and love acting. I am in the local theatre school and regularly perform on stage. I have also just sang in young voices at the O2 arena with my school which has a platinum award for singing.
    I rehearsed for 9 months for Annie involving dancing acting and singing solos. I was also in the newspaper.
    My passion is musical theatre (but I also like Maths!!)
    Please consider me for a part in your new film.