America's Next Top Model Cycle 22

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22

It’s back and it’s better than ever! The CW has just announced Cycle 22 of the world’s most popular model search series America’s Next Top Model and your chance to shine is coming soon. Online submissions are being accepted now and open casting call dates are coming up quick for the reality model search show that has launched the careers of some of the most successful and recognizable faces in the industry. This is the chance for aspiring male and female models to show what they’ve got for millions of viewers each week and start their journey to the top of the modeling world. Applications for the all new season of ANTM are being accepted today. Don’t wait to reach for your dream!

America’s Next Top Model made it’s debut on    and since that very first episode they established themselves as one of the premier talent spotting outlets and a true taste maker in the fashion world. Make no mistake, this no mere television series, ANTM is a loud and influential voice in a multi-billion dollar industry and has discovered and mentored some of the most sought after talent walking the runways today. Tyra Banks and her crew have

what it takes raw potential and turn it into incredible skill and ability and they are ready to find their next group of modeling hopefuls. Cycly 22 will once again find the team choosing from the country’s best and brightest up and coming female AND male models to compete in what will surely be the most fabulous season yet. It’s all happening right here, right now – there is no time to waste!

Online submissions are being accepted today and the first listing of open casting call dates can be found at the bottom of this post. Models can submit online by sending an email with their information and measurements along with three photos to (be sure to put your first and last name along with your current city and state in the subject line).

The official ANTM application for Cycle 22 can be found and completed here

We will be updating the open casting calls as the additional cities are announced so check back for more updates and leave a message for us below and tell us why you want to be a part of the auditions for the brand new season of TV’s most beautiful series, America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22.


Open Casting Calls
Fort Smith, AR
Saturday, December 6
10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Central Mall
5111 Rogers Ave.
Fort Smith, AR 72903

San Diego, CA
Saturday, January 3
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Paul Mitchell – The School
410 A Street
San Diego, CA 92101

Columbus, GA
Thursday, December 18
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Peachtree Mall
3131 Manchester Expy.
Columbus, GA 31909

Cincinnati, OH
Friday, December 19
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Northgate Mall
9501 Colerain Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45251

Moosic, PA
Wednesday, December 10
2:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Shoppes at Montage
1035 Shoppes Blvd.
Moosic, PA 18507

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120 Casting Responses

  1. Ashley Newell

    My name is Ashley Newell, I’m from fort worth, Texas, I’m 5’11 and 155 pounds. I used to watch ANTM when I was younger but haven’t had much time lately. I think I should be considered because I feel like I was given a sign to. Since I was in high school I have had random people come up to me and tell me that I am modeling material and that I should really go for it. I have been told many times how photogenic I am naturally and how a lot of people love my gap in between my teeth. I was in my pharmacy today and was stopped by a woman who told me that I really needed to consider modeling. However being a broke college student, it’s a little hard paying local agencies. I’ve always wanted to model just never knew how to start. I know that if I had the chance I would do my best to come out on top.

  2. Kennedy Harris

    My name is Kennedy Harris, im 18 years old and im from texas. Ive been watching Americas next top model since I was a kid, and have been so inspired by it every single season. I never thought I ever had a chance because im a curvy girl with an hour glass shape. But the last few seasons the thick girls have been giving ANTM a run for their money! And I would LOVE to show the world that thick is in, and can most definitely be high fashion.

  3. jashari conner

    They need to do a season where there are nothing but kids ageing from 12-16

  4. Chasity Morville

    I have no experience modeling. I’m almost 16. I’m very photogenic. Modeling has always been a dream of mine. Since I was little. I really hope I get an opportunity to follow my dream.♡

  5. Akeya Smith

    I Love taking pictures in my past time when I’m not working or spending time with my family it would be a dream come true to be Americas next top model,for me beauty is more than skin deep,having a beautiful personality along with beauty extends past my heart for the art of modeling,I love beautiful moments captured on film it could brighten someone’s day,just one chance could be a change in the equation that’s missing in my life.My goal is to be an inspiration to young girls all over the world, who’s families struggle and because of that they lose self confidence,when my dad went to war in Iraq it tore our family apart, and my mother always told me no matter what we go through remember you are beautiful,you are loved,and one day you will be successful.This is why I can smile today.#smile

  6. shelby ann minor

    Hi. My name is Shelby Ann minor. I am a small town southern girl who loves to talk, listen to music, and just have fun. I have a really country accent and I’ll be completely honest; I don’t know anything about high fashion. But I am willing to learn everything I need to know in order to make it. I am a huge fan and I hope its not too late. I don’t have a portfolio or any modeling experience but this would be a dream come true. I am willing to do whatever it takes.



  8. Angeline Yanity

    My name is Angel, and I just turned 21 years old. I have a tiny bit of experience and have always wanted to move forward in the modeling industry. I have come across a few scams and I would love more than anything to FINALLY bring my talent to the next level. I know i have what it takes and I am so ready to show that. What a great way to start the new year!

  9. Jessi Herbold


    I would really love to get a chance to show you what I got. I emailed you some pictures. Hope you think I have a chance. My dream would come true.

  10. Abby DeReamer

    My name is Abby DeReamer. I want to be on America’s Next Top Model because the model challenges look exciting and adventurous! I want that kind of excitement in my life. Got to do it while you’re young right? I have spent so many hours watching ANTM marathons on television and actually being on the show would be incredible.

  11. Kira Hepburn

    Hello i would love the chance to show my creativity and persistent hard work. Thank you for your time.

  12. Alexis

    Hi my name is Alexis and I’m 19 years old. Every since i first saw your show I knew that’s what i wanted to do, but due to the fact that i faced a lot of teasing and people telling me I’d never make it, i never even tried but not this year! I’m going to put my best foot forward and go after my dreams because as a firm believer of God the old saying is “a thousand can tell you no but all ot takes is one yes from God”

  13. Kendra Anderson

    Hi my name is Kendra and I am 22 years old. I’ve always wanted to start a career in modeling, but I’ve never had the courage to do it. I think being on antm cycle 22 would help me love who I am no matter what. I know I have what it takes.

  14. Ami Porterfield

    Hey Mrs. Tyra My name is Ami Porterfield I’m 23 yrs old. I believe that I’m America’s Next Top Model. I also believe that you can do anything in life with a positive attitude an faith. I’m from a place where most people. don’t dream big at all. An that’s why they have no t. I. feel whole-heartedly that I am what you are looking for I stand out from most people. I never try to fit in I know I’m beautiful but I’m far from conceited…. I’m easily trained an know how to follow until I can help Lead. I’m a small town girl with big city dreams if I was picked I an most certain I would win yo heart regardless if i win or not. One thing that I live by is the golden rule…

  15. kjaray

    Am trying to go I hope get in if not then a least I try plus I be proud of my self and that I can change my life open for me and my family.

  16. Chrystan

    Hey I’m chrystan . I’m a small town boy with big city dreams . I’m 6’3 . My pants size is 30 32 my dress size is any where from a 4 down! Yes I said dress size I look great as a boy but I look better as a women . Done even get me stared on heels girl I can walk for days ! My dream is to become one of the worlds first cross dressing models ever! I have the looks the charisma uniqueness and attitude to become America’s next top model. Thank you and have a great holiday.

  17. Thaddaeus Paige

    I am America’s Next Top Model I cannot think of anything other than model it is my passion it is me is Who I am if I never see another word you would know by my walk/movement attitude I can make a difference I eat sleep breathe fashion life ……. I am Thaddaeus I am America’s Next Top Model

  18. Colista Morrison

    Hi! 🙂 my name is Colista Morrison, ive always wanted to be a model since i was a little girl, but as you know… 5’2 is way short in the modeling world. But now that your giving us an opportunity, id love to prove that a short woman can do what tall women have been acheiving for so long. And i would like to say thank you for making my dream come true to at least qualify as a model especially on this show.
    Well… Im 22 years old, native american/caucasion, im 5ft 2in tall, weigh 105lbs, 30a chest,26 waist,33hip, i love fashion, modeling and the amazing art that models can produce, and ive always wanted to do it myself but, i live in a small town with no modeling work or models whatso ever, but man i wish! I wish i could be surrounded by the modeling udustry and make my way to the top and inspire evryone around me to follow there dreams too:)
    I really hope you take a second look at me as an applicant because i wont let you down! I’ll work as hard as i can to be the model your looking for to be American Next Top Model cycle 22! Failure is not an option! I need to show my daughter anything is possible even with a setback or two.
    Thank you for the oppertunity:) im truely greatfull. i try my hardest to be the best person i can be so i am worthy of blessings like this… I’ll never stop, and if you put your trust in me i will not disapoint you.

  19. Kimberly

    Hi my name is Kimberly I’m 18 and I would love to finally get the chance to be on your show. I would work really hard. But I want this so bad do that I can help my mom pay bills and pay her hospital bills and maybe another sergery not only is this for me but it’s for the only person in the world that means the most to me

  20. Kanesha barr

    Being a model is everything I’ve always wanted people always tell me I have the height and the look so I want to give it another try I’ve been through so much I’ve been looking forward to being on next top I’m still gaining my self confidence due to past situations I’m just ready to give a shot desperately

  21. Karen

    Wow, my dream from I can remember was being a model, I was influence by former Miss Jamaican Lisa Hanna, move to America and tried a few times, I was shut down and been lied to. Didn’t accomplished anything, almost gave up until ANTM PREMIERS ,started to build back my confidence, here they are casting season 22 I have to go to a audition when they come Miami fl.

  22. Fabian Hogan

    My Name is Fabian Rabeer Hogan and I want to be a part of the auditions for the brand new season of TV’s most beautiful series, America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 because I have a very Exotic look that you will be Amazed by , I am Ambitious and I always strive for what I want, and I have a Story to tell. You can email me at rabeer1@gmail if you are interested.

    Fabian Rabeer Hogan


    I always wanted to be a model ever since I was young. I know that I have what it takes to be amarica’s next top Model. I want the money to help people like in the orfanege.

  24. Destiny

    I forgot mentioned I’m 5’4″ i weigh about 120 but in good shape. I’m mix racial n i really am beautiful. I just don’t know if I’m model material..

  25. Destiny

    Honestly, I want to feel more comfortable in my body. I want to experience something different. I never thought i can model. But it’s worth a shot. I’ve been told I’m beautiful n I should try it out. I guess that’s what I’m doing. I’m really doing this because of them. As in that being, I think I Can Make It. I’m Ready For The “Pain Is Beauty Talk”..

  26. Olivia Woods

    I have been watching America’s Next Top Model since I was 13 years old, and I have loved it ever since. I am 19 years old now, from small town Tiffin, Ohio. I am 5’5″, a size 9, and rockin’ a Smize that you can spot in any crowd. I have the drive, and the passion to get me and my future family a great life ahead.
    I have so much to give this world! I want to be a spokemodel for all girls that didn’t have a traditional upbringing. I want to represent for all the girls and young women out there who have been picked on, and told that “they’re not good enough”. I want them to know that they’re so amazing in their own way!
    I’ve been through my mother leaving me every other 6 months to go be with the most current boyfriend. I’ve been through getting broken up with on my birthday by my high school sweetheart. I practically raised my siblings for the first 10 years of their lives’. And I’ve also been through the great time of winning Heritage Festival Queen, and I made homecoming court my senior year. I’ve had a love for fashion and showing my best self in pictures; ever since I could work a camera, I’ve been setting it up and practicing my posing as often as I can. Waitressing to pay rent sure keeps you busy!
    I know that I would make a great addition to the Top Model family because I know that I have it. The smile, personality, professionality, and killer runway walk to prove. I make it all my own, and I can’t wait to show the fashion world what I have to offer!

  27. Ondra Wilson

    Hi my name is Ondra and I should be considered for cycle 22, because I can bring a light and easy feel to the set and cast. I’m unique looking in that I’m Japanese/Black mixed, and 200lbs of pure muscle. I am currently a personal trainer who competes in physique competitions taking 1st in my last one. Interested? Come take a closer look! 🙂

  28. Mina Flowers

    I am 35 years old. 5’4″ TALL 158 lbs. Born in NY. Looking forward to an opportunity to perform.

  29. Takylah Hunt

    Hi my name is Takylah and I’m here to let Ms. Tyra Banks and the Cw crew Know I am thee AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL!!!!

  30. Amanda Tillman

    Im not the tallest or the smallest person, im 5″4 138 pounds.
    I have watched antm since i was younger and always wanted to be like the girls on there modeling. The best feature i have to offer is my large green eyes. I want to do this really badly for my younger sisters and my mother i feel as if i also owe it to myself to do somethig for me.

  31. Mathea

    “I have two carrier passions an one of them to be discreet is actually Modeling, Thee other one is Actressing, My future depends on these two carriers, An i would love thee opportunity to persue them if the option & opportunity presents itself. Thank You for your attention, An look forward to hearing from you all soon. “

  32. Monifah

    Hi my name is Monifah I am 5’7.5 I weigh 118Ibs, I am 18 years old and modelling is something I see myself doing I definitely have what it takes , please help me out and you’ll see for yourself. I have an unique look I have long legs , full lips , oh I forgot to mention that I’m black my nationality is actually pretty interesting . Thanks for taking your time

  33. Stacey Davenport

    I would love to be a contestant on America’s Next Top Model, but I don’t fit the age requirements, I’m a gorgeous 41 year old and I look much younger than my age. I could pass for a 24 year old. I also have the body of a teenager.

  34. Cherrise Capers

    The only thing I can say is that I want this, I really do. This is my dream my only dream, modeling is all I ever wanted, I want people to see me, a girl who has made it through very hard times actually making it to where she wanted to be. If I get this chance I will do nothing less than fight for the win with everything I have. So I ask for just a chance to prove myself I am a very fast learner and I NEVER give up. So please please consider me. I want to have the chance to be Americas Next Top Model and live my dream, more than anything.

    Thank You <3

  35. Sylvia Aders

    Hi. I live about 45 min away from Ft. Smith in Tahlequah Oklahoma.
    Modeling has always been my dream. Since I was 7 and saw my first visctoria secret magazine, Itold myself that would be me! I have done some freelance modeling off and on between college, having my son and working. And I can not explain the joy I feel in front of a camera or walking down the runway. Its the one of the nest feelings im world (besides hearing in Sin son say i love you or holding my fiance!) I am sending my packet in on Sunday because unfourtunately my boss would not let me off soon enough to get there. I get off at 230 I’d miss you by 15 minutes. My whole life I was told I was perfect for this show. And I just never had the confidence until now. Look out for my package it should be there soon. In the meantime of things change about tomorrow and you decide to stay later please email me. I was meant to be Americas next top model. Not just be on the show. I love fashion. One day I plan to own my own business where I make the clothes take the pictures, do the hair and makeup and model. I already have the name. ELAINES WANDERLUST PRODUCTIONS. Fashion is art. Fashion is a way of life for me. And I hope to show the world exactly what it did for me!

  36. Trystal Lozada

    To whom it may concern:
    Hello my name as shown above is Trystal, I am 22 years old, 110lbs and 5’5 of height. Although I am not a tall girl as assumed or required, I love posing in front of cameras. I am not a published model but I have done several shoots and I am very photogenic. I would like to be on Americas Next Top Model because every time I see the show I see my self posing and being part of the cast. I would love to gain this opportunity so that I can learn and become the best at it. I love the show and I would love to be apart of it. I cannot say that I’m the best candidate but by the end of the season I will be. 🙂
    Thank You for taking your time to read this.

  37. Hayley

    I feel like i should be considered because i want to prove to myself that i can do great things if i set my mind to it. I’m nineteen years old, I’ll be twenty January 1st. I’m looking for my place in this world and i feel modeling is in my blood. It has always been something i dreamt of and i have had offers, but i never took them because i let fear take control of my life. I need to do this for myself, to prove to myself that there is hope for me to do what makes me happy. I don’t want to let fear take control of my life anymore. I’m tired of not taking chances. I hope Americas next top model will help me become the person i know i could be.

  38. Alexis

    Natural red hair, beautiful blue eyes, pale skin, and freckles. I am 5′ 7 110, 20 year old female. I have always thought about modeling but I have never been able to do it. People have always told me I should model. I think it would be a great thing for me to do.
    Thank you

  39. Lindsay

    I have 5 amazing kids and I chose to be a mother rather than pursue my dreams. And I have always loved modeling and been fascinated by it. If given this opportunity I would rock it and not let my babies down. I want them to know you can do anything no matter what!

  40. Latekia Jordan

    Modeling has always been a “Dream” of mine and I’m ready for my dreams to come true! I feel that I’m in the running to become America’s Next Top Model because I know I have what it takes and this would be a Great opportunity for my “Dream” to come true! Choose me I am a natural born beauty 5’2″ 126lB’s and would make a really Great model for America!

  41. ronald thornton

    Hey tyra how are you doing ? I will like to be on america’s next top model cycle 22 because i have watched this show since cycle 1 and i always wanted to model and i feel i have what it takes to be on top i follow good directions im 5″9 and this is my dream i wanted so bad not only for me but for my family and friends thank you so much please choose me i will be at the open auditions december 19th i got good talent.

  42. Dalton Pierce

    Because I’m tall dark and handsome with big green eyes and a pretty smile and have always been told to do modeling, but I don’t know one thing about modeling and would love to learn! I’ve always watched Americas next top model and was so excited when guys were on the show so please pick me Tyra! I’m 6ft 1in with dark brown hair and green eyes and 21 years old! I would come to the fort smith one because I only live 30 minutes away but will be out of town with my family and now wishing I wasn’t! Please pick me!!!!

  43. Tonisha E.

    I have wanted to be a model since I was a little girl I have watched every season just waiting for my chance, I’m not perfect but I’m damn good at what I do! And I’d love the chance to show you.

  44. Quanesha Hardrick

    I should be considered because of the person I am overall. I’m 5’81/2
    I’ve attended school for modeling , and I relate and appeal to many crowds and age
    Groups. I understand nothing comes easy so when I want something I go beyond what is expected and strive to be unforgettable.

  45. Rachelle Vilardi

    I’m 19 years old, 5’8″ an half, 119lb and I’m ready to step out of my shell and try something new! I believe I have the work ethic and ability to make it, for years I’ve been told by people that I should try modeling. Modeling to me is such a beautiful business that takes a lot of hard work but I think I have what it takes to go far! I don’t want to look back on my life and say I wonder what would happened if I gave it a shot, so that’s why I’m taking a chance and seeing where it takes me.:) I’ve watched this show for many years one of my top favorites!! I have something great to bring to this cycle:)

  46. Cameron Lamb

    My name is Cameron , I am 24 years old I know I have what it takes to be ANTM! I am 6’5 and weigh 200lbs. I have the looks and personality to market what designer want today.. I’m single male without children. The sky is the limit for me.. Cycle 22 will be amazing with me in it. People stop me all the time and ask me do I model daily..

  47. Alize Marrero

    I will love to have the opportunity to Audition for America’s Next Top Model..It will definitely be an amazing experience. I have a few modeling experience and will be so happy if I can share that with you guys 🙂 im crossing my fingers and really hope I can go to the casting call..

  48. Kate Elizabeth Bender

    OMG!!!! What an opportunity!! I would LLLOOOOVVVEEEE to be apart of this !!! I am a model. I’ve known that since I was little. I love being the center of attention. I love fashion, and I am the most determined person you have ever met. My name is Kate Elizabeth Bender, I reside in Charlotte NC, 704-307-3818; my e mail is I am 32 years young but look 22, 8%body fat; just got casted for American Ninja Warrior Season 7. I’m fit, thin, and I have a very unusual look. I’ve never met anyone who looks remotely like me. I was invited to participate in the Zooski’s awards of Emerging New Model Of the Year but did not have the funds to make it to NY. That was through explore talent. ( the whole world) 75 girls were chosen for the petite category. I have also won best gallery and best body for explore talent in their contests. Please I beg of you for this opportunity. Here is my explore talent website so you can check me out a bit., Thank you for your time and consideration,



  49. Jessica Bryans

    I think I would be a great candidate because who says 5″1 is too short to be beautiful! Short women are beautiful too and we all deserve to be recognized!

  50. Ashley N. Thomas

    This moment has been waiting for me! All this time, and I never knew it. I have had time to explore who I am and what I want to do in life. I have many great skills with corporate potential, I have landed outstanding job positions, the average 25 year old hasn’t! Very blessed, understandingly. However, that’s not where my happiness lies. I have a bigger ME thats waiting to come out. I feel as though I bottle myself inside this shell, that’s waiting to burst and give the world this fierce, sexy, classy, outgoing, businesses women that I am. I have an urge to express my fashion ability, the thirst to explore my creative mind..I am that “out of the box” individual Americas Next top Model needs. Sitting behind a desk, on the phones is not what I was put on earth to be. I’m ready to be the real ME. With no disappoints, I will not waste time. I’m ready to compete and give it 100%. I will not go another day being someone who I am not. Americas next top model is who I am!

  51. Maquell Taylor

    I would love for My daughter to be apart the next casting, being she watch amntm every time it come not to mention she’s a beautiful young lady.

  52. Lionel Watson

    Hello im a male model outside of Chicago and im wondering are there going to be any open model casting in Illinois anywhere

  53. Alyssa stanfill

    I’m the undescovered next top model foreal!

  54. Sofie Lutfy

    Gender: Female
    Height: 5″6
    Weight: 120
    Age: 16
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Blue
    Experience: high in acting and modeling

  55. Ryheem Johnson

    I’m a young, focused, charismatic, and driven man. I’ve made EVERY opportunity in my work for the better; all I need is a chance. I’m the first person in my family to go to graduate college, and that was only the beginning. I want to set the bar high for my younger siblings. I have a light shouldn’t be covered, and a gift that shouldn’t be hidden. All I need is a chance. See you in Moosic!!!

  56. Martha capard

    I feel like it’s where I belong and its a good opportunity to show off my talent

  57. Dreah Tuddles

    I’ve always wanted to be this glamorous model girl . I’ve tried so many times to get into the industry and every attempt was a failure because I would either be scammed out of my time and money or I had unreliable people in my corner. I auditioned once for ANTM when the casting calls were held in NYC but did not make it through at that time I didn’t know how to present myself but now knowing that the best way to be is natural I’m so ready for this challenge. This is a dream of mine and I’m willing and ready to give it my all .

  58. brashonda Washington

    I’m 23 years old I have the ambition to grow the purity to be fruitful and the motivation to keep standing. I’ve been through so much in the last year which has made me extremely strong and determined. I would be appreciative of the opportunity and will not waste my nor your time. Success is in the air and I’m Walking* for it !!

  59. Christy Monique

    I am America’s NEXT TOP model. Being beautiful is a blessing and a curse… but I’m choosing THIS time!;) I have potential. I believe in miracles. I know my worth no matter what happens. I’m praying I get the chance to show what God has given me and share it with America!

  60. Alexis Irizarry

    I would love to do this. It is what I’ve always wanted to do, and I’ve been waiting for a no height requirement

  61. Nina Lizardi


    I have tried sending my information and photos to the website listed but it failed. I don’t know if you will get this message since you receive thousands of replies but that won’t stop me from trying.

    I have always wanted to be on America’s Next Top Model but I have never gotten the chance to submit my photos since I missed the casting dates. I was very insecure when I was younger and I didn’t believe in myself.
    As I started developing faith in myself and getting in tune with my creative side, I am now modeling, acting and an aspiring singer. I love to dance and I love taking photos! I really hope I get the chance to meet you and be on your amazing show. I am a devoted watcher and no matter what, I don’t miss an episode! Unless I am working…
    I hope to hear from you!

    My measurements are:

    32A or 32B
    23 waist
    32 hips
    weight= 120
    height= 5’8

    Thank you,
    Nina Lizardi

  62. Adriel Grant

    i am from New York City. i would be a valuable contestant to the series because i bring a new look and give 100% in everything obstacle that is given to me. i want to be on ANTM since it first come out and now i have a chance. please give me this chance to make a difference

  63. Valesia Mahoney

    All my life I’ve struggled with self esteem issues. I want to show girls and women how to find beauty in your flaws. Don’t disguise your uniqueness; embrace it and learn how to work it. I’m learning daily to love the skin I’m in. My beauty is my own! I love fashion and everything about it.

  64. Shuntell

    I should be americas next too model because my look is very unique, my personality is bubbly, and I have tough skin and not afraid to compete and show america what I made of !

  65. Laquasha

    Hi, I’m a country girl from small town in SC. I would like to be apart of cycle 22 to show the world that I have what it takes to Americas Next Top Model and most importantly to show other women that no matter where you are from or what others may think, follow your dreams, be creative and remember: The Sky is The Limit!

  66. letitia Buffalo

    well hello there..I’m actually trying to figure out how to summit pictures of my Daughter just because she deff has what it takes to be on your show she is extremely exotic and pretty and not because I’m one of them moms that thinks there child is model material when there really not I don’t have time to waste no time .. not only is my daughter beautiful she is kinda funny but off at the same time. I know she would fit right in. she is 20 YRS old 5’9 and some change She is mixed like a garbage can blk, native American, cape verdean and japanese! Come on guys! let me show y’all what I’m working with I dnt think y’all would or could be disappointed;)

  67. Adam Harding

    I’ve always been interested in modeling and I’m a fan of America’s Next Top Model .I’m really glad that the male models are now implemented to the show. I’m so excited to have an opportunity to try and make my dream and goal come true. Thank you in advance for this opportunity and have an awesome remainder of your day.

  68. Shantelle Villalobos

    I’ve been so interested in this chance , I love the camera I love getting in front of one and taking shoots I really hope I get the chance to American next top model praying I do , I’ll hear from you guys soon crossing fingers

  69. Sarah Pessu

    Hi, I would like to audition online for Americas next top model . Although am in the uk currently studying at cardiff sixth form college.I have always watched American next top model since when I was little because of my brother.i really love the show, because the judges are well trained professionals in their areas.i have always wanted to become a victoria secret model and I feel taking part in Americas next top model would give me a solid foundation.And finally I feel I have what it takes to become americas next top model, I want to be on top.

  70. Zhane Videau

    I always wanted to became Americans top model. I bring sprint and techniques and less fear to the table. I have the advantages of being strong and creative, and productiv to this environment.

  71. Keyosha Blalock

    I’ve always wanted to be a model every since I was little. II’ve had a model walk since I was two years old. I always played dress up in my aunt and my mom clothes. Even though I’m a mother if I can make this dream happen I know it will inspire my daughter one day. She’s a spitting image of me and this can be something I can pass on to her. I’ve always been told I’m too short and haven’t been given the chance. If I can make this happen I can take care of my family.

  72. Samy Waters

    I have what it takes because I am a believer that all things can happen for me. I tried out for ANTM when they had auditions for short aspiring models. I was so close but fell short when I almost made it through auditions but the staff told me that I couldn’t do it because of my size. I am here to say I might be thick in some areas but that does not mean that I don’t have what it takes to smize through to the camera and most of all the people that believes in me, I would love a chance to be on the show and speak on behalf of others that can speak up for their selves. I am who God says I am. I am a believer.

  73. Cheyenne woods

    I would love to be on cycle 22 because I have exactly what it takes to be Americas next top model. My dreams were set back when I had my children but I am so determined and I want to leave a legacy for them & to show them to never give up on their dreams. I hope I get picked I will really appreciate the Oppurtunity ! Thank you:)

  74. Ieisha Thomas

    Hello… My name is Ieisha Thomas. I’m a 27 yrs old working mother and wife that reside in Sharonhill, Pa, and I’m ready to pursue the inner model in me. All my life I’ve dreamed and quite frankly I don’t wanna dream anymore I want the surreal reality that you have given so many beautiful young woman. Im very sure the look I possess will compliment your brand, and I just want a fair chance to earn that title as America’s Next Top Model. I Look in the mirror and I see these eyes that talk to you with no help from my mouth, these charming dimples that flatters you with a single smile, freckles that pop just enough for you to notice and say ” wow she’s it”. The 103 lb frame that holds me up was not always appreciated because I was teased for being small, but one day I looked in the mirror and seen me instead of what the people seen and I began to love myself. I’ve had failed attempts at modelling but lack of means didn’t make it easy to keep trying but I want this for so many different reasons one primarily being because I know I got what
    it takes. So with that being said please be a part of the release of my inner self, I know my presence on the show will be what you guys are seeking.. Sign »» Ieisha Thomas


  75. lashay gaskins

    I want to show I definitely have to what it takes to be Americas next top model as its always has been a dream forever and I want to take action now and let tyra know she’s an inspiration to me and I love watching her show