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America’s Next Top Model – Casting Calls

The world’s ultimate reality TV modeling competition series is back and ready to make history! Cycle 20 of America’s Next Top Model is set to begin another countrywide search to find the finest up and coming models to compete for this seasons title and international fame and fortune – and this time they’re give the boys a shot. That’s right gentlemen  after years of sitting on the sidelines, Tyra Banks and her team of modeling industry experts are putting you in the game of a lifetime. Now every aspiring model will have a chance to claim the title of the next ANTM champion. Casting calls for the all new season are being held soon and application submissions are being accepted now for the greatest America’s Next Top Model yet.

America’s Next Top Model has been reigned supreme as the queen of reality TV modeling series for 19 cycles over 10 years but now they may be getting ready to crown their first ever king. Cycle 20 will see both female AND male models competing each week in the exciting tests of modeling skills and trying to survive and advance to the ANTM title. In addition to the always fascinating twists and turns the Tyra and her team throw at the models throughout the season the participation of men living with, working with and competing right alongside the women should make this cycle the most delicious ever. So all of you talented ladies that have watched each season waiting for your opportunity and all of you men that have never had the chance to fulfill your dreams of America’s Next Top Model stardom, your time is here once again. Auditions for cycle 20 have been announced and submissions are being accepted now. To apply for this fantastic new season and for more information on casting call dates and times you can head to the official ANTM site here We will be keeping you up to date with every audition update here so stay tuned and leave a comment below and tell us why you are ready to be America’s Next Top Model for Cycle 20.

Ladies AND gentlemen, prepare to make modeling competition history! Apply today for your chance to compete for the cycle that will change everything on America’s Next top Model.

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159 Casting Responses

  1. precious jackson

    I should be on top model im short and petite very different and I stand out im a twin and im very determined enough said precious jackson

  2. Leticia Macias

    Hi! I’m here because I really want to be an actress and it would be awesome to ‘start’ my career in this show! Here are some things about me:
    Name:Leticia Macias
    Eyes Color: Brown.
    Hair: Brown, medium and wave.
    Weight: around the 115lb
    Race: Mexican
    Gender: Girl.
    Experience: Unfortunaly, I don’t have that much, only in school plays.
    Skills: I can play piano and flute. I’m not a terrible singer, either. I don’t really like sports, but I can play, and I’m fluent at portuguese.
    Why I want this role: Because I really love acting. Being someone else. ‘Run away’ from ‘you’ for while. Meet important people. It would be a dream come true,
    Why I want this audition: I know that my chances are low of getting this audition but I would really like to try out because I want to follow my dreams. So, please, let me try out because you wont regret it.

  3. ramona campbell

    hi, I want to know y u don’t take the average girl an give her a chance that wants to model, like me my body not perfect but I love to model. I believe that their should be amnt with women that don’t have a perfect body to change statistics. the world is so full of u gotta b this u b that size. well people n every shape and size buy ur clothing n for u to leave us out is just wrong. WE ARE PRETTY TOO!

  4. Anthony Lowe

    Hello, I’m Anthony Lowe and I have a burning passion to be a model.
    I am an 18-year-old 6’1-6’2, will be graduating from high school in less than a month and feel I can bring something completely new and unique to the modeling industry. I have an incredible drive and an amazing ethic that not only helps me throughout life but can be a great quality when in the modeling business. All in all I have many goals such as going to college to major in business and hopefully having an interior decorating business and even do things in the fashion field but among my many goals modeling is one that I would love to experience and check off my list of goals. I truly hope you will consider me! Thank you!

  5. Katerin Zapata

    Hello, my name is Katerin. I am 19years old. My dream is to be a model and I am fighting for that, I trust in my self and I trust in this country. I know I can do this, I just want you to trust on me, I do things with passion and I am very efficient! My personal information is:
    Height: 5.6″
    Weight: 125lb.
    Bust: 34 B
    Weist: 26inches
    Shoe: 9

    Thank you for the time. Hope you write back.

  6. Crystal Wilson

    Hi, I’m Crystal Wilson! I am not sure of what the minimum age is for this show, but I am 14 years of age. I am 5’1 and weigh 95 pounds. I am African American (fair skinned) and live in the United States. I have experience with modeling as a child and as a preteen. Modeling is my passion of life, and ever since I was a little kid I would dream of being the pretty girl in the magazine, but I wanted to make it my own style. I didn’t want people to change who I am inside for me to get to the top. Even in school, in art class, I have been asked to model for a sculpture for each and everyone sculpture we are to do. I am very photogenic, and I’m not afraid to try new things in order to do so.

  7. Alyssia

    Hi I’m Alyssia and I have always wanted to be a model, I just didn’t know where to start and I would love to get a chance to become Americas Next Top Model. Would love a change..

    Female/ African American
    156 Ibs

  8. April H

    Hello , My name is april i have always had the dream of becoming a model. I am “5’9” and 130lbs. I am a mother of twin 7 month old boys and i am a currently a college student. I have always been told i should presue modeling and never got the chance to give it a shout. I would be honored to even be considered to be apart of americas next top model, it would be a great opprotunity. I have a pashion to help children in need and become a teacher some day. I think i would be able to grow from this show. Hope you chose me.

  9. Desirea Allen

    Hi my name is desires allen from Roswell New Mexico 20 years old 5’9 African American and Hispanic I love sports basketball my fav . I work at a hospital in medical records. For years people , and. Family said you should be a model I smile at them and say thank you.what I really want is to see if I really have what it takes. Thank you I have what it might take to be America’s next top model please let me know again thank you.

  10. Tina

    Ever since I was 15 years old I been trying to become a model. I’ve been paying out the pocket to take and build my portfolio and still to this day I am trying to live out my dream. I have audition for a spot in one of Tyler Perry movie but didn’t get the part because I was inexperience. I’ve been spending money for my dream to come true that now I don’t have it. All I ever wanted to do was to walk on a big stage and say yes I’ve made it. To see everyone look up to me and say ” that’s going to be me one day” is what I look forward to. At the age of 21 I found out that I was diagnose with Cancer. And still with my sickness I still have faith to become that super model..No one can take my dreams from me and I will become a start one day..

  11. Sabrina raines miles

    Hey, I’m thirteen years old and have watched your show a lot. My mom is a big fan and so am I. I know you usually pick adults but I think I would be very good at modeling. You never know until you try and I want to try. Let me experience this and get a taste of life. Im tan and have dark brown hair and I think I’m skinny but I would go on a diet if needed to . I gtg but if ya decide u want A thirteen female then I’m ur girl

  12. Tara Banks

    Hi, My name is Tara Banks. im 26 yrs old and all my life ive been pick with for having that name which i think is wonderful. i’ve been told that i have very beautiful eyes, im 5’4 without heels, nice shape, a good actress and model, brown eyes, brown hair and very photogetic. i have many looks(i can change up) i would be honored to be AMERICA NEXT TOP MODEL….. Sincerely Tara Banks

  13. Deborah Achterberg

    My granddaughter, Ashley, is a striking beauty. She is bi-racial with gorgeous eyes, full lips, perfect figure and perfect skin. She is pencil thin. All of her life people have commented on her beauty. She will be 18 in June and has had an interest in modeling for several years. She can look 13 and she can look 22. Lots of opportunities. She has taken ten years of dance, two years of acting and is now a full time college student. I think you will be pleased once you meet this charming individual. One call from you and she will be elated. She also has a 15 year old sister following in her beauty.
    This is truly an opportunity for Tyra.

  14. Armyah Ariel

    Hey i am a 16 year old girl who has always dreamed of being a model. I Know I have what it takes to be a model. Im very dedicated and hardowrking and i will not stop until i have achieved my dream as a model . Im 5’5 wbrown hair and Big Bold Beautiful eyes . II Have a passion for fashion and is reaady to show it off . please consider me as a a candiate bevcause i know i would be a great model .
    ~Armyah Ariel <3

  15. Iyonna

    Hey Tyra I’m 6ft. Even an slim Brown skin short hair!

  16. Kathleen

    Hello there my name is Kathleen Im a young girl finally chasing her dreams Im sure there are a lot of famous actresses going for this role but if you want to take a chance on a new beautiful face of a normal girl from a small town then Im right here waiting for my big break. i would be willing to take any chances on this role so please contact me if very interested because i can promise you this will not only be a dream come true but a life changing experience for the both of us hey who wouldn’t want to be the first person to find me and make there dreams come true watching there vision come to life so please believe in me and i will believe in you.
    PANTS 3/4
    BUST 34DD

  17. Cinnamon Bogan

    My name is Cinnamon BOgan! i am an inspiring model From Tuscaloosa Al, Small TOwn with bigger Dreams in being a Model! I have 3 years of Runway experience and I know i have What it takes to be Amerias Next TOp Model. When I wake up All i thnk about is what can I do TOday to get me closer to my Dream! I submitted For this Show about 4 years ago! and Im trying it again! because itsnot only a dream but a passion! and I wont Give up! Please Consider Me! I wont let you down! Thanks!

  18. Laneasha

    Hi Tyra I’ve always wanted to be a model but I never had the courage becus I was so shy ,now I’m 26 singke mother with four children and wish that I had a chance to do something for myself my whole life is dedicated to them I have no time energy or anything for myself and I’m not complaining I just want to be able to do one thing of the many dreams that I haven’t and will never get to do..
    I’m 5’5 120
    Size 3
    Smal shirt
    Light skin

  19. Kelli McFarland

    Hello There!!

    Hi my name is Kelli McFarland. I am a 26 Californian native. Modeling has always been a definite passion of mine. Although height might not be on my side (I am 5″6), I am a very attractive young lady with camelion features. (Small head, almond shaped eyes, honey complexion skin, no cellulite, very classy looking.) I often am told that I resemble performing artists “Rhianna”. I am very determined to pursue my dreams of some day becoming a super model. I think I have the drive that will go far in this competition working my very hardest to pursue this goal that I so desire. I have been modeling for more than 10 years now, and would like a chance to meet with you to discuss why I am America’s Next Top Model!

    Thank you

    Kelli McFarland

  20. Yesenia

    Hello, My name is Yesenia Regalado. I am hispanic, 5″2 and I have always enjoyed modeling shows. I enjoy trying out new things and setting goals for myself. I know the only thing stopping me from wanting to model is some insecirities and my height. But knowing I can overcome those fears, gives me the motive to want and change my mindset of challenges set for myself.

  21. Olga Calle

    im an outgoing person, i always do my best to succeed in life and i young mother and i want to demonstrate to my 2 years old daughter that anything it’s possible if you really want it.
    i love modeling, i use to be a pageant and i won 2 out of 5 times
    im not that tall but i think i could make it because i have what it takes to look beautiful and natural.
    brown hair/light brown eyes
    130 pounds
    i hope i can get this opportunity.

  22. Nicole

    Hi Tyra,
    I have what it takes to be America’s Next Top Model because I’m tall nice looking nice cheek bones light brown 5’9 I weigh 139 I’m 22 no kids yet single born in Phila. Raised and PA , I love to travel and wear all types of clothes and also the clothes designers. I don’t have much experience but I’m a fast learner and modeling is something I always wanted to do and everyone always tell me I should be a model!!! And I should be on a cover of a magazine!!! I think so too! Hopefully one day I make it on your show I really want to meet you Tyra B. I love everything you do and one day I hope to be just let you! And it’s funny how me and you (Tyra Banks) body is the same! Yay we have something alike! But hope to see you soon please pick me to be one of your models I love you so much Tyra !! I’m praying !! ” and that’s why I should be America’s Next Top Model” ! Ok I’m going now!!!!

  23. Adair Graves

    Name: Adair Graves
    Sex: Female
    Age: 18
    Height:: 5’10”
    Weight: 160
    Eyes: Blue/Green
    Hair: Thick Honey Blonde
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    City: Fletcher
    State: NC
    Personality: Odd/Spunky southern wit. Quick study. Feel free to contact!

  24. Jasmine

    Hi my name is jasmine I’m from Louisiana. I’m 19 and I’ve always Had passion to model since I was 10;wen I started watching ANTM. I’m very photogenic and out going. I believe Im very different from others and can bring a lot of different things also new to the table. I would enjoy and love to have a chance in trying out for the show and learn new things in life.

  25. Ashley Whitt

    Name: Ashley Whitt
    Age: 19
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 125
    Hair color: blonde
    Eye color: blue

    I don’t have much modeling experience other than taking everyday photos of myself. I have been photographed by a couple of photographers and I have always been told how photogenic I am. It has always been my dream to become a successful model. Not only for myself but to how other people my happiness and passion for modeling in my pictures. It would be absolutely wonderful and an amazing experience to be on America’s Next Top Model. I would be learning from the best and I hope to show them that I can do it!

  26. chanel rose

    I am a model i do magazines which i have been covers or spreads as feature model of the month,i have been in music videos and have walked in a fashion show.i have been a guest on three different radio shows and have met alot of interesting people.i am looking to further my career so i would be interested in becoming a top model or possibly the top midel.thanx!!

  27. Linda Oliverio

    My name is Linda Oliverio.
    I’m a 19 year old jersey girl born and raised.
    Having my picture taken feels natural to me.
    I’m deffanitly not camera shy.
    I take directions like a professional and do not get hostile when I get frustrated.
    I’m a big ball of fun and very outgoing.
    My determination is stronger than anything you could think of.
    When I commit to ANTM cycle 20 I won’t stop till I’m the last model standing!

    Choose me and you’re in for an amazing cycle !
    Thank you (:

  28. Melyssa Tsangaris

    Hello! My name is Melyssa Tsangaris. I am currently 18 years old and I live in New Jersey. I am 5’7″ and weigh in at 145lbs. I have always been in love with this show and so inspired by it! I want to show the world that having a “normal body type” is still beautiful! I am proud of what I have and I want to share my confidence! I just need a little push to get out into the world and that is why I am applying. I’ve also taken multiple acting classes and I can portray expressions and I am aware of what to do with my body.

  29. Amanda Agana

    Height: 5 4
    Weight: 114
    Physique: Athletic (runner)
    Dress 2
    Shirt small
    Pants 2
    Hair: black,
    Ethnicity: African
    Eye color: Dark Brown
    Complexion: Dark Brown
    State: Arkansas
    Language: English, some french, and 3 African languages
    Talent: Novice actress, singer, dancer, athlete, writer,

    i have always wanted to be a model since Alek Wek visited Africa and it would mean the world to me if my dream could come true.
    i have a lot of talent, and i can prove it if i am given a chance.

  30. Jasmine Johnson

    My name is Jasmine Johnson. I am 28. I have applied 2 times for the show but was always told i was a plus sized model. I am very tall for a woman. Six foot actually. I really want to be on the show. I love modeling. I feel that i would be an asset to the show. I just want a chance. I dont know if i am too old but im tall and beautiful. I just need to prove it to you and the world.

  31. Tiffany Burton

    Im a 26 year old African American women,5’7″,115. From East Oakland,CA. looking for self fulfillment. Dont really know where I belong. And because I’ve failed at doing things other people wanted me to do, I’ve decided to finially do something that I want to do. Although Its never crossed my mind that I can actually succeed in doing something like Modeling, theres still apart of me that believes I am more than what people see. I hide my true talents becuase of the fear of rejection. And besides, its hard to believe that something like that can happen when u dont see it around u,only on TV. As I get older, I realize I cant think like that anymore. I have to at least make an effort. So what if people who say they love me or that is close to me doesnt support me nor encourage me. Dont need’em, Cant make everybody happy! So I’m going to stop trying. I’m an outspoken ,out going ,open minded, diverse , kind hearted person who wants her chance, not to shine but to prove to herself that she can be a model, that she can make an honest living doing something she loves,that makes her feel good while doing it. At the same time encouaging others to put aside all doubts and just go for it. That dreams or very possible.I’m great with people and I pride myself in being a better person than I was yesterday. Now I have no modeling experience ,but u have to start somewhere. If given the chance, I can be that sponge and soak in all that I need to become a great model, and mentor to other people who wants to do more with their life but dont know how. And that is the reason I believe I should be apart of this show. I really hope Tyra reads this… But even if she doesn’t, it felt good to get this off my chest .

  32. Alexis Durkins

    I am currently 18 . I believe I had what’s it takes to be the next America’s Next Top Model, I’ve been told my a lot of people that I need to start a modeling career. Im an African American , Light Skinned , 5’7 , 115 lbs. I Do Believe this would be a life changer and I am ready to put my talent and pretty face to work.

  33. China white

    Hi I’m china I’m 5’9 and I want to be a model all I do is dream about it I would love to show the world how much passion I have for this I won’t stop trying ill work hard at it everyday give me a chance I swear Yu won’t regret it ill make Yu happy

  34. Tyler Neal

    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    I have a passion for modeling and a drive to win and make something of myself I’ll always find my way around an obstacle

  35. Lucy Lee

    I always loved anything that had to do with fashion, and I love designing clothes. I am 5’7 and I weigh 114 pounds. I am 15 years old and I am full of energy. I know that I will work harder than anyone and I will try my best at all times. I’m a Korean and thank you for your time and consideration.

  36. Kathryn Huffman

    Name: Kathryn
    Age: 20
    Sex: Female
    Location: Florida
    Height: 5’6″
    Weight: 125
    Hair color: Dirty Blonde
    Eye color: Blue-green

    I’ve never done any kind of modeling before, but I figured that if I might want to do it I would find that out while learning about it on your show. I do not expect to win but I think it would be a great experience to learn from Tyra Banks.

  37. jasmine alston


  38. Melissa Cavender

    Name: Melissa Cavender
    Gender: female
    Height: 5’7
    ethnicity: white
    Hair color: Dark Blonde
    Eye color: Blue
    About me: I love to model, it is my passion. I would do everything you guys want and work hard. I know if we could meet you would see how great i am to work with, all I ask is for a chance.

  39. Elle Sanders

    my name is Elle Sanders.(Elle like “Elle Magazine”) i will be 13. i have light blue eyes. long gold, blonde hair. i’m a female. i live on a little gated residential in Georgia. my skin color is white, my skin gets tan in the summer i have danced competitively since i was 6, i have a saddle bread female horse named Chloe. i go to a little private school, i am the president of my class, i have really good grades(always A B honor-roll) i’m on the swim team, i play tennis 2 days a week, i play volley ball, i have played soccer since i was four, i also model, i love to sing, and hang out with my best friends. i am ALWAYS the most fashionable girl in the room. i love to travel, i have been to so many wonderful countries and cities. Cinderella has always been my favorite fairy tale . My family and friends means so much to me, i have a twin brother. i also love to spend time with my puppy, his name is Aneto it is the summit of the Great Pyrenees mountains. He is a Great Pyrenees. my height is 5″4 1/3.
    i do realize that i am to young for the program, but i would love to get involved with this sort of stuff.
    Thank You So Much For Considering My Journey. =D

  40. Karen

    Hey Tyra Banks 🙂

    I believe that I am a HIGH FASHION SUPER MODEL I should have been Audition for ANTM but I guess I was to scared didnt have the Strength yet but now I am ready to take my dream and go to the next step

  41. Cydney Trehern

    Hi my name is Cydney 🙂 I am from Delaware and would absolutely LOVE to be apart of ANTM This season. I am short, 5″0. Brown skin w a great smile. I can send pictures. Thank you!!! :))


    Hello, my name is Marci Miller and im 21 years old. I am a very expericanced model/make-up artist, i always strive for something bigger and better. That being said, i have a very ouotgoing and dedicated personality, once i stick my mind to something i WILL achieve it with and if you give me the oppurtunity to do so i wont let you down

  43. katrina bailey

    Gender: Female
    Height: 5 feet 11 in
    Weight: 120 lbs.
    Age Range: 25
    Physique: Athletic /Slim
    Hair Color: Dark Brown/Black
    Hair Length: Long
    Eyes: Brown
    Ethnicity: Black

    I live in NJ and am now looking to come out of my element and shine. I have no experience in acting but I know I will do a great job. I never give up. Give me a chance.. Im a Jack of al Trades. I am now a Mother, Model, soon to be Author and Shoe Designer. 😉 I know I will be a great asset.

  44. Sabrina Roberts

    Hello, I am a black African American who has not been able to get my face and body type out there I was always put down about how I look, how short I am and how much meat I have but, if Tyra can do it I know I can do it I just have to keep having faith so I can reach my goal. Tyra is my role model and I so look up to her and I want to be just like her. I would love to be apart of America next top model. I want to show the people that put me down that no matter how big, small, skinny, fat, dark, light no matter what, everyone is beautiful in their own way.

  45. Sarah

    It would be an honor to be a part of a show that I have adored since cycle 1. I have been theatrically involved my entire life, with acting, singing, dancing and some modeling on the side. I am a feminist, so I am all about loving yourself and sharing empowerment with fellow women. I am a senior in college, about to graduate and pursue a career in Public Relations, hoping to land a job in NYC. I am 21 years old, 5’10, 135 lbs., with reddish-brown hair and hazel eyes. I feel that I am a perfect representative for America’s Next Top Model who will embody the confidence, beauty and fierceness that the title deserves. Thank you for this opportunity!

  46. Braydon Haynes

    6 foot
    Dark brown eyes
    Tan skin
    Modelling experience
    Please notify as soon as possible.
    Thank you.

  47. Rosario

    I am a petite italian fire cracker waiting to show my colors

  48. Sharetta Deluca

    Hmm.being im 4’9″ doubt ill make it , make another short people episode ! 😀

  49. Precious Cash

    It would be an honor to become America’s Next Top Model. I believe I have what it takes to become and have a successful modeling career. Becoming a model has always and still is a dream that I am so passionate about. I am an extremely hard working, young woman who can take constructive criticism and apply it to my modeling career in order to become one of the best. I can also handle the pressure of the modeling industry. I think that ANTM will give me the necessary tools needed to follow my dream. You can check out some of my pictures on facebook.
    Age: 20 years old
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 128 pounds
    Bust: 34B
    Shoe Size: 9
    Pant Size: 5
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Sandy Red

  50. starlina hayes

    Im 18 and all my life Ive been called ugly. I watched every episode of ANTM and it always gave me a little hope that maybe im not ugly as everyone in my high school classed called me. Now iI have self esteem and i want to share that with other girls that are being bulled. I would love the chance to be able to show that i am beautiful.

  51. Kenyetta S


  52. kayla rodgers

    Hi I’m Kayla I love modeling .all my friends and family always tell me are you a model yet . I’m tall 5″6 , Tan , long brown haired girl with hazel eyes. I an sweet opened hearted girl I am 14 years old you can email me

  53. Lunnaris

    Hi i will be happy if considered me to this
    My name is Lunnaris
    From Puerto Rico
    21 years old
    Nice body
    Piercings & tattoos
    I will like to b part of this

  54. asma jebali

    my name is ; asma jebali
    from; tunisia south of africa
    spoke; english * fransh*arabic
    skin color; not black and not white
    age;03/07/1994.(18) 😉
    hihgt; 1;69
    colour of eyes; dark brown
    colour of hair; dark brown
    *** my dream is to be actress in holywood iven if it is hard cause im not from usa but i spook like english geril i dont have acsent ps i love singing and dinsing to dobel threit loooool but acting is the first and last from i was 10 i larned english and acting i have experyence just in theater but im talent girl my dream is to share my talent with all ouver the world so plzz help me to my dream come true i will naver ever let you dawn gyus and plzz belive in me .. i hope you gyus give me a chance cause without chance nothing will change i belive that some day i will have Opportunity and i hope you give it to me gyes thnx so much***

  55. Brian Willoughby

    I believe i have what it takes to be the next top model cycle 20, and the reason i say this is becues family and friends tell me i have the type of smile that make other people smile, and that my big brown eyes; is compley filled with a mystery but peace, im 5’10”,155lb, size 10, waist 32; And i have the determination, energy and that somthing to be next top model cycle 20.

    thank you for reading

  56. Brianna

    Hello, my name is Brianna and i would be honored to be apart of Americas Next Top Model.
    I’ve always be told to try it and i think this would be a great time to do so. I have a great personality and i want to be able to be molded into becoming a model. I have never modeled before, but i would love to give it a chance, as well as my all. I am 5’6 and i love taking pictures. I dont know to much about make-up and fashion, i have my own style, bbut i love trying new things as well as being critic on things. I really hope i have a chance to to be on ANTM and see what i can bring 🙂

  57. Kay

    Am 5’9 weight 135 Ib. I ve always wanted to be a model. If am given this great opportunity not fail myself or anyone.

  58. Darrel Schuster

    Wow! Someone has been reading my mind for the last few years, I have been wondering why there has not Been a show for the men! Some people are born to be doctors,lawyers,scientist or even zoo keepers, it’s what they love their passion they are drawn to it! I was born for this and more given the chance to compete for ANTM I will succeed. I have been waiting on an oppurtunity to share my passion and will in the industry! Let me know what is needed to go to the next step. Thanks

  59. Dinah larkins

    Hello my name is Dinah and I am very fascinated with ANTM

  60. Lissa Rojas

    Age: 16
    Height: 5′ 9′
    Weight: 135
    Bust: 32 DDD
    Waist: Size 2-4
    Ethnicity: Colombian
    Shoe Size: 8 1/2
    Location: Idaho

    I would love to have the opportunity of working with Tyra! She’s such an inspiration! I have been following America’s Next Top Model for years now, and it has always been a dream of mine to compete. I am a very down to earth easy going person, I’m easy to get along with, I’m also a hard worker! and won’t let you down if given the opportunity! 🙂

  61. Lindsey Rencoukos

    Hello my name is Lindsey Rencoukos, this is my dream to be on the show and have this chance of a life time! I will do anything to win and blow the judges away!
    hair: dark brown
    eye: green
    height: 5’8
    weight: 123
    I live in Indian Harbor beach fl so i will be at the fl open casting calls!

  62. Cierra

    I should be considered as ANTM cycle 20 because I believe I have everything it takes to be a model. I have been modeling for almost 10 years now and I’m not stopping until I am where I believe I should be, and that’s in front of Tyra Banks just so she could atleast see me. I have been published and walked for many fashion shows and hair shows. I am a mother of 2 boys and the owner of a salon in Baltimore,Md. I’m 5’8, 130lbs, and measurements 32-26-39. I have accomplished one of my goals in life now it’s time to accomplish my other goal and that’s becoming a household name through modeling!

  63. hassan dager



    P.S I AM THE ONE!!

  64. Brittany S. Goodman

    Hello my name is Brittany. I’m 19 years old, I live in Baltimore, md. My family & I been watching Antm for a long time now. My mom always told me that I’m beautiful & I will be someone special someday, Since she pasted Many people have came to me & told me I should give modeling a try because of my high cheek bones, my almond eyes & my pretty smile ect. Modeling is the opposite of everything I have accomplished In life but I’m running out of chances & im looking for a change of path. Looking forward for chance of becoming Antm. God bless & wish to see you soon. -LOVE BRITTANY G

  65. Angelica Morales

    Words CANNOT describe how fascinated I am by this cycles attempt to be adding males this season. I am beyond excited to try new things and I believe I am the perfect example for this season. My name is Angelica and I’ve always had hopes and dreams of being qualified for America’s Next Top Model. I am standing at 5’8 and weight 135 lbs. Ever since I was able to walk I’ve grown up being called a Spanish phrase ” Alto Culo” because of how big my extremities were I’d walk strangely and then as time went by others would say I should do catwalk runway or something. I am eager to hear back and hopefully I have what it takes to be on Americas Next Top Model. Actually “I know I do.” chao!

  66. Tanisha Oliver

    Hello, I should be considered to become a model because I have the passion and desire to model. I can handle pressure and criticism I am also a great listener and take things that are told to me in and use them to better myself in the shoot. I’ve also watched almost all of the ANTM cycles that were aired. When I watched ANTM I listened and took in everything Tyra had to say to the ladies considering the fact that I know I want to model. The last thing I think that I should be considered to become a model because I’m a hard working person for everything I have and this is my dream and I see myself on the commercial and in ads and in magazines.

    Age: 19

    Height: 5″9″

    Weight: 152.8

    Bust: 34C

    Waist: 32 inches

    Shoe Size: 9

    Dress Size: N/A

    Pants Size: 11/12

    Ethnicity: Black/African American

  67. Tanisha Oliver

    I should be considered because I have a great passion to model and that I feel that I have what it takes become a model. I also should be considered to be on ANTM Cycle 20 because I know I am a strong person and I know that I can take the modeling world through the harsh criticism and judging. I am a great listener and I feel that I have the looks and desire for it.

  68. Jermekia Na'Shaye Jackon

    Modeling is my dream, next to Dancing. Im a little on the short side, 5’1, but i believe everyone should at least have a chance to do what they love. Especially working with Tyra! I know I can do it. I dont care if im the shortest model to ever walk the earth. Im gonna do it. My height will not stop me from chasing my dreams and reaching them. Goodluck to me!

  69. Devon Williams

    I’m not sure why I should be America’s next top model. Except the fact that I have been told by friends and strangers that I should be an actor or a model, and I do have an appreciation for both of those fields. I don’t know if that deserves an audition, but that’s all I’ve got. I have an open heart and I’m a fairly well disciplined, hard worker.

  70. Tiffany Steele

    I live in West Virginia, it’s a beautiful place to live, I love all the beautiful mountains and trees.. The freedom to go into the mountains on a mind clearing 4 wheeler ride but there’s just simply no Great opportunities here.

    I have had jobs in the past even went to college and got an associates degree but nothing has held my interest as much as wanting the chance at becoming a model.

    I am completely enticed at the thought of even getting a chance at becoming a model, I am ready for something bigger in Life, I’m ready to get out of WV and see whats out there.

  71. Jayne Pontius

    This is amasing!!! I am extreemly excited, and am going to give it my best shot! Ever sense I was a little girl I have dreamed of being noticed. This is a great opertunity to make new friends, learn new things and to be my self. Thank you so much, and hope to see you soon! <3

  72. Elvis

    Ever since the show aired when I was like 13 years old I have dreamed that Tyra would finally have a boys season, after years of 11:11 wishes it has come true! I can not believe it. I still practice all of her teaches and am obsessed with being a model, It more than anything is my dream. I am a 22 year old male college student that HAS what it takes to win.

  73. Gabrielle Dawson

    I have always wanted to model, but have been discourged because of my height. I love being infront of the camara, and have been told I am very photogenic. I dont think that makes a model, but giving the opportunity to live a dream is a once in a life time chance. I am 5’5′, my eyes change color but are mainly greens and blues, I am lighted skined almost a mix between tanish brown and a light carmel. I watch the show all the time and often wish i could jump through the tv screen.

  74. Mauricio Alexis Rosa

    It would be an honor to be part of your show and become America’s Next Top Model. I think I got what it takes to become that model you’ve been looking for. If you get a chance to see my photos on my facebook page or instagram, you’ll see why some of my friends has told me I should pursue modeling. I just need the help of being discovered by someone & why not being discovered by your help.

  75. Ellen

    Know ASL Sign Languages and can speak if u have any one who are deaf or hard of hearing going to be part of your competition. Let me know if I can help you with anything. Love to help … Enjoyed helping people. Ellen Rice