America's Got Talent 2014

America’s Got Talent 2014

America’s Got Talent has just closed the curtains on another rip roaring season and already the producers and casting scouts for television’s favorite reality TV competition are on the lookout for the next crop of incredibly gifted performers ready to make their mark and vie for a MILLION DOLLAR GRAND PRIZE. With an all new group of audition cities and the opportunity to submit your casting tape online, season 9 is gearing up to be the best chance yet for aspiring entertainers to show the country that they have what it takes to compete to be the next champion of America’s Got Talent.

America’s Got Talent has been wowing audiences and discovering the next superstars of entertainment since 2006 and the series only continues to grow. Performers of any age with talent for singing, dancing, comedy, magic or any other form of entertainment can submit themselves online or at one of the season 9 audition locations for their shot to perform in front of a live audience and millions of viewers at home week by week until one final “Talent” act is left standing as the AGT Champion. The lucky performers will also have a chance to perform for America’s Got Talent’s fantastic host Nick Cannon and it’s incredible quartet of celebrity judges made up of the uber talented supermodel Heidi Klum, actor, comedian and television host Howie Mandel, multi-platinum recording artist Melanie “Mel B.” Brown and The King Of All Media himself, Howard Stern. Each week these hilarious and discerning stars will critique and mentor the contestants, but it is the viewers at home that hold the final decision in their hands as they vote for who they want to walk away with the Million Dollar grand prize and Las Vegas headline show.

America’s Got Talent has seen many fine performers over it’s first 8 seasons and acts of all kinds have been chosen as champion by the record breaking viewing audience and have gone on to tremendous success. From season 1 child prodigy singer Bianca Ryan to Terry Wayne Fator, the now world renowned ventriloquist/impressionist/comedian/singer and this years visionary dancer Kenichi Ebina the show and the acts just keep getting better and better. Are you ready to be the next AGT champion? Interested talents can submit themselves by submitting a 2-3 minute video ONLINE here for your shot at fame and glory. You can also find more information on the new season including audition locations and dates here Your time to shine is now!

Season 8 may have only just ended but season 9 of America’s most entertaining talent showcase is ready to begin! Apply today for your shot at the 1 MILLION DOLLAR Grand Prize, a Las Vegas showcase and the title of America’s Got Talent champion.

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63 Casting Responses

  1. Serena Cole

    Hello my name is Serena. I am a 14 year old from which who loves to sing. My best friend is Holly Martin, we have been singing and writing songs together for about 3 years now. This could be our big shot to become the next big thing as well as help our family with money. Please contact me if needed 🙂
    Phone: 7205322521

  2. Kalandria Fairley

    Hi I am Kalandria Fairley and I would like to be a singer on the show!

  3. Samone Schell

    My name is Samone I can sing dance and act I’ve been wanting to audition I’m 12 years old and I know how to kill it on the dance floor. My voice is very high and joyful. Please allow me to be on this show it would be an honor.
    Height- 5’2
    Weight- 102 lbs
    Ethnicity- African American
    Eye Color- Dark Brown
    Hair Color-Brown

  4. Stephanie Galanes

    HI! My name is Stephanie I’m 11 years old ( turning 12 soon) and I sing. I live in California and have been writing my own songs since I was 9. I am currently in 7th grade, and I auditioned for last season but I didn’t make it. I recently started posting on YouTube videos of me singing. I REALLY want to be a singer when I’m older but I know the odds are very slim. But if you could actually take the time to hear me sing and consider it, that would mean the world to me! Thank you for reading. Hope you might want to choose me! My YouTube channel is: stephanie galanes. Bye !

  5. Clayton Chattin

    im fourteen years old and i can cook like chef gordon Ramsey he is my idol and i love to watch him yell at people until the make a perfect dish he is one of the best chefs ever and i would like to bw just like him and show the world what a good chef is even if they’re kids you can contact me at 1-(304)-497-3831

  6. Elena

    I am 18 years old and would like to be a singer and dancer on America’s got talent.

  7. aridaya

    hello my name is aridaya i currently live in Colorado i am 14 years old i just love to sing many of my friend say i have a beautiful singing voice and music has just helped me in my bad days and made laugh on the even sadder days,being on Americas go talent because it will give me a chance to live my dreams as one the youngest teens to be a successful singer.

  8. denny cornman

    wow, lol, as im lookin down the reply’s of these others and i see alot are singers, but nah im a rapper, ive been writing since i was 8 years old and i just got a love for music. u better know ill be on the show. im a male and 15 years old and you’ll be seeing me. from akron

  9. Daisha Chambers

    Hi my name is Daisha I am 14yrs old I’m 4’9 I am 106 lbs. transitioning from middle to high school I have been singing since I was born I’ve always wanted to show the world my talent of singing I’ve been many places with my mom and brother I was born in Orange county California but I’m currently live in Douglasville ,Georgia I’ve never tried out for America’s got talent or any other talent shows because my mom is tight on money and they’ve always been far away but singing is my favorite thing to do other than storm chasing which I always loved also I just really want the opportunity Thank You for your time

  10. Caitlyn Lyle

    Hi, my name is Caitlyn Lyle. I am 13 years old and I love to sing. My family and friends have told me that I’m an amazing singer. I am extremely sigh and when I’m nervous I laugh. I taught myself how to sing when I was five years old. I really hope you will give me a chance.

  11. Carlos torres

    Music is my passion. I started singing when I was 4; I’m 60 now. I love to sing with my guitar. I would like to share my talent with every one; and make everyone smile with me and my music. Please give me a chance.

  12. Carlos torres

    Music is my passion. I started singing when I was 4; I’m 60 now. I wanted to inspire and show the world I still belong. Please give me a chance.

  13. Tommy

    I want to be Apart of it. America’s got talent 2014 application form How to Apply On American Got Talent 2014 watch the video to apply America’s Got Talent (sometimes abbreviated as AGT) is an American reality television series. this site shared the correct information but i was not be able to loging till i saw this site when i search on google

  14. Tianna Merie Hammoudeh

    Hi, my name is Tianna (my nicknames Tia) and I love music!!! I play piano, i sing, i dance, and i write my own songs! It would be a chance of a life time if I got this opportunity! I watch this show all the time! even the re-runs!!! I’m a 12 yr old country girl who no one even pays attention to if i get on this show i will have so much fun i’ll be like “BYE HOME!!!! IMMA GO BE A BIG STAR!!!” its always been my dream to be famous! plz give me this opportunity… I WILL NOT! LET! U! DOWN!

  15. Andrea

    I am Andrea stump and I am 15 and a half. Music is second in my life for god is first and I would love to just get my voice out there in the world.

  16. Nevaeh Archer

    I am 11 years old I forgot to add that

  17. Nevaeh Archer

    I love to sing. my friends and family have told me that I am a good singer. I have always wanted to be on this show. I feel that I would be perfect for this show. I would give my all to win I have always wanted to be discovered but especially by this television show. I watched all of the seasons. you guys are the best judges ever. I know I am you but my voice has matured over the years. just please give me a chance. I would love to be on your show. thank you for allowing me to give my reason.

  18. Mikhaela Dustin

    I am thirteen and a very good singer as I’ve been told by my friends. I am a little shy but when I pretend there is no one there I can be great. I really hope I get to be on America’s Got Tlaent but if I’m not I’ll understand because you have better people and I’m fine with that. Please respond soon.

  19. Jasiel Miranda

    Hello, my name is Jasiel Miranda.I am 19 years old almost 20.I sing in my room and I have a dream of becoming a singer.I am confident that I can wow the judges.Please give me the chance to audition on stage to sing.My parents and friends tell me that I have a good voice and that I can sing.I always wanted to be a singer since I was 15.My parents did not allow me to go to a talent competition.They were too Strict.But now I know that I can make my dream come to reality.I am not scared nor concerned about what people think about me singing.I live in Fort Walton Beach and I work in a restaurant.I want to do what I love and what brings me happiness and joy and that is making Music.I believe in myself and I believe someday it will happen.I understand that success does not happen overnight.I can do this.I will never say never. I will push myself to become a better,stronger person.This is a challenge.Some people cannot sing.And I say that Because I have seen the auditions in the reality tv show The X Factor.Anyway I want to audition in Atlanta this year 2014. I wish I could perform in Florida.But there are no talent competitions here.I want to perform in a nearby area.Hopefully there are competitions in Atlanta this year.I don’t have much money so that is why I want to audition in Atlanta.If the competitions take place in another city let me know.I can work very hard specially for a career that I really want to have.Please consider me.I want to audition.You will not be disappointed.Thank you and good bye.

  20. Iyana Davis

    Hi my name is Iyana Davis, I am 12 years of age ,and this is one of my biggest dreams, I have experience with singing that’s what I want to do when I grow up but I want to also do acting. I have acting experience and I have been to acting auditions and I have made it , and I was going to go to acting school, but I sadly I could not . That’s why I am getting on the road and taking off and starting it over and renewing myself of what I have wanted to do every seen I was small little girl. Acting and singing have made have better self esteem and also gave me a boost of confidence, so please pick me and I promise I will give you all I HAVE AND I won’t let you down. THANK YOU !!!!!!!! P.s I am ready to do sme hard work……

  21. Neska Urdampilleta

    Hi! My name Is Neska Urdampilleta.
    Since I was a kid I love to sign. My mom Is from El Salvador and my dad Was from Spain.
    My biggest gold Is to be a good singer and with my music I want to make people believe in their dreams and to never give up on them

  22. Hannah Leigh Compton

    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’0″
    Weight: 115
    Hair color: light brown
    Eye color: dark brown
    Race: Caucasian/American Indian
    Shoe size: 6.5
    Dress size: 4

    I am Hannah Leigh Compton, I would sit here and type about how much I love acting,like everybody else on here, but I would rather get to the point and share some information about myself. I live in Huntington West Virginia, and ever since I was younger I have been into my music. I drum, play guitar, and sing. I am extremely laid back and will go with the flow. I am pretty smart, I think a lot. Music and acting have always appealed to me in the sense of getting to express how I feel in an abnormal way that is not like anybody else’s. Acting is a way for me to express myself as taking over the outlook of an entirely different person, while still being myself.

  23. Emma Schreiber

    Hello! My name is Emma Schreiber and I am eleven years old. I believe I can become the next big singer. I have done 2 talent shows and won both. I also have been in ten musicals including A Snow White Christmas (Sappy), Alice in Wonderland (Rose), SFT Cabaret (Alice in “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah” from Alice in Wonderland), and more. I have also have been in We Need to Talk About Kevin (ballerina extra), Law and Order SVU (birthday girl extra in eps: “Bedtime”), and Law and Order CSI (playground kid extra eps: “True Legacy”). And last, I auditioned for Billy Elliot on Broadway. I would love to be at least given the chance to audition for AGT (since it’s always been my dream).

  24. Phil Piruzzi Filsoof

    I am a local Film/TV actor, who has been acting for the past 14 years, primarily in the Indie Films and TV Re-Enactments, I have been in over 100 Film/TV projects and I was wondering, if it would be worthwhile, to do a 90 second monologue as an actor. I would much appreciate if, if someone can just say Yah or nay.

    With Best,

    Phil Piruzzi Filsoof

  25. Jessica. Williams

    I like to be considered for the competition . This is a opportunity for me to express my most inner feeling throughout song. It has been a void in my life of a dream to accomplishment. I don”t want any regrets in life that I didn’t” take the chance presented to me. Never married , No children , I can finally say ” I have something that bring me joy !

  26. Paige B.

    Hi, my name is Paige, and I live in Colorado. I am thirteen, turning fourteen in June. I think I should be considered because I have lots of hope that someday, I will be that someone people look up to and say, “When I grow up, I’m going to be just like her.” Because that’s what I said. Sure, I’m a little wild, but that is a good trait to have at my age. I’m in seventh grade, and I have been bullied even since Kindergarten. It’s amazing how early it starts. I’ve learned to deal with it, and I haven’t told my parents because I think it would worry them too much. Even though my parents won’t admit it, I know we’re having money trouble. So my best chance in helping them would be America’s Got Talent. Because honestly, singing is the one thing I’m good at. My escape from the world. The one thing I’m proud to have. I’m not the prettiest girl in town, and lets just say I’m not the brightest, either… but when it comes to writing lyrics and singing a random tune out of nowhere, I’m your girl. When bullying was bad, I’d come home (About to break into tears) and I’d sit down and write a song. Sometimes it wouldn’t even make any sense, but that’s what cheered me up. My drawers are PACKED with random poems and lyrics. And even pictures of who I’d like to be like when I grow up. No, I did not get “professional lessons”. But if I had a little more money, trust me, I would’ve started at age three! But I do sing and/or write a song just about everyday. I understand if I am not considered, and I assure you, I’ll live. And I hope this doesn’t sound too dramatic, but if you’d just give me a chance.. I think you would be amazed at what I have to offer.

    With Love,

    Paige B.

  27. Sarah Alvarez

    Hi I’m Sarah and i think i have what it takes to be on America’s got talent!!
    Age:10 1/2 eleven in march
    Talent(s): singing and thats it sorry if i disappoint. 🙁
    About: It has been my dream to be on this show I’ve tried audition after audition its always been 1fail request after the other… And its not that i go and audition but they always denied before i could go and that sucks really
    So if you could take the chance to read and not denie this that would be great… Thank you for ur time! B-)

  28. Alyssa Shniper and Kate Danilov

    Hello! Our names are Kate and Alyssa! We are both 11 years old. We both do rhythmic gymnastics and have been doing it for 8 years. We both live in Vernon Hills, Illinois. I knew Alyssa since we were born. Anyway, we wanna audition for America’s Got Talent and we are going to do rhythmic gymnastics routine while we sing a song. Hope you consider us!! 🙂

    P. S. Please let us know where the auditions will be held. And also email me or my mom.

  29. bellejolie

    ..this has always been my dream I’m 17 and I’ve been wanting to be on this show for as long as I could remember I’m a dancer/singer. I just recently won 1st place in my towns talent show. I’ve been dancing since I was 2 and been singing since I was 4 music has always been a part of my life…I work and practice hard every day hoping that one day I get my big break I have my own style and I don’t care what anyone thinks about it I’ve always been independent for a long time but nothing makes me happier then to entertain and make people happy so please AGT give me this chance make my long time dream come true I promise you won’t regret it thank you..

  30. Amanda Stair

    My name is Amanda Stair. I’m from the small town of Thomasville, North Carolina. I’m about 5’3-5’4 and I am 15 turning 16 soon. Since I was a little girl I’ve dreamt about being famous and singing for people. Singing is my passion, and I know that I have a lot to offer in the world of music. My friend, Angel, and I sing together. We sing duets and come up with harmonies for different songs. I’ve been in chorus for 2 years and she has been in chorus for 3-4 years. We’re both experienced and do well under pressure. Please consider us!

  31. Janux Vasquez

    Hi my name is Janux Vasquez,I am so confident of myself. I like America’s Got Talent so much; I would like to be part of it, and sing in front of the public, and also show to the beautiful judges that I sing from my heart. I went to the audition in NYC on September 17, 2013, that was my first audition, I was there all day, I was tired but at same time I was SO HAPPY of giving myself a try of what is my DREAM, I LOVE TO BE A SINGER AND I WOULD LIKE THE JUDGES AND PUBLIC TO LIKE THE WAY I PERFORM< THANK YOU FOR LISTEN.

  32. Mary Andrews

    Height : 4″10 and proud
    weight: 108

    Heyo! my name is Mary Andrews I’m in a band named Missing in action (MIA) and we have been together for 3 years and we love to sing Demi, One Direction,selena,Taylor and all of that I love them more then anything and I would love if you could give Me, Karrina, Ali, Brandi and Andrea a chance to get out there. thank you.
    Mary Andrews

  33. Ashley

    My name is Ashley, I’m 16 & I KNOW I have what it takes to be on the show. My music mostly revolves around Demi Lovato. I’ll do any song by her & would surely wow you 🙂

  34. Dimond

    I really want to know how can me and my friends want to sigh up for next ……year

  35. gabe

    Hi my name is gabe I live in utah I have all ways had hoped to become a singer /acter and I’m really good at singing I just want to be given a chance to prove my brothers wrong and prove that I’m a good. Singer. And be famous one day all I need is. One chance that’s all I need

  36. stephaie harrell

    hello my name is stephanie i am 20 years old form a small town in minnesota. i play guitar and am working on my vocals. i am hopeing in life to make an impact somehow on someones life or even more then one person. my main focus is the christian music. i want people out there that are going through things in life that dioont think they can handle it that there is always someone therer to talk. i want to be able to share the word of god through music. i think there is to much negative music out there and not enough encouraging music to help you get through those times you need. i may not be the greatest singer that you will hear. but i am ready to start my dream of becoming a christian music artist.. so please consider me. god bless.

  37. Cody Hoctor

    Hi my name is Cody and I am a champion irish dancer and I have traveled all over the world for dance competitions and have been on the news multiple times for my dance career and interviewed by many news casts. I am 13 years old and have been dancing for 8 years. I would love to be a contestant on Anericas got talent 2014 please email me for further information!

  38. Tara Damante

    My name is Tara Damante
    I have blonde hair and blue eyes, and I am a twin.
    I am aprox 5-1 and 92 lbs
    I am 13 years old
    I have always loved acting and hope to someday end up in Tv or movies so I’m trying to start young! I can sing , act, and dance.
    I do cheerleading so I can flip and I am really flexible
    A lot of my friends say that I should try out for a whole bunch if stuff because i might have a chance.
    I live in west palm beach, Florida
    And if you give me a chance I won’t disappoint you

  39. Kylee

    I’m Kylee , I’m 13 and have been singing since the age of 3. I just want to show people that I have what it takes to make my dreams come true

  40. Alexis irby

    hello!! My name is Alexis irby and I absolutely have the passion to sing, I know everybody these days claim that they have talent but I know for a fact that I can really put on a good performance and give a standing ovation. I lovee singing and of coarse practice makes perfect and that’s all I’ve been doing. I’m soo interested in being in a “competition” that is really open for anyone who believes they have a special talent. I would love to show off what I have!!!

  41. Ariana Mcnairy

    Hi Disney Channel, my name is Ariana Mcnairy and I am 11 yrs old. My birthday is on July 12th, 2002. I am “5″ feet tall, and I weigh from 82 lbs to 85 lbs. I am in 6th grade and my elective is drama. I am black,and white, and many other things. I have dark curly hair with natural blonde highlights, and dyed abuorn highlights that I died . I LOVE to act and play sports. I have done cheer leading, basketball, baseball, flag football, softball, acting, modeling, and singing. I preformed at Broadway Bound, and I played the lead role in a play at church. I am very good at learning my lines!!!!!!! I also preformed the lead in a singing concert. Also I had a concert at Stafford stage singing My Guy recently. Acting and singing is something I can not live without!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My idols: Taylor Swift, Kristen Stewart, Selena Gomez, Luck Hale, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Debby Ryan, Adam Sandler, and China Mclain. This is something I would really love to do!!!!!!!!!!
    I also love to dance and hang out with my awesome friends.
    I love designing fashion and being in front of a camera.
    I LOVE to write scripts,direct, and make music videos.
    Everything I do is for acting,singing, and my family.
    I’m a christian and I have two wonderful parents and an some what amazing brother. Please email me it will make me the happiest person in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could really use the cheering up!

  42. Monique Lee

    Hello my name is Monique Lee I i love to sing dance and act. I am 12 years old and would love to be on Americas got talent 2014.I have been in many talent shows including school,city,and church. I am in the choir for my church and I love it every minute I’m there. It would mean the world to be on your show and develop as a artist. I am so called a “old soul” I love Michael Jackson,Whitney Houston, Mariah Carry, and further on. To be on your show would be a great opportunity to show all the kids out there they don’t have to be a adult to follow their dreams. I hope you consider coming to Kansas so I can audition.~Bye~

    Monique lee

  43. Juliet Tompkins

    I have been singing since I heard my first song. My mom would sing to me when I was 2 and I would repeat it right back. I performed in churches, at schools,almost everywhere. But I really want a bigger chance like Americas got talent. I am only 11 , but I believe that I can do it. Please give me a chance

  44. Monique lee

    Hello my name is Monique Lee I i love to sing dance and act. I am 12 years old and would love to be on Americas got talent 2014.I have been in many talent shows including school,city,and church. I am in the choir for my church and I love it every minute I’m there. It would mean the world to be on your show and develop as a artist. I am so called a “old soul” I love Michael Jackson,Whitney Houston, Mariah Carry, and further on. To be on your show would be a great opportunity to show all the kids out there they don’t have to be a adult to follow their dreams. I hope you consider coming to Kansas so I can audition.~Bye~

    Monique lee

  45. Destiny Perkins

    My cousin and I are the next big thing just gives us a chance to prove it to America.

  46. craig clay

    I miss 2 years of auditionss I won’t this time.I’m lookingforwardto audition on February 8 or9.also. I’m on Yup tube.

  47. Jenny Gong

    Hi. This is Jenny Gong from Beijing, China. As more and more people in China learns English, especially English song, I think maybe NBC should have Beijing and Shanghai as audition city as well cos we have so many talents here who can sing well in English! Maybe they dont speak well English, but when they sing, music talks! Also, I think maybe by then NBC can sell this show to China or work with Chinese TV or media companies! I love singing and I want to give a try first as well! Thanks a lot!!


    my name is charlyce. im twelve years old and i would love to be on americas got talent.its the first step to becoming a singer.i would love to show the world what i can do.plz thank of me when you pick the one to become better to Best.

  49. skyler

    My name is Skyler Hardy. I and 19 years old and I am a singer songrwritter from California! I have been playing guitar since I was in 4th grade and also have been singing my whole life! I play shows with my band around town and as well as preform every Sunday at church. I attended a preforming arts academy were I was in a jazz band and have played in numerous groups and have written solo acoustic guitar pieces and other types of music my whole musical career. My band and I (Roses of Dischord) would love to have the rare and amazing opportunity to have a chance at being on Americas Got Talent and would be flabbergasted and extremely obliged to audition for Americas Got Talent! With all do respect.
    Please consider us!


    Skyler Hardy

  50. Mariana

    I am 10 yrs old and live in CA I really want to audition because I believe in myself and I watch Americas got talent so much and I think if I can I will sing with my best friend it would be an honor to audition and if u don’t make it I will still follow my dream and I will be SO so so happy if I can at least audition for Americas got talent can you please pick me I love to sing and dance I think I will be able to make it by myself or with my BFF thank you for reading remember please pick me I’m 10 and have a dream

  51. Jazmond bivins

    Hi my name is jazmond and I love to sing and would like to see if america thinks I got talent I wake up and go to sleep singing this is what I should be doing singing.

  52. Clifton D Ritter


  53. Clifton D Ritter

    I am one of 3 Triiplets I grew up always listening to Whitney Houston. And Ms. Celion Dion. I’M not flaming ok …… I know I do have what it takes I submitted my online auditions but I think they were for 2013. PLEASE get ahold of me 714 818 5314 god bless Cliff Ritter Via Facebook Chad Ritter Danni Ritter ( Triplets) God Bless….

  54. Shawnasy Blanks

    Hello My Name Is Shawnasy And I Would Love To Be On America’s Got Talent 😀

    I am a regular girl who lives in CA. I Love to write books and plays at school or at home. This is like my sixth time enter to be on tv :D. The reason why I would love to be famous is because I would love to give money to the homeless and my mother would really love to get a restaurant.

    About Me

    I Am ten years old going on eleven on October 31,2002.My Races are African American, French and Asian. My type of style is nerdy, I love to wear suspenders, knee-highs, leg warmers nerdy glasses :P. I’m in fifth grade and my reading is 4.9 through 6.9 In Accelerated Reading. I am 5″1 ft 😀 I know i’m tall for a fifth grader ;}

    My Talent

    My special talent is singing. I Am in chorus and also in music class. I make a lot of performances in Fontana, at schools. So as you could see i would really love to be in America’s got Talent.

    – Love
    Shawnasy Blanks

  55. josneyli

    hi i would like to be part of any series of disney or nickelodion that has always been my biggest dream to be known by many people q many people know that I exist is so good at dancing act I have eight good lyrics are do many things and would be grateful if I could get in some series aperecer josneyli call me I have 13 years old and I’m from Caracas Venezuela is q in this country is impossible to have a high reputation like disney channel or nick and other good people if I can help gratefully kisses

  56. Jajuan Graham

    Hello my name is Jajuan and I’m 12 year old, ive been playing drums since the age of 4, my only passion is playing drums and i love music.I idolizes kirk franklin and tyler perry. I was discovered on youtube by one of the producers from Americas Got Talent and had the opportunity to audition for the show, which was the best experience he told me because one of my favorite actors is nick cannon, so for me to audition for a show he hosted was a blessing. Ive done several talent shows and showcases before and since then. At the age of 9 I was in a band with 2 high school students, where we went to different restaurants and played for several people. I also had the opportunity to record 3 songs in a recording studio with the band. I played at several recital and has done talent shows here in Columbus,GA. I played at a talent showcase in Ft.Benning Vendor Fair and also played for Northside High School, and played in talent
    shows in Atlanta,GA.I was also blessed to play with Columbus State University Jazz assemble. It would be awesome to be able to perform for you or join your team. To catch some of my act go to: jajuan graham freestyle on you tube..or a recent video on youtube under tom sawyers rush-jajuan graham…. Wooop

  57. Karron Milam

    I can make up my own dance moves to music. I’m 6

  58. Jadyn

    I’m 5 yrs old and I’m an extremely talented dancer/ gymnast/ cheerleader. I can do tons of amazing tricks like a contortionist. I can promise you this I can entertain a crowd!

  59. Ahmed Alibrahimy

    I am 17 years old I made it top the top 2 in state for solo vocal contest I am a tenor 2 I also did Jeffrey in Godspell and Mike Teavee in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, so please give me a chance!!!!!!

  60. Elina Nerso

    Hello…im an Armenian 20 years old girl…im a break dancer, and I play guitar(taught myself) and sing and write songs. im currently in Houston and Im dyyyying to try myself out. In my acting class, I already got some fans hahahah….no seriously!! pleeease consider me, everyone deserves a chance! I’m not going to give up, Im just begging you.

  61. cecilia

    I sing in the school chours and I have solos and i want to make it big anf I live in Asheville nc

  62. Madison DeFrank

    I am 12 years old and I love to sing. I was top 15 for 2013 Ohio Idol(and was youngest contestant) , church choir every Sunday(all adults-I am the only kid),
    National Anthem at athletic events, weddings, school talent shows, Columbus Children’s Choir, Blueberry festival Idol winner, and any other singing competitions I can find to enter. I just love to sing! I have been taking vocal lessons for over 4 years. Please consider me!