America's Got Talent Season 7

America’s Got Talent is on it’s way back with an all new season and a new crop of hilarious, heartwarming, inspiring and bizarre performances. Auditions for season 7 are going on now! It’s time to get yourself out there and show America all of the talent you have. You could be crowned the winner and walk away with the grand prize of $1 Million Dollars.

America’s Got talent is quite simply the most unique reality competition show on television today. Every episode contestants perform acts such as singing, dancing, stand up comedy, impressions, juggling, magic and even ventriloquy ! For six seasons AGT has showed millions of viewers each week a multitude of talented people in a variety of different areas of entertainment. Unlike shows such as American Idol or The Voice, America’s Got Talent is not strictly confined to singing. Anyone with any talent of any kind can tryout to become the next great talent in America !

Season 7 is changing things up a bit at the judges table and things could get very exciting. Radio personality Howard Stern has been brought on to join holdovers Sharon Osborne and Howie Mandel. Stern’s wild antics and acerbic wit should bring an energy that AGT has never had before.

If you have a fantastic talent that you want to share with millions you need to sign up today. If yu would like the opportunity to compete for 1 Million Dollars the time is now! Leave a comment below and go here for all of the up to date information. Take your chance on stardom today and show the world that you have what it takes to shine on America’s Got Talent.

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26 Casting Responses

  1. Clliyaha Collins

    My Name Is Clliyaha Collins I Am 13 I Love To Sing I Sing Every Where I Go I Leave In Forrest City Arkansas I Would Love To Be On America Got Talent This Is One Of My Dreams.

  2. Adia Giddens

    I’d love to be on American Idol

  3. nancy delarosa

    when i was 4 years old i stared singing all over the world in parks stores even choir church because of that i have stopped because the person who said i had a beautuful voice he has passed away from me he is now in heaven and i stopped doing shows and audtions but now sense i saw this i hope yall like to give me a chane to never let me down and keep doing my dream if any questions conact me at 459-285-1169 thank you now im 16 years old

  4. Michae'la Banks

    I’m Kayla I’ll be 19 in 4 weeks I am a singer/actress and I am the talent you are looking for if you want to know more email me and I promise that you won’t be dissapointed. 🙂

  5. francisco baca jr

    sweet and simple,im a 17 year old latino male.i love to sing and rap.i just want a chance to preform.please and thank you

  6. Kayla

    Hi , my name is Kayla provost and I’m very talented I’m 17 years old female with a lot if potential dancing , raping smiling just like a model I love chasing my dreams and getting judge by my performance it makes me a better performer I think this will be a wonderful experience for me .

  7. zoie

    hi my name is zoie i love singing im good and iv always loved your show

  8. oscar perez

    The name is oscar and i am 13. I have been singing all my life I sing at the most random times in class on the bus outside. Everyone says that I’m a good singer but I dont think i’m celebrtiy singer good and people actually vote that i could be on american idol,the voice,Americas got talent, and the x factor. Singing is my passion Its the only thing im good at. Being a proffesional singer would be my dream come true. And i think i can win this, but not for me for people like me youll see by “me” if you consider me on being the show.

  9. Jazmin Morales

    Hi, my name is Jazmin Morales. I’m 12 years old and my birthday is August 27, 2000. I have black hair and brown eyes. I’m currently living in Sarasota, FL. My talent is singing. I’ve posted 4 or 5 videos of myself singing covers of songs by a few different artists on YouTube. People are commenting on my videos saying things like I should audition for American Idol or The X-Factor. I don’t write my own songs. I wish I could, though. I’ve always loved singing. Every day my voice improves and my love of music gets stronger. Thanks for this opportunity!

  10. Issac Cavazos

    My name is Issac Cavazos, born on April 6, 1995 in Dallas TX. I play guitar, piano, drums and sing . I always had a dream of being on stage and performing in front of people. I have been a performing musician for a good 8 years already. I have played all over the Dallas with my band “Living Yesterday” which i start 3 years ago with my good high school friend Cris Zamarron. I would really like to stop procrastinating and see if im good enough to share the stage with other musicians.

    My inspirations are Stevie Ray Vaughan, and John Mayer.
    Every dream can be achieved.


    Age- 22
    Location: Tampa, Fl
    Gender – Male
    Weight – 155lbs
    Height – 5’10
    Waist: 33
    Hair – Black
    Eyes – Brown
    Ethnicity- African American/Hispanic


    My name is Antonio Estrada. I’m an Actor, Producer, Artist, Model. I am a very creative, unique, charismatic, loving, caring, inspirational human being. I feel as if i was made for film, I work very well with others, I pay attention to detail, and I always have ideas to bring to the table. I have already been on MTV’s hit series FriendZone Season 2 Episode 3. I’m not scared to be myself or if instructed to become some else in front of the camera. I embrace every situation with a highly motivated and open mind. I love to smile and entertain others. I’m looking forward to meeting with you all, and working on this fantastic project.

    If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me:

    Stay Blessed.

  12. Elle Sanders

    my name is Elle Sanders. (Elle like “Elle Magazine”) I will be height is 5″4 1/3 I have light blue eyes. Long gold, blonde hair. I’m a female. I live on a little gated residential in Georgia. My skin color is white, my skin gets tan in the summer I have danced competitively since I was 6, I have a saddle bread female horse named Chloe. I go to a little private school, I am the president of my class, I have really good grades (always A B honor-roll) I’m on the swim team, I play tennis 2 days a week, I play volley ball, I have played soccer since I was four, I also model, I love to sing, and hang out with my best friends. I am ALWAYS the most fashionable girl in the room. I love to travel; I have been to so many wonderful countries and cities. My family and friends means so much to me, I have a twin brother. I also love to spend time with my puppy.

    Thank You So Much For Considering My Journey.

  13. Abreia

    Hi my name is Abreia. My talent is sining all i do at home is sing all the time i love one direction, selena gomez and so on. I love to watch this show and to actually be on it would just be absoultely AMAZING!!!!:). I’m 12 years old with blonde hair and blue eyes and i want to compete on AGT not just to be an superstar but to help my family if i won the money i would hire someone to build a giant mansion so all my family can always be together That is why i want to compete on AGT!!!!!

  14. Virginia

    My name is Virginia I am 12 years old and it has been my dream to audition for AGT if u see me plz vote 4 me oh yeah my talent is singing I can get up to an F above high C when I do belting warm ups

  15. Rebecca

    Hi my name is rebecca i am 13 and im 5’2 i am a girl i have hazel eyes i take my work very serious i am very athletic and can play the flute i can sing a lil i can also make myself cry and i have very good grades i am dedicated and succed at everything i try i can write very awesome novels and i play softball my family tell me to quit trying to be a actress that ill never make it but i know one day i will get my chance and ill become famous please consider me thank you!

  16. Monique j

    Hello people of the world.I love singing and I’m really good at it.I have brown eyes and brown hair my height is 5’0.I am 11 years old. I know that I can do anything I set my mind to so I know that I can be on AGT because I believe I can! Thank you for reading this and I will probably see you soon.

  17. Sascha Shamkin

    My name is Sascha. I have the willing to perform and work as long as it takes to make a great movie or TV show or series. I would love to be a part of this as an actress because I love to act and love to be in fort of people one of the reasons you should think about auditioning me is because I know what it is like to be on stage so to speak for 24 hours seven days a week every week and even for years at a time since I was about six weeks old since my dad was the GM of several 5 star resort hotels which gave me the opportunity to express my talents to a wide variety of people wither they are having fun or not.

    So let me tell you about me and my experience on stage in my life so far note a real stage not in the hotel. I am great with people I have been on stage since I was at least in first grade I have lived in the Caribbean my whole life and spent summers in MD where I live now so I love to travel. I am twenty years old will be 21 in May I am great with every kind of animals even exotic ones. I am also special needs high functioning Autism called Aspergers syndrome but willing to work as long as it takes and whatever it takes to be the best actress I can be.
    I also love drama I’m really good at it wither in so called comedy or intense drama séance it does not really matter though I would probably have to work on the comedy one a bit more than the intense one. I am willing to try any type of acting you have. I really love acting I have just about my whole life.

    I also like singing but to be honest I am not sure how good I am different people tell me different things about my singing.

    I also love to dance use to dance on stage in the Caribbean for few years.

    I have been in plays have had my own lines been on stage singing dancing and acting.

    I know I want to be in fort of people and love to act it would truly be a dream comes true for me if I got a part. I am also really good with babies’ toddlers and kids of just about any age also great with babysitting.

    I would love to be a part of this movie because I am a good actress and believe whatever you through my way I can do with a smile on my face and complete it. If you could please send me an email and let me know if I can audition when and where or if I did not get a part I would appreciate it a lot.
    Sascha Shamkin.

    Name: Sascha Shamkin
    Age: 20
    Height: about 5 foot 5 inches
    Weight: I am currently losing weight so it varies but right now is about 179.6 LB.

  18. kyanni bruce

    heyy my name is kyanni bruce im 11years old i love to act and sing and i would llove the oppurtunityui

  19. tra wilson


  20. Sarah and Michelle

    OMG WE wouldnt even know where to start. Our names are Sarah and Michelle and we live in VA. We love AGT and we watched every season, we would be honored to showcase in our favorite talent search show. We love to sing ant type of genre of music. We want to show america the type of talent that god has blessed us with. Thank You for this opportunity and I hope you can hear us soon.

  21. Keimaya Harvey

    my name is keimaya im 15 and i know i have what it takes to be on americas got talent and if i had the chance i would love to show you guys im willing to put all my time and effort into this to prove to the world i have talent

  22. Angelica Wolf Colliver

    Hello! My name is Angel Colliver and I would be very interested in auditioning for a role in this showing,.I would love this job not for the money or fame but just because this is what I love doing like when I get up on a stage I feel at home and when I act I am comfortable.
    Bio/Physical Profile:
    -13 years old
    – Blue Eyes
    -Red shoulder length hair
    Extra Facts:
    – I can and am willing to do my own stunts
    -I am currently living in Missouri but am willing to travel
    – I have no tattoos and am open to dying and/or cutting my hair if it is nessecary for the role.
    – I have been in many plays and am being in another one next month
    – I have been in an auditioned choir for 5 years
    – Love the outdoors
    – Actress
    – Vocalist
    – Love to travel
    – I have 4 siblings

    Angelica Wolf Colliver

    Thank You

  23. Ashley Ongweso

    My name is Ashley and I am 13 (almost 14 in 18 days) and I’m am VERY interested in acting! I’ve tried so many agencies and got scammed! Acting is something that I have been wanting to do since I was little and am determined to make my dream come true this year!!! I love to sing, dance, act. I don’t mind being an extra, anything! hahah
    Thank you,

  24. Lisa Young

    I am a singer/songwriter finishing my first CD. I love to use what God gave me to see hearts change when I sing. It is humbling and so rewarding. It is my passion!

  25. Azusa Dance

    I would love the opportunity to share and showcase my talent, but also learn how to be a better person and performer. I have enjoyed some opportunities locally and would love to have a chance to do some phenomenal work elsewhere with some professionals in the industry. Most importantly, I enjoy singing and performing for it is fun and an extension of who I am. This would be another fun way to learn more and understand, from others that enjoy what they do and touch so many people.
    I am 40 with 2 kids in college and live in Chattanooga, TN.

  26. monique

    I would love to be on AGT. My talent is singing. I love to sing A LOT and would like to audition with all my heart. Whenever I hear my favorite song on the radio, I start to sing. I have fear to sing but I want to face my fear. I want everyone to know what I love to do and what I do best at home. I’m 11 years old and I would want this more than anything in the world! 🙂

    -Monique 🙂