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American Eagle Web Series Auditions

Hold on to your fashionable hats all you up and coming performers, the casting opportunity of the year is here. American Eagle is producing a brand new web series to be featured during the next exciting season of The Real World. Auditions for this one of a kind project will be held soon and you can submit yourself today for consideration for all available roles. If you are an aspiring actor or model this could be your big break into the world of modeling and entertainment.

American Eagle has firmly established itself across the globe as one of the finest clothing outfitters today and it has done so not only because of it’s stylish and on trend looks but also because of it’s unique and high quality marketing. This fresh new web series offering and their brilliant partnership with one the most popular cable networks in the world is sure to keep them on both the cutting edge of fashion and advertising. The series will be featured throughout The Real World season and will providing incredible exposure to not only American Eagles products but also for the talent chosen to star. This project will truly be the utmost example of marketing as art and it will be an amazing experience for any performer. The producers and casting directors of this production are searching for undiscovered models and actors for a variety of fantastic roles and they will holding auditions soon. To submit yourself for American Eagle/MTV collaboration or for more information you can send emails here We will post casting updates as soon as they become available so stay tuned right here and leave a comment below telling us what your concentration is (modeling, acting or both) and why you want to be cast in the American Eagle Web Series on MTV.

Model? Actor? A little of both? This is your chance to make your mark and gain fabulous career exposure from a variety of entertainment mediums. Apply today for casting calls for the new American Eagle Web Series.

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  1. Meredith Tharp

    Dear ae,
    I am Meredith Tharp and I was born with cleft lip and pallete. I really am in love with this brand and what vision it promotes for all women. I think I would make a great addition to your team because I am confident, unique, hard-working and overall a good soul. I live in Gainesville Georgia and I would love to model for this brand and this brand only.
    Height: 5’5” weight:128 bust:32c waist:25

  2. Celeste Martinez

    Hello! My name is Celeste Martinez. I am 18 years old and currently a student at the University of Illinois in Urbana. I would love to be cast in the new AE web series because I am passionate about the message that AE is trying to convey. There is beauty in diversity and in being true to oneself. AE’s AerieReal campaign especially shows this, which is why I am particularly interested in being a part of it. I feel as though I portray their concept of the equality of different types of beauty. I am of Mexican descent, 5’5, 190 lbs, and a brunette. I cannot wait to hear back from you!

  3. Lyndsay Goodwin

    Hi, My name is Lyndsay Goodwin. I live in the Northern Virginia area and my dream is to model for American Eagle! Your clothes define my generation and fit so well. I have experience and can email you my resume and pictures. I love your company and would like to be considered for an audition.
    Thank you!

  4. Amanda/ HOPE Chase

    Hi my name is Amanda, I believe I can represent your brand I am a free spirit and I believe American eagle Brand represent pure beauty. I not only have the soft innocent look I have the outgoing personality to match. Ive been through unimaginable trials in my life and still I am able to keep smiling though it all being an American eagle model for me would mean that not only to I get to represent such a great brand but I get to represent it with a beauty story behind it and I think that is what being an American eagle is all About.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  5. Daniel Villegas

    Dear AE,
    My name is Daniel Villegas. I am 19 years old, 5,8, and 195 lbs. I’m from El Monte California. I think AE gives the opportunity to represent their brand through people in unique ways. For me it’s not about being part of a team but also being part of an outstanding culture and joining this project will be a great privilege.

  6. Eryn Boyer

    Hi there! My name is Eryn and I am interested in modeling for your brand. I think I have the natural look you’re going for and I have to focus and drive needed to pursue modeling!

  7. Jazmine

    Dear American Eagle,
    My name is Jazmine Claflin and i’m 17 years old, I live in Mooresville North Carolina and I am looking for a modeling job to jump start my career. Modeling has always been my passion its always been something i’ve wanted to do for a while, something I was scared to do because i didn’t think I would have a chance. It would really great if you could select me to be a model! I am looking forward to hearing from you!

    Height: 5’8″ Weight: 130 Bust: 34 D Waist: 24

  8. Sabrena

    Dear AE,
    My name is Sabrena Moore and I’m 21 years old from Jackson, Mississippi. I’ve always wanted to be a model and/or apart of the fashion industry every since I was little. Even though I’m not the tallest girl, my height is 5’2, I know I still have what it takes. This is something I’ve wanted forever and since I’m graduating this May I’m ready to follow my dreams! Working with AE would be the perfect start for me stepping into my DREAM career. You will not regret picking me; from my personality, my style, and the fact that I’m ready for anything is something I’m hoping you will take a shot at. Hope to hear from you soon (:
    Height: 5’3″ , Weight: 98 pounds, Bust: 32 D, Waist: 24.

  9. Esmeralda Frydr

    Hi I’m Esmeralda Fryer from Phoenix, Arizona. I’m new to the business and have just been picked up by John Casablancas agency. I’m into modeling and acting so I think I’d be great for this project. I’m not the skinniest girl in the world. Im average but beautiful and I believe can look good in anything I believe. I’m 5ft3 130lb (I believe) and 34 D chest (I believe) and a 30 waist. I would love the opportunity to work for you guys. Thanks so much

  10. Serena Slaughter

    Hey, my name is Serena Slaughter. I’m 19 years old and I’m from Louisiana. I think I would be a great addition to this project because I have what it takes. I have a skater girl and a tomboy ish kind of style. I’m easy to work with and I’m laid back. I am completely brand new to this kind of thing, but I can learn fast. American Eagle, Hollister, Victoria Secret, and Gap are my favorite brands. I’m interested in being a model mostly, but I’m willing to go further into it if it turns into a career. My height is 5’9″ and I weigh 143 pounds. My bust is 32 C and my waist is 28.
    I look forward to hearing from you and working with you all.

  11. Robbyn Dockweiler

    My name is Robbyn Dockweiler. I’m 27 years old and I believe I would make a great addition to this collaboration. I have been around the block a few times, I have skilled trades, I’m good with people and I enjoy taking photos! I enjoy American Eagle clothes as well as Aeries clothes! I am Caucasian with light brown hair and I stand at 5’5 and 5/8″. My bust is a 34C and my waist is a 26. I’m a humble Nebraska girl who stays to her own and gets the job done. I really think this would be a great opportunity and I hope to hear more from you!

  12. Emily

    Hi my name is Emily Rae Logan, I’m 16 years Old, I am extremely sassy at times but only when I know it’s appropriate.. I love to socialize and make new friends! I myself have a basic style but open minded when it comes to diversity. I am caucasian with olive skin tone and an even complexion with long legs, ash blonde hair and a symmetrical face.
    Hips, 30 inch
    Waist, 23.5
    Bust, 32A
    Height, 5’5
    Weight, 110
    I Just can’t wait to show your agency what I have to offer!!

  13. Mackenzie good

    Hey, my name is Mackenzie Good ! I was born and raised on the coast of Mississippi. For the past few years, people have been complimenting on my looks, such as my high cheek bones, face completion, etc. I have a few people who have told me they want to send pictures of me and send them off to get me noticed. I’m trying to put myself out there now.
    I am 16 years old, going to be 17 in September. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. My ethnicity is Caucasian. My height is 5’5-5’6 and I weigh 124 pounds.

  14. Genesis

    Hi! I’m a 16 year old female and I have been dreaming of becoming a model as long as I can remember. I will be a junior in high school next year. I was born and raised in Virginia. I am very self motivated and I know I have what it takes to be a model. I want to show what I am made of.
    I have dark brown hair.
    My eyes are brown
    I am 5′ 4″.
    My ethnicity is caucasian.

  15. Connie Shepherd

    Hey my name is Connie, I live in Columbus Ohio. I have always wanted to model or be an actress. I grew up watching movies and keeping up with entertainers and I think its a inspiring job to have.
    I am 20 years old
    120 lbs
    I have long dirty blond hair and blue eyes
    I have some curves to me that I love
    I am ready to prove what I can do and to hopefully inspire other people in this world

  16. Raegan

    Hi! My name is Raegan. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. I’m 14, a freshman and I am 5’5. I would love to be apart of this amazing project because I’m young and ready to go. I sing and have had a little bit of modeling experience. I want to be a part of something big, and a person young girls look up to. The reason why I really want to do this is so I can see what this business is like and to explore what the world has to offer. I am tired of sitting around and looking at people my age do what they love and thinking to myself, “wow, i wanna do that” but I never end up doing anything. I would like to receive more info but here is my submission!

  17. Bradyn P.

    Age: 14
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Eyes: Brown/Hazel
    Hair: Red
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Hello, my name is Bradyn Parmelly and it’s been my dream for the last three years to be an American Eagle model. I tried modeling when I was younger, but never could get anything done, and now half the time my outfits are just American Eagle through and through. Not only do I wish to model in the near future, I love to act. All the roles have been centered around in my town, but they have been leads the majority of the time. I would love to be in this web series, and just to be noticed by you guys would be incredible.

  18. Ashley

    Hi, my name is Ashley
    I am really interested in becoming a model for American eagle, American eagle is the number 1 store I shop at, I’m naturally skinned. I would love and appreciate being able to go into this modeling industry to show people who I am and to have young women along with young girls look up to me. I would love to be a role model and to show girls they don’t have to put a bunch of makeup on just to look pretty because you don’t need a lot of makeup for anyone. Anyway these are the reasons I would love to become and AEO model

  19. Emily K

    I would be amazing to be a part of this.
    I love aeo’s clothes! It is a dream of mine to be a model.
    Height – 5’5 1/2
    Weight – 115 lbs
    Bust – 33
    Waist – 25
    Hips – 34.5
    Race – Asian
    Dark brown hair and eyes w/ fair skin

  20. Susan H.

    Age: 13
    Height: 5’7″
    Weight: 122lbs
    Eyes: green/blue
    Hair: caramel/brown, curly, medium length
    Color: white

    Hi my name is Susan H. and I live in Virginia. I want to go to West Point and then go into the army. But before I start that, I want to live my dream of becoming a model. And I would like to do this to show young girls that you don’t have to be perfect to model. Please contact me!

  21. Monique Mason

    My name is Monique.
    My concentration is Modeling.

    I would like to be a part of the American Eagle web series because I am passionate about creatively expressing myself through beauty and fashion. It would be an amazing opportunity to inspire others and be a role model for young girls to look up to. Also, gain confidence and courage to be naturally myself without any boundaries or labels.

  22. Trey Nowlin

    Hi! My name is Trey Nowlin. I’m 18 years old from Bethlehem, PA. I would love to be chosen for this amazing opportunity as my passion for acting and modeling grows each day. Im currently involved in a fashion show shooting to raise money for cancer patients and also an indie project shooting this April called Backyard Kingdom which I’m really looking forward to, but would love to add this to my hopefully on going list. So thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully I’m what your looking for!

    – Trey

  23. Kim Napier

    Hello! I am Kim Napier and I would love to have an opportunity to be an American Eagle Model/Actor! I have Acting experience and Modeling experience. I am 5’10 and I live near St. Louis. I love the clothing in American Eagle and the accessories they provide!

  24. Miles Michael

    I have really always wanted to be model and since I work at American Eagle it would be like perfect for them to select me! I want to be casted so I can actually achieve my dreams and get out of this city I live in, there’s nothing for me here.

  25. Kyle

    Hi! My reason for interests in this type of campaign is because this world is consistently changing and we are exposed to variables that impact of decisions. As a upcoming model, I look at the bigger picture, I see the next step in revolutionizing the fashion trends that American Eagle has to offer to the world. I want to be apart of the revolution that changes the way we think, wear and expose our clothing. I want people to look at me with hope that there is a style for anyone and along with following their dreams. I want to become the next big face of American Eagle and encourage youths to drive themselves to next level of fashion, integrity and success.