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Vanity Fair Auditions for Actors – Florida

Have you always dreamed of being in Vanity Fair? The magazine giant is looking for actors to appear on an exciting new video for their website! A Vanity Fair casting call is searching for a male or female actor to play a chauffeur. The video will feature the driver picking up a celebrity who will be the passenger. Along the way the driver will be asking them questions. This is an incredible opportunity to gain worldwide exposure. 2017 acting auditions will be accepted by video. The shoot is taking place in Miami, Florida so local talent are being sought. If you think you have what it takes to play this role, sign up today!

About Vanity Fair

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What They Are Looking For is looking for an actor/actress to play the role of a chauffeur in a short branded video for the website. You will be picking up the talent, who will be playing the role of your passenger, at their hotel and taking them to an event. Along the way, the talent and the chauffeur will make a few stops.

While in the vehicle, the chauffeur will ask the talent pre-determined questions about their current and past acting roles, as well as life experiences. The goal of this video is to create an organic experience for the celebrity (they’re being driven to the event) and taps into that situation we’ve all experienced when you get a driver who won’t stop talking, peppering you with questions as they drive.

You must have a valid drivers license to be considered.

How to Apply

See attached video link for an example by Clicking Here

1. You absolutely need to have a Valid Drivers License.
2. You must be able to send an audition tape.
To apply contact:


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  1. Elisa Diane Gomez

    I drive a semi so driving a limo and conversating would be like Giving your sweetheart a hug