Actors for “Fear to be Brave”

Acting Casting Call – Raleigh, NC

A post-apocalyptic short film series “Fear to be Brave” is holding auditions for actresses. The new casting call is looking for strong, toned actresses to be in the project in 2018. Producers are looking for females who are 20 to 35 years old. The project needs women who have martial arts, fight training or heavy weight lifting experience. There are specific height requirements. To apply you must be between 5’4 and 5’11. The script will be given to those being considered. The group views the lead female protagonist as a traitor, and they want to annihilate her and her family. There will be demanding fight choreography that the actor should be sure about executing. Filming will be during the weekend of January 5th through January 7th. It is shooting in North Raleigh, North Carolina. Check out the 2018 acting casting call below!

About Fear to Be Brave

It is about a brother is surviving on his own while searching for his sister after an EMP and government debacle.

What They Are Looking For

Casting athletic, strong, and toned female featured extras in the post-apocalyptic short film “Fear to be Brave” for the weekend of January 5th through 7th in North Raleigh from 10 am to late afternoon.

Physically fit females ages 20 to 35 with martial arts, fight training, or heavy weight lifting experience for an elite group of fighters are needed. Height must be 5’4” to 5’11”. Weight should be healthy and look like you actually workout. For instance, the lead female is 5’8” and 147 pounds.

How to Apply

To apply send your availability for the weekend along with a headshot, body shot, and resume with height to, and we will get back to you. A demo reel and film clips are preferred.
Compensation includes a copy of the film, submission to festivals, and IMDB credit. The film is already in production and has one of the BEST DP’s around. It is a must for your resume.

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3 Casting Responses

  1. nadariun richardson

    hi my name is nadariun richardson i am a hardworking person, im always on time, i am dedicated, i never give up, now matter how hard any script or play is i will always make sure i get it done no matter what, i think this will help me grow and improve so i hope we could talk or see each other

  2. nadariun richardson

    i would really like to try out for acting i’ve always wanted to be a actor and i think this would help me thank you xoxo.

  3. Melissa Registe

    My name is Melissa Registe. I’ am not perfect but, I have passion, full of joy, love, full of boldness, dedicated, hardworking, always willing to learn and grow. Please contact me
    Woman of Purpose