Disney’s A.N.T. Farm

The Disney Channels hit series A.N.T. Farm is returning soon for it’s all new season and casting calls for recurring characters and day players and extras are starting  soon.

A.N.T. Farm, Disneys wildy popular comedy, follows the story of the super talented students involved in the “Advanced Natural Talents” (A.N.T.) program at Webster High School in San Francisco California. It stars China Anne McClain, Sierra McCormick and Jake Short as three best friends at the school who use their immense talents to get into (and out of) wacky adventures in each hilarious episode. This series has been such an unbelievable hit for Disney that they have ordered even more episodes for this years all new tales – that means even more chances for you to get involved in the fun! Auditions will be starting soon soon keep checking in for all of the new developments.

The Disney Channel has found talented people just like you and helped them become some of the biggest stars in the world. This is your chance to become the next great success story and be a part of A.N.T. Farm.

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3 Casting Responses

  1. Kristen

    Hi. My name is Kristen. I’m white with dirty blonde hair. I am currently 15 When I am older I would like to be a singer and a movie director. I would really like to start somewhere and I think A.N.T Farm would be great. I’m very likeable, I make people laugh and smile all the time. I live in Greeneville Tennessee. I can sing, act, and rap. I would ❤ for you to give me a chance and for you to at least see what I can do.

  2. Caira

    Please notify me about the auditions like atleast 10 days earlier … I’m 15 years old , 5’2, and i love to act and comedic

  3. Denise

    Hello my name is Denise and I’m 12 years old and I’m going to be 13 in January and I love to sing,draw and make people laugh so I think I’m ready to show my talent.

  4. Sophie

    HI I’m sophie Bergeron I’m 12 year sure old i can sing I’ve won second in a singing competio
    n I feel I’m ready for this

  5. Keon Williams

    Hey, I’m wondering when are auditions and how can I start preparing.

  6. Daniela Salazar

    Hi my name is daniela salazar i live in San antonio , Texas and im truly am inspired by selena gomez I love to sing and act im 13 yrs old and im 4″11 . i would really love to be in your show love it . I just have to belive and I love to show my talet ☺

  7. Dominque Flynn

    My child want to be a actor please call at 9016660098 and we need to get paid thanks

  8. Makayla

    My name is Makayla Thomas I am a African American black girl I am 14 years old and I want to join the ant farm cast my special skills are lock me out if you want I’m just telling you you don’t need to singing writing dancing Sports playing instruments songwriting basically anything I would love to join the ant farm cast if I get the chance to because I want to prove to girls that never judge yourself because you can do anything you set your mind to

  9. Makayla

    I am Mikala Thomas ant farm with my childhood show I am 14 years old an ant was my favorite show Growing Up When it got cut off the air I was really sad but I hope you give me the chance to be on Ant Farm I am an African-American girl female and I hope you give me the chance to be on Ant Farm my talents are playing instruments drawing singing playing sports writing songs recording and getting out of wacky situations with hilarious ways

  10. Makayla

    Hi this is makayla I want to do a.n.t farm i want to show other little girls hoe to follow they’re dream like how I am if you give me the chance

  11. Abeeha zubair

    Hi, my name is abeeha Zubair I live in Ottawa, Ontario Canada I am 14 I am about to be in grade 9 starting high school. I hope that I am the right person that you are looking for.

  12. reegan belanger

    I’m super interested:)

  13. Destiney Fisk

    Hi my name is Destiney Fisk I live i Dyersburg TN im 13 years old and I am in 8th grade. I have only been in one play and didn’t get to finish it I moved and lost one of the lead roles. Even if I don’t have experience I know I can put a lot of hard work into persuing what I have wanted to do all my life. I love disney channel ive been watching it since i was 3 and my favorite show was that’s so raven. I know I have what it taes to be am actor i make good grades and have great multitasking skills I know that no matter what you throw at me I an handle it.

  14. Brianna

    Hi my name is Brianna Davis, i’m 13 years old, and I’m a National Championship Dancer. I live in Germantown,Tennessee.I am African American/White/Native American/Irish eat.(basically anything, but indian and asian) I go to Houston Middle School. I have wanted to act ever since, the second grade. My mom, told me I probably couldn’t make it on T.V but I want to prove her wrong. I’m a professional hip-hop, and pom dancer I can also sing, draw, and basically do any sport I try. I am the 8th grade captain of the HMS Pom team. I would love to be apart of A.N.T Farm because, I just recently had a marathon, and this show was my childhood, when it ended I was so sad. Bringing this show back would give and bring in so much good ratings and views. I would, love to get a lead role it’s not only a great experience, but I’ve been dreaming of going to school, being able to tell everyone I am going to be on T.V. I would Love to hear back from you.

  15. Laniyah Westley

    I really want to be on this show it is really amazing

  16. maddie terry

    Hi my name is Maddie terry and I am 12 as bout to be 13 live in dyersburg tn I think I am perfect ant farm because I can sing and a great acting. I am 5″4. It is my dream to be on tv or on a diseny channel

  17. Jeremiah Nelson

    Well my name is Jeremiah Deshawn Nelson and I’m from Abbeville S.C? And I’m a songwriter, singer, rapper, and a dancer to. Also I’m a 16tèend kid who has a dream about making this picture a better place for people and kids all over the world to see what I’ve had Accomplish today as 16teen years old today and I will be physically and mentally aware of any qualities that comes my way. So my name is Jeremiah Deshawn Nelson The Beast on Turning up on proms nights especially school proms too.???

  18. Jeremiah Nelson

    Well Hello Ant-Farm Producers? My name is Jeremiah Deshawn Nelson and I’m from Abbeville S.C. on 107Miller Street right beside Ingles. And I would really like to be Auditioning for my favorite Disney Channel TV show because I can perform a song for yall and I can play as a different Character in Ant-Farm. Because I can imagine myself as a Celebretie to my fans and to my family and friends too. Also I’m a songwriter, singer, rapper, and a dancer. So I’ll do my best in order to make this picture right and make it great too. By the way my name is Jeremiah Deshawn Nelson The Beast on Turning up on proms nights especially school proms.????

  19. Desry

    My name is Desry mantsie,i live in south africa and I’d love to see myself acting at A.N.T farm.that would be great

  20. Kierra Allen

    Hello my name is kierra allen and I would like to be on the show.i am ten about to be eleven. I’m going to the 6th I have experience with acting and I can make a difference for other kids.and I would like a shot to be in the show ant farm

  21. Janiyas preyer

    Hello disney antfarm i would love to stand out and follow my dream i live in memphis tn im from a small town in alabama i move to memphis 5 to 6 years ago because i was diegnost with cemo cancer im 11 years old and would like to be apart of disney channel about 4 years ago make a wish took me to disney orlando florada me in my child hood growing up was a bless experience i just would like to show my face to the world and also show my voice i can believe in myself that i have the couragment to show the world me thankyou

  22. Michael

    OMG this is coming back that’s so cool I remember watching my favourite episode when the teacher goes beserk and controls all of the children anyway the names bond james bond. JOKING. um my name is actually Michael and I’m about 6 feet and I’m a guy I’m 13 and have brown hair and hazel eyes.

  23. Jerrica alexander

    I really spend all my time on the internet and has aleadys wanted to be on tv… Please give me a chance in begging you and if there are and memphis, TN auditions i would be glad to show ul and give you my all … ????????
    Sincerely jerrica
    A big tv fan

  24. William Cooper Ford

    Hello A.N.T Farm producers,
    My name is William Cooper Ford, and I am a student at Maxine Smith STEAM Academy middle school. I am 13 years old, and I’m the middle child of my family. I have had some experience with acting in my home town Memphis,TN. I would like to show you what I can do for this show. I know I wouldn’t get a big part in the show, but being famous isn’t why I want to audition. I want to do this because I want to inspire young kids to not be like me, but to try hard and become the best that they can be. Now you may be looking for some kid who is older, but my height is 5’7 and i have a normal teenage voice, and I can do a couple of accents. For example, I can do a Australian, Irish, British, Brooklyn, and Western accent. Now for some A.N.T Farm history of my life, I have seen every episode in season 1 and 2, and I have been watching Disney Channel since I could turn on the T.V, true fact. Also with my talent of the arts, it could help with the show if needed. Now I hope you consider to give me a chance, and thank you for just doing this website signup.

  25. William Cooper Ford

    Hello my name is William Cooper Ford,
    I am 13 years old about to be 14, and I am a student middle school. I am the middle child of my family, and I have been watching Disney Channel since I could walk, true fact. I have been in several plays in my home town, Memphis, TN, but I was wondering if you would give me a shot at becoming something more than a actor. This experience to show you what I can do would be the chance of a life time. I know you may be looking for someone older, but I am 5’7 and I have a normal teenage voice, and I can do a couple of accents. For example I can do an Australian accent, Irish, British, New Jersey, and a western accent. Now for the A.N.T Farm history in my life. I have seen every A.N.T Farm episode in the series, and I think that with my talent of the arts too that I could be a part of the show. Now I know I wouldn’t get a big part, but being famous isn’t why I’m doing it. I do it because I want to share my gift of acting to the world, and encourage others to not be like me, but to work hard and be the best that they can be. So, I hope you get this message and think of giving me a shot at the big leagues of Disney Channel.

  26. Jamila Taffe

    Hey, im jamila. im 13 years old, almost 14 within a couple of months. i always wondered what i should do as a job in life and well then i chose to be an actress to work and explore and i also wanted to do something i tink im good at and that i love.

  27. Esme Howard

    Hi my name is Esme Howard I am 14 years old from England i have watched most Disney Channel Series since the age of 7. I have always wanted to be an actress/singer and that will always remain my dream. I am not the type of person who will go crazy over celebrities unless it is the harry potter cast or twilight. I am quite smart so I have the chance to pursue acting. If anyone is reading this i would love to show you my talent however i can’t travel to far from home as I am the eldest of 5. I moved to the north east in when i was 9 years old so i don’t really have an accent. If you are interested in my my email is I can sing ,act and i don’t look ugly( i think). I am not small I am 5.6 foot please consider letting me do an audition by emailing me i would love to do any type of film .I have dark blond straight hair and blue eyes.I know lots of other people have sent a message and I know that you will probably not read mine anyway but if you do please think about letting me audition and I will be so great full. Thank you so much for reading this I really hope you will consider me.
    Hope you will get in contact.

  28. William Watson

    My name is William I am your average 12 year old, thats in 6th grade, I am very good at reading and memorizing things. My father dided when I was seven and snese then i have spent my time trying to make my single parent mom fill better. I want to make a better life for me and my family by being in show business. I really enjoy greek mythology and spending time with my family. I would love to make a good life for my family and definitley star in ANT FARM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Cole Pressley

    My name is Cole Pressley and I live Ant farm! I have many
    Acting experience and i am 12! If they are replacing the characters I would love to play Fletcher!

  30. Teyonnq

    Hi I’m teyonna I ?ant farm

  31. Gazelle

    I was hoping and praying that I can be on tv and if you do that for me you will be my every thing

  32. Ann Lafferty

    Please call me

    Thank you.

  33. Tyler

    Hi my name is Tyler I love ant farm I hope I get it I am in school plays and I have a friend that said I need to tray out for a show I am 9 years old and I am funny I would love to play on ant farm I play baseball well that is it

  34. Ciara Richard

    Hi I’m Ciara Richard I always dreams of being famous and being on a.n.t farm

  35. Ciara Richard

    Hi I’m Ciara Richard I would love to be on a.n.t farmt I always dreamed of being famous and I always watch a.n.t farm and I want to try out for a.n.t farm