A Billion to One Adult & Child Actor Auditions

TV Show Auditions

Londyn Town Pictures is casting for the international television series “A Billion to One”. Casting directors are holding auditions for kids and adults.  The series follows a billionaire seeking to give his fourtune to one individual. Without any known heirs or family, everyone’s vying for the opportunity.  Houston, Texas are where the auditions will be held, so local actors are being sought for the roles.

About A Billion to One

This episode centers around a young girl, Nona, with a serious dilemma. Her younger sister is very sick and hospitalized. Her mother befriends her doctor and he agrees to take care of all medical bills and invites them into his home. Unfortunately, he begins to molest Nona.  She feels she has no where to turn. If Nona speaks up about the Doctor, she will put her young sister at risk. So she decides to contact the billionaire for help.  This is a serious and sensitive issue. Their will be no nudity or inappropriate language. Dialogue driven episode.

What They Are Looking For

They are seeking the following:

Black Female, 10-13 years old Nona

Black Woman, 40-45 years old Mother

Black, Hispanic or Middle Eastern Male, 40-50 years old Doctor

Black or Hispanic Female 40-45 years old School Office Secretary (Gossipy type)

Male Teacher 25-35 years old (Young)

How to Apply

Please send head shots and video auditions to casting@LonDynTownPictures.com

Monologues for Nona, Mother and Doctor have to be of a serious nature and no longer than 2 minutes.

Monologues for School Secretary and Teacher can be of any nature and not longer than 2 minutes.

All callbacks will be in person in Houston, TX

We are scheduled to shoot the 2nd week of October.

Locals Only Please
No Calls

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  1. Clara Iwuchukwu

    My daughter would be perfect for this role as she is 14 years old and loves acting. Only problem is, is that we live in the United Kingdom, so she wouldn’t be able to audition, unless we’re able to send a video of her auditioning for the role.