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Kids Audition for Lead in Movie – Nationwide

The opportunity of a lifetime for child actors is here! 20th Century Fox is on a nationwide search for boys to star in the upcoming movie “The Boy Who Knew Too Much”. A 2018 casting call is searching the United States for Caucasian boys ages 4 through 7 years old. This film is based on a true story and is sure to be one of the big hits of next year. It will tell the true story of a four year old baseball prodigy. Video auditions are now being accepted. This is a spectacular opportunity for any experienced or aspiring child actor to land the lead role. Filming will be taking place in Atlanta, Georgia in September and November. This kids casting call is open to those with no experience. View all of the kids audition information below!

About “The Boy Who Knew Too Much”

The true story of a four year old baseball prodigy, Christian Haupt, who began sharing vivid memories of a life he never lived: that of Lou Gehrig in the 1920s and 30s. His mother, Cathy, embarks on a journey of discovery which defies logic, upsets her core beliefs and changes their lives forever.

What They Are Looking For

20th CENTURY FOX is searching for their lead for the Feature Film “The Boy Who Knew Too Much”, based on the true-life story

4-5 yrs old (submit 4-7 to play 4-5) Male, Caucasian… Christian is a baseball prodigy. He lives, eats and breathes baseball, and can get quite upset when he’s not allowed to play. He has past-life memories of the great Lou Gehrig, who played on the famed NY Yankees team of the 20s and 30s.


How to Apply

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5 Casting Responses

  1. aden jones

    my name is aden jones im 7 and im a usher in church im very friendly and i make all my friends laugh.and im not hard to learn roles to play.

  2. Candrea Adams

    African American male, age 10, Brown hair, brown eyes, 56′; 76 lbs
    -Acting courses
    -Dance Hip Hop & Jazz
    -Athletic physique

  3. Constant Trygod

    Am a young Talented man who into special effect makeup design and love what am doing.
    My dream is to show to world the Africa Power and to make Africa proud.
    I love act and anything that involved art.

  4. Ali Asghar Zamani

    Hi. I love play for Hollywood. Please

  5. Adelyn McCandless

    Hi, my name is Addie McCandless. I am 13 years old (acting range is 13-15), 5’4 feet tall, a Caucasian female, have blue eyes and caramel hair (little longer than my collarbone), and would love to act in this movie! I have acted in my community theatre and school plays and musicals many times, and I am not expirienced in being on screen, but I would love to have a chance to be! know I don’t fit the description of the person you are looking for, but if there are any extra parts that I do fit the description of, please let me know. I’d be fine with being an extra too. Thank you for considering me!