12 Monkeys - SyFy

12 Monkeys – SyFy

Twelve Monkeys, the astounding 1995 science fiction thriller that featured superstar Bruce Willis, the enchanting Madeleine Stowe and Brad Pitt in a masterful Golden Globe winning and Academy Award nominated role, is being reborn for the small screen and millions fans the world over are rejoicing. 12 Monkeys is coming to the SyFy Network and the producers of this highly anticipated new drama series are looking for several talented performers to be a part of the project. Casting calls for roles of all sizes are happening now and actors of all ages can apply today for spots in this sure to be hit production.

12 Monkeys will be adapted from the whip smart film from Oscar nominated director Terry Gilliam that follows a troubled convict named James Cole who is sent back in time from the year 2035 to gather information on and try to prevent the release of a man-made virus that devastated the human population. The series is being produced by the talented duo of Emmy nominee Natalie Chaidez (In Plain Sight, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Heroes) and Jeffrey Reiner (Friday Night Lights, The Event, Awake) from a script by the team of Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett (Nikita, Terra Nova). The lead roles of Cole and the psychiatrist who helps him find the truth Cassandra Railly will be filled by rising stars Aaron Stanford (X-Men: The Last Stand, Nikita, Tadpole) and Amanda Schull (Suits, Pretty Little Liars, One Tree Hill).

Several fantastic roles in 12 Monkeys are set to be filled in the coming weeks and intertesed actors of all ages can submit themselves today by sending emails here RyanHillCasting@gmail.com. Performers can also find more information on the production and upcoming casting opportunities by heading here facebook.com/pages/Ryan-Hill-Casting/141387305915628. More details will be posted here as they are released so check back for further updates and leave a message in the space below and tell us why you would like to audition for a role in the SyFy Network series 12 Monkeys.

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  1. Nicola Choi

    Name: Nicola Choi
    Age: 24
    Ethnicity: Chinese
    Nationality: British
    Language: English, conversational Cantonese
    Height: 5’2
    Build: Average (9.5 stone)

    I am athletic, enthusiastic and hard-working. Though I have limited experience acting (only experience, 2+ years, of TV critique) I am keen to work on a project I know based on childhood Cantonese movies I used to love. I think 12 Monkeys is an excellent, fun project. SyFy is the pioneer of representation, from the queer representation on ‘Wynonna Earp’ to female representation on the former, as well as ‘Killjoys’, and racial representation on the recently cancelled ‘Dark Matter’. I believe it is a huge opportunity and chance for a queer, woman of colour as myself to explore this project and I hope I can surprise and be part of visualisation of what you seek. Thank you.

  2. Pyper Frazer

    I’m Pyper! I’m not sure if your still doing auditions.
    I’m 12 years old, blond, I’m a rock climber, distance runner and high jumper, I do karate and am an ex gymnast. I’m approx 165cm and am in good shape.
    thanks! Pyper Frazer

  3. alexis richardson

    Hello!! I don’t know if you are still doing auditions but this used to be one of my faves. I easy would love to become asyfy actress as well. I used to do drama in middle school and high school I was in a broad way class. I am very outgoing, fun, and I don’t have shy bone in me lol i am also an artist. here is some more info:
    Blonde hair green eyes,
    Pretty fit.

    Anyways can’t wait to hear back!!
    Alexis Richardson

  4. Jacob Winslow

    Hi my name is Jacob Winslow, I am a professional freerunner and am currently in the process of opening the only parkour and freerunning gym in all of Michigan with my team Phoenix Freerunning. I have done stunts for tv shows, commercials, short films, and live performances before and still do. i am a huge fan of the show and want nothing more than to be a part of it. Thank you.

    20 years old
    6ft tall
    Brown hair
    Brown eyes
    188 ibs
    Athletic build

    -Jake “SideShow” Winslow

  5. Mike Meyer

    Hi, I’m Mike, a 45 year old white guy with experience in a film in the 90’s called Hoffa. I also took 2 acting classes in college. I write, I play guitar, I sing and I practice acting out my own dialogue. I probably sound kooky to the neighbors, but if you guys were to hire me, you would make it all worth it. Please let me know if you are interested.

  6. Sterlyn Rojas

    Name: Sterlyn Rojas
    Height: 6’3
    Weight: 150lbs
    Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
    Eye Color: hazel
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    State/City: Bronx, New York City

    I am very interested in landing a role in 12 monkeys. Since I was little I always wanted to be an actor and even thogh I have not taken acting classes I know that I could be good for the show. If anything is available and you think you can use my height or age for any role please contact me I would be happy to be part of the show.
    Thank you

  7. Christopher Smith

    Dear Casting hub

    I am actor with the gift to act, and I am a perfect match for this role

    Christopher Smith
    Detroit, MI
    My traits
    • Captivating
    • Has a True Commitment
    • Has an Innate Talent
    • Possesses Good Physical Skills
    • Has Some Sense of Vanity
    Weight 195 LB about 5’6 5’8, 23 years old. My hair is black and curly mid height at this moment, African American. I would welcome the opportunity to further discuss my skills and this role. If you have questions or would like to schedule an interview, please contact me by phone at 313-573-0400 or by email at cls200991@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Christopher Smith

  8. Stacey Saunders

    I am 5’4
    Color changing eyes
    25 years old
    120 pounds
    And ADHD like no other, bit a hard worker.

    There are a billion people who would love an opportunity like this and it is a great place to Start. You have to start somewhere and instead of being part of the movie you would get to be part of a show that is taking bits of the movie and creating your own story line. I want to be part of this because it is unique, different, and has an edge. I want to say that I started my career with a notion to succeed and what better place to start than with the show inspired by a great movie.

  9. Conner Gatsby

    As an aspiring actor wwho recently graduated High school in excellent grace, it wwould be amazing to be a part of something professional. I’vve filmed, edited, wwrote and acted all high school. If I could be an extra or minor part, it would be fantastic. I’m wwilling to learn and excited at this opportunity. Please contact me at the earliest convince.

  10. Jed Allen Freels

    To be part of 12 Monkeys would be a dream come true about never giving up. I am a 32 year veteran school teacher with an education degree and a degree in Speech Communications and Theater with an emphysis in performance. I ma the founder of Auburn Actors theater and have done hundreds of stage rolls. To be part of 12 Monkeys would not only be amazing for me but the messgae it would send to all my students both current and past would be enormous about never giving up on your dreams. You can check out more at jedallenfreels.com 12 MONKEYS…I am ALL IN !!!!!!

  11. Fatima Bazzi.

    Hello,my name is Fatima Bazzi.,and I am from Lebanon which is located in the Middle East. I have short dirty blonde hair standing at 5’04 with green eyes. Acting is something that I have a passion and purpose for that I hope to fulfill once I get a chance,some say some people got,and others don’t…and I know I have what it takes. It would be an honor to get an opportunity to audition for this show. Contact me at: fatimabazzi8@gmail.com

    Peace and love.

  12. Cori Schneider

    Like everyone else I’ve watched the original at least a dozen times none the less I guess you could say I’m a fan of the movie. Im 16 years old and want to become an actress, its my life goal. Being in this movie would be amazing to have on my resume. Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a great day.

  13. Alexis Hampton

    Hi I’m Alexis Hampton I’m 30 years old mother of two. I am looking to step out in into the world a give anything and everything a shot. M.A.C Artist and Freelance S.P.X Artist for over 4years. My goal is to show that even a woman like myself can still turn dreams in reality. I’m biracial, blonde hair brown eyes With freckles. I stand 5″8, plus size and proud!

  14. Abby Lynn Poynter

    I have always wanted to be an actress. Great memory. I received a modeling diploma when i was younger and i would love to have the opportunity to show you my talent. Thank you

  15. Adam Espinoza

    Hi I’m Adam, I’m a 44 year old Hispanic. I believe I’ll be good for the show. I have a natural hard street look. Been asked if I’ve been to jail. Lol which I have not. It’s just a ruff look I guess. I’ve been in the construction field most of my life, I play a lot of sports. Also a big fan of syfy channel. Thanks

  16. Austin

    Hi I’m 15 years old I weigh 170 I’ve never acted a day in my life but 12 monkeys sounds cool

  17. Drew Potter

    My name is Drew,
    I manage a large call center in Grand Rapids Michigan. Twelve Monkey’s need’s people that understand crazy. I work with it everyday. I’m also a part time comic, so I’m in front of large audiences and can think off the cuff.

  18. Dustin Hester

    Hello my name is Dustin , I am a big fan of the original 12 monkeys , I am 21 years old live in corona ca im
    long blond hair
    hazle eyes
    155 lbs
    And Have taken some acting and modeling classes. THANK YOU

  19. Aryana Faythe Johnson

    Hi, my name is Aryana Johnson. I would like to give you some examples of why you should consider choosing me as apart in this casting call:D
    Name:Aryana Johnson
    Gender:Female(Brown Hair Brown Eyes) Race:biracial
    Age:11 Turning 12 in March (I’m going to the 6th grade in two weeks)
    Height: “58 or ’4″10
    Hobbies:Singing, Acting, Dance, and Gymnastics
    Personality:Outgoing, Fun, Hardworking, Girly, Playful, Caring, Intelligent, and Bubbly Person
    Experience:In 2nd Grade I attended My School Talent Show the judges said i was Amazing.
    Also I took Drama at my School for 2years and got parts as a singer and background dancer and its been my dream to act and sing ever since.
    I Hope You Would Be Kind And Email Me Back Whenever You Get The Chance. Thank You So Much 🙂

  20. Sherry

    A petite 23 year old Asian female born and raised in East Harlem of New York City, I am an energetic and ambitious dreamer looking to begin a career in the entertainment industry. I am an avid television watcher and would jump at the opportunity to fill a role in 12 Monkeys. I have always admired actors and actresses and the way they are able to make the audience forget their life for a moment and encompass them in their fictional world.

  21. Justin Melso

    5’8 145 lbs brown hair brown eyes Male
    I always wanted to be an actor I am very good at playing a roll of somebody. when i was a kid I did some modeling for Bloomingdales department store catalog . I am a American Living in the Republic of Panama Panama Born in Pennsylvania raised in Florida and Like you to take a look at my app thanks J

  22. ian beckroege

    My name is Ian Beckroege and I am 17 years old I am 6,2 with dark blond hair and blue eyes. I am good at doing characters and impersonations. When I act I put everything into the character my mindset goes from being myself to that character and on set Ian doesnt exist anymore. When I act I truly believe I am that person. Its always been my dream to become an actor I am easy to get along with. My friends say I am an excellent liar in fact it has gotten me out of trouble on several occasions. I am athletic and I love to be active. Please, I beg of you, give me a chance and you wont regret it.

  23. Tiffany

    Hi, my name is Tiffany and I think that I should be considered not just for being another applicant, but because I truly believe that I can show my best in this series. I have a bit of acting experience, and I have written my own plays and performed one in front of an audience. I have been told that I have a talent in faking accents, acting, and play writing. I have an interest in music, art, acting, lacrosse, peace, the Beatles, and science fiction/comedic books.
    More info:
    I have long/ thick/ straight brown hair, big brown eyes, fair skin, a Marilyn monroe mole, I’m 5’4, skinny, and I weigh around 115lbs.

    I would appreciate if you’d consider me to a part of 12 monkeys. It’s seems like an incredibly amazing opportunity! Thank you, I promise I will not disappoint.

  24. John

    my name is John I saw this posting, I have little experience when it comes to acting but I am a fast learner and this would be an experience of a life time. I am currently working at a hospital and everyone I encounter and talk to tell me I could be an actor because of my looks but I don’t know. I am willing to send pictures upon request. I am athletic, 6’1″ (hispanic, french canadian) and I am willing to lose or gain weight to fit the role. I dont know if this makes a difference but I have watched the original 12 monkeys and I am familiar with what will probably be expected of me. Looking forward to hearing from you guys. Hope this will be my big shot.

  25. John William Oakes IV

    I want to be an actor plain and simple. i dont care what role i get i will put 110% into it. i have a fascination wiht playing a character who is insane. i am very eager to be on screen for any amount of time and i feel like if i dont go into acting, i will be wasting god given talent.

    Ht: 6’3″
    Wt: 284 lbs
    Eyes: blue
    Hair: blonde
    State: illinois
    Gender: Male

    Thank you for even looking at this application. i look foward to hearing back from someone.

  26. CheyenneLabadie

    Hello my name is Cheyenne Labadie.I have one sister and six brothers only one older then me so i good with kids. I’m 16 years old.I have a deep passion for making great things (such as) movies, and music.
    I work well with others
    I’m not shy, I love people.
    I respectful and follow orders well.
    I feel like I would make a great part in this movie.
    If you give me a chance I may surprise you.
    Also if I’m considered, I know my age may be a concern, if I am considered you can email me and I will give you my number so my mother can verify this.
    Thanks so much! .i have big dreams. Frankly, some may say my dreams will never come true or that I have too big of aspirations. i think this will boost my confidence to do more with myself. Willing to work hard and do whatever is necessary to start a career that I can have fun with and enjoy.I wouldn’t care what part I would get, I would just love a chance to get one even a chance to be an extra. I’m willing to travel anywhere and I have the will and determination to do this. Thanks for your consideration.
    Sex: Female
    Location: Westland, MI
    Weight: 135 lbs
    Eyes:dark/little brown
    Hair: light brown
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Talent:Acting/ Modeling/Singing/swimming (very strong swimmer)/psychology(cheering people up)I’m Hilarious/Good with kids
    I’m very athletic and in good shape. If needed to, I am willing to gain or lose weight. I am willing to change my appearance I can do many different accents and I can do my own stunts!..I can also provide photos or even a video if necessary.
    i really hope i hear from you soon.:)

  27. Robert Wax

    I’d LOVE to be involved!


  28. "Trey" Jerome Schneider

    I have little acting experience aside from a few small productions in my school years, but I feel as though that means few or no bad acting habits and the ability to learn key parts with a clean slate. I’m extremely hardworking, but am struggling to start a career and have always thought about acting in the back of my mind. For me, something like this could be a complete life and career-changing opportunity. I would love to get a start in something that I can fully enjoy and express myself through. Playing a role in a movie would be a great break from reality and a chance to immerse myself into being someone else. Willing to work hard and do whatever is necessary to start a career that I can have fun with and enjoy. Every big star had the point in their career where someone took a chance on them. I’m not saying I’ll be a big star, but I’d love to get to chance to show what I can do.

    23 years old
    athletic 185 lbs (can gain or lose weight for role)
    brown hair and eyes

    I can also provide photos or even a video if necessary.

  29. Destiny Reimnitz

    Hello, my name is Destiny Reimnitz. I would love to be apart of this film. I believe that i would fit any role that you have. I am 17 years old and every energetic and spunky. I am very active in my school; I play Basketball and volleyball, as well as sing in choir and play clarinet in band, and act in the plays. I am an active member of National Honor Society as well as Student Council. I can play ukulele, piano, clarinet, guitar, and the Cajon. I love to sing and make music it is one of my passions along side acting. I am very good with animals as well, I have 3 cows, lots of chickens, 1 dog, and fish. I also have a bow and i love to shoot it, sometimes life gets busy and i don’t get it out as much as i would like but i really do enjoy shooting it.. I also scuba dive; I am not afraid to try new things, actually i love to try new things. I would love to be apart of this movie. No matter whether i get pick for something or not i believe this movie will do very good. I wish you the best of luck.

    Age: 17 Years old
    Race: Caucasian
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 130 lbs

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. God Bless You

  30. Jonathen Wallace


    My name is Jonathen Wallace I’m an actor and a martial artist. I currently live in Los Angeles. My dream is to be in a movie and a show. Here is a link to my fight scene so you can see what I’m able to do. Thank you for your consideration


    Height: 6ft
    Weight: 165lb
    Hair: Black
    Age: 18-26

  31. Amina Jones

    Hello. I am also 5’5, hazel brown eyes, choppy dark brown hair, african american, light brown skin, white teeth and a projecting voice.

  32. Amina Jones

    I would greatly love to be a part of the 2014 casting call. I sing with my church I was a child model and competed in pageants. Hope to be considered for a role with you!

  33. Kenny moten

    Hello i stand at six foot six have a slim build like snoop dogg im just a regular guy that has talent with doing diffrent personalitys fun guy to be around I’m african american 31 years of age just looking for a chance thank you.

  34. marta wilder

    Hey I’m Marta wilder, my best work is what you can see, I will not hold your time.
    I’m 5 6 African American slim with multitude personality. If looking for any small role in this production do not hesitate to reach out to me.

  35. Robert Barrow

    Hello. My name is Robert and have no formal primate experience. There was one time when I gave an organ-grinder’s monkey a nickel. However, I am familiar with the phrase, “Monkey see, monkey do.” Also, I have participated in a fair amount of monkey business. I like gibbons, although, gibbons are classified as apes. Well, anyway, good luck to everyone involved with the monkey movie.

  36. Elizabeth Morales


  37. Timothy L. Jones, Sr.

    My name is Timothy L. Jones, Sr. I have always wanted to get into acting as a young child but as you well know, life events sometimes change your goals. I feel as if it is never too late to begin a career in acting because it is one that can last a lifetime. I am a 26 year, two-war Army veteran. I retired in May of 2013 as a Sergeant Major (E-9). I was formally a police officer for 8 years in Trenton, NJ before deciding to become a federal police officer in Washington, DC. I have been with the federal government for just over 10 years and I am currently a lieutenant for my agency. Although I am 45 years old, I do not look my age. I maintain myself in great physical condition because of my years of military service and my job as a law enforcement officer.
    I am more than capable of portraying a vast variety of roles if given the opportunity. I have many different levels of experience that I feel would benefit me greatly in casting for a role. Below are my physical attributes and contact #:

    Ht: 5’11”
    Wt: 194 lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black
    Shoe: 10
    Waist: 34″
    Inseam: 32
    Build: athletic
    Hobbies: weight training, running, golf, basketball, boxing
    Contact #: 609-209-1315

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

  38. Hope Garcia

    I think that I should be concise red because I have been acting since I was 3 years old, in plays in my community. I haven’t even auditioned for a tv or movie type of thing, and I’d love the chance to do this movie. I was I a musical as well, for my school. I have gotten many lead roles in the play I have done. I am a dedicated hard working 16 year old with a passion to act. Please consider me for your movie. Thank you! -Hope

  39. Syreeta Jenkins

    I am a huge science fiction fan not to mention an enormous SyFy channel fan. Some of my favorite shows are Defiance and Battlestar Galactica. I remember the movie 12 monkeys, and the fact that a TV series has spawned is brilliance. I do not have any acting experience, I did not go to a prestige performing arts school, and I have not taken any classes. However, I do have a talent for learning very quickly. If I can take apart an aircraft engine and put it back together again properly in the military. Then I certainly can dissect any role given and perfect it as much as possible to the needs of production. Thank you in advance and with or without my assistance this show, I am positive will be a great success. Best wishes and much success.

  40. Lin Flores

    I would love to be in 12 Monkeys. What 66 year old lady wouldn’t? At my older age I reinvented myself. I am a character comedian who does characters with accents. There is no doubt I have a great sense of humor. I am also into improv and writing. I have been on some internet radio shows as well as having a part in a sitcom pilot this past summer which just aired on Launch TV. I have taken a standup comedy class, acting class, improv class and I am just getting started. I feel the show you are casting will give me an opportunity to spread my wings and send me on my way. It is never too late to pursue your dreams no matter what age you are. I hope to remain focused and go for it!

  41. Laurel Kornfeld

    I am a central New Jersey actress with film, theater, and Renaissance fair experience, age range 30s-40s. I just sent two headshots, a resume, and my demo reel to the email address above. You can also find information about me at http://www.backstage.com/laurelkornfeld

  42. Martin Storaker

    Hey! My name is Martin Storaker, im a 17 year old boy from Norway. Living in a small town called Bergen, turning 18 the 29th december. Always had and still having the dream to be on the big screen, becoming an actor. My weight is 82 kg, in the days i lift weights and i am a very active person. Training alot and keeping it healthy. My height is 1.83 cm. Always wanted to go to America! 🙂

  43. Dylan Weisinger


    My name is Dylan. I’m 32 years old, and undefeated at Wrestlemania.
    I have brown hair with some silvering, but I can pass for 20 years old. O r younger, depending on who’s doing the flattering.
    I’m relentless and laid-back, a very dangerous and “eh” combination.
    I will work with minimal complaining and maximum enthusiasm.
    I can not juggle. Not even a little.
    This is important.
    I think you should consider me for this project, I am more than a little excited for an opportunity to help build something spectacular.


  44. Diane~deedee~ Hintz

    hello I am a 55 year old female, blonde/grey hair and blue/grey eyes. My dob is 03/02/1959. Have been told I look like Helen Hunt or Jodie Foster.
    My daughter and I were both an extra in Marvin s Room (1995, at Disney World~ before relocating to Phoenix), with Merel Streep, Diane Keaton, Leonardo Di Caprio,Robert DeNiro.
    We went to a Scottsdale agency after we moved here, but having to come up with 1,500.00 for 2 portfolios being a single parent was difficult to do. I went to another agency in Phoenix in 2008 because I was tired of getting laid off from technical based companies’.
    In the fall of 2009; October 2nd to be exact, I suffered a massive brain bleed and lay comatose for 21 days, therefore I do have some paralysis on the left side, I’m able to walk with a cane and a rollator, I’m still going to therapy, and pray. I know I shouldv’e listened to a gentleman at an open call in Orlando in 1993, but you can’t go back can you?

  45. Adam Way

    Educated professional
    Journeyman Machinist
    3rd of 12 – I was the entertainer (Accents, impersonations)

  46. Sarah

    Name: Sarah Farrell
    Age: 18
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5’7″
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Hair: Short, colour varies
    Eyes: Green
    Location: Ireland

  47. gabe madden

    Hi im gabe madden
    Height: 5 foot 7.5
    Weight: 160-170
    Ethnicity: African american
    Eye color: dark brown / black but light brown in light
    Body type: big muscular athletic build
    Age: 16 (looks like 17-18)
    Gender: male
    Hair: black

    I have been acting in classes for a year now , I have experience with martial arts such as boxing wrestling and krav maga and I am looking for a good first role

  48. Xenia


    Name: Xenia
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18 (I have been told I look around 20 or older)
    Height: 5′ 7” and a half
    Weight: 140lbs
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Light Brown, Long and Straight
    (Mediterranean look and body shape)

    I had Theater Arts class in the IB Program (International school system) for two years, where I played and directed a couple of performances. I have attended summer programs with acting courses. Best experience closest to filming: The “Focus TV & Movie Industry” summer program working with the producer Laurie Goldstein to make a 30-minute-long movie. I wasn’t able to attend acting classes regularly, so I have gained knowledge through books and parts of plays, practicing monologues and acting exercises. I love acting in everyday life with sarcasm and humor. It’s a passion, a need.

    If you would like to know more about me and my skills, please email me.

  49. dominique geysen

    So interesting!!
    Was a cult film definitely, and totally my kind of film.
    Would love to get the opportunity to participate in the auditions.
    Will be in NY for intense classes from 13-30 of April.
    (1,85m, blue eyes, brown/grey hair, 6 languages, diver, captain and actor 🙂

  50. Kayla Hinton

    Hello, like everyone else who submitted I am more than interested in taking part. I’m young fresh and a dreamer. Ever since I was little I was told one day I will be a performer. This sounds very corny as does everyone but when I say I’m up for the challenge, I mean it. Even being an extra in this TV show would be amazing because the more experience the bigger chance. Now, there are billions of people in the world and half probably want to act also but the difference with me and all them is I am striving for my goal really striving and I mean it. Thank you.
    Name- Kayla Hinton
    Age- 16
    Height- 5’4
    Weight- 125
    Eyes- green/blue
    hair color- red (artificial)

  51. Markida Cooper

    Hello, I’m Markida Cooper. I’m an eighteen year old female in Sterling Heights, MI. I believe I would be a great match for this role because I am energetic and determined to be an actress. I’m a fast learner and I catch on to things quick. My main priority is making sure I am ready for any position. If you give me a chance I will make sure you are happy with my performance. Thank you for your time!

  52. Autumn Read

    Hi, my name is Autumn Read and I would love to be apart of this series! I am 16 years old and I have an Identical TWIN sister, Rachel Read, who is also interested in being in your series. We would like to make acting a career and this would really help. I think twins open the doors for new opportunities for any television show or movie and could make an exciting twist. Twin actresses are also very rare. Will live in Maine and we know a lot about the land. We are aspiring actresses and would love audition for this series!

    Name: Autumn Read
    Height: 5’2′
    Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
    Eye Color: Blue
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    State/City: Maine

  53. Zoe Byrne

    Hi guys!

    My name is Zoe Byrne and I am 18. I am seeking work in the entertainment industry. I have extensive experience in the field of Modeling, Music, Television, Commercial, Tourism Promotion and Ambassadorial roles.

    I currently reside in Tasmania and I am free to travel the globe for work. I hold Australian and European citizenship allowing me into over 28 different countries.

    I have been fortunate enough to be trained by some of Australia’s renowned musician teachers. I have worked as a photographers model with various companies. I also hold a Diploma of Tourism and Management.

    I am petite, blue eyed and blonde haired. I want to increase my experience in TV and commercial show biz, photographic work as well as musical work.

    I am able to mimic many lilts, including, NY (American), Californian (American), Southern ( American), Irish, French, Australian and many more.

    I have the talent that will achieve greatness in all performances.

    I am enthusiastic, fun to work with, very flexible and love working with different people and learning new things.

    I aim to please in all areas (from comedy right through to drama) and I will ensure that the viewer ratings sky-rocket!

    I look forward to hearing back from you!

    Kind Regards,
    Zoe Byrne

  54. Megan

    Hello, my name is Megan. I am 15 years old, soon to be 16 in May. I’m in grade 10. I am studying film for acting as well as directing. I would like to carry on acting as a career. I’m very serious when it comes to acting. I go to my guidance councillor everyday looking at colleges and schools for acting. Next year I’m taking CO-OP at a news studio and I will be behind the camera as well as In front. I would really like to get a role in this movie. I think it would be really good for me because it will help me experience new techniques, that I can use in the future and hopefully future roles in T.V or Film. Thank you for offering this opportunity, I hope to hear from you soon!

  55. Matt Acho


    I think I should be considered for this role because acting is my life. It’s what I’ve wanted to do since I was 8 years old. I’m currently taking acting classes at Michigan Actors Studio where I am enrolled in their Professional Acting program. I’ve drastically changed my life in order to accomplish my acting goals including: losing 25 pounds, continuously exercising and dieting, taking a break from college, stopped talking to close friends and family members who try to keep me from my goals, et cetera. I am extremely motivated, hard working, and know what I want for myself in the future. I also have a fun personality, take direction well, work well with others, and I’m willing to try anything.

    Here are my stats:

    24 years old
    Brown eyes
    Dark brown, wavy hair
    Olive tone skin
    145 lbs

    I will send my headshot and resume to the email posted above. Thanks for your consideration!

    Matt Acho

  56. Michael Hicks

    Hello, My name is Michael Hicks. I am 14 years old , 5’8 and 140lb. I am caucasian, brown hair and hazel eyes. I am a freshman in a performing arts High School. I am an actor and have done numerous plays. I am part of a theater board at a Chicago theater. I took 2 years of dance lessons. I live in Chicago,Illinois. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully I will hear back from you.

  57. Gabriella Blatt

    Hi, my name is Gabriella Blatt! I am going to be 16 this march 29, I am 5’3″ , 140 lb and I live in New York. I want to be an actress. I want to be an actress because I want to explore different lifestyles and mindsets while letting my fans sit back and enjoy the show! I love having fun, and being the cause of people smiling. You should choose me to give this opportunity to because I am an entertainer and will be the next big thing. I am very hardworking and motivated and would love for you to help me fulfill my dreams. Thank you! You can contact me via my cell, its (718) 928-4037
    -Gabriella Blatt

  58. Elena Stecca

    Hello! This project sounds amazing. Here is my info

    35 yrs old
    Brown hair, long wavy
    Hazel eyes

    Currently attending acting classes, highly motivated, take directions well, reliable, quick learner, great sense of humor.

  59. Joel Krizel

    Hello ,
    I am a firefighter and have always loved acting . Just writing this to see if I have a chance .
    Thanks J Krizel

  60. Judy Ann Villanueva

    Hello, My name is Judy Ann and I’m 28 years old, I am filipino with a little bit of local commercial and film extra experience. I have always wanted to act and if given the chance I believe I have what it takes to become a great actress. I am a quick learner, hard worker but still love to have fun and try new things.

  61. Jacob Bowhuis

    I am a male.
    19 years old.
    160 lbs.
    I am currently enrolled in an acting class at the college I attend.
    Really looking for a small role or an extra role to help get me started.
    I am motivated and dedicated to become as great of an actor as I can be.
    I am extremely outgoing and fun to be around.

    Located in Grand Rapids, MI.

  62. Jason Whitecotton

    I am a very active person I love to workout and health conscious. I have played athetics all my life and through collegeI have more of a bodybuilder appearance. Im an ex-teacher turned police officer. I love to joke around and I am considered very witty. I can be very serious when need be. I would love for a chance in any movie I have always been encouraged to do this but didnt really know how to pursue it . I hope to hear back.