100 Things To Do Before High School

100 Things To Do Before High School

It’s the most watched network for children’s programming in the world, it is responsible for such wildly successful programs as Sam & Cat, Victorious and iCarly and for discovering some of the most talented entertainers working today and now that network is set to begin production on it’s next sure to be hit comedy. Nickelodeon’s 100 Things To Do Before High School is scheduled to start shooting soon and casting calls for a number of potentially career making roles will be held shortly. This could be your chance to land a part on the next big Nickelodeon hit that will have people around the world talking.

100 Things To Do Before High School will tell the hilarious coming of age story of a studious 12 year old girl named C.J. who begins to panic about her upcoming high school years. Her worries have nothing to do with her schoolwork or her academic readiness, though – she’s worried that she’s too ready for what’s next and that’s she’s not taking full advantage of her middle school years. Fearing that if she stays on her current stuffy path she will have will be incapable of letting loose and truly enjoying her 4 years of high school, C.J. and her friends make a pact and a list of 100 things that they want to experience before her time as a high school student begins. This outstanding new comedy concept is the brainchild of the fantastic Emmy nominated writer and executive producer Scott Fellows, the man behind such global hits as Big Time Rush, Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide and Johnny Test. This series promises to be the next great Nickelodeon half hour sitcom and an absolute must audition for performers of all ages.

Casting calls for 100 Things To Do Before High School are will be taking place soon and interested talent can submit themselves today by sending emails to casting.amanda@gmail.com. We will be posting further audition updates as soon as they are available so check back for more details and leave a message in the space provided and tell us what you think of this new Nickelodeon series and why you want to be a part of the casting calls for 100 Things To Do Before High School.

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  1. Reitumetse makwanyane

    my name is Joy,I’m turning 16 on 30th of November,I was born and raised in South Africa, gauteng, Johannesburg,I would love to be on Nickelodeon because it is my favorite channel,the series I love there are Big Time Rush,100 things to do before high school and Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn, bt I would really much appreciate to be on 100 things to do before high school because it has taught me to be confident,try new things even when they seem impossible and to have fun with your friends while learning.I have great acting skills,am confident and I easily adjust to things and it is my life long dream to become an actor along with becoming an astronomer,I believe I can achieve both goals because I don’t get easily distracted, I can play any character given to me.
    thank you very much!

  2. Victória Beatriz

    Hello my name is victoria Beatriz F. Freitas
    I really like the Nickelodeon my dream is to join one of their series.
    I love watching 100 things to do before high school among other very nice series.
    Age: 13 years
    date of birth: 30/06/2002
    Nationality: Brazil (Parauapebas-PA)
    height: 1.70 m
    Hair color: dark brown,
    Eye color: dark brown
    skin color: brown
    I know playing instruments: flute, guitar, bass, saxophone, flute.
    I really like sports.
    my English is not very fluent but I’m making progress.
    I hope I can participate.

    fully Grata

  3. Paola

    Full name: Paola Udovčić
    Birth: 5th September 2002
    Age: 13
    I live in Croatia.
    Languages: Croatian and English
    Eyes: Light Brown
    Hair: Dirty blonde
    Height: 160 cm
    Weight: 49 kg
    Clothes size: 34-36
    Shoes size: 39

    I think this show is fun for teens and the cast is amazing and talented. The concept of this show is interesting and full of adventures of pre-high school children. I love this show because of characters and i would to be one of them.

  4. Ruth Adams

    Hello! My name is Ruth. I love acting and singing. It’s helped me with multiple things like depression. I have always loved nickelodeon, and I hope you will consider me for any casting call. I have recently just signed with John Casablancas talent and modeling agency. So, here is my information:
    Age:14 (December 11)
    Height: 6’0″
    Born in: Lakewood, California
    Now live in: Raleigh, North Carolina
    Hair color: dark brown
    I also wear glasses for my poor eyesight and I hope this will not be a problem.Thank you for your consideration.

    P.S. I don’t know if you guys did it on purpose, but the way you and Disney had coordinate the days/nights for your new shoes was awesome. I had something to watch all nights of the weekend.

  5. Cameryn Tarver

    Hi, my name is Cameryn Tarver and I have many talents. I love to sing, dance, and of course act. I memorize lines quickly and have played part in a few school plays. I am very cooperative and I am not in any way shy in front of a camera. So as you can see, I would love to be apart of any show and make friends along the way.

    Hair: Dark brown( med length)
    Eyes: Light brown
    Age: 12

  6. Andrea

    Hello my name is Andrea I will love to do the show I am 11 years 12 years old I really hope I can pursue my dreams and be an actress like I’ve always wanted to do I hope my comment stands out and you see something bright in me I have been in school plays and gotten a leader role I can sing I am really athletic I can flip by that I mean doing a roundoff back handspring I can sing I’m not a professional dancer but you teach me a routine I can do it

  7. tymir rawlings

    eye color: brown
    skin color: brown
    gender: male
    race: afircan american
    location: philadelphia
    really looking forward

  8. Kishanaa Logisvarran

    Hi, my name is Kishanaa Logisvarran. I would love to be in 100 Things To Do Before High School because i’m a 5th grader, which have four years of middle school. Now i’m ten and since the show was released I was dreaming to be a main character of this show like CJ, Fenwick and Crispo. I wanted to act in a Nickelodeon show ever since I was seven years old. I realy hope I get to act in Nickelodeon, as I have experience of acting. But in school, I’m the girl that brings the fun. I would anything to act in Nickelodeon!!!! Pls pick me!!!!

  9. Wendy

    Hey am Wendy, hmm I already applied for the talent application and I can’t wait pls help me improve my acting skill and one thing I never been in a movie that would be posted online just in school play’s and Church and i get encouraged by their remarks. Please help us/that applied/ build up our talent

  10. Wendy

    Hey, I just wanted to say that. Okay that was weird, I’m Wendy and I love acting and if I don’t get selected will keep trying and until I get selected I wouldn’t stop trying thanks lots of love to the lucky ones that would be picked.
    So this is what I look like and who I am,
    I’m Wendy Akinlabi.
    I am kinda short.
    I am not a chubby person.
    I so love acting.
    I live in Nigeria.
    I am 12 years, but will be 13 by April 2016.
    I, wait let me put it this way people say am jovial.
    I love making new friends and doing cool stuffs.
    That all am sorry i made it so long please love me and send me an acceptance thanks I am counting on you to fulfil my dreams on acting.
    Thanks love you sis for accepting.

  11. Wendy

    Hey I’m Wendy. But my parent calls me Towobola.
    I’m about 5 feet tall.
    I have brownish black hair.
    I am 12 years
    I born in Ibadan and I also live there.
    I love wearing dresses.
    Please I know there are many talent who are better in acting than me but if you give me the opportunity to act i would be happy even if I wasn’t chosen thanks

  12. Wendy

    Hey I’m Wendy but my mum calls me Towo.
    I am about 4 feet tall.
    I am 12 years old.
    I was born in Ibadan and also live there.
    I have short brownish black hair.
    I have passion for acting and singing.
    I love to imagine myself acting in a movie like this.
    Please,help me with my talent help me develop it. Thanks.

  13. Wendy

    Hello my name is Wendy ,am short I have short brownish black hair. Well ,I applied for this because I act, sing and encorage people that feel useless,am slow to anger but I can act like I am not and my teacher told me about the talent application and that I should go for it. I also write books and can form a lot of drama that can be acted, I give books title also. Oh! and am Nigerian.
    Thanks for reading it.

  14. Theona

    I would love to act in this show! I can do many accents, When I need to I can be very dramatic or sassy . I can sing, dance and would an amazing addition to your show. I have been in school productions, love animals and will do whatever it takes to achieve my hollywood dreams!

    Hair: Gold brown, med length
    Eyes: Hazel
    Age: 11
    Please consider me!

  15. Chanel Blackmore

    Hello, I’m Chanel and I’m 13 years old I have been acting for a while now, and I really like it, I have never thought much about it until now. I was thinking about doing Modelling but after doing it, I realised its not what I want to do. I have wanted to work on a show because I think it would be a great opportunity for me, and my family. I have always loved the idea of being on TV and making people happy when they see me, I love making people happy, because it makes me happy knowing that I have shared that experience with them. I love seeing/meeting new people, and I can automatically be kind/friendly with them, I’m a easy person to work with, and I can easily remember things, so it will be easy to remember lines, I’lI hope to hear from you.

  16. Bright michael

    Hi guys my name is Bright i just finished grade7 iam 13 years i live this has been one among my dreams i live in Tanzania my family is not rich so if i get the chance oh please i beg you just come take me in Tanzania the region i stay is Arusha and town is shangarai oh please i wanna make my family proud and continue with studies and this will help me in my life iam confident i will make you proud although iam an African

  17. Janelle Joyner

    Hi, My name is Janelle. I have always wanted to be an actress. I am 11 years old. I am a female and have dirty blonde hair. I was born in Phoenix, Arizona and recently moved to Macon, Georgia. It would be a dream come true to be an actress for Nickelodeon. I have been told I am very funny and a natural actress. I was born in September, 2004. Ever since the show ” 100 Things To Do Before High School ” came out I have wanted to be an actress on this show.

  18. Anodyne Violet

    Hi, I’m Violet. I’m a twelve year Asian from Malaysia and my passion is acting. I think this show us great! I’m weird but i can pull off any act due to an annoying (but helpful) chameleonic personality.
    Height: 157 cm
    Weight: 37 kg
    Eyes: Upturned, brown
    Hair: Medium length, black
    I’m a national public speaker and storyteller in my country, however there aren’t any acting opportunities here. My passion is acting and always has been. I want to reach to the four corners of the world through acting. I would live to have a role in this. Hope to hear from you! Thanks!

  19. Freya kerr

    hello i am called Freya,i’m 11 years old and i love acting i got a drama scholarship for the senior school and i go to this amazing theater where i act,dance and sing recently i did a show called Alice in wonderland i was so honed to get the role as Alice. I also get lots of distinctions in L.A.M.D.A. when people ask me what i want to be when i grow up i say i want to be an actress not because of the fame and publicity because i love it and its my passion. My dream is to get on a t.v show and do what i love to do. My idol is Cameron Diaz as she really becomes the character. i hope you consider me and get back to me.


  20. Katerina

    Im Katerina and i’m from Macedonia .I love to act and my dream is to be an actress .I’m different from the other kids,i understand the things differently in my life,they all say i`m a loser just because i`m not like them ,but i like that .I`m a nice person i always forive everyone even if sometimes they don`t deserve it .I stand on my own choices and my own ideas and opinions.They say there is no way i will ever act on nickeleodon ,I know that i may not be the luckiest human ,but i`ll never give up on my dreams .My friends tell me why would i try if theres no chance i`ll ever suceed ,and how do you think you`ll ever suceed if you don`t take your chance.And i know that some day i`ll have the last laugh and my country will be proud of me .

  21. LaNya

    Hello my name is lanya. I’m a girl. I can act sing and dance. I love nickelodeon’s shows especially 100 things to do before high school it’s so funny and cool. I have acted at my church in plays and skits I have a lot of experience in front of a crowd because I’ve danced acted and I’ve been singing in front of a crowd for a while now. I weigh around 110 lbs. my height is 5″1. I live in Pennsylvania. My hair is very curly and dark brown. My nationality is American. I am African American. My eyes are dark brown. My skin color is brown. I’m 11 but I look 14 for my age. I’m in sixth grade and my grades are A’s and B’s

  22. imogen

    Hi I’m imogen. I’m 9 years old and would love to act but i live in the UK.I have always wanted to act. I’m half African ,half English. have black poofy hair . I am very tall for my age. unfortunately I live in England.


  23. Tsholo

    hi my name is tsholo and since I was a little girl I have always wanted to act I love to dance and sing and acting is my passion and people say I am good at it here’s a little info about me

    name: tsholofelo
    age: 14
    date of birth: 11 January 2001
    hair colour: goldish brown
    eyes colour: brow
    gender: female
    place of birth: South Africa
    nationality: African

    p.s I have been watching nickeloden since I was 4 years

  24. Norbert Pelc

    Hey! My name is Norbert Pelc I’m 13 years old I was born in 14th of October 2001.
    Informations about me : I come from Poland but I currently live in UK , I lived in UK for about 6 years which helped me learn how to speak English very well , I Can speak English ,Polish but I’m also learning my third language which is French . I’m very sportive , confident and in the future I want to become an actor . I have big imagination which helps me with acting and getting in to my character . Im really friendly and popular in school and out side of school . I’m nice , funny and emotional. Hopefully I can get chance to became a new character of 100 things to do before high school

  25. Hailey Scott

    Hi! I’m Hailey, I would like playing a role in this! It’s an interesting show, and it would be amazing to get the opportunity to be in it!

    I’m young. 12, almost 13.
    I have long brown hair.
    I have green-blue eyes. (Most people say it’s more green than blue.)
    I’m Caucasian, but I’m tan.
    My body size is average.
    I’m comfortable with acting, singing, and sports.
    I live in Illinois.

    Thanks! Please notify me by email!

  26. Charis

    Hi my name is Charis I live in Scotland, Hamilton I am 10 but 11 in November and I would LOVE to be cast in 100 things to do before high school and if I am I will be Extremely EXCITED!!! I am a triple threat/singer, dancer and actress!!!!!!! I have had loads of experience with dance shows school shows and a recent show with my musical theatre school Fame academy!!!! I know I’m not 12 but trust me I am extremely tall for my age!!! If you do end up giving me a roll after the auditions I just want you to know I will be most certainly Dedicated!!!
    If you need any info on me here you go:
    I have:
    Long dark blonde hair
    Green eyes
    Lots of Freckles
    Just over 5′
    Born November 10th 2004!!!!!

  27. Alize

    Hi my name is Alize I’m 13 years old and I live in Los Angeles and I am about to finish middle school but I really want to join 100 things to do before high school I have brown hair and hazel nut eyes

  28. Palas Sails

    Hi I’m Palas Sails, a 14 year old girl from who lives in California’s Bay Area. I love acting and dancing and I’m hoping to move on in my life was acting on TV. As you probably know this will be a great opportunity for any kid who actually has a passion for stuff like this. I don’t take acting classes but I do go over a lot of scripts and act them out with my friends and cousins and my dance studio. I have tried singing I’m not that good but I’m hoping to get better. And I feel like this would be amazing opportunity for me. I do hope that I get a response back saying thank you for letting me share, Bye.

  29. Makalia

    I am 11 years old I love to dance and have fun I would like to try out for one of your show I model and I am very outgoing love to meet and try new things please tell me the next step

  30. Nansi Jimon

    hi my name is Nansi i am 11years old born March 23,2004 ive always wanted to be on nickelodeon ever since i was arond 9 or 8 and everytime is see kids acting and stuff like that i get more and more inspiered and i hope i get choosen and if i dont get choosen i would like u guys to send me a message threw the email!!

  31. Sophia

    Name: Sophia
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15 ( I can look older)
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 115
    Ethnicity: Caucasion
    Eye colour: Blue/Green
    Hair Colour: Dirty Blonde with a tint of red and gold

    This production sounds amazing and I would love to be part of it! I live in Alberta, Canada and have had some acting experience, contact me via email if you have any questions or concerns:) thank you

  32. Maya Williams

    I will be 9 years old in the coming weeks and I am excited to start working towards a career in acting. I am organized, scheduled, and determined. For the past 3 years I have played all sorts of sports but my favorites are soccer, softball, and swimming. People often tell me that I am very photogenic and I belong on television. My mom & dad say that my personality could pass for a Saturday Night Live character…whatever that means! I watch Nickelodeon shows on a daily basis and I am very excited to hear more auditioning information on 100 Things To Do Before High School.
    Name: Maya Williams
    Gender: Female
    Age: 8 (turning 9)
    Height: 4′ 4″
    Weight: 76 lbs
    Location: Oregon
    Race: White

  33. Esdras Marroquin-Aleman

    Hi my name is esdras i am a 13 year old boy and live in north carolina. I would like to say that i think the show is very funny and that i really like and i like the movie to. I like acting and i know i gots what it takes to be on televsion. Please accept me for this great show i wont let you guys down. Here are thing about me i am 5 feet 1 inch, my hair us black, i have brown eyes and i am hispanic (i also speak spanish). Please have a part for me if you do please contact me at esdrasmarroquinaleman@gmail.com or esdrasa@outlook.com. Thanks for reading this and sorry if i have two post.

  34. Joanna

    I Also want to say I am a girl who is a good at acting and I can be Different characters l just Want my dream to come true u love to follow my dream

  35. Joanna

    I really want to be in 100 to do before high school because acting been my dream for as long as I can I’ve always wanted to be an actor I really like acting I starting to act at the age 6 But I never Addition for something I really want to act I have Been in In Performance at my school

  36. Hossein Noormohammadi

    Hello, my name is Hossein Noormohammadi. I love anything to do with entertainment. I love it because it takes my mind and everybody else’s mind of everyday stresses. Also because I love doing it. Anything acting, singing, rapping, I can do it and love doing. So you can be sure I will bring everything I have to everyday on the set. I also presented an inspirational Ted talk to my school. I was also the Master of Ceremony for the opening day of the first Anne Frank school in canada.

    Age: 13 (I look older)
    Name: Hossein Noormohammadi
    Location: Toronto, Canada
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Black
    Height: 5″ 9′
    Skin Color: Tan

  37. Daniel

    hi I am dan and I know a role in this movie will fit me.I’ve been in a dozen school plays and they say I am really good
    quality:acting and dancing
    Kay Kay hope to hear from you.Bye.

  38. Esdras Marroquin-Aleman

    Hi my name is Esdras i am a 13 year old boy and live in North Carolina. I have seen the show a lot before and would love to be on it. I know i have what it takes to be on T.V and hope you accept my for this amazing show. I know how to act and sing and i am athelte. I am hispanic, my height is 5 feet 2 inchs, brown eyes, black hair and cute. Please accepet me!!

  39. Yaniya

    hi my name is yaniya and i like to every time i think how im good at acting and not on tv it makes me burst in tears

  40. Emma

    Hi I’m Emma noffke I live in eau clair WI I’m ten but Tall for my age I also did the same writhing a cwalafacation for Disney channel and I wach both channels but if you have trust in me being a good actor you can have me as an actor I love 100 things to do befor high school my talents consist of an artest, singer, actor, and a song writer! Hope you chose me

  41. hope

    Hi I’m hope I’m a really good actor at my school I got an award for the most improved on acting an singing.
    I’m 14 years old I love acting I would love to be in this show I can relate to it at my school I try to help and fix a lot of things. All my friends say I would be perfect for an actor I love singing dancing and acting. I always watch this show I watch every new episode that’s on all my friends say I’m upsessed with 100 things to do before high school I’m starting high school after summers over but I would love if you would let me in. I’m not camera shy I love being the center of attention. I have a dream that when I’m older I’m going to NYC and going to go to an arts school for acting singing and dancing. I have freckles I wear quite a bit of makeup but I would love if I could be in your show

  42. Dj

    Love this show!

  43. Daniel Daugherty

    Hi! My name is Danny and I am a 14 year old guy from St. Louis, Missouri. I will be attending Affton High School as a freshman in the fall. I like to act, swim, be outside, and hang out with my awesome friends. I have always lived acting and being on stage. I say stage, because I have actually been done any television or movie productions before. I have only been in plays in the STL area. But, I believe that this program would be an amazing start to my career! Some physical details about me:
    Height: 5′ 8″
    Hair: Long and blond
    Eye color: Blueish green
    Ethnicity: White
    Body Type: Fairly skinny
    Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  44. Manprit Kaur

    Hi, i am a 12 year-old fun loving girl. I can pull off any personality or character . I can pass for at least 8 different races!! My only job i have ever wanted is to be an actresd. ACTING IS MY WORLD!!!!!

  45. Natasha

    my names Natasha im an 11 year old girl who is living in Australia I only have a bit of acting experience but i think i would be perfect for this role as im going into high school next year and know how the lead is feeling.

  46. mckennley

    Hello my name is mckennley lacour
    Age 13
    Hair blonde
    Height 5’6″
    I acted in 6 plays and sing

  47. Bryant Pahua

    Hi, I’m Bryant
    I really want to be on 100 things to do before high school because always wanted to be on a Nickelodeon show since I was 7 and I want to get the opportunity to by on the show I’m 15 going to 9th grade so I can relate to this because I just left middle school and this is why I should want the audition.

  48. Ndahi Hirhyel David

    Hi there ,I’m 12 years and I have been dreaming 4 dis day 2 come, cause I’m so talented and act as different voices, I’m from Nigeria and if possible my dreams will come though. I love music, rapping, dancing, singing, reading. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, HOPE I GET PICKED.

  49. Cheyenne

    hi, my name is Cheyenne and Im 13 years old, i would like to be on this show because i love acting and the show is really awesome and funny. if you could consider me for a role then that’d be great. thanks.

  50. Zoeih Wilson

    Hello! Im Zoeih Wilson! My full name is Zoeih Summer Neaveh Wilson!
    I have auburn hair, dark brown eyes, and freckles.
    I enjoy playing with my dogs, painting my nails, watching Netflix, Watching Youtube, playing video games, spending time with my family, hanging with friends, making art, and Dancing!
    I am 11 years old, my birthday is March 26 2004! I live in Caledonia, Mississippi and go to Caledonia Middle School! I am in 6th grade. I have never gone to detention, I have never been suspended nor failed a grade. I have gotten in trouble before because of clothing.. I wore shorts once and got in trouble because they were “too short”.
    When I grow up I want to be a pop star. Many friends and family members have told me that I have a beautiful singing voice. I am terrified to sing in front of people but acting would be different..
    I really hope you pick me to be on your amazing show. Thanks!
    Sincerely, Zoeih Wilson.
    Contact me here: 6624359035 and Zoeih.Wilson10@gmail.com

  51. Raina

    Hi my name is Raina and I would love to play the role of C.J. I’m a thirteen year old girl who lives in California. I put my interest in this role a while back and still am in love with it. I’m African-American and I’m fascinated by the acting world. I went go to a performing art school and frankly kind of scared for high school myself. I performed in a school play as baliff from The Trial Of The Big Bad Wolf. My personality is like every average teenager….Bipolar. Not the condition but i can go from crying to happy to mad. Most times happy however. Now that you know a bit about me i hope i can audition for you all. Thanks for your time.

  52. Chelsea Laury

    Age – 13
    Height – 5’5
    Weight – 153
    Nationality – African American
    Eye color – Brown
    Hair color – Brown/Black
    BOD – 8/9/-01
    Sex – Female

    It’s summer now and I seriously think this would be awesome for me. I just finished middle school and I am scared of death before high school starts. I love acting and I think I was born for this c:

  53. Paige o'prandy

    Hello, my name is Paige and I am 12 years old and would love to be on this show. For so many years I prayed that I could be on a popular show and get to be a influence for children my same age. I have brown hair and brown eyes as any type girl would have who lives in NJ. I hope that I can audition, even if I don’t make it! Thanks for all the support!
    -Paige Oprandy

  54. jayla

    Hi im Jayla I’m a very mature 11 yearold I’m wild when I wanna be and when I have to be my family tell me that i look about 15 and I’m a female and I love to act selena quintanilla really inspired me and acting on nick would really be a big impact on my life I’m African American I’m 5’4 and I’m really greatful Please email me soon ill send a video of my life and I understand that other people really want this as much as I do but even if I get a really big Or short part ill Love It cause thatts just how greatful I am. I’m a big Fan love you nickelodeon any more questions You know my email

  55. Mikaela Sims

    I am also from Mississippi and currently lives in Virginia.

  56. Mikaela Sims

    Hello! My name is Mikaela and I would LOVE to be on the new Nick show, 100 Things To Do Before Highschool! I know the show has already started, but I love Nickelodeon, and I’ll do anything to be an actor on Nick. I don’t have to be on 100 Things To Do Before Highschool, I would just LOVE to be on Nickelodeon!!! Starring me or at least me and someone else. But enough about what I want. Now it’s time for YOU to know about me.
    Age: 11
    Personality: Courageous, unique, sweet, and I reach for the stars of my dreams!!
    Appearance: my race is black, I have curly hair, brown eyes, brown hair, and I’m pretty tall. I’m 5’4
    So What all I can do now is hope!

  57. Nicole gonzales

    HI my name is Nicole and I love acting I am kind, loveable and never give up I can dance,sing,act,teakwondo and soccer I would love it if I could audition for a role in 100 things to do before high school AGE 12 HAIR COLOR BROWN EYE COLOR brown ETHNICITY hispanic HEIGHT 5”3 WEIGHT 59.40 KG

  58. Aaron

    Hey I’m Aaron and I love the show 100 Things To Do Before High School. This show inspired me to want to be an actor. I would love to be on the show 100 things to do before high school and to meat the cast and crew. And I’ve wanted to be on a Nickelodeon show. I watch Nickelodeon all the time and every show is super funny. And trying to do try outs for the show. Thank you Nickelodeon 🙂

  59. mosa

    Hello my name is Mosa and I am 15 years old I have been acting for 5 years and i have a lot of videos on you-tube and i have 5 diploma in my movies I act as funny and series but the most is funny and i chose this movie because i love this movie and i watch this movie everyday and i hope you pick me up thx.
    My facebook= Mosa Abudamous
    My number= (510)757-5663
    My email= mosaabudamous14@gmail.com

  60. mosa

    Hello my name Is Mousa I am 15 years old . The reason why i want to be on this show Is because I have been acting for 5 years and I have a lot of movies on you-tube, and the things that I always do in my movies is funny and serious but the most parts I make is funny. and I always watch this movie everyday and I chose to be with this movie is because I love it and I hope you pick me up. I live in Oakland and i will be 11 grade and I have 4 diploma of best acting.

    My email= Mosaabudmous14@gmail.com
    My number= (510)757-5663
    My Facebook= Mosa abudamous

  61. mosa

    Hello my name Is Mousa I am 15 years old . The reason why i want to be on this show Is because I have been acting for 5 years and I have a lot of movies on you-tube, and the things that I always do in my movies is funny and serious but the most parts I make is funny. and I always watch this movie everyday and I chose to be with this movie is because I love it and I hope you pick me up. I live in Oakland and i will be 11 grade and I have 4 diploma of best acting.

    My email= Mosaabudmous14@gmail.com
    My number= (510)757-5663
    My Facebook= Mosaabudamous

  62. mosa

    Hello my name Is Mousa I am 15 years old . The reason why i want to be on this show Is because I have been acting for 5 years and I have a lot of movies on you-tube, and the things that I always do in my movies is funny and serious but the most parts I make is funny. and I always watch this movie everyday and I chose to be with this movie is because I love it and I hope you pick me up. I live in Oakland and i will be 11 grade and I have 4 diploma of best acting.

    My Facebook= Mosa Abudamous
    My number= (510)757-5663
    My email= Mosaabudmous14@gmail.com

  63. mosa

    hello my name is mousa i am 15 years old . the reason why i want to be on this show is because i have been acting for 5 years and i have a lot of movies on youtube, and the things that i always do in my movies is funny and serious but the most parts i make is funny. and i always watch this movie everyday and i chose to be with this movie is because i love it and i hope you pick me up
    my facebook= mosa abudamous

  64. Katie Kim

    Name: Katie Kim
    Age: 15
    Ethnicity: Asian (Korean)
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’2″

    Hi! My name is Katie. I truly think that I could be a good character on this show. I am a fast and very hard worker. However, being honest, I don’t have much experience but that does not stop me whatsoever. I love acting and have always had a great interest for it. My email is katiekim159@gmail.com for more information. Thank you and I hope I will be hearing from you very soon.

  65. Amy Liu

    Hey! I’m Amy.
    I am thirteen and My birthday is January 31st, 2002. I have watched the show and I can totally relate to it! I am around 5″3′, I speak English and Chinese, and I live in the bay area. I love to act, and my friends always say I am very funny. I feel like I am perfect for this role because I am going to be an eight grader, and I can totally relate to this TV show! Good luck to everyone!
    Thank you

  66. Jasmine Jean-Baptiste

    Live in Tampa Fl
    Race: African American
    Age: 15
    Birthday: June,4
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 112
    Hair color: brown
    Hair length: neck wise
    Eye color: Brown
    Extra Features: Glasses
    Talents: Dancing, Singing, Acting, And can play the piano a little
    I’m going to be a sophomore in high school 2015-2016
    I’m very athletic and love to play sports
    – Thanks And Have A Nice Day 🙂

  67. Morgan Trojan

    Hi my name is Morgan. I love to act and sing. I was bullied throughout the years and when i acted it made everything feel better. so here’s my info.

    Name: Morgan Trojan
    Age: 14
    Birthday: December 21, 2000
    Born: Texas

  68. dniylah

    I love this

  69. Rasean Knight

    Hello,My Name Is Rasean. I Am From The Caribbean Island Of Barbados. I Want To Act As Well As Animate. I An Amateur Animator And I Am Very Composed In-Front of The Camera. I Also Started A Vine Channel So People Can See My Content vine.co/u/1214494895952531456 Check It Out!
    I Can Draw and I Am Known To Have A Very Very Big Imagination And Being Creative. Also I Never Give Up.
    My Information :

    Name:Rasean Knight
    Age : 15 years old
    Location: Barbados
    Hair Color : Black
    Eye Color : Dark Brown
    Height: 6’0 +
    Race: African American

  70. Erykah Hunter

    Hi my name is Erykah, although this will be my first year of high school, I can relate to the character. High school will be new to me and its a bit scary. Im a very easy going person, friendly, and outgoing! I think that a role in this show will be good for me, and will allow me the chance to meet new people and learn what others go through. Hope to here from you soon

  71. KenNyshia Webb

    I’m currently in middle school and is nervous about my years in high school. I have a very out going personniality! I love meeting new people and learning new things. I’m told that high school is the best years of your life, I think this will be a great opportunity for me!

  72. christopher murrell

    hi! my name is chris and i’m 12 yrs old. the reason why i want to be on this show is because i’m talented with acting i have much confidence i’d excellent for the show i look up to actors such as yourselves i am very funny some say i’m silly. i get along with everyone i make friends easly i get very excited if i get on the show i’m just like the rest of the people want be a actor well i’m not like the rest i’ll work hard i’ll practice everyday and i hope you pick me can’t wait to see you guys. I’m going to the 7 grade and turning 13 in november my email is Christophermurrell09@gmail.com see you later

  73. Gabriel diaz

    Hope get pick

  74. Jenni

    Hi! I’m Jenni but because of a weird and fun inside joke me and my friends made in called rowan sometimes!
    I’m a 11 year female actress.
    I was born on January 1 , 2014.
    I am about over 5 feet
    I am from Costa Rica but I live in Florida near Miami.
    I speak Spanish and English
    I love to act and I’ve done videos for my school on the school news and very natural in front of cameras. Some people say I’m even photogenic? I have a had a dream for a very long time. I want to become an actress and a singer. My yearbook is always filled with notes of how creative and funny I am. I love to make friends.
    I don’t have freckles