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  1. Heather Crawford

    I love the show. I’m in love with Damon! Just kidding, I would be shocked to even be considered.

  2. Shylah

    Hi my name is Shylah Les’ret Smith, I am from St. Louis Missouri but I have grown up most of my life in Baton Rouge Louisiana. I am 13 years old. I am not sure if I am to young to be on the vampire diaries but I have been in theater for a while and I have been watching each and every season of this show building my character from the amazing actors I see. I love the Vampire Diaries and everyone who is a part of it. I am inspired by all the people and producers. If I could I would love to be on this show.

  3. Jana

    I would love to be in this show!!!!! I’m 11 years old and this show is my favorite show in history. Sometimes I even want to become a vampire! It would be a dream come true to be on this show!

  4. Michelle Leslie

    I’d love to be apart of the Vampire Diaries.
    I have extra/background experience.
    I’ve also been on reality t.v.
    I have open availability.
    I love the show.

  5. harmony Michell

    My name is harmony Michell,I am 16 years of age,and I live in Austin Texas.
    I am so deeply in love with vampire diaries,I can not even exsplain.becouse of vampire diaries,I have been a vampire for holloween each and every single year.but there’s no such bit of shame.
    One reason why I love the vampire diaries is becouse each and every scene,creates an image of my fantasy world.I mean every time I am watching…it just fills like I am watching a fantasy that I dreamed of…on TV.most people think I am crazy for thinking things like that…but again,there is no bit of shame.I’ve always dreamed of what it would fill like to be in my fantasy (vampire diaries) and I know that one day I will.


    Weight: 120 lbs
    Height: 5-4
    Race:African American
    Hair color: brown

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