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  1. Alias: Melody and Alexis

    Hello, we are very interested in any open opportunities for Vampire Diaries. Melody, 15, is 5’4 with shoulder length brown hair and dark brown eyes. She is African American with skin comparable to caramel. Alexis, 16, is 5’4 with long brown hair, porcelain skin and chestnut brown eyes. We pride ourselves with being organized and committed to our work. We would appreciate any possible chances you have to offer, in order to broaden our credibility as actresses. Thank you for your time, God bless! :)

  2. aldana mesiasp

    I am 15 years old & I am 5’8 I Am Obsessed with the vampire diaries! This would be an honor i will work so hard for this and do whatever it takes to succed for this show! I have a passion for acting I saw the casting calls and audition for the charecters (nina,Paul,Ian) & That inspired me to be who I am and try to go for acting especially on the vampire diaries I can be Elana’s long lost sister!

  3. Taylor Hilkey

    Hello, my name is Taylor and I have always loved the vampire diaries ever since it first came on TV. I am currently sixteen years old, I am very good with acting and I take it very seriously. I think that I would be very well to work with and I normally get along with people. I also have long brown/reddish hair my weight is average maybe about 125 and I am 5’7 with a very nice and polite personality. I think that I would do very well with acting and it’s always been my dream to act ever since I was younger and I honestly don’t think that I would disappoint you guys at all and I will be looking forward to hearing from you (:

  4. Taiz estrada

    Name: Taiz Estrada
    Gender: female
    Age: 13 but I look young
    Race: Mexican American
    I am a supernatural believer I may be young but I believe everything from the secrets of the earth all around us mystic awesome creature I am a weird child with a big imagination I love the vampire diaries I watched the first episode when it came out so am a big fan and i notice that the vampire diaries never had a Mexican American person pop out and I wish to be the first I live in Chicago,IL I have many hobbies especially drawing

  5. anthony rogers

    Alright so like I said in the comments for the Originals, I’ve seen every episode so far on Netflix of vampire diaries now I’m onto the Originals but anyway, I’m such a devoted fan I love acting and even if you need to use me for free I’d do it. Oh by the way I’m 20 years old Italian and black mix 5″11 185 very handsome haha please shoot me an email at <hidden from public> I look forward to hearing from you

  6. Aryanna Gharanfoli

    Aryanna Gharanfoli. 17 year old, caucasian female with dark brown hair. 5’3. In my school I have been a part of lead roles to various different productions. I simply give my all in everything I do. I’ve been a fan of vampire diaries since the day it came out. It would be an honor and privilege to be a part of this grande opportunity.

  7. Samantha Canon

    Age: 21
    Race: caucasian
    Hair color: dark brown
    Height: 5’6

    I would LOVE to be a part of this show, I have been watching since the day it started every Thursday! I love the whole story line and every character plays a great role that matches their personality and it would be a dream come true to work with them.
    Thanks for your consideration!

  8. Baljeet Singh

    hey. I am baljeet. I love vampire diaries its one of my favorite show and I would love to a part of it. my religion is Sikhism and I am student at engineer. info 5.3 height, 19 year old, colour of eye black and I live in India.

  9. Melissa Stevenson

    Hello casting!! my name is Melissa Stevenson. I am a 5’4 female. Brown hair brown eyes. I look like I could be a double for Elena and possible siblings of the salvator brothers. I am a huge fan and would be honored to be apart of the show.

    Thank You for your time and consideration,

  10. Rehanna

    My names rehanna

    Hair: ginger
    Eyes: hazel
    Age :15

    I would love to be apart of the vampire diaries because it’s amazing also I have been dreaming of acting since I was like 9 and to be acting besides Nina, Ian and Paul would be a privlage , I would love to be able to be given a chance but I know because of my age it would be difficult but I would try to the best of my abilities to do the best for you

    Love rehanna

  11. Charm Yizeh

    Since I was young, I have always been imagining that there are cameras and sets around me. I think it is time to make it come true. And I love how the vampires, move fast, it fascinates me. I wish that I could play a part in the show.

  12. Charm Yizeh Lising

    My name is Charm. :D I want to become vampire so badly. And if I can’t become a vampire in real-life…. could you just please cast me? Seriously…………. waiting. I will charm y’all.

  13. Holly Smart

    The question why I think I should be considered. I’m going to give it to you straight, I have no acting experience whatsoever but then again how many actors started out the same way? What I’m doing is probably a one in a million chance to even be recognized in group of people who are more qualified than I. I feel like I’m making effort to move towards something even if it’s just by leaving a silly comment. For all I know this could be fake and nothing will happen but for all I know it could be real and by leaving a silly comment could start something new for me. Why I should be considered isn’t actually up to me, it’s up to you. Considering me because I’m a girl taking a one in a million chance, trying something new even if I don’t know if its real or not could be why I think I should be considered. Thank you for your time! And I hope this wasn’t an absolutely ridiculous response!

  14. Kathy B.

    I’m Kathy and Vampire Diaries is MY OBSESSION! I’ve had a little acting experience in the past and i’m a bit rusty but wouldn’t take me long to catch up. I have so many great ideas for the show to keep it going and sarcasm is a second language to me. Hahaha! I would LOVE to be apart of the show and to be considered would be a DREAM COME TRUE! I have that outgoing, silly, fun personality but can be serious if need be. If given the chance I’ll show you I can be a great addition and I don’t give up. I keep working at things till I get it right but give me the chance to show you :)

  15. Andy

    Hello my name is Andy I am 5’7 and have greenish/brownish/blue eyes and I am 17 years old. I would love to be on vampire diaries because acting has been a dream of mine and I believe that with grit dedication and relentlessnes you can do anything, which is why I’m applying.

  16. Angela

    Sex: Female
    Height- 5’7 (last time i was measured may be 5’8 now)
    Ages- 17 (almost 18)
    Hair- black/brown
    Eyes- brown
    Skin: caramel
    African American, Italian & a lot more
    I would love to work with the stars of this show its so amazing how everything comes together. I love the show and the characters as well as the story lines. I’ve watched vampire diaries since it started. I love watching the action and would really love to be part of it all so if you would, please consider me for for a part on your show.

    Thank you for your consideration

  17. Raven Chapman

    When I was a little lady, I always enjoyed becoming some one else. It brought the quote “walk a mile in my shoes” to life for me. And I’m a entire contradiction. My close friends and family calls me a scary cat because I can’t watch a scary movie, but the supernatural movies and shows draws me in every time. And I tell myself “Rae you’re going play a vampire on one of the shows” I want to enjoy the money I plan to make. Who doesn’t love enjoyable fortunes. This is something I’ll do for free if the opportunity presents itself.

  18. Cassandra Adelvard

    Hello, my name is Cassandra Adelvard. I am 16 years old, almost 17, and I am from Bowmanville Ontario. I don’t have much experience in acting, I used to do modeling a few years back though. Im not completely caught up watching the show, but that can be changed quickly! I am up for any challenge and do as im told on the spot with no problems. I know I would be amazing for this show.

  19. Amanda Covington

    My name is Amanda, Many call me Mandie. I’m 27 years old, mother of two, but my life doesn’t slow me down. My family makes me strive harder to achieve the things in life I want. I personally know I would be an amazing addition to your show. Many of my friends have told me the same. I could picture myself coming into the picture as an old friend of one of the students or vampires. Eaither already being a vampire, trying to pursue A love interest. Or being newly turned and the drama associated with that.
    This show in particular interest me because I can picture myself being able to become one with my character instead of it being forced. It’s like when you want a new pet, there’s all these cute kittens and puppies but you also have your full grown cat’s and dogs…… however will you choose? While we may believe we choose our pet, they actually put their best paw forward and they choose us.
    I believe this show choose me. I’m not a little kid who goes bananas over the stars of the show. I’m the woman who cannot wait to add more drama, suspense, romance, and action to your series!!!!

  20. Nadar Chaves Dos santos

    My am an 18 year old looking to get a chance anywhere I can Find it I have written constantly for opportunities for different things I should be a part of this show because it truly could turn my life entirely around I am canadian I live in Toronto currently in university but my dream is to be an actor I am 6feet 181 lbs and I don’t see my life any other way than being a successful actor. I will make my life count and I will be known, I just need the chance. Thank you.

  21. Alyssa Vitkauskas

    Hello, my name is Alyssa Vitkauskas.
    I am 14 years of age, also a 9th grader at the Greater Nanticoke Area Highschool in Pennsylvania. I have never had any type of professional acting roles but I have been in 2 plays held at my school when I was in the drama club in 6th grade. I know that is a very long time but j never quite considered acting at that moment. I thought at that time that I would be fun to get together with a bunch of friends and have fun. I know that there is a very slight chance of me getting a shot at showing you what I can actually do, but I believe that everyone deserves a chance at things in life that they believe they can do. I may be young but I can do a lot of things. I know there is any other girls and boys that you can choose from but maybe if you do look at this that you will consider having me show you what I an capitable of. I’ve been bullied as I was growing up so I thought maybe if I get a chance to show you what I can do and I make it to the point where I am actually on a real television show, that they will see that even though they’ve hurt me, broken me, called me names, etc. that I am still strong and nothing can break a strong person as long as they believe that they are in it for the all and have a fighting chance to go out and get what they are searching for. Well, I hope that you give me a chance to prove my self towards you.
    Thank you.
    Sincerely, Alyssa Vitkauskas.

    Nanticoke, Pennsylvania

  22. dakota

    My dame is dakota husser I’m 18 and I’m a great actor… simple and that’s that

  23. Kimani Garrett

    Hello my name is kimani garrett i am
    african american
    i live in jacksonville fl
    newly represented by Manikin Model and Talent Agency
    this is one of my favorite shows on tv. It would be great if i was chosen to be on it.

  24. Stephen Bernasconi

    Stephen Bernasconi (6’1″ Caucasian, 22 yrs old, brown hair & eyes, slim to athletic figure)
    Atlanta, GA
    Hello! I’m 22 years old and have been an aspiring actor since I was 8. I have never worked in television; however, I believe I can become quite an asset to The Vampire Diaries due to my youth, ability to learn/adjust quickly, bold features, natural comfortabity around cameras and large groups of people, hard work ethic, strong commitment, professional attitude, of course acting skills of a WIDE range of acting & styles, comedic relief, and ability to change the way I look. With no beard I look 18, with a short beard I look 22-25, and with a month or two I look 34. I’m willing to preform any duty and play any part or any character you throw at me. I’ll ask all the questions I need to, and from there you just tell me what you need out of me. I live in Atlanta where filming takes place, so I’ll always be on time & ready. I understand this is probably extras work, but I may just be what the producers/directors/story writers are looking for for a new character. I’m not trying to just “be on tv” or “meet celebrities”. I’m on the path of establishing a professional acting career, therefore I’m serious about this work. I don’t get start-struck. I have expirenice in comedy, classics, drama, and thrillers. I have a friend who did extra work for TVD, so I’ve heard the jist of how it goes. I’m aiming high, but will take extras work for now, or this season. I have extras work in Dumb & Dumber To. I have done stand-up comedy for a few years, so I’d say I’m very comfortable and natural performing (even if there is no “audience”). I’m strong willed. I can do a lot with my voice. Many many accents, tones (deep masculine to believeable feminine), and no one ever says they can’t hear me. I can project my voice very well to be heard without sounding like I’m screaming or yelling. I also know to speak softly. Pretty much, my voice reflects my character’s personality and I take pride in being able to do that spot on. I’m American with Italian heritage, but not Jersey Shore guido italian. North Italian so I look like a normal white guy, but I can tan VERY well. I could even be pale if you need. Natural Pale.
    In conclusion, I’m an aspiring actor (stand-up comedian) with experience, I can become any character you can imagine, I’m an interchangeable player (make me look like anything), strong/hard/determined/professional worker, serious about my work (and class clown on the down time), youthful (but that appearance can be altered), I live where you film (I have a place in Mableton, Atlanta, Stockbridge, and Newnan, but my residence is the Stockbridge one) and can drive to which ever town you’re filming in, and I know I’m an asset to TVD crew, but you have to let me prove it!!
    Best Regards,
    Stephen Bernasconi

  25. Meda

    My name is Meda and I’m from India..
    I don’t know if I’d get to be a part of the Vampire Diaries but I’d love to if I do. I’ve done acting before and it’d be an honour to get into one of America’s favourite shows, basically The Vampire Diaries changed many things about me. I don’t have much to say but I would really love to be a part of it.

  26. Amaya Shepherd

    Hi my name is Amaya Shepherd and I am 11 years of age. I have never done professional acting but I am not shy because I am a dancer and many people have requested me to be on Disney. And I know that most of the people in the show are teens and this may be a little odd but I know I can do this. I can so please consider me for the show.

  27. Amaya Shepherd

    I love this show and the drama also you’re pick in caters because they all seem to love there parts because they can understand them and have fun with them. Also I sent some ideas and I can feel for each one of the characters. And It would be a honer to work with you all.

  28. ellie

    Hello my name is Ellie and I’m just obsessed with that show. I just love it and i though to look for some casting calls. I found this page and i got so excited! That’s my dream to play in the movie especially The Vampire Diaries! My favorite show. I live in the U.S only for 5 years…so i do have an accent but i hope that won’t be a problem. I hope i will hear form you guys soon :)

  29. Eve Steel

    hey, my name is Eve Steel and I love the vampire diaries. It is my favorite show and I would to a part of it. I haven’t had to much experience in acting but would love to see what I can do. I’ve seen every episode of the vampire diaries so far and think it is well put together. I love the plot it has and all the cast. I would love to a part of it.

  30. Peta Jade Fisher

    Hi there guys! My name is Peta Jade and I have recently been surfing the net for some auditions for movies, tv series, extras etc. Funnily enough I found this page stating that there is casting calls for Vampire Diaries, and even funnier enough I am quarter of the way through the the series of this exact show. Now I have become abit obsessive towards this show and I go about my day normally and happily but with one small issue. I’m constantly drawn between rushing home as quickly as possible to watch it or enjoying my day and having a quiet night with a few episodes. Unfortunately I have found myself bed ridden watching VD, and I cannot get enough!
    Now, I have had acting experience, not on television but dramatic arts. I have been acting in Drama at school for the last 6 years and have copies of two plays that I have partaken in, if you’d be interested in viewing these for more of an idea of my style of acting. I am hoping in the future to find a successful career in the film industry as being on camera and providing what I would call a gift, would be a dream come true. I have plans to go to University and pursue a career in this area of work. I play myself to be a multi-personality person and can ship shape myself into any character chosen for me. I have the ability to break down the biggest of challenges to succeed in creating a masterpiece. I believe I would make an incredible cast member to your show and would be more than honoured to audition and give you a taste of what I can provide.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Always, Peta Jade :-)

  31. Henry Appiah

    Amazing,just cant find any other to be compared to.its really my style of movie and type.cant wait to show show u what i have got to offer to the diaries.

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