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  1. Olivia Juliette Vassiliades

    Hi, I’m Olivia I’m only 13 but I was mistaken for a 18 year old once anyways I’m 5’3 and have blonde wavy hair with blue/green eyes. I’m 110 lbs. I would kill to be on TVD I’ve never missed an episode you could ask me anything and I would know I’ve seen and watched all the backstage footage I could and i would just do anything to be a vampire or a WITCH in would love to be a supernatural character. I’ve had lots of experience with acting. Im outgoing, happy, and loving although Damon and Elena are together I will forever be team Stelena even when Nina leaves

  2. Beth Camps

    hi, I’m Beth and I am a 15 year old female (16 this October). I am 5’6 and have brown hair, originally blonde. I live in the north of England (UK). I love the way this TV show has been scripted and presented and I am also interested in any other jobs that are similar to this.

  3. ula dobrišek

    my name is Ula Dobrišek. I’m from Slovenia. I’m 14 years old. I have blond hair, green eyes and pale skin. I’m 5’5 and 110lbs. I love TVD but not just TVD all of the supernatural movies and TV shows. Besides that I also love acting. I’ve been in some school plays but not in like real acting jobs. This is once in a lifetime chance that could bring me closer to my dream.

  4. Molly Faucett

    Hey TVD team,

    My name is Molly Faucett and I live in Queensland, Australia. I am interested in joining your team. I love the way TVD is scripted and presented. It intrests me. I am 17 years of age 18 in May this year, Black hair (dyed), 5’6″ in height and blue eyes. I hope to be considered for this part and any upcoming!

    Thank you!

  5. collin muhirwa

    Hello my name is Collin Muhirwa Derek Atuhirwe. I am a 17 year old black male from Nova Scotia, Canada who would be greatly humbled if given the chance to be apart of this amazing show and apart of its amazing cast and crew.

  6. Jizelle Rae

    my name is jizelle I’m 20 and in college. I’m also a cheerleader. I sing, and I dance and have received call backs for a few small local advertisements before. Taxas gal, long brown hair and dark brown eyes. Average features with a killer personality … or so I’ve been told. At least I can cry on the spot if I ever have to.

  7. Lucy Parratt

    Hi, my name is Lucy, i am 14 years old and live in England. I have always had an interest in acting and drama, although i have had no real experience. I love The Vampire Diaries season and have watched all the current episodes and am planning to watch the upcoming episodes and seasons and it would be great to be a small or large part of the show. I have also read 2 of the books.

    I weigh around 105 lbs and am just under 5ft 4. I have an unsual brown/blone hair colour and green/blue eyes. I am quite pale and have a few freckles running across my nose and cheeks. I will also be turning 15 on the 23rd October.

    Thank you.

  8. Laura Engemann

    From Germany
    age: 24
    height: 170cm
    weight: 130 lbs
    hair: blonde
    eye color: brown
    athletic healthy tatue

    Addict for movies and tv-shows. LOVE TVD. Fluent german, dutch and english. I’d love to experience the hard work and effort to create great entertainment. Former flight attendant, now student in english and geography. Open minded, easy going and friendly person. Strong willed and workaholic.
    I really hope for consideration.


  9. Vanessa Haustein

    Age: 16
    Height: 5″9
    Hair Color: dark brown /long
    Eye Color: blue/grey
    Weight: 136lb
    Ethnicity: white

    Hello TVD-Team !
    My name is Vanessa and I’m from Germany.
    The reason for my comment is ,that I always wanted to be an actor and I think TVD is the best show for me ,because I watch it since the first Season and always when I watch an episode I have to watch an other one and so on , I can’t stop watching ! I’m feeling with every Character but especially with ” Damon ” , “Elena” and “Stefan”.
    I love the emotional and action scenes and want to act with all the others in this show ,it would be the most amazing thing in the world for me ,the best present also to meet my favorite actors Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev ,they’re so amazing . Now if you think “oh from Germany that’s difficult with the language”never fear I’m very good in English ,especially in speaking English ,there would be no problem for me and I’m also very good at learning ,maybe good for feeling inside the Characters and for learning the texts . Please give me a chance to come to a cast for showing my actor skills , you will not regret !

    Greetings from Germany , Vanessa

  10. Christine Harris

    Age: 20
    Height: 5′ 2″
    Weight: 108 lbs
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: red/brown
    Ethnicity: white

    I have a little acting experience from school and theater company. I never miss an episode of VD. I’m currently in school for law, but I love acting. I’m from Brantford, ON.

  11. Tyler

    Hey, I’m Tyler Bolar. I would love to be one of “The Vampire Diaries” cast member. I love the show, and I would love to come in as one of Bonnie’s cousins. A powerful Witch, but I’ll take whatever y’all give me.

  12. Hannah

    Hello hi I’m Hannah Elmore I am interested in being in your TV show the vampire Diaries. I’ve been watching the vampire diaries since the beginning. I’m obsessed with it! The vampire diaries have so much action and drama and that’s how I come in. I think I could definitely be in this action filled tv show. Im not that experienced but I do have some. I’m a quick learner im in good shape and I play lots of sports.when I was little my aunt wanted me to take me to auditions. I never got to! I’m ready to pursue my dream.I have a sense of style and I love vampires and werewolves and stuff like that. I’m 12 years old and I’m willing to do what it takes I can pass as a 14-year-old I have brown hair brown eyes. It would be amazing if you consider me for the vampire diaries. Thank you!

  13. Emilie Hutchinson

    Hi my name is Emilie Hutchinson and I am currently 16 years old.

    I understand that you have received a lot of these comments and probably don’t have the time to read them all, but I will test my luck anyway (which isn’t very lucky).

    I have a passion for acting because it enables me to step into another persons skin and walk around in it (mind my quote from ‘To kill a mockingbird”). For as long as I can remember, I have yearned for something more, something different and exciting. I feel that acting is the best way to express myself and my passions.

    I live in a small town in Victoria, Australia, but I have always wanted to travel and see what the world has to offer, but more importantly, show the world what I have to offer. I not only want to make an impact, I want to make a difference. Even if it’s a small difference, like inspiring someone to chase after their dreams, regardless of whether they seem unattainable or nearly possible.

    So far, I have wanted to be an archaeologist, mythologist, a travel blogger, a singer, an explorer (or more specifically, Indiana Jones as a women), and most significantly, an actor. But I never believed that I could achieve any of that as I’m a country girl from a small seaside town. In all likelihood, I’ll settle on being a physiotherapist because I’m good at anatomy and physiology. Honestly, I don’t want to settle on a life that I might enjoy, with endless routines and schedules. I am officially deciding to believe that I can do the impossible, beat the odds and be what and who I want to be. I just need to convince you to take a leap of faith and trust in my convictions.

    My name is Emilie Hutchinson and I believe that I would be a good member of the teen wolf cast.

    I have long dark brown hair that gradually turns caramel brown and Indigo coloured eyes (light blue with grey). I am slim and tall(ish) with a fair complexion. Unfortunately, this fair skin of mine is accompanied by a few freckles, not many on my face but a lot on my arms.

    I feel that I would have a strong connection with the character Liam Dunbar.
    I also look a little like Alison Argent (if she had freckles).
    (Hope this helps)

    Please contact me if you are interested in exercising a small town girls dream. If you do contact me, I will send a picture, my height and any other information you need. Please, take that leap of faith with me.

    Thank you for your time and attention.

  14. Kyrie McCarthy

    Hi there! My names Kyrie, pronounced like Carrie. I’m a 21 year old stay at home mom as of right now. I watch The Vampire Diaries all the time, and feel like being on the show could really help my self esteem. Becoming an actress is my dream and it would help my family and I financial. Being placed in this show as just an extra who has a few lines would help me greatly. I’m about 5’7 with brown hair and brown eyes, I’m white and I live in Maine.

  15. Anthony Nelson

    Age: 23
    Height: 6″0
    Hair color: light brown
    Eye color: blue
    Weight: 171 lbs
    Ethnicity: caucasian
    Location: Narrows, VA (but can travel to GA at any time for any amount of time)

    I’m an aspiring actor who would LOVE to be a part of the show in any kind of way!

  16. Caelyn Kelly

    I forgot to add to my comment that I live in Atlanta, so I will repost it

    My name is Caelyn Kelly and I am twelve. I have blue eyes, an olive skintone, dirty blonde hair, and my height is 5”2, and I live in Atlanta. I have been an aspiring actress, although I don’t have any real experience, I can assure you that I am hard-working and devoted to whatever I set my mind to. I have applied for acting lessons at the alliance theater and have practiced multiple scripts from movies such as “if I stay” by gayle forman, “Harry Potter” By JK Rowling, and ” Twilight” by Stefanie Meyer. The Vampire Diaries, is utterly beautiful and heartwarming throughout the ups and downs in the love triangle between Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), Stefan Salvator (Paul Wesley), and Damon Salvator (Ian Somerhalder). I am amazed by the emotion that the actors bring up onto the screen. I feel like I can relate to them and be there with them. For example, when Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), lost Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. Mqueen), her brother, Elena’s world came crashing down on her and she couldn’t stand it. I would absolutely love if you would give me a chance. I am not trying to “be famous,” I want to launch my acting career to a really great start. I can also work as an extra, the scene I believe is at a hospital which is great because both of my parents are doctors so I can relate to the seriousness everything is. I want to be in the Vampire Diaries because I love the series and I am drawn to the emotion of it all. Although, I do understand that I might not be accepted because of the numerous amount of actors and actresses that want to land a role in this amazing film. Thank you.

  17. Elias Fuentes

    Elias Angel Fuentes
    Im 22
    gender: Male
    hometown: Rockport, Texas
    medium skin tone
    Black Hair / semi curly
    Can Grow Facial hair. Shave Anyway You Would Like
    Dark Brown Eyes
    Good Straight Teeth
    in shape ( but could work out more)
    Please Contact Me By Email Or By Phone <hidden from public> 

  18. Frances Melendez

    Name: Frances Melendez
    Age :20
    Brown hair brown eyes,
    Puerto Rican
    have great hair (: a picture of me

  19. Jeanette E. Ocasio

    Full Name: Jeanette E. Ocasio Marrero
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20 years old
    DOB: August 16 1994
    Height: 5″2
    Weight: 250lbs
    Eyes: (hazel) I have 3 layers they are green, brown and around the pupils is yellow
    Hair: medium length/medium golden brown
    Skin: slightly tanned because of the sun
    Country: Puerto Rico
    Languages: Spanish and English

    Hello as you now know me …well the information above. Anyway I’m not a experienced actor nor have I ever acted in a play or anything. So yeah I may not have experience but I do know that I’m a fast leaner and have a good memory. Some people from where I come from tells me that I should be an actor because I have the capacity and abbility to be one. I may not have the body, but I sure do have a strong heart to follow what I believe in. If there is a part for me in this show, an extra,villain, sister or whatever I will give you my word that you will never regret it. It would be the only greatest thing that’s ever happen to my life.


  20. Shauna Franklin

    Age: 13 (14 in April)
    Height: I have no idea. Last time I checked I was around roughly 5″2
    Hair: To me It is blonde. More like strawberry blonde, It is sorta brown too. Its hard to get down on paper, but its nothing extraordinary. Its straight, with the odd “Slightly wavy” Day. .-.
    Eyes: Grey-ee, green-ee and a little blue. Depends who you ask.
    Weight: This is awkward…Once again, no idea. Never bothered to check. I’m not too skinny, Nor overweight. Though not as skinny as your average actor.
    Ethnicity: My, that’s a fancy word. White ^_^
    Location: Ireland, land of the drunken leprechauns. Perhaps a vampire or two :’)
    Medical issues: None, Unless you count scoliosis. In which case yes, Scoliosis. Though thats more of an imperfection than a medical issue, and we all have to learn to live with those pesky imperfections.
    Favorite main character: By far, Damon. Sorry Stefan :3 But I was a massive fan of “Lost”. I guess I just met Damon first. He may be sorta a dick, but he’s a lovable dick.
    Dream role: Probably a bada Little sister, or maybe like a long lost relative of Damon, surely he “Played around” before Katherine came around? Or perhaps a girl born with a curse, to stop aging at 18 and to then have to urge to consume blood and grow fangs at the smell of the red liquid and only to die with a stage driven through her heart.

    Wow. That’s enough sugar one night, my imagination is getting a little ahead of itself. Better put that thing on a leash :L

    A lot of people have been adding bits in just about here, so I guess I should just fill the gap a little. I’m 13-going-on-14 Irish, blonde, Pale, and just going into 2nd year. (As far as my google research goes, I think that is eight grade in the US. Though My American “School System” knowledge is a bit rusty.) I have a massive obsession with the vampire diaries, I love how the TV show is turning out and how well it has shaped. It has really been made one of a kind, and loving “The originals” so far too ^_^ I was born and raised in Ireland, so I’ve got the accent n’all. So if that’s not what you’re looking for, I’m not quiet sure if I could pretend to have another accent successfully. To be honest, even having just a glimpse of me on the show would be amazing and would sort the accent problem :D Though, obviously, like the other hundreds of auditions I would love a speaking role. I also understand that distance wise is not exactly ideal but I’m always just a video call away, if you want proof that I’m actually human and not an evil Toaster trying to take over the world. I know, being so young, that education may be an issue, but there are many things nowadays to get around that. I could study the Irish curriculum online or even be able to go to a nearby school in the US for the time that I would be acting, but I’m afraid I cannot let TVD but my education on hold. (Gosh, I sound like a right old boring geezer) ^_^ Wow, well, I think I’ve blabbed on enough, filled up a big enough (If not too big, but hopefully mocho enough)gap, I’m only an email away if you wish to consider this evil toaster- I mean nice Human, a role. If you do, I’m a great fan of Irish breakfast rolls. (Get it? Role, Roll? No?…Okay >_>) Thanks for reading this far down! Hope you take this all into consideration :) I’ve tried to think of every information you might need. Anything, once again, I’m just an email away.

  21. Maggie Rice

    Age: 13 turning 14 in July
    Height: 5’2″ ish
    Hair: dirty blonde/ light brown
    Eyes: blue/ green
    Weight: 114 lbs
    State: South Carolina

    I’m a huge fan of TVD and love everything about the show. Being an actress has always been a dream of mine but I have never had the oppurtunity to pursue that dream. I would love to be someone’s little sister or even an extra. I hope you consider me.

  22. Juleah

    Hi I’m Juleah(pronounced Julia) The Vampire Diaries has been my favourite show from the very beginning. It would be amazing if I could be a part of a show that I watch non stop. My dream job is to be an actor and I take acting classes.

    Age: 14
    Location: Perth, Australia (there is also talent down here and it is amazing that the vampire diaries have australian actors in it)
    Height: 5’1
    Hair: brown with blonde highlights
    Eye: green with yellow and blue

  23. Crystal Chase

    Hey there!!
    My name is Crystal Chase! I am a 32 yr old who looks 24-26 lol. I have long brown naturally curly hair I am half black half white (malado) woman! I can sing and act! I can cry in an instant lol I am and have always been a very outgoing person I’m cheerful , always smiling, some call me a breath of fresh air…. I am rarely caught not smiling or in a bad mood! I have been in an acting school for two summers when I was young. My favourite classes were art, drama and music!! Eversincek was 4 I’ve know that I’ve wanted to be a singer/actress. I’m down to earth! I am a huge fan of Vampires diaries!!!! I watch it religiously and I think that this show is amazing written and it would be a huge hi not to be a part of such and amazing production!
    Also am Canadian, and currently reside in Edmonton Alberta!
    Thanks so much for taking the time to read my message and keep up the amazing work
    ~Crystal Chase~

  24. Iveryana winters

    Hi my name is iveryana I’m a 13 year old girl I know vampire diaries is a little two old for me but I think I should play the role of someone’s little sister or just someone I love vampire diaries and I ve been acting for a while I hope to be on the show if you feel the Sam way as me here’s some things you should no about me
    My name iveryana
    My age 13
    My race black but skin color brown
    My state Illinois
    My city Chicago
    My country United states
    My hobbies acting of corse
    My height 5’3
    Thank you hope to you pick me

  25. Tegan Lewis

    So, my name is Tegan Lewis. I am 15 years old. Drama has been an ultimate dream of mine since I was very small, I was always considered to be a “drama queen” although when I think back to that, I think they called me that because I reacted to everything so serious!

    Anyways! I am currently doing Drama GCSE, and I hope I get yo have more opportunities to do something like this! My parents cannot currently afford to put me in Drama School and I understand them completely because they are my parents.

    I hope for respond back soon.

  26. Caroline M

    My name is Caroline.
    I’m from Denmark.
    I’m 19 years old,
    I have long blond hair, and blue eyes.
    I am 165 cm, and my weight is 52kg.

    I’ve been a fan of this show since season 1, and i would very much like to be in the show.

  27. Stefany Rizova

    Hello!My name is Stefany Rizova and i’m from Bulgaria.I’m 12 years old(almost 13).My birth date is 29.04.2002.I have learnt English for 7 years and i speak it very well.I do sport a lot.I train gymnastics,latino dance,ballet and i swim every single day.I have got blonde hair and blue eyes.I sing too.I own very special quantities.I have got only excellent marks in school.


    I hope to like me

    Your dear Stefany

  28. alysha Williams

    I would love to act with this show

  29. Shailynn Thibeault

    Hi, my name is Shailynn thibeault, I am 16 turning 17 in September. I have kept up with the vampire diaries on tv since it started. I own all the series and would love to have the experience. I am a big fan of TVD and would love to learn more about acting. I am in high school. And am in our performing arts drama group at school. I have been in 2 production and have had a small role. I love acting and singing an would love to work with all te amazing actors that are part of the vampire diaries. Would love to here back from u soon!

  30. Kinnley

    Hi my name is Kinnley and I am 14 years old, 15 in December. I had an interview with a talent agency and they are now representing me and i have absolutely NO experience with acting yet and I know your looking for experience, but I’m comment in anyways because this is my lifelong dream and this show inspires me, and I would love to be part it.
    My height is either 5’1 or 5’2
    I can make myself cry ( just thought you needed to know since this is an emotional show)
    I have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes
    I’m white, but my skin color is very close to Nina dobrev
    I’m in 8th grade and going to 9th
    I may have no experience being on TV but I do have experience with acting if you count being in the school play? Just joking! I act out scenes from the vampire diaries in my room all the time, I write em down and memorize them and then act them
    And I would love to be on the show, even him just an extra! That would be soooo awesome!!


  31. Daniela Hernandez

    Hello my name is Daniela Hernandez!
    I have been wanted to start my acting career for e very long time, and now I have the chance.
    I live in Jackson Hole WY.
    I am Hispanic.
    I have brown hair and eyes.
    I am 13 years old later this year I am turning 14 years old.

  32. Katie Goetz

    Hello, my name is Katie and I’m 14, turning 15 in July.
    -brown hair
    -blue eyes
    -a lover of the Vampire Diaries
    I would be truly honored to be a part of the Vampire Diaries. They are all amazing at what they do and I would love to act with them. I am good at taking direction and I am a very dedicated person. When I put my mind to something I do not stop until I am fully satisfied. No one will have higher standards for myself than me. If you would consider me for any role at all you would not regret it. I can pass for 12 or 16 depending on the amount/ type of make up I am wearing. I am in shape and not against getting down and dirty to get the job done. If there is someone better than me, I’m going to try my hardest to be the better. I look forward to challenging myself. Thank you for reading this!

  33. Miranda Manly

    My name is Miranda. I’m 5’10, 20 years old going on 21. I have brown hair and green eyes. I’m white, but my blood mixtures make me look a tad exotic. I live in Greenville, SC which is about two hours from Atlanta, GA. I’ve read a few of the VD books and I’ve watched the show from season one. Got the awesome opportunity to meet Ian and Paul last October of 2014. I’d be honored to be a part of what has easily become one of my favorite shows on television. I thank you for your consideration!

  34. Callie Turner

    Age: 13
    Height: 5’5″
    Eye color:blue
    Hair color: dirty blond
    Ethnicity: white
    I love the vampire diaries. I also would like to be on television. Just the experience would be great.

  35. Elisa hillier

    I’m 14 I’ll be 15 years old In May .
    I absolutely LOVE to act ! I’ve done it growing up constantly in musicals playing leading roles & always keeping myself busy . I would be so privileged to have the opportunity of having an audition for any role in one of my favorite shows . I am willing & capable . I am in a modeling, acting, and self improvement school right now in barbozon .
    Hair color: dark brown
    Eye color: brown
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 135
    Ethnicity: white & Native American (tannish white skin)

  36. Briana

    My name is Briana
    I am 12 years old and I am about to turn 13.
    I have black hair and brown eyes.
    I weigh about 93 lbs.
    I am 5’1 ft tall.
    My ethnicity is Latino and Asian.

    I would be honored to be on the show. I grew up loving vampires and werewolves and I think I finally have a chance to express myself and show everyone that I am not just a twelve year old girl. I believe that everyone should have a chance. I really hope that I get to at least try. Thank you!

  37. Theresa Dim

    Age: 18
    Height: 164 cm
    Hair Color: blonde
    Eye Color: green
    Weight: 63 kg
    Ethnicity: European
    country: Austria

  38. Briana C.

    My name is Briana
    I am 12 years old and I am about to turn 13.
    I have black hair and brown eyes.
    I weigh about 93 lbs.
    I am 5’1 ft tall.
    My ethnicity is Latino and Asian.

    I would be honored to be on the show. I grew up loving vampires and werewolves and I think I finally have a chance to express myself and show everyone that I am not just a twelve year old girl. I believe that everyone should have a chance. I really hope that I get to at least try. Thank you!

  39. Liam

    Name: Liam
    Age: 25
    Height: 1.89
    Country: Norway
    Hair Color : Brown
    Weight: 76 kg.

    I would love to be a part of The Vampire Diaries. I currently live in Norway, but i would travel anytime just to be a part of the show. So, you can place me wherever you want.

    Hope to hear from you.

  40. Rylee G

    Hi my name is Rylee I love The Vampire Diaries!!!
    And I love acting. I haven’t been to any auditions
    I am shy but im trying to get out of it.My cousin
    thinks I am really good at acting.But I love acting!
    I always write down a lot of ideas for movies and
    Details of what kind of parts I like to play.
    GENDER: Female
    AGE: 15
    BIRTHDAY:August 22, 2000
    HEIGHT:About 5.4
    EYE COLOR:Hazel, Changes colors
    HAIR COLOR:Brown
    ♡Thank you!!!♡ :)

  41. Briana

    Age 12 about to turn 13
    Height 5’3
    Eye color brown
    Hair color brown
    Ethnicity black
    Birthday April 18 2002

    I watch vampire diaries every time it come on and I would love of I can be apart of the show

  42. joy

    I am joy, from Nigeria, I am 15 going to16. I would be delighted to work with you guys.

  43. Mina

    Hey I’m Mina!

    I love TVD as I got to know since I live in the US. I am from Germany with persian and french roots.

    Age: 20
    Height: 5’2
    Hair color: dark brown
    Eye color: brown
    Weight: 113
    Ethnicity: white/south eastern



  44. sky oliver

    Age: 12 turning 13
    Height: 5’1
    Hair color: light brown
    Eye color: blue
    Weight: 147lbs
    Ethnicity: white

    I would love to be on this show so much because I love vampires and I love u guys but I grew up with vampires also I watch every last episodes because u guys inspired me to live my life and be who I am so please give me a chance thank u

  45. Jacob Jones

    My name is Jacob. I am looking to get my big break and would love to be a part of the vampire diaries cast.
    Age:17 soon to be 18
    Height: 5’10
    Hair color: dark brown
    Eye color: brown
    Weight:166 lbs
    Ethnicity: mixed

  46. lisa killen

    Hi my name is lisa,
    I am 15 years old I have brown hair and brown eyes, I weigh about 120lbs, I am 5’5ft. I live in Vancouver in British Columbia in Canada. I am a actor, I go to acting lessons and I have a agent. I would love to be apart or the tv show Vampire Diaries. I watch it all the time.

    Hope you will get back to me as soon as you can.

  47. Hajirah

    I would love to play a main part
    Dark brown hair
    Dark brown eyes
    A oval face not too big
    5 “6
    White but brown skin color so mixed
    And I’m 15 yrs old

  48. Jozie Hunter

    Age: 14 turning 15 in October
    Height: 5’2″
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Weight: 150
    Ethnicity: White

    It would be a dream come true to be on the vampire diaries. I am simply in love with the show. I have a YouTube account TVDTALK1864, a instagram account TVD_FOEVER, I also have my own vampire diaries email <hidden from public>. I have to say I have read every single book of TVD. I have also seen every episodes of TVD (have all the seasons on DVD) I have also always wanted to act on the show since I saw the first episode. I have the Jewelry form the show and dress like Elena, Caroline, Bonnie, Katherine and a lot of the other characters. I want to be an actress and singer. But being on the Vampire diaries will maybe get me one step closer to doing what I love to do.

  49. Mina Shahbaz

    Although I lack professional acting experience, it would be an amazing experience to be cast in “The Vampire Diaries”, being a passionate fan myself. I’d rather not get into detail about myself unless necessary but here are some of my physical attributes.

    Age: 14 (15 in May)
    Height: 5’3
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Weight: 108
    Ethnicity: Central Asian

  50. Kristin Quimby

    Age: 24, turning 25 on July 9th
    Height: 5’3″
    Hair Color: Brown/Blonde
    Eye Color: Ice Blue/Grey
    Weight: 110lb
    Ethnicity: White

    I live in Mooresville, North Carolina which is 45min out of Charlotte. I am a huge fan of the show, as well as everyone else that has applied. I have done little acting when I was in high school. I currently work at a hospital as a CNA 2 on the labor/delivery and mother/baby unit. I am going to school still to obtain my RN. I would like to help out with the show and appear in it. I am not picky with anything, even if the part was just walking into the woods with a bunch of people, it would still just be amazing to be apart of the show. I am not one to be cliche and say what everyone else is saying. I just hope for a once in a lifetime chance, though I will not get my hopes up because it is a 1 in a million chance. I hope you consider me.

    Thank you,

  51. Yasi

    Name: Yasi
    country: sweden
    height: 155 cm
    weight: 47 kg

    I’m a 13 year old girl that have been watching The vampire diaries from the start of it. I would love to be a part of the serie even if just for a small part. fun story: every day infront of the mirror i pretend i got a part an Taylor Swift will know who i am i she watches the serie. and i imagen the reaction of my friends who tells me i will never be an actress.

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