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  1. Jennifer Judd

    My name is Jennifer i am 5’1 1/2″ with green/baby blue eyes, dark brown hair, light skin tone, small body frame, skinny, average weight (105-110 pounds), friendly, caring, willing to learn new things, devoted to my acting ever since I was little I would make my own plays and then act them out. As I got older I realized that I want to make a career out of my acting. I am very good at what I do. I am flexable and able to learn new things very easily. It has always been a dream of mine to become a Hollywood actor and I would love to be an actor for this TV show, I watch it all the time it is my all time favourite show and I would be great in the acting community.
    Your consideration is greatly appreciated and I am looking forward to hearing back from you.
    thank you very much and have a great day

  2. Priscilla Medrano

    Hello, my name is Priscilla Medrano. I am a 30 year old, brown eyes, brown hair, light skinned, Hispanic that can pass as a 23 year old. I’m 5’4 and weigh 130lbs. I am very personable and love to entertain. I’m definitely not camera shy. In fact, I love being in camera and lights. The biggest reason that I should be considered for this role is that I am infatuated with vampires. I have been since I was very young when I watched my first vampire movie. I have seen every episode and know I would fit in just right for the role.

  3. Vontate Stewart

    Name: Vontate Stewart
    Sex: Male
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown
    Ethnicity: African American
    Body Type: Athletic
    Language: English
    Country: USA
    Age: 20 Years Old
    Hobbies: Acting, Writing, Exercising, Playing Basketball, Hanging with friends.
    I’ve acted in many small skits for my high school. I would love to be part of this phenomenal tv show. I’m a fan of the show. It’ll be a dream come true to be consider for a role on this show. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  4. Gisselle castro

    eye color:brown
    hair color:brown

  5. Morgan Salmon

    Name: Morgan Salmon

    Sex: Female

    Hair color: Brown

    Eye color: Brown

    Skin color: white

    Language: English

    Country: USA

    Age: 19 years old.

    I have done some skits at camp. I would love to be a part of this show. I have watched this show since the beginning. I have all the seasons that are out. I love to be an actress for this show. This show has everything that I like in it. There is no other show that is as great as this one. It would be a dream come true if I could play a part in the show. Thanks.

  6. Nicole Sciarappa

    I have done some plays in school. I love to act, it’s been a dream of mine since I was little. I am very athletic. I love challenging myself. I think I could be a great asset to the acting world. All in all, I would just love a chance at doing something that I love the most. Whenever I put my mind to something I never give up. If I could have a chance that would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

  7. Irini Makridaki

    Hello, my name is Irini Makridaki,
    and I am studying actress in Germany, but i´m from Greece. I would love to be apart of the show. I believe that i would fit in any role that you have. I am 22 years old, i sing and make music it is one of my passions along side acting and i dance Tango. I am not afraid to try new things, actually i love to try new things. I would love to be apart of this amazing show. My biggest dream is to be a actress in America. I just don´t know how to do it. I need a change and help from you. It means, that if you want something you should fight for it and I want it.
    I should be taken into consideration because, my love for movies and tv shows
    is very BIG.

    Age: 22 Years old
    Eyes: brown
    Hair: long brown
    Gender : Female
    Skin: Light
    Body Type: Slim / Petite
    Unfortunately, I don´t know my Height and weight in Englich. I´m so sorry. But this is my Height and Weight in German.
    Height: 1,63
    Weight: 50 lbs
    Other Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Modeling
    Languages: German, Greek and English

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  8. Oana Larisa Sapaidon

    Name: Oana Larisa Sapaidon
    Age:15 and 5mounth
    Eyes color: green
    Hair color: blonde
    Languages: Roumanian; English;Spanish and a little Franch
    I don’t have any experience of filming but i had some roles in school…
    I would to became an actrice because this is my dream since i was 7 years old,and i work hard to make my dream come true and i won’t stop untill i get this.
    I am a huge fan of TVD series and i really want to be a part of this amazing show.
    I love the job they are doing there and the entire team is the best.
    I will like to work with such a great people…
    If you consider that i am what you are looking for please contact me.
    I really want this job because i want to make the world to diconnect with all the problems that they have and just stay and wach a good show and smile or cry in the same time with the caracters.
    I hope you will need me.
    Have a great day,

  9. Amber

    Amber White
    145 lbs
    23 years
    If you have an opening for an extra I’m an option.

  10. Susan Cannada

    Since there are already nearly 3,000 entries I figured I may as well give it a shot! You can already see my name so moving past that, I’ll go a little more in depth on myself. I’m currently fifteen years old (I’ll be sixteen by the beginning of November) and just started my sophomore year in high school. Whoever has to read this probably gets bored so I’ll try to stay on point here.
    I’m around 5’6, fair skinned, brown hair with blond under layers (I do dye my hair and bleach it occasionally, but if it’s preferred to be one color I don’t mind dying it), and brown eyes. I’m very interested in becoming an actress so I’ll audition for any role no matter how small! I’ve done a few school plays and the Christmas Carol at a local college, so I’m not completely inexperienced with acting.
    If you have more questions you can obviously email me, good luck with your decision! (:

  11. Nina Shuford

    Hey guys,

    this is Nina. I am 23 years old, 5’7 and 127 pounds. My hair is very long, blond-brown, and I have dark brown eyes. The series was such a huge success and I would really love to be a part of this and I also think my type and charisma would be a great enrichment.

    Thank you so much for considering and I hope to hear back from you.

    Best regards, Nina

  12. michaela alexandra schmitz

    I love tvd so much I’m like in love with it I would love to meet Nina Candice Ian and Paul it would be awesome I’m 12 I have light brown I’m tall have nice tan I’m in SA

  13. Harold Atkins

    22 years old
    32 waist
    34 length
    Size 12 shoe
    mixed black and white
    Dirty blond/ brown hair
    brown eyes
    I have been told since a young age that I am charismatic and funny when on stage. I attended middle school at Bayside school of the arts in san mateo California. Where I took drama all three years. I am also very athletic I played football from age 8-18 and I love basketball. Im not shy, and all im looking for an opportunity to showcase my talents. one last thing about my appearance im often told I look 17 and that im very handsome.

  14. Harold Atkins

    Harold Atkins
    hair: brown
    eyes: brown

    I have not acted since high school but I was always told I was charismatic and a natural. I am athletic I played both football and basketball. I am not close to a finished product and I have no experience acting on camera but I am a quick study and im told I am handsome. I’m not afraid of hard work and I no I can make it. Also im 22 but im told I look 17.

  15. Devan W.

    Name: Devan Wilburn
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Nationality: American
    Height: 6’0″
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Hair Color: Black
    Hair Style: Curly
    Ethnicity: Mixed Race (White,Black,Native American)
    Experience: None other than practicing by myself
    I would accept any role you would give me i am a fast learner, and would love to be apart of The Vampire Diaries.
    Contact me @ <hidden from public>

  16. Ronja Timber

    My name is Ronja Mork Timbrevig (I go by Ronja Timber in all English-speaking areas so that’s what I prefer), and I’ve always dreamed of being an actor. I see this as an amazing way to finally get started for real after my time in the school theater and would really appreciate it if you would consider me. I’m 18 years old in November, I’m in my final year as a performing arts student in a small town in Norway and am willing to go anywhere but down from here. As far as I know I’m caucasian, about 5’6 and a nonvoluntary dreamer.
    If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please contact me.

    Thank you!

  17. Yadhira

    Hi my name is Yadhira, I’m 13 years old and I’m in advanced theatre and I’m in 8th grade. The Vampire Diaries is my favorite TV show and I’m really into the supernatural stuff. I’ve been saving up money to buy the book series. I have enough money now so I’m fixing to buy them. I want to read them so I can really know the characters feelings and really portray them. I think you should consider me because this show brings so much amusement to me and my friends. This show has it all, supernatural, romance, friendship, family, enemies and more! This show is so touching and I love everything about it. If I make it on this show it would mean a lot to me. It’s been a dream for me to be an actress and if I make it I will prove a point to my friends and family that I can be who I want to be! Please consider me thanks a lot anyway (:

  18. Talitha Cullum

    Hello i am 13 years old and i love the vampire diaries. I can act decently and though i dont have much experience i am a fast learner. I could be an extra or a small part, or even a big part if thats what you wish. I live in California. Im 5’5 with light brown hair and blue eyes. At the moment i dont know my weight. Please consider me. Acting is my passion and i would love to be apart of The Vampire Diaries.

  19. Adam Tovar

    Hello my name is adam tovar i never had experience in acting or anything at all in that category. Vampire Diaries is a really great show and i love it. I would like a role in the show any role would be nice even if its in a small scene. Well thank you for your time.

  20. Danielle

    Name:Danielle V.
    Nationality:South African ( currently living in SA )
    Ethnicity:White South African
    Hair colour:brown
    Eye colour:hazel
    Training: distinction in LAMDA musical theatre exam, NCT workshops, IMTA NY 2014 seminars
    Experience: two theatre productions at NCT, Gauteng, South Africa
    Awards: nominated for best children’s production at the SA Naledi Awards for both NCT productions
    Sports: netball, field hockey
    Motto:hard work pays off
    Please consider me for a part, I am reliable and hard working. Acting is my passion and it’s what I want to do for the rest of my life!

  21. Helle Larsen

    Hi, my name is Helle and is 14 years old, I live in Norway in a town called Trondheim. I is 1.57 cm tall and really want to be an actor, it has always been the dream mine.I have gone to the theater for one year so I have some experience. I am serious and think enough I can do this. it goes well if I only get a small role, but I’d rather have a few lines but it goes without spreading too. If you want a picture here is my facebook
    i am SO big fan of it!

  22. Rylee Gwaltney

    Hi my name is Rylee
    I love the Vampire Diaries, I have been also watching My Babysitters a Vampire, I love watching a series with Magic and Vampires in it.Me and my cousins always makes movies when im at her house and they said that I was really good at acting.I also thought they were good!!!I am kinda shy, But im starting not to be shy because I really want to be an Actress someday.But if they needed me to curse on the series or movie I wouldn’t be able to do the series because I dont curse.

    Gender: Female
    age: 13
    Hair Color: Brownish Blondish but its more brown then blonde
    Eye Color: Hazel but they Change to blue and green
    Height: About 5.4
    Weight: 107
    I love acting especially if it was in a Supernatural Series!!!!
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Sarah Nicole Hernandez

    Hi there!

    My name is Sarah Hernandez and I am employed by New View Management Group, a talent agency based in Cincinnati, OH. I have always loved acting (especially all things supernatural!!) and I really want to try my hand at a film. Some of my features:

    Age: 18
    Height: 5’7″
    Weight: 145 lbs
    Bust: 37″
    Waist: 29.5″
    Hips: 38.5″
    Eyes: Light brown
    Hair: Long, very dark and uniquely curly​
    Clear skin**

    I am very dedicated and quickly memorize and improvise lines. I can attend multiple castings, including those of short notice. Thank you very much!!​

  24. Ashleigh Zhao

    I am a passionate unique individual. Not only do I have a natural vampiric appearance but also a personality that suites this show quite well.
    Hair: blonde (white)
    Eyes: hazel
    Height: 5’0″ (I generally wear heels all the time)
    Weight: 85 lbs
    Skin type: very pale
    Languages: English and very basic Japanese

  25. larry hunter

    I am 17 african american and i would be great for the vampire diaries because i love it watch it all the time and i am an experience actor and always wanted to play a vampire

  26. Cheyenne Mapel

    Hair: blonde
    Eyes: blue
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 136
    Hi my name is Cheyenne Mapel and I am 17years old and a senior in high school. I would love to play a part in this movie because when it comes to emotional and drama you can count on me. Being in a movie would be an amazing experience. Not only for me but for filling my dreams of becoming an actor. I love to act on stage, I have played in 3 played so far during my high school career. In those 3 plays I have had the second biggest female role. I sing in my spare time at home. I write my own music as well. But most importantly I know I can play in a movie and be able to know all the lines and all the motions. Being in this movie would be an amazing experience and my family would a great support system. They have always pushed me to work harder and succeed in my dreams. If I get the experience to do this I won’t fail you.

  27. Robert Keller

    Hello my name is Robert Keller I am 20 years old and I really want to act and be on the big screen. I love movies. I would love my career to be a actor! I also took acting in boxes for 1 year and going back to college to do acting. Again. I like all this weird mythical stuff and magic I am very inserted in a role!!!

  28. Kayleigh Zurcher

    my name is kayleigh zurcher im from andrews sc and love to act im a very dramatic person in my spare time. i watched the show on tv when it started in 2009 ive done acting classes butive never done anything major and would love the chance to be on the show and i really hope this website is real bc i would so love to have an oppertunity to show you what talent i have

    i have sandy blonde hair which originally was brown
    my eyes are blue like the ocean and glassy like
    im 5`5 to 6`0 tall
    i weigh 105lb and slim
    my skin color is somewhat pal bc everytime i go in the sun i get burned so i gave up on tanning
    my favorite colorr is black
    im 12 yrs old and just started 7th grade im not even close to a strait a student but im getting there
    i live with my mom and dad along with my younger brother and my grandaddy
    iv traveled before but never anywhere far away other than florida georgia and tennesse
    i love the show and im reading the books now
    and thats about it please atleast consider me i will not let you down thankyou

  29. Danya Gallegos

    Hi my name is Danya and I would like to have the opportunity to audition for some of your productions. Being an actress has been my dream job since I was a child. Right now I’m in college and I’m miserable there. I forced myself to go for my family because I wanted to make them proud and if I told them I want to become an actress I feel like I would disappoint them and I don’t want to because of everything they had done for me and I’m thankful for it it and them. This is the only way I could contact producers or someone who can give an opportunity of a lifetime and help me have my dream job since I don’t have a camera to record, or money to travel. I’m broke as can be and so is my family that’s another reason I don’t travel to a place where I can accomplish my dream. We are in so much debt it’s not even funny and now even more with college, which I feel guilty for because I really don’t want to go. Some details about me are:
    Ethnicity: Hispanic(Mexican American
    Age: 18 but seem younger to some
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: around 158
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair: Dark Brown, straight and right under my bust
    Extra: Bilingual (Spanish, English)
    I really hope you can give me a chance to show you I can be a great actress even though I’ve had no experience and give me the opportunity to help my family economically because now both my parents work two jobs and my 17 yr old brother is also working and my 14 yr old brother doesn’t get to see my parents for more than 30 minutes which saddens me deeply. So PLEASE give me an opportunity to have my dream job. Thanks for taking your time to read this and may God bless you and all your work.

    Danya Gallegos

  30. Kayleigh Zurcher

    my name is kayleigh zurcher im 12 yrs old and im from andrews south carolina i just started 7th grade at rosemary middle school and i love this show. im a female and have some experience with acting but everything i tried dissapointed me. i started getting into movies and tv shows of all sorts when i was four and so far this show is my favorite show of my time also buffy the vampire slayer but not in my generation :). im 5`5 to 6`0 tal and weigh 105 lb i live with my mom and dad along with my brother kaden hes my only sibling . i was born febuary 14th 2002 at georgetown hospital . i always loved supernatural sshows bc its never the end there could always be more to come. from charmed to buffy o supernatural itself i love them in all shapes and sizes but the vampire diaries is the show id pick any day id really love the chance to get an auditin or even some feedback for futer auditions thankyou so much .

  31. Kayleigh Zurcher

    hello my name is kayleigh zurcher im 12 yrs old i live in a small town called andrews its in south carolna i just started 7th grade at rosemary middle school i love to draw and i guess im good because i got chose to do the school t shirts. :) i sing to but never anything major i started getting into movies and tv shows when i was 4 and a few yrs ago i decided i wanted to be an actor so i went and auditioned for jrp then i went to millie louis in chareleston and then finally model and act something in myrtle beach they wre all dissapointments for me bc they couldnt give me what i wanted then i watched the show when it started and fell in love . ie always loved supernatural shows bc it never has to be the end for the characters so i decided try auditioning for this if you would consider me i would greatly appreciate the apportunity

    im 12 yrs old
    7th grade
    5`5 to 6`0 tall
    i weigh 105 lb
    i have one younger brother
    and my DOB is febuary 14th 2002

  32. Josephine Cannon

    I am 15 years old, from Tasmania, Australia.
    I love vampire diaries- just as mostly every other 15 year old girl.
    i would travel all around the world if it meant i could pursue a career as an actress. I don’ t do acting for the fame, i do it because you can be someone else, set foot in someone elses shoes. I do it because you can express yourself in other ways then just a simple word or two. I am seen as Josephine. Nothing more, and nothing less…yet.
    I’ m not an A+ student, i am not miss popularity. There are always those girls who i’ m behind the shadow in. But i want to step out of that shadow, i wont to showcase what talent i have and live my dream.
    Its would be a dream. Literally. i have had dreams about it, i lie in bed each night look at my roof and just make up scenarios in my head showing me acting. (cheesy, i know)
    According to my friend and teachers I am apparently quite cheeky, a drama queen (in a good way i think…and hope.), and funny.

    Hair: I have brown curly hair that goes just passed my shoulders and a fringe
    Eye color: My eyes can be hazel, green or brown (It depends on light)
    Birthday: 30.06.1999 Sydney
    Acting experience: I take drama classes outside and inside of school. Never been in any big performance ( But you’ ve got to start somewhere.) I cannot dance or sing for the life of me.
    Body figure: slim
    Skin: fair pink with freckles

  33. Kristen

    Haven’t done much acting but I’m sure that I can learn from the best. I’m not gonna give you any story I am who I am. I love the show have followed it from the beginning. Would love a chance but regardless best of luck to you on your search. From west Tennessee near Memphis.
    Brown hair

    My husband doesn’t know but think you should consider him also.

  34. Jasmine

    Hello my name is jasmine I’m African american and native american I’m 140 Ibs and energetic I have been acting since I was 12 I’m 17 now soon to be 18 and I would love to be on vampire diaries as an actress I have many talents and features I can bring to the show you want be disappointed! Please email me back

  35. Nicola Merkle

    Name: Nicola Merkle
    age: 28 but I actually look young people always think i’m 18
    Height: 4’10
    Weight: 105
    eyes: blue
    hair: dirty blonde

    If I was apart of this epic tv show would make my character stand out, I would bring her to live, you would not be disappointed. This show deserves the upmost respect because the author of the book deserves that. I have always wanted to be apart of something and to be able to act in this movie with the great storylines would be my dream. I know I was meant to act I feel it in my bones it’s who I’m meant to be and I want to live this dream. If you could help me live this dream you have no idea what it would mean. Everyone deserves a chance and a shot if you give me mine I will make you proud. I would work round the clock to be the best that I could be for this series. So thank you for just listening to me and hearing me out I hope I will be hearing from you in the near future.
    Thank you

  36. Shawn Crockwell

    Shawn Crockwell
    Age: 26 years old.
    height: 5’11
    weight: 220
    Build: Muscular
    Eye color: Blue
    Skin tone: Tanned (Caucasian)
    Hair Color: Black

    I have previous acting experience and would enjoy being a part of this show. I get people telling me I look like a vampire from this show so I figured id give this a try. I can send a pic if you don’t believe me.

    Also, I love to make people laugh. It comes natural to me.

  37. ivy velazquez

    Well hello there im ivy velazquez i am 20 yrs old . I really would love to be an.extra or an actress in this show i love this show. Been watching it since day 1. Im a fast learner and am used to performing because i used to cheer since i was 5. I can do accidents

  38. Dyanalis Medina

    Hi my name is Dyanalis and i would love to join a part in VampireDiaries i love that show so much i watched every episode and its a very addictive show and i always wanted to be an actress it is a big dream of mine ive been acting in all of my schools since i was 5 and i enjoy it a lot and i live in NYC with very great grades in school.
    Hair:dark brown with blond highlights
    Eyes:coffee brown
    Skills:acting,singing, and dancing
    I really hope i get the chances to become an actress that first started on the show vampire diaries thank you for taking your time to read this so much it really means a lot to me!!

  39. Kayla Gaines

    My name is Kayla and I would love to be apart of the Vampire Diaries. I’ve watched ever episode way more than 2 at least, and can quote most of the episodes. I’m such a huge fan and would love to be apart of the amazing cast and crew. Here is some more information about me.
    Age: 14
    Height: 5 ft
    Weight: 115 pounds
    Ethnicity: African American
    Hair: Short, Black
    Eyes: Brown
    I hope you can consider me to be apart of the amazing cast and crew of “The Vampire Diaries.”

  40. Emoria

    Aloha (means Hi in Hawaiian if you D know that)
    Im just 12 years old
    Im practice acting
    Love the show btw
    Dark brown hair (i saw ppl do this so why not :3)
    can be a extra
    Oh im a female
    i live in the usa
    Im american
    Im in 7th grade :P
    My guardin is My mom and dad/parnets
    I have a brother (you problay dont need to know that :P)
    oh and im african american
    my eye coler is brown
    i guess thats it so love the show :3
    and umm…sorry about not that much info im new o this :P
    Umm..Have a nice day i guess

  41. katelyn

    Hi im katelyn and im 14 and i would love to audition for the vampire diaries I have long straight brown hair with green eyes,i was in plays so i can act qiute good and I watch the vampire diaries over once so i no everything about it,even an extra in the show would be amazing to be,this is my favourite show ever!

  42. Huzoor Azizi

    Hey, my name is Huzoor Azizi, I am 18 years old female, black hair, hazel eyes, 5.3, light skinned. I love acting and I’ve been in many productions for the past 7 years. I’ve been the lead in 3 productions. I have been acting in a theatre for the last 7 years. I have remembered over 1000 lines and have done many scenes. I have experience in the acting career. I know how to cry in a scene and how to make someone laugh. TVD has been my favourite show ever since the first episode came out. I watched it with my entire family. I know every detail that is to know about TVD and the originals. I would be so exited to here from you. Acting had always been my life and hopefully it continues to be my life and doesn’t end for a long long time.

  43. Angel jones

    Hi, I’m Angel jones. I am a 20 yro beautiful African American female. I love acting and I’m a huge zombie and vampire fan. It’s time to bring some color & spice to this show. You should definitely choose me because I can be whatever I put my mind to, I can fit any character. I’m a little shy, but I’m a totally different person when put in the spotlight. Give me a chance. I’m 5’5 , slim, dark brown eyes, & brown skin. You will not be disappointed

  44. Arijan Aj Dizdarevic

    Hi my name is Arijan Aj Dizdarevic I wanted audition for the casting of vampire diaries or anything that is open, I have been told most of my life by many of females that I look like Edward Cullen and Ion from Vampire diaries or that I should have my own show something in between those lines, I am a man that survived a genocide war in a country of Bosnia and Herzegovina recently Angelina Jolie has made a movie about what we have fought and survived in the years of 1992-95 personally my mother my brother and my self lived in the forests and in tents living off of water and stale bread, I am as well a youtube and google partner my mothers life story has motivated and inspired me to make a video on Stop Abuse against Women and Children, that is how I got my partnership with youtube, I currently live in St. Louis Mo age of 25 studying real estate, I do modeling on the side. My contact number is <hidden from public> Aj

  45. Rashid Arjona Bojórquez

    Hello , I’m Rashid and I’d like you to consider me for any rol in the vampire diaries. I kno I would be such a great complement for this super awesome show that I like very much. I don’t have any experience but I think I can do a very good job
    At acting on my favorite tv show. I would give the best of me. I’m 5 9, Latino, I speak English and Spanish, dark hair, brown eyes, 21 years old and with a lot to give to this show if you let me. I hope I can get a reply soon. Thank you very much

  46. shanya

    Hi my name is shanya and I would love to be part of the show i watch this show every day and I love vampire diaries and I’m 13 and I would love to be part of an amazing show

  47. taiz estrada

    my name is taiz Estrada I am Mexican American
    I am 13 years old but I look much younger I am 5′and 3” I love to act and draw and sing
    id love to be part of the vampire diaries it would be a dream for me I hope I have a chance
    I have black hair and brown eyes
    and am in 8th grade I go to a catholic school am a good student I participate in every school meeting or any thing like that I am really reliable am the oldest one from all my brothers I speak both English and Spanish I am also trying to learn Japanese because I love anime
    please consider me thank you –taiz yaire Estrada (tye)

  48. Alea Henderson

    Hi, My Name Is Alea Henderson. I Am 13 Years Young I Have Medium Red Brown Hair Light Brown Eyes..My Skin Color Is Black And White. I Live In New Mexico And Am In 8th Grade. I Am 5’0 Not Very Tall I Weigh 120 Pounds. It Would Be An Amazing Chance If I Would Be Able To Audition For The Vampire Diaries. . . The Vampire Diaries Is By Far The Best Show And That’s Why I Want To Audition For This Show!

  49. Katerina Velez

    Also I weight 115 lbs

  50. Katerina Velez

    Hi, my name is Katerina Velez. I am very interested in being a part of The Vampire Diaries. I think that I should be considered because I love this show. Also because I have taken theater class before, and I was told that I was one of the best actors there.
    -I have hazel/green eyes
    -Long dark brown hair
    -Im white/italian
    That’s pretty much it, but please think about it and let me know ! My email is there if anything !

  51. Elisabel Carrera

    My name is Elisabel Carrera but you can call me Eli, I am 14 years old about to be 15!I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes! I am 5’1 and am 110 pounds! I am also Hispanic I have tan skin! I am very diversed performer. I can sing,act and dance. I’ve been training as a performer since I was 2 years old, in disciplines that include various schools of dance,gymnastics and acting. I have been cast in television and radio commercials, I am also bilingual.

  52. Lorena

    I’m Lorena I’m 15 ft. I’m instrested in the casting. I am from Miami fl. The vampire diaries is a great show . I don’t have much to say but i know a lot about the show and characters. I will love if you consider me. Thanks

  53. Jake

    I am 18 I’m 5’10 and I’m in good shape i weigh 170 i have brown hair and green eyes, I should be considered cause i can act very well. I should also be considered cause i have an extreme amount of drive to make something of myself, i want to prove to everyone that I’m not a failure and wont be a failure.

  54. Bryant Channell

    Name: Bryant Channell

    Age: 25

    Height: 5 feet , 11 inches

    Weight: 195 lbs

    Waist: 32 inches

    Shoe size: 9 1/2

    Shirt size: Large

    Pant size: 32 waist 32 long

    I am applying for your hit tv show the vampire diaries because i would love to be part of it. Why? Well i have fours years of acting experience, i have started in 2010 and my first acting role was in the short film the brown recluse. The most acting i’ve done is theater acting and i’ve done that since high school. Now i would like to step it up to a new level of acting. I just want to let you know that i am not looking for any fame, i am just looking to have experience in acting because i love to act and i enjoy doing it. If you think that i would be perfect for one of your roles that needs to have an actor to play him, then i am your guy. When the time comes i hope and pray that the show or your company chooses me for a role in the vampire diaries show. I thank for your time.

  55. Melanie

    I may be 31 but I look 24… Cast me for a vampire or teacher role!!

  56. Bryant Channell

    Name: Bryant Channell

    Age: 25

    Height: 5 Foot, 11 Inches

    Weight: 195 lbs

    Shoe Size: 9 1/2

    Waist: 32 inches

    Chest: 40 inches

    Hair color: red, auburn

    Eye color: Hazel

    I have always been wanting to be part of the vampire diaries because the show is really intense and i have been watching it since the show started in the first place. I have all four released seasons on dvd. i had read most of the novels and i am looking forward of reading more. I think the show has a good positive cast and i would love to part it. i am looking fame in acting, i am just looking for experience in acting because i love and enjoy acting. When the time comes for to select actors i hope that the show chooses me because i am dependable and reliable and i won’t let any down. Thank you for your time. Sincerely Bryant.

  57. Derek Erickson

    This show is great. There just needs to be something like a younger child from 12 to 14. That is a vampire that can’t controle its hunger anything it sees it kills and eats. Ellana is attacted by it and that’s how it becomes known. With her good nature she helps it and relises how important kids are to her.

    Please if you think this is a good idea email me at <hidden from public>
    Thank you.

  58. Abdulloi Khayrullozoda

    Hi my name is Abdulloi Khayrullozoda and I am 22 years old. I love act and I played in most of school play back in my country but now I live in New York and the only thing I need is a chance to show my talent on acting … Thank you
    Height 5.10
    Weight 163 lb
    Eye brown
    Hair black

  59. Angeline Peralta

    Hello, I’m Angeline but everybody calls me Angie
    I’m 14
    I’m caramel skin
    I’m 5’5
    I’m 100% Dominican
    I’m a very straight forward person .
    I get told I look like I’m 16 or 17 daily
    And I would love to have a opportunity on The vampire diaries .
    This is literally my favorite show.

  60. Keven de Souza

    Name: Keven de Souza
    Gender: male
    Nationality: Brazilian
    Height : 5′ 6″
    Eye color: hazel
    Hair color: brown
    Hi my name is Keven and I would like to audition for The Vampire Diaries. I’m a fourteen year old actor and Vampire Diaries is an absolutely amazing show that I would love to audition for. I truly believe that I am a good actor, when I act I try very hard to get into the character’s personality and do whatever it takes to really understand and show the character’s emotions. I believe that if you let me audition that I, as well as the show, could really benefit from the experience.
    Thanks for your consideration!

  61. Sadie W

    I have a few years of acting experience, I’ve been in a few high school productions.

    Gender: Female
    Age: 15 (sixteen in a few months)

    Color of: eyes/green, hair/brown, skin/Caucasian

    Height/Weight: 5’7″, 170-180

    I’m not going to say I’m an amazing actor but I think I’m okay, I would act as an extra or anything else I’d be needed as. I would just love to have a part on a show, thanks.

  62. Patrisa

    this is me:

    name: Patrisa Županovič
    Sex: female
    Hair color: blonde
    Eye color: grey-blue, a funny mixture of the two colors :)
    Skin color: white
    Language: English, Slovenian-(birth place)
    Weight: 60kg
    Hight: 168cm
    Country: USA
    Age: 14
    Grade: 8th

    I would be very honored if you would let play me in the Vampire diaries, or just let me audition, even if it appeared on the show once, it would already be enough :)

    Thank you for reading this, it already means a lot to me!

    xoxo, Patrisa

  63. Saskia

    Hi I’m Saskia,
    I’m a female in my early teens. (Although I look like I’m 16!
    Hazelnut eyes
    Dark brown hair with natural highlights.
    I do have experience in show business.
    Acting and modeling runs in my family.
    My mother is an actor/ model.
    I started modeling at 9 months and I still model occasionally.
    I first started tv appearances at the age of 3 years old.
    I take drama lessons and singing..
    I’m Australian, British, French, German and partly Polish.
    This would be an amazing opportunity for me to work with Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley etc.
    I do a program called CASPA for young talent.
    I have a history of winning crowns and working with famous people.
    I come from the Hunshman(German) and Monarch family who ruled France from 480 till 1870.

  64. Jasmine Gomez

    Hi I’m Jasmine Gomez and I’m 15 years old. I’m 5ft. 1 1/2 inches tall. The vampire diaries by far the best t.v. Show I have ever watched and it may be weird to watch a t.v. Show over but I don’t care it’s just that good. I know everything there is to know about this show. To be honest I have never had any real experience with acting but once I do something I don’t give up. So if you consider me that would be great thanks.

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