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  1. Georgie Hope

    Hello, my name is Georgie and I’m 21 years old and am extremely passionate about the Performing Arts industry. My main area of interest in on screen acting, and I am also fascinated by what goes on behind the camera. I have studied Performing Arts at A Level and I attend weekly acting classes. I was also a member of a dance school from the age of 4 to the age of 18, as well as attending youth theatre while growing up. Acting is something I am so determined to do as part of my everyday life and I have always absolutely idolised Steven Spielberg and his work so this would be (for lack of a better, less cliché term) a dream come true, there are no words to describe how fantastic this opportunity would be. I hope that you will consider me to audition for this film – plus it’s called Roboapocalypse, how cool is that!!

  2. Melandri Rossouw

    To whom it may concern;

    My name is Melandri Rossouw, I’m studying in NY at New York Film Acadamy at the moment. I’ve done theater and short films and just love it. We learn so much everyday and I would really love to be in this film cause I know I got what it takes to make sure that I will perform in such way that my partner will win a Oscar. And I will, I will dream on. Because that is exactly what I’m talking about my dreams.

  3. Amy Fuentes

    my name is Amy Fuentes experienced actress and singer. I’ve been acting and singing for 4 years. I take theatre classes, singing lessons. I am 14 years old, Hispanic, roughly 5’3. If any questions feel free to email me.

  4. Cassandra Anianwu

    Race: African American
    I am and aspiring actress and model. I have done school plays and musicals. I am from Dallas, TX but now currently living in New York. I have done many school plays and musicals. I would make a great addition to the team, even if I am an extra.

  5. Michaela Foster

    I would love to be in an amazing movie, this would be my big break. I’m not familiar with any work by you sir, but I would love to be in a cool movie like this I know you’ve probably heard this plenty of times but please consider me for any role in this epic move. By the way I’m Filipino & African American, and I’m 12 years old. So give me a shot please. Thanks.

  6. Angel Min-yawn Wright

    As a admirer of his work it would be a pleasure to be in Mr. Spelberg new movie. I am very athletic, funny, and sexy women who does not mind kicking butt. So, this kitten from the mitten. (Detroit, Mi) can show those robots the human race takes no prisoners. So, Consider this michigander for some real action in the movie.

  7. Samantha #Lingling Thomas

    Hi ,my name is Samantha.You can call me Lingling .Iam a 28 yr ,I’m Mix With Black and Korean., I don’t have any professional acting background, but I have played many lead roles in school plays, I love acting and singing, and if I get to be in this project it will really be a dream come true. I hope to hear back from you as soon as possible, here is my email
    I’m 5’3,my eyes are Brown ,beautiful smile ,130 on the dot ..

  8. John Ross

    Hello, my name is John Ross and I very excited about this upcoming project has always been a fan of Steven Speilberg’s work I enjoy his creativity and tenacity. I could go own but I truly would love to be part of something that Mr, Speilberg has hand in. Please contact me by email for additional information. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon!!

    Height: 6’2
    Weight: 210
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black
    Waist: 36
    Chest: 43
    Shoe: 11 ½ -12
    Suit: 44L
    Inseam: 33

    John Ross

  9. John Horton

    My name is John and I’m 10 years old and have always been a fanatic of science fiction!

    Gender: Male
    Weight: 86 pounds
    Hair color: Light Brown (in the summer)
    Eye color: Bluish gray
    Special ability: Can speak Ukrainian, fluent in English, great reader.
    Cons: Have little experience in acting.

  10. Alexis


    I am Alexis, I am 16, live in Arizona. I’m a junior attending Centennial high school. It has forever been my dream to become an actress. I am loads of fun i swear it!! I bring happiness everywhere I go. I am so funny and outgoing. i have an attitude but in the best way. I am really fun to be around, but I can also be very serious when I need to be. I do have experience with acting, not a whole lot but enough. I have done school productions and took two theater arts classes and a production design class. I think I can be really good at this whole acting thing if someone really gave me the chance. I have been told this on a number of occasions. I am super hard working, and I never give up.

  11. Ashley Williams

    Name: Ashley P. Williams
    Age: 13 {Pass for: 14-16}
    Height: 4’11
    Race: Philpino/ African American
    Hair Color: Light Brown/ Ginger
    Eye Color: Brown/ Grey Edging


    I get good grades and I am athletic. My hobbies are sports such as Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, and i run track. I’m a youtuber in which I sing and do comedy. Most of what i do on down time is act. I took a drama class and I’ve been in previous plays. I’d now like to have a step up into being in a bigger production such as this movie

  12. Johana Vrba

    My name is Johana Vrbova.I am twelve years old (13 in November).I have dirty blonde hair and brown eyes.I want to be an actress and I’m just waiting for my opurtunity.I would love to be a part of this project.I live in Czech Republic and I am Czech but I can speak great English.It would be such a honor if you’de pick me.


    Hello, my name is YOONJUNG SEO.

    I’m from South Korea. I’ve been interested in acting and performing since I was a child and from the time that I attended elementary school to university, I’ve always tried hard to put myself in a situation where I could tell the truth of the reality in an imaginary situation by acting and creating art performances. I’ve also worked as a film maker to bring amazing stories into life to inspire people from all over the world. One of my heroes in my acting and filmmaking career is Steven Spielberg and I would be very grateful and honored to be able to get a chance to act and perform in his work.

    Birthday: October 22, 1989
    Age: 24
    Height: 5 “2″
    Weight: 110
    Race: Korean
    E-mail: <hidden from public>

    Thank you very much for your reading. :)

  14. David fleury

    Hey my name is David I have been wanting to act and would like the oppertunity to play a role in this part . I have played and stared in many gospel plays and school drama as we’ll since 8th grade I hope that you look over this and god willing fill my dreams to become a actor all my friends say it’s impossible but I keep faith please give me a chance..

    Name:David fleury
    Height: 5’11
    Born: 4/1/1990

  15. Jessica Ferree

    Hey, I’m an aspiring actress with huge ambitions! I really adore all of Spielberg’s movies and it’s a personal dream of mine to be apart of such great adventures! (I may or may not be watching the Goonies right now haha) I’m willing to take risks and let go of judgement to best fit any role and have a good attitude!
    I’m 5’2 with dirty blond hair and blue eyes. I’m 15 going on 16 years old, but I have a younger face. I have an athletic build, and weigh 100 lbs. uhhhhmmm I’ve been acting since I was in third grade, but I also really enjoy making short films. I hope to be considered for an audition, (as cheesy as it sounds) it’d be a dream come true. Thank you

  16. Tyler West

    SAG-AFTRA actor
    Age: 19
    Height: 5’9
    Ethnicity: African- American
    Study: Beverly Hills Playhouse
    Film- Kicking and Screaming Featured
    Film- Bad News bears Featured
    Commercial-Nissan Main Actor
    Commercial-Scott Paper Towel Main Actor
    Commercial-Downey Main Actor
    Print- Six Pix Game Mattell
    Print-Macy’s Catalog
    Print-Target Catalog

  17. Claudia

    Hello, my name is Claudia and I’m 19 years old. I have long dark brown hair and big blue eyes.

    It’s the year 2048. I am here in North America with a small group. We are hiding in a little abandoned house. 16 hours ago I never thought how the world is going to change, or how our life would be without the robots and technology.

    I was sitting in my car, stuck in the traffic, already late for work. I called my boss to apologize for being late, again.
    Then I realized that my car stopped. I tried to turn it back on, but it was dead.
    But then I saw how all cars stopped. People looked confused.
    Some robots from the street cafés came out, but they were not going to help us.
    The robots started to attack people, they killed people!
    I jumped out and ran as fast as I could.

    Now I’m here. With random other people who survived.
    Questions over questions.
    But what I know for sure is, that we only can survive when we fight back! It is NOT impossible.
    We, humans, were able to create them, and now we are in a war with OUR INVENTIONS.
    The world, how we used to know, is going to change forever.

    - I am 19 years old.
    - long dark brown hair + big blue eyes.
    - 1.68m~1.70m tall.
    - I am a sport person, fit body.
    - physically robust
    - I am charismatic, friendly and ready for challenges!
    - I WILL suprise you ladys and gentleman!
    - I really adore your work Mr. Spielberg. It would be a big honor to work for you and with you!

    Contact: <hidden from public>

    Thank you very much!

  18. Corey Allison

    Navajo. One small role in Sundance feature film. Multi-media artist. 35 years old. 6’2″. 160 lbs. Would fit role of Officer Lonnie Wayne Blanton. Flexible in contracts. Thank you.

  19. Helena Dreyer

    Hello, I’m a 13 year old female. I have been doing theatre since I was four or five but I just recently began doing professional productions. I have been cast as a lead role in the last three shows I’ve done. I have been doing a lot of musical theatre but I’ve done plays as well and I would love to focus on my acting for a while. It would be such an honor to work with these amazing names in television, and I think I could connect well with audiences, since I have been a huge Disney fan my whole life and I’m at good age to portray a young girl or teen. Thank you for your time, and I’d love to be a part of this obviously golden film.

  20. karteek v

    Hi. I am an Indian by origin and I am am very dedicated actor and will give my 100% to what ever role I get. I am an natural actor love to work with the greats like Mr.Spielberg. I can do any kind of role which can be to do humour or action or any other. Hollywood and movies has always been my passion. This passion for movies is from my childhood . Commitment and hard work are my forte

  21. Samyah

    Samyah and Robopocolypse , perfect! I’d love to be on this next classic ! I know I’m late but I’d make a great survivor. I am like milk chocolate, longish medium brown hair, brown eyes (long eyelashes),. I’m eleven, I can pass for 12 or 10. I’m also a singer(I’m sure robopocolypse isn’t a musical but just putting that out there). So consider me PLEASE!!!!!

  22. Aizia FrAnklin

    I am a motivated and hardworking with 9 years in theater with front and back stage experience. YOU CANT GO WRONG. All I need is one audition, I can promise you wont regret it. I am the “IT” actreSs. CANT WAIT TO WORK WITH YOU!
    Aizia Franklin
    Actress experience: 9years
    Choreographer:6 years
    Film experience: 5 years

  23. Samantha Gaal

    Hello I am Samantha. I really would love to be apart of Robopocalypse. I am a very hard worker and work well with effects . This would be the perfect film for me to work on! I hope I get the chance to prove it to you. Please consider me for any part!!!
    Name – Samantha
Age – 16
Gender – Female

    Live – Toronto, Ont,
(can relocate)
    height – 5’6
Weight – 105

    interests- Acting, dancing Singing Modeling
Hair- long brown

    Eye – Blue
White Canadian

    DOB- March 21st 1998

    Can move where ever and keep up grades!
I have experience with school plays and Drama classes and Previous Modeling experience.
This is truly my one and only dream. I hope I get the chance to prove it to you!

  24. Emily Jane Baker

    Hello, my name is Em , I am 18 years old and am currently studying music at College in England, I have a great passion for the performing arts industry. I came across this opportunity and its sounds such an incredible story line and it would be a dream to be apart of this film. I love Sci- Fi futuristic set films also Steven Spielberg is a director I admire , his genius work and films are ultimate classics and have been watched many times by me and my family. I can get into character easily and enjoy this the most about acting is having the diversity to be other people and escaping into another world.
    - I have dark brown eyes, light brown curly hair and olive skin.
    Please get back to me if interested
    Kind regards :)

  25. Degan Wheeler

    Name: Dugan Wheeler
    Age: 13 (14 in July)
    Height: 5’1/2″
    Grade: 8th almost 9th
    City: Fenton
    State: Michigan
    Talents: Writing, Acting, Modeling, Academics, Art/Drawing, Comedy, Singing
    Passions: Acting, Writing, Drawing, Singing, Doctor Who
    3 Words to Describe Me: Funny, Energetic, Charismatic
    Experience: I have been doing theatre since I was little, and I still am. I also do Spanish Drama at my school.
    Hair: Light Brown
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Skin Color: White
    Weight: 99.5 lbs.
    Face: Oval
    Gender: Male
    Why I Would Like The Part: I think this is a very interesting subject, and have been reading books and articles on the subject. I am starting to believe that technology can become self aware. I think this concept is possible. I am very dramatic, and love to act. This opportunity would be amazing. I have been acting for years, and acting is my passion. This movie sounds completely amazing. I would love to be in it. I feel like I can contribute something to this movie. I am charismatic and outgoing. I have strong leadership skills. I believe myself to be highly intelligent, and have good problem-solving skills. I am also very dedicated, and have a great memory.

  26. Mack Millender

    Hello, my name is Mack Millender and I am a 5’8, 23 year old African-American male from Las Vegas, NV. Acting caught my eye when I was helping out some friends on my high school football team. Acting out our own coaches were one thing, but when I was said to have been the best actor, I then decided to try and pursue acting auditions. Without much success, I joined the Army National Guard to further my education. After coming back from training, I went to school and was invited to a theatrical play that the school thought I was a good fit for. Later on, I started working at Wal-Mart where I found a female who was very interested in modeling, but didn’t kno if she wanted to pursue it. I remember telling her that she has no limit to what she could do and at that moment, I realized that telling her that is exactly what I needed to hear, so here I am, back stronger and mentally prepared for any and everything that comes my way.

  27. Andrea Stauffer

    It would be an honor to be in this movie! It sounds incredible, and I believe I am capable of pulling any kind of part needing to be done! Hello, I’m Andrea, I grew up in Ohio, and am 18. Though I look a lot younger than what I am. Acting has been a part of my life for as long as I remember, I love being someone I’m not. I look at it that I get to live a different life completely different than my own. I do it all the time. For instance, after I watch a movie or television show, I usually don’t come back to reality. That’s how I put it. I usually stay in their world and act like my favorite character for a long time afterwards, raging from a few hours to a few days. Any way, I have a lot of special skills, I’m pretty quick at getting into a new character, also I can fake a few accents: Irish, British, Southern American, Scottish, and Australian. Thank you for reading through my comment out of everybody’s! I hope you can help me in following my dream of being on the big screen! Have a wonderful day!

  28. Iva

    It would be an honor and a privilege to work with one of the premier directors in the industry. I have some experience in front of the camera and am very athletic. I would be thrilled to play a character with passion fighting my “deserved” right to survive. In today’s society, it seems as though we can’t function without some form of articicial intelligence to assist us~this film is right on time! Again, it would be an honor and a privilege to be in this film and I believe I would be an asset if given the opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you and I thank you for taking the time to read this.


  29. Joneisha Carmichael

    Hello, my name is Joneisha. I am 14 years old. I am a 4.0 student and 2013 I was inducted into the Junior National Honor Society. I am also the Lead Drummer in the percussion section at my school. I am very intelligent, passionate, strong willed, hard working, responsible and dependable. I am also open–minded, witty, friendly and kind–hearted. To add, I am trainable and discipline, takes directions well, and works well with others.

    I am a very talented dancer and I am entering my 10th year of dance August 2013. I dance ballet (pointe), jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, hip–hop, and acrobatics. In theatre dance, I have been in the Nutcracker: Lead Angel, Little Girl, Snow, Russian, Waltz; Aladdin: Jewel; Beauty and the Beast: Pepper; Cinderella: Pumpkin; and Little Mermaid: Horse. I have been very successful with my dance talent as a soloist. My accomplishments are: 2014: Teen Miss Dance (Dance Masters of America #33), Alabama Dance Council: Summer scholarship winner (through audition only) to attend Dance Theatre of Harlem, Huntsville Ballet, and Southeast Alabama Dance Company, 2013: Teen Miss Platinum, 1st Runner–up Teen Miss Dance (Dance Masters of America #33), Teen Grand Championship (Hollywood Vibe), 2012: Junior Miss Dance of America, Junior Outstanding Dancer, Junior Miss Platinum.

    Also, I am also very athletic; I play basketball and I ran track. I sing in the Youth Choir in my church. I play the keyboard and learn to play songs on the keyboard. For more information, I have attached my website with several pictures and a video: I would really like to be a part of the Robopocalypse directed by Mr. Spielberg and I think I would be a great asset. Thank you very much for this opportunity and I look forward to hearing from you..

  30. Hailey

    Ethnicity: Polish/German
    Experience: very experienced

    My name is Hailey.
    I could write 100 pages about why you should choose me, easily, but the truth is I’m not words on a paper.
    I’m the picture I paint.
    I’m the thoughts in my mind.
    I’m my actions.
    I’m the words I speak.

    As an actress, I am my character.

  31. Nicolette

    I’m Nicolette. Since I was young it has been my dream to be a well known actress. I’m in the 6th grade and I’m not the most popular girl in school. I’m the odd ball out, but I’ve always wanted to be remembered for something. Being an actress is what I want to do for the rest of my life and for the past few weeks I’ve been applying for many auditions and castings.

    I live acting, along with music, with all of my heart. I feel like I’m not my odd ball self when I act. I love creating characters and pretending to be someone else. I write skits with my friends for this reason. I feel like this is what I was born to do. I’m 12, but people often mistake me for older.

    For my age, I’m smart. I am also well educated. I am outgoing and willing to take risks. I am also full of ideas and open minded. I am more sarcastic then most girls my age. I have a good sense of humor, but I can be serious if necessary. People have told me I appear scary or intimidating at first, but once you get to know me I am friendly and caring. I’m really athletic and love sports. I am also fit.

    I am:
    12 years old
    Straight brown hair
    Hazel eyes
    Few freckles around eyes

    I hope you take me into consideration.
    Thank you

  32. Hannah Leigh Compton

    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’0″
    Weight: 115
    Hair color: light brown
    Eye color: dark brown
    Race: Caucasian/American Indian
    Shoe size: 6.5
    Dress size: 4

    I am Hannah Leigh Compton, I would sit here and type about how much I love acting,like everybody else on here, but I would rather get to the point and share some information about myself. I live in Huntington West Virginia, and ever since I was younger I have been into my music. I drum, play guitar, and sing. I am extremely laid back and will go with the flow. I am pretty smart, I think a lot. Music and acting have always appealed to me in the sense of getting to express how I feel in an abnormal way that is not like anybody else’s. Acting is a way for me to express myself as taking over the outlook of an entirely different person, while still being myself.

  33. Alana Hayes

    Hi I’m 11 year old Alana Hayes from Arlington, Tennessee. I am an African/Native American Female. I can look as old as 14/15 and as young as 11. I’ve been acting since Pre-k. *I can play a “badass” when I need to.* I am okay with having to kick some robot butt! I’ve always been told I’m a great actress. EX: I had only taken one acting class and they put me in an advanced class. I really you hope you consider me, Thank you!
    Age: 11 (Will be 12 in July)
    Body type: Curvy
    Hair: Dark Brown/Black Medium length
    Height: About 5’6
    Ethnicity: African American, Native American & Swedish Descent
    Eye color: Brown

  34. Deyja Martin

    Hello!! Why don’t you decide to work with little ole me. I am begging, pretty please. Whataya say, huh? Wanna help a inspirational gal finally meet her dreams? Can you do that, Sugars?….Lol Oh my gosh, I couldn’t take myself seriously. I do really want to act and I would really like to be a part of this project. C’mon, pick me.. You know you want to…That’s why you’re smiling.. haha :) :) :)

    Hello, All. My name is Deyja. I’m 16 years old and my dream is to act, sing, and model. I want this so bad. Growing up, and still to this day, I take on any opportunities I am given to live my dreams. When I was a little girl, I was so dramatic. Everything I did was acting. Everytime I was tv, I just get so envious of all the stars…I want to be up there was other them. I used to have my mom watch me while I sing and perform different scenes and songs, (some from tv, some I wrote.) I have many big dreams and I’m ready to start living them. I am a harf worker. I promise to never give less than 100%. I can assure you that if you decided to work with me, I would not make you regret it. All I want to do is entertain people all over the world. Please consider me for this. It would be an honor to work with you. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.

    Clumsy. Silly. I laugh at just about everything. VEGETARIAN. Animal lover. I consider myself a Hipster. I’m strange. Hate math. Believe in every mythical person and creature except Santa, Tooth Fairy, and Easter Bunny. Dyslexic. Obsessed with chocolate. Love movies. My favorite nights are full moons. Love dancing. I love dressing up and walking up and down my hall pretending like I’m on a runway. For some reason, I like doing a British accent.


    Gender: Female
    Age: 16 (I can look as young as 14 and as old as 17)
    Ethnicity: Mixed (African American, Jamaican, Egyptian, Puerto Rican, and Italian. )
    Hair: Dark Brown.
    Eyes: Brown.
    Height: 5’6″
    Weight: 136
    Body Type: Average
    Skin Type: Caramel
    Talents: Actress, Singer, Model, Writer, Poet, Artist, I’m pretty good at dancing.

    (Best Number) My number <hidden from public> 
    (Best Email ) <hidden from public>
    My Mom’s Number <hidden from public> 
    My Mom’s Email ) <hidden from public>
    My Sister’s Number <hidden from public> 
    My Sister’s Email: <hidden from public>

  35. Avia Bruno

    My name is avia
    I’m from lafayette Louisiana I am a true fan of yur work
    Watching yur dreams /characters come to life is incredible !
    I’m 6ft tall
    I’m 20 years old
    A bright skinned African American
    Green gray eyes
    My hobbies are writing poetry I’m very goofy an love making people laugh
    An I also sing
    Thanks for yur time & have a delightful evening:)

  36. Rania Chawiky

    I love science fiction movies, roboters lazers etc.. I am Rania and 13. I living in philadelphia, so let me now where the casting is so I can plan it. I am dreaming about bein in a film and red carpet. I am also a big fan of peyton list, she is so beautifoul, she is my idol. I wanna be like her, inteligent and beautifoul. I wanna have big roles in movies, one of my dream too is to meet her. And i have taken drama classes. so i just want really want to to this , this is my live dream.

  37. harry kensley

    Hi my name is harry kensley I am 14 years old and I would love to be part of this amazing new movie I have auditioned for many other movies on tv shows on this website and never really got a reply back but aybe because I never really fit the bill. I have parental permission to use violence and weapon props and mild language and I probably never got a reply because I told them im camp but that shouldn’t be a reason not to full fill my dreams. I have olive skin and average weight if you needed to know. If you like what you hear please email me at <hidden from public> and if you wanted me too send you a video of me acting
    thank you .

  38. Jorge

    Hey I’m Jorge and I would like the chance to be a part of this big project that you guys are doing , if you are still looking for someone .. I’m a street magician ,love doing street magic being doing it for 5 years now and now met some amazing people this pass years and now I do shows to !! !! I like to do some many things .. And I would do any type of roles thank you !

    I’m. 5″7
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eyes: brown
    Weight: 145

  39. Blake Altman

    Blake Altman

    D.O.B. February 15, 2000 Height – 5′ 7” Weight – 135 lbs. Size – Pants – 28-30, Shirt 15-1/2
    PA work permit # 612-13
    Professional Company roles with Stage Right! at The Palace Theatre in Greensburg, Pa, Director Anthony Marino:
    The Wizard of Oz – Lollipop Guild Munchkin – 2008
    Christmas Carol – The spirit “Ignorance,” also ensemble in graveyard scenes- 2008, 2009
    Peter Pan – Lost Boy – 2009
    The King and I – Prince No. 9 – 2010
    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Oompa Loompa and Squirrel – 2011
    Snow White, an original Musical by StageRight! – Boffin, young Dwarf, in a featured dance with Snow White 2012 HYPERLINK “”
    Seussical – Wickersham – 2013
    Shrek – Peter Pan – 2013
    The Geyer Performing Arts Center, Scottdale, PA:
    Disney’s My Son Pinocchio – Pinocchio – 2013, Director Ernie Watson
    The Nutcracker – The Mouse King & Fritz – 2013, Directors John Wagner & Darlene Trout
    Student shows – Greensburg Garden and Civic Center & Palace Theatre, Greensburg, PA
    Seussical (JoJo), Sleeping Beauty (Goon), Little Mermaid (Tailfin), Alice in Wonderland (The Mad Hatter), Honk (Bullfrog); Thirteen, the musical (Brett)
    Waiter in Westmoreland All-County High School Musical “Hello Dolly” 2012 (youngest student performer chosen for this elite performance).
    Technical stage production experience:
    Designed special effects and makeup for Student production of Cinderella, Greensburg Garden & Civic Center, 2010; and professional production of Rocky Horror Show, 2013
    Other experience:
    Attends Stage Right! School for the Performing Arts since 2004, taking dance, voice, acting
    Member of traveling youth performance troupe – the Stage Right! Sensations.
    Attends Extreme Dance Academy for competitive dance in ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary.
    Dance Troupe Performance at Consol Energy Center, Pittsburgh, PA, Harlem Globetrotter’s pre-game show, December, 2013.
    Created costumed character of Easter Bunny for children’s events at Jellystone Park, Niagara Falls, Canada, community Easter Fairs, nursing homes and other events.
    Designed, produced, and directed “the Haunted Trail,” a live, interactive outdoor thrill event, donating all proceeds to special needs children’s groups in 2010.
    As an entrepreneur, started DJ business in 2011.
    Photographer and videographer, creating a web-based reality YouTube show featuring students from Stage Right!

  40. paresh deore

    Hello sir… I’m from India.. I m 21 years male…. I want to make career in acting .. I wish to work with Steven Spielberg.. huge fan of him… I need one chance to prove myself.. plz help me .. thank u

  41. joy wagnon

    Hi my name is Joy
    Gender: Female
    Age: 12 years
    Height: Ft 4’5
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Hazel

    this seams like a very clever and interesting show and i would love to be a part of it!!! I love acting; I always have since I was little. Acting makes me feel like I can be anyone I want to be, like anything is possible. I have been in a few plays. I am not fearless; no one ever is, but I’m as close as anyone can be. I am very dedicated give me this opportunity I will give you my all. Even though I may not have that much experience, I knew from the second I was in my first play, that this is the one thing that I love to do and am great at. I would love a large roll in this show, but I would happily be an extra. I think this would be a great step to my career in acting. Please help make my dream come true.

    Joy Wagnon

  42. Megan Sanders

    Hello, My name is Megan J Sanders and I’m a 16 year old female, I’m currently a junior in high school and a full time student. I have been acting and singing for about 8 years total. I am an advanced theater student at one of the best high schools in Sierra Vista and I promise if I get this part I wont cut you short or give up on my self. I am partially athletic being on the cheer team and exercising on my own time. I am an African American girl and my height is 5’2 I have brown eyes and dark brown hair. If I get the part that you’re offering I will work 100% but try to give you 110% of my ability’s. Thank you for taking the time to read my short résumé!

    P.s You guys ROCK!!

  43. bill cyril

    Name :Bill Cyril
    Birth Date :23rd august 2001
    Age :12
    Height :146cm
    Weight :43kg
    Home :Hong Kong
    Race :Half Filipino and Hong Kong china,with Spinach and Thailand blood
    Experience :I have been to many plays and got many awards.i can also sing and i
    really want to be in the cast of Robopocalypse because i really liked
    the book and i really want to be in the cast of my favorite book.Since
    Hong Kong don’t have any roles like this,i am looking forward to be
    in this film.I really want to work with Steven Spielberg.He’s my idol.
    Even though i live in Hong Kong,I hope this could be a chance for
    me to not only be in a movie but to also help me get out of my family’s
    situation.Please contact me at <hidden from public>

  44. bill cyril

    Name :Bill Cyril
    Birth Date :23rd august 2001
    Age :12
    Height :146cm
    Weight :43kg
    Living Place :Hong Kong
    Race :Half Filipino and Hong Kong china,with Spinach and Thailand blood
    Experience :I have been to many plays and got many awards.i can also sing and i
    really want to be in the cast of Robopocalypse because i really liked
    the book and i really want to be in the cast of my favorite book.Since
    Hong Kong don’t have any roles like this,i am looking forward to be
    in this film.I really want to work with Steven Spielberg.He’s my idol.
    Even though i live in Hong Kong,I hope this could be a chance for
    me to not only be in a movie but to also help me get out of my family’s
    situation.Please contact me at <hidden from public>

  45. Morgan-Tayler

    I am a female, fourteen year old who has this really big dream to be in a Steven Spielberg film. All the greatest feature films ever made has Steven’s name on it. Whether he was producing or directing the film, it always turned out great! I would be more than honored to work with him. I have had 8-9 years of acting experience and classes, so I believe I could fulfill a dream of mine to be in one of his films! I am 5’2 and I’m blonde. I dye my hair, and I wouldn’t mind making any different changes to my hair for.the film! This film in particular would be very exciting to be in. I wouldn’t even be in the film for the fame, but to be able to bring a character to life. I would like to be the bad guy, the good guy, or even just an extra. I want to be a character for the audience. A character they could cheer for or boo at. I believe in acting just as much as a toddler believes in mythical creatures. Acting is my life. I don’t get alot of opportunities for anything, and for you to consider me is just unbelievable. If you have questions or decide to contact me you may by these:
    email: <hidden from public>
    phone number <hidden from public> or <hidden from public> 
    And again, thank you for letting me express my opinion towards being in this film!

  46. paige rohr

    Sex: girl
    Weight 180 consists mostly of bone weight
    Hair brown
    Eyes brown
    Skin acne prone tannish
    I want to try out beacause I really want to be an actress and BTW I look 14

  47. bill cyril

    Name :Bill Cyril
    Birth Date :23rd august 2001
    Height :146cm
    Weight :43kg
    Living Place :Hong Kong
    Race :Half Filipino and Hong Kong china,with Spinach and Thailand blood
    Experience :I have been to many plays and got many awards.i can also sing and i
    really want to be in the cast of Robopocalypse because i really liked
    the book and i really want to be in the cast of my favorite book.Since
    Hong Kong don’t have any roles like this,i am looking forward to be
    in this film.I really want to work with Steven Spielberg.He’s my idol.
    Even though i live in Hong Kong,I hope this could be a chance for
    me to not only be in a movie but to also help me get out of my family’s
    situation.Please contact me at .

  48. Chazz

    Hello there! I am Chazz, a female, 16 years old, 5’5, 112 pounds. I am black, white and indian and live in the Los Angeles area. Acting has been a natural given talent of mine since I was a little girl. I give 100% and tend to be shy at times but when you give me a role to act out…I’m not Chazz anymore, I am who you want me to be. This will be a great change for you and I if you give me a chance. Thank you for your time and consideration, I look foward to hearing from you. Feel free to email me if you have any questions/concerns.


  49. Kristina Pruitt

    Name: Kristina Pruitt
    Birth Date: October 13 1999
    Age: 14
    Hair Color: Black
    Height: 5″6″
    Race: African-American

    It would be an honor if you choose me to be in Robopocalypse.
    My email is Again I am very interested to be in this film

  50. FeShawn Arthur

    Weight 175
    Gender- Female
    It would be and honor to feature in a Steven Spielberg movie, I think I have a natural futuristic look and build I can become the ultimate robot or a good hero to mankind, preferably the evil ARCHOS, lol. I graduated from a school of performing arts here in Virginia and currently performing for open-mic venues. Look forward to your consideration.

  51. jacob dawson

    HI my name is Jacob brown hair brown eyes 4’1 Caucasian I am funny I can do really cool stunts and I hope an would appreciate if you would let me audition for the movie

    Jacob Dawson

  52. Dystany Berry

    Hello:) I’m Dystany. I would love to be apart of this huge film! Bcuz this could really extremely help out my acting career! I would be honored;) Even just being an extra! So thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read this♥♡ and you can e-mail me.
    Age:11 and a half.
    Height: 4’10
    Race: White, Mexican, Purdo Rican,& Indian
    Exsperience: don’t have alot but I am super good at acting!

    ~Dystany N. Berry

  53. Karen Martinez

    My names Karen.

    It would be an honor to audition for a role as a supporting or extra/background actress.
    I’m easy to work with,a fast learner and I get along with people.
    I would also like to progress/start my life in the acting business.
    Thank you for your time.

  54. Gus Rodriguez

    Is Steven Spielberg movie, do you really need to say more, the man is a genius, I have followed his career for the last 30 years, he was my best director when ET came out and still the best today, if I had a chance to meet him I would work on this film for free, even if is just as an extra, I am a 45 year old man who always wanted to do acting but kids and family did not aloud it, now I find my self alone and wondering what ever happen to my dreams, I studied theater in college 10 years ago and was the best time of my life, my kids are gone now and I find my self alone and wondering what would it happen if I got picked to be in this movie, I guess I would be the happiest man alive, what should I be consider ..because this would change my entire life and I would give it 200% of my self.

    Thanks for Reading.
    Gus Rodriguez///AKA Adrian Biondy

  55. bill cyril

    name :Bill Cyril
    age :12
    birth date :23rd august 2001
    living place :Hong Kong
    reason :I would really want to be in this production because i have read the book before
    and i really like acting.I’ve been to many plays and achieved many awards.Even
    though i live in Hong Kong,I am still interested to be in this film.I’m also half filipino
    and have chinese blood.i hope that you can let me be in this production with you.
    Please contact me at <hidden from public>

  56. Bill Cyril

    Name :Bill Cyril
    Birth Date :23rd august 2001
    Height :146cm
    Weight :43kg
    Living Place :Hong Kong
    Race :Half Filipino and Hong Kong china,with Spinach and Thailand blood
    Experience :I have been to many plays and got many awards.i can also sing and i
    really want to be in the cast of Robopocalypse because i really liked
    the book and i really want to be in the cast of my favorite book.Since
    Hong Kong don’t have any roles like this,i am looking forward to be
    in this film.I really want to work with Steven Spielberg.He’s my idol.
    Even though i live in Hong Kong,I hope this could be a chance for
    me to not only be in a movie but to also help me get out of my family’s
    situation.Please contact me at <hidden from public>.

  57. Frankie Lou Thorn

    I would Love to read the script! I know the book, I Love the director…
    I’m so into doing a sci-fi project….I’m ready!
    Happy Holidays for ALL!

  58. Kylie Thurston

    I’ve taken acting classes and love acting and have always wanted to be in a movie. I would love to be in this film if you would take me. I also do singing but I love acting and portraying other people/characters.

  59. james

    My name is James. It has been a childhood dream to become an actor. I have the personality, the drive/motivation to become a good actor if given the chance. I do believe that dreams come true and it has been proven time and time again with the likes of Chris Rock, michael clark duncan, Gene Hackman. Sylvester Stallone and many many more. I know that this is a long shot but if given the opportunity, It would change my life and those around me forever especially now since I lost my job.

  60. Ben Davies

    Hi, my names Ben Davies. I’m from Wales, UK however I now live in Gloucester, UK. I think I could make a great addition to the cast as I have (To the cast) a foreign accent. I am thin, six foot tall with brown hair. I’ve read the book and thought it was great. I admit I’m not the best teenage actor out there but I would put hard effort and soul into acting if I was granted this chance. I have made several home movies and starred in most of them – that’s all the experience I’ve had so far really. This would be a fantastic opportunity for me and would make my dreams a reality.
    Thank you for your consideration,

  61. Shon Fuller

    Hello. My name is Shon Fuller. I am a 18 year old, African-American male. I have black hair and dark brown eyes. I have no acting experience, but I am capable, athletic, and smart. My email is <hidden from public>.

  62. Albanee Jorge

    Name: Albanee M, Jorge
    Birthday: October 27, 2000
    Age: 13
    Height: 5 “3″
    Weight: 112.4
    Race: Mixed Nationalities African American & Puerto Rican
    Experience: I have been in a couple of plays and am currently attending theatre arts classes at my school
    please contact me at email
    Sincerest Regards-
    Albanee Jorge

  63. Bobby Erickson

    I am a 41 year old family man with experience in theater, film shoots, DJ/KJ, and performing in the music industry as a singer/musician/songwriter. Mr. Spielberg has always been a favorite of mine, and this has intrigued me as a student of Biblical End Times (eschatology). I am a typical Midwestern husband, father and friend, in many ways – height, weight, MN accent, etc. I have been seeking opportunities to break into TV/Film, and would truly appreciate the chance to audition for this project. Please contact me as needed. Respectfully…

  64. Elizabeth Rodriguez

    Oh my god yes i would totally love to be in this production i have always wanted to be in a movie about Apocalypse i would just die if i got the part. My names Elizabeth Rodriguez i am 15 years old i am Latina i have dark brown super curly hair with light brown highlights and dark brown eyes, i am 5 foot 6 in. i speak fluent Spanish and English i play the Violin and the Cello. I would appreciate it so, much if i could be in it you don’t know how long i have waited for an opportunity like this thank you so much hope to hear back from you.

  65. Destiny Waters

    Hello no i mean Yellow im a young Athlectic African American trying to make it in the fliming and acting industry because im tired of waking up in the morning and saying these words “Why the Heck am i not on t.v thst Kizz-NEEE-EYYYY i do on a regular basics is a hilarious and so dang werid i bet if i was on t.v it would be the most watched thing on their because i bring laughs and adventure to everyone i meet and evrywhere i go. So if you laughed or thinking about considering someone like myself please contact me at the email provided up above or hit me up on Instagram @destinyakahotsauce

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