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  1. Treyvon sim

    Well I’m just 14 and I’m creative and i can sing .I don’t want to beg and beg and try to convince you how I’m perfect..cause I’m not..Thats all people want to do is say how im this im that.Although i feel that I can do my best with my talents and achieve..I really want to give this thing a try….I hope thats not to much to ask ..I hope to speak to you soon have, a nice night

  2. Rodri Mend

    Hey!!! My name is Luci Rodri Mend, and I think I would be a potential to you guys, I am
    A tall very fit girl, that loves challenges I think It would be honor to get this role. I have long brown hair and I am vet active I love to run (I’m a fast runner) I think this role will be a challenge in a good way. I am a thin teenage girl I’m 5’5 an actually bearly way hundred pounds, I am very healthy. If I had the chance I will donate my profits to poverty, I know how it feels being poor, but I never let that hold me down. I am a very amazeing actress that’s what all my teachers tell me at school. I’ve even won a role, that I didn’t really sign up for in 6th grade. I really will be so thankful If I get this role!!

    Love, Luci
    And also my name and last Anne are s

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