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  1. Mike

    This sounds eerily familiar to what happened to the 12 Colonies in the 2003 version of Battlestar Galactica… Namely, what would have happened had the Cylons had won the First Cylon War

  2. Fritz Phanor

    Hello my name is Fritz Phanor I am 13 years old I would like to addition for a role because I would like to get out of my comfort zone for a chance but it would be a honor to be just an extra for the background or a leading role

  3. Fritz Phanor

    Hello my name is Fritz Phanor I am 13 years old. I would like to addition for a role

  4. Sean the Movie Dude

    Hi there! Ho there! Hey there! :)

    Yes, my name is Sean. Have taken acting classes/done some auditioning back in my day (which actually wasn’t too long ago – I’m ‘only’ 29 yrs old) HUGE fan of Mr. Spielberg’s work ever since I was a little brat running around in diapers. Would be super-duper thrilled to be in this movie, even as an extra! Please contact me before I’m old & gray and living in Jurassic Park with the rest of the prehistoric fossils. :p

    Thanks! And may the Force be with you…

  5. Ryan Huffman

    Hey my name is Ryan Huffman, i’m 15 years old and i have been looking for a role in a movie for a few years but can never find any that will take people my age and experience please get back to me. it would be an honor to audition for any roles or extras. the best way to contact me is through my email

  6. Anna Mae

    Name- Anna Mae
    Height – 5 ‘1
    Weight 128
    Hair – natural dark red hair / some people say it is auburn
    eye – blue
    age- 21
    Gender- Female
    I live in Delaware in the US ..Some people think I look younger than I am. But it depends on the person.I have been in a musical and I am going to take a theater class.I’ve all ways thought being a actress would be interesting .I was in dream club in high school. I was in a school play. We did sing. I think I am a ok singer. From being in the play I know they said I was a soprano. I’ve all ways thought being a actress would be interesting .I was in dream club in high school. I all so wrote a short story and published it on The story is called Loathsome..I am working on more shorty stores that i am going to put up like Sorciere Spiaire… Witch Spy this is about a witch who is in a spy, and The Tall Yellow House Blood On awl this is a scary story. Tall Tales Of ROYALTY is a more book’s I am put on .I paint , do photography, and crocheting.I all so draw fashion and I can kind of sew.All so been working on writing on songs. Still getting better at writing songs.I all ways thought acting would be fun to do. I would be something different .I understand what kids are like I have a daughter.I am in college but I only have three classes to go.I do however walk with a blue cane. It doesn’t mean I can’t walk I just can’t walk well without it. I all ways thought being in a movie in any way would be cool. Acting is something I have l thought on and off of for a while know.I think Steven Spielberg is great. This sound like it would be so awesome it would be talked about for years after . I don’t mind being a extra. I get sometimes you have to start small.f you need to know more about me email me. I would like you to consider me for a part please Email at <hidden from public>. Please contact me when you get the chance please. Thank you . Have a good day. Thank you again.

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