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  1. Juliana Frost

    Basics: My name is Juliana Frost. I have a killer last name, definitely memorable, looks good on the big screen :) I currently reside in Copperas Cove, Texas. I’m “Caucasian”, but German, no accent (Lived in America too long) I’m 18, Medium length hair, Red head (not natural I dye it), big brown eyes, 5’6″, little on the not skinny side, basically a young aspiring actress looking for a big break. I’ve been in theater since I was a child. I took 4 years of Theater in High School. I did very well, I have faith in my acting skills, I just want you to learn to have the same faith as me in myself. I won’t disappoint. Even though this is just an extras thing, and I haven’t watch a single episode, not because it’s not interesting, but because I haven’t heard of it. I will play whatever part I am given even if it’s “Dead person number 387″ I will be the deadest dead person ever! VIVA La REVOLUTION!

  2. Austin McClenahan

    im 17 im hawaiian sense of humor can play any part and be the best at it if im an extra you see only taking a drink in the background ill be the best extra youve seen taking a drink in the background if im a lead no doubt ill be the best

  3. Rich Bonnell

    Hello, my name is Rich Bonnell and I am 31 years old. I live in San Antonio Tx, and I love the show. One of my old Sgts from the military got a role as security during this last season, and told me I should come check out open calls. I am prior military, and would love to be an extra in this upcoming season. Any role would be awesome!!!!!! Thank you for your consideration.

  4. Ryan McComas

    Hi My name is Ryan McComas, I live in Temecula, CA. I am a big fan of Revolution and would love to be a part of the show. I have been in numerous stage productions and have been in a couple of movies as an extra. I hope you consider me.

  5. Nicki D

    Hey! My Name is Nicki D and I would love to audition to be apart of Revolution because I think it would be a really good experience for me. I have watched every episode and think it is a great show. I would love to be apart of it in any way!!!!

  6. Felecia Green

    Hi, my name is Felecia from Tyler, Texas and I love the show. I’m a songwriter and a fan of Revolution. I look forward to it every week and would love to be cast in the show. I’m a hard worker, very detailed business professional with accounting experience seeking an opportunity to showcase my creative side. I’d enjoy the chance to be a part of such a great show!

  7. Amanda Landeche

    I would like to be able to have a chance to become part of this amazing cast. I am a junior at Kilgore High School, I’m very involved with the Advanced Theatre Production, and also a cheerleader. I have been in plays, as well as musicals. Also iv been involved in the UIL One Act Play.

  8. Jane Murray

    Hey my name is Jane Murray,

    I am 17 years old turning 18 on august 19th, I was born in 1996, and I’m Australian. I hope I have a chance at all because of the fact that I live here in Australia; I am willing to travel to anywhere for the period of time in which the series is getting filmed. I am very passionate in starting and pursuing a career as a full time film actress. I am athletic and my body type is thin to average size. I’m 5’7′ ft. tall and I weigh 53 kilograms. I have no tattoos and I am Caucasian. My shoe size is a size 9 in ladies Aus. I have medium length blonde hair with blue eyes and I really love the series Revolution and would like to be a part of it if possible. I am a hard worker and I’m very willing to get up early mornings just to have a part in revolution. I would be professional on set and I am open to playing bigger parts in the film as well if probable. I haven’t had any former experience in film acting but, I am determined and prepared to give my all.

    Thankyou so much and Hopefully I will hear back from you soon.

  9. Stephanie G

    Female: Brown Hair/eyes
    Born to Act and kick ass
    Age: 18

  10. matthew curtis

    Hi, my name is Matthew Curtis, im 21 and I live in Gladewater Texas. I have watched every episode of revolution and I love it, and would love to be an extra on it.

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