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  1. Genevieve Dastrup

    I’m Genevieve Dastrup I’m 18 years old and my dream job is to be an actress. I would love to start anywhere.
    Hair:dark brown, curly, past shoulders
    Weight:105 lb
    Race:Mexican American

  2. Allison Evans

    I’m Allison! For as long as I can remember friends and family have always joked about me becoming an actress or a model, as I am almost 6 foot tall. Acting has always been a passion of mine, and something I’ve always enjoyed, I’ve just never really known how to go about trying to pursue it. I’m a huge fan of Pretty Little Liars and that’s actually what lead me to this site. As stated above, I am slightly under the 6 foot mark.

    A little more about myself: I’m currently 18, and I attend a small college. I have light brown hair, green eyes, olive skin, and a slender build.

    If there is any more information that you need or if a picture of myself is needed, please feel free to contact me at my email address. Thanks so much in advance, and have a great day!

  3. Alex Galvez

    Hi, I am alex.
    I am 17 turning 18 in May. I can act or look younger if needed.
    I am 5’1, 95 pounds
    Black hair, dark brown eyes Mexican.
    I love Abc family and would a part. I have done school plays

  4. Raquelle Hernandez

    Name: Raquelle Hernandez
    Age: 16
    Hair Color: Light Brown
    Eye color: Hazel
    Height: 5’6
    DOB: November 10th

    Hello, my name is Raquelle and I’m 16 years old. I’ve been looking forward to starting a serious acting career. However, I am a go getter and love to try out new things. I am in the track team, ROTC, I’ve took photography, photoshop and I love to draw and have been drawing since I was at a very young age. I also took theater in elementary. I’m willing to face any challenges that I must go through to achieve my dream. So please don’t hesitate to email me about any questions or information regarding of this opportunity. Thank you!

  5. Sommer Walton

    Hello, my name is Sommer Walton! My dream is to act! It seems like such a fun and amazing time and I have always believed I would be great at it. I am an extremely loving person and quite the people person! Everyone who knows me would say that I get along quite well with others and that I am good at dominating a room. I’ve always wanted the opportunity to act, but I was told perusing an education was the first thing to be done. Yet, I still am striving to make my dream a reality. Please give me the chance to do something great! I am a 20 year female with blonde hair and green eyes. Thank you :)

  6. Teia

    I would be interested in being in the show

  7. Valeria

    Hello my name is valeria I am 14 turning 15 this April, I can really pass as a 16 or 17 year old. I absolutely love this show. I’ve been watching it since it came put. It would be amazing for me to be in it as well. I am a very focused person and I try my best.

  8. Natalia Makowska

    My name is Natalia and Im 17. I’m from Poland but I’ve been living in ireland for most of my life. I’m 150lbs and 5″7 ft tall. I would love to move to America and expand on my acting career. I would love to be on this show as I love acting and being someone else for w while. I have gotten acting lessons previously from a lady who has taken part in theatrical plays and I’ve taken part in 2 school plays myself. Pretty little liars is my all time favourite show so to be on a show by Marlene King would be absolutely amazing. I love acting as being someone else is very intriguing to me. I would love to be on this show because it would give me the chance to move to America and expand on my acting career and experience on an amazing show. I would consider myself as hard working and I have a good ability of memorising scripts, I’m very outgoing and I would be willing to play any role on the show as I love playing someone else.

  9. Kalista Wolfgang

    My name is Kalista Wolfgang, I’m thirteen, born in 2001 and I’m from a small town called Lowellville in the state of Ohio. I would love to be concidered for this amazing opportunity and I think I should be choosen because Pretty Little Liars is my favorite show and I always rein act the parts and I just love the mystery and ploy twists from the first season of Ravenswood. I know this is a long shot, and I may not be what you’re looking for, but I’ve always had a passion for acting and have so much fun doing it. It would be an honor to even be concidered.

    Thank you, Kalista Wolfgang

  10. Aline Sbeiti

    I love ABC and the shows on it. I’m a 15 Years old girl and I love to act. i don’t have any experience at it but i can assure you to perfection my role if i ever get to be part of the cat. I love movies and tv shows and i watch them all day. Give me a chance to prove my self and to make my dream of being an actress true. Please notice me.

  11. Zynell Jessup

    Hello, I’m Zynell Jessup. Thank you for taking the time to read this. You can find me on YouTube and Instagram, both @ZynellJ

    African American


    Dark hair, dark eyes


    Live in Florida


    I’m Brooke live in VA so very close to where your filming. I’m 19 , just started modeling and acting and feel like this would be an awesome opportunity for me! I’ve grown up watching abc family and it would be my dream to be on this tv series. Please email me so I can give a better description of myself ! Thanks for reading hope to hear from you!

  13. Lizzy Mcdonald

    Hi my name is Lizzy McDonald and i’m 16 years old. I love to sing dance and act and I’m a big fan of pretty little liars and I’ve always wanted to be in something big like that. I have long black curly hair and green eyes. I’m 5,5 and i’m about 119 pounds. I’m also welsh! I’m a very independent person and I work very hard to my dreams of being an actor.

  14. Terrell Drake

    Hi my name is Terrell Drake and I would love to be on this show, I love to act and I really want to be on this show because it seems a lot better than Pretty Little Liars. Please Consider Me Thank You.
    Age 17
    Birth Date 6/22/97
    Height 5’11 1/2
    Weight 205
    Play Football, Basketball, Soccer, Track, and Mixed Martial Arts.

  15. Rudy Wheat

    Hi! I’m Rudy. I am 14 years old, but if you met me in person you would probably think I’m about 16 or something like that. I would love to be a part of this project, and think I would be a good candidate. I have 3 years of acting experience (mostly from drama productions at my school of which I have won 2 awards for). I can fake cry, and am also as well in training to be a stunt man through gymnastics, and martial arts. I am 5’4, athletically, and muscularly built. I have brown hair, and brown eyes with fair skin. Also my voice is really deep so…

    Thank you for reading, and please consider me for a role in this film :D

  16. Devon Johnson

    Hi my name is Devon Johnson, I am 17 year old female going on 18 in April. I am senior in high school and I am really looking for a new beginning as I enter my adult life. I took an acting class a few years ago but with me being so involved in sports I never par took in any plays through my high school. I am a hard worker with a flexible schedule and would be willing to go anywhere at anytime to make it work. I am 5’9, blue\grey eyes, brown auburn hair to my collarbone, with an athletic build. I could fit just about any role and have been told that I could play the age of someone roughly between 17-22. If you are interested or have any question please email me, I can also send a head shot at request! Thank you!

  17. Yasmeen

    Hello :)

    My name is Yasmeen and I believe I should be considered for the new casting call.I am 20 years old. I can tell all about how great I am but honestly it would be pointless because everyone would say great things about themselves. I can say one thing though I am different. Although I was born here , my family is originally from Afghanistan. I have a very different and unique look and personality. I love to act and sing. I have green eyes and dark hair. It would be wonderful if you guys gave me the chance to prove to you that I can be great :)

    Thank you for your time,
    Yasmeen <3

  18. laurenta

    Hi am laurenta,an African and would be glad to take part in any of the series.i am 19 years. I love ABC family and would want to be part. Reading,acting and sightseeing are my hobbies. Acting is one of my dreams please help me make it come through..THANKS

  19. Aria Luna

    Hi my name is Aria Luna and im 15 years old and im from brooklyn I would like to be part of this show I love watching pretty little liars i would really want to be on this show i hope you guys can consider me to be part of this i would really want to start having a acting career i do have some experiences i was the lead role for all my school plays back at middle school and i would really want a role for this show my dreams would come true thank you

  20. Katelyn Cormican

    Hello! My name is Katelyn Cormican, I’m 14 years old born in 2001. I have no experience, but I am very motivated and willing to work hard because this is a life dream for me.
    Hair: Dyed a soft red, very curly and shoulder length
    Eyes: Dark brown
    I’m fair complected Caucasian female
    Height: 5’1
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, singing, and acting
    I have a very unique look and feel I can portray many different characters. I live in the Atlanta area and have my parents complete support. I am also very social.

    Thank you for any consideration.

  21. Julia Hagler

    Hi! My name is Julia Hagler, and I live in Michigan. I am in 8th grade and turn 14 in 3 weeks. I play soccer, basketball, volleyball and softball, but I always thought acting would be fun. I know I don’t have that much expirence, but I am very outgoing and fun and think I could be a natural. I am a very good student. Number 1 in my class. So if you do happen to see this out of all the other comments, please give me a chance. Also, I love mysteries, and I loved PLL. I like to try everything, and I know there will probably be better fits for the roles. But I also know I would work my butt off to play these roles perfectly. So I know you might not see this, but thank you if you do I really appreciate it. Thanks!
    Hair: brown
    Eyes: brown
    Height: 5’6”

  22. Anna

    Holaa!! I’m Anna. I think I should be considered because I love acting (and also singing, playing guitar and piano but okay haha) and I’ve played in two musicals before. I’m Dutch (and I also live in the Netherlands) and 13, but turning 14 on 18 June. I’m small (5’1″ haha), have long darkbrown hair and blue/green eyes. I’d love to be part of the cast and I think it’s amazing to bring a show for abc family!!

  23. Lidia Pozo

    Hi, I’m 16 years old. I’m from Spain but I can speak almost perfectly english because I have british family.
    I’m 1,53 metres tall and my weigh is 42 kg.
    I have pale skin and brown eyes, I’m redhaired.
    I love acting and singing. I play the piano, flute and guitar (learning the ukelele).

  24. Jasmine King

    Hi, my name is Jasmine and I just turned 22 years old. I can look anywhere between 16 and 26 years old and can also look like a number of ethnicities. I’ve been acting all my life and I’ve just been waiting on my big break. I live in Houston, TX but am ready to travel/move.

    -Caucasian & Indian w/ tan skin
    -Black eyes
    -long, wavy brown hair
    -110 lbs and fit

    Thank you!

  25. Gillian

    Hi, my name is Gillian and I am a 26 year old female. I have been acting since I was 10, taking part in theatre productions, short films and commercials. A few years back I was in an accident that lead to me having to use a wheelchair and since then I have found it much more difficult to find poorer unities for acting. I have great experience, work hard, and would love the opportunity to take part in this! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  26. Sona

    My name is Sona, I am 14 years old but I look 16. I have lots of expirience in plays such as Romeo and Juliet and other Shakespeare plays. I have brown hair and brown eyes and I’m 5’4 and I am Armenian/ American I weigh 100 pounds. Acting is pretty much my life and I would love a role in this show. Thank you!

  27. Melanie Zuniga

    My name is Melanie, I am 12 years old but on March 5 I will turn 13 I look 16 though because I’m tall. I have brown eyes and brown curly hair. I weigh 107 pounds and I am 5,3. I would really like a chance for this I don’t care whether it’s an extra role or just a small role. My email is <hidden from public> please give this a thought I won’t let you down

  28. Antwan Harris

    I think that I should be considered for a role in Ravenswood because I’m charismatic, I have a sparkling personality, and most people around me have either became friends with me or extremely close. I should also be considered because I’m in my senior year of high school and I will be attending college. So I think it would be a good what to branch out more and discover more things within the world. Although I am from St. Louis I would be willing to travel for the role. Nothing is a barrier. I’m planning on changing my name when I get to college or whenever I can. I plan on changing it to Saemus Harris. I am 18 years old also a black male although my friends say I don’t at black. Anyway I do have the tendency to stutter but I have learned to deal with it so I have moved past my speaking barrier. This Spring I plan on being in my school’s musical. The production will be Legally Blonde. Along with that I will be in my third year of rowing for St. Louis Rowing Club. So I am fit and athletic. If have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at any time.

  29. Amber Nicole Lewis

    Hi my name is Amber as you can see, I’m 14 and i would love to be part of such an amauzing production. i love to dance. my style of dancing is like majorette dancing. i love to sing. i have sung. in many school talent shows and one, also in my church choir. i am a light skin african american, 5’0 tall, curly brown hair (bra strap length ) and brown eyes. i am very athletic , i cheer run track and play basketball. I have had little experience. in front of the camera but if you choose me i won’t let you down.a lot of people tell me i am dramatic and i am very sweet . PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE EMAIL ME BACK. YOU WON’T REGRET IT.u

  30. madelyn

    Hi my name is Madelyn carmichael and i would be delighted to be in a this sort of film i have always loved and had a passion for mysteries, i have always been adventurous person, when i was little i would climb trees and explore the woods you would never catch me inside.
    I am 13 going on 14 on the 16th of march,2015
    I am 5’5/5’6
    Gender: female
    Eyes: green/gold
    Hair: natural red with golden highlights in sunlight
    Full american
    hair length: long/almost below my chest area
    Location: Florida
    I am from: Longview, TX
    I am very nice and well mannered sincerely, i work very well infront of a camera and sometimes shy to talk to people but once i open up i am funny,outgoing and kindhearted.I have practiced acting before infront of a mirror and i would consider myself a good actor but i would need help crying on Q if my role was to cry.I keep my cool on camera in meaning i would not break character intill my take was done.I am good at singing i have been to talent shows at my school and i have gotten many comments on how good a singer i was. I have been asked to sing before by friends and they said i was a good singer so i think this if my role i had to pertake in any singing would be a big plus. Sincerely, Madelyn.Carmichael, i hope you see what i could become.

  31. Citlaly Baltazar

    My name is Citlaly Baltazar, and I an truly in love with the Pretty Little Liars series. To be apart of a spin of show such as this one would be an amazing opportunity. I desperately desire to be on this show so I can eventually become a successful and influential Hispanic female to all the young girls in my home town of El Paso, Texas. I am fourteen years old, and ready to work hard. Please take my comment under consideration, and give me a chance to change my life.

  32. Lauren Wells

    Hello, my name is Lauren and I am interested in being part of Ravenswood. I have always had a passion for the performing arts. I love to act, sing, and dance. It would be amazing if I was considered for a possible role.
    Some basic information you may want to know about me:
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: approximately 115
    Body type: fit
    Hair color: medium to dark brown
    Eye color: brown
    Date of birth: August 26, 2000
    Ethnicity: Caucasian and Hispanic
    Languages I speak fluently: English and Spanish

  33. Victoria

    I love pretty little liars and I loved everytime they visited Ravenswood, because of how sneaky it looked. I’m 17 with brown eyes dark cherry dyed hair and im also 5″ even. My schedule is very flexible

  34. Ashley

    I’m interested in this position on ravenswood, I’m such a fan of PLL, I’m a college graduate, I’m 27 but have the face of a teenager! With age comes wisdom and maturity! I was always told I have the face of an actress and it’s in my blood to entertain! Making people smile and bring out the best in them is what makes me who I am! I would love to become part of the abc family and hope to speak to you further! Thanks for your time! I’m a petite blonde 5’5 110 lbs blue eyes! Thanks again!

  35. Kinsey

    Hi I’m Kinsey I’m 14. 5″4 , I have brown hair , hazel eyes and I’m a great actor

    When I first found out about ravenswood I was so exited I had to audition , I’m mysterious, and a great liar. If you have any questions please email me back I want this so bad!!

  36. Aspen Sawyer

    Hi I’m Aspen Sawyer. I have been acting since I was 5 years old and have starred in multiple plays and musicals for my school and acting camps. I also have taken various acting and theater classes and am in private vocal lessons and have been in choir since third grade. I recently got accepted into my town’s prestigious all-girls chorus that requires a rigorous audition. I have lots of experience in front of the camera, starring in shorts films for colleges and commercial auditions.

    Aspen Sawyer
    16 years old (birthday January 3rd 1999)
    dark brown eyes
    5 feet 3 inches tall
    125 pounds
    hair length: waist length ( but it’s kind of thin so it doesn’t look that long)
    Hair Color: medium/light brown (with a hint of auburn)
    skin tone: beige, skin tone can easily fluctuate from tan to pale if needed
    ethnicity: caucasion (Irish), 1/4 native american (white skin with some native facial features such as my nose and cheek bones)
    country: USA, Arizona
    I have one of those faces that can easily be made to look younger older, or my age with makeup.
    I am very professional and easy to work with :)

    extra talents: multiple years of dance, singing, cheerleading (back-bends, splits, cart-wheels), theater, camera acting, college shorts films, 4 years of tae-kwondo and kung fu, gun and training, can do multiple different types of voices.
    Please contact me :) <hidden from public>
    Thank you!

  37. Soraya Magnin

    My name is Soraya Magnin.
    I’m 14 years old and I’m from Switzerland.
    I have brown hair and blue eyes.
    I like to dance, sing, act and dive.
    When I was younger I were playing in school musicals and school theaters.
    And I loved it.
    And now I want to do this again,
    because I really like it to be in front of a camera.
    And I love PLL I watch it every week.

  38. natasha brooker

    My names natasha i am 15 years old and would like to ne considered for the role as im hard working and focused and enjoy working as part of a team
    Age 15
    Gender female
    Race white british
    Height 4″ 9
    Shoe size 3
    Eye colour blue
    Hair- shoulder length brown hair
    Hobbies- rock climbing piano listening to music reading and st johns ambulance
    If you need any other details feel free to email me

  39. DeYasha Rochelle

    I am 18 years old. I am 5’4, I have curly, brown medium length hair and brown eyes. I have an athletic build and weigh 120lbs. I have acted in a 3 musicals in high school and one play in middle school. I’ve wanted to be an actor since I was 4 years old. This opportunity would mean the world to me. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  40. taylor

    hi! my name is taylor and I am 14 years old. when I was born my parents said that I was a star and I just thought that they were being nice parents, you know trying to boost my confidence, and that is what they were prabally doing. but as I started to get older I love to act and sing and dance but mostly act. and I would memerized papers or scripts or show and movies pretty quickly and I would love to renact them. but when I was about 11 my friends and family members started saying you are going to be a star or you were born to be an actress. and I do think that I am going to be an actress. and I have wanted to become an actress every since then and I would really love it if you could give me a chance. I promise you wont regret it, I am very determined and really for hard work. please please give me a shot. thank you. please get back to me.

  41. Destiny Jaramillo


    My name is Destiny I don’t have any acting experience but It a dream for a small town girl!

    height: 5’7
    Weight: 120
    eye color: brown
    hair color: brown
    hair length: medium long
    race: hispanic

    Really would like a shot I’m a hard worker.

  42. Simran Loi

    My name is Simran Loi I live in Fresno Ca, I also do punjabi dance and I’m looking for a audition to be in your ravenswood scenes for pll. I have act before but in a small acting team in a small scene.
    Height: 5″4
    Weight: 120
    Age: 13
    Birth date: July 26 2001
    Eye color: light brown

  43. Ashleigh Wallace

    Hi! My name is Ashleigh! I am trying to get into the acting career and was hoping that this might be able to lead me there! Here is some information about me!

    age: 14
    weight: 117 lb
    eyes: blue
    hair: dirty blond
    height: 5’2

    I would love to get any part in this show! I have no acting experience but I would love to try! Thanks!

  44. Sabrina Nance

    Hi! My name is Sabrina. I am 16. I love pretty little liars and ABC family! I currently don’t have any acting experience but I am trying to make my dream of becoming one. I have a positive attitude and have a lot of energy.
    Race- Caucasian.
    Height- 5’1 -5’2
    Weight- 127
    Blue eyes
    Blonde hair
    Medium hair

    Please contact me at my email <hidden from public>

  45. chloe iacona

    I really appreciate your time to read this , and hope you will look into me. I believe i could do any role or charectar i really like to experience other peoples life. I love acting and pretty little liars so much .i would really like this oppourtunity.
    Hair color-brown
    Skin color-light tan
    Race-white and black
    Eye color-brown
    Birthday 2-6-04

  46. Brianna Goins

    Hello my name is Brianna Goins and I am 13 years old. I would like to be considered for this role because I am a hard worker, I never give up, and I’m a good singer, dancer, actress, and musician. I think this chance would be a great time to shine and show everyone who I really am. I’ve had lots of experience in the theatre being an actress and singing s memorizing lines and dance moves and songs would be a breeze. Here are just a few things that you should know about me
    weight-98 lbs.
    hair color-black
    hair texture-naturally curly
    hair length-long
    eye color-brown
    skin color-light brown
    I do wear glasses but I don’t need them onstage so I can see without them
    shoe size-8.5 in womens
    hobbies- playing basketball, knitting, riding my bike, skating,and singing, dancing, acting, and playing music
    If there is anything else you would like to know about me, please email me Thank you for your time and have a nice day

  47. Jackie Medina

    Dear Gentlepersons,
    Hi my name is Jackie Medina I can’t begin to tell you why I should be given an opportunity to audition at all. I could tell you the same as every other teen auditioning that I’m a teen with a dream to act and that I really want to be on your show. Or I could tell you the truth I’m no different or more special than anybody else but I am unique because there’s only one of me in the whole world. Chances are I may not even audition and if I do I’m lucky but to pass the first audition I would only be dreaming. You honestly might not even see my v post or you might but you might just skip it. All I can do is hope you give me a chance and if I don’t get I chance I’ll just have to try somewhere else but maybe just maybe you’ll see something in me.
    Age: 13
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 117
    City: Santa Ana CA

    Barbizon 3 years
    Runway, Showroom & Informal Modeling
    Commercial,Editorial & Fashion Print
    Model Spokesperson
    Fashion Coordinator
    Promotional Modeling

    Video games
    Cross Country
    Track & Field
    Skate boarding
    Bicycle Riding
    Ice skating

    Special Talents
    Plays Violin and Piano and recorder
    Wants to play electric guitar and drums
    Singing Alto

    Contact me at<hidden from public> 

  48. Tre Sharp

    Age- 17
    Race- puerto rican and black
    Gender- Male
    Eye color- Green
    Height- 5’9″
    Weight- 165
    Hobbies- Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Poetry, Hip Hop dance, Singing, Swimming, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Acting, Weapons knowledge, Driving
    Previous Work Experience- 8 years of Theater class, 5 years of improv, featured at the golden state poetry slam, shared stages with poets Chaz Jackson, Prentice Powell, and Shawn William

  49. Alejandra Silva

    Hello my name is Alejandra and I would absolutely love to be apart of Insurgent! I sadly don’t have any professional acting experience, but I belive that I am totally worth a try. My friends and family say I am a good actor (Like that makes me sound professional). Well anyways, I was just hoping that you would be willing to give me a try! Thank you so much!
    Info about me:
    Weight: 93 lbs
    Hair Color: Drak brown
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Race: HispaniC
    Location: Dallas TX
    Thank you so much!
    Please contact me at <hidden from public>

  50. Alica Lossner

    Alica Lossner, 15 years and from Germany.
    I’m one of the happiest person you will ever meet. I am positive about everything, I love to make people laugh and I love to laugh as well. I always try to give my best, I am confident and I have passion for everything. I am able to speak English very well. And who doesn’t like girls or boys who have an accent. I have taken acting class in school.
    I love to watch Pretty Little Liars, and it would be a pleasure for me to be a part of the show.

    Eye color : blue
    Hair color : blond
    Height : 5″7
    Location : Germany

  51. Monica Shah

    Hi I am a big fan of PLL and Ravenswood, and abc family! I would love to be part of the family if given a chance. I am Asian American, specifically Indian. It would be a good change to see a new face completely different on TV. I am writing you here because having a part in the show will be an opportunity of lifetime for me at this time. Here is some info about me
    Age: 26 female
    Height: 5.1
    Wt: 110
    Eye color: dark brown
    Hair color: Black with ash brown highlights
    Hair length: just below shoulder
    I am very independent, hard working and easy going, I have great work ethics, I love to do henna designs and glass painting.
    Thank you for your time, It would be a dream come true this Christmas if you choose me. I wish you best of luck with your search.

  52. Natalie petriyenko

    Hi, my name is Natalie
    I’m 14 turning 15 on the 23rd of December
    About 5’4-5’5
    Weight-114 pounds
    Green eyes
    Brown hair
    I love abc family itself and the great shows it brings forward for everyone and I think it would be amazing to work with a team that can bring another amazing show for family’s ect, and Marlene does an excellent job as always

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