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  1. Caroline Galvez

    Hello! My name is Caroline and I am from Texas. I used to be in theater in college so I have some acting experience and I am currently looking for roles to jump start my acting career. I have always been inspired by major motion picture films and definitely would want to be part of one soon not just to get a role but to help jump start my career as an actress because I live for movies and television shows! I also will add here that I am an extremely hard-working individual and will always strive to reach any goal I have in mind. It would be an extreme blessing if you ever come across me. A brief physical description of me is I’m 18 going on 19, 5’4, Asian-American, strawberry blonde-ish hair, and brown eyes.

  2. Cassie Karius

    Hi! My name is Cassie Karius. I’m 17 years old and a huge Pretty Little Liars fan. I was so excited when I heard about Ravenswood and would be so grateful to be given the opportunity to audition!
    17 years old
    125 pounds
    Brown hair (blonde highlights)
    Hazel eyes
    Great Attitude
    A dreamer.
    Thank you.

  3. Lina morales

    First name: Lina
    Last name:Morales: Morales
    date of birth :07/23/01
    height :5,1
    Eye Color:brown
    hair color :Brown & Black
    Raise: Hispanic-Puerto Rican &Dominican
    I am Lina I live in Danville Kentucky but I was raised in New Jersey I am very comfortable with speaking in front of an audience I love to perform. I always wanted to be an actor ever since I was little. I go to school and I take this class drama theater my teachers is Beth Marlowe she’s a very good teacher shewas a small actor when she was younger and she always told me keep my head up and make sure to dream big. I had a lot of drama and school I still do but she told me that’ll help me as an actor that’s good for me but I just have to look past it and I’m always worried about what others think not about what I think she always told me that if I want to be the actor that I want to be I’m never going to be that actor if I don’t look beyond it . Anyway I want to be in Ravenswood because of it is a really good show and it’s part of pretty little liars and I just want a jumpstart to my career and I will really want to be in that show it is a amazing show and I would really love to be part of the excimer.I am ready to show that I can be a star as well thank you for your consideration.

  4. lexy symone

    first. i feel i can honestly say i am a ravenwoods and pLL number one fan, during high school they were plastered on my binder!!
    so for years i have been stuck between a plan and a dream. both which drive my parents insane. the plan was for me to join the marine core straight out of high school, and that sounds amazing to me, but my dream is to act. of-course to them this isn’t realistic, but when you want something this bad, i don’t see how it cant be real. i have made them a deal. i have a short amount of time to work my butt off and find a gig somewhere in something to prove my determination, and then i will enlist. even tho i am in love with the marine core, i cant sleep at night knowing that my dream is waiting for me, i cannot just abandon it without even trying. so i would love to be given a shot at this. i am currently enrolled in acting classes and was also featured on “the talk”. thanks for taking the time to read.
    height “5’7
    age: 19
    race: african american/italian
    weight: 150

  5. paola

    Hi my name is Paola Marie I’m from puerto rico iam 16 and I would love for the opportunity to join this show I want to become and actor I don’t want to give up in my dream I believe that I can accomplish it I can also sing music is my thing I know everybody out there wants a Chance and I wanted too to show what I got I just really want the opportunity and it would be an honor

  6. SheJana Venable

    I love acting I have a lot of energy and I’m always out going . I’m 21 but I look younger slim 5’4 long hair . Tan skin . I feel like actions speak louder than words

  7. Amy Hickey

    My name is Amy Helen Fuxin Hickey. I am almost 15 years old and I am Asian with dark brown eyes. I am about 65-70 pounds. I have a passion for acting and I have experience with singing. I have won awards and has been in published media texts. Acting makes me feel like I can express myself in different ways with different scenarios. For me it’s not about wanting to be famous or money, I want people to know me by how I act. Thank you soooo much for hearing me out and I hope that i can live my dream as a actress!


  8. Ashley Wight

    My name Is Ashley, I’m 13 years old.
    I love to act, sing, dance, and perform. My family and I are always hosting talent shows, and we always put together a little skit. I wanted to make a break through in the acting industry and maybe this could be my chance? I know a lot of people on here put like 2 paragraphs but i’m going to keep it short and sweet. I’m very good at listening, Don’t really have a fear of going on the stage and performing, I’m very enthusiastic and as I’m told from my classmates fun to work with :) I live In Indiana, and If you can get back to me that would be great :)

  9. Keeley Tibbitts

    Hey, my name is Keeley, I’m sixteen and a sophomore in high school. I absolutely love acting ( I’m in theatre class and love the musicals our school puts on). I personally enjoy playing the evil one in most of our skits, but I’m also flexible. It would be wonderful to hear back from you, thanks.

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