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  1. Vaishnavi Alva

    hi !! i’m vaishnavi and i’m 14. i live in India and would love to be part of Ravenswood ! i been watching it since the day it started and just love the story! its thrilling , scary, romantic etc etc which is the reason i love ravenswood and would love to be a part of it!!!!! please give me a chance to prove myself and i bet you will definitely love me ! i’ll be waiting for your reply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Stephanie

    Hey! My name is Stephanie, and I am 18 years old! I have long dark brown hair, brown eyes, and I am 5’4. I would love to be on this show, I am a huge fan of pretty little liars and this spin off show! I love traveling, and currently do not have a job so I am available to travel, and leave whenever! So I would be able to be one of your actresses because I have nothing holding me down to my city! I do not have a lot of acting experience, although I did try out for ‘just friends’ the movie and made the first couple of cuts, but unfortunately did not make the last! I also use to be involved in my theatre program at my school! And so if you give me a shot, I promise I will not let you down!

  3. shania young

    HI I am Shania young 10 going on 11 this year on December 9th I am a female and I love to dance, and act and I know would be a great actor and role model for others if you would give me this opportunity I promise you wont regret it.

  4. samantha

    My name is Samantha, i just turned 20, im 5’2″ and weigh around 120lb. Im half asian half white. I took acting class in high school and loved it. I also really love Pretty Little Liars and Ravenswood. I like the deep dark look of Ravenswood. I can be dark and mysterious, or i can be fun and obnoxious. Best of both worlds and would really like a shot at acting!!

  5. BriannaHans

    My name is Brianna, I am 18 years old. I have brown hair, brown eyes, I’m 5’3 and I weigh about 120lbs. I’m extremely talkative, outgoing, and bubbly. I love to sing, dance, and just be silly. :P Acting is my passion though, I’ve always wanted to be in a tv show or movie! I love being the center of attention and I can be a bit of a drama queen sometimes. I can’t help but feel like this is what I’ve been destined to do. I love performing in crowds of people, I’ve been in several plays and I have also taken a few drama classes. People always tell me that I’m gonna be famous someday and now I’m doing my best to make it happen. I know this is pretty much every girls dream but I believe I truly have the confidence and hope to make my dreams come true.

  6. Mickey Gillum

    Hello! My name is Mickey Gillum. I currently live in Milwaukee, WI. I have been doing theater since I was six and will hopefully continue until the day I die. I love everything about acting! I want to take things in a new direction and begin a professional career while I am young. A role in Ravenswood will help me achieve this goal that I have. I am hard working and dedicated to the field, if you choose me you will not be disappointed. I’m 14 (can pass for older), 5’3, mixed race, with green/hazel eyes, and short black hair. I know that there are many applicants already, but I am still willing to give this a shot.

  7. margie vela

    Hi my name is Margie vela I’m 15 years old I live in a small town here in Iowa. I’m currently still in school.
    -I’m 5’3
    -short brown hair
    -big Brown eyes
    -weigh 119
    I would be honerd to have the opportunity to act along side great actors. It’s a bonus to be apart of one of your favorite shows of all time. I learn fast, I’m easy going, and when I set my mind to something I don’t let anyone or anything get in the way.

  8. Josiah Wegner

    Hello, my name is Josiah Wegner acting is my passion and i’m still an amuture actor but i’m very hard working i’m Caucasian and age of 15 i will accept and take anything you throw at me i’m doing this to see if i’m lucky enough to get chance if you choose me i will very much cherish it but i’ll take any role and any show i’ve always wanted this and please consider my offer and another thing is you won’t regret it you have my word.

  9. Connor Boxczyk

    Hi, my name is Connor Boxczyk. I currently reside in a small town in southern New Jersey, and unfortunately due to the substantial lack of film opportunities around me I must seek national opportunities. I believe that I would be a good fit for the upcoming film “Off the Island”. I took acting courses for three years (Drama Kids – you may or may not have heard of it even though it conducts business internationally). I do not have any experience on-camera, unless of course various short films which lie in the depths of YouTube count. Despite this, I have been told by many that I’m fairly talented for my age; I channel my inner emotions and try to convey the character I’ve been asked to play to the best of my abilities. Some of my characteristics are:

    -I’m currently 14 (eighth grade).
    -I have moderately straight nearly-black hair.
    -I have dark brown eyes.
    -I’m Caucasian.
    -I’m around 5’4″, 105 lbs.
    -I wear glasses but could easily wear contacts.
    -I have a deep voice compared to many of my peers.
    -I have a significantly higher ability to use complex vocabulary than nearly everyone my age I’ve come across, if you couldn’t already tell – sorry about that, sometimes people find it annoying.

    If, indeed, the filming is done in Pennsylvania, I would often be able to provide my own transport, as my hometown is not far from rural Pennsylvania. Thank you in advance for any consideration.

    Connor Boxczyk

  10. Kiara Hutson

    Ravenswood is my second favorite show next to Pretty Little Liars. I want to be in Ravenswood to know what’s it like to meet Caleb and be in the Drama with him trying to break the curse

  11. Pauline

    Life is hard if you have 20 TV shows to watch. PLL is a gorgeous, brilliant show that everyone should be watching. It will get you hooked and keep you wanting more.
    The plot is flawless, all ABC shows are.
    Hi! I’m Nerizze Pauline Tan, 16 years young and I am a Filipino. Ever since I was released in this mad house, I have been dancing, acting, singing, declaming- you name it! I am also write novels and songs. I sorta play the acoustic guitar too. I have choreographed a number of dances, directed short school films, starred in plays, performs at malls. I have been exposed and lived under the spotlight ever since. I am 5’4, fair complexion, skinny, long wavy brownish hair, and a head turner. I also do sports which is track and field. Over all, I’m just a girl playing make believe but the best part? I’m a Filipino. Do I need to say more? Because I believe in the PlL there is a certain Filipino rocking the show too ;)

  12. Sierra

    Hi! My name is Sierra. I have short blonde hair, green eyes, and am a 17 year old who would be more than pleased to be chosen to act along side some of the greatest actors on one of the greatest shows on television. I know 17 may seem young, but I can assure you I do not act or look like a 17 year old. I am 5’7, 145lbs and am very dedicated with everything I do. I was so ecstatic to hear that Ravenswood was going to be casting some members for the show. I think that I could be a great option for this show, whether it’s being one of the main characters, a character that is only in a few episodes, or even just an extra. I love the idea of this show and would be so happy to be chosen to appear in the series. I am a very hard worker and will do anything to succeed! All my life I have been a singer. I love to sing but recently I’ve had a change of heart and think that I would have more fun, and would succeed more with acting. I don’t have as much experience as you guys would like to hear but if you give me the chance, I won’t let you down. Slowly but surely, I’m finding myself. I believe this is what I was born to do.

  13. Alexandra chavez

    I love to perform I do dance cheer and acting I have done acting classes and I am 14. I have brown hair and green eyes. I am 5’4 and I have had some experience. I have been in one of julian camarenas music videos. It isn’t much but it was a great experience and got me familiar with cameras and a real set. I am light skin and have no braces or glasses. I also play piano and ukulele

  14. Jenna

    Hi! I’m Jenna. I’m 14 years old. I have brown curly hair, blue eyes, and freckles. I’m 5″4 right now, and I currently way 104 lbs. I’m a dancer, but I’ve always had a knack for acting. I’m an advanced student, and am enlisting in acting classes. I am an amazing dancer which gives me the flexibility in mind and body. Creating a character and being able to embody somebody else has always been a dream of mine. I love giving someone a new world. I might not have as much experience as everyone else, but I promise you… I am a hard worker and you can count on me.

  15. Katelyn rosenzweig

    My name is katelyn, 22 years young and have always been fascinated with all that goes into putting a show/movie together my fiancé father is a DOP for Fox and love hearing his stories and would love to be a part of a team that works the screan magic. Im 5′ and am full of energy and very hard working. :)

  16. Alex

    Hi im alex, im 15 and a girl with a dream, i have been performing all my life. I love everything about it i wanna get in go the big time business make my mark. I just need a chance. A chance to show everybody that i am an actress. I take my acting seriously, i also take directions well, well hopefully you see this, thanks for your time

  17. Elly

    Hey I’m Elly.
    I really would like to be part of this series. I think it would be a great opportunity. I love watching Pretty Little Liars, it’s one of my favourite series. Anything from the main character to minor would be good for me. I’ll give you only a little info, so if you are interested I can give you more.

    13 years old.
    Dark Dark brown hair colour.
    I’m Eurasian.
    I’m tall for my age. People have mistaken me for a 15 -16 year old ( sometimes). Around 155 cm to 165cm.
    Not sure exactly how much I weigh, but I’m skinny, and a bit muscular from gymnastics and dance.

    I really hope I can get somewhere in this. Thanks ever so much for reading :)

  18. Brianna Oskowis

    Hello my name is Brianna and I would love to start my acting career. Im 14 with long natural red hair, green/blue eyes, 5 ft. 4 in. And 111 pounds… I do have minor experience but at least its better than nothing, I’ve been in many plays and have been in a couple acting classes. I hope to get in touch. Have a nice day!

  19. Abigail Rodriguez

    Hello, My name is Abigail Rodriguez, im a Texan girl, I am 17 years old. I am currently taking private acting lessons, and am involved in the school and church theatre and drama team. I am also involved in the choir from both school and church. Acting has always been a dream of mine, and regardless of the situations I face with my family against it, I push further and seek ways to achieve my goal.
    Full Name: Abigail Rodriguez
    Weight: 120
    Height: 5’1
    Hair and Eye color: Brown
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  20. Laura

    hi im Laura i am 17 and would love to be on the show ravens wood i might not be the best dancer or singer but i know im a good actress it would be so amazing to be even asked to audition for you. my intrests are animals,acting ,scouting and figure skating i have brown hair and im about 5,4. i am willing to try new thing and work harder than ever before for a chance from you thank you for your time.

  21. Nicole

    Hey! So I love the show ravenswood, and all abc family shows. I’m 13 and I would love to be in Ravenswood because I care about acting and would like to start off my acting career. Whether I’m in the backround eating lunch, or running with Caleb! It’s a start. Please contact me thank you for your time.

  22. Abigail Intia

    Hi, my name is Abigail (most call me Ab, Abby). I am a 16 year old girl and live in Keller TX.
    I don’t want to be judged on my appearances, but on my acting skills. Though I know that it would help to have the right look in order to land a part. But I am here to earn a part, not to look pretty. I am doing what I am most comfortable with, and I am doing it wholeheartedly, because that’s how I was taught and raised. I am a very hard worker, I know you here it from all other people, but I am. I was meant for this… to be what I always wanted to be.
    I am rather different than most girls… I believe so. I’m not here to become like Selena Gomez or just for the fame. I am here to prove to myself and others of what I am capable of doing, and that nothing is going to stop me from doing what I do best. I AM going to land a role.

    So please consider me, and thank you for your time.

    I have dark brown eyes, dark brown/black hair, medium tan skin-tone, dimples, my height is 5’3, and I am thin.

  23. Courtney Pimentel

    Hello, I can’t begin to explain how fun it would be to be in the cast of ravens wood. I think the story line ifs completely genius. I am new at acting but I am currently having private acting sessions with an acting coach. I am learning a lot and it would be great to have the experience of being on ravens wood. I am just about to turn 17. I am about 5’1, with long brown curly hair & beautiful brown eyes. Reading , Acting & Writing stories are my passions. Whenever I do something I give it my all.

  24. Oksana

    I am an aspiring young actress who loves to entertain people and express myself through my acting. Although I am only 15 years old I have enough passion and heart to sustain an adult. I look like a regular teenager, but I am anything but average; with long brown hair and sparkling brown eyes that change from dark to light, I have a look that can fit any role. My 5’2 build and caucasian ethnic background can fit the role of anything from the sweet girl next door to a maniac. If you put me in front of a camera, you will most definitely not be disappointed.

  25. Casey RIce

    I am Casey Rice, just 19yr old college student looking to open a new chapter in my life, and finally break free from my shell, and experience what the world has to offer. I honestly think it would pretty cool to have a chance to audition for ravenswood, I have no experience in acting, except I took a class once in high school, but I have a pretty easy going personality, and I can be serious when I need to. I have no idea what I want to do with my life so I am just see if acting is a hidden talent
    . but yea… that’s all.

  26. Kiana Stacks

    I am 17 years old, i write books, poems, plays,..etc. I have brown eyes, my smile is perfect,i’m 5’3 and i’m awesome! I’m a grea actress and i can sing. I live in Pearl, Mississippi.

  27. Rubi Chavez

    Hello there.! ^.^/

    My name is Rubi Chavez i’m a 19th year old young lady trying to live the american dream. I have and old sould and im free spirite person with a wicked rad personality. I like to say the that world is my stages and i’m the main actress and everyone else are the audiences. I had theare class back in middle school and freshman year of high school. i’m full of engery wich sometimes a makes me act ridicules but i don’t mind it. I like changing my voice a lot I like being different people or things, its quite fun. Ever since i was a young little kid i have always wanted to act/ perfomer, bring characters to life and give others imagining a soul.

    Birthday: Okt 1 1994 (19th)
    Ethnicity: Mexican
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 105
    Bilingual: English, Spanish, French
    Skin: Than skin color
    Eyes and hair color: Brown

  28. Micayla Chelf

    My name is Micayla Chelf. I am 17 years old, I live in Chesterfield, Virginia. I am a Thespian. I’m in the honors theater program at my school. I love acting and it’s what I really want to do with my life. I feel I was born to move others with my acting. I want to apply to be on Raven’s Wood because I’m a natural when it comes to dramatic scripts. It’s my strength. I get really into my character, despite the position, weather it be lead, supporting, or extra. I take my work seriously, but I’m also a joy to have around. I’m willing to travel where I’m needed. I am a dedicated actress and a dedicated learner. I’m good with listening and instruction. I have a resume and I have references if needed. I’ve watched Raven’s Wood along with Pretty Little Liars since they both aired, so I know the background episodes to be able to pick up anywhere. I can memorize my lines quickly along with my emotions. I’m very outgoing and would love to be considered for a role in Raven’s Wood. Thank you for your consideration!
    Hair Type: Medium/long length; wavy/straight
    Hair color: Currently red (Willing to dye any color)
    Eye Color: Light green
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 200 (currently Losing)
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

  29. Alyssa B

    Hi, I’m Alyssa I’m 13 years old and would like to be part of this. I have currently not had any experience in acting. It has always been a dream of mine to be an actress. Jennifer Lawrence was my inspiration to want to be an actress. I hope I have a shot at a role!!
    Blue eyes
    Brown hair

  30. Amanda Clinansmith

    Hi, my name is Amanda Clinansmith and I live in Mesa, Arizona. I am an aspiring actress. I have always enjoyed acting and singing ever since I was a young girl. I took part in musicals and plays at school until I became an online student. I have a lot of sass, spunk, and i’ve been told I’m funny and that i’m a great performer. I am so passionate about acting and could see myself in many shows, especially Ravenswood. I am a huge fan so I know this show and Pretty Little Liars like the back of my hand.

    Age: 17 (12/20/1996)
    Height: 5 foot even.
    Eyes: Icy blue.
    Race: White.
    Weight: 188 (currently loosing weight).

    Thank you for reading, hope you consider me to be part of this, it’d truly be an honor.

  31. Austin Stapleton

    Hi my name is Austin Stapleton. I am 16 and I live in Bend Oregon. I am a 100% dedicated to acting. I’ve been in one play for beat (bend experimental arts theatre) called miracle on 34th street derectid by Rachel Gilland. I played as Fred Gayley. I look forward to hearing a response my number is <hidden from public> . I thank you for taking your time to read this thank you again and have a nice day
    birthday: 02/08/98
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: hazel
    hight: 6’1

  32. Kelakanesia

    Age:14 (15 In April)
    Race:African American
    Experience: Backstage Of Annie
    I have gotten I was funny from my teacher, friends, parents, and even principals of my school. I love to act. I think of myself as a person who always follow my dreams and never give up! People think of me as an outspoken and a socialite! I love to entertain people and my dream was always to be a Actor or an Entrepreneur. When I watch Television or a scripted series, I think that anything is possible and that I can play that part. I love comedy shows! I know how to take criticism and not take it to my head and just keep pushing! A quote that I love to say when life gets tough, “It can’t rain forever, the sun is going to shine again.” I love acting!

    -Sincerely, Kelakanesia

  33. Sinovuyo

    Hi I’m sinovuyo but people call me Dino
    I’m a big “pretty little liars ” fan.the fact that this is a spin of makes it so much more intresting . I think I would fit right into the new cast . I’m eager to learn . Hope you give me this oppotunity and I will work day and night to prove I’m worth it .
    Living in south africa
    Turning 15 years of age in june
    1.55 metres / 5ft 1
    Brown eyes
    Black hair(currently have braids )

  34. Priscilla Hernandez

    Hello, my name is Priscilla. I’m from Phoenix, Arizona. I have many passions, one of them happen to be acting. Give me any role, you name it and i can be it. I’m 17 years old but you are never too young to do some of the things that you love. I’m 5’3 , Mexican. Currently attending High School. Im very outgoing and would really enjoy this oporttunity. Everyone deserves a chance & i believe i am one of those people. I LOVE this show, who doesnt? Its amazing and so interesting !!

  35. Courtney Gagliano

    I’m 12 years old and female! My dream has been to be on a show or movie for as long as I can remember. I was a model with the Campbell Agency for 2 years and modeled in everything from cheerleading magazines to Neiman Marcus catalogs. I was also in one commercial for water conservation a couple of years ago. I was in acting in front of a camera classes for 1 year. I was in a drama class for 1 year at a fine arts school. I am in at least 2 plays a year with my school, and that is not counting my church. I have dance, tumbling and gymnastics experience and I love to sing! My eyes are green and my hair is brown. I have white skin, but I’m pretty tan. I’m thin, but not skin and bones. I’m 5 foot, 3 inches and growing! I’m looking for a start to my acting career, and this is perfect! I will take any part you give me and put 200% effort into it! Give me an audition and you want regret it!!!

  36. Briana Lynn

    Hi, my name is Briana, & i am 20 years old. I love PLL & i would love the chance to star in ravenswood. I currently live in va but would leave in heartbeat to be on this show. I was an all star cheerleader for 5 yrs so i’m good at performing in front of people. Please give me this chance to live my dream.

  37. Mikaela Adam.

    Hi, I’m Miki!

    I’m a down to earth, friendly, talkative and positive girl whose greatest passions in life are singing and acting! I live in a city called Brisbane in Australia. I think a cute blonde Aussie would be a good addition to the show.

    Age: 19 (03/02/1995)
    Eyes: blue
    Hair: long blonde
    Height: 167cm
    Body Type: Kim Kardashian

    I couldn’t think of a better place to start my professional acting career then on ABC Family’s ‘Ravenswood’. Although I am based in Australia, I am of course more then willing to buy flights over to America if I were given the privilege to star in the show as it is where I want to be eventually be living anyways. I know that I am exactly who you would be looking for to add to your team. I am very friendly and approachable so please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be more then happy to send any professional pictures of myself that you need to help your decision.

    Email: <hidden from public>
    Facebook: Mikaela Adams

  38. Amber

    Hi my name is Amber DuQuesnay. I am 10 years old.I can portray an 9 year old and an 10 and 11 year old. I am a great actress because I am funny , serious, humorous about my work. I can cry on point. I love acting because you can sometimes step in somebody else’s shoes. Sometimes you can see things from somebody else’s perspective.

    Sincerely ,

  39. Samantha Schachter

    My name is Samantha Schachter and I live on the island of Montreal. I am 14 and well… the acting possibilities are sparse here. This new show sounds mysterious, mysterious is always quite appealing. I do have a lot of acting experience and hope fully enough charm to not seem completely mad while writing this”comment”! I am not sure if I am the age or type you are looking for, but I can assure you one thing, I am different and sometimes different is what attracts the curious eye. Of course, what would be a good mystery without a little curiosity..?
    If anybody has a chance to see this, well that would be a surreal dream, but I suppose i’ll just have to wait and see what is in store for me!
    Thank you!

  40. Tiana Monet Brown


    I am Tiana Monet Brown. I am 27 years old, beautiful, talented and extremely funny. I look great with or without makeup.
    brown eyes
    light brown/fair skin

    I have taken drama classes, I can wow a room. I know I would be the people’s favorite.

    I can provide any additional information or photos needed. Please contact me at the email provide. I look forward to hearing from you.

  41. Cvetelina Nedkova

    :) i would like to be part of this show :) i am 14 and i don’t have a lot of experience i mean i have but no one is giving me a chance so if something comes up just write to me on my email please :))) <hidden from public>

  42. Shakoria

    Hi, my name is shakoria. i adore the new hit series called “Ravenswood”. I have been wanting to act since i was 3 years old, but i actually started acting at 8. Acting is my passion it’s what i want to do for the rest of my life. I am in middle school and i am in the drama club. We are starting a play and i just landed one of the lead roles. It’s a musical. I recently got accepted into a major performing arts high school. i also have a resume and a couple of headshots. This would be such an honor to be on this show. Thank you.
    Age:13 years old
    Eye color:Dark brown
    Hair color:Dark brown

  43. Shakoria

    Hi, my name is shakoria. i adore the new hit series called “Ravenswood”. I have been wanting to act since i was 3 years old, but i actually started acting at 8. Acting is my passion it’s what i want to do for the rest of my life. I am in middle school and i am in the drama club. We are starting a play and i just landed one of the lead roles. It’s a musical. I recently got accepted into Pebble Brook Peforming High School. i also have a resume and a couple of headshots. This would besuch an honorto be on this show. Thank you.
    Age:13 years old
    Eye color:Dark brown
    Hair color:Dark brown

  44. Summer Dawn

    My real name is Courtney Medvec but I go by Summer Rosabel Dawn. Acting has always been a passion of mine and I would love to be in this show because I love watching it every Tuesday. It would be an honor to be put in this show. I also love signing and playing instruments. I take acting classes in my high school and really enjoy it.
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 133
    Ethnicity: caucasian
    Hair: dirty blonde but dyed golden blonde
    Hair type: shoulder length and curly
    Eyes: blue/green/hazel and I wear glasses/contacts

  45. Alice

    Hi I’m Alice
    14 years old
    I’m 5’0 and 100 lbs.
    I have long brown hair and brown eyes.
    Acting has always been my passion and I love this show. It was be amazing to part of this Ravenswood! I can learn lines quickly and am very ambitious. I’m not camera shy and am able to put myself in my character’s shoes to play the part well.

  46. Jordann Dennis

    Hi, i’m Jordann Dennis I come from a small town in Oklahoma. Everyone here tells me I belong on tv. haha. I do enjoy it honestly I love acting and making people proud. I’m sassy, fun, loving, and i’m excited to be doing this. I was picked up by the Crawford Agency when I was 14. It wasn’t my priority back then, I was so focused on school, but now I’m ready to show everyone what i’m made of now. So I will tell you a little about me:

    Name: Jordann Dennis
    Birthdate: December 9, 1994
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 127 lbs
    hair color: brunette
    eye color: green/blue (they change colors)

  47. Anastasia Tiger

    My name is Anastasia Tiger and just like my last name, I am a fighter. I am 14 years old, white, brunette, with hazelnut eyes, and I am 5 feet 7 inches.I live in New Jersey. I am very outgoing I love making videos and being on camera, I am really good at acting, I can do multiple accents which I love doing and I am also very intelligent and pretty. I love acting because I love all the attention, I can be dramatic sometimes just to get people’s attention. I have played many roles in different school plays. I have played Juliet in Romeo and Juliet in a 7th grade play. I am also very good swimmer. Thank You for your time.

  48. chloe james

    Hi my name is Chloe I’M 14 and 8 months old
    I have brown hair
    my eyes are green I have glasses but I sometimes were contacts and I also have braces.
    I’m about 5,4
    I did few plays when I was younger most of the roles were lead
    I can’t sing but I’m good at acting

  49. mya jones

    Hello, my name is Mya Jones I have wanted to be in a movie or a tv show ever since I was really little and I will do anything to make that happen. I am totally dedicated to acting. I have taken theatre in school and loved it. I get really good grades and if you talked to my teacher’s they would say nothing but good thing’s about me. I promise that If you pick me for one of the parts I will work my butt off. I tried out for Disney channel not to long ago and out of a bunch of kids I got picked and I had never been so excited before because my dreams were finally coming true but then they said that I have to pay them a certain amount of money to get started and what the amount was I just couldn’t pay that right now and they also wanted to put me in modeling. I can’t even begin to explain how much I want this but if you pick me for one of the parts you don’t even have to pay me because I just want to be an actress and I could think of this as a stepping stone in my acting career.I promise that I will not let you down.
    *I am 14 years old but I look older and I’m turning 15 on my 5th
    *my height is 5.1
    *my weight is 115
    *I am white
    * I have green eyes
    * and my hair color is medium to dark brown

  50. Laura Amy Nesbitt

    Name: Laura Amy Nesbitt
    weight: 115lbs
    hair color: brown with blonde high lights
    eye color: green

    I’m from Ireland (willing to move).I have an american accent. I graduate school in June 2014. Acting and singing are my life and I absolutely love Ravenswood. I have been in many plays and musicals. I’m not camera shy and I’d be willing to do anything to get this experience.

  51. Donna Carter

    Hi my name is Donna Carter I will be turning 13 as of the 15th of next month, I would like to explore and try out different job perspectives and work hard at each one of them. I am currently interested in acting and art and I took a Drama class last year due to my school providing me that class. I also appeared on the morning news of my middle school last year and in 5th grade. Although I am still a amateur at acting I still would love to give it a shot and it would be an exceptional learning experience for me. Please contact me if you are willing to give me
    a shot. Thank you for your time and consideration,

    -Donna N, Carter.

  52. SaJorden

    I have always been interested in being in a series. I have always loved having my picture taken and being in front of a camera my entire life. I have many different sides and seem to fit in with anyone and everyone. Playing soccer is what I love to do, but have had 2 ACL tears one last year and one this year, so for someone who has always been very busy to doing much of nothing this would be a great outlet for me and a new chapter in my life. I would love the opportunity to prove myself.

  53. Ashley Ruiz

    Hi my name is Ashley Ruiz, I’m 16 years old and I live in Santa Paula, California. I am 5″5″ I have black hair and green eyes and I am hispanic. I am a Junior in High School and I’m currently in the Agricultural Science Academy. I have tooken multiple acting class and I have also attented the ipop convention in LA of January 2013. After high school I do plan on going to college for the Performing Arts. Acting is something I want to for the rest of my life. I have played softball for 9 years and I have been a cheerleader for 11 years. I am currently learning to play the guitar. Thank You for taking your time to read this!

  54. Victoria Ingle

    I’m Victoria I, I’m 14 years old but i can pass for much older. I’m from Dallas, Texas. It would be an honor to be considered for a role in this show, seeing that i am a very hard working and dedicated person, I would love to have the experience to do something that i am very passionate about. I am currently taking Theater arts classes and thinking about attending a performing and visual arts school next year. It would be an amazing opportunity to show people that i can do things that they’ve doubted me on. I’d be very gracious i hope you can consider me for a role in this show , Thank you.

  55. Maria

    My name is Maria Herrera, I am 15 years old and I am panamenian.
    Hair: Brown
    I would love to be part of this.

  56. Brenna Dunivan

    Hi I am Brenna Dunivan,
    I am 13 years of age, and to be honest, I’ve never taken acting classes, but I love acting. I am planning on taking Drama Class and Drama club in high school. I am height of 5″2. I have all A’s, but I’m not sure if that would matter. I am a great manga drawer, I hate saying this, but I am about 170 something pounds… Please, this would be great for me.

  57. Josefine Ahlin

    Hi, my name is Josefine and i’m 16. I’m a very experience actor and i love to act. I’m blonde and have blue eyes. I’m very outgoing and not camera shy. I’m also a model and I’m from sweden. I would love to be a part of this!

  58. Vanessa Marquez

    Hello, my name is Vanessa I am 19 years old from Glendale, Arizona. I have been taking Theater Arts class and club through out my four years of High School. I know about Improve, One acts, Monologs and much more, soI believe my skills are good enough to play a role in Ravenswood. I am still trying to get more training in acting, but I believe that I am fantastic and want to be able to audition and be apart of Ravenswood. Give me a chance and I will show you. Thank You!

  59. Angelica Landin

    Name: Angelica Sirena Landin
    Age: 17
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 105
    I love acting very much and have always taken part in the school plays when I attended normal school instead of ISP. I have no professional experience in acting nor have I taken any lessons but I do honestly believe I have the talent to act and the passion to work for it. I have always loved the arts whether it be writing drawing or singing but acting and writing have always been my most passionate works and I do believe I am good at them albeit I could still improve greatly. I know you must get thousands of applications daily from people wanting to become a part of your shows and I’m just another one in the mix, but I truly love to act it brings me great joy to even be an extra standing in the back with no lines. Just being a part of a production that can move the hearts of the audience and inspire them to be creative and want to create something of their own is what I truly love doing. Acting to me is not only a way to express myself or a much loved hobby it’s something that I can use to speak to the viewers through my talent and skill alone and move their hearts into thinking hey I want to do that, I want to be a part of making something like that. I find that wonderful what actors, directors, producers, scriptwriters, set workers and everyone else who helps create these wonderful works of art can do such a thing. I too want to be a part of such works that can move the hearts of the viewers as I enjoy doing what I love. So I truly hope that you would consider me for the audition of your production Ravenswood.

  60. Jenna S.

    Hi:) I’m definitely the “up-and-coming” actress your looking for! I have little expierence, however every great actor/actress was in my place! Here’s a little about me so that you can know if I’m what your looking for! Please don’t hesitate to email back if your interested! My family is willing to move so that I will live near filming.

    Age: 13 & 10 monthes
    Hair: medium length dirty blonde
    Eyes: big and blue
    Weight: 116 pounds
    Height: 5’3 1/2
    I’m very outgoing and definitely no camera shy.

  61. Jessica Chao

    Hi My name is Jessica and I am 13 years old. I have alot of interest in acting. And i would be so happy if i could. I live near the bay area in California.

  62. Michaela Moulton

    Hi, my name is Michaela Moulton.
    I’m 16 years old.
    My height is 5’7”
    I weigh 150 lbs *willing to lose weight
    I have brown hair and light brown eyes.
    I’m a girl from Yuma, Arizona. I believe that I would be a great actress. I am taking Drama/acting classes and Choir. Singing and Acting are my dreams. My major in college will be Acting. I get good grades and I am willing to travel. I am absolutely thrilled that I’ve found an amazing casting call and the one I’ve been looking for too! I’ve been singing since I was in 4th grade and searching for acting classes since 6th grade until I found my classes in highschool! I’m very grateful for an opportunity like this. Thank you for your time.

  63. Calvin Witmer

    I would love the opportunity to be apart of this. I am currently in an acting class and advancing next year to my schools highest level theatre class after auditioning into it. I have competed at several statewide competitions and have played various parts in different productions. I have a huge passion for theatre and am continuing it in college. I would love an opportunity like this. I am 17 years old, male, about 5’9, Caucasian and have brown hair and eyes. I have a thin but athletic build due to previous dive and track/polevault experience. I enjoy things such as writing, specifically poetry, and reading. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

  64. Riley Butts

    The name would be Riley Nicole Butts.
    I’m 18 years young
    I’m about 5’7
    I’m a freshman in college, but singing and acting are my passions without a doubt.
    I have experience with modeling and acting from taking classes with Barbizon.
    I’m just a southern girl from a small town in Alabama trying to make my dreams comes true I just moved to Nashville, Tennessee just out of high school to pursue what could be my lifetime happiness. I’m definitely on the pursuit of happiness. I can’t say I deserve it more than anyone else wanting the part, but I’d love the opportunity. Everyone in their life should be given the opportunity to live out their dream if they want it bad enough. I want this bad enough. I have medium, shiny brown hair, and sparkling dark brown eyes that sometimes look black. I’m caucasian, not that that matters but just so you have more of an idea. I was in the top 10 of my graduated class. I played softball and volleyball in high school. I was an honors student. I loved to be in plays and musicals. Thank you for taking the time to read this if you did. God bless!

  65. Leonie Tewhiu

    Hi my names Leonie im 13. I already have my resume, portfolio and now just getting my headshots done. I would like to be apart of this. And registering for acting classes. and currently in high school drama club.

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