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  1. Bryce Briggs

    Hello my name is Bryce and I love acting and have being in shorts films and commercials

    My info:
    Bryce Briggs
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Browm
    Height: 4ft 6″
    I will send more info when I get an email from you!!

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!!

  2. Edina Brucher

    Hii :) My name is Edina Brucher. I am 14 years old. I love Jessie and would like to participate in the show. I am currently living in Florida but i moved here from London.
    Eye color – Mixed ( Green, yellow, grey and blue)
    Hair color – Blonde
    Height – 5’6
    Weight – 125 lb

  3. Talia

    i have brown\blonde hair
    blue eyes
    i am 1m45
    hobbies: horseriding and SHOPPING:):):):):):):):)
    and i am very ecxited
    thankyou again :):):):):):):):):):):):)::):):):)

  4. Talia

    hi my name is Talia I am 12 years old and come from England I love to act and am very bubbly (I can still be layed back).I watch Jessie all the time and love it (I know most of the scripts ). It would mean allot (as I have a few family\friend issues! I also dance, sing and play guitar. thankyou for your time I really hope I get the part it would mean the world to me. :):):):):):):)

  5. ashlee thurlow

    Is there someone i can send my sons info to directly. He has an agent out of boston and is on

    Thank you.

    Ashlee thurlow

  6. marina swift

    Hi , my name is Marina I’m a 15 year old actress in the works all my life since I was 8 years old I’ve always felt the need to be the spot light I love acting in different characters , I’ve been told I cant make it to a TV show because its to hard but I believe with hard work and effort I will do just fine I’ve performed on stages for awhile I’m in drama …I’ve been in drama for 3 years now and give me a role I will make the best i wanna live my dream of being on TV an just doing what I love the most please contact if any interest I’m 5’7 I’m blonde and have blue eyes

  7. Caitlin Thomas

    Hi there! My name is Caitlin and I am 13 years of age. I am about 5,7 feet tall and I not as skinny as most girls. But that’s okay! I have brownish-blondish hair that is curly but can sometimes be wavy. I have blue eyes and I wear glasses. *i can see without them though* I have an odd talent with voices. I can do a variety of voices from many cartoons and even a few of the characters on Jessie. Although, they don’t sound the best. I can, however, work on them if needed :). I have had some acting experience two or three times before. I took part in an acting class, and I have once auditioned for a play in my community. I also voiced a part in a comic dub made by Gregheff0511 called “Rocket to Insanity” which can be found on YouTube. I am an outgoing and creative teenage girl who loves to make people laugh and smile. I have a YouTube channel as to which I make video game videos. If you have any interest of checking out my channel, feel free to do so. Here is a link :)
    I think that is all I have to say for now. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me. Thank you :)

  8. Nelly Godoy

    My name is Nelly Godoy I am from Harlingen texas and I was born in Alabama and love to act in front of people .I have act in school first I thought I was not good at it but now that I have try to act I feel that I can do it because every one tells me Nelly you are good and the best part is that my friends saports me in all the different ways. and I hope I get to be one of the chosen girl because I can learn real fast . I hope I can get to be on of the chosen girl I know that you have a lot of girls that are trying to get a part. I am skinny weight 98 pounds and I am flexible
    And please please please contact me at <hidden from public>

    Sincerely:Nelly Godoy
    P.S I am going to a audition in summer 2015 if they have any if you still know they are having a audition please please tell me or text or e-mail me thank hope you pick me please I can go to any audition if you want to see me act in front of you .okay think I forgot to tell tou I am (14 ) just trun

  9. Isabella Collamati

    hello… my name is Isabella and I am interested in any role whether its background or bigger… I am a 13 year-old with long, straight, brown hair and bright blue eyes. I would prefer to play a more boyish type role because I am not a girly girl.. if need be I can completely transform myself into any personality required. I am known to be very comedic, imaginative, and a fun person to be around. please consider me in any role that you need.

  10. jennyfer cadet

    hello my name is jennyfer cadet i really lke the jessie show not only i was hoping to be in one of the shows and i was trying to reach my dreas and im a 11 year old money dont make me happy i hope im in it and by the way i have black hair hope you contact me thank you stay sweet and keep following your dreams my god bless your all

  11. Bayley

    Hello my name is Bayley.
    -12 years old.
    -Brown hair,blue eyes.
    -I love to act :)
    I will send more info if i get an email :)

  12. Carlos Cole Jr.

    I think I’d be great for Jessie because I think a lot of fans would like to see a new adopted child become a member of the Ross family.I’ve always wanted to be an actor and especially if that mean’s acting with my favorite actor’s/actreses.If I was an actor I would wake up early so that I wouldn’t be late to the set.When I act I make sure I’m understood . I always take acting (even though the only experience I have is my kindergarten,3rd grade,and 5th grade play’s), school,and anything I do serious but not so serious that I have a spasem if I make a few mistake’s.Although I’m only 10 year’s old I think you will be surprised with what I can do.Thank you for your consideration and sorry for any inconvenience

  13. sequoia

    i am sequoia passmore

    11 years old about to be 12 in dec 16 2014

    long brown hair hassle eyes

    6th grade

    i love the show and i want to be in the show but i been reading all these other kids info and they are all sucking up to u guy i am not going to if i get i get if i don’t i don’t

  14. Brianna Mason

    Hi i think i would be good for this roll is beuase i have classes and it is my dream

  15. Samantha

    Hello ☺️ My name is Samantha McCachren & I would love to play on Jessie! My family
    And I love this show! I’m 13 years old I have really light brown hair and blue eyes! I am 5’3″ and I am from
    Northern Cambria Pennsylvania and I would love to play any tole on Jessie! please contact me

  16. Maja Kosmowska

    Hello, my name is Maja Kosmowska and I would love to audition for this show. I always wanted to do drama and when I could, I did. I once was in the middle of a drama lesson in school and then I gave it 100%. I saw the results. I wanted to became an actress. This is one opportunity for me to prove to you that I a not afraid to face a camera.
    I am 12 years old and born on July 8th 2002.
    I have light blonde hair and bright blue eyes.
    Whenever there is a chance to act in my school, I never fear to go up on that stage and show them what I’m made of.
    I am from Poland but have lived in London for the past 7 years. I have a bubbly personality but can keep calm. And when I’m on stage, I can change my self completely and wipe my face clean of emotions until needed.
    Thank you for your time and hope I will be one of the lucky people to be chosen.

  17. Jessica Lee

    Forgot some info. I was born on September 23 2001 and I’m 5″1 5″2 ish. I have dark brown blackish hair and chocolate eyes. I would be perfect for any role on Jessie.

  18. Jessica Lee

    I would be great for this part because I had a lot of experience acting. I also sing and dance a little. I’m 13 and my age would be perfect for the Ross’s family. I am really good and would be happy to like send a video audition or singing too. I’m bubbly, outgoing and can play evil to nice. Please reply back;)


    -My name is : Aicha Dadi
    -Age : 11 years old
    -My Birthday is : 28th September
    -I have Brown Hair , Brown Eyes
    -Centimeters: 1.56 cm
    -Kilos: 37 Kg
    -From: French (Country) , Paris (Town)

    I have not experience in comedy .Please contact me because in love this in Jessie
    Aicha Dadi

  20. Ashley Nicole

    I would like to audition for Jessie because I have always loved performing. I have done many plays. I have been on stage for as long as I can remember, acting, singing, or dancing. I now do competitive cheer, which is kinda like performing. The point of me saying all these things i have done, is to show that I can do a lot and try the best I can. It is my dream to be on a TV show, and it would be more special if it was on Disney, which I have grown up watching.

  21. Logan Kenneth Smith

    I am 12 years old.
    Birthdate: October 2002
    I have dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes.
    I am 4 feet 10 inches tall.
    I am from Bakersfield, Ca.
    I am a huge fan of disney shows.
    My families friends say that i am a 40 year old man in a 12 year old body.
    They always ask if they could be a fly on the wall in my class because i always make them laugh.
    I love animals, i show pigs in 4-H. I play football, baseball, and ride BMX bikes.
    I hope you can pick me. I am smart, talented, funny, and crazy.
    Thank You for your time.

  22. Matthew Judd

    My name is Matthew Judd, I am 14, and American. I should be chosen because I am a singer like Jessie, and I have been acting since I was 4. I am in chior, and would be honered just for the opportunity. I know the background of the show, I know the characters what they act like, and I know how to make the most of the character I get. I am 5’7 and 174 pounds, have brown hair, Caucasian, and have blue eyes.

    Thanks if you pick me!!!

    Matthew Judd

  23. Juliana Abbott

    Hello everyone, my name is Juliana and yeah

    Any ways, I would like to be on Jesse!!!!

    Why? you ask

    Well I have been watching Disney for a long time now and I know that is not important but you know

    just putting that out there

    So I am 12 in years and I do go to Victoria School of the Arts here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    I have been in plays and my interests are Acting, Singing, playing Instruments and DANCING

    I think I will be great for Jesse( any role ) and I hope you consider my “offer”

  24. Leodson Jean Baptiste

    My name is Leodson Jean Baptiste. Age:13 (look 11-14) I’m Black (Haitian). Eyes: Brown Hair:Black. Height: 4′ 9” Weight:85 lb. I’m relatively thin. I like the show. I think I would be different than the other characters. If I had to describe my personality I would describe myself as smart (I take honors classes), persistant, calm (I’m very calm) and perky.

  25. Kavishka Gomes

    Hi.My name is kavishka gomes and i am 11 years old.I live in scarborough,Ontario.I love the show Jessie.It’s my favourite show and i’d love to be on it.I’m just like Ravi.I enjoy watching Jessie and i want to be on it because it’s my dream to be on Jessie and i want to be on a tv show on disney channel.This is just my first audition,so i don’t have an agent yet,but i am hoping to get one.I hope to be chosen to act on jessie,season 4.Thank you.

  26. Lulu Ohizua

    Hello!My name is Lulu Ohizua.WOW.Lots of people auditioned!I would LOVE to get a part!It would be….RAWSOME! Disney has opened many doors for actors.

  27. Lauren

    Hi I’m Lauren, I’m weird, I like reading and basketball. I’m not very experienced with acting, but I would be very grateful to try it out.
    I have curly brown hair and blue/grey eyes, and I have braces. (They suck)
    I’m strange and have a great sense of humour!

    Best of luck finding cast members :)

  28. Natalia

    Hi my name is my Natalia and I love to act and this is why,ever since made my first play and I was the lead so when I first stepped on that stage I felt like this is were I belong. Finally made my next play so I started thinking well I love writing and acting I might try out for an audition so here I am.I had so many choices but I picked this one because I love all of the characters,Debby Ryan since her is to be an actor so am is myn

  29. Nashalie Legarreta

    My name is Nashalie and I’m 10 years I would love to be in the cast of jessie because I have experiences of acting and I can prove it because if you go in Google and write Nashalie Legarreta then you would see I am perfect for this cast.i also love singing I hope you choose me for the cast of jessie.

  30. Dominiqur Young

    Hey this is Dominique and i would love to be on the show i am 23 years of age and loves to watch Jessie.

  31. savannah spoutz

    I love acting I love to play soccer,football,basketball,running and riding my bike with my friends and going to the movies and going to the mall together and I will do anything for the part on TV and I love to watch Jessie on tv.

  32. Evie Hall

    I love Jessie and I would love to be on the show. I have just entered a theatre club because I want to be an actress. The only problem is that I live in France. Hope to get news from you soon. Thank you for your time.

  33. amyamerritt

    hi my name is amya merritt
    im 11
    hair brown
    eyes hazel
    school.dr.martin luther king school
    5 and ring
    your my favorite chanlle.

  34. kimberly alison s. de guzman

    Iam very talented person I love sing and dance…iam 10 10yrs old right now..

  35. stormie

    Hi my name is Stormie and I’m 10 years old the reason I should be considered on Jessie is because I’m one of your biggest fans and i love Jessie ever since I saw the first show and I think Jessie is a really fun and also it would be amazing if you let me on their its my dream to be on a show ever since I was 7 I was praying I would get to be apart of jessie

  36. Shannon Edgar

    HI! My name is shannon. I’m with MTM denver. I am non Union. I have always loved Jessie and I am SO excited that I found this! I think I would be good for this show because I love comedy acting. When I was little, my mom signed me up for an acting class and I loved it so much. I kept taking classes and now I am taking professional acting classes with John Casabancas. I am going to graduate from the classes in two weeks, and I can’t wait to go on my first job! I think i would also be good for this show because acting is my greatest passion and I would put all of my heart into it if I got a part. Acting is just SOOO fun and it is my favorite thing to do. I have taken many classes and done many plays in my hometown. I enjoy acting and I am willing to do anything in a T.V. show. I love trying new things from a new food to a new sport I’ve never played before. I can’t wait to see if I get an audition. Thank you so much!

  37. Hannah M.

    Hello, my name is Hannah! I would love to audition for the wonderful disney channel show Jessie! I love that show, and it would be such an honor to work with the wonderful actors and actresses on the show. It has always been a dream of mine to be on a disney channel show or movie, and it would be amazing to have that dream come true! I think you should consider me. I am twelve years old. I will be turning 13 in mid February. I have blonde-brown hair and hazel eyes. I am a white American. I am about five foot one inches tall. I have a pretty good amount of acting and singing, as I have been in many plays and musicals. I have limited dance ability. I would not cause any problems because I am a very agreeing, nice person. I would love to be on Jessie or any disney show. I understand you will get 1,000s of comments but I would be very gracious if you considered me. Thank You so much!

  38. mykaya addison

    im a good actor go over scripts every single day and i love jessie its my favorite show you dont have to choose me but if u want someone who is 12 a girl who can act really good african american call me or email me ok i hope i can if not btw ur missing out alot

  39. Madison Bell

    Hello! My name is madison and I am 12 turning 13:) I absolutely love Jessie and it would be a dream to act on the show! I have acted in many school plays/musicals and it is so much fun! I have been told I am a very good actress and find such a joy in becoming a character. I am very goofy and fun but can be serious at all the right times ! I hope you consider me for this opportunity ! Thank you so much:)

  40. Ranasia Clark

    My name is ranasia.
    Im a 12 year old african American with big cheeks.
    I watched alot of jessie.
    This will not only be an honor it will be a blessings.
    I have no experience but im try to start my acting career.
    I hope not to be like jessie and hope to show family and friends that i made it not for them but for me.
    Eamil: <hidden from public> phone number <hidden from public> 

  41. Valerie

    Hi im 12 in seventh grade turning 13 this summer. Favorite show is Jessie and i would love to be part of that show a least as a guest star just once. I am a beginner, i have not ever been in a movie or show. I would absolutely love to meet the cast. I am looking for new episodes all the time, and i would love if i was on one of those new episodes. So please email me! By the way im have brown straight hair with big brown eyes. I am kinda short and i have one sibling, a sister that is 5 years old. Okay, bye!

  42. lanejia hatfield

    im lanejia I am in the 6th grade I am 11 years old I am a cheerleader at cheer-zone and also a dancer at xtreme dance academy I got a interview but my mom didn’t call back so sorry i have long black hair i am African american I can be sassy at times but I have a free spirit in the 5th and 4th grade i was in a singing group called the dynamites and if I had a permanent spot i would probably cry I am a spunky girl i like fun clothes I am obsessed with diamonds and sparkles I love jewelry I like fancy clothes I could be the class and style and is scared of getting dirty but i’m really not afraid to get dirty I love sweets I LOVE MUSIC!!!!!!!!! i would love to hear from you I WOULD LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!! thank you once again

  43. Dequan Henry

    My name is dequan henry and im 11 years old I want to be on the cast of jessie I do acting and singing I would love to be on there I live in clinton md & my number is <hidden from public>  & my manager is nakia douglas & her number is <hidden from public> 

  44. Ana

    My Name: Ana Ts.
    Age: 12
    Birthday: 13th April
    I have Brown Hair, Brown Eyes. I’m 1.50 centimeters. 39 kilos..)))
    From: Tbilisi, Georgia (Country)
    I have been in some comedy shows in Georgia, and i have experience. I like no, Love to watch Disney <3
    I Know 3 Languages: Georgian, English and Russian
    Tnx for your timee

  45. Tia McDonald

    I want to act in your show!!!!

  46. Brian Matthews

    I would like to audition

  47. yunus

    Hi i am Yonis am 10 years old i have black hair dark brown eyes i love watching jessie and i love ittt so please pick me give the chance and i swear you won’t regret thanks

  48. Yassine

    I love Jessie and I have really the aim to act with them or to meet them. You can’t believe how excited I am. I learn very fast and hard. I follow all my possible dreams. I come from germany and I ready to do a huge change of my live just to act with the Ross or just in the television. I have a little sister she is 1 year old and she is very excited if she saw jessie. She began to dance and to laugh. It will be really nice of me if I can be a ideal for her.
    TThank you for your attention.

  49. Alondra Pacheco

    I would like to do this because I am very talented and have a passion for acting and singing and most importantly I never give up on my dreams

  50. Tanner Ellis

    I am apart of musical theatre on Broadway I love acting it is my passion and I love Jessie.I love all the roles that they play it really fits there character.I always wanted to be an actor and it would be a dream come true to be on disney.Thank you for your time

  51. Sophie Trudgeon

    Hi! I have had my DVR set to record every new episode of Jessie for over two years! I love the humour, and being able to be a part of a show like Jessie is a dream of mine! I love to sing, dance and act. My Drama teacher encouraged me to make my dream come true. I know that a lot of kids will be trying to audition for you, and I know that they like to sing and dance too. But I know that I have something that they don’t, and that is a personality that will endear an audience. Being a part of Jessie would be a miracle!

    Thank you for your time :)


  52. Precious Allen

    Wow their has been A LOT of people signing up for these role, but i hope that i get a chance to say what i want to say. I have the biggest and strongest passion for singing, dancing, and acting. I am 14 years old and i live in Miami, FL, but i am able to travel. It has always been a dream of mine to be on DISNEY CHANNEL!!!!! It sounds like a wonderful opportunity!

  53. Jonisha Washington

    Hello, My name is Jonisha E. Washington and I have a very poor family. I’m trying to find a job that can agree with my age (14) to help my family. I don’t like to live in this type of way, because I want my family to be happy, especially my mother. My dream is to become a Movie-star/Actress. But I wonder if I have to take acting classes or what. Anyhow, all I’m trying to say is I need a job that requires my age and includes acting, because I want to be proud of myself also. So hopefully I can be accepted to take this job.

    P.S.: I’m from Clinton,Mississippi if you want to know where I’m from to give it a try.


  54. Anya

    My biggest dream is to be an actress. I love a ting and singing. I have been in five plays and the lead role in 2 of them. I love disney chanel and have always wanted to be a part of it. Please consider me to be on the cast pf Jessie.

  55. makiah

    Hey disney channel I’m makiah I’m so funny your pants will be lightning up and I know how to sing it will make you cry also I been watching Jessie ever since it came out I’m cool I will be there on time you should pick or decide me I’m 10 black long hair 4’5 hazel eyes and rocks out hope you pick me good bye peeps on disney channel.hahaha

  56. Nicole Hernandez

    Dear Jessie Casting Directors,

    My Name Is Nicole Hernandez. I Am 12 Years Old And I Adore Acting. I Live In New Haven CT. I Am A Beginner Actor But Im Very Quick In Capturing New Things. I Am Not Camera Shy And Very Outgoing. Im Very Respectful And Passionate. Ive Loved The Show Jessie Ever Since It Aired And Is Committed To Do Anything. I Have Naturally Straight Light Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Peach Like Skin.

    Thanks For Taking The Time To Read This

    Sincerely ,

    Nicole Hernandez

  57. Jamie Nicole Gallo

    I should be on here because i would love this oppurtunity and i am such a great singer and i would love to be on here. I can be a great singer or actress. I have blonde hair and brown eyes. I am 9 years old and live in New York. I would love for this oppurtunity and i really hope u pick me.

  58. Ty Podolak

    My name is Ty Podolak. I live in Coral Springs Florida, 33065. I am 11 years old, in 5th grade. I have always loved the TV show Jessie! Its so funny! I like acting, and i have always enjoyed doing it! I play guitar, I sing *sometimes* but i love acting most of all! Contact me!

  59. josiah scalia

    hi my name is Josiah Scalia I am a boy and I am 12 years old my height is 4’11 92 pounds the reason I am audition for Jessie is because I’m in acting and I really want to be in Jessie its not about the money I just like having fun and see my self on TV.

  60. Stacy King

    My name is Stacy. I live in Mount sterling, Ky. I was born on May 10th 1994 (20). I have brown hair, brown eyes, I’m 5’2 and weight about 103 pounds. I graduated from Bath County High school in 2012. Ive always wanted to be a actress ever since I was a little girl. I’ve been in a few plays and I was also on a dancing team. I would always say to myself ” I’ll be a actress one day”. This might be my opportunity to suite my dream. Check me on thanks =)

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