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  1. Mia Sadowski

    Hello!! My name is Mia, well of course! You probably already saw that😂 anyways, I watch Jessie every day that I can, and I would be the happiest girl in the whole universe if you picked me! Now I know it’s probably a 1/1000 people but I would be the best actor!! And I can play any role with a few accents! Please please please!! Pick meeeeee!! Make the girl with the type one diabetes dream come true! I would be amazed if you picked me!!

  2. Graceann Clarke

    Um Hi my name is Grace ann Clarke I turned 13 in July and I always thought of acting as fun somehow I realized that I want to take it up my dad has always to me I should at the moment I’m trying to get into modelling but I think acting would be great I love it , it would be a great chance to experience it. I’m African American, I have brown eyes, I have black hear that go past my shoulder I’m originally from Jamaica but I moved to Canada people always said I have sharp jawline. I would love it if you gave me a little chance.

  3. jade

    Well i like jessie a lot but i cant be in it cuz i live in uae #sooo sad

  4. jade

    Well i like jessie a lot but i cant be in it cuz i live in uae #bummer

  5. Virgie

    Hey I always loved jessie and acting and dancing but l want to live my dream and you will be finishing my dream up if you can please add me to the show I would be the happiest girl on earth if you ever did that I hope you get this contact me at <hidden from public> 

  6. Darius Ragland

    I am very interested to be in the season 4 jessie if you have any auditions give me a call at <hidden from public> thank you

  7. Joanna Reyna, Kloie Reyna, Beautifull Rodriguez

    Hi, my name is Joanna Reyna, I’m from Pasadena Tx, I’m 8 years old, I have 2 sisters, Kloie Ann who is 7 years old and Beautifull Lee who is 6 years old and a Brother Tristan who is 6 years old as well, I’m of course writing on behalf of all of us since I’m the oldest. We love Jessie, we have watched every single Episode. We would love to be a part of the new season 4 casting, it would be a dream come true for us. We are fun, Smart and we love to act, and we perform our own auditions at home in our room together, I choose who will say what part and which will do what, then when it’s perfect we go out and perform it for our family or a mother and father. We also love to sing together or singles, I think we will be a great fit for this opportunity, we haven’t done anything big ever, but I know that myself and my siblings are very talented and we just need an opportunity like this to show it. We are very active and live to participate in activities. I’m an honor roll student, my mother is very proud of us. I just wish we can have this opportunity so that we can show how talented we are. I will pray for this opportunity my brother and sisters are so excited for this. Hopefully we can be given a chance. We love you Jessie and the whole cast. We hope to meet you all soon and be a part of the DISNEY Channel family. Thank you

  8. Charon Abrahams

    I would love to be in the series I love Jessie nothing would make me happier than to be in Jessie and you can make a dream come true if you pick me so chose me and I will do my best !!!

  9. Shawntayja

    Jessie I love your shows I just hope that I can act on your show with you guys

  10. Love charlumeau

    I love Jessie I’ve always acted in my moirror as an actor I would love to see what la and the cast and how they shoot it I would be perfect for it because I have lots of emotion and face expressions I can sing act and a little acrobatics as on flips splits and high kicks I would really love to do it this would be a chance for me career to take off and I can explore the world I hope you guys pick me love disney😊💯😘❤️

  11. Kentrice and kentrea

    Hi our names is kentrice and kentrea bell . we are girl twins we are 13 years old. We are singers/actors/models/dancers we are in the 7th grade . we would love to do this

  12. Bridget,Belinda and Bliss Calla

    Hello we’re the Calla’s family Bridget and Belinda are twins we’re 13 years and bliss is 11 years please pick us we’ve acted in our school in shops and in we’re bold energic and beautiful there’s no body who hasn’t comment it so please pick us and we love you all especially SKAI JACKSON and CAMERON BOYCE we all have brown hair Thanks we love you all.

  13. emma

    I am 12 and i would apperseate if I could act. Acting it is my dream, in sumer school I have sang a solo and preform a group prefomnce. I enjoy acting and singing so it would be nice to make it a hobby.

  14. emma

    hey i would like to be on a show i can sing and really good at acting i did actind in sumer school and have sung a solo.

  15. Mackenzie Gowers

    And btw it’s Mack and I’m a girl

  16. Mackenzie Gowers

    Hi I’m Mack and I’m age 10 I would Love to be a part of this I love to sing and act and this is one of my favorite shows I have watched it all my life and did a dance when it came out I love all Disney shows and movies like the little mermaid and more so ya I would love to be on the show! 😀

  17. Shona

    Hey im 13 yrs old i love,art,animals and fashion!
    I adore the show jessie and would love to have a go at acting i know i have what it takes! Everyone tells me that im a funny person and really crazy and pretty and super weird…
    The drama class teacher tells me that i have natural talent and she thinks i can go far in life with my acting skills and it would be a dream to get a role especially in jessie!
    I live in france im fluent french but im originally irish but my parents are english and a bit american so i have a weird accent!? And my parents are happily married and i have 1 little brother
    And like i said…acting is my dream! 😉 so its up to you guys but i would love it if you would pick me…

  18. Chanthallie

    Dang it I keep leaving things out! I am a GIRL and my name is pronounced (Shan-ta-lee) yea don’t worry all teacher’s get my name wrong for the first few weeks. TTnTT

  19. Chanthallie

    Oh no!!! I forgot to put my info like blah blah blah down whoops…
    urmm I’m almost 5 ft!!! Yes my friends are like towering over me so I guess I’m short. TnT
    I have black hair and dark brown eyes.
    I have dimples too I don’t know if that’s important. probably not. Hehe.
    I have been in a preforming arts school from kindergarten to third grade, I got a solo in my school choir, and I got in my school play last year! I was the footstool dog from beauty in the beast! that was what got me more interested I guess. It was REALLY fun! I got a short story published in the fourth grade too! So yea that really it I think… oh and I am a “social butterfly” so says my teacher and my parents. I don’t think so though… ok now It’s the end finally!

  20. Chanthallie

    Hi! I would love to be apart of this! But unfortunately I probably can’t since I’m DEFINITELY in the wrong state. TRUST ME. It would be a lot of fun I think! Oh well right! I mean I have school and all. My parents are HUGE on school so yeah. the chances are very slim that A) you’ll contact me or B) my parents would let me go all the way over there and miss school. So yeah but they probably would maybe let me go if I was in the right places. Anyways I hope you find some nice new people! I can’t wait for season 4! oh yeah and I’m 12 by the way I’m turning 13 on November 25! I can’t wait for my birthday!!!!

  21. Tagen billiot

    Hi im tagen this is my moms email and i love jessie. I always wanted to be i n jessie and i hope yall can make my dream come true. I am a creative and enthustatic girl. I love to sing and dance. I have some expirence me and my friends use to make up playes and perform them for our parents. I hope you choose me. I will be soo grayefull if you choose me. Have a nice day

  22. Tagen billiot

    Hi im tagen this is my moms email and i love jessie. I always wanted to be i n jessie and i hope yall can make my dream come true. I am a creative and enthustatic girl. I love to sing and dance. I have some expirence me and my friends use to make up playes and perform them for our parents. I hope you choose me good byeand have a nice day

  23. Caleb Ferraez

    Hi I am a 12 year old boy and I would love to be an actor on Jessie, it has always been one of my dreams to be an actor. Thanks if you read this.

  24. Daisy Guzman

    I also played the violin for 2yrs when I was in 5th & 6th :)

  25. Daisy Guzman

    Hello Disney,

    My name is daisy and I have auditioned for you already for an open call casting when I was 11yrs old I am now 13 and I’ve been wanting to be apart of Disney since I was 3. Anyways some things about me u might want to know is that I live in California, i am 13yrs old, im an 8th grader in middle school,and I am about 5’0. My experience in acting and performing I front of people is
    – in 1st grade I did a lip sync with my friends to preform for the whole school
    -in 3rd grade I joined drama club and was Cinderella
    – in 5th grade I auditioned for you in an opencall in lol Angeles
    -in 7th grade I decided to make a YouTube channel about beauty and fashion
    – I am currently taking acting classes
    -I am also currently taking singing classes (choir)
    -lastly I’m planning to audition for my local theater to be apart of a play

    Thank you for this chance in being part of DC it would mean the world to me if you chose me :)

    -Daisy Guzman

    *goodluck everyone*

  26. letlhogonolo

    hi my name is letlhogonolo and i am 14 years old and i will be honoured to be an actress on jessie because i love the show especially ravi and luke they make me laugh and i think i should be chosen because i am a funny,ambitious,go-getter kinada person i never stop at anything to find what i want and if i fail i will keep on working hard to finally get it thank you for your attention

  27. Natalie Wallace

    My name is Natalie
    Age-13 turning 14 this year
    Hair color-brown
    eye color-brown
    I wear glasses
    I work with people very well and I am nice and also kind of shy

  28. Jovana

    Hi, my name is Jovana Fevry. I am 13 years old I love the show “Jessie” so much, and if I were to be chosen to be on my favorite show I would be so thankful.I have loved acting ever since I was a little kid, I’m also in a theatre class. I am so shy and the best person to tell you that is my theatre teacher. She wants all her students and I to come out of our shell and be outgoing. If Ms. Cidel were to see me acting out for an audition she’d be so amazed. Hopefully, you guys choose me and even if you don’t I still want to take the time to thank you guys for at least reading my comment. In Conclusion, you can contact me at <hidden from public> or <hidden from public> .

  29. marcus smith

    Hi my name is Marcus Smith,and i would really like to be on Disney Channel.I am 9 years old.I don’t have much experience but i think i can do it.Disney Channel is the only thing i watch.literally.I only have two things to ask you guys.some of the scripts so i can practice at home and to tell me when auditions are.Thanks soooooooooooooooo much.

  30. marcus smith

    Hi my name is Marcus Smith and i am 9 years old.i would really like to be on Disney Channel. Disney channel is the only channel I watch.Seriously. I don’t have much experience but I think i can do it. I’m in 4th grade].please send me some lines so I can practice them at home. FYI i live in Marysville, Wa.NOT Washington DC. a lot of people mess that up. Thanks soooooo much.

  31. Ashley

    Hi my name is Ashley,I am a 14 year old who is in grade 8 and I a am a boy.I gotta say bravo on the show Jassie .The show has been a real blast since I started watching it.It made me want to a comedian.It made me want to be a participate in Jessie and made me happy of who I am, what I have become and to always have a good time in life.I think I can be a good participant in the show because,I am really brave,mice,good listener, but I am not good at making jokes but I’m sure that I will learn.The season I want to be on the show is not because I want fame or money but just because I want to make everyone happy and see a smile on their faces.thank you for your time

  32. Ashley

    Hi my name is Ashley and I’m 14 years old doing grade eight and I am a boy.I gotta say bravo on the show Jessie,that show is like a friend to me and I really love it.If I could ever get a chance to be on Jessie it will be a dream come true.That show made me want to become a comedian ,I think I can become comedian because I have a really good sense of humor,funny,brave,understanding and Nice. The show Jessie cheered me up when I was sad and it mad me really happy and that is just how I want to make other people feel when they are sad,thank you for your time.

  33. Genesis

    Hi I’m the daughter of Amanda and I will do anything to be on the cast of Jesse.
    I LOVE Disney!!!!!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😃😃😄😄😍😍😆😆😆😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐭🐭🐭🐭🐭🐭🐭🐭🐭

  34. Alexandra Gonzalez

    Hello I’m Alexandra Gonzalez and i will just love to be in Jessie. Literally you wont even know how happy I would be . So I’m 13 turning 14 on December 17, and this will be a great oppurtunity for me to carry on in life. Thank you so much for your time. 😁

  35. Alexandra Gonzalez

    Hello I’m Alexandra Gonzalez, and I am 13 years old turning 14 in December 17. I would love love love to be in Jessie because I’ve always wanted to be in a movie or a TV show and it would just be so amazing for me and like ive always wanted to be like Peyton. She inspired me to be an actor and I love her fashion, so thank you very much to taking the time to read this and I hope you guys pick me thank you ☺

  36. Kyrimah

    Hi , my name is Kyrimah (ky-reem-ah) and I’m 14 . I’d really really love to be on the show . I’m a very good actor too . I practice every single day . I really try hard to accomplish what I need to . I’ve never been on TV before , but that’s the point , I’d love to be . I have shoulder length hair , its very thick like zori’s . and a lot and I mean a LOT of people say I look like zori . I think I do a little . I have light and pure skin . I have no scratches at all on my skin . I have brown eyes . I wear glasses and I’m very short . a lot of people also say I don’t look like my actual age . I don’t I look like I’m like 12 but I really am 14 . so please let this. Be me . I’m funny , lovable , and VERY adventurous . I absolutely LOVE to travel and try new things . thank for reading 😄😁😢😍😘🙌

  37. gunner

    hi im gunner im 10 years old nd was in a play im a talented actor andi love diseny channel so plaz if u can get back to me it would light up meh world!

  38. gunner

    hello my name is gunner and im 10 years old ive always loved watching jessie it is one of my favorite shows so if u can consider me for anyroles i would be so happy im good at acting i was in 4th grade courus!

  39. gunner

    hello my name is gunner and im 10 years old ive always loved watching jessie it is one of my favorite shows so if u can consider me for anyroles i would be so happy im good at acting i was in 4th grade courus! plz if u can egt back to me

  40. Alexis Poderis

    I love to act it has always been a dream I also have a strong passion for singing whenever there is a talent show at school I will always be there to steel the stage and steel the base. I don’t get stage fright. I tried out for American Idol but I was to young to young to do it. I won a dance competition in Daytona Florida and won 50 dollars. Jessie is my favorite show I knew that when I saw Jessie on TV I knew it would be my favorite show. I am not a girlie girl I love to play outside with my friends. My favorite sports are baseball and basketball. My favorite colors are blue and green. It has been a dream to become a singer/actor .I am 10 years old about to be 11 on April 15.

  41. Francisco Cornejo


    My name is Francisco Cornejo, I am a 16 year old boy from Nyc. I been watching disney channel since when I was 5. Disney has been part of me since a very young age. Honestly speaking, I been searching for opportunity to be part of this disney family. People have told me I have a natural acting style. For example, Last year I did some film in my school and it turned out well. I believe that anyone who believes in themself truly will see outcomes that will make them Strive for more. After highschool, my goal is become someone who little kids and young teens can look up to and say, “if he went to go catch his dream and faced nearly the same obstacle I faced or am facing, then believe me I will be sucessessful as well. In addition, I also want to end bullying, I find it unnecessary. It will mean everything to me, if I get a chance at this audition and this disney world I once dreamed of. Last thing about me, I live by this 3 words, “Love, Loyalty, Laugh. This is what makes a healthy family, life, environment going. If you see this comment, and understand my point of view. Please Email me at <hidden from public>.

    Thank you!

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