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  1. Maya Patil

    HI! I’m Maya. I’m 12, 5’2, I look kind of like a girl version of Ravi except I dyed my ends red. I’ve done a lot of acting but not on a TV show. I’m kind and I work well with others. Thanks!

  2. Breeanna Bilich

    Hey how are we all :)
    My name is Breeanna! I am currently a model at Bettina Management! I am 13 years old an I live in Perth Australia, I am not going to lie and say things I can’t promise just to get on the show! Yes I am a huge fan of the show Jessie! So funny and so great! The reason I want to audition for this show is Because one I love the show and another I would love the experience my dream job is to be an actress! And honestly I can say I’m proud of myself I am now a model at Bettina Management! I would love to take my “career” to the next level! Thanks for taking the time to read this!
    Have a great day and consider me ❤️

  3. Braylon Haynes

    Hello, my name is Braylon Haynes. I am 11 years old I live in houston texas. I live with my mom and sister.i have always wanted to act.
    I can sing, dance, draw, and play sports

  4. Shani Ambrester

    I have a little brother, Justin, who is 11 years old. I wanted to surprise my little brother if you decide to pick my brother. It will be nice and my brother will LOVE to do something to be on this tv show especially Jessie is one of his favorite show. I am Justin’s older deaf sister and i wanted for my brother to have this opportunity to be involved this show.

    Thank you & I appreciate it :)

  5. Papadou Diallo

    I am seriously considering this chance to get this audition. I speak French and a little bit of English. This is very easy to be American. And now I hope that will call me in this number <hidden from public> .
    Thanks bye

  6. makena

    Hi my name is Makena I love Jessie! It would be a dream come true if I was picked to be on Jessie please let me know. I have always wanted to be an actress. I am nice, easy to talk to and to become friends with! Some things about me- my skin color is white am 5’1 12 years old have 2 brothers I love my family very much I have many friends and I love hanging out. And my family would be so so proud of me and so would I I’ve been looking for a apertunti and now he have given me one! That’s why I want to be on Jessie thanks for reading

    Makena <3

  7. lexi

    I am a 10 year old girl. I love to be fun and funny. Ask anyone I know! They’ll tell you I’m as crazy as they get. Anyway, I’ve always been drawn toward music and acting. When I was three I would always pop some CD in an old radio and dance like I was a sixty-eight year old with arthritis, no offense if you’re a sixty-eight year old with arthritis. I’m sure you dance great. Ever since I knew how to strike-a-pose no one got a picture like I was a normal, civilized person. Most of my teachers would die laughing because they overheard me reading dramatically to someone or they watched me stomp on my chair to my backpack off it. My dream is to be an actress for Disney. I love Peyton List on Jessie and would love to meet the rest of the cast!!! I love the comedy. But it also shows that you don’t have to be from the same country or state or birth family to truly be loved by someone. And if I could be a part of this show my life would change.

  8. Tashana

    Hi my name is Tashana I would love to be on Jessie because i love to sing and dance and act. I am 10 years old and it means a lot to me . I would love to get picked and i know zori would like me too be on there with her so would emma and luke and Robbie and Jessie and bertrem. We would have lots of fun . I always wanted to be on a tv show that was my dream. I hope i get picked . Love u guys and thanks.

  9. Chris

    I am 12 years old. I enjoy basketball, hockey, and football. Jessie is my favorite show. I love how everyone is one family and they all get along. If I got this role it would be amazing. I love trying new things. I have learned that if I set my mind to a task I can accomplish anything. I am a free spirit and love to be outside. I like to make people laugh and happy. Whenever I watch Jessie, I always laugh. I wish everyone the best of luck.

  10. alyssa patterson

    My name is Alyssa Patterson I am 8 yrs. old and I live in Newport,Tn. I have brown hair and brown eyes and I have freckles. I also have 2 sisters. I enjoy singing and have had several small roles in my church’s Christmas plays since I was 3. I also placed best overall performance in my schools talent show in 2nd grade singing Frozens Let it Go. I love the show Jessie it is my favorite show and my favorite character is Emma. I would love to be able to be on this show ,even if it is as an extra .I think it would be very exciting and fun. Hope I hear from you soon ,thanks Alyssa

  11. Alisha

    My name is Alisha. I have dark brown eyes and black hair. I am Asian and I am 5ft and 2in tall. I LOVE drawing and I am kinda shy at fifist but if I get to know people I’m very funny and express my feelings. I’m from Wisconsin.

  12. daeshana whittle

    I think jessei I watch it every time it come on .I’m 13yearsold I think I will be great because I’m a funny girl and I got a great attitude and i will have a positive affect on kids. And I’m going to be honest I never act but if u give me a chance I want let you down.

  13. makena

    Hi my name is Makena I am 12 years old. My dream is to become a actress! It would mean the world to me to be on Jessie! Your show is wonderful! And this is my chance for my dreams to come true so all I am asking is for you to pick me! My friends say I am very funny and friend ful and that I am easy to become friends with! Please let me know if I am the one! Thanks lobe your show!!!!

  14. Christopher

    Hello my name is Christopher brake and I love to dance, sing,and play video
    games.Im 9 years old my parents are divorced and if I can get this and be on the show it would make me super happy.What I want to be when I grow up is to become an actor I also have blue eyes and blonde hair

  15. Haven moger

    Hello! My name is Haven Moger I have always been told I was good at acting so I play in plays at school and I want to get even bigger in my dream career I’m 11yrs old and I weigh around 120″ I wanna say and I’m 4’9 I believe if you can set me some where as a main in a episode or a extra that would be great ! Thank you for noticing if you all do!

  16. Wisdow Gemima Reinach

    Hello my name is Wisdom Gemima Reinach
    – I am black skin color
    -I Am brunette
    -My Eyes are brown, almond-shaped
    -I 11 and I’m in 6th
    – I 1.48 M
    My Passions are acting, singing, dance, music.
    Since the age where I learned to walk, I started singing. At 4 years old I was doing shows in front of my parents with my brother,We danced and sang. In my family we say that I have the voice(vote) of an angel. What is true. I am brave, kind, all the time happy, ever bad-humored, always ready for anything etc. I hope that I shall be an actress in Jessie
    Thank you

  17. Vahyela Ishaku

    My name is Vahyela I am 13 years old I’m from Africa from the country Nigeria I’m glad to be auditioning and I know that I have a chance to be on your show. And another fact I like about you guys have passion for acting and so do I and Sakai Jackson is one of my role model when it comes to acting because she gives her full best when acting and she gives me and other Africans inspiration and I hope and pray I get to act beside her bye and may God bless you .

  18. Jade

    Hi my name is Jade and I’d love to be on season 4 of Jessie because I love the comedy, the loving family the different cultures the kids are from and they are all different in his or her own special way. I am female, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, I was adopted from China and I’m also almost 5 feet tall. I don’t have any siblings so I’d love to experience having siblings or just being part of a wonderful TV show family. Sometimes things can get rough on the show but they always come back together as a family that’s something I love about the show. I have taken several acting sessions and it would be a dream come true if I got picked to be on season 4 of Jessie! Please email me if I get the part on season 4 of Jessie. Thank you for reading my comment about why I’d love to be on Jessie and I really hope I get the part. Thanks for reading my comment!
    Love Jade ❤️

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