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  1. kassidy lewis

    Name is Kassidy and I live I Texas I do some acting and am going to be in wizard of Oz theater play in may I love disney channel I recorded episodes every day so here is some things about me I’m 11 I live in Texas and I love acting I am 5 foot 1\2 I do some softball and swimming I have a little over shoulder Sized Hair my hair color Is dirty-blond and I have blue eyes I have 3 dogs and 2 cats and have family that lives in california and 1 aunt in LA please contact me I would love to be on TV I have been on TV but only on the news if you are interested in letting me be on Jessie Please send an email mail to <hidden from public> thank you for your time

  2. Jannat hayat

    Hi Disney
    I’m 14 years old and since 10 I’m in my acting career. I really love to act on stage. It will be an honor to be in Jessie or any other show. My height is 5.4, I was born in NY Brooklyn. I am brown.

  3. nivea smith

    Hi my name is nivea i’m 8 and i watch this show all the time i’m a good reader do good in school and get good grades also like actiacting out the characters in the books i read my mom said ill be a good actress one day

  4. laney doty

    hi i would like to try and audition for a part on the tv how jessie because i love the show and i really want to try and be a hard working actress so if needed and im contacted i will end a picture and i will send hair color and other things like that i wont post them on here for everyone to see … please contact me …

  5. krista rapier

    My name is krista and I just turned 19, I recently got a calk to audition for Disney channel but I had to say no because I was busy that day. It has been my dream my entire life to be on Disney channel even as a small character. I have been acting for five years now and I love it. I am 5-6 and I have auburn hair. I love working with other people and making new friends. I think being a part of something this incredible would be… Well… Incredible. My dream almost came true and I had to say no. I want another chance. Please help my dream come true. Thank you.

  6. Shannon McCall

    Hello, my name is Shannon McCall. I am 14 years old and am from Washington. I am also 5’4″. I strongly believe I would make a good asset to Disney’s Jessie because I have much experience that would backup my acting skills. I take drama classes everyday during school and extracurricular drama during the week after school as well. I have participated in three school plays, landing the lead role in two of them, and and also participate at a live neighborhood theatre. At the theatre I have been in 3 plays there as well, and 4 musicals. I have a great singing background as I have been taking choir in school for multiple years and take professional voice classes. I have always loved to be in front of a camera as it is where I feel most comfortable. It has always been my dream to become an actress and I do have to start somewhere. This would be a big breakthrough for me so I do hope that you will please consider me for a role. I appreciate you for taking your time to read this.

  7. Michael Duperly

    My name is Mikey Duperly and I think I could possibly be the next Big Thing! I love acting, and I have experience! I am GREAT at memorizing lines and I can be funny or serious or whatever you are looking for! I am 11 years old with green eyes and dimples. Please call or email me if you need a super cute super fun kid with a great voice and attitude!! I’ve seen every episode of Jessie and it’s my favorite show!

  8. Aurya Harpold

    Hi, my name is Aurya (aria) I am 10 years old. I have mid length dark brown hair. I have dark brown eyes and I’m 5 feet tall and I am also lightly tanned and white. My dream is to be on Jesse, literally I had a dream about it last night :) My absolute favorite show on all of disney channel is Jesse.I think its a great show because all the witty characters and things they do make me laugh, yet It has some of the parts are serious and that make you say “WHAAAATTTTT” AND “not that” or “oh no she didn’t”. I’ve been in the small town production of Aladdin and Ariel so I’ve been in front of people and I’ve done a couple radio commercials. I love to act, I’m full on- drama and any chance I get I break out into shakespeare ok no, maybe not but something like that. In my opinion I think that you should choose me because I know alot about the characters and the show like Jesse’s and Tony’s first date with getting a giant teapot of water dumped on their heads wow that was a doozy but thankfully everything turned out alright. i would love to have a spot with the crew more than u know and I think I should have a chance to prove to you that I’m worth while and I should be on the show. I’ve also been told I’m good at acting but that will be for you to decide :)

  9. Jade sciaraffa

    Hi!My name is jade I want to be on Jessie because I am dramatic and funny.I like acting a lot I practice acting things out everyday.I love watching Jessie it is my favorite show on Disney channel.It is my dream to be on tv.I am also a gymnast and a basketball player.It is my life long dream to become an actor.If I was on Jessie that would be amazing and I would be the happiest girl in the world.

    Thanks for reading this!

  10. simon Mcgill

    I’d love to have this role it would mean a lot

  11. amal

    hi my name is amal im 10 and I all ways wanted to get a acting job I wish I can be on this show since I was seven im Somali im a milk chocolate color and that’s thanks and bye

  12. Landon

    Hello I am Landon I really want to be an actor because I have since I was little and I’m trying to try out for everything. I would like to be apart of the show or on the show I am blonde hair blue eyes I’m tall skinny but athletic and 5″8 please email me for more information. I will play any role please please email me.

  13. Michael Duperly

    Hello, my name is Mikey. I have been in the acting profession for a long time now. I have experience in acting from school plays and more. I am 11 years old and am 5 foot 2 inches. I have brown hair, hazel eyes, and light skin. I have watched all the seasons of Jessie so far and I think it’s hilarious. I think I would be perfect for this job. It would be a dream come true to get a good part on Jessie. I think its the best Disney Channel show ever. If I got a good part I would be SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Christian

    Dear Disney channel,

    Hey my name is Christian! I love Disney channels show Jessie! My dream is to be on there! It would be a please to be on there! And yes I had acting experice I been in a play before! I really hope I can be in Jessie it’s my dream! I would love to be one of the Ross kids!
    I have brown eyes
    I’m about 5ft tall
    I’m 11
    And I love t play basketball
    I can act really good
    And I really love batman!

    Please email me if I can be in Jessie! It would be a pleaser and a honor!
    Thanks! Bye!

  15. Naudeia huff

    Hi my name is Naudeia huff I’m a 10 year old girl almost 11 on May 14th I have been dreaming to be on Jessie since I was about 8.I would love to be on the show it would make my dream come true also I have a lot of talent. Like I use to be in gymnastics but now I’m going to learn guitar.please make my dream come true it would make me so so so happy.I am an”a,b” student I spend a lot of time pretending to act out the scenes in Jessie with my friends.I would greatly appreciate it if I got me audition!!!also I am very creative!! We’ll please think about it


  16. Makayla Morgan

    Hi name is Makayla Leanne Morgan I am 12years old and I am almost 5feet 2inches. Acting is my most favorite hobbie.Acting is my life at church we would have plays and I always got the lead .I am a humongous fan of Jessie I would sit in my bed and even if it was a rerun episode I would still watch it over and over and over.#I ❤ JESSIE.

  17. Micai shumate

    I always want to be on tv,I love acting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’!!!!!!!!!!

  18. adaoma nwamadu testimony

    Name:Adaoma Nwamadu Testimony






    Eyes:Dark brown.

    Hi I will love to be one of the casts in Jessie.It is a great opportunity to meet all my favorite actors ,and to be in a Disney show.I am also chubby, and it has always being my dream to act but, some of my friends just laugh and say it is not possible because, of my race and because I am chubby so I want to prove them wrong.Thank you for you time.


  19. Lindsay Mays

    Hi Disney. I am a 14 year old girl and I focus on acting 100% of the time. I an a fast learner and I go all out whenever I get the chance. I am a struggling actress also u sing and took a few years of dance class When I was younger. I have been in a few school musicals and I am in my new career all the way..I have brown hair brown eyes and glasses but I am Getting contacts. Acting is very important to me. I have been told I Look like a model but I am ssuper humblessed and modest, if u got a role I would take that oppertunity to show my skills

    Lindsay Mays

  20. felicity Davis

    Hey how you doing my name felicity jazzata davis let me start off saying this acting always been a passion of mines for as long I can remember Disney I have been a big inspiration in my life I look up to Alot of Disney stars such as raven symone , brenda song ,Zack efron and mine personal favorite Debby Ryan I love her unique style . What I truly trying to say I know I got the heart and talent to be on Disney if I get that chance you wouldn’t know how thankful I will be :-)

  21. austin mcentee

    I think I would do good because I practice talking in the mirror so I’m not bervos to speak out loud an I watch Disney channel every chance I get and I like acting and if I got picked I would try to show up but if we don’t have any money at that time. Im 13 I have blonde hair and blue eyes and I think I would do good and Disney channel is my favorite TV channel

    Austin Mcentee

  22. Sierra

    my name is Sierra I am 10 years old
    i would like to be on this show is because this is one of my favorite shows to watch.
    i have many hobbies like i sing i clog and have many more . Also i love to act out and sing.i am a small town girl with big dreams

  23. Karla Portill

    Hey my name is Karla Portillo I am 11 years old and I am looking for an audition I have never been on a show but I think I want to try it out I want to become a singer and also like acting my mom is OK with me getting an audition. And I would like to be in the show Jessie

  24. Bryony Engelhardt

    Hi my name is Bryony Engelhardt. I am 12 years old and I love to act. I sing, dance, and act. I would love to be on the cast of Jessie. It is my dream to be a professional actor. I have had private lessons for singing and dancing. I have played in Shrek the musical and I have danced in The Nutcracker as a ballet. I would be so happy if you would choose me.

  25. Shekina M Mangahas

    Hi my name is Shekina and I’m from Jacksonville,Florida and I’m 9 years old I’m turning 10 July 29, acting is one of my dreams because it inspires other people to do what they want.Jessie is my favorite tv show because Jessie is following her dreams to become an actress and that’s what inspired me so of you pick me then I get to inspire other people all around the world.

  26. Alicia Arthur

    i would like to Adulation for zuris best friend and i would like to be on the show for about a season or for the rest of the time the show goes on im like zuri and I am a great actress and i love the show jessie and im really looking ford to this opportunity anything you want to go over plz call <hidden from public> 

  27. rikki-jayne beggs

    Hi am rikki am 11 years old I would love to be in jessie because it was my dream to be in it I would love If you could give me a script so then I can audition because all of my friends said that none of my dreams will come true because all they are is audition I have been wanting to be in a movie since I was 6

  28. Safiatou Keita

    Hi my name is Safiatou it has always been my dream to act. This is a great oppturnity for everyone to have a chance to have a go to on tv. I am not camera shy Hannah Montana and Jessie aspired me to start acting. It does not matter if you dont pick me, because i know not to give up and push harder to and to follow to your dreams. It would be an honour if you pick me.

    Hair colour;Dark Brown
    Skin Colour : Brown
    Eye Colour:Brown
    Dream;To be on Disney Channel
    Country:London United Kingdom

  29. Andrelianna Augustin

    I love to sing and act. I wanted to do this since I was 8 and know I’m 11, so please can u give me a chance and send me a copy of the script on my email

  30. Niall Elliott

    Hi, my name is Niall and i am a 15 year old boy from Northern Ireland. To be a part of tv show such as ‘Jessie’ would be an amazing experience and it would help improve my chances on becoming an actor. I have been watching Disney Channel since no age and i seen every episode of ‘Jessie’ at least 30 times. I am familiar with the audience watching and I feel like i could relate with them and help make the television program even better. I study Drama for GCSE in school and i have achieved my Grade 6 in Individual Acting with high marks, not to mention that i have been lead roles in school shows and plays outside of school too. I am very focused in everything i do and i give my full potential in every task. My hobbies include athletics, hanging out with friends, reading, watching films/tv shows.
    Eye Colour: Blue/Grey
    Hair Colour: Blonde
    Height: 5″11/6″00
    Weight: 10st 2lbs
    Body Type: Athletic
    Skin Tone: White
    Location: Northern Ireland

  31. Nevaeh Chavez

    Dear Disney channel,

    Hi my name is Nevaeh I am an actress in training but I know you
    Guys are not looking for that your looking for a good personality
    Also a good reason for me to be on jessie that is like my dream
    So I have some experience with acting I’ve been in a play Cinderella
    And I was the main character aka:Cinderella but I’ve been watching
    Disney channel and I would practice with my dad every t.v. show on jessie
    I would pretend I was zuri and dad would pretend to be burtrum by the way
    I am 10 with brown hair anyway that is all the reasons I would like
    To be on jessie.

  32. Fatima hamdan

    Hi! My name is fatima i am 4 foot 9 (i think) i weigh 72 pounds im 12 turnin 13 in july 16 i have brown eyes and tan skin,i have been looking for commercial auditions for a long year but i never really found any that apealed to me but i think this could be a great oppurtunity for me to become a tv mini star! I actually think i wont be your first choice because i wear the hijab (scarf as you might know it) i was birn here but im from lebanon so i could speak english like any american, i believe that this would go down in history as the first american tv show to have a girl like me! I love acting and i could memorize lines very well too im not camera shy either so win win! Right? I think i would be a fantastic character on jessie season 4. I have experience too i was in many school plays, in 4th grade i played pinocios grandpa, in fifth grade i played alladins genie, and in first grade i played the fox in slice in wonderland. And so i truly hope you pick me i would be so so so happy!! If you do please please please

  33. Uma baker bahl

    Hello, my name is Uma and I am 9 years old, turning 10 on the 21st February.
    My favourite hobby is to act. When I was 6, I got the lead role in the school production of Matilda. That’s when I found out that I could act and I really shone !
    I’m female
    Brown hair
    Brown eyes and glasses

    If I got the part I would be over the moon!
    I have some acting experience with the performing arts group that I attend.

    Thank you

  34. Mercy

    Hi my name is Mercy. I am 14 years old, acting is my most prized possession to do because after school I go to drama class and my teacher teaches us to become a character and how to make your character look real.. It is my favourite hobby to do. My favourite shows are Liv and Maddie, Jessie, Shake it up and A.N.T Farm. I used to play a saxophone. I can sing a little. My second hobby is dancing. I train myself to dance. My friend’s aunt taught me how to dance. if Disney chose me, I think I will come but it will be hard for me because I live in Africa now.

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