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  1. Shaniah MCCLOUD

    Hi my name is shaniah and I am 8 years old .I really want to be on Jessie. Its the best show out. my favorite character is Zuri. I see myself in her just with some differenceS. I am PUERTO RICAN and half black. I have long dark hair and dark brown eyes. Im smart and know how to follow directions. My dream is to one day have my own show. I really hope u notify my mom of the auditions and locations for the castings of the show. I feel I have the ability to touch other children and develop a liking or a strong sense of comparisons with me as zuri did for me. This world is a mixture of all colors races cultures and lifestyles and I appeal to most being mixed. People always say I should be on tv. I wouldn’t want anything more then to be a pary of the Disney network. I look forward to hearing from u and hopefully see u soon where I can show u my ability to shine in front of the camera. Thank u!!!! :)

  2. Renee York

    Ok, I know that you have already seen 17,000 submissions so I won’t be surprised if you don’t read this one. My name is Renee York. I have blue eyes, and have completely natural dark blond/light brown hair with lots of red and streaks of light blonde in it, again completely natural I have never gotten highlights or dyed my hair. I’m 13 and about 5′ 5″ I absolutely LOVE singing and believe that everyone has a voice even if they don’t realize it. Acting is my dream career and I never get stage fright. I am quick to learn new songs and remember lines. Oh and I also like to be in nature since I was born and raised my entire life in Northern Idaho. I hope you at least look at this comment although I know that you are very busy, and if you don’t even see it I understand.
    Renee York <3-

  3. mina

    my Daughter is a creative bella ballerina with a beautiful soul.

  4. anya

    I love Jessie I have met skia before she is amazing plz make me be in this show

  5. Kira Scanes

    Hi I’m Kira :) I’m 11 years old and live in austraila :)

    Even though I live in Australia I can go to America to audtion

  6. joel barker

    I would really like to be apart of this opportunity to let my talent fill the room when I walk in .I have wanted to be an actor for a very long time Jessie is one of my favorite shows .I have always wanted to act for Disney channel .It would be an honor to be apart of this wonderful show .I am not shy in front of a camera I have a great memory I could memorize a script in in a day or two. I am 11 years old it would make me so happy if I got the part for this show.

  7. Anjali Vaid

    To whom it may concern,
    I’m sorry. I already auditioned but there are a few things I’d like to include that I forgot last time.

    My name is Anjali. I am 12 and going to be thirteen in four months. I am auditioning because I think it would be a great experience to work with the cast of Jessie. They seem like very nice people. I love acting. I have dark brown curly hair that I usually straighten, tan skin, and dark brown eyes. When people meet me, they usually think I’m Mexican, but I’m actually Indian. I only include this because I can play Ravi’s cousin or relative of some sort. I don’t have an Indian accent, but one of the characters can ask why I don’t have an accent like Ravi’s, and I can say that I was raised in the United States, unlike Ravi, who lived in India until Morgan and Christina adopted him. I might be able to pull off his sister, but I don’t look THAT similar to Karan. Unlike most of the people who auditioned, I live only about one-two hours away from L.A.

    My talents: I love acting and I can sort of sing. I do well at Christina Perri songs. I can’t dance unless you give me the choreography, but I suck at acrobatics, so I can’t do anything fancy like Cameron. I can do some simple dancing, but nothing like breakdancing, ballet, or anything that is a certain style.

    Pros: •I wouldn’t demand a high price. Meeting the cast and being on TV would be the most valuable things. I will take whatever you give me as long as it’s not ripping me off.
    •I can act.
    •I have a good memory.
    •I learn fast.
    •I can sing. Possibly.
    •I won’t fangirl and make them uncomfortable.
    •I’m learning French, so I know a bit.

    Cons: •I will probably not skip school to film. My school ends at 3:00.
    •Sometimes, my voice randomly gets weird and I have to swallow or cough to get rid of it. This might call for a few extra takes.
    •I can’t do an Indian accent.
    •I’m kind of young (but don’t underestimate me!).
    •I might laugh during a funny scene.
    •If I’m sick, I’ll have to be sick on the episode too because my voice sounds weird.
    •I can’t cry on command.
    •I can’t pull off a fake sneeze.

    Just to show how much I want to be on the show, I took fifteen minutes to put this together.

    Well, I think that’s it. Thank you for considering me.

  8. Anant

    Hi, my name is Anant and I am a 13 year old Indian boy and my favorite character is Ravi and I am hoping to play his brother who comes from India. I have a natural American accent and I was born here but I can also speak naturally in an Indian accent. I would love to audition for this role if it can be created. Thank you

  9. Mariah Montelongo

    Hello, my name is Mariah Montelongo. I LOVE the show Jessie. I’d love to play a role in this show. I love trying new things. I don’t have experience but I get the hang of things within a heart beat. I’m goofy, funny, outgoing, sweet etc. Too many words to describe me lol. Jessie is the only show I watch on Disney channel. I’m 5’3-5’4 I think lol, dark brown eyes, my hair is an auburn reddish color, dob: 09.7.99, sausage fingers lol. I don’t know how else to explains myself. Pick me pretty please with cherries on top. I’m hard working and very friendly! Contact me I guarantee you WONT regret it. I have a great personality! (:

  10. ashanti sterling

    i really would llloooovvvee to be on jessie… they are like my first fav t.v show.. i really love skai like she is my age.. and also i can act and i really love betram his very funny. so please let me audition and be apart off jessie. please please

  11. Melanie Navarro

    Hai, my name is Melanie Navarro and I would like to be a part if Jessie till it ends
    I love Jessie it’s my fav show ok here’s my info

    Name:Melanie Navarro

    Age 10(but tall for my age)



    Skills:Acting, modeling, singing

    Weight:somewhere around 90

    Eye color:dark brown

    Hair color:black w/brown highlights

    Phone number <hidden from public> 

    I’m also starting a few covers on my YouTube channel it’s melanie Navarro

  12. maurina

    i think I should be casted as Zuri’ s long lost sister that was trying to find her for 5 years since she was two. I think I’m perfect because I can sing dance and act.

  13. Jessie s

    Hello , my name is Jessie my daughter Madison will be perfect for the show “Jessie”! She’s a very smart , talented , outgoing , fashionista and adorable . She sings beautiful as well . Madison loves to act , she makes her own acting shows with her friends , dolls and family . She looks like a little producer lol . Her dream is to become an actress/ singer . My maddy is perfect . Please consider her . Everyone will love her . She sings everywhere we go ppl always say ” you need to put her in acting or singing . She says she will be a star and live in Hollywood when she gets older . Maddy is 7 yrs old and has a beautiful personality . She’s a happy child . Most of all she love Debbie Ryan “, her wish is to meet her one day :)

    Thank you

  14. Dezare

    Hi my name is Dezare. Jessie is one of my favorite shows on disney channel. It would be a dream come true and a blessing if i get the chance to at least audtion for this show. I. Would love to meet the whole cast of jessie. If i was on the show I would bring alot of enthusiasm , excitement, and weirdness.

  15. Aisha Jalloh

    i am a 13 year old british girl. it has been a dream of mine to be on telly, but then who hasn’t had that dream? i have attended theatre school and i am a really good actor. i have been watching disney channel all my life so i have picked up the accent. if you let me audition, you will not regret it at all.

  16. Bryan

    Please let me be on it is my dream to be on it

  17. Gabrielle Truly Renee Land

    I would love to be on your show because i am the biggest fan of Peyton List and Ski Jackson so i would be so happy to do this thank you

  18. Andrea

    hi i want to know the date and place of the casting, where I get this information?

  19. Andrea

    Pero quiero saber cuándo y dónde son los castings como obtengo esa información?

  20. Nicole Powell

    hi im Nicole from kenya and wales. im 11 years old. im a really big fan of favourite character is Zuri Ross.i would like to act as Zuris long gone twin sister or just sister who was adopted by the parents. i love singing and acting but im working on dancing. if u choose me i will make you happier than anyone will ever make you. i really hope u choose me to be on jessie. thanks for making such a wonderful the way i am in Kenya.

  21. monica mcintyre-breau

    i really really love jessie and ive always wanted to be an actor aspecially on jessie its my favorite show im a twelve year old girl who CANT dance but im pretty sure i can sing but the only problem is im a canadian but i hope you pick me i would be sooooooooo happy

  22. Ruby

    Hello, my name is Ruby Anderson, I am twelve years old and about 5 feet tall.
    I live in Plano, Texas, and my mom said I would be amazing for an acting career, so I am trying to pursue that dream! Thanks!

  23. Ilma

    Hi! I’m 11 year old girl and i like Jessie. I like acting and fashion. My hair is brown and my eyes are brown. I love animals.

  24. Sarah

    I’m 12 years old going into grade 7 and kids in my class make fun of me because I’m Chinese and adopted they say I will never become famous because that is my dream . They always say I’m untalented and ugly I’m not saying u should feel bad for me because I know I’m not any if those things! I know I’m talented and beautiful because god made each of us unique and beautiful

  25. Josephine Cannon

    I am 15 years old, from Tasmania, Australia.
    i would travel all around the world if it meant i could pursue a career as an actress. I don’ t do acting for the fame, i do it because you can be someone else, set foot in someone elses shoes. I do it because you can express yourself in other ways then just a simple word or two. I am seen as Josephine. Nothing more, and nothing less…yet.
    I’ m not an A+ student, i am not miss popularity. There are always those girls who i’ m behind the shadow in. But i want to step out of that shadow, i wont to showcase what talent i have and live my dream.
    Its would be a dream. Literally. i have had dreams about it, i lie in bed each night look at my roof and just make up scenarios in my head showing me acting. (cheesy, i know)
    According to my friend and teachers I am apparently quite cheeky, a drama queen (in a good way i think…and hope.), and funny.

    Hair: I have brown curly hair that goes just passed my shoulders and a fringe
    Eye color: My eyes can be hazel, green or brown (It depends on light)
    Birthday: 30.06.1999 Sydney
    Acting experience: I take drama classes outside and inside of school. Never been in any big performance ( But you’ ve got to start somewhere.) I cannot dance or sing for the life of me.
    Body figure: slim
    Skin: fair pink with freckles.

  26. Amanda Pace

    Age: 14
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 115
    Hair: light blonde
    Eyes: dark brown

    Hello! My name is Amanda and i am an aspiring actress, model and dancer! I have been acting, singing, and dancing ever since i was 2. Ever since then, the arts has been apart of me!
    I have been in more productions and improv performances than i can count! I have also had many drama, improv, and theater class. I love to be on stage and in front of the camera making people laugh and have joy! I am so incredibly excited to have the chance to be doing what i live for and love on a more professional basis. I sincerely hope you will consider me.

    Thank you,
    Amanda Pace

  27. Cassidy Barnes

    WOW! this sounds amazing I really love Jessie! wow! I really do love it! Debby is an amazing actress and I see her as inspiration to my acting! She is so amazing and it really inspires me! This is an amazing oppourtiny! My sister and I always watch Jessie together! I have brown hair and blue eyes and I am 5ft tall! I am around 90 pounds :) i do drama club in school! acting is amazing and I really adore acting! I come from a funny family! we are all always joking around and I love making people laugh! I forgot to mention in my other auditions I am 12 but many people say I look 14 haha. Wow! I cant believe this! I am such a huge fan of the show Jessie! thank you so much!

  28. Naomi Mason

    I’ve Always dreamed of playing on Jessie, Kinda Like Zuri’s Long Lost Sister who found her off the internet. I am African American And white mixed with Indian! I can sing really good, I’ve been studying the work of music and acting for about a Two Years now,so I believe it’s time for me to take my interest a little further. Hopefully you guys are interested the way I am and email me:) have a good day everybody and I wish everybody the best!!!!

  29. Gina

    My beautiful, curly haired, enthusiastic and overly dramatic 5 year old daughter is perfect for this show! She absolutely loves Jessie and reenacts all the scenes from the show and I promise she’s just as good as Zuri!! Everyone that knows her and us, always says how she needs to audition for Disney because she would be perfect for this show!! She has the best attitude and is so caring for only being 5 years old! Give her a chance!

  30. monica mcintyre-breau

    ive always wanted to be an actor aspetialy on jessie i cant dance and i geuss i can sing and i hope that you think i can act. im a 12 year old girl i think im 4ft 6 and im a canadian so i really REALLY hope i can finnaly get to be a part of jessie

  31. Kieshira rowry

    Hi my name is kieshira rowry.Im am 12 year old. I am 5 ft tall.i always wanted to be an actress for a long time.being a actress is my DREAM if i get pick i will be really happy. I starr in some plays and everysince then i wanted to be an actress. I have been dreaming and excited to be an actress my whole life and i hope this can be my chance.

  32. Matthew Padron

    I’m 14 5’3” have brown hair and have green/blue eyes. It’s always been my dream to be a part of the Disney family. I have no acting experience but I’m determined and do anything that is asked of me. I will be happy with any role from extra to a recurring role. I think this could be a huge opportunity for me and I would be happy to take it. I realize that you probably won’t pick me since there’s thousands of submissions but please do consider. Thanks

  33. Diana Koehn

    I’ve always wanted to act, I know that isn’t the best reason but people tell me I’m really good at acting and I just would LOVE to do this and meet new friends, cause I think it would be so fun!

  34. Essie Hale

    Hey, my name is Esperanza Hale, my nick name is Essie, the reason I should be considered is I dream about being an actor. I dream about acting on shows like Wizards of Waverly Place, Hanna Montana, Austin and Ally, Girl meets World and Jesse. I enjoy acting, I would really like to continue to pursue a career in acting and I can really act on queue. I am a hard worker and just like Bella Thorne I have Dyslexia. I would really like an opportunity to show that I am in acting because I enjoy it, not in it for the popularity or fame, I really would really appreciate you considering me for any role you may have.

    Thank you for your time,

    Eyes – Brown
    Hair – Brown
    Age – 11

  35. Tionne Smith

    Hi my name is Tionne Smith and I love Jessie.My favorite actor is Zuri because she seems active just like me. However I am such a good actor and a drama queen. I am 11yrs old. Very Flexible and athletic. Hope you see me soon!!! :D

  36. Talitha holmes

    I think ihiyld be on Jessie for one because it would be great for my acting career and the cast seem very great. Also, because I can sing,act,and model. I also song write

  37. Saleem

    I really want to be a cast of jessie i can play as ravis brother
    or skis bofriend

  38. Danya Gallegos

    Hi, my name is Danya. I love Jessie because it’s not like any other shows. It shows a girl who comes from a place where it seems that your dreams can’t come true and moves away from home to follow her dreams. Which is like me, I’m from a small town in East Texas and I’m an 18 yr old Mexican American who feels pressured onto going to college when I really just want to act. I didn’t want to disappoint my parents so I forced my self to go to college and we’re really tight on money, we can barely pay our bills. My mom works two jobs and my dad works all afternoon, so I’m like a mother to my brothers since I cook for them when my mom doesn’t have time and I clean the house and wash their clothes. So I would real like this opportunity to do something I would really like to do for life. I have no acting experience since I was and still am a little shy, but I would do anything to do this and help my parents out. I promise if you give me a chance I will do my best and you won’t regret it.
    Name: Danya Gallegos
    Ethnicity: Mexican
    Age: 18
    Home state: Texas
    Hair color: dark brown
    Eye color: brown
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: around 158
    Extra: bilingual(Spanish, English), like to joke around
    Thanks for reading
    Danya Gallegos

  39. James Donnelly

    My name is James I’ve been acting ever since I was 8 years old but I’ve never gotten to be in a real movie or TV show please let me have this trust me i’m a great actor

  40. James Donnelly

    My name is James I have been acting ever since I was 8 years old but I have never gotten to be in a movie or tv show yet. I badley want to be in this show Jessie but I don’t now if I ever will get excepted please let me have this trust me i’m a great actor.

  41. Graceli

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I have recently read some casting audition notices and have stumbled upon this notice, which seemed to peak my interest.
    My name is Graceli Licardo and I am quite interested in acting. I have currently participated in major roles in school plays, have auditioned for other acting and modelling roles and have attended an acting camp with Director Tom Logan as the instructor. I also am currently taking piano and voice lessons, have basic knowledge in playing the flute and have done dance classes for about 5 years.
    I am 13 years of age and female, with my height being approximately 5 feet and three inches. I am a Filipino born in Canada, with black eyes and shoulder length black hair. I take part in athletics, including my school’s basketball and track and field teams, and have been taking swimming lessons. I am quick to learn and excellent in academics. I am outgoing and strive to be my best, an avid reader, good at memorizing, and a writer. I memorize my scripts to as close to perfection possible, and am capable of memorizing whole chapters of books. I am also capable of acting with many different expressions and can play many different roles, ranging from despairing to jumpy, and from monotonous know-it-all to a prideful princess. I always go beyond of what is asked, presenting my school projects in not only the required paragraph on paper, but going beyond to present a PowerPoint presentation. I can be a good asset to your group.
    I have been watching Disney/Family Channel for as long as I remember, and still love it! I love the variety in the different series’ and still laugh heartily at the unique comedy. It is one of the only TV series I still watch. I love the characters and it excites me that I may have a chance to take part a series with them!

  42. Ayana

    I want to be on Jessie I’ve been telling my mom I’ve wanted to be an actor she believed me cause I kept asking her to find auditions well also I really wanted to me Skai Jackson

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