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  1. Victor Major

    I want to be an actor dancer and a little of singer. I love to dance and im pretty good. My mom always says im dramatic and my friends say it to. My role models are Zendaya, Chris Brown, and Michael Jackson. Please pick me. I know this isn’t long but I’ve always wanted to be famous for this things really bad. I tell my self that I can do it. and I would understand if I didn’t get this. But please consider choosing me for this.

  2. Megan Frost

    I am 9 years old. I think that I would be a great addition to Jessie. I practically watch the series every day on Netflix. I play the violin and sing, and I am hilarious. I’m not even joking. I have experience acting in my school plays as Mrs. Claus at Christmas, and as a witch at Halloween. Those two are very different, but I did them anyway. I can make really good faces. I can memorize my lines.

    I would probably fit best into the show as Zuri’s friend. I like the same stuff that she likes, and I think we would be friends in real life. My character could have annoying little brothers, because that is true.


  3. arianna hill

    I would like to be on jessie because I want to start somewhere and I love the show.I have never acted but I have always wanted to

  4. cameron

    i watch your tv shows when i was 5 and up thats why i wont to be in it

  5. Maura Fischer

    Hi my name us Maura and I’m 13 years old. Ever since I was younger I’ve always wanted to act. Even if you don’t want me I have some great ideas for the show. Please contact me I would really like to do this. Thanks so much. My cell is <hidden from public> . Please please please consider me.

  6. Emine Karsanti

    I should be on Jessie bcos I have always admired the show and I adore acting plus I love debby Ryan Skai Jackson peyton list cameron boyce and karan brar. I am a girl from Essex I have grew up watching Disney channel I am 10 yrs of age I always like to act out to my friends and always make them laugh there fore I would really like the role in Jessie thanks emine xx

  7. Anna Schengrund

    My name is Anna Schengrund, I am 12 years old and live in Jackson N.J.
    My mom thinks I am the most beautiful girl in the world, she’s probably right.
    My eye are greenish-blue. I was born October 2001.
    My favorite colors are lime green, pink and blue.
    My favorite character on Disney is the Little Mermaid.
    I have never stopped watching Disney since I can remember. I really love to sing and dance. I would love to have this career because my love and passion is singing, dancing and acting. I like to play different instruments like the piano, guitar and recorder. I’ve been in chorus since the 5th grade. If I got to do this, it would mean be most amazing thing in the world for me. Please choose me.

  8. Andrea Samuel

    Hey, My Name Is Andrea My Last Name Is Samuel. I Am 10 Years Old.

    I Would Love To Be An Actor Because It Is My Passion I Will Blow The Judges Mind Away If You Give Me One Chance.
    I Am Great At Singing I Admire My Parent’s Because They Want Me To Follow Jessie I Do Too!
    Jessie Is Like The Best Disney Channel Film I Have Ever Watched! I Love Disney Channel Jessie Because The Film Teaches Me A lot I would Love It If You Would Please Give Me This One Chance To Blow You Away! If You Would Please Call me Please Do Here Is My Phone Number:07435908943
    So Please Phone me Up And Call Me So I Know When To Come And Audition My Mom And Dad Are Okay With It Please Call Me Or Send It To My Email: <hidden from public>

  9. Tara Vaddiraj

    Dear cast of Jessie my name is Tara Vaddiraj and I am an 11 year old girl who I’d in love with your show. I have black hair dark brown eyes I am 4 ft 1 in and I am 50 pounds. I am in love with your show. Every day I watch your show and a few behind the scenes videos on you tube. When I watch them I fell like crying because it looks like so much fun being on the show. You should let me have am audition because I can memorize lines pretty fast. I love your show so much. I am an A student and love math. I am from Fremont California and love your show. I want to be on only your show because I find it the best compared to the other Disney channel shows. I reAlly want to be on your show so please at least give me am audition. I am a girl. I also will be able to manage the two teachers on set and be able to be an A student. Please tell me where to audition. My email is <hidden from public>
    Please give me an audition my life will before fun with anther family on set. I love you all
    Bye the best cast of Jessie : Debby Cameron skai Kevin Peyton and Karan you are all the best ps I am not in it for the money I am in it for the fun
    Tara Vaddiraj

    It would mean a lot to me if I had a spot in the show!

  10. Mia

    Hi I’m Mia, and I know what your thinking NEXT well, you are going to after you hear my age. I’m 11,but my school, thinks I have a wonderful voice, so does, my family, and I got into a chorus so, my voice is decent. And I love acting, acting is my dream, I have practiced, I love Jesse, but if I met any star, I’d act normal, because, even though they are famous they are normal people. ” OMG ROSS LYNCH is in FL” All I do is just glare at my best friend as she says that. and this is what I say ” Chill,out, if you were a star like him, would you want to be annoyed my fan crazy boys? She just smiles, not really paying much attention, well anyway thats me.

  11. Cyariah

    Hello my name is cyariah denton and I love
    Disney channel I watch it every day.when I was little all I would watch is Disney
    My favorite show is Jessie I love all the action
    And it’s funny…….I know all the words to Jessie from season 1 to season 2
    I love acting and singing I’m really shy in school
    But when I act I’m not shy……..I love it when the camera is me
    I’m going to tell you about me…..
    My name is cyariah denton
    My favorite sport is soccer
    My favorite show is Jessie
    I love acting and singing
    I was born in Ohio 3/17/2003
    My favorite color is blue and black

  12. Jesslyn McAllister

    Hi I’m Jesslyn and I love Jessie. I have great ideas for Jessie. But right now I only have one. And this is what it is. A new kid comes in (me please) with Morgen and Cristian. But I have to go home when it is time to go to school because I have a life down here in North Carolina I have friends and my brother dose travel baseball. And I don’t really want to move schools. But why I’m gone I will go to the orfinns to help them. I’m having a play soon I have not really got to start on it. I love to write songs and sing it is one of my passions. I love to draw. I do dance and cheer. Dancing is also one of my passions it makes me cool. Now here is some stuff about me.

    NAME: Jesslyn McAllister
    BIRTHDAY: Sptember 18
    COLOR HAIR: Dirty brown
    DATING: no single
    Hobbies: dance cheer and singing
    Eye Color: Blue
    Celebrity Crush:Cameron Boyce
    Location:North Caolina
    And that just some stuff Thank you and if I get the part I will be the most happiest girl in the world

  13. Noah Urge

    Hi. My name is Noah and I am 12 years old.
    I want to be in the Tv show Jessie because I love entertaining and I am really good in it. Another reason is that almost every Tv show has a black actor. As i know Jessie hasn’t got a black actor and I am black.
    I collected actor experience at my school and i would love it if i get the role
    Please write back
    Love Noah

  14. seynabou

    Name seynabou but you can call me sara
    Age 15
    Location reston va
    I would really like to be on Jessie because I watch it everyday to matter what I do I will give you my best I just want to make my family happy and proud of me I love Disney channel I love all of you and I’m from Senegal west Africa I came in the USA in 2010 I didn’t understand English a lot but know I’m good and yeah I miss my country a lot my grandmother and everyone there if you give me this change I will do everything that will make my family happy and my grandpa who just die please I am begging you please please just give me the opportunity Thx guys for your time love you all

  15. mallory

    I would love to be in a episode of jessy because I love all of the actors and for a 10 year old I just love acting and dancing.Payton list is so pretty Cameron is awesome and I like everyone I know this isn’t very convensing but it is the best I could do

  16. Julia

    My name is Julia.
    I am turning 11 year old in May 2014.
    I live in Canada.
    I am good at Acting and Singing.
    I am 142 cm and 30-35 kg with Black and brown hair and black and brown eyes.
    Thank you for your time.

  17. Pierce hadden

    I live acting I am 11 I live in minooka il I’m in my school drama club. As lead role and I love the show Jessie so call me or email me <hidden from public> is my number thank you just let me know if I can come out for a tryout or audition than you

    -pierce hadden

  18. Joe Schneider

    I think I should be on jessie because im a fun guy to hangout with. I would love to be on jessie because thanks to the suite life on deck, it gave me the inspiration to be an actor. Im 13 years old and i dont care if im only on an episode… i dont care i just want to be on jessie because i would love to meet the cast and i think i could make people laugh im in boardman ohio. thank you. I hope to be on jessie.

  19. Keauna

    I would be good because I act really good and I can also sing everyday I come home from school I sing like a crowd is watching me And I would get to experience the life of living my dream so please pick me

  20. carson wells

    jessie is my favorite tv i would like to meet the cast. I em funny.I em 10 years old.I love acting. but if you choose i will do my best. thank you

  21. Lila Guerra

    Hi, my name is Lila and I would love to be on Jessie. Here is some background information on me.

    Name: Lila Rose Guerra
    Birthday: November 12, 1999 (age 14)
    Hobbies: I love to sing and act. I act in front of everyone. I love to make things, espicially videos that I can post on YouTube. I love to watch T.V.
    Favorite Color: blue
    Location: Wright City, MO

    My favorite character on Jessie is Luke. Cameron is an awesome actor. He is also my celebrity crush. I’ve always had a crush on him ever since I saw him in Grown Ups.

    I would love to be an actress one day. Everyone in my school thinks I won’t make it in the world of fame. I would like to prove them wrong by showing them that anyone can make it in the world of fame. I am a fantastic actor. I’ve been in so many school plays I think I’ve lost count. I was lead role in 7 of them (I think. There may have been more.) I always make sure I audition for as many school plays as I can. I am the best at what I do. I memorize the scripts that I’m given all the time.

    What I look like:
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Skin Color: White
    Race: Hispanic/American
    Weight: unknown
    Height: Just over 5ft.
    Likes: acting, sleeping, singing, reading, hanging out with a lot of boys, dancing occasionally, and many more things
    Dislikes: anyone who doesn’t answer the question I ask them, homework, some shopping, having to dress up like a girly-girl, acting like a girly-girl (cause obviously I’m not), the color brown (it’s just too plain)

  22. Keylara Baker

    Hello my name is
    Keylara Renée Baker
    Age- 12
    Hair- light brown with blonde highlights
    Height- 5 feet
    Weight- 189 i think
    Eye Color- Hazel and Blue with a tad of Orange
    Gender- Female
    From- Juneau,AK

    I grew up watching the Disney channel even since I was born. Me and my family we have a lot of struggles we move from place to place not that long ago we moved from Montana to Yakima Washington I would like to get my mom and step-dad to get hings that they need to fix their life like pay their money back to an apartment if I get picked to be on Jessie on Disney channel that would make my life the best so please please email me soon as possible I can sing I can act and I can dance so email me back.

  23. cheyenne hodge

    Hi, im Cheyenne and im going to leave some background info

    Name: Cheyenne Hodge
    Dob: 1-11-2001
    hair: light brown
    height: 5’6
    eye: blue
    gender: female
    from: Bradford,Florida

  24. rhone bernard

    I really want to be a actor on jessie because it will be so fun. If you guys want me or not it’s okay.

  25. Cindy Lu

    Hi. My name is Cindy Lu and I’m a girl from Dallas, TX. I really enjoy singing, dancing, and acting, and I would love to have a chance to be on this show. I love watching Disney Channel and one of my favorite shows is Hannah Montana. I still watch it, because I love all the singing. I’m 5’1″ and I have black hair and brown eyes. I really hope I can have a chance to audition and maybe be able to be on the show for an episode or two. Thank you!

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