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  1. Graciela Andrade

    hi im gracie gonna turn 12 in october. I’ve had many chances to become an actress but never took the roles because i had no time with my education that is important to me

  2. Isabelle Palmisano

    Hi my name is Isabelle Palmisano. I am 8 years old. This is why I think you should cast me in The TV show Jessie. Jessie is my all-time favorite show. When Jessie first came out my mom said I could try to watch it. I watched one show and decided I loved it. I had watched the rest that were on demand after that. After watching it I realized that my talents, singing, dancing and, acting could come together in this once in a lifetime chance for me. I thought that if I did this I could show everyone I know that I’m my own person and that I like to be free in style. I don’t really want to do this for the fame. I want to do this for 3 reasons: 1) to meet the cast, 2) to show everyone my talents, and 3) to show other kids that they don’t always have to hide their face and their amazing talents. They can show the world who they really are on the inside. I want to try to inspire them to make their own choices in who they want to be. I have always been a Drama Queen in acting too. I am from Baltimore, Maryland. I have brown hair, brown eyes and I have a dog named Tucker, a sister named Lexi and, a brother named Sam. My parents are Krista and Trey. I hope I can be in my FAVORITE show Jessie. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Alicia Olvera

    Hi my name is Alicia. I am currently 12 years old. Turning 13 soon. But i saw that auditions for tv show Jessie. And my dream is to be on the tv show Jessie! I would be very happy and honored to be on your TV show. I am a sporty type person. I play on a volleyball team. And just getting an audition for Jessie would be amazing. I may not be chosen, but i happy to try my
    best. I believe i can do anything i want if i try my best and believe in myself. And i believe i can make this audition. And i would like to thank you for your time!

  4. Clarissa McNeil

    Hi my name is clarissa im 9 I loooove Jessie I even remember the lines from episode 1.

    But anyway contact me ok.

  5. Isabella Bennardello

    Hi. My name is Isabella Bennardello. I’m 10 years old ( well in like a week) and have alway wanted to be an actress. It’s my dream.

  6. Nia Harley

    Hello, my name is nia I am 11 and turn 12 In January.
    I would love to be on this show, but I would also love
    to act period. I love the show Jessie and it would be an
    Honor to be able to act with some of the best! One of my
    Favorite things to do is sing and I love to act and pretend at home I’ve just never
    really been to auditions (only once in my life

  7. keiln stevens

    Hello my name is keiln Stevens and I’m and 11 year old boy and acting is my dream I pray to god I get this and that’s why I should be picked

  8. keiln stevens

    I would like to be picked because I always wanted to be an actor forever I pray every night I will be famous and that why I should be picked

  9. Taylor

    Hello, I am Taylor. I am 13 years old, blonde down to shoulder hair with blue eyes, pale white skin, I love family channel and acting, I’ve always loved acting, I’ve done lots of plays, acting classes, and am planning on applying for a art high school, acting for me is just a way to become someone else, I feel that it helps me understand other people and there emotions, I find it easy to lose myself In a good book or a good movie. I can put myself in different characters, ones that if u knew my personality u would never see my that way. I enjoying acting, crying, laughing, all of it, getting to be someone else fascinates me because I feel like I am that character now that there are two parts of me and that the more characters I become the more my personality shines, and becomes more then it was. I would do anything to get a chance at acting, it’s my passion and I know that a lot of people are going to sign up and say that there the best and all this stuff because a lot of people want it, but I truly do hope that you will see mine and give me a chance, not only at Jessie but any other show, I really feel like I can do it, in fact I swear I will push myself to the limits, past the limits into what is truly a passion, acting isn’t just to amuse it’s to bring the person to feel your characters pain, make them feel what you feel with your emotions, so I ask plz give me a chance and I’ll prove that I can.

    Plz if I got super lucky and you read this please contact <hidden from public>

  10. Princess Rian Gonzales

    Hi! My name is Princess Rian Gonzales or you can just call me Princess. I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates because my parents is working here but,I’m Pure Filipino from Philippines and Proud. I have a little sister and she’s 2 years old. Jessie is one of my favourite series on Disney Channel and I wish I could be a Ross and this is a great opportunity for me to be on the set. I always want to be an actress and a singer but, some people is not believing but, I faced my fears and joined the choir in my school for 2 years. My goals in life is to be an actress and a singer, tour around the world with my family and meet all the Disney stars. I love fashion, music, style and technology. And I would like to work with them full time. ^_^

    Age: 10 years old
    Height: 1, 44 m.
    Hair Colour: Curly black but, some of my hair is brown.
    Eye colour: Black
    Hobbies: singing, dancing(not too much), playing sports and acting(but, I’m not taking acting classes

    Thank you for the courage of reading and I hope I can work with you all. ^_^

  11. Audrey Orosco

    hi my name is Audrey and I love this show and I all ways act and live in a small house in C.A I live here with my mom, dad, grandma, sister, and a small dog I wanted to act sisen I was 6 and now I am 11 I tried out twice for kids bob but I never got my video auditioned in on time : (.
    I would all ways think about this show and if I would be in it this is my big chance to do this. I watch sweet life on deke so have seen Jessie when she was young. when herd the 4th season I had to right this if get this I would so happy I would cry so maybe make my dreams come to life maybe I will be In contact. =)

  12. Edith

    Hi my name is Edith and I would do anything to be on Disney and I mean anything,I’ve always wanted to be on Disney and it would mean the whole world to me if that dream came true so please am begging you can I audition.

  13. Evaince

    Hey my name is Evaince and im fron cameroon i am 11 year old boy almost 12 in october i will love to be in jessie i been acting since i ws 4 year old i have black hair dark brown eyes. acting is my passion i alway want it to be a actor you can email me at <hidden from public> i hope i get the part and if i cant get it then give to somebody who really deserve it good luck everybody.

    thank you, Evaince

  14. Isabel Sales

    My name is Isabel Sales. I am 11 years old, turning 12 in December. I have dark brown eyes, black hair but I got light brown/amber highlights. It has been my dream to be in show business for as long as I could remember. I remember I used to always watch actors/actresses on TV and I would always want to be just like them when I grew up. I love to sing but mostly in the shower…. I took acrobatic classes. I try my absolute best to pursue my dream of being an actress. I have entered a few school talent shows. I have been in a school play in grade 6 “The Wizard of Oz” and I played the lead role “Dorothy”. I have seen so far every single episode of Jessie and I know I makes people everywhere laugh and I would be honored to be apart of causing that laughter. If I got to be on Jessie even for just 1 episode it would defiantly start my acting career and help make my dreams come true. I know that not all dreams come true and I should never keep my hopes up too high but I swear to myself I will never give up this dream.

  15. Isabel Sales

    My name is Isabel Sales. I am 11 years old and I’m turning 12 in December . I have black hair but I got light brown highlights.Honestly my dream is to be in show business. I would always watch actors/actresses on TV and I would always imagine to be just like them when I grow up. What I’ve done so far to help my dream is enter a few school talent shows, I’ve been in a school play “The Wizard of Oz” and I was really surprised because I actually got the lead “Dorothy”. I have seen so far every single episode of Jessie and I know it makes a lot people every where laugh, and I would love to be apart of causing that laughter even for just 1 episode. I sing a lot but usually in the shower… I know that dreams don’t always come true and I should never keep my hopes up too high all the time but i swear to myself I will never give up this dream.

  16. McKenzie Hamilton

    Hi I am McKenzie Hamilton and I am 14. I would love to be apart of Jessie because I would love to entertain people all over the world. I have blue eyes and blonde hair. I would love to be on Disney Channel. So hopefully I’m the next big thing. Thank you!!

  17. Nahiley ahmed

    Hi im nahiley im 12 (almost in 6 days) im brownish I am a muslim and wear a hyjab it looks good so..I think I would be good for this show thanks and bye

  18. Anjali Vaid

    My name is Anjali. I am 12 and will be thirteen in a few months, but I look a bit older than I actually am. I am tan with dark brown hair and eyes. I have braces. I am five foot three inches. I would be able to film on weekends and holidays. I live in Southern California and it would only take about an hour for me to get to LA.
    I’m a good actress.
    I can sing, depending on the song.
    I live near LA.

    I get allergies when the weather changes quickly. When this happens, I sound weird, my nose gets stuffy, my voice sounds weird, I get congested, and I sneeze and blow my nose constantly.
    I might laugh when trying to film a funny scene.
    I’m usually in pain when I get my braces adjusted, so I won’t feel up to doing anything, and painkillers don’t hell.

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