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  1. Hannah Huguley

    Hi, my name is Hannah im 14, my birthday is June 27,2001, and I am from Kingville, Alabama. I am a freshman in high school, I am 5’8 1/2 I love Jessie!!! My favorite actor would have to be Emma Ross because we have a lot in common like having blonde hair and loving glitter. I would really appreciate if y’all could pick me! God bless y’all!!!

  2. Olivia Crouch

    Hi my name is Olivia Crouch. I love to act, sing, dance, play soccer. I play football sometimes with my brothers. I have 2 brothers Matthew and Patrick and a stepsister named Codi. I am 13 years old my birthday is August 11,2001. I love in Murray KY. My mom and dad got divorced when I was 7. I am very outgoing and love to meet new people.I wear glasses. I love acting anytime there is a play at my school or church I am the first one to sign up. Anyways I love you guys and I hope you pick me…… Bye!!!!!

  3. Harley

    Hello my name is Harley Foley. I do not have any acting experience. I know that I will not probably get this acting job but j am going to give it my best. Jessie is a gun show and I am a fun person I act at home and when I can get in some school productions. I think that I would be a wonderful candidate for this job even though I do not have any acting experience.

  4. Jonah Hodo

    I am a 12 year ol turning 13 this summer and I think that I would be a very great actor I am great with people and I know how to cooperate and It would be a great opportunity to guest star and potentially act on great shows like this. You can contact me @<hidden from public>

  5. Claire Aylor

    Hi. My name is Claire. I am 10 years old and I am am a huge fan of Jessie. I have always loved acting since I was 5. It would be amazing if you would consider me on a role on Jessie. Contact me as soon as you can for specialties, questions, or more

    Thank you for considering me on Jessie.
    Claire A.

  6. shreya

    Hi my name is Shreya and I am 11 years old, i love to watch Jessie and i always wanted to work on a show with all the artists. I got 5 offers to work for Disney channel. I love soccer , gymnastics, swimming, and I LOVE to DANCE, jazz and hip hop are my favorite!

  7. Genesis Green

    Hi my name is Genesis. I am 9 years old. I like to be called Princess. I really want to be a actress I am not saying that to be on jessie I love acting. I will be the best one but not the best I’ve seen Season 1, 2, and 3 all of the cast are great and I really want to be the next great on mey acting skills are sick please let me be on it I am awesome. It is my dream to show the world my acting skills and here are some more skills I love karata , singing , dancing. Please I promise I will never let you down I wanna try and be the next ross kid and maybe my character will make Peyton’s character jealous because Skai’s character is that we always hang out together and Emma will try to find another ross kid to be adopted . Thats it pick me

  8. Rachel

    Hi my name is Rachel I am turning 11 in October.I have always dreamed about having this job and I am so excited to say that,that dream might actually come true.I really want this job because I am the biggest fan of Disney their is not one day since I was a live were I did not watch Disney! I actually really like Payton list.I really want to be an actor because my and my older freind make movies on I movie and she is so fun she makes it feel like the understudy of the movie life and I would love to be in the real acting life.Thank you for your time and patience hope to hear from you soon.

  9. Marcellus cutts

    In 15 and love Jessie I have watched it since season 1 and have to say it has come very far also a fan of disney I like acting and would love to have a part of Jessie.
    Moms number <hidden from public> 

  10. Yasmin Reyes

    Hi I’m Yasmin Reyes and I am 12 years old but I am short for my age… I will like to audition for Jessie because I love Jessie and I will like to have a pre start on my career(becoming an actress.). I love English!!! And I love to dance, sing, do gymnastics, play soccer, and act. In history class my class use to do little plays for English and history’s open house and we did great I got 100 points out of 100!!! Yay! I have a good student I get A’s and B’s and I hope I can get a part in the new season of Jessie :)!!

  11. reina

    i would love to be on this hilarious show and meet amazing people!!!!!

  12. Elizabeth Grace

    Hey there…..i’m an 11 year old girl up on the plateau in Tennessee just kickin it country ! I have a Mom, Dad, an awesome big Brother, and 2 English Bulldogs “slobber machines ” lol ! I love to dress up and feel beautiful & I also love to get down and dirty in the mud ! Softball is my favorite sport even though they nicknamed me “Target” lol….seems the ball can’t miss me ! I’ve participated in several beauty pageants and won many of them. I represented the county I live in for the year of 2010-2011…..I was 2010 Little Miss Fentress County and boy was that an adventure ! I love to be myself….original & unique….everybody says GOD broke the mold with me I love to be goofy & crazy at times and love to make people laugh !!!!
    I really hope to hear from you and be able to show you what I have to offer in acting ! I will truly be greatfull for any part that you have to offer me to become part of the entertainment industry ! Thanks soo much……Lizzie

  13. jaquelin coria

    Im 13 years old . I just want to be given this huge opportunity to meet these stars and be able to be on jessie with them and possibly become one .

  14. Jessica

    Hi, I am Jessica but i go by Jessie. i cant express enough how much i love acting. This part would mean the world to me. I can play almost any part extra, main, side character why i could be a narrator . i haven’t had a lot of experience but i have been in a play and drama club. i also practice all the time playing improve and reading books aloud in their mood or voices. You might be thinking hey this sounds like and awesome person what do they look like, Well, here you go:
    gender: the best gender female
    hair:shoulder length blond with brown mixed in. natural but tangly
    eyes: i don’t really know but blue sometimes and grey other times
    height: 5″2
    weight: 105 lbs
    ethnicity: Caucasian
    place: Washington usa
    personality:sassy, smart (all honors), funny, imaginative, acty(my own word), and a little crazy
    hobbies: playing the alto sax, collecting funky hats, acting( of course),being wierd and being with friends.
    email: <hidden from public>
    again it would be an honor

  15. Kyle Zimmer

    Hi I’m Kyle and I’m a big fan of the show. I live in Napanee, IN. I’m 13 (if you want my life story keep reading if not go to the next paragraph) my mom is single and she has a low paying job. She has 7 kids, 5 still living with her. Everyone has a job (some have 2) except me. I’m hoping to help by bringing one more paycheck in. I love acting if you want me to I will serve you drinks and stuff before all this jazz I’m okay with waiting and working. I will do anything.
    I have no experience but I’m a fast learner. I promise I won’t freak out when I meet you (not that much at least). I like to have fun and I’m not offended if you pull a prank on me.

  16. Karlie

    Hey, my name is Karlie Taylor. I am 12 but I will be 13 on November 9th. I love Jesse and I’m not just saying that. Jesse is my favorite show and I can’t believe that there are auditions for it. I’m so excited! I hope and pray that I get this. I don’t have any experience in acting but I do write. I think this would really help my writing. I’m working in a book right now. I live in a house of 6…well 7 including me. My mom and dad got a divorce when I was 7. He was cheating on her with 2 other wemon. He now lives in North Carolina with his new wife and daughter. I like playing sports, animals, and writing. I know that I’ve never been on TV but I do put on plays at my school. We have won the last couple of talent shows from our little skits. I also make little movies. Well I used to. I really hope that I’m good enough to be on the 4th seasion of Jesse. It would mean the world to me! I hope it’s not too late!

  17. Asia Chen

    Call me Asia Chen, call me Tom cruise, any character that you pick for me I will excel in acting like them. Although I have not had any acting experience, I am very confident that if you pick me, this will be my big breakthrough. I would very much like to spend my days in somebody else’s shoes, and I think that the acting industry will be very happy with me.

  18. Audrey

    Hi my name is Audrey and I’m 10 years old. I love Jessie and I would LOVE to be on it! That would just be awesome! I like to dance and play soccer and I love swimming and I think modeling would be fun! Thanks! Bye!

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