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  1. jerusha

    Hello my name is jerusha and I am 13 years old. I am living in Germany. I am watching jessie right from the beginning and I like it very much. I would be so grateful and happy if I could act within it. I just love acting. It is my life! And because of that I am going to a acting-school. I want to inspire people and make them happy. I love staying in front of the camera and acting. This makes me feel so good. When I am acting I am feeling free and happy. It is my biggest dream to act in jessie. Many regards from Jerusha

  2. Mellreanna Ferguson

    Hey what’s up?! I’m a 14 year old girl and I really wanted to audition last year but I couldn’t because I had cancer. I was 13 at the time, I’m very upset I couldn’t go last year but I’m really looking forward to audition this year! I’m from Ohio, nothing much ever really happens here. I really want to be on the show! I would watch you guys all the time while I was taking chemo! It would make me feel better because you guys make me laugh! Pretty please with a cherry on top pick me! I really want to be apart of all the fun!

  3. Trenton

    Hi my name is trenton I am- 10 I love acting I don’t care for fame I just want to do something that inspires me I love Jessie I want to meet Debby’s Ryan Peyton list skai Jackson carnan Barr and Cameron Boyce this show means everthing to me so other kids better wach for what’s coming give me a call <hidden from public> .

  4. Billea loner

    Hey!!!!! Im Billea I’m would like to be on the show I

  5. Miwako Kogawa

    Hello !! My name is Miwako, and I am a very big fan of Jessie. I am a 13 yr old girl with a straight, very long, dark brown hair from Japan. I have been living in Austtalia for 7 years and I can speak fluent english, Jessie is the reason why I want to become an actress. From the start of this show, I had a spark feeling that this show was going to be special to me, and now I know why. If you choose me, I know that I will do my best of everything. I would be able to make people smile and laugh. I am not shy in front of people, and I am confident that I would be perfect for any role you put me in. I can work perfectly well with anyone, and I would work really hard and enjoy it. I am very fit, and Balanced. This show means everything to me, and I know that this acting career will be the right thing to do. Jessie is one of the loved Disney Show, and it makes people happy. Now it is my turn to return that for all the fun times Disney Show has given me. I love acting, singing and working together. This would change my world. This would change me. I do not care what role I get, I will be happy with anything. Thankyou for taking your time to read this. I am very honored to get this chance. – Miwako

  6. Ruthie Exis

    Hi my name is Ruthie Exis. And I am 13 years Old. I am African american And I would like to audition for this part cause I have been dreaming about going on TV and becoming famous Mainly cause I wanna be one of the people to inspire other people to keep trying and to never give up. And I hope to be the kid to be the person to hangout with the jessie cast. They are the main one to inspire to just be yourself and get back up when you are down. So take your time on looking at my post. And give me feedback. CAUSE I’LL LOVE TO BE A JESSIE CAST

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