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  1. mischael ontama

    hi, my names Michael ontama and i would be glad to entertain america.i live in Britain and im black with brown eyes, short black hair, and im slim. i can do a fake Jamaican accent and i can speak passable Spanish and french ( just basics ). im 13 years old i can play abit of piano (just give me a song to learn with notes) and i can ride a skateboard if that’s useful. i used to do karate which i now stopped and same with tennis. i live in south east London. plz reply i will not let you down. if your gonna reply (of course you will) here’s my information.if your gonna take me away from my family and put me in a foster home in america do it.
    Facebook: Michael ontama
    if you want to know how i look like.

  2. Emry callahan

    Hi my name is Emry Callahan.
    I am 11 years old.
    I live in Eugean,OR.
    I love to sing,dance,and act.
    All of my life I wanted to sing and be actres.
    I,v have been in singing classes sence I was two,
    I,v have been in danceing classes sence I was two,
    and I have been in acting classes sence I was 6 months old.
    I hope you consiter me
    -Emry callahan

  3. Jana

    I should be in this because I’m 11 years old and I love acting. I am actually really good at acting and this would be a dream come true.

  4. bryon price

    name: Bryon William Price
    reason why I should I be on the show I always loved Disney. I watch it since was 2. Im 13 years old and I live in sringfield,MO. my eye color is brown. I can sing im I choir an im a tenor. The only reason I want to be on Jessie season 4 is because I don’t feel needed im not a depressed guy im loving and caring if I do make it my moms phone number is <hidden from public> . Thank You for letting me tryout

  5. Chloe

    I think these are all incredible actors and actresses. If I was an actress, I would have thought it would be cool for everyone to know who you are, and just be famous.

  6. Camry Duncan

    Hi, Im Camry and i have been acting for i don’t even know how long. I have always wanted to be on Disney channel. here is just some random stuff about me: I am 14 year young, I live in the states. I have one sibling an older sister and our favorite show to watch together is Jessie. i hope i will hear from y’all soon!

  7. Ahmed

    Hi my name is Ahmed,
    I am a really huge fan of the show jessie. When I first heard about it like 3 weeks ago I was already hooked at the way my friend explained it. So I had to check it out. I watched all the episodes from New York Nanny to there goes the bride in 2 Weeks and am currently re watching it again. I would really love to be in the show I honestly don’t stop thinking about it. I would really love to go to Hollywood and meet karan, debby, Peyton, Kevin, Cameron, and Skai and enjoy acting with them . It would be a dream come true. I even watched all the backstage videos and am very attached.
    I am 14 years old almost 15
    I have brown skin color ( almost same as karan)
    brown eyes
    black hair
    I can do some accents
    thank you very much

  8. Samone Schell

    Hi my name is Samone Schell and I would love to be on my favorite tv show Jessie. Jessie inspired me to come out with my talent. I can sing, dance and act also I can do sports. Please let me know if you want to cast me this is very important for me to know.
    Height- 5’2
    Weight- 102 lbs
    Ethnicity- African American
    Eye Color- Dark Brown
    Hair Color-Brown

  9. Katya Land

    Hi, mi name is Katya and I love acting, I was acting in a theater since 7 years old and I am pretty good at it.I think I shout be consider because I can fake cry,laugh naturally and love watching Disney.Here is someting obout me :
    Age: 13
    Eye color:Brown with a little bit of green
    Hair:Brown with gold highlights,long and strait
    Height:1,68 cm or 5’7 feet
    WARNING:Keep in mind I am not originally from US I’m from Croatia but I speak English very good.And I can also fake Russian accent.
    Skills:acting,dancing and accents.

  10. Jine

    Hello i am 11 .i live in Germany ,but i can speak english .i can also sing and i am in class 6

  11. anne-kate

    hi , my name is anne-kate
    i have a sort of brown and black hair that medium sized i am 11, 12 in November.
    i would love to be in Jessie because i love to act and model its something that makes me feel special.i recorded lots of Jessie episodes .the show makes me lough and always puts a smile on my face even when i’m sad i would love to be able to see how my feelings would be on set.
    (how can i audition from the UK ?)
    i would love for you to give me a chance .

  12. I love disney (arianna)

    hi my name is arianna it has been my dream to be on Disney since I was 5 or 6 and I am now 12 turning 13 and it still is my dream I can sing great I have confidence and I can stay in character and memorize my lines in just days I would say about 3 days but I know if you pick me you will have lots of kids watching many more shows also I am very respectful and I do what I am told and I am willing to do anything to get this job also I can dance and I learned each and every on of my skills because of the schools I went to and the best part about me is I am not shy at all and I can cry or laugh on command and it will seam real. if you call or email it would be a dream come true thanks in advance. :) also I am a very cooperative person

  13. orla mcmenamin

    hi im Orla i live in Fermanagh in Ireland i have acted for many years now i’m thirteen i’m a female i am studing drama in 2nd year here is some details about myself

    i am tall
    blue eyes blonde hair
    love drama singing and sport
    i run on a daily bases
    i love all the cast on Jessie
    i am in a drama school i have been in it for over two years

    i would love to be on Jessie cant wait to hear from you.

  14. Emely Galarza

    Hi, my name is Emely and I will be 13 on February 25. I am an actor, singer, and athlete. I have long dark brown and light brown curly hair and I have dark brown eyes. I am from Nicaragua and Dominican Republic but I was born in Canada. I want this role because I have always wanted to be a singer or and actor and I know that on Disney Channel my dream will finally happen. I hope you guys will choose me for a role in the 4th season of Jessie even if it’s just and extra because I know if I work hard enough my dream will happen. If you want to see what I look like follow me on Instagram @SimplyEmely2002
    Thank You
    -Emely Galarza

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