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  1. rashad white

    Hi my name is rashad white and I live in Louisiana I have been tryin to become an actress but they never had a Disney channel audition in Louisiana so I have been wishing that my dream will come true and I prayed and I wanna grow up and be like Benjamin Flores

  2. Dayeshka

    hi my name is dayeshka.I have gold and black hair.I am a girl
    I have a brown eye color.
    I love to sing and dance and dream is to be an actor and a singer.I love Jessie so’s also my dream.oh and I go to dance class.I would like to be on jessie

  3. Ayisha

    Hi my name is Ayisha and I am a very big fan of Jessie. She’s REALLY PRETTY and FUNNY She’s also a GREAT ACTOR and l want to be like her.I’m quite to new people but then I get use to them and I get louder than I was.My friends and family think i’m funny at times which I love doing that.I am soon to be 12 years old and I like playing runing games aswell as ball games but you could say I’m not good at it.I enjoy nature and love to play with my friends.I have a cool way of style and I love swag.I was born in Australia but i’m New Zealand.
    PLEASE CALL OR TEXT me to audition to be on JESSIE, it would be a dream come true.
    Thanks for reading :)

  4. Jason

    I would love to be on Disney channel and play on Jessie

  5. elibeth ramirez

    Hi my name is Elibeth, I am 13 years old, I love Jessie is one of my favorite shows I’ve been watching it seen’s I was 11. I think I would be the perfect person to chose to be in Jessie season 4 because I would enjoy it really well, and I would get along with the other children and adults. I speak two languages (Spanish), many people say I look like a Mexican, others say like an African American, but in reality I am from the Dominican Republic, and another thing is that I look a little bit like Roby.

  6. Abbi Clark

    Jesiie is a great show I would love to be an actor for jessie I have always wanted to be an actor I am 11 years old and 4,9 so I would love to play any part of jessie and I am female

  7. Tessa Jade

    Hi. My name is Tessa Jade and my dream is to become a TV actress. I would very much appreciate if I would be chosen and accepted to be on the Disney show “Jessie”. I am 12 years old and I am 5’4. I would very much appreciate it if you chose me. Thank you!

  8. KatieLynn Murray

    Hi my name is KatieLynn Murray I am 10 years old I have curly dirty blond hair and brown eyes.I am a huge fan of Disney Channel and Jessie I’ve always wanted to be on Jessie.Two jobs I want to have when I get older is to be an actress meaning I do not want to be an extra on TV and I want to be a song writer.I can memorize my lines pretty easly but it may take a little more time if you gave me a chance I would not let you down. I would look foward to working with anfd all the other actresses and actors you did an amazing job on the show. I know I am only 10 but if you could give me the same opportunity that you gave Skai Jackson when she 8 and I wouldn’t let you down. I have always wanted to find an aduition and you could make my dream come true . I hope you could find it in your heart to give me a shot . THANK YOU

  9. Astijus Sartauskas

    Hello, I am Astijus and am a massive fan of Jessie. I am in love with all the cast and they are the ones who inspired me to do acting especially Karan Brar. I think I would be great on Jessie and could play any character you want me to play. I can act crazy, happy and depressed. Dont worry Im not some crazy fan boy but I do love everyone on the show. I want a big break for my acting “career” and I think Jessie can give me just that. I wont have to catch up on anything because Ive seen every single episode. I really hope you guys choose me to be on the show I will do my best and you will not regret it I can guarantee you that. If you need any specialities I can

    -Sing very well
    – Act out any character needed
    – Good at Accents
    – Knowledgeable of the show

    Ow and I almost forgot the important part I am

    – 11 Years Old
    – 5 ft 2 Height
    – Stylish
    – Sporty

  10. Emma Larson

    Hi my name is Emma and I’m 9 years old. I would love to be on Jessie so I can improve on my acting skills. Being on TV is my dream. I’ve been in 2 plays 1 musical. I’ts my dream to be on Jessie and I won’t be hurt if I don’t get the part I’ll understand.

  11. Ariel Jackson

    Jessie is a amazing show it would mean a lot to me to be on Jessie. My dream is to go up to the Jessie set and rock the script that will be given to me if a I make it!Jessie cast, if you are seeing this note Please remember it because I’m yourrrrrrr ######11111111111111111 fan in the world!!!!!!!!! I have big dreams of being an actress .The only place I care about acting at is on Jessie!!!This would be an honor the most biggest honor I ever would have. Every night I go to bed ,all I can think of is acting on Jessie!!! Know I will describe myself, I have black hair(natural hair like Skai Jackson),brown eyes,African American, 10 years old born in Memphis when I was little I lived in Nashville ,Tennessee near Arlington ,Tennessee ,loves fancy shoes like the character of Emma Ross- Peyton List.I’m yourrer bigggest fannn ever and remember ####1111Fannnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. abby tomilson

    Hi. I have a goal to BLOW YOU AWAY. I am a rare piece of material. You might not see it at first but I have this fun funky style and I get all g with everyone
    . I love Jesse and thought this would be and oppertunity

  13. Savanna Jones

    Hi! I’m a HUGE Jessie fan and I have seen every episode at least 2 or 3 times. I love to act, sing and dance. I’m 7 years old and in first grade. My friends think I’m very funny as I like to make them laugh with jokes and pranks.

    Please call me to audition! It would be my dream to make others laugh and to be a part of Jessie show.

    Luv, Savi

  14. Angelina S.

    Hi there, I’m Angelina. I have always loved acting since I took it as an elective in middle school. I am very determined, and would be very great full for a role,no matter the size. It’s like they say, there’s no over small roles only small actors.

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