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  1. Monique Taylor

    Hi. My name is Monique. I don’t live in Canada. I have any acting experience but I would really like a try. I am a dancer. I was hoping that if I get this part, it would give me a jump start for my dance career. I like this show a lot. I have seen every single episode and I know the show very well. I would love a chance to work with these stars and I would especially love to have a dance scene with Cameron Boyce. Please give me this opportunity.

  2. maritza

    I am a big fan of jessie I would love to adition for it. I am not just an actor I am a dancer and singer I am 13 years old I play soccer, vollyball, foorball, cheerleading and like to be kind

  3. Jamaria

    Hey Jessie I really want to be on your show I dream of me in the Ross
    Family I hope u pic me BTW y’all are my beat love u ❤❤❤❤❤

  4. bailey

    Im really good at acting im 9 if i could be in jessie my nan would be happy and so would i. thank you im from england

  5. bailey

    Im really good at acting im 9 if i could be in jessie my nan would be happy and so would i. thank you

  6. charlina Victor Garrido

    HAY JESSIE!!!! :-) I just love saying that especially with my kids, we always have a blass when Jessie comes on!!!$$$ priceless moments we even got grandma to join the fun. I for one would love to have the experience of working with the cast members. it would also be a life long dream of being on TV in a place where I can get every one to live with the joy of laughter:-) :-)
    hay maybe a surprise mom on the show hint hint at 2nd to last paragraph!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) by the way: I’m 29yrs/5ft8/155lbs/ Brown hair and eys. pass work as an extra in the black out movie,sang for the ambassador of st.Lucia, performed a solo at a ball for a cast member of fresh Prince of Bellaire,performed a choreographed song and dance for the miss big and beautiful pageant, also an extra on LAW IN ORDER SVU.

  7. Tashia Covington

    Hi I’m tashia, i just turned 8 years old and for the past 3 years my favorite Disney Channel show has been Jessie. It’s my dream to be apart of my favorite show. I’m funny extremely photogenic i can dance and i do gymnastics. hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

  8. Lauren Shilling

    Hi my name is Lauren. I am 19 years old and my birthday is on the 25th of November. I am from Scotland, Edinburgh. I have blue eyes and long brown hair. I am approximately 5’5 in height. I have been in previous stage productions and have been involved in drama groups since I was young. I done music, singing and drama at school and got top grades for them all. I would love the opportunity to be apart of the show and to gain some more experience. Thanks :)

  9. Diana

    Hi, My name is Diana Bakhmat. I’ve been acting at my school for 4 years, I love the TV show Jessie and I would love to be on it. Please give me a chance I will make the most out of it

  10. Jaron Lewis

    Hello my name is Jaron ,
    I love Jessie i am a 10 year old boy I play basketball
    If I can be on Jessie you will be my hero only thing I
    want is to be on your show you will help my dream
    I will honor you if I can be on channel Disney.

  11. Sierra Cantley

    Hi I’m Sierra Cantley and I’m 12 years old I have dark brown almost black eyes,Long natural curly brown hair.Im pretty athletic,I love math,I’m 5ft 3in.I live in Flordia But moving to Ohio in June.I love the show Jessie,I am a big fan of Deby myself.Please give me a chance.

  12. Alexis Goche


    I was just wondering if youll take a chance in me for becoming an actor i know you guys have plenty of other people to consider but please see what i can do im a fast learner and i know for a fact you guys will have interest….

  13. Avigail Garcia

    Hello my name is Avigail Im only 13c years old I would actually be a good actor I like acting and hopefully it would be a dream that you put me on Jessie and hopefully you guys choose me because it would be a dream come true Thank You.

  14. Brianna

    Hi my name is Brianna I’m 10 yeas old and I really would like to have a part in Jessie. I’ve been watching this show since it came to Diseny.My mom have been taking me to auditions when I was a little girl. I’ve been voted 3 times and I got in a modeling and acting class. I really admire watching this show it’s really funny and a heart warming show. And I would really like to be apart of this show.I’ve also been wanting to be an actress since I was a little girl.

  15. Gina

    Hi my name is Gina I am and amateur actor but I learn very quickly, get along with others and really love acting .
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 145
    Age: 19
    Eye Color: hazel
    Hair Color: Brown
    Ethnicy: Caucasian
    Location: Albania

  16. Leila Adams

    I would love to be on the show. I alway wanted to be on Disney channel. I’m 15 years old. I have light brown hair and blue eyes and I’m about 5’7. So I would really love to be apart of the Disney channel family. Please give me chance xoxoxo.

  17. jahkyra

    Hello I’m jahkyra belony I’m 11 years old my birthday. Is July. 26 2003 I’m am the perfect. Girl your looking for I can sing and act I have dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. My hair is medium sized I have the most beautiful simile I’m not shy at all when it comes to acting and singing. I would. Love to be apart of. The tv. Show Jessie for your 4th season. Text me at my E-mail. or call me thank you.

  18. Phani C.

    Im 12 years old and I can sing, dance, play soccer, and get most people to laugh their hearts out. I am not shy at all and if you need a person on Jessie, I think I can fulfill that requirement and I can add a little spark, not that the show doesn’t have any. Jessie is my favorite show and I hope I have the talent to be on Jessie. Even if I don’t make it, I am looking forward to watching the fourth season of Jessie. And if I make…….. see ya on the set!!

  19. Payton Beck

    Hello, I am going to start off with I am 18 years old. I look younger than I am . I have been trying to launch an acting career and I feel as if this show wouldnt be perfect to put a foot in the door to open many more life changing experiences. Please email me back so we can talk in depth of reasons why I would be a great addition to the cast of jesse.

    Payton Beck

  20. Kiarahtapplar

    I would really like to try out for this show because I’ve always wanted to be an actress but no one descovered me

  21. Shivani

    Hi my name is Shivani and I would love to be on Jessie it’s the best show ever I love acting ,singing and dancing and it would be an honor to be with that amazing cast

  22. Leilani

    Hi I would love to be on the show

  23. Rayelin Clark

    Hello my name is rayelin Clark I love acting I’m always the lead in plays I can be nerdy cool or sassy I love running I’m 9yrs old and I would love to be in the show

  24. Rieanna Bennett

    Hi!! My name is Rieanna Bennett, I am 12 years old.i live in Orlando, Florida. I hope I get this part.i can swim, entertain,some people said I can sing and I am not the best actress but I am willin to learn more and I will try more and more cause I am a pusher my motto is “when u want to succeed as bad as u want to breath..u will be successful”I really hope I get this opportunity.

  25. Allie Clark

    Hi, my name is Allie, and I am interested in getting an audition for Jessie.
    I have done several plays before, and I have watched Disney Auditions on YouTube for practice and experience. I have been in some acting programs, that work on your skills. I have brown hair with caramel streaks, I have light brown eyes with a dark brown ring around them. I am really interested in getting a audition for Jessie.
    Thanks For Listening!!!
    Allie Clark

    Here is my Contact Info: phone number – <hidden from public> 
    Email: <hidden from public>

  26. Lakieshiara Monique Jones

    Hi my name is Lakieshiara Jones I’m 12 years old.I live In Bogalusa , Louisiana. I was born and raised in MCcomb, Mississippi.I have good grades and great behavior. I love to sing,model,and make my family laugh

  27. Marina Tedesco

    Hi, my name is Marina Tedesco. I live on Long Island and I am an identical twin. I am 5’5 and 13 years old. I have long, wavy dirty blonde/brown hair and light brown eyes with green tints on the outside. Numerous times by peers and members of my community I have been told I am very talented. I have been in different plays which include “Guys and Dolls”, “Scrooge”, etc. and I am definitely not camera shy. I have participated Show Choir where we sing and dance competitively and I overall enjoy acting, singing and dancing. Thank you for reading!

  28. cameron johnson

    I would love to be on Jessie I will want to be Luke friend at his school or something im 11 im about 5 feet tall i like sports i really like basketball im a male i will love to be on a show with lebron or kobe or kevin durant ofr with football me and luke will be like playing outside and we will be on a dance team or basketball

  29. Marissa Tedesco

    Hi, my name is Marissa Tedesco. I live on Long Island and i’m an identical twin. I am 5’5 and 13 years old. I have long, wavy dirty blonde hair, and big brown eyes with a tint of green on the outside. In my spare time I love to sing. I have been told many times that I am very talented and I was also asked to be a model once! I found this audition while on an endless search for Disney Channel auditions. I have been a Jessie fan ever since the show first came out and it would be a dream come true if I were to be apart of the show. As for acting experience, I’ve been in several plays and I am very comfortable in front of a camera. For my singing experience, I’ve been apart of HMEA (Hampton Music Educators Association) , NYSSMA, and Show Choir. For dance experience, I have been in Show choir (We sing and dance in this performing group). Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

  30. Sydney Levenstein

    My name is Sydney, I am 12 and will be 13 March 31, I am about 5’4, I have long red hair and dark brown eyes. I am from Toronto, Ontario Canada. I love acting, singing, and I do a little bit of dance. I think I would be good for this show because I’ve been acting in plays and musicals since I was about 4 and I have always love it. I watch Disney channel all the time, and I love this show! And ever since I was little I have had two dreams, to be a disney princess, and to be on Disney channel. So I really hope you consider me, and make my dreams come true!!! :)

  31. Hannah

    hey iam 13 years old and obviusly a girl I’ve always wanted to be in any TVs show.i play piano got my grade 3 exam soon and play clarinet.iam from Scotland :) and people say that if I was ever on TV they would recognizability me straight away.i have long brown hair freckles big brown eyes amint to fat lol .i am quite a gullible dippy girl apparently :/ I laugh at basically anything and I absolutely love Jessie :) iam also quit tanned I can make my left eye go wonky

  32. tyniah

    I would love to be on jessie because I watch the show every day and I would love to play skai sister

  33. Courtney Kennedy

    I want to be a acter I eveb do plays at home one ov them was abouta princess who ran away from home to become a singer and the other ones I forgot but I really want to be a acter

  34. Laf

    I have always dreamed of being a actor on Disney channel that would be so amazing if I could get a part I am 12 years old and I am 5 feet 4 inches

  35. selina

    i am 16 years old from London. at the moment i learning performing arts acting. i really enjoy watching disney shows especially Jessie because i find it hilarious. i have always loved disney and i miss the old shows too.

  36. Maleek

    PLEASE ! let me be on jessie I can sing , dance , & most of all act can you just me a chance

  37. Chelsey Ambrose

    I would like to be on Jessie because it will give me a boost for my acting career. I am a 13 year old girl. I play soccer and volleyball. I am a great actress and I work good with others. This will be a great opportunity for me to make a difference in the world

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