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  1. Emely Ortiz

    Hello my name is Emely Ortiz and I would love to be on the Disney show Jessie. I am 11 years old, I love to sing and dance. I speak Spanish and English. I am not shy and as my mom says I play many characters. I hope to hear from someone . I would like to make my dream come true.

  2. Haily

    Hi! My name’s Haily, I’m an 11 year old Georgia peach. Jesse is my favorite show ever, and it would be such an amazing honor to be on it! Since Disney is a place where dreams come true, I was hoping you can help me along my journey. I have watch disney since i was little, and to be apart of the family would be awesome! I’ve loved your productions and have dreamed of being in one! Thank you for your consideration!

    Age: 11
    Height: 5’2
    State: GA

  3. Chea Ryan

    Hi I am 10 years old and I love this show. I’m (in my opinion ) a good actor. I have major crush on Luke, and I love his dancing. I would just love it if you picked me!!!!!!!!! :)

  4. Zunaid

    Hey,my name is Zunaid,im 16 years old and watch Jessie everyday.Ive always been a natural performer and have always loved acting and entertaining,but i only started considering doing it for real this year after i took part in my school play as the lead.I never knew what career i would want to do but ive always known that im GREAT and feel in my element when i act,all i ask is a chance,because when i do something i love and am passionate about i always work to the best of my ability and beyond.So please consider me because I WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN!!!,I know i have what it takes i just need a shot.Ive always loved and been a devoted fan of the Disney channel since i was 5 years old.Now i would like a shot to do what i love on the channel i love the most.

  5. Monica

    Hi , I am 16 years old I live in San Diego ca but I am willing to travel , I’ve always wanted to be an actor or a singer/dancer . I love to act I am good at learning fast ! I love being dramatic , I have tried out for commercials before & modeling gigs but I didn’t do it because I had to pay like 2,000 to start & I didn’t have money at the time but now my parents are wiling to do whatever they can to help me reach my goals I won’t give up . I’ve done acting auditions & out of 250 people they picked 5 & I was one of them but I was little ahah , my uncle works for crimal minds but sadly I am to young :/ I kno god will bless me one day to accomplish my goals (: I would love to be on this (:

  6. Tiffany

    Hello. My name is Tiffany. I believe that I would be a good addition to Jessie or any other disney show. I have been an extra in the past and love to sing, dance, act, write poetry, work with children, and so much more. I am easy to work with and love helping others when I have spare time. Working on Jessie or any other show would be a good fit for my family. I am 25, but can pass for other ages as well. Please consider using me. I look forward to hearing back. Thanks for considering me.

  7. Crystal Vargas

    Hello. my name is Crystal Vargas. I am 12 years old and living in San Jose. CA. I would be amused and honored to be a part of this show. One reason why I would like to be part of this is because I have been through so much and finally be able to grab on into my dream. Another reason why is because I WILL not let you guys down. I am Christian and I have faith and I will not loose hope. I would LOVE to be part of Jessie. I have watched it many times and I can see that if I am chosen, I will have lots of fun. If you don’t believe me, at least just give me a shot. (: Thank you for your time and if anything, email me at <hidden from public>.

    Thank you! (:

  8. taylor

    I should be considered for this roll because i’ve been an aspiring actress for years, im hardworking and ambitious. i would work as hard as possible to be a great actress on this show. give me a chance to try, i will not let you down.

  9. Kayley

    My name is Kayley Fredericks I am 10 years old and I love Jessie its been my favorite show since I was 6 years old and it has been my dream to be an actor my hole life I have some experience in acting too I do chorus I can sing really good I have gotten many complements from many people I am very funny and creative , if you could consider letting me addition that would be great. Thanks

  10. Angelina Perez

    Hi im going to put a messge about me and a little message

    Name:Angelina Daisy Perez








  11. Claire

    Hi my name is Claire and i love Jessie I watch it every day and I would love to be on Jessie. My whole life I have wanted to be a singer after. It is my dream. I am 12 years old. I have dark blond hair. I have hazel eyes. My skin colour is a normal Australian colour. I love Jessie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Sophia V.

    My name is Sophia Villagaray
    I am 12, in 7th grade, and live down in MD
    I’m not the most experienced, but I’ve done 2 Middle school plays and 3 Elementary school ones. I teach myself gymnastics, dance and singing, so I’m not a professional. I honestly love Disney, Disney XD, and Disney Jr. (Which, honestly, I watch the most). I think I should start somewhere if I want to start acting, which would be an honor. I live in MD though, so I would like a little info on it, since my parents said I can’t do it unless The Casting pays for it or I do it myself, which would be a bit harder. My friend/sister Hafsa Khan is also trying out, and we have been trying to get out there for a while, on YouTube to Instagram, we have tried to set off our career for a while. Small budget or not, I would love to star for this role!

  13. Hafsa khan

    Hight: 5’2 1/2
    Age: 12
    7th grader
    State: mary land
    I can be really awkward
    I know I can be a great for this awesome show because well it’s an amazing honor to be in it and also I love this show! Jessie is mostly about preteens and teens so I think I can be a great being part of this show! I can act things pretty well. Even at home me lying and it pretending to do something that isn’t true my parents will think I’m telling the truth.

  14. Shayan Mirtalebi

    Hi my name is Shayan Mirtalebi. I am 12 years old and love to act, sing, and I love to make people laugh. I have been taking acting lessons for quite some time now. Everyone at my school says i have a corny humor. Jessie is my favorite tv show and would love to be apart of it. My future career is to be an actor for a tv show. I never let anyone down and I would be great at following directions and getting along with everyone on the set. I can imagine a light shining bright in my face then dimming down as the actor says ”action!” I have a great personality and I love playing sports and going to school. I am a very charming boy and smart, talented, very creative, and very friendly. Please give me a chance to be on the set of Jessie, it would mean the world to me. I promise you won’t regret it! -Shayan Mirtalebi

  15. jalen reed

    Jessie is a dream.To be featured in this tv show would be amazing,I cant even explain how many time I’ve watched this show with my little sister Nia.I have a strong passion for acting,dancing,modeling,singing and everything in between.I could list one-a million reasons why i should be given this chance and have this dream,my dream come true<3
    I'm 14 years old,5'5,brown eyes,black hair, I live in NY and I'm dreaming….wake me up!

  16. Zen Isidora Lewis

    Full name: Zen Isidora Lewis
    Age: 13, in march 2015 14
    Born: 22 march,2001
    Languages: English,French,Serbian, a bit of Dutch and Chinese
    From: Amsterdam,Holland
    Current Location: Belgrade Serbia
    Grade: 8th
    Eye colour: Brown
    Hair colour: Brown

    Hi. I’m Zen and im 13yrs old. I would love to be in Jessie. The show is amazing and i love the actors in it. I can sing 3 octaves, dance and cook. I starred in a commertial three years ago and I singed in it
    So u can see it. I cant fly to America for an audition but I can audition over ant app. Thanks.

  17. myles lyng

    Hi I am myles lyng I would love to star on this show I love to sing and I would love to get into acting I love to be funny and I would love to entertain people I am 12

  18. jessiefan204

    Hi i would love to be on jessie show, i am cheerful,hardworking and is will learn new things everyday i would really like to be on the show because my parents got dstv and when we got dstv there was this channel disney channel that i always wanted to watch but never could never have a opportunity to watch it on T.V. And by the time disney channel was on it was too late i loveworking with people.i love disney channel and jessie show. I will do anything for it as the situation in my house is worsing as my mother does not have a job only one person in the house that is working

  19. Nikki

    Hi my name is Nikki and I am 7 years old, I would love to be on Jessie! Everybody says I’m so dramatic that I should be on TV!! I’ve even figured it all out. I should come on as Ravi’s long lost cousin! Lol! Since we are both the same nationality!

  20. Rhiley

    Hi my name is Rhiley. I am 9 years old . I want to be apart of your show because I love your show and I am very funny. The best show ever and I would like to help make it even better.


    (Mom here, I am the lead MUA/stylist for Digital Thunderdome a production company based out of LA and VA. Rhiley has acted in an AllState commercial writen and produced by the production company I work for,. She may not be as experienced on paper but she does have the spunk and spirit of an actress and has had plenty of experience being in the studio behind the scenes and for every film or commercial we have produced ! She’s gotta start somewhere right? )

  21. Christina Mlungi Buberwa

    I would like to audition coz I’m really inspired and I really have many talents. Please believe me and if u would like to get to know ma talents, just pick me up for the audition.

  22. Kristine Villacorta

    Hair color: Brown/blonde
    Eye color: light brown
    I would really love to be on the show I love jessie

  23. Nina

    Hi i am nina and i love dancing and will be taking acting lessons. I live in New zealand and i have a good memory for learning the lines. I’m 10, turning 11 on december. I love Jessie more than anyone one. Since i live in New zealand I don’t get much chances for big auditions so i decide to go online and this sounds like the acting part for me. please:)

    hair colour: Light brown
    eye colour:hazzle
    weight:30 kg

  24. Alexzandrea Nishke

    Hi my name is alexzandrea {ally}. I am a Caucasian 12 year old girl I love Jessie, I have seen all of the Jessie episodes at least twice and i have memorized most of Peyton lists lines because i find her really funny. i am good at sports and acting in school plays for drama class i always get the girl lead role. i promise to do my best listen to your staff and i would do ANYTHING to get a role in Jessie also i think Debby Ryan is the most awesome, amazing actress ever. i don’t want to be an extra but if there are no other roles available i will. #JessieistheBEST

  25. kartayvious perkins

    My name is kartayvious perkins i’m 10 years old and always wanted to be a actor and just relized that it was my talent i’m a great singer i choose jessie because jessie is about a real family who see each other everyday and, even know they have there rough times they all love each other and, there all a family i want to be apart of that family

  26. Sophia

    Hi I am Sophia
    I am going to be 11 in early November, I have 2 sisters(I’m a middle child) I have hazel eyes and blond hair. My face is a oval/heart shape. I have no freckles, I am a great singer, writer, dancer and actress. I have loved acting since I was about 4 year old and have always been putting on little shows for my parents and other family. I am 4 feet 6 inches so on the shorter side for a 5th grader. I love playing pretend, sports, writing, singing, and playing piano. My school has only had two plays but I was in both. If you could put me in this show it would be a dream come true

    With love,

  27. Mauricio

    My 7yr old daughter Rebecca has spunk like Zuri Ross, an innocence like Jessie’s, and a beauty like Emma’s. She would integrate well with all the cast and is a good hearted little girl.

  28. kasandra palmer

    hay im trying out hope you watch the new episode

  29. Ashley

    I am Ashley I have been a fan of Jessie for a long time it’s number one best show on my list of favourite shows and I wished to be apart of it for a long time and now I have a chance to meet the cast Luke and Jessie are my favourite characters in the show
    Hair:long Brown
    Eyes:dark brown

  30. Ashlee Shedd

    Hi! I’m Ashlee. I’ve always wanted to be an actress since I was three. I can learn quickly and have been in several plays at my school. I’m 10 and would love to be apart of Jessie. I have been practicing forever! I would really like to be apart of Jessie!!!!

    Characteristics: flexible,great singer (in a choir),great gymnast,great dancer, and great actress!!!

    Appearance:fair skin,blue eyes,petite,and blond hair

  31. MadisonNicole

    Hello My names Madison.
    I’m 14 almost 15, I have brown eyes and long dirty blonde hair. I’ve watched Jessie since it started in the beginning and I think that the best thing that could ever happen is for me to be considered on the show. So please read this! Thanks!

  32. IraYanna

    Hey I’m 13yrs old don’t like cheese im straight be student don’t really like talking that much but when I do I can’t stop I’m cheerful people call me giggle I’m on the cheer squad I’m African American I live in a lil town call walnut Grove MS we don’t got a whole lot of famous person in or town but I want to be the first and make a difference in a child life my hair color is brown eye color brown short hair I’m in the 8th grade I plan to go to college and study for interior design I can match anything with pink my favor shows is ant farm,Jessie,Austin and ally,and I love Jessie plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz pick so I can make I change In my environment I live in a trailer 3 bedroom 2 bathroom got to 2 sister 2 brother and 1neice and I want my older sister to come live with us but it just not big for 8 people so I want to give my mom I bigger house and I new car and I should be chosen case close done deal and that all I got to say Mwahh luv y’all

  33. erick kamau

    I am from Kenya i am 10 years old i know how to act i can act as an adopted child from a country called Kenya, i love watching your show and i wo
    uld love to be part of it.
    Erick Kamau.

  34. Tiffany Welsh (Isaiah Welsh)

    My name is Tiffany Welsh and have a music business degree and I manage a music artist as well as my son Isaiah Welsh. Isaiah should be chosen because he has the look and the talent. He recently attended the A.R.T.S in Orlando Florida where he attended multiple workshops, training and auditioned in front of many agents with a prepared monologue and commercial as well as doing improv and cold read. He did amazing. They loved him. They all said he looks like a disney star. I have head shots of him and a reel if needed. Wehave open availability as well. Thanks

  35. Natarcia

    Hi my name is Natarcia I love singing,dancing,acting and lots of more stuff. I have been drama club and was marked as the lead as my school production. I recommend picking me as Emma or Zuri. I am 10 years old turning 11 in October but still can play any role you suggest. I will be able to audition in America or over Skype but I think you should pick me. I am a great singer as I won 1st place at my school talent show. I have curly brown hair and I’m brown. My eye colour is dark brown. Thank you for your time I hope you pick me.

  36. Brittney McCardell

    Hey Disney Channel. My name is Brittney McCardell. I’m 21 and i play a big role of being funny and knowing how to make people laugh. Its what gets my day going everyday. I think I have what it takes to have a position acting on Jesse. Its an amazing show and I watch it anytime i get the chance the actress and actors are amazing and I’d be amazing to not only meet them but work with them also. I’ve always wanted a part on acting on Disney channel since I was in elementary school but I just never pushed myself to tryout. But being on Jesse just rang a bell telling me to do this. It’d make my life to be picked to take this spot. It would be more like an honor. It’s always been my dream to act and get a career singing. Please take into considerationon letting me get this part. I promise you won’t regret it and i won’t let Disney channel down. Thanks for reading this and hope to hear from you soon!

    Sincerely ,
    Brittney McCardell

  37. Catherine smith

    hi my name is Catherine i am 14 years old i am from Australia.

    ever since i was little i have loved to be an actor. I take acting classes and my teacher says i could pass year 12 drama.
    i love to act i have done it for years and it is the best thing to do.

    hair colour: brown
    eye colour :brown

  38. Jaiden

    Hey disney channel I’m 11 years old and love disney just a girl living in good old California I’ve been wanting to be an actor for such a long time!! I love Jesse and it’s my favorite show. So please put me on disney channel you’ll make my dreams finally come true

  39. Cecilia Martel

    Hi my name is cecilia and I am 11years old.
    Name.Cecilia martel herrera

    And I also speak English and I can sound British and I know a littel bit Spanish

  40. Cheyenne Myers

    Hi my name is Cheyenne and I am 13 about to be 14 on October18 can’t wait… But I would really love to be in auditions for Jessie I can sing, act, dance, and I get along with everyone.. I live in Brandon. I go to pelahatchie high school.. I’m always loving to watch Disney Channel . I also have a baby sister who is about to be 7and she wants to try out too. My mother is a writer. She heard about this and thought it would!be a great opportunity for us. Just let me know when and what We will have to do. Thank you. Godbless…

  41. Abdul

    Hey (:
    My name is Abdul and I would like to say a few things about myself

    ~ I didn’t come here to act for fame. I came her to lighten up the eyes of millions of people around the world moving them to tears and most importantly entertaining them.

    ~ 12 Years Old ( Quick Thinking , Well-Educated , Great Singer , Average Dancer , Amazing Rapper )

    ~ I live in UK but would not mind flying in to whatever country you want me to go
    ( I Can do a perfect impression of an American Accent )

    Thanks for reading! Peace ^^

  42. Haylee Cole

    Hello! My name is Haylee. I am 9 years old and I have been taking acting classes for 3 years. I absolutely love the show Jessie. I think I have seen every episode more than once! It would be such an honor and dream come true to be a part of Jessie and to meet the cast!! :) :)

  43. Marley perry

    Hello my name is Marley Perry. I am 19 years old with long blonde hair and blue eyes. I am 5’7″ and weigh 125. I also have freckles on my face which people always seem to say they love. I think I would be good for this part because just how Jessie is a nanny on the show I have also been a nanny to many different families and also I have seen about every episode of suite life on deck and Jessie when I babysit my niece who watches it all the time. I think I would be very comfortable in the position to act in the show because I already have so much experience with children.

  44. KBriana

    Hey i am KBriana Bragg i am 13 turning 14 soon i really like if you picked me. I love disney channel i love to act and dance. I am a quick learner. I got what it takes to get the job done. I love watching jessie and would be amazing if i will be able to be on the show everybody what im good at doing.

  45. Ashlyn Diamond

    Hi, my name is Ashlyn Diamond. I live in Tallassee,Al and I’m 14 years old. I’ve always loved acting. I love the idea of getting out of my mindset and into some one else’s. I’m very shy but warm up to people very fast. I would not take for granted this opportunity.

    Hair: brown
    Eyes: brown
    Height: 5’9

  46. Taya

    Hi I’m Taya
    I’m from Australia, I’m 13 years old and love to perform and make others happy.
    I always make up dances, songs and scripts then perform to my family, it makes me feel happy that they have a laugh and enjoy what I love doing.
    I have been in lots of plays for my schools such as, being in isan boshi, bats and Peter Pan.
    Being in those school plays made me be more confident and learn other languages such as American, British, Australian ( of course ) and a bit of Japanese.
    I have so much fun and make so many new friends being in plays, so this is a big opportunity for me to show people that I am crazy and love to perform to people and I love it, it makes me so happy and excited all the time, it makes me feel important for once, like being up there and doing something that makes me belong.

    Thankyou for reading the reasons why I would love to become a actor.

  47. Lojy

    I am 10 yrs old im a female im from egypt . A quick learner and would love to be a part of the show jessie

  48. jake croy

    I have taken lessons for months I can sing and do parkour. In my spare time I ballroom dance and write songs and stories. I am 14 on 11 days and am Caucasian.

  49. De'Shawna Kennedy

    Hello , my name is Deshawna.I am 13 years old and an African American female. I am a cheerleader for my school , and also a fast learner so that way I can remember the lines really quickly. I should be on Jesse because I really want to be an actor and I think many this is where I should start. It will be so great to be apart of the Jesse family.

  50. Sierra Anderson

    I would like to be on jessie because jessie is one of my favorite shows in the world I whatch it 24 7 I just think every on the show has an awsome connection with each other. I am a sweet girl I love acting I was in a lot of school plays I was the main actor and in drama club acting dancing is my passion I just want a dream and I want to follow my dreams do your giving me a chance to tell how much j love acting if I get this part or role I would be the happiest girl
    In the world jessie is the best it’s awsome I love all the characters and and the director who made this play I think he/or she did a great job on this show. I would love to be on jessie please contact many as soon as possible because I really want to a future in life

  51. Stephanie

    Hi! My name is Stephanie Anne and this project sounds awesome to work on!

    Name: Stephanie Anne
    Gender: female
    Nationally: Hispanic, Caucasian
    Residence: Brooklyn, New York
    Age: 15
    Weight: 113
    Height : 5’4
    Hair Color: brown
    Hair Type: a little lower than shoulder length, wavy
    Eye Color: dark brown

    I have always had a passion for acting and this show seems like a great way to start out! I have been in plays and musicals before but I would love to see what it’s like to be on a set for a tv show. This has been one of my dreams since I could ever remember! I would love to be a part of this!

  52. Daija

    I love to sing and dance and act so this would be a great oppertunity for my singing,dancing,acting… And dancing,acting has always Ben apart of my life and I have a fat head in my room with music and dance and my dad was a cheerleader so I have dance and acting in my blood that Is why I think that this would be the perfect thing for me and I will give you 1,000 percent every day.

    My name is Daija Brown and I am 8years old.

    And that is why I think you should give me a chance please.

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