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  1. Jasmine White

    Hi my name is Jasmine and I love the show Jessie so much and I hope you could pick me to be in the show I can memorize my lines in about a day I am funny smart and nice plus I can get along well with the cast. I can play an good character that turns into an evil character. I hope you pick me to do an audition for Jessie. Please write back ASAP please and thank you

  2. Anahi Garcia

    Hi my name is Anahi i am 9 i love disney channel i really want to be on jessie . I really hope i can be on jessie. Plus if you do not put me on disney channel my dreams will be crushed.I love to act.I live in El Paso,Texas.bye.p.s i want to be on jessie FOREVER. Hair color-goldish brown Eye color-brown Height-about 4.6

  3. Donesha Jackson

    My Name Is Donesha Jackson And I Am 13 years old girl And i Am In the 6th grader I Have Brown eyes and my hair is black

  4. Lauren

    Hi my name is Lauren quinones I live in a city called la habra I’m a straight A student I’m athletic and I want to presue my dream of getting famous I’m 10 and I the 5th grade

  5. Annessa Santiago

    hello, my name is Annessa Santiago. I am 13 years old about to turn 14 on December17. I would love to be apart of this because I just love acting. I am talented and funny. I am a cheerleader and I am very excited to be one. I think, well no, I know that I can become a wonderful actress, one day and I hope that day is very soon. I would love to be in Jessie me and my little brothers love that show and I love how everybody is and how well they play there part and I am very sure that I can do the same so please please contact me thank you, and thank you for your time.

  6. ariet

    hi my name is ariet i’am 9 years old and would rely like to have a part on jessie it would b a honer if i did my .
    i like making a mess
    i am cheeky
    i am funny
    and fun

  7. Gage Traugh

    Hi my name is Gage,
    I am turning 13 next week
    My gender is: male
    Height: 5.8
    I’m not an athletic type I mostly enjoy musical activities and I like acting and singing.

  8. Ajanae Moore

    I’m 11 and ready.Im going to be the best I can.All you have to give me is$250 a week.I’m not shy and i can take anything you throw at me.Say one week you cant pay me ill ol you dont even owe me i will be respectful and ready.I hope you think about having me on your show .I have had a a little experience.Their might be one problem i cant pay to get on the show so email me when you decide.Also im short for my age my mom can send you some pictures if you email her.
    love always,moore
    p.s. thats my last name.

  9. Rebecca Seibel

    I have brown hair and blonde highlights.
    I am 12 years old turning 13 in January.
    I am 5’5
    I have braces
    I really enjoy singing
    And acting

  10. wawenjy

    I which I could be part of Jessie but I live in Florida and it’s hard to get to California and if I had a roll my name would be Jacob ross and I would be Dominican and I would be 9 my real name is wawenjy jean-pierre and im am actually 9 and im from hattiea I which I could be in one of the gratest Disney show of all time and meet some great actors

  11. Amaya Marin

    Hi, our names are Amaya (10 years old) and Aysha Marin (7 years old). We love the Disney Channel and Jessie is one of favority shows. We have been involved in theater, dance and voice classes since we were 4. Our dream will be to become part of the Disney family.
    We love comedy because we believe there is enough going on in this word that by laguhing helps us to forget about those bad days and hard times. Three years ago we experienced the separation of Dad and Disney Channel helped us laugh and forget about our hard times. Because that we also want to be part of the those kids who need a laugh.
    We look forward for you to e-mail my mom. Because we don’t have an e-mail address and we need to ask mom for authorization. So please contact us.

    Thank you!

    Amaya and Aysha

  12. Damian

    Hi my names Damian and I would like to audition for Jessie I’m a fan of the show and my dream to be actor

  13. Ashlee

    I am 10 yearsold.11 June21.I love Jessie!I have never wanted any thing more in my life! I have brown eyes and dirty blond hair. I speak English.

  14. Maryann

    hi my name is maryann I live in Texas I love watching Jessie! I’m 11 years old turning 12 in February. Everytime I turn on the tv I go to Disney and see if there is Jessie. I love the whole cast ,acting and it could be awesome to work with them.

  15. zachary

    Hi I’m Zachary Williams and I live in Dallas, tx and I enjoy your show and I hope I can audition for the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so have a good day

  16. Sofia Freed

    Hi my names to be Sofia Freed and I’m 11 years old I think I’d be perfect because I memorize lines with a snap of my fingers and I can do anything I set my mind to. Right now I’m doing several school plays my friends always tell me I’m naturally an actor. I love meeting new people and trying new things Jesse has had me laughing and inspiring me for a long time and I hope you will consider me. Thank you.

  17. Danna Estrada

    Hi! My name is Danna C Estrada. I am 10 years old. I am average and I like to laugh a lot and I am not scared to be who I am. Everyone wants me to be like a doctor but my passion is an actor. Jesse is one of my favorite shows and I wish to be on it. THANK YOU AND GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY!

  18. Ta'keirri Brown

    Hi my name is Ta’keirri Brown
    I’m 11 years old turning 12 June 5
    I was born here in Miami
    I speak 1 language (English)
    I love Jessie and other shows on disney channel
    I love Zuri from jessie
    My eyes are brown and so is my hair with some black
    And i would love to act in jessie

  19. Timmy Gentile

    I am thirteen years old. My birthday is February 12, 2001. I live in the Cincinnati area of Ohio. I am also in the honors track and plan on going to college and getting a good job, but acting has always been an interest of mine. I also love to read.
    Hair color- almost a dirty blonde
    Eyes- blue with a bit of green
    Height- about 5.1
    *** please email me at <hidden from public>. I would love to work for you.

  20. olivia salais

    I would love to be on Jessie as an actor like an extra and keep coming back like creepy Connie except not creepy but ill except that if that’s the only way I can get casted anyways thanks please reply ASAP

  21. divya reddy

    i luv selena gomez these days the cable connection is not very good so thats why i am not able to see disney channel but i luv to. i am an indian but love to become a star of hollywood. i can sing, dance and height is 157 cm. whatever happens i will become a star all over the world like selena gomez. i have brown hair withbrown eyes and medium color. so ,,,,,have a nice day

  22. divya reddy

    hey i am an indian but its my dream to become the star of disney channel hollywood, because i am very big fan of selena gomez. Well i am 13 years old with medium color and brown eyes. i very much like to see disney channel in india but these days the cable is not well so i are not able to see disney channel.i just want to become like selena gomez – an actress, a singer and a fashion designer, well i can sing too i can sing 97 percent like selena my voice is almost like her’s. whatever happens one day i will star all over the world with my talent

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