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  1. Audrey

    Hi my name is Audrey and I’m 10 years old. I love Jessie and I would LOVE to be on it! That would just be awesome! I like to dance and play soccer and I love swimming and I think modeling would be fun! Thanks! Bye!

  2. Pediaiah pierce

    Hi,my name is Pediaiah and I am 11 years old I will be 12 in September my mother is a single mother of three I would love to be in Jessie season 4, I have some experience of being on tv I have been in 2 movies and one Office Depot commercial I live in Atlanta Georgia I moved there to start acting my miki models acts and have a office job she is a very hard worker and love to make her kids dreams come true so I love all the cast members on Jessie when I watch Jessie my mom watches it with me because she loves it also she would love for me to be on Jessie season 4 like I said I’m use to being on television I have done movies and a commercial and I loved it and wish very we’ll to be on Jessie … Yours truly Pediaiah Pierce

  3. Kyndall

    Hello My name is Kyndall Rosenthal I am a 13 year old actress. So one day my mother and I was in the car listening to the radio and the auditions for Disney Channel came on I was like mom can I audition. She said yes to me so we called and I auditioned and I had to come back for call backs and do the performance they gave me and I did really well. And the man who watched me ask me why i wanted to do it. He was amazed of my response. I told him (Because this is what I want not because my mom made me because this is what i want to do for a living “ACT” My dad always told me to dream big and no matter what people say you can do anything you set your mind to and then my dad passed away before Christmas and my birthday before he did i told him I was going to be on TV and he would be watching me o TV saying that’s my girl. My dad motivated me to be who no one thought I could be. My father’s death motivated me even more. And acting is my life I act all the time when there are spots opened in my church’s productions i am always the first one they call. So when i finished telling him that he was like shocked and so then he told me about how his Mom died and a couple of months after his daughter died and how that was his motivation to become what he wanted what he had set his mind to. So then he called my mom back and we did every thing but when it came to the money part she said it was to much to pay on her on and ever since then I have been feeling out these applications trying to make it there not making it and not being able to go. This is what I want this is what I long for. And I pray that this application will be different and I can go all the way and help you all make the best Jessie Season 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 as many as you all want. The best show any one has ever seen and in the future people will still remember the show Jessie.

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