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  1. John

    Hair colour: Sandy Brown
    Eye colour: Green
    Nationality: South African
    Ethnicity: Irish, Dutch

    Hi, I think I’m suit the role of a few of the new cast perfectly and would do the role justice. My accent can’t really be called South African as it sounds mostly neutral. I am capable of pulling off suitable accents for use in the show as well as excellent acting skills.

    Thanks for considering my reply,

  2. Jonathan

    Age: 23
    Height: 192cm
    Hair colour: Sandy Brown
    Eye colour: Green
    Nationality: South African
    Ethnicity: Irish, Dutch

    Hi, I think I’m suit the role of young griff perfectly and would do the role justice. My accent can’t really be called South African as it sounds mostly neutral. I am capable of pulling off suitable accents for use in the show as well as excellent acting skills.

    Thanks for considering my reply,

  3. Amelia Barnes

    I am 13 and I live in Northern Ireland.

    Hair: Blonde, waist length
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 1.66cm
    Ethnicity: White/British
    I have a don’t have much experience, but am very into acting and would love a chance, even as an extra, in such an amazing series. Please contact me at <hidden from public>.

  4. Charlotte Schoenefuss

    Hello there :)

    I live in Germany with a short way to the UK. I am 19 years old (5. February 1995)
    I have short blonde hair (currently light blonde, letting it grow to bob lenght)
    I am 5’5” (165 cm) and skinny. My eyes are blue-green and I would considere me as pretty :D (that sounds aweful but well :D )
    My english is fluent and my british accent sounds nice :D
    I am attending a german acting school and I’m sure that I have enough experience to be part of your awesome team. I would love to hear from you!
    I love this show! I really can sympathize with the characters and the spirit of the story!

    All the best and endless love,

  5. thea

    Name: Thea Stenhaugen
    Age: 14 ( look like 15-17)
    Hair: brown
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Skin: White
    Ethnicity: Norwegian
    Hight: 171

  6. Rajan

    5ft 7
    14 years of age
    Black hair
    Brown Eyes

    I would not mid any small part even an extra and I live near Ireland. Please consider me.

  7. charley brind

    I am 14 years old. I live in Wiltshire. I am male and i would love a chance to prove myself and game of thrones would be the perfect opportunity to start a career in acting.

    Thank you for your time.

  8. Caolan Clarke

    Hello I am a 15 year old boy from Ireland (so close to alot of where Game of Thrones is filmed)who is very into drama and the series. I am on extras Ni and have a photo and information on my height chest size waist size ect. I am not going to bore you with why I should be on game of thrones other than the fact that everyone has to start somewhere and should be given the chance. Thanks in advance.

  9. Gabriella Buxton

    Hello there :)

    I am really seriously hoping that this isn’t a hoax because I would absolutely adore to be cast in Game of Thrones!

    I am a 23 year old yoga instructor born and bred in Staffordshire, England. Although I am 23 I could also pass for younger… I am forever getting ID’d wherever necessary! I am half Dominican and half British which has resulted in olive skin, dark brown eyes, dark brown (almost black) hair and due to what I do for a living I am in good physical shape… (which sounds so strange to say because it feels like I am bragging… eurgh!) Although slim I have a shapely figure. I am kind of pint-sized in height at just 5’1″ and wear a UK dress size 10.

    Of course I am a big fan of the show, but I appreciate that being a fan doesn’t necessarily make someone right for the role… To be honest as well, I have never acted professionally, and have not been in any amateur performances since I was eleven years old when I played Eliza Doolittle in my primary school’s performance of My Fair Lady… I smashed it. However, my lack of acting experience is made up for by the fact that I am a dab hand at remembering lines and putting on a performance (required of every yoga class I teach… different characters are played depending on the style of class, you see?) I have always been a very creative person, enjoy working with others and am passionate about being a part of a project which is loved by so many, giving people a little fantasy and escape in the midst of their humdrum lives. I am really into fantasy fiction and all things medieval, so it would be really exciting for me to be on set. And with my excitement comes a great energy which I love to share with my colleagues (or in this case, the rest of the cast and crew!) I enjoy having a laugh with the people who I work with, but I am also one of the most professional people you will meet… I will never be late to set and will do my absolute best to perform to the standards which I have come to love and respect throughout the first four series’. I have always wanted to be an actress for television but never had the courage to go for it until now… I think I was just waiting for a show which I truly felt a connection with!

    So as I say, I will cross my fingers and pray to the gods ;) that this is a genuine advert for people interested in playing a part in Game of Thrones and cross my fingers to hear back from someone soon!

    Thanks for your time

  10. signal

    if u looking fi a ras holla!

  11. Sylvia

    Hi my name is
    Sylvia Suli
    22 yo
    Ethnicity: Chinese
    Study in Oxford Uni but currently on my year abroad in NYC
    Born and raised in Paris.

    I would love to be part of Game of Thrones because it’s an amazing show and the cast seems lovely. I would want to have the opportunity to travel around and be surrounded with talented and intelligent people. I want to audition for the role of The Waif as I believe I respond to most of the criterias.
    I have acted in school, been in short movies, worked behind the cameras also and passionate about photography.

    Thank you

  12. Gussie King

    Name: Gussie King
    Age: 14
    Hair: brown
    Eyes: Green
    Skin: Olive/White
    Ethnicity: Australian

    My name is Gussie King, I live in Australian. I would love to be in Game Of Thrones. I know the chances of you picking me is very low from all these applications I’ve read. I’ve been trying to think of a way that would stand out to you above all these other girls and boys.
    The only thing that keeps coming to my mind is how honored id be to be part of the game of thrones cast. my chances of being picked is one hundred to one, i hope you pick that one. Thankyou
    all my Regards

  13. David Rebollar

    I is mexican, my name is david rebollar and as you lnow im in love with the the show. I have this ambiton to be the greatest at anything I do. Like ash ketchum from pokemon. Also it seems like you will be visting Dorne quite extensively this season, and I might be able to fit a role there. Howver if given the opportubity to play a role I will not only act that character I will become that character. Well I dont know Ive never acted but I have a very general idea how one should act. Like you should become it. Seems fun. Like I read alot about daniel day lewis, and that is always how my vision of what an actor should be, like insanely submerge yourself into that role.
    so im 5’7″
    21. Like okay looking. <hidden from public> hit me up

  14. Kristin Jewell

    Kristin Jewell
    5″7, 150lbs.

    I think to be a part of any project you should have a fire burning inside. If you truly understand a story, and it touches you in some way… you were it’s intended target. Everything in the vast measures of existence isnt always delivered under the assumption everyone is going to understand it.

    Game of thrones has a huge following because it’s a tale that is able to captivate a good range of the average person from different walks of life. There is a little bit for any type of person to relate to in its pages.

    Being a part of the Game of Thrones cast would be like chipping in with the creation of a masterpiece. I think anyone would be crazy to not dream for the day, ME ESPECIALLY.

    Thanks so much,

  15. Celeste Mackay

    Name : Celeste
    16 years old
    Nationality : British
    Ethnicity: Scottish, American Indian.

    Would be an honour to be part of the game
    Of thrones!
    Thank you

  16. Mr Alabaster

    I am a top British Actor.

  17. Louis CHAFFRON

    Hello !
    My name’s Louis Chaffron. I am French and i am 14 in November. I’d like to be part of Game of thrones because it’s so amazing ! My family tells me i have good skills to be an actor for kidding but i think i can do it ! I have a light accent so it can be great for a stranger of the east. I ve green eyes, brown hair
    1m64. The dream to be an actor is so strong and I’d like to be in game of Thrones even though i ll be a poor boy or a Lannister.
    I ve no problems to go in england because i live in Paris.

    Send me an email if you want me in the cast

  18. Aislinn Ennis

    Name: Aislinn Ennis
    Age: 10
    Hair: black
    Eyes: brown
    Skin: white
    Ethnicity: Irish/Vietnamese American

    Greetings from “Bahston”! Yes, I’m a long way from 18 and from Ireland, but mom is a huge “GOT” and George RR Martin fan and believes in me. I am currently modeling, and will fly to Ireland immediately for an opportunity. I have a unique, striking look because of my mixed heritage and would love to just be a part of the GOT phenomenon. Will consider any part now or 10 years from now! Mom and I truly think GOT will continue to captivate the global audience through the next decade, whether it be in Westeros….or even Easteros? Please consider me! Thank you so much for your review!

  19. Florent hurtado

    Florent hurtado
    Date of birth:23/02/1985
    Nationality: france
    Tall:175 cm

    I have a passion for acting, for cinema and series. Honestly, i have not experience on acting except theatre pieces with school and i’m french ^^.
    I love games of thrones and his universe, if i had enough money for take lesson of acting, this serie would be the kind of serie where i would like to be. If it’s interesting for you i’m slim, sporty, i practice lot of sports ans martial arts for 15 years. If you read my comment, thank you already ans please please please please, give me a chance. I hope it make a difference. So maybe see you later .

  20. Eamonn Delaney

    I have completed acting for the camera 1 and 2 at the gaiety school of acting in late 2013 early 2014 which I enjoyed very much. I also completed page to stage and advanced page to stage. I am an active member of Laois open door theatre group on and off stage. Profile Age 37 Height 5ft 11 inches Hair dark short .I would love an opportunity to work on game of thrones and continue my acting for the camera experience. Thanking you for your time. Eamonn Delaney.

  21. Sophia McKinney

    Name: Sophia McKinney
    Height: 1.42m
    Age: 11
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: Light Brown
    Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
    Ethnicity: White

    I would be thrilled to audition for Game of Thrones. It would be an amazing opportunity to work on a local production.
    I have acted for 5 years in a wide variety of performances, including musicals, theatre work, monologues, singing pieces and comedy roles.
    In December 2013 I was in a short horror film, set on the very cold shores of Donegal. I dyed my hair black.
    In June 2014 I performed in an adult themed theatre play.
    I am an enthusiastic and hard working actor. I can take direction. I love the entire experience both in front and behind camera/ stage.
    I would really really love to have the opportunity and experience; I could be there in 5!

  22. Sienna Barnes

    Date of Birth: 15.01.1995
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Size: 1,67 m
    Weight: 59 kg
    Nationality: American (Mixed Afro-American and Caucasian)
    Language: English, French (fluent), some Spanish

    My name is Sienna Barnes, and I’ve always wanted to be an actress.

    I’ve had some experiences when I was younger, school plays, dance lessons, and even as an extra. I was also contacted for other parts, but my family was moving to France that very year and I could never pursue it.

    TV and movies are my true passion, and I love Game of Thrones (like everyone else).
    I have read the books, watched every episode numerous times and love re-enacting scenes when the situation calls for an amazing line.

    I have golden-brown skin (due to being mixed) and when tan can get pretty dark (perfect for the parts of Braavosi or such). I also have an affinity for accents and languages.
    I’m also quite athlectic.

    I can only promise to work hard, as this would be a life changing experience for me, and even if it is only to be an extra, I know that I could learn so much.

    I hope to get a call from you,
    Thanks for taking the time.

    Sienna Barnes

  23. Elizabeth

    Name: Elizabeth Anne
    Height: 5ft 9in
    Age: 22
    Hair: Blonde/brown – Medium/long
    Eyes: Green/brown
    Build: Slim

    I love the books!!
    I love tthese series i have not stopped watching and rewatching since day 1!! i have never acted before, but do strongly believe that you can get lucky!
    Please get in touch !!

    Winter is coming!!

  24. Tamira

    Date of Birth: 21.05.1994 (20)
    Hair: dark brown, long
    Eyes: dark brown
    Size: 1,58 m
    Weight: 52 kg
    Nationality: german – singhalese
    Language: German, English

    I love the show and I always wanted to be part of a medieval/fantasy show. With a southern look, I could play, for example, a spanish girl as well as an indian girl. Therefore I am very versatile. Without being conceited, I consider myself as beautiful. Additionally, I took ballet and jazz dance lessons for 13 years and have a basic knowledge in horse-riding.
    Since I love to act and wanna become an professional actress, it would be great to be part of such a fantastic show.
    It would be an honor for me, if I got the chance to get a part in this show. And, of course, I would be a very happy girl!

    I would love to hear from you,



  25. Tam

    Age: 28
    5ft 3, Medium size
    Hair: Medium long, brown
    Eye color: blue-grey
    Skin: Pale
    Nationality: German

    Well, I could go on about how much I love the show, but who doesn’t? I have no real acting experience, however, I have been on stage as a musician (which, on some level, requires acting as well). German is my mother tongue but I am fluent in English (native speaker level) and usually speak with an American accent. I have however a good ear for accents and can easily adopt them. I usually do not speak English with an audible German accent, but I could fake one if needed.
    I’m at a point in my life where I feel like I need to take my chances with something I actually like doing and that is certainly not sitting in an office translating documents from 9 to 5. I know I can do more. I am a very creative person and believe that I am up to this challenge.
    All that aside, this could be my way out of whatever it is that I’m currently stuck in.

  26. Eimear Regan

    Eye colour: grey
    Height: 155cm
    Hi my names Eimear and I live in Ireland! I hve read the books and watched the series and I would love to be involved in game of thrones. I am also aware that there may be auditions for the roles of “fake arya” and “melera” either of whom I would be delighted to be cast as! I am enthusiastic and I will always do my best. I want to be an actor when I grow up and I will do anything to become one! Hope to here from you soon.

  27. Maja Gojković

    Greetings,my name is Maja Gojković.I’m nearly 18 years old. I’m from Croatia. I would be very honored to be in this project, because it would be a life time chance for me to begin as an actress. I’m dreaming to be actress since I was 8 years old. I didn’t have very much opportunity to become, I only performed in school events as dancer at young age. But I know I can do this no matter how hard it is. I would loved to play any role. I’m a hard worker.

    Yours episodes are amazing and always interesting, characters are unique and remarkable. Episodes are easy to follow, and great to watch. Costumes are incredible, location of scenes also and fighting scenes are perfect. Hairstyles and make-up are also perfect. Everything fits nicely into the series.

    Date of birth: December 9,1996
    Age: 17
    Hair: Honey Blond
    Eyes: Green
    Height: 170 cm
    Weight: 60 kg
    Language: Croatian, English, German

    Thank you very much for your time.

    Sincerely, Maja Gojković

  28. Jared lapsley

    I love this series and would gladly give my last breath to contribute to it. I would fit I best as a bravos fighter as I can be both mysterious and confusing. I already come with a character scar on my forehead, it looks pretty badass. I have a decent face probably around an eight. Good build and lean. I am of Scott Irish decent, Cherokee, Italian, and Dutch… I got a mean face and a good acting attitude to go with it… I’m an extremely hard worker and a quick study… I never disappoint, and I always produce. I can fit into most roles easy, and develop them beautifully…

  29. Adam Emara

    The answer of your question is simple.

    You need me ,a 14 year old Dutch boy, in the show because he loves to act. Other than that he also loves the books and series. It would be so amazing to play in Game of Thrones next to all the other great cast members, it ust be like a dream…
    So, if you guys could use a big boy with a tanned skin and a head full of curles, I would love to apply!

    Greetings from me!

  30. Ivy Hare

    Hello! My name is Ivy Hare, and Game of Thrones is my favourite TV show ever. I’ve always been interested in acting ever since I was little because its the only thing thats ever really sounded appealing to me! I’m 17 years old and I’m American but I live in Scotland and my parents are British so I’ve always been good at putting on accents! I’m 5ft 10 of quite a slim build, with blue eyes and brown hair, I’ve never done any screen acting but I’ve been doing plays and performances since I was about 7 and I’ve loved it! Any role in this (even an extra!) would be amazing and so exciting for me!

    Thank you!
    Ivy Hare

  31. Fabían Delgado Iñiguez

    Male, 22 years old
    Hight: 174 cm
    Weight: 64 kg
    Nationality: Mexico
    I love acting and it´ll be a great pleasure to be part of the series. I can play any role. The people I know consider I have talent on acting. I have determination and tenacity when speaking of acting, so I think I could be a good piece for you guys. I also have a good sense of humor and a I can work with any kind of person. I like to give it all on stage.
    I will be very glad if you responde me. I could go anywhere if you call me. Thanks!

  32. Samad

    Age 22
    Slim build
    Decent experience in acting
    Studying Acting at Drama Centre London
    Dark hair
    Olive skin
    Beard and long hair (almost shoulder length)

    Love the show. Would be amazing to be part of such a project. Love the idea of playing a character in such a setting. I think the hair will win you over mainly haha, but I do think I would be able to fit a role in this story quite well. British but do well with accents. Physically fit. That’s pretty much some basics I guess. I could go on forever about my love for the show but I won’t to save your time. Please email me!

    Thank you for reading this!

  33. Deadori

    Before I saw the new cast of season 5, I never thought I would see a East Asian role – Nym. I’ll just put this in for the one in 67 million chances that I’ll actually be considered- being on this show would give me tons of bragging rights. I also would like to do something with my life right now.

    Gender: Male
    Age: the earliest age you start to be called a teenager
    Hair: it’s black but it often comes off as brown in the sunlight
    Eyes: I’m Asian, you ever see an Asian with eyes not brown or black?
    Nationality: My fellow countrymen call me Korean- so sad. The one in 67 million chances comment will give you a clue, although the information could be outdated but the current population should be around that.
    Height: 166cm
    Weight: 50kg- I have never been overweight.

    So I don’t have experience in front of but I have much experience in lying and pretending. I have an amazing work ethic as long as I have a good enough motivation. I always try my best in everything to see if I can have a career path in that area. When I try something new, I always find myself surprisingly good at it- I have multiple talents and skills. I do regret not having any martial arts training but I am an imitator- that’s how I learnt most things including English. I speak four languages but I think two of them are not classified as a modern language. I have always been athletically fit since I was a little boy- I am very competitive.


    P.S My name obviously isn’t Deadori. If people that knew me saw this, I would be teased for years if this application actually craps out.
    P.S.E I live in the UK.
    P.O.L.T I compliment the makers of the TV series. I thoroughly enjoyed the relationship of Sandor and Arya. So when I finished season 4 last night, I wanted to break a wall.

  34. Lucie Screen

    Sex: Female
    Age: 19
    Hair: Blonde, shoulder length.
    Eyes: Light blue/grey.
    Weight: 8st, 5lb.
    Build: Slim.
    Dress Size: 6/8 UK
    Skin: Tanned
    Nationality: White British
    Language: English

    I’m extremely keen to take part in the filming of Game of Thrones. I have always been a big fan, and it would be wonderful to be part of the amazing family that is the cast.
    Currently living in Shropshire, England; it would be easy for me to travel to all filming sets in the UK, Scotland and Ireland.
    I am confident that my slim build, tanned skin, experience in horse riding, and English accent would give me an advantage in this series, and would be perfect for a new character on the show.
    I have had experience with stage acting, and the medieval feel that is Macbeth – along with costume and stage make-up.

    Please do get in touch, you won’t regret it.
    Thank you very much for your consideration.

  35. Rebecca Mitchell

    My name is Rebecca and I am 15 years old.
    Height: 5″2
    Build: Small but curvy
    Hair: My natural hair colour is dark brown, though currently it is dyed auburn, which can be changed if needed. Naturally curly.
    Eyes: Dark brown, almond shaped.
    Skin: Fair
    Nationality: English
    Ethnicity: White, British

    Hi! My name is Rebecca (as previously stated) and I would love to be considered for the casting call. I love Game of thrones and am a big fan of the show, and books. It would be an amazing experience to work along side actors that are currently on the show. I would also love to broaden my involvement with acting, and gain experience as an actress, as I hope to have a career in the business. So far, I have only been involved with amateur dramatics, performing mostly Pantomimes and plays. This has made me accustomed to learning lines quickly and adapting to different characters, as I have been acting on stage since I was 8. I can also sing and dance, as well as having experienced riding a horse.

    I am currently in year 11, studying for my GCSE’s, one of which is Drama- I am predicted an A/A*. I live in Nottinghamshire, and have a slight accent which can be easily changed to suit the North or South.

    Thank you, I hope you consider me for the casting call.
    -Rebecca Mitchell.

  36. Mijke

    Hi, my name is Mijke.

    I am an 18 year old Dutch girl, I would love to be on the Game of Thrones. I have a real passion for acting and would be glad for the opportunity. Remembering lines would be no problem for me and I’m willing to audition in person or via video entry.

    I’ve got blond hair & green eyes. My length is between 1.70-1.75.

  37. Tanika Jade Maycock

    Hello my name is Tanika Jade Maycock I was born on the 27/3/98 and I am from Australia. I am a Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz dancer and I have won yearly scholarships for singing and do Drama most of the week at school. I have dark brown reddish hair and I brown eyes, I am 172cm, My size in clothing is medium (12) and my shoe size is 8 (39). I would describe myself as being extremely committed to the things I love and the things I want to make a career out of, as I want to have a good job doing to the things I love. Living in a small town which is about 3 to 8 hours away for most of the main cities is a disadvantage for me but I am willing to go anywhere for a part on a show or a movie as it a passion and I would like to do it for the rest of my life.When I saw this ad and I read through I knew it would be a fantastic opportunity to kick-start my career and even if I didn’t get a part it would be a great experience for me to learn from my mistakes. I am happy to say I am a massive fan of Game of Thrones and I have watched up to season 4 and each has intrigued and inspired me to start looking into getting into this kind of thing more because seeing so many people being successful because of Game of Thrones even at a young age have encouraged me just to give it a go and see where I end up. The reason why I want to audition for Game of Thrones is because I believe I can bring something new to the table and would work hard with any part that would get given to me and living so far away from all this kind of stuff would be a one in lifetime chance for me to show that I am determined enough to become and be apart of the bigger world and I am doing this for my beautiful Grandparents because they have helped me and also encouraged me to have a go and it would mean the world to me just to make them proud because they have done so much for me.
    Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed reading this and that something caught you eye.
    Yours sincerely Tanika Jade

  38. Ryan n Dait

    Hi im 23 I love the books and the show but wish the seasons were longer of course I know there’s no way you can film all that.i would love to be a part of the game of thrones family. I correctly reside in the usa california to be exact. I know its a long shot but im hoping anyway. im. 5/9 male .white. of irish descendents.have great people skills can cry on Q. Can do all my own stunts. And need a job :) would love to be an actor but dont have the money. Not that thats a problem. Love you guy’s.

  39. Adam

    Date of Birth: 25/09/1996 (nearly 18)
    Height: 170cm
    Hair colour: Black
    Eye colour: Really dark brown, nearly black
    Nationality: British Libyan
    Ethnicity: Libyan, Algerian and Turkish descent.

    A huge “A Song of Ice and Fire” and “Game of Thrones” fan, I have read all the books, including the novellas such as Tales of Dunk and Egg, read all the theories, watched the third and fourth seasons of the show, and I think I have a worrying addiction…
    I am interested in auditioning to be an extra, or more if I prove good enough.
    No one has ever got where I am from, guessing from America to Europe to China, so I think I would be good to cast as being from nearly anywhere in Westeros or Essos, but I think I would be suitable as Dornish in particular because of my dark hair and eyes and light tan.
    I might be in Portugal for the next few years, so it would be easy to take a train to Seville, and I heard that the Dorne scenes will be filmed in Seville, Granada, Cordoba etc, so it would be convenient.
    I am physically fit, and have taken part in sports including Taekwondo, Aikido, and boxing, and used to be a gym rat (although not so much now).
    I have not acted in any theatres or anything, but always did well in drama in secondary school.
    Being born and raised in the UK might give me an advantage as the show seems to mostly cast people with British accents…


    Please reply

  40. Evvi persson

    I’m a 19 years old girl who loves in Sweden.
    I love acting, and i have a dream about one day becoming an actress.
    I have been following this show from day one,
    and it would be a dream come true if i could be a part of it.
    I have good skills in acting, and i do speak English really well.

    173cm tall
    Blonde, medium long hair
    Age 19.
    Size small and medium on clothes.

  41. martin

    6ft 2
    Age 41
    Very stocky hulk of a man
    Lead roles in budget movies
    Also featured in the FOX TVs Da Vincis Demons

    Very very keen to be part of this groundbreaking epic series
    Due to my size and unusual features including good facial hair, I think I might be exactly what is needed for a new character in the show.

    Please give me a call
    I think I can make a difference

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