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  1. Anna Liddell

    Location: London
    Playing age: 32 – 40
    Height: 5’3″
    Weight: 8.5 stone
    Hair: Very long, dark blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    I would of course love to be considered for any roles in this epic series. I think I have a good medieval look with my very long natural coloured hair. I have professional experience of screen acting. This feels like a message in a bottle but they reach someone sometimes!

  2. Harry Tomlinson

    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Build: Very slim (12 stone, 6’1″)
    Appearance: Short dark brown hair, blue eyes, wiry
    Ethnicity: White British
    Country: England

    I know I am a great fit for this show, as I have read the books and loved every bit of them, as well as having watched the series up to this point. This love for the Game of Thrones universe is what I will bring in to my performance and will enable me to exceed any and all expectations.

    I do not have any previous experience in acting but I do have a drive for success and a passion for bringing characters to life for all to enjoy.

    Many thanks, Harry

  3. Elysa Maxwell

    Age: 18
    Sex: Female
    Race: Afro-Latina
    Height: 5’7”
    Weight: 140
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black
    Body type: Average

    I have been acting for pretty much my entire life, but mostly in school and church plays, most recently (as a student there) i had been participating in the CUNY Brooklyn College film students’ tests films at the end of each semester to gain what little experience i could from that in terms of acting for the camera. I am doing a lot of scene study and character study on my own time, trying to teach myself to become one with the story and circumstances etc. Very good with accents.

    I would be so honored to have even an extra role in this phenomenal series.

    the best way to contact me would be via email.
    some of my networks include
    instagram: @nefertiddies, lots of pictures of me there
    twitter: Lysa_Noel1202

  4. Mike Barry-WIlson


    My name is Mike – a 19 year old lad from the harsh streets of the South of Britain. I was an experienced actor during my younger years, winning a few theatre awards in my School Theatre group, going as far as to represent my city in a nationwide theatre competition; but of course, I left that for a girl. She betrayed my love, which made me want to join the Army. They refused and so, now, I work as a humble kitchen boy, looking for an opportunity to rise above the prestigious position I was once in.

    I imagine you want a profile of me, below is some basic information.

    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown
    Accent: Many
    Height: 5′ 8
    Weight: 10 Stone
    Build: Thin, Athletic

  5. Maddy

    Bloody love the show. I want to be an extra.

    166cm tall
    Bust 88cm, waist 60cm, Hip 88cm
    Caucasian brunette, blue eyes.
    Flexible hours.
    Can carry a lot and be on foot all day.

  6. Daniela Arnaut

    Age : 35 / Nationality : Bulgarian / living in London / white skin / blue eyes / natural blond clor /171 sm tall / languages : Bulgarian / English / Russian ,,, I’m one of the biggest fans of Games of thrones and just the idea to be a part of the next season it’s like a dream come truth … I would be happy to play any role or to be in any hose … I would be happy to play also a tree a flower or whatever you need .. 😁😁😁✌️ I have some experience …. And I heard that you looking for a type woman for the next season who can play a role kind artist traveler who is drinking rum who is open minded and funny ,,, well I would say that actually my parents are cirqus artists ( travelers ) plus I’m beautiful with sense of humor ,, my Instagram is MANGAQUEEN / manga on my language is mean : female gipsy and I’m serious 😁✌️ /

  7. Marcio Wille

    Hey there, I am a Brazilian actor living in Ireland,
    Age: 33
    Gender: Male
    Height: 185 cm
    Weight: 85 kg
    Black hair
    Brown eyes
    Dark skin like
    Trained body
    Country: Living in Ireland

  8. laurent borioli

    laurent borioli
    26 years old
    french, look like méditerranéen
    1m85 95kg
    black hair eyes green
    I know how to use a sword.

  9. laurent borioli

    laurent borioli
    26 years old
    french, méditerranéen style,
    1m85 95kg
    black hair eyes green/brown
    I know how to use a sword.

  10. laurent borioli

    laurent borioli, living in Dublin.
    french, méditerranéen style,
    black hair, eyes green/brown
    1.85m 95kg
    I know how to use a short.

  11. Mal Bailey

    Sires and Madams,
    A complete unknown who has the looks and experience to give it all.
    Whether it be a noble or a king
    Valid passport and ability to travel, ready willing and able.

  12. Angie Miller

    Forgot to mention, I’m female

  13. Angie Miller

    Age: 19
    Height: 5’2″
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Hair: dark brown
    Eyes: heterochromia (one blue, one green/brown)
    Skin: white, very pale, some freckles

    I love Game Of Thrones like everybody else, and I think they did very well with the book-to-show transition. I would love to participate in such an exciting show and get a feel for acting.

  14. Maria Gedevanishvili

    Hello :)

    Name: Maria Gedevanishvili
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Height: 163 cm
    Weight: 45 kg
    Brown hair
    One eye is brown, second is half green😁
    Country: Turkey (motherland is Georgia)
    Languages: Russian(mother tongue), English (grammar is not perfect, but I’m studying every day), Turkish and little bit Georgian

    Why I love Game of thrones? I think you can’t just don’t like it. While watching of episodes, you can feel so much emotions, you fell in love with a character, then he dies and you are in panic and you don’t know what will happen. I love this series for its unpredictability.
    Why I want to play in Game of thrones? Because it’s my dream. When I first saw it I thought, I want to act there, I can play even a rock or a tree, any role will be such an honor, opportunity to see Westeros alive, feel like I’m part of something great.
    I acted a lot, but just in theatre.

    Thank you for everything.
    I hope you’ll be interested in me, like I’m interested in Game of thrones.

  15. Anissa

    Age: 14 y/o
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 172cm
    Weight: 67.3kg

  16. Scotland Graham

    Hello my name is Scotland. I am fourteen I have blonde hair, blue green eyes, I am about 88 pounds and I am about 5’2. I can play an extra but I would love to play a serious role. I would really like to have a role in game of thrones it would be a great starting point for me. Thank you.

  17. Scotland Graham

    Hello, my name is scotland and i would love to have a role in game of thrones. I am 14, i have blue green eyes, blonde hair and I am about 5’2. I can play an extra or a serious role. I would love to become a serious actor one day and this would be a great starting point.

  18. Andrew Siaosi

    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’6
    Weight 90kgs, Solid Build
    Eyes: Brown
    Ethnicity: Samoan, 1/4 Chinese and 1/4 American Samoan
    Skin Colour: Light Brown
    Education: Double Major in Media and Film Studies at Victoria University of Wellington

    Hiya and greetings from Napier, New Zealand!
    Huge high-fantasy fan since Lord of the Rings, almost auditioned for Peter Jackson’s Hobbit films but after the whole “brown hobbit” debacle I decided to give it a miss haha!
    To be completely honest I’am not the most ambitious of people, but as soon as I caught wind of the casting for a “25 year old male warrior, physically short with light brown skin” I roused myself and shot numerous takes with my mates. This casting call lit a fire inside of me that I truly believe will never go out even long after this amazing series is over, whether I get the part or not. Hopefully my university majors will also contribute greatly towards my chances and (fingers crossed my) performance.

    Thanks, Andrew Matthew Siaosi

  19. Flossie Barlas

    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Scottish,Irish
    Hair: Ginger/brown
    Eyes: blue
    Accents: soft scots, Ireland (badly) and northern England as well as ‘posh’ British
    Skin: very pale a few freckles
    Height: 5 foot 2
    Weight: 5.5 stone
    Build: athletic
    Notes: I have small acting experience. I can also fence. I love the show and the books and I’d be content with only a small part or being an extra. My mother has given permission for this

  20. Anaysha Pina

    I am Anaysha I live in Cicero I’ll. I’ve been watching this show since it came out an I fell in love with it. I think I should be in this show because I can do good European accents an I’m European.

    Eye color: Green(change)
    Hair color:brunette, waist length
    Race:Multiracial(Puerto Rican, Argentinean, Russian)
    Heigh: 5’5

  21. Jordan Kimes

    Name: Jordan Kimes
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Height: 6’1″
    Weight: 70kg
    Appearance: blue eyes, brown hair, athletic build
    Ethnicity: Scottish, Nordic
    Accents: American and British, can do others
    Location: Ohio, USA
    I will soon be graduating college with a degree in International Theater Production and Studio Arts. Although my focus is in design for theater and film, I am very interested in acting as well, especially for such a successful show like Game of Thrones. The show is incredibly well done and is certainly something I want to be apart of whether through acting or working with the art department. An opportunity to work on this show would be a life changing blessing.
    Thank you!

  22. Stewart Cornelisse

    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6’3
    Weight 260lbs
    Hair: Short, dark blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Ethnicity: Caucasian, (English, Dutch, and Scottish heritage)
    Build: Wide shoulders, large build. I exercise regularly.
    Education: First Year at Carleton University, studying Environmental Studies and possibly Law as a double major.
    Nationality: Canadian

    Hello potential casters,
    I can do a range of European and other accents and enjoy immersing myself in a role. Many have told me that I look to be older than my age, especially with facial hair. I have acting experience with local musical theater, but want to get into on-screen acting so I can get involved with big projects that I care about. Game of Thrones is one of these projects. I have watched the series so far and am shortly starting to read A Song of Ice and Fire. The world the two series take place in is truly a wonder on its own and I would be very grateful to be allowed to make my contribution to the story as a speaking character or an extra. Its commentary on real history in a world of fantasy and drama has always left a deep impact on everyone in its audience. I have always related in appearance to many members of the Night’s Watch, as I am young and can (currently do) have a beard. I am open to all types of roles, but the brothers of the Night’s Watch have just always seemed fitting to me as an actor.

    I would be more than happy to send more information and photos upon request.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this,
    -Stewart Cornelisse

  23. Chad.Taylor

    I don’t really think this will work but ill still get it a try.i started watching the show last week and couldn’t stop till the last episode of season 5..I would like to be a part of the show
    Name: Chad Wesley Taylor
    Gender: male
    Age: 29
    Country: America
    Languages: English, some Cherokee
    Height: 5’10
    Weight: 175
    Skin color : White
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue
    Build: average
    Skills: Horse back riding,some martial arts from 9-16 years of age

  24. Audrey Vanderhyde

    Hello. My name is Audrey. I’m 13 yrs. old, and I have lots acting experience. I love Game of Thrones, I don’t even care if I was just some extra, standing in a crowd, not speaking. I want to begin a serious acting career, and this would be a great opportunity. I know probably know one important will read this; no one gets answered on this site, but it’s worth a shot. Contact me at  <hidden from public> or email me at <hidden from public>.

  25. Ronan Micheal Magee

    D.O.B. 27/11/1998
    Weight:67 kg
    Hair colour: brown/dark brown
    Eye colour: blue

    Hello! My name is Ronan Magee and I am a young,handsome and talented actor.I am a big fan of the show and would definitely like to be a part of it.I have just co-starred in a film called “Making It”, directed by Eamonn Norris. I am also a member of a local youth theatre group in my town.I have a good body and have the right look to play a younger character but also an older character if needs be.I feel confident to play any type of character.I learn lines very quickly aswell.I am also from Belfast originally.Any reply would be greatly appreciated and I will send any headshots or pictures of myself at your request.

  26. Salaam Alsaif

    Name: Salaam Alsaif
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Height: 170cm
    Weight: 60kg
    Skin: Brown
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Languages: English, Palauan, Arabic

    I’m gonna keep it short and just say that I’m a big fan of Game of Thrones and it is dream to act and be a part of such a great TV show.

  27. Michael Skene

    Hi! My name is Michael Skene and I’m a huge fan of the game of throne television series and books and have found myself here hoping to find a place in this amazing series doing what I love. Ever since I was little I have had an extremely strong passion for the performing arts. I hadn’t really used my passion in the performing arts seriously until the end of 2014 when my teacher told me that I had natural talent for performing and that I should go along to workshops for Matthew Bournes Lord Of The Flies. I fell in love straight away and knew that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. After the workshops there were auditions for the production which was to be held on HMT Aberdeen. I had never had ANY experience of dance or any strong acting before this but my teacher persuaded me to go along. I reached the call back stage and then passed the call back stage and got into the production. Since then I have joined a local amateur dramatics company called AYMT in Aberdeen (Aberdeen Youth Musical Theatre) after Matthew Bournes Lord Of The Flies I realised that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. And with my new found confidence I am looking for new and challenging opportunities to put my talents to!
    Name: Michael Skene
    Sex: Male
    Age: 15 (could pass for 16-18)
    Height: 5ft11″/6ft
    Build: Average
    From: Scotland, Aberdeen
    Location: East of Scotland, Aberdeen
    Accent: Not strong Scottish (can be strong)
    Hair: Short
    Hair colour: Dark/lighter blond hair
    Eye colour: Blue
    Skin colour: White/slightly tanned
    Thank you for the time and I hope to be in touch,
    Michael Skene

  28. Layla

    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 7 stone 7 pounds
    Hair: Dark brown, medium/long, curly hair – can be styled any way easily.
    Eyes: Brown
    Ethnicity: Mixed race
    Build: Silm
    Home location: London
    Accent: British, London, quite well spoken
    Role: Extra/Background Artist

    I’m not sure if you are still casting, but I saw from Twitter that today is the last day to apply.
    I know you will haved received many many responses to this casting call, but I thought I should at least try as I would be more than thrilled to have the chance at being an extra.

    I heard so much about Game of Thrones and after watching it I realise why. It really is amazing and addictive, you cannot predict what will happen next. I have been an extra/background artist on a regular television series and also in a few low budget movies.

    If it’s not too late I can send photos of myself and any other information you need, even video clips of me as an extra. If I have missed the deadline you can contact me at any time in the future. I would be happy to apply again.

    Kind regards,

    Layla Romic

  29. Maria Zee

    Dear sir, madam,

    Gender: Female
    Height: 167 cm
    Weight: 60kg (working on weight)
    Hair colour: Brown (long :under shoulders)
    Eye colour: Brown
    Skin colour : Olive
    Age: 37 (look late 20s/30.)
    Location: Belgium
    Languages : Fluent: Arabic – Dutch – French – English (British)

    I very much enjoy this show and I would love to be a part of it. I have 1 experience in acting in a (French/English subtitled) short movie and 1 background casting/extra members. I have always had an interest in acting and I think that this would be a great experience. I appreciate any consideration that would give me a role in this series, and I am happy to audition for any role offered.

  30. Maria Zee

    Dear sir, madam,

    Gender: Female
    Height: 167 cm
    Weight: 60kg (working on weight)
    Hair colour: Brown (long :under shoulders)
    Eye colour: Brown
    Skin colour : Olive
    Age: 37 (look late 20s/30.)
    Location: Belgium
    Languages : Fluent: Arabic – Dutch – French – English (British)

    I very much enjoy this show and I would love to be a part of it. I have 1 experience in acting in a (French/English subtitled) short movie and 1 background casting/extra members. I have always had an interest in acting and I think that this would be a great experience. I appreciate any consideration that would give me a role in this series, and I am happy to audition for any role offered.

  31. Harry Paterson

    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6’3
    Weight: 75kg
    Hair: Blond, Medium Length
    Eyes: Blue
    Ethnicity: White (English)
    Build: Slim with slightly broad shoulders
    From South England and can perform a variety of dialects. Experience with theatre company and studying GCSE and A-Level Drama. Have read the books so understand the background to the world.

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