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  1. Gloria Espinoza

    Hello, my name is Gloria, 24 years from México.

    I’m often told to have Mediterranean/ Gypsy looks as I have latin festures such as olive skin, long dark hair, dark eyes and full lips

    Athletic complexion, 1.67 cms (medium to tall height) and medium size.

    This would be a dream come true as I’ve always have a special interest in medieval histories and I am a very big fan both of the book saga and HBO series. I can improvise and tho I really have no acting experience background I consider I can act pretty good, specially dramatic and strong performances.

    Hope this comes true!! I would make a perfect Dorne or Essos woman ;)

  2. Fenella Whiteley

    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 133lb
    Hair colour: ash blonde (shoulder length)
    Eye colour: blue/grey
    Ethnicity: white British
    Location: Gloucestershire, UK

    The thought of game of thrones gives me chills (good chills). I am so in love with the books and the TV show. Whenever there isn’t a season on tv I feel so sad and I miss it dearly. I’d love to have a part on the show, working with all your other fantastic actors would be such an honour.
    I currently go to college. I haven’t had any acting training but I have performed in many shows from a young age. I have a need in my blood to act, I also love singing. I have that typical kind of well spoken British accent like that of the Lannister family. My favourite house on Game of Thrones is the Starks; my favourite character is Tyrion, Peter Dinklage is an astonishingly good actor and he really does play to the character in the book brilliantly.
    I have pale skin and freckles which have always been quite a bother for me. I think I am different to other actors because I have this overwhelming need of perfecting everything.
    I know that this very poorly constructed comment won’t get me anywhere but I do hope that you perhaps consider me. I’m very enthusiastic about having a part big or small

    Many thanks
    Fenella Whiteley

  3. Robert Smailes

    It’s the opportunity of a life time.

    I’ve dreamed of becoming sort of actor since I was little, but I lost my way and am only just reconnecting with it as a strong ambition. I do drama in school and I do well. I am from the North East of England and love the show. I am known by my peers for being confident and outgoing. I have honestly never done acting in a truly professional setting but I would absolutely love to.

    I am male.
    16 years old.
    Brown hair and eyes.
    5ft 10″

    I would love a chance.

  4. Julius

    I am:
    21 years old
    149 lbs
    Blonde hair, hazel eyes, athletic, acting experiences, bilingual, 4. Kup in Taekwondo. I think telling I’m a huge fan isn’t necessary.

    I look forward to hearing from you.



  5. Simeon Ballantyne

    To the GoT casting call recruitment team (fancy term for it)

    My name is Simeon Ballantyne and I am a 23 year old man from Perth Western Australia.
    I know this is a long shot but throughout my time venturing to find a way outside of the everyday
    Lifestyle way of living, I have found myself doing modelling work for an agency and am also a well known male stripper who comes from a small town just south of the city. The thing about me is, I’m always looking for more. :D

    I am applying because well, how awesome would it be to star on a show as awesome as game of thrones, ill be honest thought, i only started watching it about 2 months ago and tonight I finished season 4 and for some reason searching GoT casting calls on google was the first thing that came to mind and it lead me here.
    Ive never really put in any effort or what not for anything like this before because for most everyday people the thought of it seems unrealistic and well…. Just a dream but in this case I thought why not! So if you read this and you seem interested in looking into me more you have my email and I’m contactable and check my emails daily…. Well…. I will now. Thanks heaps
    Simeon Ballantyne

  6. Athina

    I would like to start by congradulating you for your wonderful work. My name is Athina and i am an actress from Greece. The history of my country is very closely connected to the anchient Greek tragedy which consists of various elements such as the power of control, intrigue/ plots, incest, war, sacrifices, the anchient Gods, revenge and the catharsis of the soul.

    Having been a fan of the series and the books, it seems to me that the story of Game of Thrones includes all of the above elements in one way or another and in this regard it seems quite familiar to me.

    The incredible story, the overal production, the choice of sceneries and outfits, coupled with the excellent cast has resulted in something truly magical which would no doubt pose an incredible challenge and lifetime experience for every actor.

    For myself as a Greek actress, the opportunity to work in this production would be second to none as being a part of this magical world is nothing less than an honour.

    I am 29 years old, 172 cm, 54kgs, blonde with green eyes. I have mainly been involved in theatre over the past 10 years, but i have also done television and cinema. Besides having studied Drama, i also have a degree in communication, media and culture from the Greek University and i am currently also teaching acting and movement.

    I would be delighted if you could please consider me, in which case i would be thrilled to send you my CV.

    Best wishes

    PS- i am very much looking forward to the next series!!

  7. Lily

    Hello my name is Lily. I’m from southern California more specifically the Inland Empire. I am 25 but often told I look younger (usually 19) I’m fairly tall 5’8 and I have long dark brown almost black hair and brown eyes. As I think most of the world is, I too am a big fan of the show and it would be an absolute dream come true to be included in any way. Even though I am very new at all of this I believe I would be capable and know id have the dedication to take something of this caliber on. I haven’t had much experience, when I was much younger I was in a couple of school plays and even took a few drama classes in high school and was also in choir throughout the years so I do have a very limited background, but a background none the less. To be honest I have always been a very creative person and always been interested in acting, but unfortunately as I got into my teen years I grew more self conscious and scared. Now that I’m growing older I’ve realized that I’ve been holding myself back and I’m beginning to trust myself and in that becoming secure, which is why I’m crossing my fingers in hopes that you may take me into serious consideration. Aside from that I do really enjoy the time period it seems to be in as it is placed in an alternate universe and I often find myself enjoying similar shows and movies and books, and I just know that I have an honest passion for this that would deeply show and as I said it would be a dream come true as well as open so many doors. Even to try and begin to imagine what it would be like is beyond words. Again I hope you take me into consideration, Hope to hear from you and Thank you so much for reading this.

  8. Isabella Villa Real Seabra

    My name is Isabella and I am 14 years old, I have a long blond (almost fire-kissed) wavy hair and brown eyes, I am 5,74 ft. I live and am from São Paulo.

    Be part of The Game of Thrones is special and a huge challenge, the importance of a TV series as great as this only increases the pressure of those who works on it. I would love and be honored to be part of this great universe that is The Game of Thrones. This would be a dream come true and would open a lot of other opportunities for me. Finally, I love The Game of Thrones and I think it is the best TV series and book series ever, to my mind both of the works are time less.

  9. John Öberg

    16 years old, Swedish boy.

    Darkblond, blue eyes
    Hight – 1,9 meters

    I would love to be a part of this piece of art. Game of Thrones, A song of ice and fire, is my favourite story so it would be a privilege to participate in the making of the series!

    I have been acting since I was very young and I’m used to stand an the scene.

    Please contact me; you won’t regret it! I’ll give more information and send pictures if you ask for it! :)

  10. Dane Pearson-McGloin

    My name is Dane. I am 18 years old, however I look older, also, I am 6 foot 2 inches tall, which probably contributes to me looking a bit more mature. I am a massive fan of the show, however I haven’t read the books. That just shows I don’t have to do any revision to be absolutely entranced by this programme.

    I’m also an enthusiastic actor, who has performed in small productions a couple of years ago.
    My friend first introduced me to game of thrones two years ago, and once I had watched the first episode, I was hooked. Every season I get emotionally attached to characters, and every season you break my heart. It’s the only show that has me shouting at my tv.

    This would be an unbelievable experience for anyone, but if you choose me, I’ll play any role to the best of my ability, no matter how small the role, I would be honoured. I hope you select me to join the game.

    Also, a little more info that I neglected to include:
    I’m male,
    Dark hair,
    Dark eyes,
    Skinny, however I have a wide frame

    Thank you for taking the time to read this

  11. laoise farrell

    My name is laoise, I am 15 years old and will be 16 in january 2015. I am 5 feet tall, which is very small for my age. I have brown hair and brown eyes . I live and am from ireland, living in the midlands.

    To be considered for a part on game of thrones is huge in itself . i feel that this is huge opportunity for any future career i could have when im older, I think it would definatly open more doors. Game of thrones is simple amazing in every possible way the costumes,the cgi and of course the story line. I am a huge fan of the books and the television show , season after season they entice me to watch them .
    I am correctly in a drama group called backstage theatre group , byt for short. i have some experience with being on stage and acting but very little .
    thank you very much for this opportunity .

  12. Curtis Burke

    I am Black/mixed male actor who is a HUGE HUGE fan of the show! I started watching the show one night on HBO GO and fell in love, my heart was beating so fast, i was standing up with total shock in some parts. I see myself on this show so much its crazy (not as a extra/background) LOL! I love time piece moves and feel most connected with moves and tv shows of this nature where they dont hold back and pull you all they way in.
    I am SAG actor who lives in Los angeles,ca with a passport ready to GO ASAP!
    6’0 ft 185 pounds.
    Dark curly hair.
    age 32

  13. Joe Robson

    Hello HBO my name is Joe and I would be honoured if I could be a part of this brilliant show; Game Of Thrones!!!

    I’m 13 years old currently, but will be 14 soon. I look older than my age. I am 6″ with short brown hair and blue eyes, unfortunately I am prone to quite a few spots. Im an english boy, so travelling to Northern Ireland would not be tricky.

    I love the book series, which introduced me to the show. I am fascinated by the complexity of the plot and characters and would love nothing more to be a part of this show. I have acting experiance as well, I have played a major character in a school play, and a leading roll in a play I performed in a a drama club I went to for 2 years. I take part in a film-making club every saturday so I’m familiar with camera work and screen-play. Finally, I acted in a promotional video for an organization called Age UK when I was 11, so I have had experiance with professional film-makers and cameras in a studio.

    I hope you will put these things into consideration and decide to cast me in your superb, brilliant show!

    Cheers ~ Joe

  14. Johnathan Paul Rogan

    5ft 9
    Blonde hair, currently shaved downt sides, about 8 – 10 inches long down the middle and back.
    Blue eyes.
    From the heart of West Yorkshire so the northern accent comes included.
    Combat role, 2 handed axe would be preferred.
    Self employed wrought iron specialist (so I am in strong physical condition) currently but would love to be involved in something like Game of Thrones.

  15. Keiran Fairhurst

    I should start by saying I’m from England, Newcastle to be precise, I’m great with accents so I can do most british accents, I have blue eyes and black/brown hair, I’m 6’2 and have a lean build with some muscle, thanks for the consideration

  16. Gian Anasarias

    I’ll just get straight to the point by saying that I am absolutely obsessed, one time I was writing a math test and then I just started humming the GoT theme song. I’m in-love with the book and I can’t get it out of my head, I even dream about it. It’s the first thing on my mind when I wake up an the last thing when I sleep.
    I currently live in Canada and plan to move to UK to study medicine.
    I’m 15, brown skin, brown eyes that looks black, black hair, 5’1” -5’2″ in height, has an accent and can do a lot of other ones except American accent. As for experience, I have been performing all my life, I have no issue with audiences. Things I have done are: rapping the song I have written at school, balet (but I stopped because I had to move to another country), I was in a hip-hop dance group, have helped out in the Drama clubs but I couldn’t join because I’m trying to earn money to go to college and didn’t have enough time, have helped out my friends with acting, etc. Im not tgoing to say that I am the best because i’m sure someone out there is better than me, but people told me that I learn fast and are pretty talented on all things art. I want a job in entertainment but my parents want me to be a surgeon and they told that if I become an actress by 18 then they will let me do what I want.

  17. Esther

    To whomever it concerns,

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the 4 seasons of Game of Thrones and its wonderful cast. I was introduced very briefly to the acting world through a different film as a brief extra.

    Although never attended acting school, my strength lies in analyzing and studying different personalities. I am meticulous and detailed. I often like to imitate these different characters.

    I am currently attending a university with a science-based degree. (Yea that’s really straying from this field). But we are amazing actors in our own ways too.

    Female (Baby-faced – meaning I look VERY young for my age, as I been told)
    Age: 20
    Race: Asian American
    Height: 5’4″
    Hair Color: Black
    Skin: Bit tanned

    I am interested in the role of “Waif” because she’s Asian and fits my physique.
    Please contact me anytime.

  18. Sophie Maxwell

    As you can see above this my name is Sophie, I’m a 17 year old female, 5.8ft tall of a slim build. I’m Australian, I have blue eyes and long brown hair with fair skin.
    I’m a very big fan of Game of Thrones as I have read all the books and continuously watching all the seasons mainly because it is such an addictive TV series and is highly amazing in all the efforts that are put into it.
    I’ve been an actor since I was little taking part in short films and on stage theatre productions and I also have a history of modelling. I would like to further out my career in acting and performing and I think this would be a great starting point.

    Thank you.

  19. Emma Quinn

    I would absolutely love to be in the game of thrones series as it is a fantastic and my favourite series, both book and television. I think that the storylines are amazing, dramatic and exciting; that the cast is incredible and do a fantastic job, portraying the characters and the the sets are wonderful and so realistic. It would be a dream come true for me if I was ever picked to play in such an esteemed tv series.
    I am 16 years old, 5’9, athletic build, brown hair that is grown just past my shoulders and hazel eyes. I live in Northern Ireland which is where a lot of the filmingn takes place. I have taken part in various plays in my school so I do have some acting experience and Ive always wanted to take part in such a big production, even if I was just to stand there in the background.

  20. Riley Coop

    Well, where do I start? I guess I can start by saying that I’m 15, but in a few weeks time I’ll be turning 16, I live in rural Oklahoma and the biggest city I’ve ever been to is Branson, Missouri. I don’t have much experience when it comes to acting, I haven’t even had a drama class, but acting and being an actor has always peaked my curiosity and interest. I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to be an actor, and the reason I’m here is because I love Game of Thrones, and I need to start somewhere, so why not shoot for the stars?

  21. Leah Boxshall

    I have a very handsome Arian white blonde 12 year old son and a stunning golden blonde 5 year old daughter who will be located in Dubrovnik, Croatia in 2015 (We are Australian) who are bi-lingual (English/Croatian) They both have a background in dance/theatre as do I and are extremely versatile (I am a slim built 5’5″ dark haired woman with different coloured eyes-one is blue and the other is brown)

    We are all prepared to travel anywhere to be a part of the GoT phenomenon !

  22. Joshua Feliciano

    I would like to begin by thanking all involved in “Game of Thrones” both the books and the TV series. The fact that all are given a chance to be involved shows that the people behind everything care as much about their fans as their fans care about them.

    I am a 26 year old male, born and raised in San Diego, California. I am 5 ft 8 in tall and weigh 180 pounds with an athletic build. I have short dark brown almost black hair which straight with a slight wave to it, and a full beard. I have brown eyes, and pale skin.

    As for just having the chance to act, that means EVERYTHING. I’ve loved acting since I was a child doing school plays in elementary school followed by high school. That is where it all sadly ended. From then on I persued a college degree, and worked to provide for my wife and child. Recently, I’ve been getting the sense that I should be persuing my dreams of acting, and that’s when I found this article. I hope you choose me and give me a chance. I can promise that I won’t let you down and you’d definitely be surprised. Having a chance to be on Game of Thrones, whether it be the smallest part or largest of roles, it would truly allow me to follow my dreams.

    I thank you, whoever is involved with this opportunity, for you are allowing myself and so many countless others to try to chase our dreams of becoming actors and actresses. Good luck to all contestants and judges alike.

  23. Toby Smith

    I have always been interested in acting and the media but I have never pursued any interests I’ve had after high school, it’s shows like game of thrones that inspire me to pursue acting because of the complex characters and storylines that are so different to most other tv shows.

    I am 5’7, brown hair, brown eyes, English and I’m 18 years old

  24. Jesus

    Hello, my name is Jesus Silva, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Uruguay. According to this casting call I consider that this is an excellent opportunity to grow about my acting performance due to the fact that I did 4 years of theater and I have made plays of Shakespeare, Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams and others authors very important, besides I did extra roles for HBO South America . Personally speaking I believe that I could make an excellent job with all the team and I am willing to do a demostration when you want.

    King regards

  25. Sean Lorson

    I’m absolutely honoured by the opportunity!

    I actually would like to express my appreciation to HBO, George R.R. Martin and all other figures involved in the making of this show. It is a great gesture to offer minor roles to newcomers and veterans alike in the field of acting, and it really opens up a world of possibility to so many people.

    In terms of my appearance, I’m a male of about 5’10”, weighing approximately 155 lb’s with pale skin, short brown hair and light blue eyes. I have light facial hair around the chin, and I am of a more athletic build. I am the age of 18.

    Now personally, acting has been this thing in my life that I have greatly admired for quite some time, but neglected to act on it early enough. During high school, I had received training from theatrical clubs, and I have experience performing choreographed sets and dances from about a year of dancing lessons and 4 years of marching band, but I never took the initiative that I wish I had. I am currently a novice fencer, so I have experience in regards to swordplay and proper footing, more specifically on how to handle a weapon properly and fluently. I have also spent the past 2 years practicing voice acting and manipulation, and can recreate a myriad of accents (American, English, Irish, Scottish, Cockney [This one still needs some work]) with the help of a few friends native to the countries. Additionally, I have learned to speak with conviction and emotion on cue, along with creating the facial expressions to match what I say. Having an angry voice but a stone face does not work, nor vice versa.

    I am quite skilled at public speaking. I do not just mean I can deliver a speech, but should I choke up at one point of a monologue, I have learned to improvise the part I have forgotten until I reach a point I have remembered. Now I don’t mean that I just come up with something new to talk about, rather I use the improvisation as a segway to the next memorable part. I have had to do this during orations and debates, and I have become quite skilled at it, though I do understand that these may not be necessary for the parts available.

    I’ve wanted to take formal acting classes for a long time because I feel confident in my potential. It is this occupation that fascinates me and just makes me feel at home when I find a group of like minded people who come together to create something.

    If you need a copy of a résumé or other bits of fancy paperwork, please let me know. Acting has always been something I have wished to do, but I have never actively reached out until now. I hold great respect for the creators of ‘Game of Thrones’ and would be absolutely honoured to take a part in its creation!

    Take good care,
    -Sean Patrick Lorson

  26. Kate

    Hi I’m Kate:) I’m 15 and absolutely love the game of thrones! I have always wanted to become an actor and if you considered me I’d be so grateful:) I haven’t exactly had much experience but if you’d let me I’d show you what I’m capable of. Hope to hear from you :)

  27. Richard Brunner

    Hey guys,
    My name’s Richard Brunner. I’m a 14 years Old boy and live in germany. I Excuse my self for Bad Wirting, But i hate the auto Currecture function :D. I’m a huge Fan of the game of thrones Series Since i Heard about it from a friend. My Favorite house is house stark because it Has just this epic Northmen Aura. I’m learning english for five years now, so I think this might Not be a Problem. I have dark brown hair and dark Brown eyes and I’m 1.91 m high (it’s about 6,3 feet for you :D quite a bit tall for 14 i Know :D). I Do Not Visit a theatre school But a Lot of People Tell me that i’ve Got a Talent for Acting and presenting myself. I hope to hear from you :D

  28. Maxim Kirov

    Hello, my name is Maxim (Max) I´m 19 years old and I live in Berlin (Germany).I am 6″1 ft tall and have dark blond hair, gray-blue eyes and a well-built body. I´m open-minded, friendly, helpful and polite and sometimes I am a little bit crazy (only when I know you very well), lazy and annoying.
    I was always fascinated for the mystical, the magic and the supernatural. The series GAME OF THRONES combines all this in one World. Dragons, White-Walkers, Direwolfes, long seasons, unexpected twists and nasty intrigues. These are the reasons why I want to be a part of this epic series.
    I have no real acting experience up to four years actin lessons in the elementary school but I´m adaptable and I grasp important contents quickly. I learned to adapt my face to every emotional situation. It´s not perfect but it is a start. I think I would learn the rest very fast.

    It would be a honor to be a part of youre storyline.

    Yours faithfully

    Maxim Kirov

  29. Connor Tomich

    male 21 years old
    Dark brown hair

    I am a huge fan of the show. I have no real acting experience but I could most certainly adapt and learn. I am very good with impersonations as well.

  30. Coulter Benites

    I am a white Male who lives in Austin, TX
    19 Years old
    brown hair
    I have been a long time fan of the Game Of Thrones series; watching the from the first season to most recent every sunday(if possible). I just recently got down filming with Richard Linklater on his most recent project “TWITA” as a featured extra(also did some slight consulting for some scenes), it was my first big acting gig, but I could not enjoy it more than I did. Since that I have decided to look more into acting and I am more determined to find something I enjoy than just going to every casting call possible.

  31. Arina

    Hi, my name’s Arina and I’m based in UK. I’m 19, tall (5’11”), athletic body type, green eyes, tanned skin, long brown hair. My background is really mixed (Persian/Russian/Italian/Greek). I have previous experience in acting, mostly in stage performing though. And I’m good with accents. I’d love to be a part of GOT!

  32. Michael

    I am eighteen years old, and to be honest like most people have probably commented I adore Game of Thrones. I am currently studying drama In Bristol, and have always been the kind of person who wants to be involved. When it comes to acting I have a lot of knowledge about Theatre acting, I have performed at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, and n the Olivier stage of the National Theatre, but have never worked for the camera, I however have always been the kind of person that Likes to challenge myself.
    I realise that there are many people who will have commented and want to be involved, so all I can really say is thank you If I am considered.

    Height: 5,8
    Hair Colour: Ginger

    Thank you.

  33. Gabrielle Carreon

    Just dreamin’

    Well I don’t have any experience on acting but I would gladly like to be part of Game of thrones series. I wouldn’t even stand a chance here cause I’m from Manila, Phillipines but yeah what if I got lucky right? It’s a try I will lose nothing. But if you need someone asian or tan in color I can play it. Thanks!!! Goodluck to me hehe

    Black eyes.

  34. Colin James Fuller


    It would be an absolute honour to receive a role on “Game of Thrones”. Ever since watching the very first episode I have been utterly absorbed in the world and hold no greater acting ambition than to become a part of it.

    Of myself, I am 5’8″ and 150 pounds with pale skin, dark brown hair and reddish beard (under the right light it is vibrantly red), hazel eyes, and a handsome facial structure. I am twenty-four years of age, recently graduated from a four-year college with a solid background in the theatrical arts. I have been acting for roughly six years total (two prior to college) and have been classically trained through my college education, having acted in productions such as Anton Chekhov’s “The Seagull” and William Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” and “Hamlet”. I have also contributed vocal work to an immensely popular modification for “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” called the “Interesting NPCs Project” as the beloved character of Erevan.

    In addition to my training, I maintain daily contact with a number of British friends overseas via online voice chat and have learned to fake various accents by listening to their speech patterns. If need be I can learn additional accents quickly, too. I also possess the ability to manipulate my eyebrows independently of one another in quick succession, allowing for bizarre expressions. To complement this I can continuously belch on command. If you are in need of a jester then these traits would certainly be of use. Otherwise, I am capable of learning and adapting to any dramatic role with energy and determination, and I will do my damnedest to give you exactly what you want from the character.

    If you would like to examine my résumé or would like to view my past work, please let me know and I will be happy to oblige you. I truly hope that you will consider me, even if only as a background character who is slaughtered without a name. It would be the experience of a lifetime, and I will do everything in my power to perform it to the highest of standards.

    Best regards,
    Colin James Fuller

  35. Florentina Bolle

    My name is Florentina and I’m 15 years old. I currently live in Belgium.
    I think, the reason I ‘audition’ is because I love the show. It is so diverse and that’s why I applied. The first time I saw the show, I started dreaming of being a part of it.
    I’m blond and have blue/green eyes.
    Thank you for reading this.

  36. Caitlin Donahue

    Hi there, I honestly tried to avoid the Game of Thrones series, thinking it “just another show”. But I have to say I became hooked this year, and nothing would please me more than to be able to take part in this epic story. I’m not your average person seen on screen, I’m fair and freckly and not the thinnest of physiques, but I have taken martial arts for the last 4 years and can do some pretty unexpected things.

    Age: 27
    Hair: Auburn
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin: Fair
    Ht: 5’4
    Wt: 140

  37. chris liddle

    Australian ,ad/hd, original , unique

  38. Layla Pearson

    I have always loved acting for as long as I can remember and its always been a field I want to go into professionally. I was always first to sign up for school plays and I did every one from nursery to year 11 even if it was just a small background role. I did BTEC drama at school and achieved distinction* equivalent to A* and I did performing arts at college and again revived distinction* I have been part of many of my local drama theatres in Hull, East Yorkshire, such as stagecoach, Hull Truck Theatre, Napa and Northern theatre. I have had experience working professionally in theatres, such as Hull truck and Hull new theatre but not film work unless you count college short film projects. Working with a professional team on something as big as Game of Thrones would be a major boost in my career even if it was something as small as an walk on extra. to have something this major on my CV would be huge help in my future career.

  39. Carlo Emilio

    Hello. 26 year old Geman-Italian male, fluent in English. 5’10” tall, lived six months in Ireland. Currently working in a German machine tools company. Since i was a teenager, everyone i know kept on saying how great it was if i become an actor. I stoped dreaming about it, now i do some roles in theater and i’m truely hit by the passion i’m experiencing right now. I like to act. If you are interested to share my talent don’t hesitate to give me a call. Have a good day

  40. Cameron Lewis

    Well I’m a male 17 year old, I’m from Sheffield in the UK, I’m jewel heritage I’m 5.9 feet and have brown eyes and skin head hair. I have a 9 month old daughter and I study performing arts for college, i live life how it comes and I enjoy the show

  41. Ásta Helgadóttir


    I´m a 22 year old Icelandic girl, and would love to have a small part or just be in an extra in the next series. I have no acting experience, but I would love to be given a shot. I love the Game of Thrones series and the books, because they helped me get through the loneliest period of my life. I´m 174 cm, 65 kg, I´ve got blue eyes and long dark-blonde hair. Hope to hear from you!

  42. Shimae

    27 Year old Female from New York
    Multi-Ethnic/ Versatile appearance
    Petite build 5’4
    Brown Eyes
    Dark Brown/Black Hair
    I must admit I did not watch any of the seasons until earlier this year. Once i started I couldn’t stop. I was like an addiction, I just wanted more. I read about it, talked about it at work and with friends. Even compared ideas about what might happen next in the coming seasons. I can master anything I put my mind to. I am passionate about what i do. I will make you feel the role.

  43. Jamie Conor Foster

    It would be a dream come true!

    I just recently finished a 2 year acting course followed by a 10 day NYFA course in London. So if I got a role in Game of Thrones a few months after that it would be incredible!
    I love to perform roles that are set years in the past (even though it’s set in a different universe too), they were always my strongest point being an actor.
    I’m good with accents so if you needed me to perform with a certain accent, I would be able to do that for you. I live in Bradford in Yorkshire so a Yorkshire accent is already on the cards.

    I’m Male
    Height: 5’7
    Hair colour: brown
    And my age is 18

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