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  1. Ida maria Thomsen

    My name is Ida Maria, and I’m from Denmark.
    Starring in Game of Thrones would possible be the biggest thing happening to me.
    I love the story, the characters and everything.
    I have done acting for around seven years, dancing on and off for around six years and singing all my life. At the moment I’m doing mostly acting on stage, a little bit of commerciales and a little bit of short film.

    Starring in an international tv-show or film would be an amazing challenge, and experiance, and GoT would be the best!

    A little about me:
    Name: Ida maria Thomsen
    Age: 25, born 2nd of february 1990
    High: 160 cm
    Weight: 51 kg
    Eye color: light blue
    Hair: Long brownish/redish hair
    Living: Copenhagen, Denmark
    Language: Danish, swedish, english
    I can do: singing, dancing, acting,

    Hope to hear from you!

  2. Yelizaveta Sayko

    Hello my name is Yelizaveta, I am 15 years old and I am from Ukraine (so I speak with accent, but it sounds cool). Well, hair color: ash-brown (can be changed), eye color: dark brown, height: 5’8″ (173 cm), weight: nearly 47 kilos (+-2), also I have a lot of tiny birthmarks. I have taken part in many school theatrical projects.
    Why I want to play in Game of Thrones? At first, I like it; then, I wanted to play since I remember myself; and the last but not least of main reasons: I have lost my “previous” life with my home, so it would be a huge step to new life with range of possibilities.
    Thank you for reading.

  3. Lachlan Elliott

    Im Lachlan Elliott
    I’m six foot, not the biggest built.
    I have brown hair and brown eyes. I love the show and I know absolutely everything about it. Because of this I would be great for the show and would know more about the character I play than what I know about my self.
    Also I always make sure I never give spoilers.

  4. Lauren Emilia Cahill

    My name is Lauren Emilia Cahill,
    I am 13 years old, 14 in July.
    I am 5’7 currently and have a very pale complexion and light brown hair.
    I live in Sydney, Australia so I probably won’t get a part, but if you are ever filming in Australia I would love to be a part of the show.
    I do acting lessons and have been in a few musicals with speaking roles and one TV commercial.
    I love the book series A Song of Ice and Fire and have watched some of Game of Thrones.
    Please consider me if you are ever filming in Australia!

  5. collin muhirwa

    Hello my name is Collin Muhirwa. I am a 17 year old black male who would love the opportunity to be a part of this amazing show and its amazing cast and crew.

  6. Dom

    Hi, I’m Dominic. I am 16 years old and have dark brown hair, at the moment I am 5ft 10″. I would be great for a part in the show because of my vast expirience acting for the last 6 years in productions and am about to finish my GCSE in drama and will continue it at A-level. I can ride horses well and have some expirience in archery and sword fighting. I am a very willing person and would love the chance to contribute my all to this amazing show.

  7. Maree Yu

    Hello, my name is Maree and it would be a dream come true to be in Game of Thrones!
    I am 14 years old (15 in June) and about 5 ft 2 in (but still growing). I am mixed race, half Scottish half Chinese, however I have lived in Scotland my whole life. I have dark brown hair, light tan skin, dark brown eyes and a slim build. I have a slight Scottish accent but not very strong at all.

    I would love to be an actress, and to be in a TV programme like Game of Thrones that I know and love would be the most incredible experience, even if it was only as an extra! I don’t have much acting experience as I have only performed in pantomimes and mini shows with a local theatre group, but I feel I have a passion for acting and the Film and TV industry.

    I would be over the moon to act in Game of Thrones in particular as it is one of my favourite TV programmes (this season I am particularly excited about the Sand Snakes!) I feel it is so unique and the intoxicating blend of politics, fantasy, and action has had me hooked since I started watching the show! I have also started reading the books and have almost finished the second one, A Clash of Kings. The vivid world of Game of Thrones has often been a form of escapism for me, and to fully immerse myself in that world sounds like the most wonderful thing! The shooting locations are also breathtaking and I feel having the experienced and talented cast and crew around me would be a very rewarding thing.
    I’m enthusiastic and hard working and would love and treasure an opportunity to be in Game of Thrones!

  8. Rowena Housen


    My name is Rowena Housen and I come from the Netherlands. I am 19 years old, 1,70m tall, weight 65 kg. I have long dark brown hair and light green eyes.

    I have loves Game of Thrones from the first episode. It is an amazing show, George R. R. Martin is a genius for creating the books and the series. It is so raw, and there are so many talented actors on the show. I would like to be part of that crew.

    Acting is my life, there’s nothing I’d rather do for the rest of my life. I’ve been in several school plays, nothing big but it was a lot of fun. I practice every day, on my own but also with others.

    It was my plan to get myself an audition for a new character in Game of Thrones. I am saving for a flight ticket to anywhere I’d have to go. I am willing to work hard and with a lot of passion. I will find my way onto the show one way or another.

    I’d like to know what kind of new characters there will be this year. I hope to hear from someone soon.

    Lot of greetings,

    A passionate and ambitious actress

  9. Casper Christiansen

    My name is Casper Christiansen, I am 20 years old and from Sweden. I have a very northern look. Bright blond hair and the beard to match it. I am 1.80 meters long and I’m rather slimed. My eyes are clear blue and my eyebrows are dark. Quite often do I hear that I look like a Viking. Although English is my second language I have learnt to speak it fluently and without accent. That being said I can of course speak it with a Swedish accent as well.
    I went to theatre classes from age 11 to 19 and this is my first year without theatre as the school had an age restriction at 20. I love to act and hence I miss it very much. I can’t say that I have been in any big shows, 150 people audience maximum, but I long for it.
    Game of thrones has for the past years been very close to my heart and to be a part of it would be a dream come true. Every episode I look myself in my room and emerge myself in every detail of the perfection.
    I would love to send pictures and movies if you get back to me.
    Regards, Casper Christiansen.

  10. Shaun Vasey

    I am a 6 foot 5 inch tall male, large built and weigh in at 17 stone 10 pounds.

    I am an active professional wrestler/performer/entertainer and am fully trained for physical acting roles, I have been in active training both physically and vocally along side performing regularly for 5 year’s and would welcome a challenging role in a series as grand and expansive as Game of Thrones which I have followed from it’s inception of George RR Martins A Song of Ice and Fire which I have read also.

    Professional wrestler/performer of 5 year’s, comfortable in all form’s of physical acting, speaking, and performing.

    Available instantly and trained professionally over the past 5 year’s in physical acting/performing In front of live audiences along with vocal training to camera and performers alike.

    Name-Shaun Vasey
    From-Barrow in Furness Cumbria, England
    Height-1.95 cm
    Weight-110 kg
    DOB – 1-6-1989, (25)

    Feel free to contact me for any further information you may require

    I thank you for your time, consideration and any future contact.

    Yours Sincerely
    Shaun Vasey

  11. Alexandra

    Alexandra Zhos
    – 5’9”
    -thin build
    -long brown natural hair
    -green eyes
    -good in languages: Russian, Belarussian, English and French
    -has experience in being an extra
    -loves the Game of Thrones!
    -had a dream to be a part of great movie project and Game of Thrones is the biggest dream of those dreams
    -ready for any challenges for realizing a dream.
    My name is Alexandra Zhos and I am from Belarus. I’ve some experience in 5-6 russian and belarussian series and films and in “Nos Arcadies” of Arnaud Desplechin as an extra. I’m artistic person, as a hobby I went to a theater class for 3 years. I will do my best to be a part of it))

  12. Paweł Rajchel

    Hello my name is Paweł and I am 19 years old.I have brown eyes and typical Slavic face with a short cutted hairs. My height is 181cm and 76kg. I have very athletic body because i was training karate and some martial arts like sword fight, spear and shield defence. I have very flexibility body. I can riding on horse. shooting with bow. I don’t have any tatoos. I am interested to play role like Magnar of thenn If you are interested my offer please answer on my email. I am interested to play a supportive role. Thank you.

  13. William Coates

    My name is Will Coates, Im 17, 6ft 4 tall and ever so slightly overweight. I live and have grown up in Devon, UK. Ever since I was 8 I have had a huge interest in acting often taking part in primary school theatre productions. When i was 11 I begged my parents to let me go to drama school but they insisted that i went to a ‘normal’ school to pursue a ‘normal’ education-whatever that means. I didnt let them suppress my dream of being an actor and took part in every acting opportunity i could lay my hands on in and outside of school. I did GCSE drama in which i got an A* and i got my grade 8 Gold in LAMDA when i was 15. I feel like so many young people want to be actors for the fame and money but those reasons arent really motivations for me.. I am so drawn to acting because i find it liberating transforming into another character, another persona, whilst creating a powerful piece which can often change the perception of the audience watching it. Why do I want to be apart of Game of thrones? Because i am massively fond of the entire book/series, produced and written so well, its ability to create this magical medieval society of Westeros whilst still drawing so many parrallels with the modern world (the back stabbing, the rumour mill, etc) challenging the viewer on what society concieve as ‘normal’. The way it takes the reader/viewer down so many different amazing story lines whilst remaining clear and powerful. Therefore, I would love to be considered as a cast member because not only do I want to take my acting up a level onto a screen production (not that i dont love theatre) but specifically on game of thrones, due to: my love for the series, the opportunity to work with amazing actresses/actors, the beautiful written story lines and being able to jump around with swords or wear amazing costumes whilst working in amazing settings… it really would be a dream come true (god.. thats such a cliche i know).

  14. Kseniya Mnykh

    Hello, my name is Kseniya Mnykh. I’m from Ukraine and I’m 20 years old.

    I’m really enjoying watching the series “Game of Thrones” mostly because I always was very affected with actions what took their places in the past. I always wanted to act in the movies but in my country this industry isn’t very developed. Anyway this is so great that you are making an oportunity to anyone who wants to become a part of your crew to make their dreams come true. So why you should be considered in choosing me? I took acting classes and I’m quite charismatic person. For some extra skills I can ride a horse. And it’ll be very nice experience for me.

    Send you my regards.

  15. Adam

    Hello, my name is Adam, i am 20 years old and from London. My physical appearance is 6ft 1in tall, brown hair and brown eyes with a lean muscular build. Although i have no past experience in acting it has always been a dream of mine if i was given the opportunity. I am hard working and very keen to learn new skills. As many people on here have said before, i am also a huge fan of Game of Thrones and it would be a dream come true if an opportunity to appear on the show was to arise.

    Kind Regards,

  16. Dan Martin

    Hello, my name is Dan Martin, I am 14 (15 in July) and from the UK. I am of medium height and Caucasian ethnicity. I have short, light brown hair, and blue/green eyes.

    I am an extremely enthusiastic actor, and I throw myself at every opportunity I get to perform. I am very dedicated and I go above and beyond what is asked of me. I have done every school show I have had the opportunity to do, and I give 110% to ensure I am the best I can be. As an actor, I am versatile, and I can play a number of different roles. My ambition and goal in life, is to be an actor and I will give my all to achieve that goal. I enjoy reading about how films and TV shows are made, and what goes into making them, aswell as the acting and filming. I study GCSE drama at school and my teachers praise me often, for my enthusiasm and acting ability. If I am playing a character from an established play, book, film etc. then I will conduct my own research on their personality traits,habits, behaviour, to really familiarise myself with them, in order to “become” the character and play them how the writer intended. On top of that, I research the production or play, to understand the full scope of the story and even the time period if it is historical. I enjoy challenges and new experiences, and will not be deterred by a slip up or difficulty of any kind. If I ever get a grade in drama I am unhappy with, I will perform again to ensure I reach my potential and achieve my goal.I also enjoy photography; in my spare time and abroad, I will take pictures of landscapes and structures, or anything I think could make a great photo. To give you an idea of my determination, one evening in Cambodia, I sat atop an old stone temple for over an hour, just waiting for the perfect shot of the sunset. Another one of my interests is martial arts, and after doing it for 3 years, I am a blue belt in karate. One of my biggest passions is history, especially historical politics, conflicts and warfare. I have handled many medieval weapons, much like the ones on game of thrones, such as swords, shields and bows.

    Game of Thrones is my favourite TV Show of all time, it is a fascinating world of mystery and intrigue, that feels so real to me. The characters and story are phenomenal and the acting is of the highest possible quality. For me to get the chance to be involved in such a masterpiece of acting, writing and execution, would be a dream come true. I may not have as much experience as others, but I am just as hard working and dedicated, wanting to show people what I can do, and get a foothold in the industry. I would be honoured to have the opportunity to appear on the show. Many thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.
    Yours sincerely
    Dan Martin

  17. Gemma Smith

    My name is Gemma smith, I’m a 29 year old female from Scotland, I have no previous film or tv experience I have taken part in small theatre groups in the past. I have always been interested in drama and acting. I love game of thrones and have been engrossed in all the previous seasons. I believe acting is a natural talent and I think I have what it takes to be part of this amazing magical series.
    Even just the smallest part would be wonderful. I love the house of stark although most of them have passed. I would just really love to have. Chance at this :)

  18. Jona

    Not sure why i am writting this, not that anyone will read and think… Hmmmm this person sounds interesting, anyway game of thrones its a great success and if i had to be in it i would prefer to be a bit more than just an extra. Love acting, would do anything, and everything for the character given

  19. Moira

    My name is Moira BrowningSmith and I love this show and I would love to be an extra anything that could help! I am very energetic and love sy-fy fantasy. I would give anything to be on the show and do some scenes. I know all about the books and the back stories and would love a change to help make it come to life! Please give me a change and I would be forever grateful!!

  20. Alix Boyes

    Hi. I am an 18 year old girl and live in the UK. I graduate from musical theatre college in July 2015. I would love to be part of Game of Thrones as it is a ground breaking series, with exceptional locations, scenes and action. I am sporty, confident and very flexible plus I am comfortable with my body so feel I would be able to meet the requirements to the challenges that a role would give. It would be a dream to be part of something which has brought different and often daring scenes to TV, which always keep the viewer guessing. I am capable of other accents and not afraid of hard work.

  21. Nikolas Troyard

    Hello, my name is Nikolas Troyard and I am 20 years old. I’ve greatly enjoyed watching the series so far and simply can’t wait for more. Watching the Behind the Scenes was incredibly interesting as well, seeing just a pinch of all the work that goes into making it all a reality. I would love to have the chance to be part of it all and experience it first hand. Being part of this incredible story, however small.

    Skoros morghot vestri?

    Tubī daor.

  22. Shannon Evans

    Hello, my name is Shannon Evans and I currently live in Wales. I am 16 years old and I’m very interested in pursuing a career in the film industry. I have no previous film experience but have taken part in many theatre productions such as Alice the Musical.
    I love HBO’s Game of Thrones because it is one of the best shows on television and is so realistic. The way that the fight scenes are constructed is very interesting and I would love to be a part of it.

  23. rob scarlett

    I’ve been a huge fan of the show since it started and although I’ve read the books it takes nothing away from how breathtaking the show is. The show has been perfectly cast so far and gets better with every season. To be a part (no matter how small) of something that will be remembered as one of the best shows of all time would be a dream come true.

    I am a 29 year old male, 5’10” tall and live in wakefield, west yorkshire.
    I have trained in boxing, karate and kick boxing since I was 5 and would especially relish a part in a battle scene.

    Thanks for your time

  24. joseph whitehall

    i am an 18 year old male, Australian, quite tall just 6 foot,tanned skin, blue eyed, brown hair.
    my mom has always told me as a kid i should be an actor because of little acts i put on around the house to get some laughs out of the family, in all honesty i would just love to audition for a role in game of thrones any role even a role that dies within 5 minutes, i would just like an opportunity to say that i was a part of the best tv show ever, i have watched every episode probably around 5 times, medieval type things have always been an interest for me like swords, castles, dragons and wars

  25. Rusalen

    fb : Rusalen Mihaylov to see me!

  26. Hannah Skrypkun

    An independent, bright, outgoing, mature, and passionate is a small list of qualities that pertain to a young woman like myself.

    I am 16 years old and will be 17 on 27th of November. I have an obsession for reading,writing, and history. I dream of having a job that travels, because i love the thrill of not knowing what to expect and absorbing new culture, in which i learn new things from. Clearly, i have curiosity twinkling in my eyes and soul.

    Presently, I am a sophomore in high school. I took an acting class last year (freshmen year) and will be taking another one junior year, because i couldn’t fit it into my schedule this year. Acting gives me the chance to be someone else in a random situation at a moment, which gives me the wings to travel as well, in a weird deep way.

    Recently, I won awards for writing an essay and then having to record myself reading out loud in a national essay competition. Obviously, I am capable for the skills for this role.

    An obsession for Game of Thrones is an understatement to the love and admiration that i have towards the show. All the characters and story line are enchanting and are like any other show. It would be a dream for me to be apart of the journey. thank you.. and if any questions please contact..

    Physical facts:
    blue/grey eyes
    naturally curly brown hair
    5 ft and 3 in

  27. Lewis Bernardo

    Hi, my name is Lewis and I’m fifteen years old, living in a small county in England called Cheshire, which is just outside of Manchester. I’m 5’6″, with blue eyes, a slim build and plenty of knowledge. I have read the books and absolutely adore them, along with the show that just captures and blows my mind. I’m also able to act older and slightly younger than I am, with people that I know even mistaking me for a nineteen year old. Acting is not new to me, as I’ve always been drawn to bringing a character to life, and I’ve taken part in standard performances for my acting, guitar playing and technical work. Serious topics are my nature, and I would be more than comfortable with acting them. I may not be much known, but every success starts with a risk – nobody starts at the top (Just look at Maisie Williams ). An audition can be all it takes for me to find more about myself and my capabilities.

  28. Alexander Young

    I’m a white male, 14, bit fat and I live in the South of Scotland. I love to perform in theatre as I have done acting and music for a long while now and Game of Thrones has become a great part of my life, filling up my days and making new friends through it. I’d love to be on it as I have always wanted to act on TV and also it is a miraculous thing to put on your CV. I’m a fan of the books as well as the show and it’d change my life if I could be on!
    -Alexander Young

  29. Nathaniel Adams

    Helloooooo….. I hope I have your attention now, because I would love to be a part of Game of Thrones.
    My name is Nathaniel Adams. I am 14 years old, White British Male, dark brown hair and grey/green eyes. I stand 5’ 7” tall, and still growing.
    I am passionate about the show. I study Performing Arts, and have had different roles in Amateur Theatre. I would love to turn my favourite school subject and hobby into a career. What a way to start, with ‘Game of Thrones’.
    I am from Leicester, UK. I have an English accent, but find I have a natural ability to do many others.
    I can play many different character types. My strong suits are joker types, sarcastic and dead pan humour. I would enjoy the challenge of a more intense, dramatic, darker role, which I think would be more suitable for the show.
    I can express a lot of different emotions, through my face and body language.
    I am respectful, a good listener, and possess my own style of charisma.
    I have a very creative mind, and often keep my family and friends amused with my jokes, stories and antics 
    I am familiar with the concept of CGI, and feel I would be good at this when needed.
    I realise acting is very hard work, and would like to assure you I would give 100%.
    One more thing… I can make a great cup of tea 
    Thank you for reading this. I hope you will consider me for Game of Thrones, or any other roles that you are holding open auditions for.

  30. Aj

    Hello HBO, my name is AJ and I live in Bristol. I always had ambition to becoming an actor and game of thrones has given me a huge boost to start my acting career. There is no show i would want to be apart of more than game of thrones. I have experience on being on stage and performing in front of an audience since i was a child. (Singing and dancing). I love the game of thrones series and i cant think of one thing i dislike about it. I love the actors, producers and the creator of game of thrones (mr George R.R Martin). Also watching this amazing show with an actress from the same city as me gives it more entertainment for me to watch. If i could follow in the same footsteps as this actress would mean the world to me. Thank you for this opportunity and i cannot wait to see whats to come on the GAME OF THRONES.

  31. Ben Newman Hodge

    Hi, my name is Ben and I live in the UK, I am 17 years old and like most people who have written a comment I have kept up to date with the series and I am a huge fan of the show. My favourite bits about the show are its medieval setting and the comedy within the show as it is done to precision and not forced upon the audience.

    I would love to have a part or at least an audition as it is all experience. When I was younger I always enjoyed drama and even though I don’t do it now I still mess around with accents and impersonations. If I did get a role I would be willing to change to suit that role such as my accent, body type and stature. I hope I am what you are looking for and I wish the show the best of luck in hopefully the many seasons to come.

  32. Suzanne Walker

    Hello! I’m Suzanne Walker, I’m eighteen years old and from the UK. I’ve been involved in theatre since the age of 11, left college with an A*-equivalent grade in BTEC Musical Theatre, and have been performing in several musical theatre productions – my most recent was a brand-new musical in which I played the heroine and my vocals contributed to an original cast recording. The small parts I have seen of ‘Game Of Thrones’ have been intriguing and lots of my friends adore it. What interests me the most is the hair, makeup and costumes as I’m very into design (I’ve always pondered how to get hair like Daenerys…) I know that ‘GOT’ involves so many exciting characters, young and old, and it would be an incredible experience, and challenge, to be able to play even a small one. I am tall and slim, with long blonde hair and quite strong features. I explore and engage myself in every character and I can just imagine being a part of ‘GOT’ to be so much fun and also a huge confidence boost! I’d love the opportunity, and thank you so much.

  33. Wren

    SOUTH AFRICAN. So very much used to the corruption, power struggle and bloodthirst of the powers that be. 18 years old. Caucasian Male. Still have all my teeth. Willing to undergo a teeth count if it comes to that at a later stage. I have very blonde hair and contrary to the nature of my country, I can if need be pay all my debts..

  34. Cynthia

    Good afternoon, My name is Cynthia, 23 years of age with a youthful appearance, slender frame, UK size 6/8, height 5ft 5 and I currently live in East London.

    I can humbly say that my acting ability is undeniable and my persistence to commit to a given plot and character is unquestionable. Although I have lived in London all my life I am able to mimic and deliver a huge selection of accents and languages and my ability to adapt is one of many strengths of mine.

    I must say not a day goes by when I don’t re-enact different scenes from the ‘Game of Thrones’ in my head. I believe I would contribute a huge deal to this show and if given the chance, I would flourish and the opportunity to be work alongside such a beautiful cast, amazing production team and talented writers of this show would be a joy to me.

    I believe I was born to be a cast member in Game of Thrones. As silly as that may sound to you I go to bed every night with the theme music of the show lingering on my lips. My only wish is to be granted the opportunity to audition for a role on this show. Each episode of this wondrous show always has me enthralled, hopefully one day I will be a part of the magic that has managed to keep the whole world spellbound.

  35. Patric Ward

    Hello, my name is Patric Ward, I am 24 years old and am a native of New York, but now Virginia Richmond, and I’ve never done work for anything involving cameras before, except poetry stand up.

    I am incredibly in love with Game of Thrones since the first season and first book, and I am half Black (African American) and half White (Irish), so I know my brownish complexion with mixed features could lend support to various demographics within the Song of Ice And Fire world.

    I am 5’9, weigh 186.3 pounds, and have black-brownish curly hair.

    Thank You, Patric Ward.

  36. Jasmine Barton

    Hello. My name is Jasmine Barton, I am 13 years old (14 in August), and I come from the UK. I am a normal height for my age, and have a medium build. I also look older for my age, a lot of people say I look 15 instead of 13. I have black hair (dyed, originally brunette), dark brown eyes, and light white skin. I am a very confident person, and easy to get along and work with. I am also very determined in everything I take part in.

    Drama is a great passion of mine. I am staring GCSE Drama soon this year. I take part in every school performance my school puts on, landing high and important roles in all of them. I can play a variety of different characters and roles, putting all of the time, effort and dedication I can possibly give into every single one. I also love to do extra research in my own time on the character, sets, costumes, backstory etc, so I can act my character to my best ability. I am a very dedicated person and put my all into everything I do. My two drama teachers I have had over the 3 years of me being at high school have encouraged me to take GCSE Drama. I get picked to demonstrate in front of the class in lessons, and always try to impress. I have been an extra in a short film before, and I enjoyed it very much. As well as this, I also have taken Martial Arts lessons, earning a merit on every grading I did, (I finished these on an Orange belt). I have also started taking an online Martial Arts lesson course, which I am doing very well at so far. As well as starting GCSE Drama soon, for the past year I have been taking Film Studies (earning a B2 in our first assessment, reaching higher then the C2 target grade) and Technical Theatre Skills, where we study Costume, Make up, Lighting, Sound, and Shadow Puppets. I practise my costume drawing and analysing at home, as well as make up effects. I also enjoy photography, and have taken many good pictures. I would be very happy to bring a portfolio of my photography photographs and pictures of my SFX makeup to the audition if I hopefully get the once in a life time chance to go.

    Game of Thrones is my most favourite TV show. I love the complexity, and the depth of all of the characters and their story’s. It would be an absolute phenomenon and a dream come true to audition for such an amazing and beautifully made show. I wish to hear back from you, much love and sincerely,
    Jasmine Barton


    Hi , my name is maisie bourke and I am a 14 year old girl from London. I love game of thrones and you have no idea how much it would mean to me to be part of the show. Even a tiny part would be amazing. I have a medium about of acting experience. I’m grade 5 lamda acting a I do the occasional audition. It would be amazing if I could come to the casting call. Thanks

    Height : 5’2
    Age :14
    Hair : short brown crazy
    Weight : average
    Eye : blue green

  38. James Carroll

    Hi, my name is James Carroll. Game of Thrones is a truly incredible show, the best i have ever had the pleasure of viewing actually. I’ve constantly been battling myself as to whether or not i should consider auditioning for a part, be it major or minor as i believe it would be the ultimate priviledge and possibly one of the greatest achievements of my life. I always find myself shying away at things i want to do as i feel i’ll just embarass and dissapoint myself but i can’t keep doing that and if i gain the oppurtunity to audition for a part in this fantastic series i would most certainly take that oppurtunity, win or lose. It’s the things we don’t do in life that we regret after all!

  39. Matthew Jones

    Greetings! Firstly, I’m a white male 16 year old, quite small for my age, currently living in Wales, although I hardly have a welsh accent. Acting has always interested me and I have been practicing since I was about 10, unless you count the times I used to pretend to be a knight or alien in my back garden. Since then I have gone on to do well in GCSE Drama and now I am halfway through doing A level drama as well. On top of that, I very much enjoy acting (pretending to be someone else has always satisfied me) .
    I do have some experience infront of the camera as I did Cadbury’s advert a few years ago which was quite the experience.

    Despite my love for performing on stage, I am deeply captivated by Film/TV like Game of Thrones. I am usually caught watching behind the scenes content such as the documentaries and commentaries on the GoT box-sets. I am also rather jealous of all those costumes the actors get to wear.
    Game of Thrones is possibly one my most favorite shows currently airing. It would be an astounding opportunity to act on Game of Thrones and I would be very thankful indeed!

  40. dustin sherer

    I am a 6ft 4 an have a resemble drago almost im every aspect. Even though his character has passed a relative or family member i could portray! I do romance novel book covers an fitness modeling.
    My ig is Dustinsherer
    Would lov3 to become a part of my favorite series an add some drago back into it

  41. Philip Tobin


    My name is Philip and I am an aspiring actor from Ireland. I’m 18 years of age and am currently studying drama in college. I am a massive fan of Game of Thrones and would be grateful for an opportunity to take part in it. I’m really interested in developing my acting chops and working with talented people.
    • Dark red/auburn hair
    • Blue eyes
    • 5”12
    • Average build

  42. Sky Rae


    My name is Sky I am an Actress from the USA. I am 18 years old (1996 – May)

    • Blue/Grey eyes.
    • 4’11 in height
    • Pale white. (German)
    • Light brown hair.
    • Can perform accents.

    I have been waiting for the opportunity in my life to show everyone that I can act, and be apart of something that is fun and professional. I’ve been acting since I was young, most in school plays. Though I do Live Action Roleplaying in my spare time, even with longswords and reapers. I have been learning Archery and I’m very much in love with medieval times. I’m not only professional and take my work very seriously, but I love what I do and can have fun with it. I’d like to believe I have a gift for getting into a character’s mindset, and really making everyone believe that I am that character, even off stage. Though I have no experience on a set, you will not be disappointed for what I can bring to the table. My personality beyond the character is bubbly and energetic. I love challenges, and I am very much a tomboy and love to get down and dirty and am not afraid to take a leap. I love playing roles that challenge me, and I would say my best fit for a role would be a darker villian, or a tomboy.

    Let me show you what you’ve been searching for.

    Thank you for my opportunity,

  43. Jamie lee Barton-Firth

    Hello my name is Jamie lee Barton Firth im 23 Years of age from the united kingdom im 6 ft with hazel green eyes and sit at 12 stone advrage build few tattoos but they can be covered if need be. I have been a big fan of game of thrones for as long as i can remember started with the books know love the show currently waiting for the 12th of April.
    I have done many things job wise from Orthodontist to retail to support technician to CnC operator i know i have little chance as i have never done acting or modelling been told numerous times that i should give it a go but wouldn’t know where to start. For me it would be a grate privilege to become a part of the game of thrones series and its also taking a chance in something new call it a kick starter in to a new career for me it would also be nice to step out of my shoes and step into someone else’s hope to hear from someone thanks Jamie.

  44. HaaYou

    I have been a fan of the show since I first read the book in 2001, I was given the 3rd book as a present which I read and subsequently spoiled half of the show
    for me. That was fine as I was heavily drawn into the book, looking forward to Season 5 next week and future books.
    In regards to information about myself, l’m 21 years old, born and lived in London (England) all my life, 5’4″, Light brown skin, slim build (thanks to gym!).
    I’m pretty much free in 2015 so please let me know if there’s anything available.

    My emails listed here: <hidden from public>

    Thanks & Regards.

  45. Erin Rogan

    Hi! My name is Erin Rogan, I’m a 15 – turning 16 soon – old girl from London, England. All my life I’ve been on stage, performing, but have never had any proper experiences when no audience is there. I take drama at school, and am predicated an A. I’m always up for new adventures, especially when it comes to acting and putting myself out there. I can do script work, live performances, professional auditions, and basically anything that gets put in front of me. I get told a lot that I’m very good at accents, and can do basic ones like American, posh English, Cockney English, to Scottish, Irish, Welsh, French, and with some more practise, anything. I’ve always wanted to start acting at a young age and to accomplish my dreams of making it big as an actress. Being a big fan of Game Of Thrones, I would love to be a part of it.

  46. Christoph Köhn

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    My name is Christoph and I am a 25 years old male from Germany.
    The series “Game of Thrones” fascinated me from the very beginning. Castles, Royals, Intrigues… It is just like I have always been waiting for this. I somehow grew up in a castle because my grandmother had to manage it (Veste Heldburg in Germany). So I spent there many weekends.
    I am a student of East Asian languages and cultures and thus able to speak several languages.
    Hair Colour: Dark Blonde
    Eye Colour: Blue
    Height: 196cm/6’5”
    Weight: 95kg/209lbs
    Body: lean/trained
    Facial structure: oval with a defined jawline, relatively prominent nose

    I would appreciate you to look over my form and consider including me into this masterpiece.


    Christoph Köhn

  47. Gustaf Persson

    Hello! My name is Gustaf Persson and I’m a 14 year old male and I’m from sweden. I have always wanted to be in a show or a movie and I think that I have what’s needed. I love Game of Thrones so much and I can’t explain how much I would like to be in this amazing show. I am blond, have blue eyes, of a normal body built with some muscles because I am a swimmer and I am 175cm tall.

  48. Joseph Jordan Camburn Little

    As stated above my name is Joseph Jordan Camburn Little the III. I have a very strong sense of character and I have been considered rather arrogant or excessively proud at times.I studied drama for a year and while it was enjoyable it lacked the fire and passion I required. I believe I would be suited to play,an anti-hero role as such a role would fit me as well as Jaime fits inside Cersei.
    The fantasy Genre is perhaps my most favoured genre in existence, and Game of Thrones is perhaps the pinnacle of that. I have a great knowledge of the lore of Westeros, which I imagine will be beneficial. Winter is coming, and you’re going to need me to survive it.
    I am Caucasian. Scottish to be precise.
    I have a northern accent.
    I have almost perfect pearly whites.
    My hair is black, curly when it is long not so when short.
    I am six foot and of athletic build.
    My family motto is “Magnum in Parvo” which means “Much in Little”
    Our secondary motto is “Concedo Nulli” which means “I yield my trust to no one”

  49. Trevor Gorman

    My name is Trevor Gorman and am from Sligo in the north West of Ireland. I am 35 handsome and strong 5’11 and have done stage work as an actor for 11 years. Am a massive fan of Game of Thrones and I would be perfect for it.just need a opportunity to prove to you that I have what it takes and more.look forward to hearing from you.

  50. Brendan Dooley

    I am 14 years old, white I live in Birmingham, England. I cannot say I have been in adverts and TV shows but I wanted to do acting in such a major TV show that has been my favourite since I was 11. I am soon going into year 10 where I will be doing GSCE .Even though I come from Birmingham I do not speak with a Birmingham accent my accent is plain one not too posh or to we’ll how do I put this odd. I am the perfect height for my age because that is what everybody said my mother, father my teachers and my friends. I have watched every episode so far and each one has made a big explosion in my mind and the plot is making me more intense as the plot thickens. I cannot explain how much I can’t wait for Season 5 which in England comes out now the 13th. Getting through this audition would mean the world to me and I cannot describe how much I would like to be a part of this show

    I look forward to hearing your reply
    — Brendan Dooley

  51. Siobhon Milligan

    My name is Siobhon Storme Milligan. I was born in Middleburg South Africa but live in Canada now. I am a Caucasian female who is about 5’6″ with blue eyes and brown hair. I love game of thrones. I love how every story draws you in deeper and deeper with every episode. You love and hate all the characters and you never can guess what will happen next. I love to act. I have performed various Shakespeare plays. The script is absolute art work in my opinion and I would love to be a part of something that draws millions of people in. I also do a small bit of modelling and singing. I know that I am meant to entertain people and I would love to have the opportunity to do that with a series that I am so passionate about. Please consider me for any part great or small. Thank you.

  52. David

    My name is David, I am 15 years old and from Northern Ireland. I do have a Northern Irish accent and can do other accents if necessary. Although I am not experienced in acting it has been a dream of mine for a very long time. And you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, so why not try my luck? I give everything I do my all and try my absolute best. It is literally a dream of mine to be on Game Of Thrones, I love the show and would love for that dream to come true.
    Thank you

  53. Elias Fuentes

    Elias Angel Fuentes
    Im 22
    gender: Male
    Im 22
    gender: Male
    hometown: Rockport, Texas
    pant size: 29
    shirt: small
    shoe: 9
    medium skin tone
    Black Hair / semi curly
    Can Grow Facial hair. Shave Anyway You Would Like
    Dark Brown Eyes
    Good Straight Teeth
    in shape ( but could work out more)
    Please Contact Me By Email Or By Phone <hidden from public> 

  54. Anastasia Alexander

    I’m 17 years old (07/31/97) Greek and Assyrian , brown hair and eyes, tan skin, 5 foot 2 inches tall, I live in California and wouldn’t mind just a background role. I’ve never been in a serious role, but I’d love to try something new. I learn quickly and would absolutely love to be a part of the creation of Game of Thrones!
    Thank you for taking time to read this.

    Anastasia (or Sia) Alexander

  55. Chris

    My name is Christian, I’m a german 18 year old boy with polish background. I’m 186 cm tall and weigh about 66 kg. My hair is blond and my eyes are blue but unfortunately I have acne ( I don’t know if that could be a thing considering it’s an audition for GoT).
    Even though my english is only basic, I sure can handle english scripts and speak with an english accent. I’ve never done professional acting, but I played in a few school projects and I always wanted to be an actor since I was a child.
    So here I am trying my luck for a role in GoT.

  56. Teodor Mironov

    My Name is Teodor. I am born in 1999.
    – Black Hair
    – Brown eyes
    – Brownish skin
    – ~ 1.68 Cm tall.
    – Average body
    I would love to participate in The show.

  57. aaron nash

    I think this hbo project is unique in the sence that your able to follow what millions of people consider to be the best storey they have read and yet to finish which is why I am fasinated by both show and books as they could be very similar yet very differnt yet loved by all.
    Why would i like to audition- thats a tough one can i turn round and say i want it more then any one else no i cant im sure everyone here would have there right hand chopped off for a chance ;-)all i would say is why wouldnt i want i want to audition the show is fantastic and get a part or not im sure just the experiance of an audtion would be amazing and a massive learning curve.

  58. Joseph

    Hi my name is joseph and I’m 12 years old (13 in November). I have been in front of crowds and cameras from a very young age as my school did two plays a year. I know a fair amount of medieval history as I like to do HEMA and we study it in school yearly. It would be an honour to work along side such an amazing cast even as an extra or a corpse. I have been watching the show and reading the books non stop since November and I am up to date with every thing until a feast for crows.
    Thank you for taking your time to read this. Greeting from Gibraltar

  59. Brett Schaberg

    My name is Brett Schaberg and I am an 18 year old male. I currently reside in the United States in Michigan. Though Michigan isn’t big for film, my twin brother and I love acting and get involved in whatever we can. I am 5’11 with a slim but athletic build and have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am very acrobatic and arduous physical tasks usually aren’t a problem for me. I have some stage combat experience but I’m a quick learner. Accents come quite naturally for me, especially such accents as Scottish, Irish, British, etc. All the above also applies to my twin brother.

    Thank you for your time,
    Brett Schaberg

  60. Anna Munoz

    I’m 15 years old (in Year 11), turning 16 in May. I am white with Spanish and Catalan backgrounds and I live in England near Cambridge. I am 5 foot with blue eyes and long, brown, curly hair (that I can never control). I have been involved in the shows at my school including Jesus Christ Superstar as Mary Magdalene and The Crucible as Reverend Parris. I do GCSE Drama and am aspiring to do it at A-Level as well. Last year I auditioned for the National Youth Theatre and was accepted and I hope to audition for their future showcases. I also love to sing due the encouragement of my singing teacher who has helped me achieve Grade 6.
    I very much enjoy the show of Game of Thrones for it is huge! It is on an epic scale and gets incredibly exciting; the sets, the costumes, the acting and of course the plot is outstanding. To be a part of this project would be a miracle, an opportunity and a priveledge beyond anything else ever! I am looking forward to season 5 and the deaths and despair it will cause.

  61. Dylan Stephenson

    I am 15 years old, white ethnicity I have red hair and blue eyes. I am 5’11 and 150lbs. I live in the state of Indiana in the United States. I can do any European accent, I have training with broadswords and short swords. I also have experience with riding horses. Thanks!

  62. Azahara

    ☆ Azahara Atienza
    ☆ 28 years old. I’m 4’11 so I could play a teenager rol aswell)
    ☆ Spanish (currently living in England)
    ☆ Blonde hair/brown eyes
    ☆Fluent in English and Spanish. French: level medium. Good at languages.

  63. Colin John Mutch

    My name is Colin, I’m from Queens, NY. I can portray an English accent. I’m of mixed ethnicity, eastern and western European as well as Scandinavian. I have some background in drama and have been behind the camera before. I have a passion for the series and would love to be involved in any roll. My stats are as follows:
    Hair: Dirty Blonde
    Eyes: Blueish Grey
    Height: 6’4
    Weight: 225
    Waist: 36
    Build: Muscular

  64. Kelsey Giere

    Hello, my name is Kelsey and I am 15 years old. I absolutely love the HBO project because it’s created so many amazing TV shows – and the best one has definitely got to be Game of Thrones. I would love to have a audition for Game of Thrones, because I find the TV series so fascinating and it really intrigues me all the time – to think how much effort everyone puts into it…it’s incredible. I love Game of Thrones; one of the main reasons is because of the character Daenerys Targaryen, played by Emilia Clarke. The character at the beginning of the series wasn’t so courageous to start with, but as the seasons went on, Daenerys grew stronger with inspiring confidence. Daenerys is so kind towards people that are in chains and it shows how wonderful and truly amazing she really is. I want to be in Game of Thrones, because it is such an amazing opportunity. I want to be able to reach out to people. I know it takes a lot of dedication, commitment and effort, but I am willing to do anything that is needed of me just to have at least one opportunity for this once in a lifetime experience. Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedules. I am sincerely hoping to hear from you soon.

  65. Robert

    Im Robert and Im 17. I come from Poland and speak fluent English with a Galway accent. I owe that to my parents, as we lived in Galway, Ireland from 2005 to 2011 and as long as I reherse a bit, I can portray a few other accents. I have always loved dressing up and acting and played several main roles on stage, earning a lot of praise. My preferred roles to play are villains and anti-heroes. I really enjoy using strong emotions on stage, like anger, hatred, madness and fear . It also happens that Im an early medieval historical reenactor and can fight with most melee weapons and I am also pretty fit. I stand 1,88m tall, have a deep voice and long, brown hair which goes down to my scapulae. Ever since I’ve started reading ASOIAF and watching Game of Thrones, I always envied the cast for being able to take part in such a great project. I wish You were looking for someone like me.

  66. Shailee Irwin

    My name is Shailee Irwin, I am 17 years of age (1997 – 18 in June). I am a white Female, I have dark brown eyes, long dark brown/black hair and am roughly 152cm tall. I live in Gold Coast, Australia and I can portray English and American accents and am currently working on others. As a former gymnast, I possess tumbling/acrobatic skills that could be best used in fighting/action scenes. I can ride a horse, if needed and running is not a problem. Acting has been all I have ever wanted to do for as long as I can remember. Before graduating high school last year, I studied the Dramatic Arts extensively for 5 years, participating in productions etc. As an aspiring actress, this opportunity to possibly become an actor on this phenomenal show alongside such fantastic actors is more than I could ever ask for. If there is even the smallest chance of me landing an audition, I would be forever grateful.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  67. Greg Miller

    •White Male
    •Scottish (not a strong accent)
    •Lean Muscular Build
    •Blue Eyes
    •Strawberry Blonde/Ash Brown/Ginger Hair
    •Experience in Marital Arts and Swordplay
    •Have not read books however I am an avid viewer
    •Ability to perform multiple accents
    •May have already commented under another email address – <hidden from public> (sorry about that)
    •Incredibly dedicated to everything I atempt

  68. Eleanor Fielding

    I’m Ellie and I would love to be in Game of Thrones. I am 15 years old, around 5 foot 9” and have dark blonde hair, blue eyes and white skin. I am currently doing GCSE drama and live in Cheshire. I have performed in many musicals (most recently les miserables where I played the role of cosette), and have experience in acting. I would be thrilled to be considered to be in game of thrones and I am looking forward to season 5.

  69. Jai Bhullar

    Hello. My name is Jai. I am 13 years old (14 later this year) and male. I have loved acting for several years now. I truly adore Game Of Thrones. I do a lot of Drama in my school (GCSE course and roles in performances). Drama has always been my greatest passion and I saw this as a great opportunity for an audition. So I wish to cast in Game Of Thrones. Even if I was a background extra. I am very hard working and I am willing to learn any skills that is required. I have a British accent good for a character from the south. I do not have much experience but, again, I have determined and resilient. I think I will be very good at having a role in the show.

  70. Alex Grant

    My name is Alex Grant and I’m 17 years old, and I would love to be apart of such an amazing show, I was in a short film version of Macbeth. It was little screen time but it was at this point that I new I had to try my best to become an actor. If you could consider me to be and extra in the show I would be truly greatful.

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