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  1. Ivan Mustač

    Hello,my name is Ivan and I am 17 years old.I am come from Croatia.I am really motivated young amateur actor and a very quick language learner.It would be a honor for myself to play a role in Game of Thrones.I have Slavic accent.I know that I am capable of playing every role you give me.I have dark brown hair,green eyes.I am about 6″1 and my my weight is 182 pounds.I am not ashamed to work in front of camera.

  2. Ron Joseph

    Game of Thrones has to be the BEST television series I have ever seen! I have watched every season countless times. Though I admit I have not yet read the books; I love the series because ever since I was a young child I have loved anything based on the times of castles and knights with the fantasy of mythological creatures and lore such as dragons and giants. I loved playing video games based on that time, loved the cartoons and movies. This show is all that with the realism of every day life, the possibility of unknowing death creeping around every corner. The fantastic storyline, and how they intertwine with each other is done brilliantly. The characters that make you feel for them. The majestic landscapes, the different cultures coming together and being at odds due to different beliefs and treachery. This show is everything I love, that is why I am nearly obsessed with it, and why it would be surreal to participate in such a series. If I were given a chance, as an extra or even just a corpse, I would not let you down.

  3. Melissa-Beth Barnard

    My name is Melisaa-Beth Barnard, I am 21 years old currently studying performing arts at Prestons college. I am 5ft6 weighing 9st 7, with an athletic build. I have olive skin and very dark eyes. I have played the roles Mary Magdelane in Jesus Christ Superstar and Alex Owens in Flashdance in the amateur productions at Guild Hall in Preston. My dream is to be an actress. I enjoy musical theatre and love singing dancing and acting but i will pursue a career in acting in TV and Film. Game of thrones is my favourite series and would love to have the opportunity to be a part of the series. I love how realistic Game Of Thrones is, for example, not all the good people end up on top with a happy ending. This would be an amazing experience to be apart of and I hope to hear from you.

    Yours truly,

  4. Jonathan Halsell

    Love G.O.T. Seen all the episodes, read all the books. I’m an actor from California, U.S.A. in my mid-thirties and hold a B.F.A. in Theatre Arts. Thank you.

  5. Tom Ramsbottom

    Carpe diem

    I gave Game Of Thrones the time of day a week ago and now I’m up to series 3. One word… Wow.

    I am a singer/songwriter/actor from South Manchester and I have been in a few adverts, the best being this that was only shown in Ireland. (Coors Light Moving)

    As you can see I have good hair.

    I have been sending photos to the casting director everyday because what you don’t ask for, you won’t get. I will get on Game Of Thrones, even if I say one thing and die. I have been in the acting game for 8 years and it annoys me that the main roles go to actors that have been in a series before..

    At least give my hair a part.

    I look forward to hearing from you. Well done for a work of pure genius.

    Peace and love xxx

  6. Adam O'Donnell

    Adam O’Donnell, 21, Irish living in Dublin. I basically look like a wildling on a regular basis. Long hair, long beard generally scruffy looking perfect for killing some sutherners.

  7. Laurence Amora

    Hi HBO.
    Im Laurence, a 27-year-old female.
    -With fair skin.
    -Long hair.
    -Black eyes.
    -163 cm in height.
    -vital statistics of 36-26-36
    -sweet and strong appearance
    -currently living in Spain
    If you are looking for Asian looking cast I may be the right person for you. I am a natural born performer. I love acting, dancing and singing. I am a fan of Game of thrones and would love to be a part of next season´s cast.

    If you want to know more about me you can contact me on my email add <hidden from public>. Thank you!

  8. Shaun Lloyd

    My name’s Shaun, I am nor an actor or a performer, but I think that I could help with story of daenerys and her motivation to take the iron throne from the child of incest.
    I am 16 years old but look older, I am of average build , which would be ideal if you needed someone to play one of the Native people to cities such as yunkai.
    If you are interested please email me, I currently live in the United kingdom, I am proficient at a range of accents from Indian,Russian,Scottish,American and last but not least British.

    Please Email if you need people, if needs be I could video myself resighting lines From the previous seasons,as an audition if you may wish.

    I hope I hear back,
    From Shaun Lloyd
    <hidden from public>

  9. Suleman Mahboob

    Hi, HBO

    My name is Suleman Mahbbob. I am based in UK. I am a Chartered Accountant and have no experience of acting.I cannot tell you how much I honour this series and desperate to be part of it. As I said I have no acting experience but I am a quick learner. I believe I can learn acting very quickly if I am given a chance. I can fight for it as well if I am tested.

    Kind regards

  10. Robert Norton

    I’m 22 years old, 6.3ft and have a muscular build but I’m no mountain. I am white British, have strong facial features with brown hair, brown eyes and speak fluent English with a British accent. Had some previous experience as an extra but only as part time as I hold a job. Willing to put the job on hold to be an extra in GOT. I have marital arts experience and know how to swing a sword, battle axe, shoot both a bow and crossbow so basic battle training. I can also ride horses but not to a show jumping level. Look forward to hearing from you and let me know if you want a photograph.

  11. Joe Herceg

    In my young life, I have experienced every emotion imaginable. I have very little acting experience, but what my father has put me and my family through and the adversities I have had to overcome are not pleasant. I can truly tell you that I would not act, but live scenes.

  12. Michael Laforce

    Hello, my name is Michael Laforce and I have lived between Carson City Nv and Ewa beach Hi for the last 23 years…I have done a few theatre gigs and I know nothing of Los Angela’s and it’s inner workings other than that is where you go if you want to work in the film and television industry…I have loved movies since the time I skipped school for almost 3 weeks straight when I was in junior high school to go and watch Raiders of the Lost Ark in the movie theaters, which netted me allot of trouble and heartache from my parents when they found out…To be quite frank with you I am not your usual actor, I don’t live to be famous or to have money, I live to be in a collaborative process with others who strive for the same, the way I look at it fame and money are just a bonus, the fame part not so much…I would ask you to plz take into consideration on my thoughts and outlook into how I view life at the age of 46…My family is the most important thing to me and always will be…Thank you very much and take care…

  13. Mason Meskell

    My name is Mason. I am 24 years old, athletic build, and have been working and acting in the theater/film industry almost all my life. Acting is my passion. I have a rather gifted ability for accents of all kinds if I do say so myself. I have always felt that I was born in the wrong age, due to my love of horse riding, fencing, and medieval fighting. I LOVE playing a bad guy if I am given the chance. It is always fun to be given a character who does something so awful that you would never do it in your life. Game of Thrones is my favorite show of all time and if even allowed to audition for the show would be a dream come true.
    One of my favorite things about Game of Thrones is that absolutely No One is necessarily a “Good” guy. There is not one character who is so good all the time. It’s a cut throat world and each character wants something. Nothing comes for free. It always keeps me on my feet knowing that at any moment any character can do something awful, or completely redeem themselves in your eyes.

  14. Filip Samuelsson

    My name is Filip im from sweden and im 15 years old. I have good grades in english and can travel wherever you need me to. Im 6’08 feet tall (185cm). I have curly blonde hair, blue/grey eyes and i do look quiet evil to be honest. I can take almost any role big or small and i do belive that you are losing someone with potential if dont atleast let me try. If you are intrested in further information please send an email and i will tell you everything you want to know.

  15. Samantha Wilson

    HBO , if you seek a young girl with the golden hair of the Lannisters, skin pale enough torival that of the Targaryen’s and just enough Danish descendance for a fiery character, then seek no further.

    19 years, and an enthusiastic, lively individual who has much to offer the GoT series. No prior acting experience, but decided the time was right to pursue a dream.

    Height: 5ft5
    Weight: 8 stone 10 pounds

    Very comfortable on camera, and would ultimately dedicate everything to the series!

  16. Margherita

    Hi, I’m Margherita and I’m 15y. I’m from Italy and I speak a fluent English, some French and a little Spanish too. I don’t know if it’s too late or useless to write to you, but I’ve been always dreaming to become an actress and I will: I’m attending a course of theatre, but I’ve never been in tv series or a in a movie.
    So I hope you will consider my message!
    Thank you so much.
    Best regards,

  17. Elin Alexander

    Hi I’m a 15 year old who has minimal experience with television work, but some. I am currently represented by an agent but so far I haven’t had any auditions with him so I decided to look for some myself. The first thing I typed was auditions for Game of Thrones because I have recently started watching it and I am in love and I would be so overwhelmed if I got a part in it! I desperately want this and am a huge fan!

  18. Sam Howlett

    My name is Sam Howlett, I’m a 16 year old and I’ve always had a passion for acting, people around me tend to say that I am talented, I like to believe that these comments are true. I’d love to be a part of the epic that is ‘Game of Thrones’ It would be a dream come true and it would open many doors for me in my hopes of becoming a professional actor.
    I’m a male
    I have longish hair, It is very fair yet also quite thick
    My hair is a dark brown
    I’m Australian
    I measure 5’7 and weigh 138 lbs
    I have very dark brown eyes, people say they’re close to black
    And I have white skin

  19. Danielle Specking

    Valar Dohaeris,
    To the amazing Game of Thrones writer George R. R. Martin, casting team, production, and also to the actors and actresses themselves it would be an absolute honor to work for and with you. Game of Thrones is not just a world wide phenomenon, but a passion which has naturally made me more that enthusiastic about the upcoming season and has made me dream about being a participant in the world of Fire and Ice. From changing my license plate on my car to KHLESI, having my room surrounded with GOT merchandise, to dying my hair a white blonde while braiding the Daenerys hairstyle almost every day, to making Khaleesi costumes for the 2014 Game of Thrones Halloween, from my picture being posted for GOT Halloween 2014 as a Dothraki Khaleesi Dany(Ak Dany) eating a horse heart on official Game of Thrones Facebook page, it is in my life everyday, and I would commit everything I had to become a part of this epic journey. Even if I were to become an extra, or somehow die a brutal death in the upcoming filming of season 6 of Game of Thrones, it would be more than a privilege. Do I see myself becoming a famous actress? No, but just joining the Game of Thrones team is all I would ever ask for in my life. I can honestly say it would be the happiest moment of my life and would not let you down. As a lover of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit, which I would have very much liked to participate in but was at the time too young. It has always been my dream to not just “be on tv” but to have such an experience that I would never forget. Sometimes my family and friends can’t handle being around me because of my intense enthusiasm for all things Game of Thrones. From being born in Anchorage, Alaska, I do not have many options or easy travel for such things, but for a chance to audition for a role in Game of Thrones, I would make the effort, for the night is dark and full of terrors. Game of Thrones is not my life, but a major part of it and I want to prove that I have what it takes to become a part of this enormous fantasy. I am currently living in Anchorage, Alaska, born and raised. Thank you for your consideration and time to read this. I hope that I have made a positive impact in not only explaining my dedication, but an amazing thank you to everyone involved, it is my favorite tv show ever.
    Valar Morghulis.


    Danielle Specking
    Anchorage, Alaska, USA
    Further contact information would be provided upon request. Thank you.

  20. Rian Connolly

    Hello HBO
    I am 16 years of age and I am from Northern Ireland (ironically I live near three of the filming locations! Small world, eh?). I have blue eyes, freckles and medium brown wavy hair. I am of Irish, Scottish and remote Spanish decent.This would be a great opportunity for me that I would love and really enjoy. Unfortunately I don’t have Sky tv so I don’t watch Game of thrones (but then again my parents won’t let me) but my sister reads the books so I know the plot and the character backgrounds. One of my friends was in it for a while playing Myrcella Baratheon and although she has left it now I still want a role in it so bad. It looks like so much fun to act. I feel much more confident in front of a camera rather than on stage and it would mean so much to me if you gave me a role, even if it was only one character that would only appear in a few episodes it would be so so great…words cannot describe how much I would love this!!! As long as I’m being creative and expressing myself then I am happy, especially bringing a character to life. The story is full of so many intriguing, inspiring, interesting characters and each one is unique in their own way so I would love to have a role in Game of Thrones. Thank you very very much HBO.
    Yours sincerely
    Rian Connolly

  21. William Cook-Lavariega

    Dear, HBO
    I would love to be part of the Game Of Thrones cast and universe.
    I am 15 yrs. Old American but my mother is Spanish so I have wavy black hair and brown eyes with very light brown skin if you are looking for a young cast member to play maybe a dawnish teen I think I would be a great fit.

  22. Lucy Mahon

    17, Irish, about 5″2 or 5″3, blonde hair, green eyes, good understanding of characters in the books, been in speech & drama clubs throughout childhood and have been on stage many times. I’m graduating from school in May 2015.

  23. Lea Jeschke

    I’m a 16 year old actress from Germany with acting experience in Germany and the UK. I have black hair and blue eyes and I’m 5ft 5. My accent’s not strong.
    I love this HBO project because of many, many reasons. It has very great characters, for example; they are not just written down without thinking about them, they have character. And I think that’s great and one of the most important things in a story. Also, I think it’s amazing that there are plenty female characters in Game of Thrones, as this is a thing of growing importance nowadays.
    I’d love to audition for a role because I think that it’s an unique opportunity I most likey won’t get again in my life. Also, it’d be amazing to be part of something that moves so many people and means so much to the world.
    -Sincerely yours

  24. Nash Bowen

    My name is Nash Bowen. I am a 20 year old student from Chattanooga TN. I have some actin experience as well as watching and reading all of the game of thrones out to date. I am extremely in shape and would absolutely love to play a role in this amazing show, even if just a small role. Please reply to <hidden from public> if you are interested. I am more than willing to travel. I also have met and know Emilia Clarke if that means anything. Thanks,

  25. Jay


    The name for now is Jay, but I wont reveal my personal information on here because I figure that would be sorted once someone is successfully picked! Anyway, I am nearly 26 years old, a born and bred Londoner (England, UK) and I have always had a deep-set passion for all the arts. I am a university graduate and have a natural aptitude for imitation of many accents, also speaking some of a few languages.

    I am caucasian, 6’2/3 and have quite intense, dark brown eyes, brown hair, dark facial hair, a deep voice with what I believe would be a powerful stage presence. I am broad-shouldered but not massively muscular although I am fit enough and well-practised for action scenes having done martial arts for many years. I believe, honestly, that a knowledge of British culture and a native accent (which heavily dominates the show), an interest in things medieval (I majored in Literature which concentrated heavily on this), a sturdy frame and unconventional good looks would make me a major asset to the team.

    I know the power of subtlety which is something utilised to perfection in Game of Thrones by its amazing cast and I am convinced that bringing this show into an even brighter spotlight (if that is even possible!) is something I could certainly help work towards.

  26. Zach Hornsby

    Hello my names Zach Hornsby. I live in Brighton, England and have been a huge fan of Game of Thrones since the beginning. I’ve trained in both dance and acting at a school and college level. I’m 6 ft with blue eyes and light brown hair with an brored athletic physique. I would love to be a part of the amazing game of thrones franchise.

    Thank you for reading.

  27. Brandon Vanwagner

    Age 27
    Red hair
    Blue eyes
    300 lbs
    I’m very tall and athletic with a military background

  28. Graham Roberts

    My name is Graham, I’m 17 and 5ft10. I have dark brown hair.

    I have experience in acting, when I was younger I appeared in many musicals.
    I study theatre studies at A level and am always the main role in my school play.

    I’m a Big GOT fan.
    Pictures can be sent on request.

    Thanks for your time,

  29. Jordan Beri

    Well.. My names Jordan Beri ( Male) im 14 years old and would love to be apart of Game Of Thrones, it would be a dream come true. im 5ft 11, brown eyes, very curly hair and very energetic and passionate. Thank youu!

  30. Denise Dowling

    Aged 22 years old
    Light brown hair
    Can speak french
    Blue eyes
    I don’t have much acting experience but I have been in a couple of things over the years, I’m looking for any work that might be available to build up my experience.

  31. jolene evans

    Hi my name is jolene evans I’m from Dublin, Ireland. I’m 19 with strawberry blonde hair and have green eyes. I would love to be apart of your show I just love everything about it it’s so awsome and gruesome! PLEASE send me an audition or just let me be in the show somewhere I just want to be apart of it Any way I can! Please email me if you need any more information or pictures. I have done acting in school but not much please just give me a chance. I just LOVE game of throne, I hope you email me to let me Know thank you you.

  32. jolene evans

    Hi my name is jolene evans I’m from Dublin. Im 19 with strawberry blonde hair and I’m about 5 foot 4. I would love to be apart of this show even if you could just throw me in anywhere I just want to be apart of the show so much! I have done acting in school and just love the show that I just want to be in it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE game of Thrones please get back to me please please. :)

  33. Jack O'Brien

    Hello my name is Jack O’Brien I am 19 years old from Boston, Massachusetts.

    I am new to acting and trying to get my name out there. I have been a fan of this show ever since it started, I have never seen such great acting all around in one show and i would love nothing more than to be a part of this epic story and fantastic cast.

    I believe that if you give me this opportunity I will excel in any role that you put me in.

    Hopefully you will pick me to join in this adventure
    Thank You


    Hola, Mi nombre es GERALDINE AGUILAR, soy de VENEZUELA, tengo 28 años, soy capaz de lograr lo que me designen, soy una chica de estatura 1.57 cm, de piel trigueña, cabellos risos castaños y ojos color café.

    Amo las historias planteadas en la serie, son de jamás olvidar.

    <hidden from public>

    Geraldine Aguilar.
    Geraldine Aguilar Sánchez – Artes.
    Geraldine Aguilar Sánchez- Diseño.
    Sirena Escénica.

    Envío links de algunas experiencias realizadas.

  35. Katelan gardner

    Hiya. My name is katelin, im 14 years old. I have never done any serious acting but i have always wanted to and i have been told i have it in me, i can memorize game of thrones lines better than vocab words at school. I probably wont get a part in the tv series but its worth a shot, iv always had a thing for acting and if i got a part in my favourite tv show, it would be absolutley amazing, its a great opportunity. I did think about my age and im only 14, but then i thought that massie williams who plays arya was quite young whem she started filming for goT and shes a great actress.
    Thank you

  36. Krystal Wong

    Dear HBO,

    My name is Krystal Wong and I would very much like the opportunity to audition for a role on Game of Thrones. I am half Chinese and half english, 32 years old and I live in south west London. It would be an absolute honor to work on such a amazing production with a great team.

    I am available to audition at any time and I am willing to travel.

    My background has always been in the arts. I currently work as a designer/art director in London. I am used to working behind the scenes but I have always wanted to pursue a acting career in front of the camera.

    Every single actor/actress on Game of Thrones brings there own unique qualities to the show and I think I could also bring something new and exciting to a role on Game of Thrones.

    Please find below some more details on what I look like:
    -Long brown hair and light brown eyes,
    -Light tanned skin
    -Size 8
    – 26 inch waist
    – British citizen

    Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further details.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,

    Krystal Wong

  37. Igor Santagueda

    Hi, I’m Igor, I’m portuguese and I would like to be an extra in this show. I heard they were picking extras in Spain, so I would also like to join this opportunity.
    Height: 165 cm Weight:56 kg Age:17
    Experience: I have no experience on acting but I know I can learn from the best, just by being na extra.
    Look: Male, dark hair, mulatto, brown eyes.
    I can speak English, not so much fluently, but the necessary.

  38. Catarina Fernandes

    Hi! My name is Catarina Fernandes i’m 18 years old and i’m from Portugal
    i love this show and i always loved acting, i don’t have experience apart from really small school plays
    i have brown hair, white skin and brown eyes
    for me would be a dream come true, just to be given a chance for a audition in this amazing world!

  39. Ayumi T

    Hello HBO :),
    My name is Ayumi T.
    I have close to no experience with acting but I have done things such as ballet dancing and tap dancing so I have performed before. I am amerced in this amazing series and it’s shown me how fun acting could really be and I would love to try it out.

    -I am half Japanese and Kiwi, living in New Zealand :) But of a Scottish/English decent.
    -17 year old girl
    -165 cm tall
    -Long brown hair and brown eyes, light skin (don’t look too asian, pretty in between.)
    -Not too thin

    I am searching for a new experience and this would be truly a honour.
    Having no acting experience and living in New Zealand may be a disadvantage but it would be great if considered me. I will definitely work hard to live up to all standards. :)

    Thank you

  40. Angie

    Hola! My name is Angelica Buhmann Ruiz Diaz and 17 years old. I’m coming from Germany but was born in Paraguay.

    I want to be a part of this epic journey because I would love to work with so many amazing actors and being around positive energy !

    And it would help me to live my dream job I just love game of thrones and I would do everything to get an acting roll!! Even if it would be an ” only” an extra acting roll I would be so thankful and give you 120% of my energy!

    To let you know:
    Gender: female
    Age :17 (turning 18 in may)
    Hight: 1,63cm
    Eyes: green
    Hair: dark brown/ long
    Weight: 56kg

    I would love to hear from you, thank you so much and have an amazing day!
    Take care


  41. Kenneth benson

    My life has been rough, growing up for me hasn’t been easy. I’m not saying this to grasp anyone’s sympathy, I’m saying It cause I wanna new start for my life, a fresh one. I wanna leave my mark on the world, and make my family proud. I’ll be honest my as far as acting goes I’m not sure, but im willing to give it my all, to learn and adapt. I just want something more for my life, to make it so all the hardships weren’t for nothing. So I’m asking for a chance, and I no its a long shot, and I’m asking a lot for a guy who is just 21 and has no experience at all, but I would be forever grateful, and I promise to work my ass off. Thank u If u at least took the time to here me out, and I hope you have a good day :)

  42. Paul O'Rourke


    My name is Paul O’Rourke I would love to audition for the Game of Thrones TV show due to the fact that it is a very popular TV show and I personally love it. If I had the opportunity to have audition I would be really happy because by casting in a TV show like this it gets my name out there in the world which then helps me to fulfill my dream of been an actor. I am 16 years old 17 i n June and I’m in the last year of A Levels I am studying Drama, Film and Media Studies and I will be finished them at the start of June.

  43. Yvar Dietvorst


    I am a 17 year old boy from the Netherlands. i am well aware off the thousands of people who already left a comment here hoping to get a part in this show. but since its a really big and dear dream of mine to be a part of this amazing production. I’m not a professional actor, neither do i have an agent or even experience other than a short movie for a high school project and a little commercial for unhealthy snacks ;) . I’m fighting for my dream since its not really supported by my parents, because they say its just a dream and its never going to work out the way i imagine it.
    but yeah. since I’m not able to go to america or even the UK to just do some auditions and then go back home. i might as well give this comment a shot right!?

    maybe you need some more information, so here we go:

    I’m a 17 year old boy. I’m Dutch
    I am 1.94 meters in length and not the most slim guy of the bunch ;)
    I have brown, mid-long, hair. and blue/green eyes.
    I play guitar, piano and drums ( not really important here but hey who cares right?)
    I’m a fast learner and I fluently speak Dutch and English ( At least i think I do)
    I also speak a little bit of German.
    Oh and people say i kinda have a British accent.

    Well i think that is all. it would be a great honor if i would hear from you. (even with a really small role or just an extra).
    I’m really eager to travel the world and spent all my money to fulfill my crazy dreams!

    With kind and hopeful regards,

    Yvar Dietvorst

    PS. Die hard fan and would love to even get a word if i don’t make it ;)

  44. Isabel Ljungkvist

    I am from Sweden and lives in Gothenburg. I am 18 years old and studies last year of high school in Fashion Design. I later wish to become a Costume Designer och Actress.
    Before high school i went to the Swedish balett school of Gothenburg. There I have learned to be really brave on the stage, and I have met great and big people from all around the world.
    My experiance in acting has been little, I went to some classes of theatre but not more then that.
    I have the mark “A” in speaking english from high school and I can speak several different dialects, and has been really admired about them! Like, american (west, south, north, east), brittish, scottish, austrailian, indian/russian/german english dialect.
    I love Game of Thrones and have watched every episode. I am really fascinated by the actresses and the costumes they are wearing. I would with all my heart like too be a part of that community and family! Whey are all amazing.
    Best wishes

    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Nationality: Swedish
    Height: 5’6 (172cm)
    Weight: 114 lbs (52kg)
    Hair colour: Brown
    Eye colour: Green
    Skin: White

  45. Dan Garrett

    i would like to audition for a role in game of thrones because it is my favorite TV show, and who doesn’t want to feature in their favorite show? i am 19 and have not actually done any serious acting before, however i can be very flexible with different styles of characters and am able to easily learn a role and once i get into it then there is no going back.
    I often go to ‘comic con’ events and i find that really enjoyable for getting into characters and making costumes ect

  46. Anna lodge

    My names Anna, I have had 10 years + experience in theatre and acting. I have a BTEC national in performing arts and 3d design and stage construction. I live in the Uk but would travel anywhere for this chance to star in a amazing series. I would love the opportunity to star in game of thrones because after reading the books and watching the show Id love to show my skills and what I’ve learnt in such an amazing fantasy world. It would also be a fantastic opportunity to star in such a Brilliant series. I believe the series has been so majorly loved because of it’s characters and scene settings which make people watch and wish this was life. I certainly would.

    Thank you

  47. Blaine

    My name is Blaine breeze and I have some experience with acting. I am a thirteen year old male and take GCSE drama, I have successfully performed scenes acting as a serial killer, a mental patient and a gang member. And got full Marks in them all. Not all schools in the uk teach drama and I am very fortunate to be in a band one school which teache’s drama . I have always been a huge fan of the show and admired the acting quality and the amount of emotion in the characters. (I’m still grieving ed stark!). I Live in North Wales in a little town called Flint. The school I attend is Flint high school. I have brown hair and brown eyes and am quite skinny. It would be a great honour for me to appear on the show with some of tv,s best actors and am very confident in my acting. Thank you for taking the time to read this and now all I can do is cross my fingers and pray!

  48. Bethany Taylor

    Hello, my name is bethany i am 15 years old and i am currently in my final year of high school. Acting/performing has played a big role in my life from a very young age. I would Love to play a role or extra in Game Of Thrones as i am a huge fan of the show and I am constantly memorising lines from tv series and reciting them in my mirror to see if i would be good or not. I have wanted to be part of the show since the first season as the series fascinates me with the story line.
    -brown eyes
    -red(y)brown hair
    -manchester uk


  49. Tanita

    To whom it may concern,

    I discovered this website by accident, right after I finished watching 5th episode of 2nd season (I know, plenty of fun lies ahead me). I’m aware that 2,497 people have left a comment before me, and I don’t have any unrealistic expectations to became a part of one of the leading shows just by posting a comment. However, it doesn’t take much effort to do it, so I thought I might aswell try it.

    Since I’m from Slovenia, I don’t have any other opportunities to approach you. I’m a 22 year old girl (some may also say a very beautiful one), who’s a passionate actress and dancer. I have no professional experience in acting (yet), but I do it in my free time. Mostly because I find it enjoyable and challenging at the same time.

    I’m not going to say it wouldn’t be a dream come true to become a part of this show, but I prefer to see it as a new challenge, which I would gladly accept.

    If by any chance this post reaches you, I’m available on my email adress (<hidden from public>) for resume, pictures ect.

    Yours sincerely,

    Tanita Rose

  50. Hassan Mohamed

    Dear Got casting directors, if your even seeing this all you need to know is that I’m interested. – end of transmission -

  51. Ana Antonio

    hello my name is ana and i am 14 yrs old (but look 15-16) my height is 1.65 i have actually never watched this show but have heard of the success of it i am from dungannon in northern ireland and i have been living there for 12 yrs now i am mixed race and im from portugal i have always been interested in doing acting and modelling and i am also a dancer i have competed in competitions and talent shows so i am a really confident person who is not scared of performing infront of people PLEASE send me an email if you are interested so you can help my dream come true thanks for reading :D

  52. Suzanne Greenaway


    I’ve been following Game Of Thrones with great interest and I would love the chance to be apart of the project. I have no professional training however I have experience performing in a theatrical setting within school pantomimes and plays in main roles and in my local theatre in smaller none speaking roles.
    I am a 21 year old, white caucasian female looking for a chance to gain experience within acting and filming whether that be main role to an extra. I have blonde long hair (Willing to change) naturally curly, however straighten it and blue (Ive been told striking) eyes.
    5″4 and 126lbs curvaceous figure, dress size 8-10.
    My main hobbie is horse riding and have rode professionally in the past show jumping and hunting so have no qualms with horses (If that was required, hope so!). I have a Geordie accent however it isn’t strong and can provide other UK based accents. Starnow account is available.

  53. Amelia

    Hello, whomever might be reading this!
    My name is Amelia and I’m from the South-West of England, similar location to Maisie Williams and I’m seventeen years of age.
    I haven’t got much experience with acting, yet I believe the theatrical/Dramatic side of my personality and life comes quite naturally to me. I’d love for the opportunity to prove myself via an audition tape or some sorts, as words can’t frankly cut it.
    Any previous experience of acting at all? I’ve done several theatrical plays from the age of eleven to fifth-teen and have currently stopped due to educational studies of English; which I can say has helped my confidence in performances.
    -Green eyes
    -Brunette, long, curly.
    -Hour-glass figure(Currently in the process of losing weight)
    -12-14 UK size.
    – 17, 18 in September

  54. bethan garlick

    Hello! I think I’d be good for a role as I’ve watched all the current series and am up to date with the show. I am a massive fan of this series and would be honoured to be apart of this experience!
    I have a background of theatrical acting and have worked for the Everyman Theatre in the past as well as attending stage coach. I have also been a model for Great Universal Catalogues. I am currently a student studying photography and am sponsored by a number of companies including Spreepicky, Uniqso and more.
    -I have pink hair so would fit into the uniqueness of this movie and would help to make it stand out to its full potential.
    -I am 5’5
    -Naturally Blonde
    -Blue Eyes
    -Slim clothing around size 10-12 UK
    -My website
    -Instagram: bethysaysrawwr
    – Age 17, 18 in August.
    – From South West England.
    Thank you very much and hope you have a nice day! xo

  55. Caoimhe Murphy

    Dear Game Of Thrones casting directors,
    I am currently living in Ireland. I am fourteen years old and am part of Young Irish Filmmakers. As part of filmmakers I have experienced acting and camera work. I have previous acting experience in past movies and plays. I teach myself acting at home and also plan on taking lessons at the Gaiety School of Acting and may even go into acting for third level education. I love acting especially fantasy and past peices.
    I have seen every episode up to date and am reading the series presently.
    I would love to have an opportunity to show my skills/talents to you.
    Thank you,

  56. Ralf Zillmann


    My name is Ralf Zillmann, I’m an actor from Germany and it would be great to join the cast. I share the same accent with Tom Wlaschiha (Jaqen H’ghar) and Sibel Kekilli (Shae), so I think I could play a character with a “Lorathi-background”, perhaps a sellsword in the next seasons during the “Essos-Daenerys”-storyarc or later.

    You can find my website here:

    My Spotlight-sedcard can be found under this link:

    My showreel, in german, is here:

    Other examples are in “Clips & Trailer” on my website.

    Kind regards


  57. Femke


    i have been watching the series for years now, and i love the sensation. if you are watching it can control your feelings, and mind. when a episode ends i am always hoping the week ends fast.

    i would be so happy to be part of something so amazing. a serie that i have been watching for years. even a gast role would be so freaking awsome! not a great actor but i will put my soul and heart into it. also love the variety in languages.

    my sincerly greetings

    femke smink
    from the netherlands
    19 years old
    diehard got fan

  58. Erik Parszyk

    I’m from Sweden and i am 13 years old but looks like 14-17 (i dont Know i there would be a problem). I looks like a mixture of ned stark and the winter soldier. I think i would be great as someone in the north( like nightwatch). I have loved game of thrones for a long time and it is my Dream to act in it. My mom is an actor so i have little bit of experience of acting, and i can speak english pretty good

  59. Ben McAdam


    I am a talented actor with a range different to the ordinary. I like to express character emotions to the maximum in order to gain valuable buy-in from the viewer.

    At audition, I could display my unique acting talent which will not only interest, but intrigue you. I feel I am suited to the GoT characters as I often use scenes from the show to improve my acting ability.

    Contact me if I interest you.

    Always love,

    Ben McAdam

  60. Amber Hampton

    Hi! My name is Amber and I would like to audition for ANY role available in GAme Of Thrones. What I love about this show is the endless depth, strength, and strong will to survive of each character. The show is raw, edgy, intriguing, and keeps you guessing to the end, not unlike myself.

    I Would be an awesome asset to this show! I have passion, though my experience is not extensive I seek to gain experience and perfect my craft. I am so excited to experience film acting and given the opportunity, I will prove myself worthy of every experience and lesson provided!

    I am not afraid of rejection or failure, the only failure is when you don’t try again. I act, I sing, and I dance with all of the uninhibited emotion and passion I posess, let me show you what I can do!

    Thank you,
    Amber Hampton

  61. Kim-Nadine Husse

    Hello, my name is Kim, i am a 24 years old girl and living in northern Germany. I actually do not have any experience in acting, i just played a little role in a theather play back when i was an elementary kid.
    Since i was a kid, i was into writing and drawing, so i always created different characters and tried to give them depth. I am quite used to “think” as a different person, which is alot of fun.
    I have green eyes and dyed my hair ginger for the past 5 years. I am chubby, but still got nice curves and have lighter skin.
    I fell in love with the world of GoT after starting to read the books and watching the show. I am loving mostly all of the characters, because some are so unique and well described in the books, even the “evil” ones.
    I hope my submit is counting, even without having experience in acting. It would be like a dream, being a part, even the tiniest, in this unique universe of GoT.
    Thank you alot for taking your time to read my entry!

  62. James Yonker

    I would be a great canidate to audition becuase I look almost identical Petyr Baelish. If you do a side by side of our pictures it’s almost like I am younger version of him. I am 26 so I could either be a stunt double for him or would be a perfect flashback to when he was he younger.

  63. Louis

    I live in the UK. I’m 30 years old. South African born, so have a bit of an accent. Lived in the UK for 11 years. Looking at me, I can pass for a Mexican, Italian, Turkish or eastern European, with dark hair and dark eyes. (I’m a white South African with Hungarian and Scottish ancestors) Good with languages. Not fat, quite tall. I could be the perfect candidate. Easy going and quick to learn the ropes.

    Arrange a quick meeting and you decide.

  64. Jonathan Chatters


    I am Jonathan (or Jon). I am 21 years old and from York, UK.

    I have always loved the idea of participating in a series as an actor. I used to act in all my school plays (including a stage production of Les Miserables) but since leaving school I have not had much chance to act.

    I am a generally cheerful person but have acted the villain several times in short sketches filmed with friends.

    I must admit I came late into the series and only started watching when season 3 has started to be aired. But since then I have fallen in love with the show. The medieval period is one of my favourite (one of the reasons I moved to York was because of the history aspect).

    An opportunity to take part in something like this is a once in a lifetime experience and one I would be honoured to have.

  65. Ambre Laurier

    I am french I am 16 years old, I wanna watch thefilming of a scene if possible. I wanna be an actress but i’m still too young for the moment . So now a just want observe. Thank you

  66. Gavin Doughty

    To whom it may concern,
    My name is Gavin, 33 years of age from the united kingdom. I have achieved a great deal in my short life with cancer and service in the british forces. I am a complete and utter amateur when It comes to acting. But I am a fresh face, a unknown like many that have been cast before within the game of thrones series. I have the drive, ambition and commitment to start a new life with the game of thrones. I work incredibly hard anf everything I do and that is the reason for my survival. I know that I most likely stand a cat in hells chance but if you dont ask, you dont get. If you feel like giving a guy a chance that send me an email at the address attached. If not then good luck with the production of another great series of game of thrones and I look forward to seeing it on realise.

    Yours truly


  67. Beti

    hej there!

    We are a family of three – me, my husband and our little daughter. We would love to join as a background characters! Our daughter is only 3 but she loves to act and dress up, she is not afraid of anything and she enjoys when there is a lot of people around her. However, she can also scream out loud :)

    I am 27 years old, 180 cm tall, thin, long, dark curly hair, dark eyes. My husband is 192cm tall, normal posture, dark hair, blue eyes. Our little girl is blond, blue eys, maybe a but thin.

    We live in Denmark but we are willing to relocate. We love the books and the serial. If you are interested in the family of three, feel free to contact us, we would be thrilled to join!

  68. Fee

    I’m Fee, 21 years old tall, brunette/blonde, outgoing and enthusiastic.
    At 19 I packed my suitcase and got a one-way ticket to England to start a new chapter of my life here. And while that might have not always been easy I have enjoyed every minute of it so far!

    I love being active, working out and dancing.
    I have been doing ballet for 10 years at the John Neumeier ballet school in Hamburg which has taught me an awful lot more than just dancing and acting.

    I am quite prone to becoming addicted to series one of them being Game of Thrones to the extent that the pyjamas stayed on for a Sunday and a whole season was being watched.
    I find that the unpredictable storyline and characters are what make it a truly amazing book and series.
    The era similar to Game of Thrones’ setting always intrigued me and playing a role in this series seems like a great chance to experience what life must have been like.

    I have always been passionate about acting and would love to make it a career – what better way to start than with a series you are truly passionate about!
    I am confident that I would be a great addition to the existing cast – I have got what it takes, fit in the series and am not shy to put all the work in!

  69. Stephanie Malmgren

    Valar morghulis!

    I started watching the show, went on to the books, and now I’m a full out geek. I’m 20 years old, with dark brown hair and dark blue eyes, and a short and curvy figure. I’m from Sweden so I am very used to the North. The Starks are obviously my favorite house. I can’t really express how much it would mean to be a part of the show, I don’t care how small of an extra I would be, as long as it’s something. I am an actress and a singer, and I have ridden for many years, so I have a good hand with horses. I am also a longbow archer. Basically, I would probably do well in Westeros already. I studied at an International Baccalaureate school, so my English is practically at a native language level. I have a very quick learning ability, which allows me to pick up and speak with different accents. I am currently a student, and recently finished an acting course. Being a student in Sweden does not deter me from traveling to sets.

    If I sound the least bit interesting for anything on the show really, please do contact me! I won’t disappoint.

    Thanks beforehand!

    Kind regards,

  70. Joseph Brennan

    Hi, If there are any parts just to be an extra in a battle scene, that would be awesome! Personally, I’m from the North west and look close enough to what may be found from lads of Winterfell! Not expecting any payment, it would just be a cool opportunity that I would take seriously as I love the show and it would support my interest in film, TV, and media which I’m currently studying at undergrad. As well as obviously being a great opportunity

    White, 6ft, athletic, dark brown hair (pretty much a Stark)
    Surprise me !

  71. Joe

    I look like i am from medievil times, bar the adidas trainers

  72. David Patterson

    Hello World of Ice and Fire! I have acted as a lead role in many plays including The Jungle book, A spinoff of snow white, the pied piper, and giligans island. I can guarantee that I know the ins and outs of ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ as well as Game of Thrones almost as much as George R R Martin himself! I could play any character aside from maybe Tyrion Lannister because I am not in fact height challenged. I keep up with the show and books, and I have watched every youtube video and interview out there. The cast looks amazing to work with, and it would be an absolute dream come true to be a part of the Game of Thrones world! My appearance: 18 year old male with dirty blonde/brown hair, 6 foot tall, green eyes, slim & athletic, slightly tan Caucasian. I would really love an opportunity to audition for a main role in the coming season! I believe could truly wow everyone with my personality and acting! Thank you

  73. carrie simmonds

    Hi I’m 35yrs young, I can’t begin to tell you how much of a honour it would be to be part of GOT, I have no acting experience but learn very quickl, I belive anything is possible all we need to do is fight for it x

  74. Nik Pavlov

    Well guys… i’m not an actor but i might know play/act , that everyone can…
    to cut a long story and do not bother mutch… if you are looking for an ugly,irritating and obtuse 27 yr old guy with strange english accent (Balcan-Europe) maybe i’m the right for you…bla,bla,bla,bla,bla.
    Premiere of the new season comes out on my birthday-certainly thank you for that.
    Wish you all the best.

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