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  1. Tassos Sotirakis

    My name is Tassos Sotirakis, i am from Athens, Greece.

    Gender: Male Hight: 1.82 cm
    Weight: 82 Kg
    Age: 34
    Hair type: Long curly, Dark Brown
    Eye Colour: Dark Brown
    Body Type: Normal

    I started watching the series because i was intrigued by the story and quickly became a fun because of the great attention that was given to the psychological and acting profiles of the roles. Roles that can easily be compared with characters from Ancient Greek Tragedy. The series without doubt could be a theatrical play. The reason i want to be part of the GoT family is because i strongly believe it would be a challenge for an actor to participate in such a high demanding project.

  2. Brandon Lino

    I was drawn into Game of Thrones by a friend of mine, almost a year ago. I absolutely loved it and I cannot wait for season 5. It would be amazing for me if I could be in it. People have tried pulling me into acting for a while but I’ve never had the time. Recently I tried to get myself into acting and played the lead role in my school’s musical and I was invited to an acting academy. I am 14 and I am taking my GCSE drama a year early. I am Dutch/Bolivian but live in England therefore I speak English, Dutch and Spanish. I am a national/international swimmer and I really enjoy drama. It would be so great if I could be considered for a casting call.

  3. Naomi Giess

    I think HBO has done great with Game Of Thrones and should be proud of the work they have done and are doing.

    I am 17 yrs old have, brown hair, 5 ft 7 , British , brown eyes , and love acting and would do well on set and being on the show.

  4. Adli Ymeri

    Hi,my name is Adi.
    Height:184 cm
    Hair colour: Black
    Eye colour: Hazel

    For more information about my look I will send you a fucking photo :D

    I have recently seen GOT but I’m in love with it.Watched all seasons in 2 days.Fantastic!!!
    I have become a fun in all blogs of GOT,all facebook groups,pages…I make jokes to my friends based on GOT,talk like that,behave like that.It is ruinig my life :D I just love medieval life.
    You can just put me as some butcher,somewhere,anywhere,I’ll play that role so good to be called in Hollywood.I am not going to tell you here that I’m just some talented,poor boy,from some unknown city at the edge of the world,waiting for some luck to fall from the sky,who wants to be famous…because that’s obvious.I am just telling you that I have three names to offer to the Red God,so please take my advice and choose wisely,that’s all ;) :D

  5. Nicole Staub

    My Name is Nicole and I live in Switzerland. I’m 165cm high and my weight is 56 kg.
    Well first, I love Game f Thrones and the actors in the show.
    I always replaying them and try to act like them. So that’s the
    first reason and the second reason is that I’m a passionate actress, at the moment I
    play theatre in the same theatre where Christoph Walz played. So that would be an opportunity of my life – to take a step as an actress in GoT!

    I would be so happy to here from you and have the chance to send you a video of me!


  6. Demo Isto


    I’m 24 years old, 1,83m and 80 kg.

    Origin: Balkan (been several times in Croatia) but I live in Belgium

    Hair: strong, black hair

    eyes: brown

    Muscular body

    This is definitely one of the chances in life I would not want to miss on. I would seize any chance i would be given to play in this amazing world.

  7. Victoria

    I’m a 22 year old girl from a small island – Malta. I’m 5ft 4, brown natural hair, fair skinned and blue eyes.

    I’ve been acting for 4 years and have been chosen as one of the main actors for 2 local Maltese dramas.

    It would be a dream come true if I get chosen for such an amazing series like Game of thrones!
    Please get back to me if you need any photos or video clips! :)

  8. Luke Muscat

    My name is Luke, I’m from Malta and love Game of thrones. I think getting to meet the already existing actors would be amazing, and would also love to be part of the best television series I’ve ever watched.

    Name: Luke
    Gender: male
    Age: 24
    heightt: 5ft 11
    Hair: Light brown
    eyes: hazel
    build: athletic

    Please consider me

  9. jyo

    Hello, my name is Jyo and I live in India, my friend showed me first episode of GOT in july2014 i love the theme of this series so much as from childhood i love stories of kings,castle,imagining putting myself like this character,dragons :).I finished with all 4 season in 4 days and excited for coming season 5.But few days ago a thought came in my mind can i be also go to GOT so now i browsed and come to this site :).I will be so happy if you give just one chance or just go through my pictures ,because getup of character in GOT are so different and i think you can make interesting character of me in GOT just for once check over me.
    tell where to mail picture and i”ll mail.(20,male,5”10,fair,lean body) ,

  10. timmy

    20 years old
    skin- fair
    Body- atheletic,4pack abs
    Hair-Long black color

  11. Christoph Köhn

    I am a 25 year old male and incredibly fascinated by the series and the books.
    My height is 6’5”, about 93 kg, slim with a tendency to well-trained and my hair color is a dark blonde. I would judge my jawline as distinctive and my nose as straight but a bit prominent.
    My fascination for nobility came from my grandmother, who wrote books about regional nobility and had me spending much of my childhood on a castle.
    I hope I could be of use for the series.

    Christoph Köhn

  12. Alexander Jagt

    my name is alex i am a huge fan of game of family has taken care of me for years and its time i gave back to them what they gave me i also want my little brother to see me on the tv so i can tell him iv had epic adventures. i want to be part of this show more then anything . im 21 year old, 5’5 , dark brown hair, and i weigh 135. i am a good actor, i was one of the best in my high school. im also a good looking guy ( i look alot like harry potter not to a tee but close enough) and easy to work with. my dream has always been for me to become a actor and i am will to do anything to get a chance to be in this show. Winter is coming and you’ll all the men you can get. .

  13. Alexander Jagt

    My name is Alex and i am 21 years old. I am a fan of the show and have watched all the episodes. I NEED to be in this show i dont have a choice my family has taken care of me for years and i want to give back to them for what they given me. im a good actor i was one of the best in my drama class back in high school. im also good looking and hard working. i will be willing to do anything to get a chance to be on the show. thank you and i will see you at the auditions.

  14. Chris Nicholls

    Quite simply because I had the rotten luck of being born in the wrong era. I should of been born back when the axe was the tradesmans tool of choice. Im an intelligent 30 year old man whos stature and presence would be better suited to a battlefield or an arena as apposed to a rugby pitch or a nightclub door. I’m a huge fan of GOT and would love the oportunity to bring some strong emotion and manly presence to any suitable role that is available.
    I stand at 5ft 10, 17.5 stone, naturaly well built with Red hair and ruggedly Good looking from bristol, South west England. I am a Qualified electrician, but adverse in many trades. Black belt in martial arts. Also have a hobby in prosthetic masks and make up.
    I would love the oportunity to become part of the GOT family.
    Kind regards

  15. Onyx Kuthuru

    My name is Onyx, to start off, more than watching a movie for the storyline or the plot I tend to notice the he way that films are made. I am throughly interested in the performance of an individual and how the role that is carried out from who they really are. It is quite interesting to see their perspective on how the character is portrayed. This concept has always Intrigued me and it has attracted me to try my luck. Additionally, I find myself trying to reenact a few lines from any given movie and try to cast myself to see how I would act in that situation for practice. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to perform on stage for a few shows for my intercultural club at PennState university as a lead performer. Based on the reviews, appreciation, applause and cheers of the audience, I believed I was able to convince the audience the character that I was playing. People describe me to be charismatic, charming, dramatic and creative in my opinion I believe a good actor needs to possess these qualities.
    I am 5’11, weigh 170 lbs, have black hair, brown eyes, indian decent and I have an athletic built body. I am multilingual and can speak and understand 4 languages.

  16. Valentina

    I think that it would be great if I get an audition in this HBO project because we always need more girls kickers and well…judging by the previous seasons and David Benioff , D. B. Weiss and Georgea R. R. Martin I probably will not live long so, why not live short but sweet?! :)

  17. Briana

    I should be considered to audition for Game of Thrones because I want to contribute for my family who had been there for me since I was born. I need the money to benefit my family and myself that I want to help my family for everything they had done for me. I love Game of Thrones very much and I’ll do my best to work as a great actress who will be supportive to others. I am 17 going to be 18 next year on April 16th. I go to a private school for special needs due to I have a disorder called asperberger syndrome and ADHD. I love acting a lot. I always want to be part of a tv series especially when my favorite show is on. I may not be the best at explaining myself but I would like to join the show please .

  18. Alejandro Socorro

    My name Alejandro Socorro. I am a big fan of Game of Thrones and would love the chance to be on the set of this wonderful show.

    Weight: 162 lbs
    Height: 5′ 9
    Race: Hispanic
    Hair color: Chocolate brown
    Eye color: Hazel
    Skin tone: Olive

  19. Dallas Morris

    The reason I like this HBO project so much is because of all the effort that is put into it. From the costumes to the location, hard work is put into everything and I think that is why it is so great and wonderful to watch. The actors are amazing. They make the show so fun and enjoyable to watch because it brings you to another world. Isaac Hempstead-Wright, I think is such an amazing actor as well as Maisie Williams!

    I am one of thousands of people who have signed up here wth a drama passionate heart. I don’t even know if I am the kind of person you are searching for to be a character on this amazing show. I can’t say for sure that I am the look you are after, the age, ethnicity, etc. But there is one thing I can promise you. My commitment. It has always been my dream to be an actress. In my lifetime (admittedly short) I have been in a number of musicals, plays, drama classes and clubs. Also, I am in the midst of shooting a short film. But my town is an industrial one and alas has not a single acting class, or theater that I can sign up for. All I have are my high school drama classes, clubs and the internet to teach me. So I long for a way to get out of here and into the place I know I should be. So, if there is any chance at all that I could be on the most majestic show ever then please email me.
    Age: 15
    Eye Color: blue-grey with gold specs.
    Hair Color: Red-Auburn. Very long.Very thick. Two Inches above waist line.
    Country: Canada
    Height: 5’3
    Skills: Acting, Archery, Karate, Climbing, Jumping, Sports, Singing, Directing, Writing, Good in School, Reading,
    I would be deeply honored to be considered!
    Thank you!

  20. Harry Ashton

    My name is Harry Ashton and I am a great fan of Game of Thrones I adore the show and would love to be featured even as a simple extra doing the most random thing. I am 13 years old and already make videos for youtube with my friends so I guess I have a minuscule amount of talent. I am around 5 foot 4 and love fantasy themes and things like game of thrones I would love to be on game of thrones as it would be good on my cv for the future as I may try acting. Being on game of thrones will bring excitement and I will be so impressed

  21. Indroneel Chatterjee

    Indroneel Chatterjee
    6’2 – athletic-muscular. Dusky skin. medium curly brown hair.
    I see myself perfectly blending into house Targaryen. I have only recently bagged the title of the face of Oxford fashion Week being the first male and the first Indian to get the title in its history which has elicited a lot of publication in the last few weeks.
    I have an understanding of film-making as I have been an assistant director before and have theater/stage experience as well.
    What I wish to bring with myself is a dynamic combination of personal traits/ looks and acting skills along with brains ( Currently a researcher in Neuroscience at Oxford ). I believe these qualities make me versatile, dynamic and fit for the TV series along with a good understanding of PR skills and the promise of capturing a huge and expanding number of Asian audience.
    For very real and unprocessed images of me you may visit my facebook profile .
    For more ( professional) pictures, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  22. Niall OKane

    Name : Niall OKane
    Age: 33
    Country: Ireland
    Height: 5,11″
    Build: Athletic

    To be honest I have never acted professionally before. It has always something I have wanted to put my talents to but never had the opportunity or the chance. Recently I have decided that this path that I always wanted to go down was put off for too long and decided to take the braver route. I have always been involved in film and arts starting of my education from media studies through to studying film in queens university Belfast. Most of my back ground of course has been behind the camera but my studies behind it and my direction with actors and study of film has given me the courage, belief and knowledge that I can be as passionate and successful in front of camera too. I am from Rostrevor and the Newry and Mourne area where game of thrones is shot in Ireland. I know the terrain and am physical and up to any challenges put to me. I am knowledgable on all Game of thrones Trivia being a fan of the books and show and know its world and characters very well. I look forward to getting the chance and the start in acting and hope Game of Thrones and HBO will give a hopeful up starter that chance too.

  23. Nicole Perkins

    hey! :)
    im 19 years old, have brown hair, pale skin, blue eyes and only 5ft4
    i weight 8 stone and currently doing musical theatre at college

  24. Arven Dobay

    I am not going to state the obvious. There are here more than two thousands persons willing to do everything to get a part on this show, a unique opportunity.
    I am a young, drama passionate girl, and I, as well as countless others girls would like to be a part of this incredible show. But why choose me? I don’t know what you are searching for, but I know what I have to offer: a total, absolute commitment, with all my heart and soul. Acting is magic, and it feels like home. You may want people that will really add something to this world, even if it’s not an important part: the little details contribute to the perfection of your show.
    NAME: Arven Dobay
    Height: 163 cm
    Build: curvy but slim
    Hair: copper, long, wavy
    Eyes: blue
    Ethnicity: white
    Languages (fluent): English, French, Italian
    Accents: Continental, French
    Skills: Full driving license, Snorkeling, Volleyball, Swimming (Butterfly, Diving, Back Stroke, Freestyle), Cycling (Mountain biking, Flatland, Road biking), Archery basic level.
    Miscellaneous skills: Whistler, Advanced cooking and baking, Good with animals, Work well with children.

  25. Laëtitia Hilaire

    Hello, my name is Laëtitia Hilaire

    Age : 19
    Nationality : French
    Origin : France and Ivory Coast
    Height : 166cm
    Hair : Brown
    Eyes : Brown

    I would like to audition because first of all I am a big fan of Game of Thrones. And since I am 14, I want to be an actress so I went to a high school with drama classes that I took for three years. Now I study drama at University in France. I want to be in the show because the actors inspired me and i think it will give me a good opportunity for my career.

  26. Eleonora Svanström

    (Please publish this comment instead, as I fear that I might have written a wrong email address on the last one)
    13 year old girl from Stockholm, Sweden.
    Brown, curly hair and blue/grey eyes.
    Curvy but slim and quite tall for my age (171 cm/5’7), making me look a few years older than I really am.
    Fluent in English and even though my natural accent is Scandinavian, I wouldn’t have any problem with learning to speak in a different accent.

    I have been acting since I was very young and I’m currently studying drama, music, dance and arts on a private school in Stockholm. Both my parents work at the royal Swedish opera house, which was where I first came in contact with acting and music. I have played the cello and the piano since I was five years old and sung since I was even younger.

    This is a great opportunity. I believe that it would be an amazing experience and that I would learn much from it. I love the books and the show: George R R Martin is a master at describing characters and making them feel alive and deep, and the TV show is just beautifully shot and extremely well written. I would be very grateful and happy if I got to be in this show – no matter the role.

    Thank you for reading this,
    Eleonora Svanström

  27. Charlotte Worrall

    Hi, my name is Charlotte
    I’m 20 years old
    Long red hair
    5ft 3
    British – English
    Blue eyes

    I’m not going to try and beg for the role. I love the show and wish I had read the books before hand! I’ve always had a passion for acting; I used to be shy and bullied, but when I joined my local drama youth theatre I found my confidence grew, and since I have loved acting and the whole atmosphere of it. I regret I didn’t choose to study drama/theatre studies at University now as I find myself dreaming of a chance of a career in television.
    Game of thrones is an exciting programme which never fails to shock/impress/turn the audience into emotional sobs. Even if this is fake or whatever, I am counting down the days until it is back on tv.

  28. Alix Boyes

    Name: Alix Boyes
    Age: 18
    Hair colour/length: Brown/long
    Eye colour: grey
    Build: petite/ slim and athletic

    I would love to have an opportunity to audition for the show as I am a fan of both the books and the TV series. I feel as though I am suited for the series due to my native accent being northern, as I am from Leeds, UK. I have had a lot of acting training as I go to SLP performing arts college, where I practise different methods of acting. I also feel that I am a natural actress with realistic yet creative ideas to explore text with. I can adapt quickly to characters, and given circumstances that they may have. I am also a dancer, therefore have a petite athletic figure, suitable fo most of the characters on the show. Iloilo love to have an opportunity to audition for the show. Please email for headshots if needed. Thank you and hope to hear from you.

  29. Kate Dempsey

    Hello, my names Kate Dempsey.
    I’m 17 years old and from Ireland. I’m a huge fan of game of thrones from reading the books as well as enjoying the series. I adore acting and have experience of being on set from different jobs I had as an extra in the past as well as acting schools. It would be relatively easy for me to travel to Northern Ireland or England for the show and I’d love to be a part of it, whether it was as an extra or to suit any roles you may need to fill..

    I genuinely live the way the show is done and would love to experience being a part of such a successful production as some day I’d love to be an actress or director. Please get in touch if you feel you have any roles I may suit or even if you’d like some more extras! I’m close to the sets, have experience and am would be really eager to preform well!

    Thanks,Kate :)
    Age: 17
    Height: 5ft 2
    Hair colour : dark brown
    Eyes: blue

  30. Dahlia Jackson

    My name is Dahlia Jackson I’m 17 ( Feb 12th)

    Black and Indian
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Hair: Dark brown
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 160 Ibs

    I’m from American, I speak english and am very good at accents, if given one. I would truly love to be apart of Game of Thrones. I will surely get on a plane in a heartbeat. Honestly I don’t know what to say to be picked to be apart of something so great like this but if I am it would be so amazing. I’ve always been in love with the 14th, 15th, 16th century time periods with the things they wear and how they act, I admire it so much. If given the chance to be apart of it, I’d be so very happy. I do have experience in acting but as big as this, no and to get the opportunity would be great.

  31. kennig aly

    I’m a big fan of the show and I think that I’d be thrilled to have the opportunity to be part of something that is bigger that myself.

  32. Vanessa Troch

    Hi, my name is Vanessa Troch and I am 15 years old. I am from Vienna (Austria) but I am very flexible and it would not be any problem for me to come to the set in Ireland or England. I speak English fluently. I am also an extra, so I have a bit experience. I also act often to become better. I have long brown hair and brown eyes. I am 1m 65 cm tall and my weight is 55 kilo. I think I fit perfectly into Game of Thrones, because I think I have the right style for this type of serie. I love Game of Thrones and I would be really happy and thankful if there would be a role for me in one of the next seasons. If you want some pictures or more informations about me, please write me an email to <hidden from public>
    I am looking forward to hear from you
    Vanessa Troch

  33. Noga Katz

    My name is Noga Katz.
    I am 18.5 years old
    Half Polish Half british.
    I currently live in Israel, But in three/four months I’m leaving to London.
    I know both english and hebrew.
    I am singed in one of the biggest acting agencies in israel, and got to play in two short films.
    (Almost got to play a main roll on a new TV show when I was 17, but at the end I didn’t get the part because of my age.)
    172 cm, 56 kg
    long dark brown hair, though I will cut it soon so I can go back to my natural color- Light brown.
    Blue eyes.
    I am a BIG fan of the show and the books.
    I can not think of anything else I’d wanna do in life, besides acting, so being a part of this genius work of art would truely mean everything to me.

    That is all, hoping very very much to hear from you.

  34. Conor Threadgall

    My name is Conor Threadgall. I am currently studying Level 3 Btec performing arts at college and completed a level 2 and 3 Btec music course. I have had experience performing and acting on stage and infront of audiences. I am confident and can work quickly and spontaneously.
    I absolutely love the Game of thrones series and have been a big fan since it first came to England. I have my favourite characters and episodes of course but I can not think of a single thing I don’t like about the program, I can’t wait for the new season!
    It would be an absolute dream to even have a small part in the series.
    Please if you are interested feel free to email me and I can give more information if needed.

    North East England
    I am 22 years old (April 11th)
    Voice – Deep. Bass/tenor
    Hair – Brown
    Eyes – Hazel
    Height – 6ft 3
    Weight – 90 kg
    Build – Normal, broad,

    Thankyou for you consideration
    Conor Threadgall

  35. George Fuller

    Hello, my name is George and i am 15 years old. I am a huge fan of the series, and to be a part of it would be life changing. Im going to be honest and admit that i have very little acting experience, but the world of westeros really interests me. I do admit that i have never been part of any major productions, but i believe that if i am given this chance then i will be able to start my acting career then and there. I will be able to show you what i am capable of, and will be able to prove my capabilities on the game of thrones set. I thank you for taking time to read my comment, and hope you get back to me.
    (This is some basic information about me)
    Full name: George Charles Fuller
    Age: 15
    Hair colour: dark brown
    Eye colour: green
    Build: ectomorph
    Height: 5,7

  36. Izania Abbott

    Its Game of Thrones!! :D I’m obsessed with this amazing series and would love to be a part of the up coming project!

  37. Jasmine Clark

    Hi I’m Jasmine, I’m 19 years old, English, brown hair, blue eyes with a ilm figure. I would love to be a part of game of thrones as I enjoy the programme and would love to be involved. I view myself as a good actor and would love the opportunity to a be a part of a fantastic tv show.

  38. Feyza Erdem

    I’m a huge fan of GOT and it would be great to be a part of the cast even of its a small role it would be great. Acting is like my dream and it would be great if you let this dream come true. I’ve got a little bit acting experience. I though a lot about this and I’m quiet sure that I want to do this .

    For more information just send a E-mail

  39. Jacqueline Venturin

    I am Scottish and have the look of someone for a part in GOT. I have long dark hair and dark eyes, celtic looking, I am slim and have an athletic figure. I have a passion for acting and would be honoured to have a role in GOT as the storyline is brilliant! I would definitely bring an interesting character to the screen as I have prominent features and a good voice.

  40. Lina

    My name is Lina and i’m 16 years old, but look a few years older. I’m from southern Sweden and a theater major in school. I have dark blond short hair and green eyes. My height is 178cm and curvy/slim built. I can speak english fluently and i speak with an american accent but i can also do a British accent.
    like everyone here i would love to be a part of game of thrones. It’s an amazing show and that i’m the biggest fan of. It would be a once in a lifetime opportunity of course. I have loved every episode of game of thrones and have watched all seasons.
    thank you for reading :)

  41. Rosa van der Schoor

    Hi! My name is Rosa, I am 15 years old, from Holland, and I love to act! Game of thrones is one of the best series I know, and there are several actors who are from Holland, so I thought there may be room for one more. I don’t know if you’re even going to read this, but I really hope so.
    At school I take a course called Cambridge English to improve my English, and I get really good grades. I also watch a lot of series and my English is already really good hahaha.

    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Hair: Blonde, curly
    Eyes: Blue, sometimes they look a bit green
    skin: white
    height: 1.69 m./ 5′ 6 feet
    weight: 58 kg.
    body: average, skinny with curves

    I took acting lessons for a view years, and at school I am in drama class. All I hope for is that you will give me this opportunity.

    Thank you!

  42. Laura Doherty

    Name: Laura Doherty
    Gender: female
    Age:14 yrs, 7 months
    Height: 5ft 2
    Hair: Light brown/dark blonde
    eyes: dark brown
    build: thin
    Skin: sallow
    Lives:in Ireland

    I’m Laura, and Iv’e been trained in acting since I was 8 years old. Got to grade 6 in acting skills,Grade 5 in speech and drama and grade 6 in public speaking. Have experience preforming and being recorded on camera.
    I’m a very committed person and achieves high goals.
    I have recently started watching and reading this series and I absolutely love it.
    It has been my dream to play a role in something like this and would highly appreciate if you would consider me .
    I understand the hard work and commitment of the actors and am willing to put 100% dedication if I was considered.
    Please contact me on my email if you have any questions or want to contact me further.

  43. Kaja

    Very good English with UK accent
    170 cm
    60 kg
    Born 1997
    Nordic features

    Drama as a hobby. I am very passionate about film and storytelling in general. Being part of the most epic fantasy series of our time, it would be a dream come true, beyond anything I could imagine. I hope to hear from you.

  44. Rupert

    English from Devon
    185cm (6’1″)
    Modeling currently
    White skin, short brown hair, Turquoise eyes, athletic build, incredible singing voice. I consider myself the best of actors, with your help I am sure I could and would contribute to the impeccable prestige of Game of Thrones.
    Cheers for reading.

  45. Melina - Ariadne Chromecek


    My name is Melina – Ariadne Chromecek, I’m a 25 year’s old professioanl actress. Graduated from the Univercity of Performing Arts in Graz, Austria. I have worked in the state theater of Austria in Vienna and in Graz. I have never staged in a film but that is only because i never had the chance before. I’m a fan of the series and loved to be cocidered for any part! I am half Greek half Austrian speak 4 languages (greek, german, english, french) if you want my vita and resume please contact me via e-mail i would be thrilled to share it with you.

    Hair : Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Weight: 43 kg
    Height: 1,59 m
    Skinn: pale white
    Figure: Athletic slimm.

    Kind Regards

    Melina – Ariadne Chromecek

  46. Telma Rocha

    I am 37 year old repertoire/Total Theatre(Steven Berkoff’s Genre) and Ensemble stage actor,with 17 years experience in performing arts.
    I work well within a team or solo and used to be part of a middle ages,(fair), reenactment troop.
    I have very long dark brown air, Olive skin and a curvy but slender body type.
    Game of Thrones is a fantastic and well accomplish narrative, that will be a complete cult classic in 50 years time. I would love to have the opportunity to be a little small thread of this great tapestry -The Game of Life- shows more of the real world around us then we care to think!

  47. Rebecca de Little

    I am a huge fan of both the books and TV series, and would love to be a part of it.
    I am 17 years old (born May 1997), very fair skinned with long, dark brown hair and dark green eyes. I am a British citizen, slim with curves, 5 ft 2″ and am very passionate about acting. Feel free to email me for any more details or headshots :)

  48. Emil Hermanssone

    Because I’m gonna nail it!

  49. Kirsty Javins

    18 years old.
    Ginger hair.
    Blue eyes.
    British citizen.
    White skinned.
    I have been performing since the age of 8 and have developed a passion for the art over the years. I have trained in acting and dancing at college, and have developed an interest in film and TV. A lot of people have suggested I try out for film and TV, so I thought I would give it a try, and seeing as I am a big fan of Game of Thrones I thought this would be perfect.
    This would be an incredible opportunity, and a great way to kick off my potential film and TV career. Whether the role was big or small, I would put 110% into it and it would be a great honour to be part of this incredible show.

  50. Melissa Bigall-Shier

    I forgot to mention, I’m 20 years old.
    If you want pictures, e-mail me!

  51. Melissa Bigall-Shier

    To describe my appearance, which I left out,
    Height: 5″ 4′
    Weight: 145
    Hair: Red
    Eyes: Hazel

    I can act extremely well. I’ve been doing it my whole life.
    I’ve never acted for a movie or show because I didn’t want to pick the wrong one.
    This could definitely not be the wrong choice.

  52. Melissa Bigall-Shier

    When I saw that this was posted recently, it brought tears to my eyes.
    My memory is FLAWLESS if I am focused, and this is exactly what I want to focus on.

    I discovered Game of Thrones a few months ago, and it has been the first show to inspire me in such a long time.

    Now that the idea has crossed my mind, all I can think about is how spectacularly amazing it would be to wake up to a day that I was going to be on the set of Game of Thrones.

    I would be deeply honoured to be considered.
    Thank you,


  53. Tiziano Serlonghi

    Hello, i’m an Italian man, 25 years old.
    178cm (5’10 ft), 70kg (154lb). White skin, black hair and brown eyes.
    I’m attending a course of archery, I can play guitar and other instruments and I practise capoeira.
    I love medieval ages and fantasy books, that’s why I’ve read all the books of GOT and followed tv series.
    This passion for medieval and fantasy is why I’d like to be part of these series. It’s my dream and I hope it will be true.
    Tiziano Serlonghi

  54. Rhap

    I wouldn’t say how amazing the experience would be, quite frankly it’s obvious. So let me give you a short version of who i am.
    – Trinidad black
    – Female, 26
    -Can be fitter, but with the right person to train my a** i will show great results
    – Weird education of tertiary studies” rock and business”
    – But the main reason i will be a good addition is simply; i don’t care much for the fame, in fact that isn’t my driving motivator. I just love how “GoT” gives such a slamming impact at ever showing. It’s simply powerful and i will like to be a part of it.
    – don’t have a “lick” of experience acting, well maybe some high school plays. But i am driven as a “dog with a bone” i will crunch the knowledge in until it becomes second nature. Lol, believe me, i am 1000% serious.

  55. Heidi

    I would like to be a part of Game of Thrones because I’m a dreamer and I want to live these dream.

  56. Demi

    Hi my names Demi, I’m 16 years old (May, 1998).
    I live in Surrey, England. I have brown long curly hair and hazel eyes.
    I would love to be involved In the game of thrones series as it is something I am passionate about and have enjoyed for a while after being recommended it to me by my brother who said I would love it. I love how the books have come alive onto screen and would adore to be apart of it. I can work well with others and on my own initiative, I can take direction well, which I believe will benefit me as an actress. I believe I will fit into Game Of Thrones well as I enjoy the series and the fantasy genre and he surrealism it gives. I also attend both stagecoach & ballet, I have also just passed my GCSE drama. I also use to do speech and drama with a partner in which we passed, with merit, up to our sliver improvisation medals and bronze scripted acting medals.
    My hobbies are, swimming,basic horse ridding, I also enjoy film editing and photography.
    I hope you consider me to be apart in this amazing series and hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you.

  57. Macy

    Macy Atkinson
    14 year old Australian female
    Light brown wavy hair
    Hazel eyes
    Around 166cm/ 5′ 5″
    Race: White/Fijian

    There’s really not much need to explain why I want to be a part of this epic show. But I will anyway. Game of Thrones is without a doubt, the best show ever. It ties so many different genres so well. Medieval settings are one of my personal favourites, and to be involved in such a show would be a dream come true. Speaking of dreams, acting has been my single biggest dream for the longest time. Being able to create and share stories with the world is definitely something I would love to do, and can see myself doing. While I have little acting experience, I am willing to work as hard as possible, and given the chance, I will not disappoint. I am very much willing to change my physical appearance to fit any role. I’ve come to admire the cast of this series, and the oppourtunity to do what they do, to get my name out there, and to improve my acting skills would be the most amazing privilege. I really hope you consider me!

    Thanks for your time,

  58. Jill Morgan

    I have been told I by many people that I should apply to be Catlyn Starks stand in as I look
    very similar! I have been doing background work for a few years and would love to opportunity
    to audition as a stand in! With thanks Jill

  59. Sasha Zayats

    Hello! My name is Sasha Zayats, and I’m 17 years old. Actually, I am from Ukraine, but there is no problem for me to get wherever it is needed. I have acting experience in Ukraine, and my English speaking skills are really not bed. I’ve been living in Canada for 6 months, so I had a lot of practice.
    My height is about 175, I have long black hair and black eyes. But it’s not a problem for me to change hairstyle or it’s colour. As far as I’m concerned, you should check my Instagram profile to see my appearance (@sashazayats).
    Moreover, I like horse riding and boxing:)
    The reason why I am writing here is to become a part of this amazing project.
    I am ready for everything to make my dream come true! Please just give me a chance. I am waiting for your answer!!!

  60. Dean

    Acting is the greatest form of escapism for me and with GOT holding such a rich diverse range of characters I would very much give all of my devotion in receiving a role on the show. I have had plenty of on set experience since 2010 whilst working as a runner for channel 4 and have sought to begin working in front of the camera rather than behind for a change. I reside in Torquay at the moment were opportunity is scarce thus I’m more so excited to see such an opening, my accent is similar to Ringo Starr which has held me back with roles in the past but I have learnt how to work upon changing it. 5’8 in height, slim built, shaggy brown hair & brown eyes for appearance details.

  61. Peter Blake

    18 year old, English male from the Scottish Borders, currently living in Belfast.
    Dark Blonde hair with brown eyes, 6 feet tall, fairly muscular build. Have been acting since I was little, though never much serious as I had little enough time for it when I was in school. Some experience in martial art of bo jutsu, and a very fast learner at anything. Excellent memory and ability to take on mindset of characters. Looking for a challenging opportunity.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

  62. Declan Wright

    I just love to act and have always wanted to appear in a fantasy film/series. Growing up I always wanted to be a character in the Lord of the rings trilogy and will always be disappointed that I never was, GOT is the only y he only fantasy epic that has really stood out and captivated me since the Lord of the rings, so it would literally be a dream come true to be a part of it

  63. Daffyd Stevens

    I’m new to The Game of Thrones but I’ve just finished power watching all 4 seasons in under a week. It truly is a work of Art! The series was so gripping that I spent sleepless nights watching it, and when one episode would finish I’d start the next as quickly as I could!
    I would love a chance to be on the show and I think doing so would be a great opportunity, especially being from Wales. I feel the acting scene is so underwhelming here and there isn’t a lot of chance for young people like myself to get in the world of acting!

    Thanks for reading!

  64. Jennifer Skinto

    This would be the chance of a lifetime and I’d love that chance to be for me!! I’m a big fan of the show and would love to interact any way that I could!!!
    I’m 27 years old, brunette, slender, and have a very positive and appreciative demeanor!!! I’m also bring a lot of energy!!!
    Thank you for the consideration!!!

  65. Jessica

    It’s Game of Thrones. Need I say more? The HBO series has brought to life a world of escapism that I fell in love with when reading the books from the word go. To be a part of the GoT ‘realm’ would be the opportunity of a lifetime for me. It’s something that I am hugely passionate about. I would most definitely put my all (plus a whole lot more) into any role I have the privilege of bringing to life. To challenge my acting skills in this way for such a prestigious storyline is something I relish!

  66. Ryan Smith

    Hello, I am a 24 year old male, with a hair cut similar to the other cast members, a few tattoos, I have a slim lean muscle figure and I have a look barbaric rough look about me, with a little bit of cheek… lol ;)

  67. Ella Greening

    Name: Ella Greening
    Height: 164cm (5’4)
    Build:curvy but slim
    Hair:dark blonde, waist length, wavy
    Eyes: grey blue
    Ethnicity:White British
    Nationality:English with Scottish and German ancestry
    Relevant abilities: horse riding, flute grade 3,

    I would love an opportunity to be part of the show ,its amazing and it would the experience of a lifetime to be involved in any part of the process.

    Ella Greening

  68. Callum Candy

    16 year old male from essex, england
    White skinned
    Well spoken
    Brown/dark brown hair
    Brown/green eyes
    I consider myself to be a naturally gifted actor being able to get into any role i can quick and easy, I have a good memory which would help me to learn lines quickly and easily. I think that I would be best suited as a character who is on the surface all happy and jolly but can have sudden out bursts of anger and is very dangerous to be around but I can do anything else this is just what I think is what I will do best. I think I would fit in well in the game of thrones world and I would fit in with everyone else as I can make friends with anyone very quickly and I am very comfortable around others and in front of a camera, I would also change anything about my personal appearance if need be as all I want to do I get into the acting world and to me this is the best way and most fun way to do so. if there is anything else you would like to know about me just contact me and I will be happy to let you know anything you would like.
    Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this.
    Callum Candy

  69. Emma Hunt

    I am a huge fan on the show and desperate to make a break in the acting industry. I have been training in drama and dance since the age of 3 and it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. I am a 20 year old female with a look I think would really suit game of thrones. I am very passionate and determined to succeed, please help me to achieve my dream.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Emma Clara Hunt

  70. georgia foley

    Love game and thrones and have loved all the books! I really have a passion for stories set in far away lands with Queens and Kings and mystical people and creatures so this just is right up my street and I would love to get into acting and love what I’m doing I would be so great fall to here back!

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