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  1. Neil Bose

    Hey Neil here, I think I’m a bit late and you might not even read my comment but I absolutely love Game of Thrones and it would be incredible to work in my favorite show.
    I’m 16 and I’m from India.
    Black hair, 5’7, and 50 kgs.
    I can pick up accents really fast.

    Well I hope you get to read this!

  2. Emily Sissons

    My name is Emily, I am 19 years old and live just outside London in the UK. I have been performing since I was four years old and attended my local Stagecoach until I was 17. I have GCSE and A-Level qualifications in Drama and Theatre Studies and have participated in L.A.M.D.A examinations in Acting from grade 2 – 8, all of which I passed, twice with merit and once with distinction.

    I have performed both to camera and live in my experiences, in leading and minor choral roles. These roles have included comedic and more serious characters, either of which I really enjoy and feel I can sink my teeth into well.

    Despite my multiple experiences in acting I do not yet feel that I have had the chance to fully explore my capabilities as an actor and an opportunity to work with amazingly talented and inspiring cast and crew of Game of Thrones to develop the skills I have and acquire more would be an honour.

    If any further information is needed I am more than happy to provide it via the email I have given and would be delighted to receive your reply.

    I hope to hear from you soon,

    Kind regards,
    Emily Sissons

  3. Megan McCabe

    Name: Megan McCabe
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Scottish
    Hair: Brown/Blonde
    Eyes: Grey-Blue
    Language: English
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    First and foremost I would like to say that I am of course a huge fan of the Game of Thrones series and to have the opportunity to possibly be a part of it is beyond my wildest dreams.

    From a very young age acting has been my biggest hobby and is what I have wanted to pursue as a career. For several years I was part of a theatre company which often performed in the Edinburgh fringe festival. With this group I have been involved in many productions such as the lead in Annie, Guys & Dolls and many more. I also received my school’s drama award in 5th year which helped greatly to boost my confidence in acting . As my experiences with acting so far have revolved mostly around theatre, to have the opportunity to widen that range to TV would be amazing. This is an opportunity like no other and I would greatly appreciate the chance to be involved in such an amazing series as Game of Thrones which to me is such an extraordinary series because of the storylines that so intricately relate with one another. To stand out against the many applicants is challenging, yet I believe my absolute devotion and determined attitude towards succeeding in a career of acting is what makes me stand out above all the rest.

    If you wish to contact me for any reason please do so through the email <hidden from public>.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Kindest regards,

  4. Guillaume Cadiot

    Name: Guillaume Cadiot
    Age: 15
    Date of birth: in 07.04.1999
    sex: male
    nationality: French
    hair: brown eyes
    weight: 55 kg
    height: 167 cms
    language: French, English, Spanish

    I have no experience in the world of cinema and I have not formation but I think that a first experience of actor would be beneficial because I would want be a director. I have already realized some short films with my close relations but I would want begun by the serious roles. I know this serie recently but I appreciate him and would like to be in his landscape. I am very motivated and hope to be taken.

    To have an audition would already be a big step forward for me. Thank you.

  5. Julia

    “Fire and blood!”

    Hey there,
    my name is Julia. I’m 27 and a huge fan oy GoT, for sure. So why pick me?
    First of all, i have several experiences in acting. I started with small roles in school until i could play some leading roles such as Princess Regan in “King Lear” or as chinese empress Turandot in “Turandot”. Good and evil, both sides fit my kind of acting and I’m able to put myself in every kind of role. I’m not acting, I am the one I’m allowed to play.
    I’m willing to fully concentrate in my work, I’m reliable and hardworking.
    In my freetime, I’m in sports (jogging, mountainbike) and taking my dog for a walk. I’m reading a lot, meet with my friends – nothing unusual here.

    To my outward appearance: I’m 169 cm tall, slim but not the skinny type due to sports, long brown, curly hair, dark brown eyes. You wish to see some pictures, feel free to ask me about.

    I really wish to join the GoT Crew although I know it will be hard work. But I’m sure I’m up to it because this is what I wanted since I was a child. You won’t regret it.

    Feel free to mail me for further information. Valar morghulis!

  6. Nicholas Luong

    Hello my name is Nicholas Luong. I am 15, 5 foot 7, 155 pounds, and asian american. I am currently a sophomore in high school and was born in Boston. I have black hair and dark eyes. I can speak fluently in a british accent just like any other Game of Thrones character and I used to practice kung fu. You should consider me because I can create a charismatic and clever character whether the character is from Westeros or is a foreign prince. I can participate in choreographed fighting scenes and I can perform long dialogue with confidence. What I bring to the table is professional and I will give 100% if I am given a chance, it sounds cliché but thats my mentality when it comes to acting.

    Thank you for your time.

  7. Nicholas Luong

    My name is Nicholas Luong, I am 15 years old, 5 foot 7, 155 pounds, athletic body, and asian american. Right now I’m a sophmore and I was born in Boston, I can speak with a british accent naturally and consistently, just like any other Game of Thrones character. I’m a big fan of Game of Thrones. I don’t want to bore you so I’ll get to the point, I am ready for any role to play whether my character is from Westeros or a foreign land. I can play a clever role and bring an interesting character to life.

    Thank You,
    Nicholas Luong

  8. Michael Morgan

    Name: Michael Morgan
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: American
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Hazel
    Height: 5’8″
    Weight: 200lbs
    Language: English
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Hello! My name is Michael Morgan and i am 19 years old. I would love to be a part of the cast because I have been a big fan of game of thrones for a long time. I have had experience acting due to being a part of my schools theater production on an annual basis. I have just graduated this year and will be moving on to college, hoping to continue that. I am known for being passionate about my commitments and putting my heart and soul in to them (as i did with my community service project in school, raising over $10000 for those who serve overseas). I would love the opportunity to audition and show you that i am worth being a part of this incredible tv show.

    I would be happy to provide any information that is required. If you contact me, i can also give you my headshot. I truly hope to hear from you,

    Michael Morgan

  9. Mathilde

    1.73 m
    Light brown hair
    Green eyes

    Funny one
    And love game of thrones..

    If u whant to know more.. you know where
    To finde me! :)

  10. Paula Buchanan

    Aged 30. English teacher from Scotland. Can do accents.

  11. Cort Maccrea Castle

    Hello ! My name is Cort Maccrea Castle
    I am 18 years old and five foot ,seven inches tall
    I have dark brown hair and ocean blue eyes
    I’m an average build and I weigh around 155 pounds
    I’m a hard worker and always open to creative criticism , I’m willing to travel around the world and give what ever it takes to make HBO’s Game of Thrones the greatest show in the history of television .
    I’ve watched every episode of Game of Thrones and read the first book and I absolutely love it.
    I am located in Chester Virginia , USA
    Please feel free to contact me at my email any time
    I plan on making a name for myself one day and it would be a great credit to the network if it could claim that it gave me my start :)
    Hoping to hear from someone soon

  12. Andrew Colbert

    My name is Andrew Colbert. I’ve become so wrapped up in the book series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ and its television adaptation, that like Howard Hughes locked in that movie theater, my social life has hit a bit of a rut.
    While I currently have no professional television background, I have a great deal of experience watching it and would very much like to cross the void between sofa and screen. I have a bachelor’s degree in communication with a concentration in mass media, and extensive experience both behind and in front of the camera. I have produced numerous short films and news casts – filling the shoes of writer, director, actor, and film editor respectively.
    I’m fluent in three languages and twenty accents. I do a perfect Gollum from Lord of the Rings, which surely must be worth at least an honorable mention. I’m in excellent physical condition – I train heavily in Muay Thai, play ice hockey, surf and run. I also ride horses, both cross-country and jumping. I long to become a part of this story and will travel anywhere for an audition. I’d be grateful for any opportunity – speaking role, extra, even piss boy. I’d do anything for a shot at being on the greatest TV series of all time…..anything.

    Name: Andrew Colbert
    Height: 5’9″
    Weight: 155 lbs
    Eyes: hazel and dreamy
    Hair: dark chocolate
    Ethnicity: white (with a touch of Caucasian)
    Nationality: USA

  13. Nastya Sukhoverova

    Hello! My name is Nastya Sukhoverova.
    I very much like show, it was the love from the first series. It is the most unusual show with an unexpected plot.
    I am 18 years old. My height of 170 centimeters, sports constitution. Brown hair, brown eyes, skin a little swarty. From 5 years I dance, and I play on stage. I can’t tell that I am a professional. I think that I have a rich life experience, and I can reflect character of the character. I can tell about me that I am the sociable, creative and active person. I like to watch people, and I try to understand their character and a role in life. We play many roles in our everyday life, and we can reflect these roles in a scene or in front of the camera. I don’t like to speak very much about me, but I hope to receive from you the answer.
    With big respect,
    Nastya Sukhoverova.

  14. Giuseppe Mattia

    Name: Giuseppe Mattia
    Age: 33
    Born: September 3rd, 1980
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: black
    Nationality: italian ( living in germany )
    Height: 5,9
    Languages: english (fluently), italian (native language), german (fluently), spanish (fluently)
    Geaduation: Artist Diploma ( Folkwang Hochschule Germany )
    For more information please visit:

    A fantasy world compromise all kind of uniqueness characters and they all stick out with their individuality and are able to capture people’s imagination. Game of Throne is the perfect platform where those characters can fully develop themself.
    I dont want to go out on a limb, but i consider myself individual enough to be a character in Game of Throne. Furthermore it would be a pleasure to be also a part of this great project, it would as well widen my horizont and my personal experience because finally you never stop learning.

  15. Fleur Stevens

    Name: Fleur Stevens
    Age: 20 Years Old.
    D.O.B: 20/10/1993.
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Nationality: White British.
    Languages: English.

    I love GOT and it has helped me through many tough times. To be a part of something so dear to me would be the most amazing experience, and through my character, it would be such a privilege to be able to help others the way GOT has helped me.

    Acting and writing are my two passions and it would mean the world to me to be part of this phenomenal show. I’ve been the lead in many shows and am very flexible.

    Hope to hear from you,

  16. Cohle Fowler

    My name is Cohle, but I go by CohleTrain to most of my friends. I’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma and just recently graduated from Dartmouth, with a studio art degree (sculpture). While at Dartmouth I played football and was an All Ivy League, All New England offensive lineman. The reason I’m doing this is because friends keep telling me over and over on facebook that I would be perfect on a show like game of thrones. I’m 6’7″ tall, 300 lbs, with strawberry blonde hair and a magnificent (I’ve been told) firey red beard. So the reason friends keep mentioning acting in a tv show to me is because for the last 7 year’s I’ve been participating in a type of live action role playing game based out of Tulsa called MELEE. While role-playing and costuming are major parts of MELEE, it’s really focused on the combat, which is full contact, of the game. Over the last 7 year’s I’ve been learning to make my own armor, do leatherwork, and sew garb and costuming. My kit is really starting to look good these days and because of that I get a lot of attention from photographers that come to shoot us fighting. These are the photos that friends always make the comments on. After imagining it, I realized I would absolutely love to be a part of a tv production like Game of Thrones. I also think my strengths in art, athletics, physique and role-playing would make me especially suited and desirable for a show like Game of Thrones. Thanks so much for your consideration!

    (Because were friends right?)

  17. Drew Brindley

    name: Drew Brindley
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: natural red
    Skin color: pale
    Ethnicity: white
    Height: 175 cm
    Weight: 60 kg
    Nationality: Australian

    I would love to become a part of HBO’s game of thrones series as I’m very familiar with the TV show and read all the current released books to date. Acting is my only passion and I aim to pursue this as a career for the future. This would be an amazing kick start to my life and gain amazing experience to cherish and use to refine my acting skills. I have been told by many that I have a natural talent within the acting career. I am currently in Drama Academy at school and have been in many performances. My preferred style of acting is realism.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my application. I look forward to hearing back!

  18. Meriam Abboud

    115 pounds
    27 years old
    One light brown eye /one dark brown
    Fair skin
    Black hair
    Middle eastern/American

    Love the magnitude of the drama the show dishes out.

  19. Mariam

    115 pounds
    27 yrs
    One brown eye one black
    Middle eastern

    Into deep dark roles.

  20. Vincent Napolitano

    Name: Vincent Napolitano
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Italian
    Hair: blond
    Eyes: Blue
    Weight: 155lbs
    Height: 5′ 10″

    My family bloodline dates back to the 10th century in Naples , Italy. My family is known for it’s noble status. History was always my favorite subject in school and has always been an interest of mine. Game of thrones does an excellent job on portraying our history and how things were many years ago. It shows you how precious life is and how fast someone can be killed whether he be a king or a slave.Loyalty is everything and family always comes first. It would be a great honor to be a part of game of thrones. Give me a horse and a sword over a car and an iPhone anyday.

    “There is only one god and his name is Death. And there is only one thing we say to Death: Not today.” -game of thrones

  21. Antonio Fernández Vírgala

    Name: Antonio F. Vírgala
    Date of Birth: 14.05.1966
    Age: 48
    Sex: Male
    Eyes: Green and brown
    Weight: 308 lb (140 kg.)
    Height: 180 cm
    Ethnicity : Caucasian
    Skin: Brown
    Nationality: Spaniard
    Language: Spanish, English, Deutsch
    I’m Belwas’ brother…

  22. Tom Soper

    My name is Tom Soper. I believe to get the best performance in any role, you have to have a passion for it, and I have follow the show ever since it started and have re-watched the entire thing at least three times, and have started reading the books. I have been acting since I was in primary doing school productions. I have 4 years of experience under my belt in B-Tec media and performing arts. I know how to act on stage and on camera as my subjects demanded. I passed the courses with merits and above and would love the chance just to get an audition for any part. I’m open to all roles and any requirements they include. Any information required I will happily send via email.

    Fingers crossed, and I hope I grab your interests.
    Yours sincerely,
    Tom Soper

  23. Christina


    I’m not sure if this is too late or not but I am a huge fan of Game of Thrones and would like to be considered for a role, if possible.
    My name is Christina and I currently live in the USA. I am 20 years old and I am of Asian descent. I am 164 cm (5 ft 4 in) tall and weigh about 120 lbs. I am relatively fit (endurance running and swimming are my strong suits).
    I look forward to hearing back from you via the email I have provided. Please let me know if you need anything from me, as well.

    Best regards,

  24. Amanda Liliemark

    Amanda Liliemark
    21 years old
    From Stockholm Sweden
    Height 158 cm
    Body well trained
    Naturaly blond with blue eyes
    I have a very sweet, scandinavian appearence

    I would really love to be a part of the fantastic Game of thrones series. I really think that I have a lot of good qualitys that can be needed. I am a very positive and hard working person. I learn new things really quick and I love everything I do!

    I’ve been a horserider for 17 years, the last five years on a professional level. That is my biggest interest in life. My other biggest interests is dancing, sing and play piano, drawing, traveling and of course acting. A very girly-girl indeed.

    The past year I have been working at a restaurant in Stockholm, a café in Brisbane, Australia and now I am working at a horsefarm on Iceland. (Yes I can do almost anything).

    To be a part of Game of Thrones would be a huge dream coming true for me! I am really facinated by the stories, scenery and the actors preformances. It’s just a whole new world to explore. I know I would fit right in

    Best regards
    Amanda Liliemark

  25. Stefan Martens

    Hi, my name is Stefan and I would love be given the opportunity to be a part of Game of Thrones. I’m 17 years old and i’m from the Netherlands. I really love Game of Thrones, I love all the different story lines and the tension between the characters.

    In the article above you’re asked to tell why you would like to audition for a role in Game of Thrones. I think it would be an amazing and once in a lifetime experience. It would be a chance to see a bit of the world, the episodes are shot in a lot of different places and it would be amazing to be able to work in some of those places.

    There are a lot of people who want a chance to audition, so why would you pick me? Besides, i’m just your average teenager. Everybody has qualities, so i’ll start by telling you mine. I speak english fluently (or i’d like to think so ;) ). I’m one of the top archers of my country, so I would look realistic holding a bow. I’ve acted in a theatre group for a couple of years when I was younger so i’m no stranger to acting. I play the guitar, but that won’t really help me here.

    You can ask me everything, if there’s anything you’d like to know, please ask me, i’ll be happy to answer you. I hope you’ll read my story, and i also hope you’ll give me a chance to audition, so I can be a part of this amazing show. I’m looking forward to an answer, even if you turn me down.

    Kindest regards,
    Stefan Martens

  26. Justin O'Donnell

    Hello my name is Justin Edward O’Donnell, and I have every thing you’re looking for. I can do whatever you need me to do and I’m not scared of anything. I know that you won’t find anyone better then me. Now just to tell you a little bit about myself I’m Caucasian and I’m at a height of six feet with a slim/masculine physique. I have short brown hair right now but can always dye it or grow it out if need be. I have a smile that can warm your heart with blue eyes that are as blue as a summer day with not a cloud in the sky. I’m currently located in Michigan, so I’m used to warm or cold temperatures. That being said I can’t wait to hear from you.

    Justin O’Donnell

  27. Kieran Turner

    Name: Kieran Turner
    DOB: 17:07:1997
    From/Currently Living: England, West Midlands
    Hair: A pale sort of brown
    Skin colour: White/Tanned
    Eye colour: Brown
    Height: 5ft. 11

    There a two fairly simple reasons for my wanted to be a part of a show that aspires to give and very much succeed in giving A-Class entertainment to a vast variety of the current public. Both important to me and both perhaps a cliché.

    The first being very much tedious and a cliché is quite simply acting is my life, for as long as i remember acting has been a passion for me, when i was very young i dreamed of being an actor and to this day i still aim to become one.However i am perhaps a little shy when it comes to approaching people which makes finding jobs very hard. I don’t have the confidence to approach and ask about an agent, and i also lack proper intelligence and resources to fully search for jobs myself. So instead for the time being i devote myself to learning about it and striving to better myself at it in anyway i can. To be a part of something so massive whether it would be a very minor role or perhaps even a more major role, would be an incredible step forwards in both achieving a dream and building confidence.

    The second reason is the fact that I love the franchise surrounding A song of ice and fire and Game of Thrones. I have followed them from the books to the show in all aspects i can say it is my most favourite franchise of all time. The collective of magnificent characters and actors create a powerful show in emotional as well as very much action packed and bloody scenes. All featured in many scenes that are truly breathtaking my favourite to date being the Red Wedding the anticipation of knowing something is going to happen mixed with the shock of actually finding out just how drastic it is, perfection.

    That is why i would like to participate in such an aspiring and still massively growing franchise it would be a dream in every aspect and i would be willing to work for it in every way that i can achieve.


  28. Bethany Adams

    Age: 16
    Gender: female
    Height: 5’6
    Nationality: British
    Hair colour: dark brown
    Eye colour: blue
    Weight: 7 st

    I am a massive fan of the show and books, I enjoy acting and have starred in two short films, as well as directing one of them. I have been in a number of productions at school, I am a versatile actress and I am not shy of trying things out of my comfort zone. I live an hour from London. I know hundreds of people apply but I am very creative and when I am given a part I become the character. I would be honoured to become part of the show.

    Kind regards,

    Beth Adams

  29. Ben Jammin

    Name: Ben Johnson
    Age: 20
    Sex: Male
    Nationality: British/ Irish
    Eye Colour: Blue eyes
    Hair Colour: Medium length dark ginger
    Height: 5’10
    Email: <hidden from public>

    The reason why I would like to star in Game of Thrones is simple. It will be living a moment that cannot be explained in words, but can only be felt. From reading Tolkien as a young child, fantasy has always played a dynamic role in my life. And so to be a part of George’s creation would be the deepest humbling experience I could experience.
    What I can bring to the table? I will become the character that I am meant to portray. Forget all self and emerge yourself into a complete experience of another life. When reading a book, the reader can visualize what the author is depicting, involving their own personal interpretation. But with the on-screen, actors have no choice but to truly let go in order to really bring life and depth to characters in a masterpiece.

    Much Love,

  30. Miriam Propp

    Hi there. I would really like to be a part of this legendary series. I don’t have any experience in professional acting; nevertheless I am interested in fantasy and LARP, as well as history, art and acting. I am open to new experiences and people.
    So, here’s everything else you got to know:

    Age: 19
    Date of birth: 04.07.1994
    Sex: female
    Nationality: German
    Colour of hair: blonde (short)
    Colour of eyes: grey-blue
    weight: 56 kg
    height: 164 cm
    Languages: German, English

    Contact me for pictures or more information.

    With best regards,

    Miriam Propp

  31. Charlie Linwood

    Age: 18
    Sex: Male
    Ethnicity: White
    Nationality: English
    Hair: Dark brown

    Acting has and always will be a part of my life, from small productions to musicals and even some performances I have directed myself. What scared me at first was knowing that everyone around me had multiple talents along with acting such as being able to speak in several languages and play a wide range of instruments, but I quickly learned that strength can come from how focused I am on this single path. I have had several years training in acting, most recently being the two year course I finished with success. My most successful performance was in a devising piece where I spent hours researching the person my character is based on, even bleaching and dying my hair to fully become this person, with no dialogue I managed to successfully create an uncomfortable atmosphere in the room. My passion for acting continues to grow as I observe other actors and take note on their performances and how I can learn from it to enhance my own. Game of Thrones has shown me some of the single greatest performances I believe I will ever see, with the combination of ingenious writing and outstanding performances all around. It’s a show I would love to be a part of, in absolutely any way that I can. I couldn’t begin to describe how much of an honour it would be to give what I can to a series this spectacular.

  32. Charlie Linwood

    Age: 18
    Sex: Male
    Ethnicity: White
    Nationality: English
    Hair: Dark brown

    Acting has and always will be a part of my life, from small productions to musicals and even some performances I have directed myself. What scared me at first was knowing that everyone around me had multiple talents along with acting such as being able to speak in several languages and play a wide range of instruments, but I quickly learned that strength can come from how focused I am on this single path. I have had several years training in acting, most recently being the two year course I finished with success. My passion for acting continues to grow as I observe other actors and take note on their performances and how I can learn from it to enhance my own. Game of Thrones has shown me some of the single greatest performances I believe I will ever see, with the combination of ingenious writing and outstanding performances all around. It’s a show I would love to be a part of, in absolutely any way that I can. I couldn’t begin to describe how much of an honour it would be to give what I can to a series this spectacular.

  33. Mia Vestergaard

    Birthday: 16 Nov. 1998
    Gender: Female
    Born: Vietnam
    Hair colour: Dark brown/ Black
    Eye colour: Brown
    Height: 4’10
    Weight: 104 lbs
    Spoken language: Danish (native language) and English

    I’m adopted from Vietnam, but I’ve lived in Denmark from 8 month old. I would say my english is pretty good, and I’ve always been one of the best in my class. Since I was very young I’ve loved to act for my family or just myself. I’m usually shy, but when I had to do a school play, it was all easy. GOT has amazing actors and actress, I would be so honoured to be a part of it.

  34. Karen Jaqueline Sanchez

    name: Karen Jaqueline Sanchez
    age: 15 (I look older)
    gender: female
    nationality: Hispanic
    hair: dark red / brown
    eyes: imperial brown
    weight: 112 pounds
    height: 5’2
    language: English & Spanish

    I think you should pick me because i’m great at acting. I didn’t feel ready before but i do now. This is why i’m applying to these auditions. I’m also a great fan of game of thrones it’s a very beautiful show. Somehow i got a boost of confidence when i saw this and decided i am ready for the amazing life of acting. I would play whomever i am given so perfect. I’ll be waiting for an email.:) or a text <hidden from public> i will not let you down . Thank you very much for your time :) i’ll be waiting

  35. Jamie Monroe

    Name: Jamie Monroe
    DOB: 10/26/86
    Sex: Female
    Nationality: American
    Hair: Blond
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5’4″
    Languages: English

    One simple reason,… I LOVE GOT!

    I have loved every second of this series. I have watched every episode 50 times and have a life size Khaleesi adorning my living room. I would be honored to have any part in this incredible series and work of art.

    I have acted in various movie and tv roles mostly as the hot blonde girl in the background, however I trained at NY Film Academy and am a natural in front of the camera.

    Give me a chance and I know you will not be disappointed.

    Thank you!


  36. Liam Crowley

    Name: Liam Crowley
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Irish
    Hair: Brown/Blonde
    Eyes: Hazel
    Weight: 8 stone
    Height: 173 cm
    Language: English Irish French and a bit of Spanish
    Ethnicity: White

    I’m a huge fan of Game of Thrones both books and TV series and would be honoured to have a character to play in the series. I’ve a lot of experience in acting, I make short films with my friends, I’ve acted in several musicals and I attend Drama classes. I’m pretty good at doing accents, especially English, Scottish, French and German. I’m also good at doing a dark and sinister voice as well. Another reason I want to have a part in Game of Thrones is because it’s made in my country so it’ll be easy to get to. Acting is something I love and Game of Thrones is something I always wanted to take part in. Please accept me. Thank you.

  37. Ana Martins

    Name: Ana Martins
    Age: 18
    DOB: 14.05.996
    Sex: female
    Nationality: Portuguese
    Hair: brown
    Eyes: deep brown
    Weight: 54kg
    Height: 152 cm
    Language: portuguese, spanish, english

    I have no experience in acting, apart from school plays. However I absolutely love game of thrones. I am a very easy person to work with, I learn fast and I can do anything. I have to say that I’m a disaster at singing but I can do some dancing. I would be very pleased to enter this huge and amazing project. Acting is something that I always wanted to try, but I haven’t had the right opportunity, yet.
    I’m short, i have dark skin in the summer and white in the winter, my hair is long and curly. I’m portuguese but I have several english diplomas of courses. I would be so pleased if I could be apart of this show. please consider my application.

  38. Cody Caskey

    My name is Cody. I’m 21 years old, 5’9 and weigh about 160lbs. I’m from Louisiana in America. I’m a huge fan of the show. I’m really just interested in being a Crannogmen whenever they finally appear in the series. I’m from Louisiana and have spent much of my time in the swamps growing up. I really feel like I could bring one of the characters to life or could even fit the part of a background actor for one of them. I know being on the show would be a great honor and I’d be greatful if I were even considered for any part. I don’t even know if I’m leaving this correctly on the sight, but I am truly interested in any part that you would consider me for. I just really believe I would fit the part of one of them since I’ve grown up in a very similar setting described in the books. Please and thank you for the consideration.

  39. Jessica Lyons

    Age: 11
    Height: 148cm
    weight: 34kg
    hair: blond/brown
    eyes: blue
    sex: female
    date of birth: 31/05/2003
    Nationality: white English

    Dear reader,
    I would like you to consider me in your next production of Game of thrones .At present I am studying street dance and acting on a Wednesday evening and Ballet, tap and jazz on a Thursday evening. I have been in three shows held at Middleton Arena, two productions with my Ballet teacher, the first one was Razzle Dazzle which was in 2011 and my second one Ruby Red which was in 2013. I have also appeared in a Shone production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, in which I played Sniffer, last December .

  40. Nertan Lucian

    Age: 25
    Sex: male
    Ethnicity : Caucasian/Latin
    Nationality: Romanian
    Hair: Black
    Height: 168 cm
    Weight: 68 kg
    Eyes: dark hazel

    After I’ve read the books, I’ve emphasized with Quentyn Martell, becoming one of my favorite characters, maybe because like him I was never fire and more like mud.
    Since I’ve always found acting fun and I’m short and stocky, also just the right age I’ve decided to try. Who knows :(.

  41. Ludvig Göransson

    Name: Ludvig Göransson
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Swedish
    Hair: fairly short, light brown
    Eyes: Green/blue
    Weight: 52 kg
    Height: 162 cm
    Language: Swedish, english and a bit german

    To be honest I don’t really have any experience with acting. The only i have acted
    in is school plays and videos. But I still think I could be able to act,
    I’m a fan of Game of Thrones and I would really like to be a part of it,
    I live in the south of Sweden and I could travel anywhere for an audition.
    It doesn’t really matter what it is, (minor role or big role)
    That’s all from me, feel free to email me about questions and other things

    Thank you!

  42. Cameron Bajraktarevic-Hayward

    I would love to be a part of the most amazing TV show in history. I have read all the books and watched all the seasons. I have a lot of performing arts experience. For my primary school I went to a performing arts school. This gave me an opportunity to learn classical ballet (RAD Intermediate Foundation currently), contemporary dance and jazz. I performed in the school troupes and competition solos – even at the Sydney Opera House (7 times). I also learned drama, cello, flute and singing. Outside of school, I performed in community musical theatre productions including Oliver where I was the lead and The Pirates of Penzance. I took additional drama classes at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA) and dance at the Sydney Dance Company and Australian Ballet School. I am currently in high school and I attend the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. I am also a member of the world renown Sydney Children’s Choir and have performed 3 times in the Sydney Opera House this year. I am a confident and comfortable performer and I am aware of the demands of being in a professional production. I am mature and focused.

    I have always loved fantasy and before reading the Game of Thrones, I read Tolkien and the Inheritance Cycle. I am currently attempting to write a fantasy series and I think being on the show would inspire me so much. I have also done some Game of Thrones Fanfiction recently. I know that George R.R. Martin doesn’t like fan fiction but I thought he would forgive me because I am still a kid. I have always had a very active imagination and being on the show would be a perfect way of bringing together my imagination with my love and experience of performing. Please consider me. My parents are very supportive of my performing arts.

    Name: Cameron BH
    Age: 12
    Nationality: Australian but of Bosnian/English mixed heritage
    Sex: Male
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Hair: Dark brown
    Skin: Fair
    Weight: 67 kg
    Height: 170 cm

  43. Caroline Constantin

    Name: Caroline Constantin
    Age: 19
    D.O.B: 11/04/1995
    Nationality: British/Swedish
    Hair: Dirty Blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 173 cm
    Weight: 69kg

    My name is Caroline and I am studying languages at University at the moment. I would love to be considered for the show! I have absolutely loved watching every moment and I am currently reading the books alongside the series and it has been amazing so far. I would love to be a part of this experience so that people can continue to enjoy the show and the characters in it. In terms of acting experience, I have attended various acting classes as a child and have always loved to perform as a hobby wherever opportunities may lie, but it has always been more of a hobby rather than a career path, Despite this, I can easily get into the role of different characters and be emphatic with their feelings and I would love to get involved with this show and be a part of something amazing.
    If you would like to contact me, my E-mail address is <hidden from public>
    Many thanks for your time !

  44. Alizé Barangé

    Hello, my name is Alizé and i am French/spanish. I speak fluent english and perfect french and spanish. I am in London for few days.
    I grew up in a medieval castle and i am passionate by history and particulary medieval time.
    I have expeience in modelling and i love acting. I am blue eyes, light brown natural hair, 1:77.
    It would be amazing to work for the serie.
    To find some of my photos you can put my name on google and it will be easy.
    Thanks very much for considering my candidature.
    My best regards. Alizé.

  45. Carmela Scotto

    name: Carmela Scotto
    Age: 16
    Gender: female
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: dark brown/red
    Skin color: olive toned
    Ethnicity: white
    Height: 5’5 1/2
    Weight: 113 Ib
    Nationality: Italian (father’s side) Greek (mother’s side)
    Country: USA
    I would love to be In the show as a lead role or other. I don’t have much of an acting career but I’m just trying this out and see If anyone contacts me. I myself is a big fan of the show and I think it would be a cool idea to add another powerful queen who is Mediterranean. So I’m just curious thank you!

  46. Anthony J. Cassarino

    Lets start this off right! Hello, my name is Anthony. But, everyone calls me Aj. Either or is perfectly fine! :) Let me make the basic info quick and easy.
    Age: 19
    Birth date: 10/08/1994
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Caucasian: White
    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 120(Estimation.)
    Hair: Long brown, changes to darker in the winter time, reddish/blonde in the Spring/Summer. Willing to cut/grow to any length.
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Age look: 15-18
    Languages: English(Have played different accent roles.)

    Alright now that the basics are down. I’ll let you know a bit about myself! I never really had much of an interest in acting or anything art like until High school. I took a theatre class to get my feet wet and see how I liked it. Well, I liked it, but it didn’t change my feelings towards theatre. That year(2011) my friend told me to come work up at a Haunted House and I loved it completely. That is what struck me into acting as a whole. The first year there I was simply a support role and was terrified. Soon after in my second year, they put me on my own in a big spooky town. My job was to scare, and direct the people into the haunted mine.
    The last role they’ve had me perform before this current year(2014). Was Doctor Who, and that was incredibly fun. I’ve never wanted to act for the fame or cash. I always have written/acted for the fun of it. As for why I want to act for Game of thrones? I love the Medieval setting. Always have since I could remember, my favorite genre out of all the choices out there. I recall I went on a 10 hour marathon of watching Game of thrones after I found it. I was hooked.
    This past season, I watched, I cried, I screamed, especially when Oberyn died. :(
    I know my comment is long and different. But, that’s how it should be as an actor right? You’re not in the crowd like the rest, your center stage!
    If you have any other questions you would like to ask, or if you wish to contact me. I left my email above!
    Best of luck in this upcoming season!
    Sincerely and with the best wishes, Anthony.

  47. Maya

    Name: Maya Hite
    Age: 17
    Gender: female
    Ethnicity : Caucasian
    Hair: Light Blue (for the moment)
    Eyes: Crystal Blue
    Weight: 112 lbs
    Height: 5’0
    Language: English and a bit of French

    Okay so I’m not going to lie. I don’t have an extensive list of experience other than school plays. However I am hopefully going to be working in a haunted house this fall. Other than that I’ve been acting since 9th grade, and I fell in love with it. It’s my dream to work in Hollywood, especially on a show like Game of Thrones. I have experience with both stage and film. However I have more experience with stage acting than film acting. I’ve performed in several plays and have had leading roles a decent amount of time. I am going to college for theater next year. I also have the unique ability to play characters from about 13-20 do to my appearance. I have also performed in musicals so I have some singing experience. I really am thankful for you taking the time to read with. -Maya

  48. Tamsin Rose - Palmer

    Hello, my name is Tamsin Rose – Palmer, I am 16 years of age female, 165cm tall, dark brown short hair, and have green eyes and I am from Cardiff, Wales. I have recently watched the 4 seasons of game of thrones and I was amazed by how much I relate to that period in time, I have not much acting experience, but I am very passionate with any roll I would be given. (This does not relate but) I am strong and have a strong build, if I had this chance I would give my all, blood sweat and tears.

    Thank you.

  49. Jayne Fong

    What a fantastic opportunity this offers!

    For me, this really is a show which is pushing boundaries and creating new ones. It sets a new standard for this genre of TV and I am constantly surprised.

    The medieval setting is such a wonderful stage for huge adventures and excitement! It has been a wonderful roller coaster of laughter, shock, brutality and despair with a touch of tenderness. I really love the story telling and the characters, the sets, the hair and costumes, the special effects- everything! It would be an honour and a privilege to be a part of bringing this fantasy world to life!

    I currently live in London and I would be grateful if you would consider an audition with me or if you could keep me informed of further opportunities to be involved. I have previous experience both on stage and camera and l have a full performing arts CV available if you would like this.

    I am East Asian, with a playing age of 25 to 35 and am willing to travel.
    Many thanks and kind regards

  50. Liam Crowley

    Name: Liam Crowley
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Irish
    Hair: Brown/Blonde
    Eyes: Hazel
    Height: 173 cm
    Weight: 8 stone
    Language: English, Irish, French
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    I am a big fan of Game of Thrones both books and TV series and would love to play a character in the series. I have acted and performed in several musicals and I attend drama classes as well, I am grade 6 in LAMDA exams (Acting Exam) and I’ve been involve in acting since I was 9. Another reason why I would love to be in the TV series is because it is made in my country and there are not many shows filmed in Ireland, so it would be easy to act in environments I’m use to especially when the scenes are shot in your back garden and it’ll be easy to get to each location. I’ve pale skin like most of the characters on the show so I think that will come in handy. I’m good at doing English, Scottish, French and German accents and obviously an Irish accent also I’m great at doing a dark and sinister voice. I’m passionate about acting and would be so honoured to be a part of a TV show as big and brilliant as this!

  51. Tyler Gleason

    Name: Tyler Gleason
    Age: 18
    Born: November 1, 1995
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: About 6′


    My name is Tyler Gleason and I’m here to try and explain why i would be a good actor or extra for your T.V. show. To be honest I don’t have much background in acting and i didn’t go to school for acting as some people did, this will leave me at a little of a disadvantage because others have more experience and now a bit more than me, but that doesn’t mean they will be better at this job. I have done a couple of short films for school and helped with acting for drama. As of everyone else here it’s a dream to act but even given a chance to be on set of Game of Thrones would be a honor. I live in a small town where it’s hard to get a start on acting and being able to get started is hard but I’m hoping that this is my chance. I am friendly and willing to take criticism and will take it and fix my mistakes, I am willing to learn and improve. This is a once of a lifetime chance, and I promise you, if by some chance I’m on as a extra or even a small role that I’ll give a performance of a life time and maybe something you never seen before.

  52. Claire Henson

    Hi, my name is Claire Henson and I am 28 (playing age 24-28).
    I did btech in performing arts at college (merit,merit,pass).
    In my college productions I had a number of lead roles, I wanted to continue to university but I could not afford it as I had my son.
    I’m at a point in my life now where I want to do the thing I’ve trained for, what I’ve always wanted to do, something that I truly love and connect with, acting really is what I’m good at, I put my heart and soul into what I do. I just need a chance to show what I’m capable of and being any part of game of thrones would be a dream come true. I lapped the books up and the show is just as good if not sometimes better.
    I would love the chance to audition and show what I can do.
    I am from the UK.

    I’m happy to give you any information you would like (if you want any via email.)
    I hope to hear from you,
    Kindest regards,
    Claire Henson

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