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  1. James Yonker

    I would be a great canidate to audition becuase I look almost identical Petyr Baelish. If you do a side by side of our pictures it’s almost like I am younger version of him. I am 26 so I could either be a stunt double for him or would be a perfect flashback to when he was he younger.

  2. Louis

    I live in the UK. I’m 30 years old. South African born, so have a bit of an accent. Lived in the UK for 11 years. Looking at me, I can pass for a Mexican, Italian, Turkish or eastern European, with dark hair and dark eyes. (I’m a white South African with Hungarian and Scottish ancestors) Good with languages. Not fat, quite tall. I could be the perfect candidate. Easy going and quick to learn the ropes.

    Arrange a quick meeting and you decide.

  3. Jonathan Chatters


    I am Jonathan (or Jon). I am 21 years old and from York, UK.

    I have always loved the idea of participating in a series as an actor. I used to act in all my school plays (including a stage production of Les Miserables) but since leaving school I have not had much chance to act.

    I am a generally cheerful person but have acted the villain several times in short sketches filmed with friends.

    I must admit I came late into the series and only started watching when season 3 has started to be aired. But since then I have fallen in love with the show. The medieval period is one of my favourite (one of the reasons I moved to York was because of the history aspect).

    An opportunity to take part in something like this is a once in a lifetime experience and one I would be honoured to have.

  4. Ambre Laurier

    I am french I am 16 years old, I wanna watch thefilming of a scene if possible. I wanna be an actress but i’m still too young for the moment . So now a just want observe. Thank you

  5. Gavin Doughty

    To whom it may concern,
    My name is Gavin, 33 years of age from the united kingdom. I have achieved a great deal in my short life with cancer and service in the british forces. I am a complete and utter amateur when It comes to acting. But I am a fresh face, a unknown like many that have been cast before within the game of thrones series. I have the drive, ambition and commitment to start a new life with the game of thrones. I work incredibly hard anf everything I do and that is the reason for my survival. I know that I most likely stand a cat in hells chance but if you dont ask, you dont get. If you feel like giving a guy a chance that send me an email at the address attached. If not then good luck with the production of another great series of game of thrones and I look forward to seeing it on realise.

    Yours truly


  6. Beti

    hej there!

    We are a family of three – me, my husband and our little daughter. We would love to join as a background characters! Our daughter is only 3 but she loves to act and dress up, she is not afraid of anything and she enjoys when there is a lot of people around her. However, she can also scream out loud :)

    I am 27 years old, 180 cm tall, thin, long, dark curly hair, dark eyes. My husband is 192cm tall, normal posture, dark hair, blue eyes. Our little girl is blond, blue eys, maybe a but thin.

    We live in Denmark but we are willing to relocate. We love the books and the serial. If you are interested in the family of three, feel free to contact us, we would be thrilled to join!

  7. Fee

    I’m Fee, 21 years old tall, brunette/blonde, outgoing and enthusiastic.
    At 19 I packed my suitcase and got a one-way ticket to England to start a new chapter of my life here. And while that might have not always been easy I have enjoyed every minute of it so far!

    I love being active, working out and dancing.
    I have been doing ballet for 10 years at the John Neumeier ballet school in Hamburg which has taught me an awful lot more than just dancing and acting.

    I am quite prone to becoming addicted to series one of them being Game of Thrones to the extent that the pyjamas stayed on for a Sunday and a whole season was being watched.
    I find that the unpredictable storyline and characters are what make it a truly amazing book and series.
    The era similar to Game of Thrones’ setting always intrigued me and playing a role in this series seems like a great chance to experience what life must have been like.

    I have always been passionate about acting and would love to make it a career – what better way to start than with a series you are truly passionate about!
    I am confident that I would be a great addition to the existing cast – I have got what it takes, fit in the series and am not shy to put all the work in!

  8. Stephanie Malmgren

    Valar morghulis!

    I started watching the show, went on to the books, and now I’m a full out geek. I’m 20 years old, with dark brown hair and dark blue eyes, and a short and curvy figure. I’m from Sweden so I am very used to the North. The Starks are obviously my favorite house. I can’t really express how much it would mean to be a part of the show, I don’t care how small of an extra I would be, as long as it’s something. I am an actress and a singer, and I have ridden for many years, so I have a good hand with horses. I am also a longbow archer. Basically, I would probably do well in Westeros already. I studied at an International Baccalaureate school, so my English is practically at a native language level. I have a very quick learning ability, which allows me to pick up and speak with different accents. I am currently a student, and recently finished an acting course. Being a student in Sweden does not deter me from traveling to sets.

    If I sound the least bit interesting for anything on the show really, please do contact me! I won’t disappoint.

    Thanks beforehand!

    Kind regards,

  9. Joseph Brennan

    Hi, If there are any parts just to be an extra in a battle scene, that would be awesome! Personally, I’m from the North west and look close enough to what may be found from lads of Winterfell! Not expecting any payment, it would just be a cool opportunity that I would take seriously as I love the show and it would support my interest in film, TV, and media which I’m currently studying at undergrad. As well as obviously being a great opportunity

    White, 6ft, athletic, dark brown hair (pretty much a Stark)
    Surprise me !

  10. Joe

    I look like i am from medievil times, bar the adidas trainers

  11. David Patterson

    Hello World of Ice and Fire! I have acted as a lead role in many plays including The Jungle book, A spinoff of snow white, the pied piper, and giligans island. I can guarantee that I know the ins and outs of ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ as well as Game of Thrones almost as much as George R R Martin himself! I could play any character aside from maybe Tyrion Lannister because I am not in fact height challenged. I keep up with the show and books, and I have watched every youtube video and interview out there. The cast looks amazing to work with, and it would be an absolute dream come true to be a part of the Game of Thrones world! My appearance: 18 year old male with dirty blonde/brown hair, 6 foot tall, green eyes, slim & athletic, slightly tan Caucasian. I would really love an opportunity to audition for a main role in the coming season! I believe could truly wow everyone with my personality and acting! Thank you

  12. carrie simmonds

    Hi I’m 35yrs young, I can’t begin to tell you how much of a honour it would be to be part of GOT, I have no acting experience but learn very quickl, I belive anything is possible all we need to do is fight for it x

  13. Nik Pavlov

    Well guys… i’m not an actor but i might know play/act , that everyone can…
    to cut a long story and do not bother mutch… if you are looking for an ugly,irritating and obtuse 27 yr old guy with strange english accent (Balcan-Europe) maybe i’m the right for you…bla,bla,bla,bla,bla.
    Premiere of the new season comes out on my birthday-certainly thank you for that.
    Wish you all the best.

  14. Eryn-Rae Victoria Rogers

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    Good afternoon, my name is Eryn-Rae Victoria Rogers and I am 15 years old (born on August 4th 1999) Who lives in the North East of England (Newcastle Upon Tyne) I am a very passionate fan of the Game of Thrones series and I have always wanted to work in a form of Arts and Performance, acting being one of the main ideas. I will admit I am hardly experienced since I have not been able to attend a school which specializes within the acting skill as my mother could not afford it with her being a single parent living with a clinical illness and benefits however, in my few drama lessons in school I have been told that with more practice I could benefit later on. I refused to join the drama BTEC Course due to lower self confidence which I had last year, but I am more than passionate about doing something I want now rather than later in life when it’s too late.

    A little summary about me
    My predicted grades in school:
    – Level 2 Pass in BTEC Music
    – A Merit in ICT
    – Level 2 Pass in Business
    – B in GSCE Photography
    – C Maths
    – C-B English
    What roles I have achieved in school:
    – In Primary school I was a ‘Buddy’ (Lower graded peer mentor)
    – Secondary school I am a
    House Councillor
    Peer Mentor
    Student Voice
    a Senior Prefect in role of Peer Mentor
    School Councillor

    Positives about me that could benefit:
    I am good working in a team
    I am quite intelligent
    I am a passionate human who has inspired a few people closer to home
    I am articulate
    I am genuinely a happy person throughout the day (Even though I have been diagnosed with depression)
    I can cope in pressure situations
    I am confident
    I have a strong response which could be positive and negative as my temper can be quite fierce but this could be useful in this case.

    My Appearance:
    I am at least 5 ft 4 in height
    My weight is average for my age range, I am not stick thin but I am not extremely huge I am just a little bit above average.
    I have ginger/dark orange hair
    I have grey/blue eyes
    my arms are med-length
    I take a size 14-16 in jean size (m)
    I am a size 14 in dress/shirt size (m)
    I am genuinely healthy I eat the right foods and I exercise on a daily basis (by walking to school which lasts around half an hour each way) I am due to get an active card so I can access the gym so this can be beneficial to me.
    I am quite strong when it comes to carrying things, but not extremely strong.

    I hope my application was clear and understandable and I would very much appreciate a response to my email above.
    If you would like any picture references me Facebook link is available here:
    Thank you for your time.

    Yours Faithfully,
    Eryn-Rae Victoria Rogers.

  15. Martin O. Lykkegaard

    Hi! my name is Martin and i follow the show intensly, more so i aim to become an actor myself. im 18, fit, 178 in heigh and have experience with teatre and movie

  16. Michael Lally

    My name is Michael I am eighteen years old and an aspiring actor. I may not have a wealth of acting experience but I am passionate and will give one hundred percent if you were to give me a role.

    I haven’t studied acting at any sort of drama school, I haven’t performed in a major production; any acting experience I have has been from either school or me doing it in my spare time. I am able to play a multitude of roles and am willing to give any role i could be potentially given my all. I may lack in experience, but I have equally the same amount of ambition and drive as any other applicant.

    This for me is all about experience, I have never been on a television set of any description before. I feel that this would be a good starting ground considering my love for the show, I feel any sort of character in this world I could be given I would be able to play to a great standard, as I have a good understanding of the lore and story.

    I really don’t have much to write in terms of acting experience other than school productions, however should you accept me in any role I would be incredibly grateful no matter how small or large a part it would be, please consider me. I will not let you down.

    Thank you.

  17. Henry W. Smith

    My name is Henry W. Smith and I firmly believe that I would be a great addition to the cast for Game Of Thrones.
    I am an Actor/ Director and I am 19 years old. If you choose to offer me an audition, I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised by my ability as I have great depth and can bring a real intensity to any role you might consider me for.

    Brief Description of Experiences:
    • Director for the Feature Length horror film ‘Lucifer’s Night’. (Central Creations).
    • Actor and Trainee Assistant Producer at Scare Kingdom-Scream Park.
    • Awarded Best Male Scare Actor Award after my first show and given the lead role for the Christmas Production.
    • Director for the Feature Length horror film ‘Lucifer’s Night’. (Central Creations).
    • Actor in BBC2 TV series ‘The Cup’. (Hartswood Films Ltd).
    • Actor in CBBC series ‘Jinx’. (Kindle Entertainment).
    • Lead role in theatre performance of the book ‘The Spooks Apprentice’.
    • A few smaller amateur roles in theatre productions.
    • Various roles working at The Copp Primary School including Teaching Assistant and Welfare Staff Member.
    • 5 years at the PNSA acting school.
    • 4 A-Levels, 6 AS-Levels, 13 GCSEs.

    About Me:
    I’ve always had a passion for the film and television industry and started to pursue a career in acting from an early age, landing the first audition I attended in a BBC 2 production called ‘The Cup’. This was a comedy filmed as a documentary, following the pushy, over-competitive parents of an under-11s football team. I then later earned a second role in a CBBC program called ‘Jynx’, which was only the second audition I had ever attended. I then went on to receive two call backs after an audition for the BBC Production of ‘Morecambe & Wise’. Therefore of the 3 parts I have auditioned for, I received 2 main roles and 2 call backs.
    After this I took some time out to concentrate on exams and now I am looking to get back into the film and television industry with the ultimate goal of becoming a successful director.
    As a start I recently began working at Scare Kingdom: Scream Park actor over Halloween, after which I was offered a Trainee Assistant Producer role after only my first show. The job was demanding and hard work as the park was open 12 days in a row as part of the Halloween show, with more nights either side of it. However despite how draining the nights were it was intensely thrilling and great fun to be a part of and as a result of my performances I was awarded the ‘Best Male Scare actor’ award and the lead role in the Christmas Production, ‘A Christmas Scarol’. I recently appeared in the Valentine’s Day show in addition to the other roles previously mentioned.
    To add to this I was recently Director on a feature length horror film called Lucifer’s Night which is currently in post-production. The production of this film was on a tight schedule as we only had the set available to us for 5 days. This meant that we worked day night putting in 20 hour shifts on a daily basis so that we could complete the film and do it the justice the script deserved.
    The film follows a young family who have just moved into a house 7 years after the previous owner brutally murdered his wife and son in the name of Lucifer, and his spirit still lingers in the house.
    After working on TV before as an actor I know that film and TV isn’t as glamorous as people seem to believe it is. Its hard work, it’s not stopping until everything is perfect, it’s having the skills and the drive to take an idea and turn it into a reality that everyone can see.
    During my time on set I was fortunate enough to work in both a studio and on outdoor sets, both of which provided me with unique experiences. I also attended the Paul Nicholas School of Acting for 5 years where I learned many skills including stage fighting, improvisation and many more. In addition to these I performed on stage at the local theatre several times with main roles, most notably a production of the book, The Spooks apprentice, in which I performed the lead role. During the rehearsals we were frequently visited by the writer of the book, Joseph Delaney.
    I hope after reading this you will take my application seriously and consider me for the role.

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