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  1. verret vincent

    good morning
    I am 15 years old
    I live in France
    this may discourage me but I’m really motivated. I did not really experience but I have done some theater in my youth. I do not have an exellent level of English but I try to speak well .once again I ‘m really very motivated.
    thank you for your understanding.

  2. Selena Rae

    To whom it may concern ,
    My name is Selena Rae I have been acting, modeling, singing
    and dancing for over 10 years. I have done minor projects here and
    there. Still waiting for that break out role.
    Age: 17 years(soon to be 18)
    Eyes: Hazel Green
    Hair: dark red brown curly(natural hair color)
    Height: 5’6 1/2
    I feel that it would be a great honor to audition for
    a show like Game of Thrones. It’s a spectacular show and would love
    to be considered to play a role on one of HBOs best shows out there.
    Thank for your time.

  3. Maria

    Age 29
    Country: The Netherlands
    Height 5 7
    Hair dark brown
    Eyes green/grey

    Background; Dutch, Maroccan and Spanish.

    I would love to be a part of this epic series.
    And i know you are looking for me!

  4. Marlon

    Dear Sir/Madam
    It would be immense to be apart of this show I have followed this show from the beginning.

    Name: Marlon
    Age: 27
    Height: 6′ 2′
    Eye colour: brown
    Hair colour: Black
    Nationality: British
    Body: Tone

    For more pictures of myself please don’t hestate to be in contract..

  5. Kelsie Warncik

    Hello, my name is kelsie Warnick
    im 19 years old at the time of this reply.
    Height: 5′ 7”
    body: physically fit ( some what of an anorexic- Halfling )
    eyes: color changes ( normally dark blue)
    skin: pale
    hair: red ( natural color)
    Llike all the other fans I extremely love Game of thrones. i have an obsession with the medieval world, because i enjoy dressing medieval when ever i go to Colossal Con or the Renaissance festival. I’m from Ohio and within this past month its usually always snowing and cold. it makes me feel like a “Queen in the North”. I’ve been told by friends that im good at accents and im skilled at archery as well as sword play. I would very much like to be apart of the Game of Throne cast. Go Team Stark!

  6. China

    Dear whomever it may concern,

    I have always wanted to be an actress ever since I was little. I was even in theater for about two years and was in three plays. I played major roles in all of them except the last one, which I played several different minor characters.

    But ever since I started reading the books and watching those same books come to life as the HBO series of Game of Thrones, I fell in love with the world and characters George R. R. Martin created. Being able to act in general would be a dream come true, but to be able to be any of the characters I have come to know through the series would be an honor.

    Name: China
    Age: 21
    Height: 5’1″
    Weight: 113 lbs
    Eye color: blue-gray
    Hair color: light brown with golden highlights
    Nationality: Caucasian (mostly British)

  7. Stephen & Sophie Lane

    To whom it may concern
    I am of 49yrs of age
    English white male
    5,5 in height with black hair and brown eyes.

    Among many others I find myself having a great love for the HBO Game of Thrones series.
    But I must confess I have no previous acting experience although my current job involves
    working with the public.
    I have always wanted to pursue a path within the acting industry as it is something that most of us can only dream about as I have done so for many years.
    Along with my 22yr old daughter who also has that very same dream.
    It would be of upmost honour for either one or both of us to join the cast and crew of one of the worlds best thought out showings whether it just be for an extra or part role.
    Should we be fortunate enough to ascertain any such part within this great series by HBO
    from the George .R ,R Martin Books.
    We offer our gratitude in advance.

  8. Hayden

    Gender : Male
    Eye Colour: Blue Outer Colour, Hazel Inner Colour
    Hair Colour: Dark Brown
    D.O.B: 20/03/1997 (Approaching 18)
    Body: Slim
    Occupation : Final year of High School certificate

    Experience: 5 years of Drama practice within school, participation within a school musical in a lead role and appearance in multiple short films in direction with Tyler Beckley, Director of the award winning short film Emma’s Story.

    I am an actor who takes in the technique of becoming and immersing myself within the role, by studying the character with great interest. I hold no boundaries for what is needed in a role, I’m very flexible in what I need to do. I’m willing to undergo any processes to deliver the perfect adaptation for an audience, especially with the study of original source materials such as the A Song of Ice and Fie series.
    I’m aware of where the show is and the books, I’ve read all of the novels including the recent A World of Ice and Fire, as well as viewed all Seasons of Game of Thrones.
    I have studied greatly into the characters, Quentyn Martell, middle child and eldest son of Doran Martell and Cletus Yronwood. I’m aware that I don’t have any big TV series experience, especially with the level of Game of Thrones, but I’m willing to give you more then you need, whether I have to bend backwards to do it.
    My understanding is that Quentyn Martell’s role may have been merged with Trystane Martell as well.
    In either sense I would be happy to play an extra, minor, lead any role.
    Thank you for viewing my application. Best of luck to your future endeavours with your brilliant show!

  9. Lucy Hillman

    Aspiring model/actress.
    Please take a look at my website.
    All bio, measurements and images available.

  10. Harry whiteley

    Dear who may be conserned,
    My name is Harry Whiteley,
    I am 15 years old, soon to be 16,
    I live in southern England in the county of Devon,
    I’m going to be honest that I became a fan of the show not two long ago watching all the seasons in 2 weeks, I fell in love very quickly with the show!
    I have reasonable amount of experience with acting. 2 summers ago I spent the summer in a medieval falkenry show as a squire so I have experience in handling prop swords and a few bruzes too! Several years ago I took part in the filming of a cued speech film for parents with deaf children to learn cued speech and to teach their children, with in that I did songs and a small acting role. I have took part in many school drama productions and have been pointed out by the audience for my enthusiasm and acting even when my role is minimal. I am not part of any drama groups but I do feel my self to be better at the art than most of the 7 billion inhabitants of the earth. I’d really like to know when the nearest audition for show is as I would love to be a part if the show and I also would take absolute enjoyment out of having the opertunity to audition!
    Thank you!

  11. Alex Dooley

    I’m an aspiring actress who’s waiting for my chance to shine. Yes, I know everybody says this, and it’s true for all. I have passion, determination and a love for the show and book series, and I think I would make a great addition to the already stellar cast. Everybody has to start somewhere, and HBO and GOT to me is the best place for that first step.

  12. Lauren McKenna

    Hi my name is Lauren, I’m from Ireland and would LOVE to be considered for an audition for a part in game of thrones I’m an experienced actor in theatre and short film I’m 18 and can do various accents
    I will email you my CV and head shot on request.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  13. Martin

    I know pain, suffering, the torment of a wasted life leaks from my eyes.

    6″4, 27, caucasian, Huddersfield

  14. Alexander Jacques

    I am a huge fan of the show and the book, I also like to say that i am a good actor for my age and it would be tremendous to be part of the show and meet the brilliant cast that make it perfect. Even if it was an extra it would still be more than i could ask for.

    Name-Alexander Jacques
    date of birth-05-april-2001
    country-United Kingdom
    region- Manchester
    skills- Martial arts, Acting, comedy and am a very good learner

  15. molly Davies

    Hey I’m molly I’m 14 years old. I would really appreciate it if you considered me to be in game of thrones. I started watching the show about 3 months ago and I am now onto the 4th series. Ever since I started watching it I have really wanted to be a part of it. For a while now I have really wanted to work in fikm and tv, I have been looking for casting calls but unfortunately I have found nothing I would be interested in. I think this would be an amazing opportunity for me and would be a great start to a career in film and television.

  16. Nevin mamo

    I never read a Game of Thrones book, I never acted before and I never considered to act. I watched a lot of shows, but after watching game of thrones I just felt I want to be a part of it and I want to start acting. I was born and raised in Germany, originally I’m from Syria and Kurdish. I live since 1 year and 6 month in the USA.

  17. James Laird

    The names James, I’m 20 years old from London.
    5″11 with dirty blonde hair and a GINGER beard so
    I would make a great Wildling ;) i don’t have pearly
    White teeth so just throw me in some rags i’ll mess
    My hair up, grow my beard a tad and i’ll be challenging
    Mance Rayders position in no time.. Who knows maybe
    Even the Iron Thrown itself :)

  18. paul minoret

    hello my name is Paul, I’m 13,I’m french and I speak quite well english. Play in Games of thrones would be a step forward in the career that I want to take in the cinema. I advise you to take me as each minute passed over every scenes would be a huge development. I want to you consider me as a teenager who wants to give a background in cinema. Leave me a chance and you would not be disappointed. And can be has soon.

  19. Hannah Carelse

    Hi! My name is Hannah. I am white south African. 5ft. 40lbs. Brown hair. Green eyes. To keep my message short and sweet, please consider me. I can be professional and am open to all tasks and willing to try new things. Thank you :)

  20. Claire

    My name is Claire and I am a massive fan of the game of thrones book and movie series. I would really love a role in my favourite TV/book series!
    I come from Australia (I’m a quarter Slovenian so I have a sort of Southern European look) , I’m 16 and have olive skin, brown hair and blue eyes.
    I’m 172cm tall, bust – 33″, waist – 29″, hips – 38″
    I have sort of round-almond shape eyes, a slight knobbly nose, and pouty lips although I’m not very good at describing myself.
    I ride horses everyday and compete in dressage and eventing and I’m pretty athletic. I’m fairly good at accents; being Australian, we have fairly weak accents so even if I was around people from other countries I’d probably pick it up unintentionally.
    I really like the role of Holly the wildling in the book “A Dance With Dragons” and thought that I sort of sounded like her. Although, I’d settle for any role at all, I’d just love to be on the show.
    Thank you if you took the time to read this

  21. Mitch Reed

    Male, 27, Denver, Co. Game of Thrones needs my beard and my beard needs Game of Thrones.

  22. William Gaathaug

    Name: William Gaathaug
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Height: 180 cm
    Weight: 70 kg
    Hair color: Brown
    Nationality: Norwegian

    I am a huge fan of Game of Thrones, for it’s intrigues, the politics, and of course for the fact that it is the best tv-series ever made (never read the books). I am an actor, and a pretty good one at that if I may say so myself, and I believe there would be a part in GoT that would suit me perfectly, given my looks, my capabilities and my charm. I believe that GoT could create huge opportunities for me in the future, and I truly believe that I personally would be a great addition to the show. Just ask Kristofer Hivju, the Norwegian playing the wildling Tormund; we Norwegians truly are great actors.

  23. Camille Stassen

    Hi , I am camille stassen , I’m a 15 years old girl from Belgium . I have dark blond hair and blue / green eyes . I speak french and dutch , I speak english pretty well , but I would be willing to take english lessons if needed. I don’t know if it’s important to tell but I’ve been doing horseback riding for 11 years. I’ve never played in a movie or serie before but I’m going to play in our schoolplay and I’ve been having acting lessons for one and a half year. I really like the game of thrones and It would be a pleasure if I could have a role in it .

  24. Ewa

    White as snow. Gratuated Cracow School of Acting. Now I’m leaving in UK.

  25. Sawyer Maier

    I’m Sawyer Maier and I’m 14 yrs old. I’m from Bakersfield, CA in the United States. I speak English and a little Spanish. I’ve been talking to some casting agencies that would like to have me. I’m taking singing and acting lessons from Amy Adams. Amy Adams was in American Idol’s third season and was one of the top ten. Being on Game of thrones would make me the happiest person.

    I have brown hair and blue eyes. I am 5 foot 9 inches tall and my race is white. If you would like me to join your cast, please email me at <hidden from public>. Please let me know thank you.

    Also, I have plenty of acting experience and have written plays of my own. I have been in 9 plays and have directed a few. I may be of some service to you as a helper and as an idea person.

  26. Morgan Paige Johnson

    Age – 23
    Gender – Female
    Height – 5’5
    Weight – 120lbs
    Eye Color – Green
    Hair Color – Dark Auburn
    Build – Slim/Average

    What I can offer – I know how to correctly do War tricks upon horseback, and Dance. I also know how to handle a Broad Sword, and a throwing daggers. I LOVE ARMOR! I love Different Languages, am a quick learner, and I have done every single Renaissance fair as a Drudge, Barmaid, Noble Lady, and even have skills in Hand to Hand Combat. I have proper what you can refer to as Lady Training as well.

    Why I would love to be part of Games of Thrones – I love this season, I love the ideas and fantasy it creates in the human mind, I love just the chance to be able to write this in hopes of being part of this fantasy. I would love just to even be able to see the works up close to make this movie, to see how the actors delve and become their roles. I would love to show you all that I can be as conniving as King Joffery, Fierce as the Hound, and even as Savage as a Khaleesi, and Loving!

    If I am Picked – I will immediately devote every single minute of my day, every Second of my day, perfecting the character, wether it be as a simple Extra, as a Aid to those filming or creating props, or even as a character that may have the chance to stand out as part of a noble family/Farmers Daughter/ or even a Wildling, or a Walker.

    Begging Part – I implore you to please consider me, I am on hands and knees to be given the chance to be apart of something so ….so…..AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC that I will do anything you ask. Yes I know my begging does not hold much to those who have more experience, or gifts and talents, but I will make sure I impress my team, my co-actors, and Directors with my Drive to successfully become a help to Game of Thrones!

    Bad Habits/Traits- I love to talk, sometimes to much, I love to make a fool of myself to ease tension, I love to run around, and I love to also love to become my own character, and sometimes I stay in the role in real life. I also am very ignorant in many things, which leads to embarrassment loads of times

    Why I thought you should know – I find that even bad traits can become helpful, along with annoying, and help become a sole character.

    To the Directors, Workers, and Actors – I wish to say that you all help create a Fantasy which inspires more Artistic and Domestic Changes in our daily lives. You are all my inspiration, and I love that you go through all the trouble to create the best Series ever to live and be presented to the Public!

    I pray for an even higher watch rating upon Season 5

    Morgan Paige Johnson – <hidden from public>  (<hidden from public>)

  27. Tatyana Saba

    age: I am over 18
    height: 5’3
    hair: black/shoulder length
    weight: use your imagination
    ethnicity: what ever you want me to be

    I honestly and HIGHLY doubt that anyone related to this production team will see this. Having experience and knowing how the industry works..this is probably bullshit. So fuck it, why not submit something I suppose.
    more info at


  28. Liam Round

    Age – 29
    Gender – Male
    Build – Athletic
    Tattoos – Yes
    Hair – brown
    Hair Style – shaggy/ rugged
    Facial hair – Yes – trim beard
    ethnicity – White British

    Role relevance – Extremely good at accents be it English, Irish, Scottish, French, Spanish.

    Why should you pick me – because stone me if you actually pick me through this I would be thoroughly surprised!

    Huge fan of the show and was one of the first to watch this when It came out and ever since have been getting friends hooked!

  29. Margaruite McNeill

    30 years old
    5 foot
    8 stone
    long brown hair

    I have absolutely no acting experience whatsoever but i love the show and this is too good of a once in a lifetime opportunity to pass up. Being part of an experience like this would be a dream and one that would never forget. “If you can dream it, you can do it. – Walt Disney”.

  30. Anisa

    Gender: female
    Age: 14yrs (but I look around 16/17)
    Eye colour: dark brown (almost black!)
    Ethnicity: black
    Languages spoken: Dutch and English ( I can read french quite well and I am learning Spanish)
    Experience: I have been in theatre shows before as a minor role
    Hair colour: dark brown with a black mix in

    I would love such an experience and am naturally confident. I would make an easy child to work with and take criticism constructively! Please give me this chance

  31. Abby Vick

    My name is Abby Vick I live in Australia and am part Croatian, I am very interested in a chance to Audition for a role in the television series Game of Thrones, I am 18 years old, female, Caucasian with Blonde hair and blue eyes. I am very passionate about acting, I am willing to travel anywhere in order to audition, I am very good with accents including British. I have finished school, I studied acting in high school and I have also attended a local drama classes. I learn and adapt very quickly.
    Thanks :)

  32. Dee Dee Stephens

    Black/African American/Caribbean
    USC Graduate in Acting
    Starter Dreadlocs

    My name is Dee Dee Stephens. I just got my MFA in acting from the (University of Southern California) USC. I also study improve and sketch writing at Upright Citizen’s Brigade (UCB).
    Those are my credentials, but apart from being passionate about acting, I am a 1st generation American. My family moved here from the Caribbean. That means I was imported! I love to dance and am a trained singer.

    I resisted watching Game of Thrones for a few years because there was so much hype around it. (and because I didn’t have HBO). When I finally decided to watch it, I ended up binging on 2 seasons and got up to date within a week! I drank the coolaid and have been hooked ever since!

    I’m a hard worker and a good actor who loves to have fun but who can also carry the depths of a complicated character. Please check out my website:

  33. Shane finnegan

    My name is shane finnegan
    Im from Ireland
    24 years old
    5,11 in height
    Black hair
    Blue eyes
    Beard (beard can be removed)
    Of athletic build

    I would love the opertunity to take part in the making of game of thrones no matter how big or small, iv always wanted to get into a career in acting but never had the courage,i beleive this would be a huge step in the right direction to a career in this industry,also it would be a honour to take part in a show that i am a huge fan of and work with some big names,
    Thank you

  34. Carolina Zecchini

    Hey there!
    If I am writing here, I don’t think there is the need to say that I really like the books, the TV series, and how much I would love to act in it. All of us want, and all of us nearly have the same good reasons! So, if I were in you I would just read the physical features and look for the characters I need. I am an Italian girl of 24 years old who lives in Cardiff at the moment (I look younger), with tanned skin, brown hair and big hazel eyes. I am 1.66 cm and I weight 52 kg, and I do have an athletic body since I am very sporty. My accent is pretty light. I think I have pretty and interesting features. Contact me if you are interested! Cheers :)

  35. Jack Harris

    My name is Jack. I’m 17 years old from Ireland. I love anything to do with acting. I am 5 foot 10. Brown hair blue eyes. I would love to be given an opportunity to take part in this wonderful show. It would be a tremendous honour to work with the very talented actors you have on the show. If you would give me an chance to show you what I could bring to the show I would very much appreciate it. Thanks

  36. Maxim

    Hi guys :)
    My name is Maxim, and I’m here in order to join your show.
    I’m from France and I’ve been studying English for 11 years but don’t worry, I actually have a very good accent.
    I’m one of the biggest fan of your show, I watched the 4 seasons 4 time, and I’m ready to do anything to play in the show.
    What are my assets ?
    – I’m actually quite good looking, and if you don’t trust me, check on Facebook “Maxim Monange”
    – I’m brawny ( I’m doing bodybuilding ). You don’t trust me ? Check on Facebook
    – I did some theater
    – I know how to ride a horse
    Oh, and by the way, I’m 14 years old (don’t worry about my parents, they totally agree). I don’t want you to think your reading a comment written by an adult.
    But let me tell you other things about me :
    I’m quite small ( 5.08 ft ) so I can whether play the role of a very young boy or a teenager. I have green eyes and my hairs are light brown colored.
    My motivation ? I absolutely want to play with the main actors such as Peter Dinklage, Maisie Williams or Emilia Clarke because for my, they are simply brilliant.
    Thank you to have read until the end,
    I’m just so exited about what your going to answer,

  37. Lauren Hall

    To Whom it May Concern,
    I would like to be apart Game of Thrones series for many reasons. I am just starting out in the entertainment industry so I don’t have any bad habits, meaning I’m very modifiable to the stories directional needs. I think one of the things that are important for directors when choosing people for their project is that the talent are like minded and able to interact well with the other actors and crew on the set. Also to be involved in a series I am familiar with. I have seen ever episode and know the characters and story line well. Although I have only been apart of a few productions, I fell in love with acting after my first Industry job as on set Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Being able to bring to life what someone has designed in there imagination is amazing and I feel honored when chosen to do that. To be trusted with someone’s work and ideas. I would love a chance to be involved in this series. To help bring to life the characters in the books would be a dream come true. To be able to learn and grow along with my character and my fellow actors on set, I’m excited to just think about it. If I am accepted I will do my best in whatever role I am given. I am looking for the opportunity to grow and learn. What better way to be able to learn then in a series such as this and in the surroundings of such accomplished crews and actors.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.
    -Lauren Hall
    29yrs old (look early 20’s)
    athletic build
    brown curly/wavy hair
    brown eyes
    Arizona resident
    Valid Passport Lauren Hall (V)

  38. Langlet Loic

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    My name is Loic Langlet. I’m french and 17 years old (08/02/1997) but I look a little bit older.
    I would play a role in Game of Thrones because I love this serie and because it’s a fantastic experience that only happens once in a life.

    I don’t have much training in cinema but I am hard working and I learn very quickly. I think it’s a really good occasion to learn more. In other hand, I have training in different things (ride horse and others things like this).
    I’m 6’6 ft with an athletic build. I have brown hair, brown eyes and light skin.

    I hope that you will consider my demand and contact me for more informations.

  39. Karinrinkashi

    Here are a few bits about me.

    I can talk to myself for hours pretending to be different people. I can have a conversation with myself from many different perspectives. I have never had a boring conversation, even when i am alone. That is just a talent i have achieved by living alone from my family for a long time. When you don’t have anyone to share with, you share with yourself. As if you are your own mother, father, sister, brother… and then you answer yourself in the same way. It is easy, you just need a mind set. And i have got plenty of it.

    I am not some acting professional, or some stage hardened acting veteran. I didn’t go to any famous schools to learn the skill. Because i learned it through one of the best teachers of any lessons, Life! I can pretend to be anyone at anytime. Everyone who knows me, they all agree that i am one of the best liars (face to face) they have ever known. But they still love me because i usually tell them that i was lying. I have never used this skill to benefit myself (maybe a few occasions, worth it!)

    I am an Electrical Engineer working as a Software Engineer. I know how to manipulate people and how to use their insecurities. It is easy for me. But i am an honest man. I accept my faults, and my rough personality. I know i am stubborn, and arrogant, too straight forward. But i am not sorry for saying what i actually believe, and not licking someone’s boots. You asked me “how do i look in that dress?” Well, i am so sorry my dear, but you don’t look good in it. Life is simple, as long as you speak your mind. My arrogance gives me confidence, and my confidence has made me VERY ambitious. I can speak to myself, or a hundred thousand people. It is all the same for me. I am very aggressive in arguments, and i am merciless if it is between me and the other guy. If i was fighting the mountain and had him on his back, like the Red Viper of Dorne did, he would have been dead before his next breath.

    Self pity killed Oberyn, and i despise him for it. He should have gotten over his little “I want you to say the name” and ended it. Only, if only it was me!

    I am not putting my real name. Because my friends might read it, they are all big GoT fans. I don’t want them to get the wrong idea. I am putting my email for contact and will provide full identity, if asked too.

    Without going into too much detail.. Here are some facts about me

    Age: 24
    Weight: 135 lb
    Height: 5 feet 10 inches
    Skin: Brown
    Accent: Indian/Subcontinental (But not too heavy)
    Hair: Brown (dark)

    Residing in the U.S. currently.

  40. Peleki Rokovada

    Well where should I start? To be totally honest with you I don’t have any acting experience whatsoever. I would really much love to be a part of the pirates extras as I am dark skinned with frizzy hair and a decent bushy beard. Brown eyes, 5 foot 8 stocky built, 25 years old. Thats about it.

  41. Aaron David

    Hello My name is Aaron,

    I have various experience of acting in stage productions. I have studied Drama at A level and excelled at various challenges.

    I am a huge fan of the series and the books, I would consider it an honour just to be considered to take part in such a show.

    I am 5ft 10″ with an athletic/large build

    I’m 24
    Light skin
    Blonde/brown hair
    Thick beard (can be removed if necessary)
    Deep blue eyes
    Nationality – Welsh

  42. ibrahim boulos

    it had been my dream.

  43. Benjamin

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’m a 25 year old actor living in Los Angeles. I study acting at two schools. One teaches improvisation and the other Meisner technique. To me Game of Thrones is a great show because it allows you to go places and enter worlds that our daily lives can’t provide, at least not mine and I try very hard. To be one of these characters will be a shear delight. Being able to co-create this world with my own presence and creativity would be pure magic and even better then just sitting on the couch and absorbing it.

    I believe I can add a character to your show that is exciting and original as fitting. My appearance is that of a mix between a Viking and lumberjack. I have middle long, red hair and brown greenish eyes. I’m 5’11 and well build. I look a little like Jon Snow but with the wits and curiosity of Tyrion Lannister. I could be a warrior with a wild look, especially when I let my red beard grow. I could also be of royal blood. Shaven I look young and classical. An eccentric with an intense and bold look in my eyes. There’s a dark side to me that can turn evil, on the edge of a psychopath or it can go in the direction of a more outspoken flamboyant character with sex appeal being mischievous and courting the innocent, playing mind games or firing up the masses.

    A while ago I made a big change in my life dedicating it fully to learn the craft of acting and to succeed in this challenging world. Almost everything I do now is to serve that goal. I’m disciplined and I work hard because I believe the universe will meet you half way on the amount you put in yourself. By walking this path it already showed me in many unexpected ways how true this is. Now by writing this, I hope your doors will open up to me, so I can show more of myself and that maybe very soon I can enter the world of the Game of Thrones!

  44. Tyler Armstrong

    Name: Tyler Armstrong
    Age: 20 (september 15th, 1994)
    Residence: Chelmsford, Massachusetts
    Description: 5’11”, average build, strong, short dirty blond hair, brown facial hair.

    I am currently studying acting at my local community college and would love to pursue a career in filmand television acting. I have read all of the books and seen every episode of the television series as well as done a fair share of research on the actors. I would be willing to perform any role but would prefer to have a lead role or side role. Being an extra is also in my interest as well but I have a strong passion for acting in films as well as behind the scenes work. I am willing to learn another language if the role calls for it as well as change my physique and hair.

  45. Luke

    Gender – Male
    Age – 16
    Hair Colour – Very dark brown
    Skin tone – Olive (Hispanic like)
    Build & height – Broad/Muscular
    5ft 10
    Location – Essex (No Essex accent though… Luckily)
    Hobbies – Gym, Football, Rugby

    I am English / Italian student studying in college with a huge love for television series and movies (especially Game Of Thrones). I have no real professional experience in acting yet I have taken lead parts in stage performances in my previous years in school and for GSCEs which I achieved A/A*s for. I have no real aspiration for a being a star or celebrity just a real passion for acting and looking for a break through and a experience to remember. I would describe myself as an actor as very passionate, unique and an abundance of confidence and ability.

    I would love for the opportunity for even an audition and would love to be considered for a even an extras role.

  46. Tainui Pene

    Obara Sand is a Maori from New Zealand

    I’m also a Maori from New Zealand, I could be Dornish too. I could be one of the Red Vipers bastards.

    I have the skin color, however my accent is probably better suited for a Dothraki savage.

    I’m 25
    Slim physique
    Light brown skin
    Dark thick black hair
    Not that tall, but neither was Oberyn Martell

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

  47. James Luckett

    I simply know that if I get a chance at something, I’ll take it all the way. You give me an inch and I’ll make it a mile. I’m James Luckett, a musician, 18, modeled when I was younger, writer, poet, actor, athlete, student, and I know I can be much more with the right support.
    Instagram: Thatone55

  48. BreAna

    Hello, my name’s BreAna, and I’m a fan of HBO. I’d love to become a part of the amazing cast and crew that have brought so much to the entertainment industry. I’m 18 years old and I love in Houston, Texas.

  49. Kerry Jane Turner

    My name is Kerry Jane Turner and i am from the United Kingdom. I adore Game of Thrones more than anything. I am very passionate about this television series and would love for the show to become a reality. I really feel at heart with the characters and love to be able to choose the side that i so greatly love and would fight for if i was in every characters position. Game of Thrones has been my life since i watched the whole series twice and will continue to watch it a third. It is my dream to be able to be a part of the team and be able to act in the television series that i would truly watch forever more. I would love to enhance other’s experience with the show and be able to give my all and show that i am capable of being a great actress. I countdown everyday until season 5 and will carry on supporting the show as much as i can and i can not explain how much this opportunity would mean to me. I am a creative thinker and i have a loud and confident personality. I am very bubbly and love to be able to give my type of personality a great place to show off ( instead of annoying my parents talking about game of thrones). I was over the moon the get my Daenerys Targaryen Pop Vinyl for Christmas and i cannot wait to get Hodor. I hope you consider and thank you so much for constantly giving your fan base a great television series to watch!

    Gender: Female
    Age: 17 ( 18 in April 2015 ).
    Height: about 5’6
    Nationality: White British
    Hair: Bright blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin: Pale white
    Accent: British

  50. Brenda Salgado

    Hi my name is Brenda Salgado. I’m 23 years old. I’ve watch all of your seasons and I’m in love. This show is the best. I would really appreciate if you would take me in consideration to be a part in this extraordinary series . Thank you.
    I’m 5’2
    Body type: slim
    Eye color: brown
    Spanish/ English speaking.

  51. Michael Messina

    I would like the opportunity to join as a cast member or extra in this great series. The history and storyline is so significant and has been a huge thrill these past 4 seasons. I am excited for the start of season 5 and would appreciate the chance to return the favor back to you hard workers for entertaining millions of fans. I am hard working and am willing to do anything in order to help you the cast and crew out. I’m an 18 year old Caucasian male and I’m 6″ with black hair.

  52. Ruby Wiltshire

    My name is Ruby, I’m 27 years old (but look like I’m 18) and grew up in London.

    Ever since I was a young child I have always dreamed of becoming an actress. I drove my parents crazy acting out my favourite movies in the living room 2-3 times a day from Peter Pan, to Jurassic Park. That dream has never left me but my life hasn’t really panned out as desired. I used to model and always hoped that would lead me into acting but several years later I now find myself working as a police officer so that never worked out!

    Game of Thrones is one of my favourite tv shows and through the on screen talent and amazing story line I have been inspired to pursue my life long dream before it is too late. Although I may lack in experience I do not lack in determination and drive. If given the opportunity I would put my life and soul into my work as I would after all be living my childhood dream!

    White British, blonde hair, grey eyes, slim build, 5’8.

    If any further information is required, please let me know :)

    Thank you.

  53. Yakup Gün

    Hello, my name is Yakup, my nationality is Austria (but my parents are turks).

    I live in Austria and I love “Game of Thrones”. I’m studying french and geographie to become a teacher.

    Gender: male
    Age: 22
    Hair: black
    Eyes: brown
    Languages: German, Turkish, English, French, but I love also the language and accent of Khaleesi :)

    I hope you give me the chance, it would a pleasure for me.

    Thank you!

  54. Jack Matthews

    Hey my name is Jack Matthews.I’m an Musician/Actor,i.m 16 but i look about 21.I have massive experience in Performing,I have performed in front of many large crowds(1500-4000)as a Singer ..I Also have Great experience in acting as i’m in the Youth Theatre Company in the Gaiety School of Acting And we have performed original plays in theatre’s like the Black Box in Dublin.I would love the chance to audition for a role in Game Of Thrones it would be a fantastic experience!

    Height: 6ft3
    Hair:Shoulder Length Brown curly hair
    Eyes:Light Blue eyes
    Special Skills:Tenor Vocal range,Guitar player


    Iam a Maldivian, I have a very unique look and I have good acting skills, I’m willing to play any part in the series.
    I’m brown skinned with a curvy figure and I have the experience of acting and a look that you can use in a unique character.
    If given the opportunity I would assure you that you would never be disappointed.
    There hasn’t been a Maldivian ( a person from the Maldives ) in any of the movies in any international entertainment sector yet but I assure you that our look and our skills would really impress you.
    Thank you

  56. Carly Ziegler

    Hello there! I’m Carly a nineteen-year-old Music and Theatre college student from Wisconsin. Acting, music, and theatre in general has always been a passion of mine, and being apart of something so big and fantastic would be an amazing experience and being to life the incredible words of George Martin would be a dream come true.
    I have a great appreciation for the arts and have been in four musicals, Dear Edwina, Thoughly Modern Milly, Beauty and the Beast, and 42nd Street, two plays, The High Schooler’s Guide to the Galaxy, Midsummer/Jersey, as well as a mini play for competition, They Call Me Danny Brillo. I have also worked back stage creating lighting designs, building sets, working on crew, and student directing. I consider myself a bright and creative individual that takes pride in what she does and hates to be late for anything.
    I have experience in stage fighting, creating a stage fighting sequence, and actual fighting. As of two years ago I have train and competed in the Martial Art of Muay Thai Kickboxing in which I am undefeated and am an International Super Welter Weight Champion in Muay Thai.
    Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor so I want to experience all I can.

  57. Laura Cody

    I absolutely love Game of Thrones. I was hooked as soon as I watched the first ten minutes of episode one!

    I would love the opportunity to audition for this brilliant series .
    Age: 23
    Height: 5″2
    Size: 10
    Eye Colour: Blue
    Hair: Blonde and long (happy to dye or wear wigs)
    Skin: Fair
    Skills: Singing (mezzo soprano), dancing (tap, ballet, jazz, contemporary, pole dancing)
    Accents: General American, British RP

    TV & Film Credits:
    Miss you already – Club goer – Catherine Hardwicke
    Prattle – Extra – Lee Apsey
    The Hard Life – Rachel – Monisha Patel
    The Queen’s Golden Jubilee – Lead dancer – Mary Ward
    The Queen Mothers 100th Birthday Celebrations – Mary Ward

    Thank you in advance for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kind Regards,

    Laura Cody

  58. Tianna

    I am a dedicated fan of game of the game of thrones novels and would love to be apart of the series.
    18 year old Australian female, willing to travel.
    5 foot 2″, dark brown hair, hazel eyes, Caucasian.
    Thanks !

  59. Gert Laen


    My name is Gert Laen and i would like to have a chance to do an audition for The HBO show Game of Thrones. I enjoy watching game of thrones and i would like to join this project and prove my acting skills to you guys. Here are some of my features.
    -i’m 18 years old
    -great physical shape
    -not to unattractive
    -skin: fair
    -i come from belgium and have a slight accent.
    -i’ve not to much acting experience except from some plays in my town.
    – i’m 1m85 tall
    – i love acting and i hope you guys are prepared to give me a chance.
    Thanks for the opportunity
    Gert Laen

  60. Zin Min

    My name is Zin Min, Jr. from Burma and I watched Season 1-3 for 72 hours straight…nuff said.

  61. Andrew

    Hair:dark brown
    Eyes:dark brown

    Fan of the show and wanted to join the cast.

  62. Rania Lyazidi

    Hello, my name is Rania Lyazidi. I live in Morocco and am moroccan but grew up in America and have an American nationality.

    Here is my info:

    Age: 15
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 130
    Type: Caucasian
    Hair: Long (dirty blonde)
    Eyes: Blue
    Languages: English, Arabic, French
    Accents: British, American, Arabic, French, Scottish, Irish, Indian

    Thank you for your time and consideration, hope to hear from you!

  63. Stu Gordon Craig

    Male 33 living in Cambridge England.
    Has no previous experience in acting and only notoriety is that of a claim to the head of the Scottish Craig clan.
    While I feel I a could become a part of this show I would require an opportunity to demonstrate this in person.
    Email for further details inclusive of experience.

  64. Annabelle Eirth

    age: 18
    height: about 5’4
    weight: 55kg
    Nationality: Australian
    hair: brown
    eyes: brown
    skin: pale white
    skills: martial arts training, art, skilled at various accents, can speak basic Japanese and Latin, and writing.
    history: currently enrolled in a course at Perth Film School.
    I have loved both the books and the television series and would work hard should I be afforded the opportunity to work on this incredible project. Acting is a huge passion of mine and I fully intend to pursue it, I only ask for the chance and privilege to do so. I also know one of the old cast members, I believe she was one of the girls at Craster’s keep, so I could learn about the process from her experience. Thank you for your consideration.

  65. Amy fincham

    Name: Amy Fincham.
    Age: 19
    Gender: female
    Height: 5.5 feet
    Hair Colour: dark brown hair.
    Eyes: dark blue
    Accent: northern English.
    I have very fair skin and playing age is 16-25.
    I am very passionate about acting I am a freelance actress have attended an British drama school and would be perfect in game of thrones I love the TV programme and I am a hard worker and have a love for screen acting. I would relish in this opportunity and it would be a great pleaser to be a part of game of thrones. I believe I have the look and talent that would fix straight in to your show.

  66. chantel

    My name is Chantel – 16, British, Female, 5ft 6, light brown very long hair but willing to cut and dye my hair to suit needs, green eyes, size 8, born 2nd June 1998.

    I have been acting for a very long time in small productions with my drama schools, my high school and currently studying acting at college where I perform on a regular basis as different characters which is challenging but very fun. I put my all into everything I do and would just enjoy this so much.

    Thankyou for your time,

    Email me for any other details – pictures, CV, etc.

  67. Lina Guennouni

    Name: Lina Guennouni
    Country of Residence: Morocco
    Adress: 705 avenue de fes californie, casablanca
    Postal Code: 20150
    Birth Date: November 6, 1999
    Age Appearance : can vary from 15- 20yrs olds
    Height: 1m70
    Weight: 65 kilos
    Hair: light brown
    Eyes: light brown
    Ethnicity: Caucasian/ Mixed
    Gender: Female
    School: George Washington Academy (Casablanca)
    Languages spoken fluently: English, French, Arabic
    Accents: American, Arab, French, British
    Experience: 2 episodes of the show Switchers, played Nancy in the play Oliver Twist, and played the Genie in the play Aladdin.
    Talents: Acting, singing, and basketball
    Additional Information: Received the best actress award four times in a row in Studio des Arts Vivants ( Studio of the Living Arts) which is an acting school in Casablanca, Morocco

  68. Gabriela Betancourt

    My name is Gabriela Betancourt and I am 17 years old, although I do look younger than my age. My hair is dark brown and curly, my eyes are almost black in color. My skin is fair but has olive tones. I have a slightly chipped front tooth as well as some freckles on my nose. My height is 5’5” and I weigh approximately 125 lbs. I run frequently and lift weights, so my physique is toned but not extremely muscular.

    I have done stage acting in several musicals and plays for 6 years, but I have never done onscreen acting. An avid reader since childhood, acting is a way for me to make the characters I read about come alive. In musicals, I have played a wide variety of roles, from dramatic love-struck characters, to silly little girls, to even the male character of Chip Tolentino in the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Game of Thrones is an incredible series, and through it, I recaptured the incredible feeling of being so deeply engrossed with a novel that it is impossible to stop reading, even for an instant. I had not experienced that joy in quite some time prior to being introduced to the series. Day in and day out, I find myself wishing to become a part of a world different than the one I am currently in, and acting in this series would provide an opportunity that would be unmatched by any other experience. Although talents similar to mine are most likely great in number, I hope that the passion for characters and for the story that I display may aid in setting me apart.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  69. Lyla Murray

    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: British
    Height: 5 ft 3
    Location: Scotland

    I love the show Game of Thrones and what a better start to your acting career than to take part in the best TV show on air. I have little experience outwith school productions and drama classes in high school but i love to do it and take to roles easily and with great enthusiasm. Game of Thrones is the best tv show ever and to be any part in it would just be amazing. I hope to hear more updates soon so i can apply!

  70. Abigail Moodie

    Name: Abigail Moodie
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    > I live in Edinburgh, Scotland but originally come from London so am able to speak in an English and Scottish accent
    Height: 5ft 4in
    Hair colour: Dark brown
    Eye colour: Blue
    Skin colour: Fair
    > I trained in ballet for 11 1/2 years during which time I performed in multiple ballet shows in Edinburgh’s Churchill Theatre. I also play the cello and guitar and am able to sing. I am a member of the school choir and string ensemble.

    > My previous experience includes title roles in school musicals, as well as a performance in The Lyceum Edinburgh with the National Theatre connections festival

    > I am currently a member of The Lyceum Youth Theatre and previously I was apart of two other drama clubs.

    > Although my experience is limited I am dedicated to acting and would work hard. I get on well with others so work well in a team. It would be an honour to be part of such an amazing, unique show of which I am a huge fan. I have wanted to be an actress for so long and to even be considered would be amazing it would be a dream come true. Thank you very much for this opportunity.

  71. Alex Bulthuis

    I think it would be a great experience. Always wanted to try to something new and different and would love help to be a part of this show ! I feel like i would be more of an evil kind of character in a show so i would love to do something along those lines of acting.

  72. emily holmes

    Hello, my name is Emily and I would love the opportunity for an audition for this amazing show as it is one of my favourites on T.V.

    I’m fifteen years old and from sutton,Dublin.
    I have done courses with the Gaiety school of acting such as
    -the make a movie course, and
    -young Gaiety,
    these courses have helped me build confidence and i plan to do more and plan to do more courses next year, such as accent workshops, masterclasses and casting call workshops. I have taken part in a student short film with the title of Daddy’s little secret, where i play a daughter who discovers that her father is a cross dresser. I had great fun doing these and would like to do more acting. After seeing my profile on the gaiety casting website {sorry if it hasn’t been updated in a while} my mum received an email from a casting agent from game of thrones looking for young teenage girls to be a maid in a brothel in the series, although my mum expressed my interest, the offer unfortunately did not fall through.

    – I’m female.
    – I have below the shoulder length fair hair.
    – Light blue eyes.
    – fair skin.
    – I am 5ft 3\4.
    – and dying hair or wigs etc are not an issue, i would also travel if needed.

  73. Kieran sharp

    Hair colour-brown
    Skin colour-white
    I’m currently living in England
    I have been apart of a few stage performance i
    Iam confident in front of people and love to act
    The show is the best show on TV and I’m glad to have this opportunity to be apart of it
    Please consider me and thank you.

  74. Joshua

    I am a huge fan of the series and books! I would be honored to be apart of the project even if it means just being an extra.
    22 years old
    Blue eyes
    Dark dark brown hair
    White skin(slight tan)
    Can speak French !

  75. James Smith

    Name James Smith
    Gender male
    age 22
    height 5 10
    race black
    hair black or bald
    eye color dark brown
    Talents pianist and can do British voices very good
    I was in several plays in high school such as Shakespeare I want to broaden my horizons by being a character in game of thrones because acting is my life style

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