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  1. Monica

    Hi , I am 16 years old I live in San Diego ca I am Hispanic but light skinned I look white , I have blonde/brown hair & green eyes , I speak,write& talk Spanish (: I am willing to travel , I’ve always wanted to be an actor or a singer/dancer . I love to act I am good at learning fast ! I love being dramatic , I have tried out for commercials before & modeling gigs but I didn’t do it because I had to pay like 2,000 to start & I didn’t have money at the time but now my parents are wiling to do whatever they can to help me reach my goals I won’t give up . I’ve done acting auditions & out of 250 people they picked 5 & I was one of them but I was little ahah , my uncle works for crimal minds but sadly I am to young :/ I kno god will bless me one day to accomplish my goals (: I would love to be on this (:

  2. Zen Isidora

    Camp Rock is the most awesome movie that I ever saw in my life and im a Lovatic. I can sing,act but in not so great in dancing but im working on it. I can speak Serbian,English,French and a bit of Dutch and Chinesse. Im 5’7. I have brown eyes and hair. I’m 13 and in March 2015 I will be 15. I don’t live in America, so i can only cast online to send a video or something. I’m in 8th grade. I am a cheer person and I think I can light up a room. Thanks.

  3. MadisonNicole

    Hello My name is Madison
    Brown eyes
    Dirty Brown hair.
    I think I should be considered because I can sing.

    I absolutely love Camp Rock! It’s been my movie since it came out, I love the Mitchie and Shane relationship and I’d love to be on Camp Rock! Please consider me! Thank You!!

  4. Logan Butler

    Hi, I’m Logan. I’m 13 and I love Camp Rock 1 &2. I love acting; acting is my life. I also like to sing and dance, so I would love to be part of Camp Rock 3. I will take (almost) any role. I’m 5’2, and can pass for 2 years younger and older. Please consider me. Thanks.

  5. Byron Pritchett

    Hi, IM byron im 19

  6. joshua harris

    hello im joshua harris im 15 years old and i attend mcgavock high school. i would love to be in this movie because i have seen 1 and 2 and since there is a 3 coming out i have to take the chance i put another audition for the movie with zendaya.
    height: 5’3
    eye color:black
    hair color and height: black and short
    the other reason i want to be in this movie is because i want to do something for my mom to be proud of. i want to move me and my family to california and to get out of being broke all the time. all i ask of you is to give me one chance.

  7. jocelyn villalvazo

    hello my Jocelyn Villalvazo , I would love to be apart of camp rock 3 . I love acting and it has become a passion of mine. I have had experience , I was casted in my middle school plays. I got the lead in the play my 7th grade year. I would play anything .:)

  8. Lauren Wilson

    I have seen both camp rock one and two and I sing along to every song love the music and I just love singing its how I spend my days I am a hard worker I can be random at times I can pick up dance routines pretty quickly. I am 17 years old, I have medium brown hair, hazel eyes, I am 5″10.

  9. Jasmine Choi

    Hello, my name is Jasmine Choi. I am fourteen years old, now turning fifteen. I have been in multiple choirs, and I have been dancing since pre-school. I would like to have even a small part in this movie. I have an amazing range of notes for singing, I can play the violin, guitar, and piano. I currently have straight A’s and I am maintaining this grade in school. I hope you will consider my request.

    Thank you for your time.

  10. Lily Child

    Hi I love to sing and act and am 13 years old. I’m African American and 5’3. I weigh 115 lbs. And I LOVE TO READ!!

  11. Laura Claire Johnston

    Hello Disney ! I’m thirteen, nearly fourteen, and I love camp rock! I live in Scotland so I know I live quite far away but I still think that it would be an amazing opportunity . I would love to be in musical theatre when I’m older but I love Disney and it’s always been a dream to be part of a Disney show or movie. I believe that I should be considered because I really have a feel for these types of movies. I love pop and rock and these sort of songs I can really express myself in! I work really hard and I just would love to show what I can do. I’m sorry if this application form wasn’t phrased in the best way but I hope I’m considered. Laura .

  12. Nathaly Pimienta

    Hello Disney!
    First of all, I want to say thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity.
    I am 19 years old and have dreamt of being on tv since I was little.
    I remember doing skits, writing songs, memorizing every word to a movie and thinking to myself, “I want to be part of Disney someday.”
    I was on a drill team and have performed in front of thousands of people.
    As a dancer, you have to act, smile, and make sure you make the audience fall in love.
    We had to do certain face expressions, and our body language had to be a certain way.
    Acting, and dancing are very similar and I couldn’t help but fall in love with both.
    I think I would be great for this role due to the fact that I absolutely love this movie! I remember buying the soundtracks and memorizing the words to each song. I would grab the microphone and pretend I was Mitchie haha. I think being a part of this movie would be so much fun. I love the storyline. I mean, I always wished Camp Rock was real, and now, it kind of could be! Haha.
    I’m very outgoing, but will take her job seriously.
    I love meeting new people, and overcoming challenges.
    I’m the kind of girl that would go out of her way to perfect something and make someone smile!
    I am 5’0 tall. Short, but that doesn’t stop me.
    I am bilingual. I speak Spanish and English.
    I have brown hair and light skin.
    I love to make people laugh and if I can do that on national television, then that would mean the world to me! Thank you.

  13. Lajune Ewing

    hi its me again more reasons im 12 but im so tall i can pass for 15 acting and singing is my life also dancing everytime i watch camp rock i want to dance and sing along sometines i pretend im dancing singing and acting with demi lovato and others im good for this part because if you ask me too name everything that happens in both camp rock1 and 2 and i would get every detail please let me prove the people who bully me let me prove them wrong. please help me i love this movie and everyone in it consider me for a role i also have the looks for this roll i have brown eyes and black hair and im lightskin and like i said im tall i promise i will attack this roll just to get in on my side ill do all i can to get this role BECAUSE CAMP ROCK MUSIC MOVES MY SOUL I CAN HEAR IT EVERYDAY AND EVERYNIGHT ITS THE ONE THING ON MY MIND.

  14. Lajune Ewing


  15. Maria

    Hi, im Mia (my real name is Maria though)
    Im 15 years old, (about to be 16 in about 2 1/2 months)
    Im 5’3
    I sing, and do covers (their on youtube too!) and i play guitar
    Originaly my goal was to be a film maker but over an amount of time Ive beome more interested in acting
    I have done some dancing in the past, ive been in a couple dance groups and have performed. But music is more my style
    Music has always been my passion though.
    Ive been a fan of Camp Rock since it aired the first time.
    It would be a dream of mine to be in its new upcoming movie.
    Please think about me for the movie, thank you :)

  16. HAILEY

    i should be counsederd becuse i play keybord,gutair ,songwrite , sing drums, flute,piano. i love camp rock.

  17. sabah

    Hi my name is sabah. I love singing and acting and have always hoped to get a role in a play or movie. Something that could open doors for me.
    I am Indian, have Brown eyes, Brown ombred hair, I am 5,7 and weigh 9 stone 2 lbs. I live in Leicester, United kingdom and I hope you give me this opportunity and chance to prove myself.

  18. Daisy Jimenez

    hi I’m Daisy I’m 13, 5’4, 95 pounds, slim, light skinned, brown hair, brown eyes and I love camp rock ever since I watched that movie I’ve loved singing and acting and I am talented at them so please make my dream come true thank you

  19. Dominique Gonzalez

    Hello. I feel I should be considered for this comedy because not only do I act but I very funny. I don’t strive for the lead because I do not feel confident enough to say I am a great enough actress for that, but I do believe I would be good enough for any supporting roles. Thank yup for your time and consideration, I know your very busy. I honestly hope you do consider me, I promise you won’t regret it.

  20. Justice McClain

    My name is Justice McClain. I am 15 years old,
    I travel with the circus, i have been traveling for 12 years now. I practice straps and lyra in the show. I sing, Dance, Model, and Act. I speak English and Portugues and i’m working on my Spanish. when i came to Denver with my mom i started dancing for the Denver Nuggets, it was a great experience !
    My father is the Ringmaster at Ringling Bros and Barnum Bailey, his name is Andre McClain.
    My Father and I own about 6 Horses,2 Zebra’s,2 Lama’s, 1 Donkey, 1 cat, and 1 dog. My father plays instruments, he sings, he is an entertainer, a animal trainer and much more. and i am following his footsteps! I am hoping to join you guys .
    Sincerely, Justice McClain

  21. Jessica Jackson

    Hi I am Jessica! I love acting, it’s my life. I would be perfect for Camp Rock because I love the movies!
    Age: 10
    DOB: 02/07/04
    Gender: Female
    Height: 4’9″
    Weight: 87.2
    Hair color: Blonde
    Eye Color: blue
    Race: white
    Country: USA
    Experience: I only do school plays because of stuff, I am very talented and will work super hard!
    Other: sing, dance, act,
    I wear glasses
    Thank you so much for this!!
    -Jessica Jackson

  22. Talitha Cullum

    Excuse me my name is Talitha and i can sing slightly and i can act decently sadly my experience stops with school activities but ive been told im pretty good.
    Im 5’5 i have blue eyes brown/blonde hair and currently am 140 lb thank u if u consider me.

  23. Daniella Barahona

    My name is Daniela Barahona.
    One of my biggest dreams has always been to act, and I think this would be a great opportunity for me. Unfortunately in my country there are no many opportunities for this, so I really want to give a little chance. I have no problem in traveling at the place that you indicate me. I rally hope you contact me thank you very much
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Country: Costa Rica
    Date of Birth: 06/06/95
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’2ft
    Weight: 117lbs
    Hair color: Caramel Brown
    Eyes color: brown
    Skink color: light skinned
    languages: English ,Spanish ,French and Italian

    **Other: Model, violinist and tennis player.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity!!

  24. Vlad Catusanu

    My name is Vlad Catusanu and I am 17 years old, I’ve been acting for a couple of years now I am very passionate and I’d do anything to accomplish my dream of being an actor. My dance skills are very perceptive and I am able to learn a lot in very short time of periods.

  25. Audrey Sweten

    Hi, my name is Audrey Sweten and I love acting! I am eleven years old and just started middle school. I know I may not look different from the rest but I have been moved all the way around the world since I was little because of my mom’s job. I have been in choir for two years now. And I have been in 4 school productions including Roxie and the Hooligans, 101 Dalmations, Midsummers Night Dream, and Harmony High. I took ballet and tap dancing when I was little. I have loved Camp Rock since it first started. If you were to pick me I would give my best effort to be the character in the movie.

  26. Cortney Williams

    Hi I’m Cortney I’m fifteen and I’ve always wanted to be part of the camp rock gang it would be an honor to be in the next movie I’m a great dancer and singer and do a little acting I hope I can be part of the show.

  27. Hannah Berger

    ! ! ! PLEASE READ BELOW ! ! ! :

    Hello everyone,
    I’m Hannah and 14 years old. I’m from Germany. I’m a part of a musical group at my School. My biggest dream is being an actress but I live in Germany and nobody can get a famous actress/actor in Germany. I’m really interested in a role in School of Rock. Sure, I have a German accent. I know I’m only one of thousand but please give me a chance.

    Thank you for reading.
    I hope to hear from you soon.
    Hannah. :)

    hair color: darkblond/brown with many blonde highlights
    eye color: green
    height: 163cm

  28. jasmine

    Hi my name is jasmine and i love camp rock and my #1 idol is demi lavato im an actress, and dancer i go to barbizon hollywood i have been in stage performances in dance but my singing skills arnt as good but im not shy to sing loud in public. so i would like to be chosen for camp rock

  29. Ila Koch

    Hi I’m Ila Koch. I and 13 years old going into 8th grade. I have been wanting to be an actress and a singer since The age of 2. I have taken tap, jazz, and ballet dance lessons for 7 years. I have taken hip hop and modern dance lessons for one year. I am currently not taking any lessons. I haven’t been since the beginning of 6th grade. I have been in 5 school musicals. I have done two community theater productions. I have done the musical Ragtime and the play It’s A Wonderful Life. I have loved Camp Rock since the premiere. I also love Camp Rock Two. I have been wanting to take off my acting career for years and it would be a dream come true if Camp Rock would allow me to do that. Thanks for the consideration!

  30. Katherine

    I love camp rock 1 and 2 and I am really good at singing and love to do it. I have done all the musicals at my school and some musicals not at my school for bigger audiences. I also play the viola (a violin with lower strings) and have done many events with that. It would be amazing to be in camp rock 3!!

  31. Kyndra Sharp

    I am 15 years old, and a sophmore. I absolutely love music! I used to play piano, I taught myself the clarinet and the drums. Ive played clarinet for almost 8 years, and drums for about 4 years. I love dancing and am very outgoing! I would love to be a part of this show, because I could really show people that anything is possible! Thank you for reading all these comments.. Email me if you have any questions or anything! Thanks again!

  32. Erika zacarias

    Hi my name is Erika I’m a 15 year who just wants to start acting but first I would like to be atleast an EXTRA inmovies .shows, theater anything so hopefully I get an email soon thanks (:

  33. Andrew Makowski

    Hi I’m Andrew and I love camp rock! It is one of my favorite movies! I am an actor love to sing act and dance! I am a very outgoing and nice! I am 13 in my last year of middle school (8th grade) I am 5′ 4″!

  34. Gemma

    I would love to get a part as it is my life long dream to be an actor and I especially love musicals. The 2 previous camp rocks practically took over my life. I learnt all the dances all the songs and I practically new the whole script. I have also been reciting high school musical 1,2&3 dance moves to! Overall the main reason why I should get a part is because I am very expericed despite my age. I have been in one of the best acting schools for 6 years and I have also received main roles in several school plays and some of the drama schools plays too

  35. Alexis

    I can sing I can act I can learn how to dance Im a fast learner and will work my butt off

  36. Iysis

    Hello my name is Iysis Wright im 10 years old & i was born on December 29, 2003 . I would love to be on this movie i love to sing & dance people tell me im good at them too. I cant forget gymnastics. Fame doesnt really matter to me fans do mostly . I would be so happy for this chance & my family will be so proud of me thats all i really want please think about me thank you .

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