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  1. Marta Nowak

    Hello, My name is Marta Nowak. I have been living in England for four years now and i think i can seak English perfectly as for my age. I am 13 and going to be 14 on the 28th of September and i have really dark brown eyes and medium brown colored hair. I am origionnaly Polish and i have been singing since i was 6. I like to concider myself as a good singer and dancer. I can play the piano a bit, but that is definitly not my strongest point. I think that being on Camp Rock 3 would be a once in a lifetime chance, and it would also be life changing. I am currently moving up to year 9. I do realise that you get a lot of replys, and i would be really happy if you at least e-mailed me back with the answer. Thank You, Marta Nowak

  2. sarah

    I’ve been in a drama club since 3rd grade and live the theatre arts, although I’ve always been backstage with props, set crew, and costumes: I believe that I would be great for a role in Camp Rock 3.
    Im 15-16 years old.
    I have brown hair, and brown eyes
    I’m 5′ 1″
    I was a cheerleader I 5th grade.
    I love to sing and dance, even though I’m terrible at dancing.
    Its been a dream for me to be on stage since kindergarten. Even though I’ve always been backstage or a crocodile in Peter pan, and a rat in the sussifacation of Rome and Juliet, I think that it could help me over come my the last little bit of stage fright that I have left, and to prove to my old drama teachers that I’m more then just stage crew. And that I can have a spot on stage even if ots a minor role.

    Thanks for your consideration
    Sarah R.

  3. Skye bradley

    Hi I’m a 10 year old girl from England. I can dance and act and sing, very outgoing and a little bit crazy. This is your opportunity to make me famous!!

  4. Brianna Ramirez

    I’m Brianna I’m 18 from a small town in Texas called Edinburg. I have been singing for as long as I can remember. To be in camp rock 3 would be a dream come true. I’m 5’1″ I have brown hair and brown eyes. I love the Jones Brothers as well as Demi Lavato. I’ve dreamt about being in a movie and singing since I was a little girl. All my life I have always been told that I can’t do this or that. I’m writing this to see if you can change help make my dreams of being and actress and a singer come true. Please contact me and let me know.


    Hi my name is alexyia my nick name is lexy I’m African American I’m from st.louis ,Illinois and I just moved to Texas I just came from the best performing art school in st.louis gcaa grand center arts academy for singing and dancing i was in womens choir in first saprano and i can sing alto,2 saprano and baritone I’m 5’3 and I have ashy brown short hair and brown eyes thank you for your time I love camp rock ,rock on

  6. brianna hamilton

    Hi, Brianna again I’m at my old school I was in a play about Rosa parks my mom an dad recoded it I was on the volleyball team at my new school Chalmers won a good citizenship trophy.


    Eyes:brown wears glasses

    Hair:black/brown curly an puffie hair

    Hobby:drumming,wish hade a gutair
    11 years old

    Grade:6 grade female

  7. brianna hamilton

    Hi, my name is Brianna I watch both of the movies their both my fav an I always wanted to be in a movie with my favorite celebrities I love demi an the Jonas brothers . My fav in the Jonas brother is nick Jonas I love him . I always wanted to play the gut air an the drums an be popular in sixth grade at Chalmers elementary school. So that’s why I should be in the movie.

  8. Daniela

    Hi my name is daniela and I’m from Texas,I and in a drama club at my school and I’ve done so many parts one is lion on wizard of oz play ,another is main lead in a play we wrote in school which is named baby blues .The point is i love acting an many people say I can sing but I just stick with acting .I am 12 years old, I’m 5 feet tall,I have brown hair,and light brown eyes .That’s probably everything I have to say .
    . Thank you
    . sincerely,Daniela

    . p.s I’m really funny and like to make people smile

  9. Stephanie

    Hi my name is Stephanie Valencia. I am an 18 year old Latina from Redwood City, California, the Bay Area. I have been a fan of camp rock since day one. I have both movies on DVD. When it first came out I watched it like a million times. It’s my dream to be on the 3rd camp rock! When i found out there will be auditions for it I had to apply! I hope you consider me ! I will be honest i have no singing background. I sing in the shower and I’ve sang a couple of times with my uncle who was a singer in a mariachi group. Acting wise I was in a couple plays in middle school and high school. I also like to act like different people in front of my family. I think i can dance haha. Even if i don’t get a role I would be more than happy to be a background actress. Please consider me.

    -Stephanie Valencia

  10. Brianna Allen

    Hi my names Brianna. I am 15 years old, blue eyes, 5’5 and 110 lbs. I absolutely love acting, unlike everyone else I didn’t realize it when I was a little kid I realized about 3 years ago how in love I was with the thought of just getting to be a different person for awhile. I have seen the camp rock 1 and 2 and they were amazing. ♡ Well that about wraps it up. Thank you! :)

  11. Domenique

    HI my name is Domenique and I’m 14 years old. I would love to be in Camp Rock 3! I have had acting classes in my Home School program and singing also. My family is in a bad income with my dad working 3 jobs and is still not getting my family back on our feet. I have been told be some of my friends and family that I have a beautiful voice and a great actress. I am just starting high school and would love to be on Disney. I’m 5.5 and really pretty and would love the chance to be on Camp Rock! Please put me under consideration, I would really love to help my family. Thank you for Listening!

  12. Katherine Billing

    Hey Camp Rock 3 cast and crew! My name is katherine billing and i am 12! I live in New Jersey, USA. I love Camp Rock 1 and 2 movies so much! When iI heard that a new Camp Rock movie is coming out, I got soo excited! Little did i know that i could actually appear in one of the movies! an actual camp rock movie that a bunch of fans will be watching! For a lot of people, thats a dream come true. I started acting when i was 5 at an acting camp and just last year i was accepted to be in my school play! It could be a small part, a big part, or just a background person; but i want to do something with my life and i want to be a professional actor and know that i am making people happy and leave them talking about the movie when they finish the movie! My contact information will be provided below:

    email: <hidden from public>
    phone number <hidden from public> 
    home number <hidden from public> 

    some more information about me will be provided:

    ethnicity: caucasian
    height: 5’0
    weight: 80 lbs
    eye color: hazel
    hair color: brown/blonde
    length of hair: medium length
    gender: female
    age: 12
    birthday: august 14 2002
    availability: flexible

    i hope you consider me to film in “Camp Rock 3″!

  13. Tyina

    Hi I’m Tyina and I’m am now 10 but turning 11 in october. I act and sing really good. Acting and singing is my life. I would love to be in camp rock 3
    Name: Tyina wild
    Height: 5’3
    Gender: girl
    Age: 10/11
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: dark brown
    Location: Monroe, nc
    Grade: 6th
    DOB: October 16th 2003

  14. Laura

    Hey, I’m Laura Brack. I’m 15 years old and I live in Boulder, Colorado. I’m not good at much, but I love singing more than anything else, and about 110% of the songs from these movies are still my jam. I’ve been singing since I was a little kid and I’ve been music obsessed for as long as I can remember. I don’t have any formal dancing experience, but I’ve learned choreography to some pretty complicated K-pop songs insanely fast. If I was a part of Camp Rock 3 I’d be surrounded by music 24/7, and that’s really the only thing I want in life, so…yep.

  15. Zack Wilson

    Hi im Zack Wilson I do standup comedy i sing i dance im 16
    Email:<hidden from public>
    Number <hidden from public> 
    Height: 5ft 8in
    Plleeeaasssees im great to be in this movie

  16. Elizabeth

    I’m Liz and I’m 24 from NJ. I love Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato.
    I been singing since I was 2 years old and dancing since I was 3.
    I was in choir k-12 and had a solo junior year. I also was picked for national anthem
    during my high school graduation in 2008.
    It’s a dream for me to be a singer/songwriter.
    I have fans for my singing so that’s what people who like my singing day they are.
    I been through a lot I have been bullied and hated since I was little.
    Had surgeries since 6 months old-18 years old and I nearly died 4 years ago.
    My dad died in front of me 7 years ago.
    My dream is to work with Demi and Jonas Brothers. I have 3 originals so far and some covers.
    People say I’m good and some also say I would be
    a good actress :)
    Pick me and you won’t be disappointed.
    I promise I will be dedicated and work hard.

  17. Diya

    Hi, I’m Diya and I have watched both camp rocks over 100 times! I can sing and act really well, according to my teachers, friends and family!

    Hair colour: dark brown, medium length
    Eye colour:dark brown.

    I hope I can be part of the next camp rock!

  18. Meghan Hamman-Briggs

    Hello. My name’s Meghan Hamman-Briggs. I’m from Mount Union, Pennsylania. I’m 14, soon to be 15. Acting and singing are my absolute passions. I love being able to make others smile and laugh. Positivity is good for your health and in my opinion, helps you live longer and life to its fullest. I love helping people and I feel that acting could really help me, help people… Acting opens so many doors for even more opportunities. I basically just want to spread joy and pick people up when they’re down. I’m sorry for rambling. I wasn’t quite sure what to say and what not to say. I’m hoping that whomever this may concern will consider me eligable for this position. It would mean the world to me! Thank you for taking your time to read this! Email me for any further questions, statements, etc.

  19. Mark Jeason Perges

    hai im mark jeason perges from the philippines you can call me 17 years old.camprock movies are so beautiful and.they have many talent can you see i hope icant see the other movies..:-)

  20. Miranda

    Hello! I’m Miranda! I’m from the United States, and I’m 16 years young. I’ve been singing since I was 5, and enjoy acting and dancing. Camp rock was always my favorite Disney movie, and Demi is my role model. I have baby blue eyes with a mixture of green and gray, and I’m 5’1. I have somewhat long brown hair. I’m creative, and easy to get along with! I honestly hope you pick me. Thank you.

  21. Maddison

    Age: 19
    DOB: Sep 2 1994
    Height 5″11

    Camp Rock being one of the movies that kept my love for Disney strong, I would love to be a part of the third installment whether it be as an actor or as a dancer. I’ve been dancing since the age of three in styles such as tap, jazz and hip hop at one of Australia’s well known dance academies. It would mean the world to me if I could be apart of something I grew so attached to

  22. Allyson Wilson

    Hi, my name is Allyson Wilson. I live in Mississippi and I am 14. I think i would be a great extra or just another actress on Camp Rock, I have watched these movies ever since they came out. I am a very smart student, i participate in just about everything. I am very friendly and not shy in front of camera. I can sing pretty well and take directions great and listen very well. I am a very hard worker and very determined. I am a very kind person and love working with other people and being team to get things done. I do not drag when it comes to something I need or have to do for myself or someone else. I love to act and sing in my spare time with friends. I love being a part of things and practicing until I can get it nearly perfect. I work well with other people. I really hope to get this opportunity, I have always wanted to be on television since I was a little girl and to be able to entertain people. I just love the thought of acting and entertaining other people as well as myself. I have never actually done any kind of acting but you have to start somewhere right, and I think this would be a great place to start. This would be an amazing opportunity for and I’m positive I would not let you down or anyone if you consider me for this. Thank you for your time. Bless you all. (:

    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Height: 5’5
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Dirty Blonde; Brown
    Race: White

  23. Beth Nicole Francisco

    HI I’m Beth Nicole Francisco a 17 years old Filipina . I wanna be part of your family because I do believe that my talents can be an asset of your . You will never regret hiring me because I’m pretty and so talented . :)

  24. Samantha Trites

    Name: Samantha Trites
    Age: 14 (Looks 12)
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Long brown
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5’0″
    Body type: Petite
    Experience: 4 years of dance (long time ago), 3 years of singing lessons, 2 years of acting and 4 months of bass playing.

  25. Aziel Tan

    Age: 12
    height: 5′ 8
    Eye color: dark brown
    State: Florida
    Birthday: March 4, 2002
    7th Grader
    Experience: i was in a play in 5th grade and i like acting and i can remember lines pretty easily and it was a musical for Little Mermaids Junior and i had to dance and sing. i got in because they said i was a good dance.
    I’ve always wanted to act in Disney and Nick. I watch Disney and Nick a lot. When u see me i’m pretty tall for my age but not to tall. I also want to be a YouTuber but mostly an actress but im starting to do YouTube. I only go on additions if they call me to it because my parents r busy and they say I’m wasting my time but i really want to prove them wrong. So I wish u see this because I’m a good actress. I can remember my lines easily. I was also in a 5th grade play where over 900 people saw it because it was everyday of the week and the people had to get tickets. So please just give me a chance because I’ve been wishing to be an actress since i was 6 yrs old.

  26. Katelynn Powell

    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Height: 5`0
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Hair Color: Black
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Race: Jamaican
    State: Michigan

    Experiences: well to be honest I do not have any experience in acting well unless you count school plays as experience then I have just a bit. I’m not a dancer, I sing really good. It has always been a dream of mine to be an actress it has also been a dream of mine to be on Disney Channel. I’m easy to work with, I follow rules, I will do whatever you tell me to whenever you tell me to do it. Demi Lovato is my idol and it would be amazing to work with her it would be a dream come true actually. Just staring in a movie on Disney Channel would be a dream come true. I’ve wanted this since I saw that so raven.

  27. Dalal


    Im 13 years old turning 14 and I’d love to be apart of such an amazing cast& crew.
    Email me for more information. Send love to the cast and crew if I would be apart of it or not.
    This show is great. Thank you for your time.

  28. Aria hall and Amaria hall

    WE would love to be part of the third sequal of camp rock we are both good act acting in first grade we were in the play called the old sailor it was our school production in 3rd and 4th grade we were in chourus we’ve always loved singing scince then i think the orginal cast was awsome we both have black and brown hair and dark brown eyes we are both african american and super EAGER to see what you have to
    Oh and P.S. we are turning 13 on september 13th

  29. Lexi grace

    Hi my name is Lexi grace! I’m 14 and in the ninth grade! I love to dance! Im 5″7! I have brown hair and blue eyes! I’m not skinny nor am I fat I’m in the middle! Haha I can dance to about any Type of mucsic it doesn’t matter but my favorite is pop! I also live in Mississippi

  30. Haley Panaro

    Gender: Female
    Age: 12
    Height: 5`0
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown
    Skin Color: White
    State: Florida

    Experiences: This is my 10th year of dance i do hip hop, jazz, ballet, pointe, lyrical and contemporary. I do voice lessons once a week every week and i used to take gymnastics. I can do tricks on the trampoline but not the floor yet. I have also done acting camps, classes little plays at my school.

    I hope you consider me and thanks for your time.
    ~Haley Panaro

  31. Sophie

    Hello my name is sophie, I’m 15:) I’m from the uk and I’m fully English, I love to dance because that’s what I’m into, every time a song is on I have to dance,I love both camp rocks, i watched number 2 today actually and singing along to the words, it would mean everything if you gave me the opportunity to be apart of the camp rock 3,

    I have dark brown hair and blue eyes, I love lots of fun activity and easy to get along with new people and make friends,

  32. janae fooks

    Hi I’m janae I’m a big fan of camp rock I know all the songs.I have an amazing talent and I’ve always wanted to show it off to the world.I sing 24/7 and I’m in choir in school I’m in charge of my youth choir in church.I’m helping others also be able to show of their talent.I’m 16 years old an a sophomore in high school.

  33. Lily Brooke Holkham

    hi, im lily brooke holkham. i am 13 years young. my birthday is December 12 2000. im 13 turning 14. I live in Victoria BC with my step mom my brother and my dad. I have done acting singing and dance my hole life since i was about 2. dancing i have done the longest though. i love camp rock and it would be a great opportunity for me to do it. i have done peerformances shows and etc. but being in a movie would be the greatest adventure i will ever have. my dream would be doing it and if i ever did i would be speechless.
    ~thank you~
    Lily Brooke Holkham

  34. Mollie Redden

    Please pick me! I’m 4’11:
    I have blue eyes, I’m 16, I have brown hair that’s naturally straight, I’m Caucasian, I’m a huge fan of Camp Rock 1&2, I love to sing! It’s my dream to be on Disney Channel!

  35. Stella

    Hi! My name is Stella and I am 12 years old. I am from Canada,Ontario, Toronto. I love to sing and dance but I’m not really good at dancing. I’ve been in a couple of school plays and I’m in drama club. I can play piano and I am learning guitar this September. I do covers for songs. I can draw really well and swim. Camp rock and camp rock 2 inspired me to become a singer/ musician / actress. I am a lot like mitchie because at first I didn’t really know who I was or what I want to be but now I do. I would really like to be on camo rock 3: live the music because it seems like a lot of fun and I can learn more from others / professionals about singing and dancing. I would also like to be on camp rock because this can be a really good opportunity for me to become an actress. I hope I get to audition. Another reason why I want to be on camp rock is because I have always wanted to meet the jonas brothers, Demi, alyson and everyone else so it would be a lot of fun to work with them.

    Hair: black
    Eyes: dark brown
    Weight: 98 pounds
    Hobbies: singing,drawing,playing piano, swimming
    Gender: female
    Height 5’0

  36. Caddie

    Hey! I’m Caddie. Music has been the one thing that’s always been there for me when no one else has.. It’s the one thing when I’m doing I feel like nothing can stop me and makes me happy like nothing else has.. I just turned 17 in July.. I’ve done a few plays in middle school.. I’m a singer songwriter go to School Of Rock in Norwood. I’m in a band we are called Reign Of Terror. I love rock n roll and country/blues and R&B.. Demi Lovato has inspired me so much and it’s amazing everything’s she’s been through she’s still here fighting giving inspiration through her story.. She’s overcome so much.. Music is my life without it there’d be no reason for me to live.. I spend every minute of everyday playing guitar, perfecting my singing, also play a little uke, play keyboard/piano, want to learn mandolin and banjo. I play acoustic and electric guitar.. I’ve been through so much and want to do what Demi Lovato does.. I believe that I have a purpose and my voice I can save lives with my story and inspire them to save lives through my music. I need this because I’ve worked my entire to be where I am now and need something or someone to show me I can do this and give me a chance.. I need this more than anything.. I love Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2.. She’s inspired me I’m not gonna hide my past cuz it’s who I am.. I love dancing but need help learning.. I want to try acting.. Please consider me..
    Blue eyes
    Junior in high school

  37. Hope Nwogu

    Hi my name is Hope and i am12 about to turn 13 to September 30 and i would love to be ub camp rock 3 because it is my dream to become an actress anf this would be a chance for me to accomplish my dream as an actress and i just wish to hear from you guys soon:-)

  38. Daisy Zamora

    Hi my name is Daisy!!! If I have a chance to be in it i could prove my family wrong but most importantly I get to live out my dream. I promise you I will try my best if you give me the even the smallest role. I have been in plays at my school and loved it. I live in napa,ca.
    Height: 4’9
    Weight: 105lb
    Hair: brown
    Gender: girl
    Age: 12

  39. Brittany Holloway

    Hi, I’m Brittany. I am 14. I love in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I have seen the first two Camp Rock movies and enjoyed them. Here’s everything about me.
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 110
    Hair: blonde but I’m willing to dye it for a part.
    Eyes: grey
    Hobbies: hanging out with friends and sports.
    Skills: I’m a black belt in teakwondo. I’m in womend choir in high school. I’ve danced since I was 4. I golf, play basketball and softball. I’m currently an honor student at Discovery Canyons Campus.
    Thank you and I hope you consider me.

  40. Emelissa

    Hello! My name is Emelissa. I am currently a junior in high school and 16 years old. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I stand at 5’3″ and weigh 115lbs. I believe that I would work for a role in this movie because I sing and dance. I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. I’ve been dancing just as long. I’ve taken various dancing lessons and am also a cheerleader. With both backgrounds I am quite capable of learning dances quickly and efficiently. I love acting as well. I have been in multiple shows through my school. I’ve been acting since I was in 6th grade. I’ve been in musicals and plays of all sorts. Including Macbeth, The Muppets (Kermit), and Heehaw. I would love to have this experience more than anything. I grew up with the Camp Rock movies and loving the Jonas Brothers. Growing up with these and seeing another one under production makes me so happy. Thank you for reading this. Good day.

  41. Savannah eller

    Hello my name is savannah(: I love too sing and have taken advanced chorus for 3 years. I am 14 and I am going into freshmen year. I have long dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I weigh 117 and I am 5’4. I am very outgoing and love being around other people and making new friends. I do play a little piano and I come from a very musical family. I really hope you will consider me being a part of this show(: please at least consider me this would make my dream become reality!(: thank you.

  42. Arnold Ortega

    Hey! My name is Arnold Ortega. I’m currently 20 years old and it would mean a great deal to be considered for Camp Rock 3. I’ve been into acting for several years now and always dreamed of using my talents on screen. I’m an aspiring singer that has been involved in several plays including the drama club production of “Twilight” when I was in High School. Acting and Singing has always been a passion for me and being considered for a potential role would be a great honor.

  43. remona buchanan

    okay other than acting i believe that i have an amazing voice and this would give me the opportunity, and it would be an honor to meet jasmine and the other stars i am a jamaican living in Jamaica and this opportunity would be a dream come true for me.

  44. Fridalizbeth

    Hello, my name is Frida. I am 15 years old from Indiana. I am Mexican/American and I can speak English and Spanish fluently. I’m very interested in acting and dancing and I’m very well working with others.
    I’m 5’6 with dark brown hair.
    Please consider me thank you so much! :)

  45. Gina-Maria Klose

    I’m Gina-Maria Klose 15 Years old from Germany. I would love to get a roll in your new tv series . I have brown hairs and brown eyes. I love to act , draw, dance and sing I write my own songs and books and yes that’s all about me for now.
    I know it’s not easy to be an actress but I know I’m a good choice for this job. If you ask me way I should get this job I would say, because I have the right attitude and because I know what I want.
    Thank you for your attention.

  46. Theresa Michaels

    Stage Name : Theresa Michaels
    Real Name : Chelsea Goode
    Gender : Girl
    Ethnicity : African American
    Hair Color : Dark Brown
    Eye Color : Brown
    Age : 12
    Height : 5’0
    Grade : 7th
    DOB : August 1, 2002
    Location : Richmond, VA
    Weight : 119 (last checked in April)

    For my entire tenure at Elementary school, I worked and achieved honor roll. This carried on through my sixth grade year where I undertook AP honors classes and continued my honor roll status.

    I will strive towards acting as I do with my studies at school. I’m outgoing, funny, sensitive, patient, kind, and CUTE. I’m the perfect package and the young lady your looking for.

    Aside from my studies, I love drawing! Some would also say I have a passion for it. In fact, my artwork has been displayed in local galleries and malls.

    Aside from my many times across the stage to accept my honors awards, I’ve participated in several school plays including ” And The Giants Fell ” written by Todd Ford, a look at the lives affected by 911; a special rendition of ” A Raisin In The Sun ” written by Lorraine Hansberry, a look at a black family’s struggle with life issues and a play written and directed by my drama teacher titled ” Seasons ” a play based on the views of the different seasons.

    It would be a honor to be on this show. Please consider me for Camp Rock 3 . Thank you and God bless you.

  47. Domonique Dobbin

    CAMP ROCK ONE,TWO.and I can start my career
    work with big actors like TOM cruising bella thorne ,zendaya
    P.S I’m 11 years old.

  48. Paulina Cervantes

    I am 10 years old. I am a girl. I watch videos on youtube to learn how to be a better dancer. Everytime I watch a Disney movie I just wish I could be in it and this is my chance. I live in Mission, Texas. I have always been inspired by all the disney actors to be one of them. I would love to be in this movie. I have brown hair. I have brown eyes. I did jazz, tap, and ballet for one year. I did choire for about one. I love to sing and dance my own way. I hope you consider me for any role in this sequel of an amazing movie.

  49. kieran humby

    I love camp rock I have both films on DVD and I love the songs I listen to them all the time and I have always wanted to be on Camp rock

  50. Austin Silos

    Whats up! My name is Keiyan Silos and I’m 19 years old. I would LOVE to be apart of Camp Rock 3 as a dancer. I’ve been dancing for 6 years now and i’ve been on several dance teams. I would like to be apart of this production to further my dance experience! I am focused and determined to pursue my dance career, and with the help of being on Camp Rock 3, it would definitely benefit you guys with having a well trained dancer, and also benefit myself with an opportunity that not a lot of people have. Coming from the Bay Area, the dance scene is very competitive and it prepares myself to push harder to make it as a hip hop dancer. I would love to hear back from you guys asap if i would be considered for an extra on the show! Thank you!

  51. Domonique Dobbin


  52. Sandra Pena Palacios

    Hi Sandra here
    A Latina/salvadorian with a dream. I love to sing, dance, act, and play some piano and the soprano b flat clarinet and the bad b flat clarinet. I really want to be in this movie and will take any role with these amazing actors.
    Age 13 almost 14
    Dark brown curly hair
    Height 5’2
    Love having dreams to follow and people who understand me, who follow their dreams to
    “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”

  53. Abby Sands

    Hi, I am a 14 year old female and I can sing, act, play guitar, tumble, and dance. I think I would be a considerable candidate for a role in this movie for a few reasons. One being that I have experience in performing arts (singing, dancing, and acting). Another attribute would be tht I love to preform and I have loved performing since I could talk. I greatly appreciate your consideration.
    I am 5’6″
    I have almost waist length (when straight) wavy strawberry blonde hair
    I have sometimes brown, sometimes green, and also sometimes a bit orange eyes
    Thank you for your consideration.

  54. Letonya

    Hi, my name is Letonya Kwong and I am 13 years old. I live in Vancouver, Canada and I would like to start my acting career. I know that this is a long shot, but I have to try. I have always loved acting, singing and dancing and so I would love if you could give me the opportunity to act. I am in the RCM ( royal conservatory of music ) grade 10 program at this point, and I also do kung fu. I would love to learn from all the actors and actresses. please put me to consideration. If you would like to contact me please email: <hidden from public>


  55. Krista Heuertz

    Hi I am Krista, I am 13, and a Female. I do Martial Arts, I can Sing, But cannot dance. I play the drums, just a little though. I have loved to sing and act since i was able to speak watching Disney Channel. I have seen Demi in Concert, and she inspired me. I learn very quickly, as I have been told. But i can memorize, and i think this would be a great opportunity for me.

    Height: 5’2 1/2
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Blonde/Ginger
    Hobby: Singing

  56. Ashley Gonzalez

    Hey I’m Ashley I’m 14 years old I love to sing and act and I love camp rock I wish
    They had a camp like that and I really would love like to come out of this one please contact me

  57. Chyna Brodie

    Hi, my name is Chyna Brodie. I would love to be apart of the audition experience for this movie because I am looking forward to expand my expertise in dance. If I would even get the chance to audition and not make it, it would be a honor itself. I have been dancing for 5 years and I travel around locally in the DC, MARYLAND, AND VIRGINIA (DMV) area performing. I hope you take the time to consider me for this audition. Thank you.

  58. Brenna Drummond

    Hi. My name is Brenna Drummond. I am 14.5 years young. I live in a small town named Fair Lawn, in North-Eastern New Jersey. I have been doing gymnastics and cheerleading competitively most of my life. I enjoy athletic activities and making people laugh. I have brown curly hair, am about five foot five, and am about 120Ib( ,most of which is muscle). I would be great for this movie even for a background role. I have been tumbling for a large portion of my life and have also preformed in a camp rock play as Dana. We danced, sang, and acted, and I had a blast. Know I have been complimented on my singing and have been in a chorus and advance chorus until I graduated middle school. This would be such a great experience and I hope you consider me. I hope your movie does well .

  59. Jamaal Brown

    Hello Disney I am Jamaal,

    I have been acting doing stage plays for about 5 years. I’m from Detroit Michigan but now live in sunny Florida. 32 years old 6’4″ 220 lbs with a beautiful high spirit and personality. Most of my roles has been comedy and drama. I would love to be apart of a Disney movie because it’s a very family friendly and positive brand, and I know i would have a lot of fun and great experience with this movie.

  60. Hollyanne Chesnut

    Hi! I’m Hollyanne and I’m 18 years old. It would be an honor to be considered to be part of Camp Rock: Live for Music because I am a hip hop dancer who has worked so hard for so many hours to be the best dancer I can be. Dance is my passion and I believe it’s what I am meant to do for the rest of my life. When I perform, I feel alive and unstoppable. If it’s in my future to be part of Camp Rock, this will be the beginning of the life I dream of. It will open doors and take me to places I’ve always wished to be. Music and dance fuel my soul and without it, life just wouldn’t be the same. I hope to be taken into consideration when discussing dancers for this production. Thank you!!

  61. Annalyse

    hi My name is annalyse knight iam 12 and I would love to get the part in camp rock 3 because ever since I watched camp rock 1-2 I have always wanted to be in the movie. joe Jonas and demi lavoto and the other Jonas have been my insperations. I live in Australia, Adelaide.
    I have brown hair
    blue eyes
    iam 42k
    but I just don’t know really how tall iam.
    I did do hip hop and jazz and also tap.
    also at school we do choir at.

  62. Anwesha Basu

    Hey! I’m Anwesha from India. . I’m 19 yrs old! I love to sing,act and c0mp0se s0ngs. . Demi is my idol. . . My dream is to work with Demi coz she is just fabulous. . Hope i’ll get a chance to audition. .
    Here’s my facebook page link
    and my twitter handle is @lovatic_annie

  63. christinaburrow

    im creavted and fun and loving easy to get a long with love to dance and sing a little this well be a great chance to do what I really love. im 5.3 I got brown eyes im a female I learned how to buck when I was 12 and I would love to be in camp rock 3. thank

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