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  1. Lana Vuletin

    hiii my name is lana
    i am 13 years old girl
    i dance, sing, act
    I love art too
    I play volleyball, badminton and football
    high’m 164 cm
    I have a blue-brown hair and green eyes but when I weep become clear blue
    I always dreamed that I will one playing us
    Disney has always been my program and now that I’ve seen that has an audition for the set to play on it it is the fulfillment of my dreams and I’d really like to see me
    i love demi lovato and I’m crazy about her singing
    but i like jonas brothers too
    I watched all extensions of camp rock
    It’s my favorite movie for over 3 years
    i realy want be actress in camp rock 3

  2. Leah Clarke

    My names leah I’m fourteen years old , fifteen in December. I’m from Northern Ireland and I love to sing. Im a very outgoing and fun energetic person and I love to make people laugh. I’m a very sporty person that includes Gaelic football, Irish dancing and more. I’ve seen the first 2 camp rocks and I absolutely loved them and would love the opportunity to be in the third one!!

  3. Emily Spain

    Hey! I’m Emily Spain, I’m fifteen years old. I have been singing, acting, and dancing since I was little. I have been in school musicals since I was in the sixth grade, and have taken voice, dance, and acting lessons since I was little. I have been in performances with Raleigh Little Theater, North Carolina Conservatory, and also got the opportunity to perform in a North Carolina Opera performance and a Broadway Series South performance. Also, I got the amazing opportunity to perform with the Gettys at Carnegie Hall, during their Irish Christmas Tour. I also actually got to go to a Disney Workshop with my school, Clayton High School, with Matthew Frazier and Lauren Chapman. I really hope you consider me I am great with a group of people and learn things fast.

  4. Rosie Sprague

    Hello, my name is Rosie Sprague and I would be so honored to be a part of this amazing production. I would love to apply to have a chance to be a part of the wonderful cast! I am 5’3 and around 110-115 pounds. I am a blonde and I have hazel eyes. I am 15 years of age and I have been singing my entire like. I take singing, dancing, and acting lessons and I am an active performer. I am applying with my best friend Koko Kovalev and we have a duet together called Vox. We have always wanted to be a part of something like this and we would feel so proud to be able to be in this cast. Both koko and I have performed in various plays and musicals. Thankyou for this opportunity!

    -Rosie Sprague

  5. Konstanza Kovalev

    Hello! My name is Koko Kovalev and I would like to apply for a part in Camp Rock 3 with my best friend Rosie Sprague. I am 14, turning 15 in Junde. I am 5’7 and I weigh approximately 125 pounds. I am a brunette with medium length hair and green eyes. rosie and I have a duet called “Vox” and this is why we think we should be on camp rock three. it is our dream to become big stars, just like the Jonas brothers and Demi lovato did thanks to Disney. Rosie sings soprano and I play either piano or guitar and occasionally harmonize (as an alto). We are in experienced tv actors but we have been in multiple plays and musicals. please consider us it would mean a lot :)

  6. Cookie

    Hello there, my name is Alfrary Sanchez and I’m 15 year old girl from the United States. I love to sing and would love to learn how to dance and Camp Rock is my all time favorite Disney movie and I would love to become a part of it such as I dreamed when I was younger. As I was saying I loved the Camp Rock movies and it paved my way into acting, singing, and wanting to dance ever since I saw the movies when younger and I would love to put my talent out there and follow my dreams. I was in Drama class for one whole year and I would get lead roles and memorize my lines but I would love to have an experience to do what I love while making friends since I’m home schooled. I really hope you consider but if not than it’s alright. I mean there are many other amazing girls out there with much talent as I.

    My physical appearance is pretty casual and normal. I have brown hair and brown eyes, and I’m 5’5 weighing at about 105 pounds. My brown hair is almost hip length and I can speak English and Spanish as-well.

    Thank you for giving us another opportunity to experience the magic of Camp Rock once again, thank you!

  7. TyNeashya J McGee

    Hello my name is TyNeashya McGee. I am 16 years of age. I am an African American girl, 6 feet tall, weigh 135 pounds, with brown eyes and black and red hair. I play the flute and guitar. I love to sing and dance. Music relaxes my soul and I hope my passion for this wonderful art will be share with you. Please consider me as an potential candidate. I would greatly appreciate this offer. Thank you so very much and have a bless day.

  8. Angelys

    Hi my name is Angelys Vargas am 13 I love singing and acting.Everyday I hear to song.i get black hair and I get brown eyes.when camp rock started I wish that I could be in the show

  9. SandraK

    My name is Sandra Kemper, I am 13 years old, my eyes are brown, so is my hair. I’m 1.60 meters tall and I live in the Netherlands.
    You’re supposed to say what makes you special and why you should get a role but the truth is, I’m just your average teenager. I go to middle school, do homework, play games on my phone and read books. I lived in Shanghai for 2 years where I attended an international school and participated in 3 English plays. I do bilingual education at my current school. I love acting, it’s my passion, the thing that puts a smile on my face and brightens my day. The thing that I have always wanted to do for work. I’ve just never had the courage to submit myself until now. I’ve finally decided to follow my dream and after a long, depressing time in my life I see hope. I’ve chosen to take control over my own future.

  10. Caitlyn Williamson

    Am a fan to all 3 movies of Camp Rock and Alyson Stoner is playing as my first name I want her too. I have to got this part as Shane’s real girl friend in Hollywood, Calforina as Sharpay Starr, she’s really a diva. She’s a family friend to the Torres family also she’s in the band with Brown because that’s her BFF. She’s a singer/dancer since she’s 9 years old now she’s all grown up she’s going to summer camp to have fun. When she’s in summer camp she ‘s going to surprised Shane.
    More about Sharpay Starr:
    -blond hair
    -blue eyes
    – 5’00”
    – weight: 125

    My name is Caitlyn

    Thank you

  11. erenne

    Hi my name is erenne.

    Im 11 years old

    Can play guitar

    Can do martial arts

    love music and i love camp rock

    can act

    and would really love to be on camp rock

  12. Morgan Carlisle

    My name is Morgan Carlisle and I love camp rock 1&2 I love music and dance too and everyone on Disney are so inspirational.
    I live in louisville kentucky
    I am 12 almost 13
    My height is 4″11″
    My weight is 73 pounds
    My eye color is greenish brown
    My hair is brunette
    I can dance, act, and I sing a little to
    I would love to work on Disney channel, I’m flexible, I’m small for my age, and i work well with others

  13. Kiely Burns

    Hi my name is Kiely I love to act but most of all in love to sing! Here is some things that will tell you about my personality and my characteristics
    Dark Brown hair
    5ft. 1inch tall
    Great singer
    Great actress

  14. Claire Murray

    My name is Claire Murray and I am twelve years old. I would love to be in this movie because it is an amazing opportunity for me to make a dance carrer and even an acting carrer. I started dancing when I was four years old and take drama. I am very dramatic and I always try to put my best foot forward. It has always been my dream to take part in a movie and dance as an extra or even act as an extra. It has always been my passion to dance and I would love to show and express that passion to the world. I would love any role available in this great movie. Even if I do not take part in this movie, I would love if you could maybe recomend any jobs for young dancers. Thank you and I hope you consider me for the job.

  15. christabel

    Hi my name is Christabel ,my short name is Bella I am 11years old,i come from the United kingdom.I can sing really well and I can pick up dance moves very quickly I am also a brilliant actress and I am very musical, I am learning how to play the drums and the violin, I used to play the guitar but I forgot after my lessons the moment I am doing three hours of acting in my school every Friday.The thing I love about acting is that I get to be a different person and that I get to use my imagination a lot and I love doing that.I am also re learning German at my secondary school.I love camp rock movies and to be in one would be just amazing thank you for reading .

  16. peace

    Hi am peace am 11 am from United kingdom I can dance and sing if u pick me I promise you I will do my best am not born in England am Spanish I forgot little Spanish sh but I real Spanish books to remember Spanish am learning to play the drums I used to u play the flute but I forgot so I pray u . Pick m pls I love u demi lovato u r my favourite fan I hope u read this and pick bye have a good day

  17. nakyia

    Hi my name is nakyia im 13 and live in chicago illinois. This is my story why i wanted to become actress it all started from me watching camp rock i use to always love watching shane and mitchy those are my favorite characters and i know all the songs and dance to so this is why im want to become an actress i always love demi lovsto shes is very talented and she have some good pipes to. I know how to sing and act because. Im very good at it i just neef a liitle bit more on my dancing and singing and that about it. So i hope yall pick me because i love acting and singing a lot im very smart ,intelligent,brave outgoing and passionate to.i just hope yall pick me because it will be nice to finally out live your dreams.thanks bye my phone number is <hidden from public> .

  18. Jess

    My name is Jessica, I am 11 years old and I live in Canada. Lets start of with why. Camp Rock inspired me to start singing and dancing and get me involved with music in general. My family says I do have a good voice but, I just have no use of it. Everyday I will put on a Camp Rock song and sing my heart out to it. I know all the dance moves and Camp Rock is what I grew up with. I would sit there everyday thinking, “What is one day, I get a chance to be in a movie like that…Just what it” I just want to make that happen. I know there will be a ton of people asking for this but….I tried right? It would be a dream come true if I was apart of this. Even if I don’t get accepted, there’s always next time…if there is a next time. I hope you consider me for this…Yeah. Thanks for reading.

  19. Martyna Lesniak

    My name is Matyna I’m 13 years old. I come from Poland.
    I love watching Disney Channel.
    more about me:
    -blond hair
    -blue eyes
    -168 centimeters
    -50 kilo

    -thank you :)

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