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  1. Ila Koch

    Hi I’m Ila Koch. I and 13 years old going into 8th grade. I have been wanting to be an actress and a singer since The age of 2. I have taken tap, jazz, and ballet dance lessons for 7 years. I have taken hip hop and modern dance lessons for one year. I am currently not taking any lessons. I haven’t been since the beginning of 6th grade. I have been in 5 school musicals. I have done two community theater productions. I have done the musical Ragtime and the play It’s A Wonderful Life. I have loved Camp Rock since the premiere. I also love Camp Rock Two. I have been wanting to take off my acting career for years and it would be a dream come true if Camp Rock would allow me to do that. Thanks for the consideration!

  2. Katherine

    I love camp rock 1 and 2 and I am really good at singing and love to do it. I have done all the musicals at my school and some musicals not at my school for bigger audiences. I also play the viola (a violin with lower strings) and have done many events with that. It would be amazing to be in camp rock 3!!

  3. Kyndra Sharp

    I am 15 years old, and a sophmore. I absolutely love music! I used to play piano, I taught myself the clarinet and the drums. Ive played clarinet for almost 8 years, and drums for about 4 years. I love dancing and am very outgoing! I would love to be a part of this show, because I could really show people that anything is possible! Thank you for reading all these comments.. Email me if you have any questions or anything! Thanks again!

  4. Erika zacarias

    Hi my name is Erika I’m a 15 year who just wants to start acting but first I would like to be atleast an EXTRA inmovies .shows, theater anything so hopefully I get an email soon thanks (:

  5. Andrew Makowski

    Hi I’m Andrew and I love camp rock! It is one of my favorite movies! I am an actor love to sing act and dance! I am a very outgoing and nice! I am 13 in my last year of middle school (8th grade) I am 5′ 4″!

  6. Gemma

    I would love to get a part as it is my life long dream to be an actor and I especially love musicals. The 2 previous camp rocks practically took over my life. I learnt all the dances all the songs and I practically new the whole script. I have also been reciting high school musical 1,2&3 dance moves to! Overall the main reason why I should get a part is because I am very expericed despite my age. I have been in one of the best acting schools for 6 years and I have also received main roles in several school plays and some of the drama schools plays too

  7. Alexis

    I can sing I can act I can learn how to dance Im a fast learner and will work my butt off

  8. Iysis

    Hello my name is Iysis Wright im 10 years old & i was born on December 29, 2003 . I would love to be on this movie i love to sing & dance people tell me im good at them too. I cant forget gymnastics. Fame doesnt really matter to me fans do mostly . I would be so happy for this chance & my family will be so proud of me thats all i really want please think about me thank you .

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