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  1. Dwaine Boakye

    Hi, I´m Dwaine, and I´m currently 15 years old. I´ve been watching Disney all my life, and would really like it if I had an oppurtunity to be in a Disney movie. It´s a once in a lifetime thing, and I´d love to be a part of that. Even if I don´t get selected, congrats to anyone who does, and have fun! :)

  2. Kim Roshaine

    Hi I’m Kim Roshaine Castañeda I’m 13 years old… I’m from the Philippines… I want to be a part of Camp Rock: 3 because I love singing… In this movie I gained confidence because of Demi’s role… I also want to be a role model to kids and teenagers.. I’m also a part of our school choir and I joined some acting/debate competitions… I’ve dreamed to be a part of a movie since I was a child… I also took some singing lessons… I would really like/love to be a part of this movie… I’m still not that confident in my singing but I know through this movie I will gain more confidence… I hope you’ll choose me… Thanks :D

  3. Emily Martin

    Hello, my name is Emily and I would love to be considered for a roll in Camp Rock 3 ! I have taken a few acting courses at a local theater during the summer for the past few years. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but the way they do casting at this local theater for plays is they pick the same people for each play no matter what, so they never give anyone else a chance. Other than that rude discrimination I can act very well and am in touch with my emotions and can show my true emotions through acting. This might not be anything major, but I can also sing very well, and i play a few instruments (piano, guitar, violin, etc.). In hopes you are thinking about selecting me I will say some stuff about me below. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.
    Name: Emily Martin
    Age: 13 (will be 14 April 21st, 2015)
    Skin Type: White/ Caucasian
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown
    Height: Around 5 ft.
    if you have any questions you can email me at <hidden from public> or you can call me at <hidden from public> 

  4. Sydney Cohn

    I’m a 13 year old Caucasian girl. I am currently in the 8th grade. I love to act and would love to become a role model for kids all over. I love to act and I can play all sorts of different characters. This has been a dream of mine for a very long time and I would love to try out. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I would really appreciate a chance. Thank you!

  5. Neal Dianne Austin

    My name is Neal Dianne Austin 14 years old,loves to sing and write songs, I can also play a little of the guitar. I am a big fan of camp rock and camp rock 2. Demi Lovato is my idol and i would love to work with her. And it’ll be really awesome to be in camp rock 3. My mom would be so proud if I get a part in this movie. Thank you

  6. Tijana

    HI my name is Tijana and my name is Natasha. we are both 13 years of age. It would be a privilege to have a role on camp rock. demi lovato and the jonas brothers you have taught us to sing and to not be afraid to what we do best. i Tijana love to act, sing, dance and play the guitar. i Natasha love to do the same thing but instead of guitar i like piano.
    please let us know if we can be part of camp rock. By the way we live in Australia and we love to travel. So please it would be a privilege to have a role thank-you

  7. arlena

    I Always wanted to be on Disney channel & I’m a hard worker.!!

  8. Alex

    Hi my name is Alex I’ve only played the guitar a couple months bug I know how to play so many songs and I play drums ukelaley I’m soon going to be in a play at school and I’ve acted a couple of time I a good actor so please consider this

  9. mykel marshall

    ever since i was 2 yrs. old I’ve wanted to be famous NOT FOR MONEY but just so i could get witchita, I’ve through so much hate and drama that it’s time too do something with life

  10. Rei Chiba

    HI. My name is Rei Chiba. I’m 14years old. I’m from in Japan.,but I can speak English well. I love this movie. I watched it overagain over. When I go to the karaoke, I always sing “This is me”. so I wanna acting with demi. I’ve done sing since I was 3,so I can sing well,and Ican dance well, too.

  11. shaquanda

    I am 14 years old and I have a passion for acting singing and dancing I was and still am a big fan of camp rock and always loved singing your songs I would love to be in This movie and I know you ‘ll would love having me Thank You

  12. Angie bui

    Hi. Im 13 years old and im from South Carolina. I love to sing, dance and act. I have been any many school plays and music concert. I can play flute, piano, violen and guitar. Im also really good at dancing. It has always been my dream to perform in front of people and become famous. I have watched camp rock and camp rock2 like a million time and I LOVE IT. It would be an honor to be part of it. I have brown eyes and black hair. Im 5 feet 2 inch.

  13. Poppy

    Hello my name is poppy. I am Britsh I am real good acting and singing and I did musical theatre exam in singing I can do american as will as Britsh so email me on ( <hidden from public>)

  14. Ayla Griffin

    Hi im Ayla Griffin. I can sing and act fairly well ive seen both camp rocks and would be honored to act in the third. I have medium brown wavy hair, blue-gray eyes, good fashion sense and a love for acting. Im 14.

  15. Chew Zhi Yan

    HI! My name zhi yan. I am 15 year old girl from malaysia. Being a camp rocker is like a dream you know. Since I see this casting I am so excited,and think I want to be a part of Camp Rock 3. I can sing and act. I have some acting experience in school, and I love to sing and act. You can email me <hidden from public> or call me. Hope can hear your reply as soon as possible!Thank You!

  16. Gary loiodice

    I like to be in can rock 3

  17. kady bennett

    Hi! My name is kady Bennett and i am 14 years old. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I have loved singing, dancing, and singing for as long as I can remember. I have been in choir at my school for 4 years now and i have managed to get almost every single solo. My teacher has told me on multiple occasions that i am very talented. I am in Drama club and have gotten leading roles many times. I am also very good at memorizing lines and not being nervous. I hope that you at least give me a chance to audition. Thank you for taking the time to read this. :)

  18. Tia

    My names Tia, I’m a singer, not professionally but I am really good. I’m almost 18 of age and I’m a good actor.
    This would be a good experience for me so everyone can hear my voice. I would be honoured to play the role.
    If you have questions give me a buzz on my personal email <hidden from public> thanks :)

  19. Kelli Davis

    Hey I’m Kelli Davis im 13 years old. I love to sing, dance, and act. I’m a female. I would love to get a role in the Disney Channel movie Camp Rock 3. This would mean so much to me. I have a huge sense of humor and a big personality.
    Skin tone: light brown
    Eyes: brown
    Hair: medium length black with brown highlights
    Tall and skinny 5’4 1/2
    I would be pleased to hear from you. I hope you interested in me. Thank You!

  20. Brandon Woods

    My name is Brandon Woods and I should be in Camp Rock 3: Live For Music because music is my life and passion. I write all my own songs and am inspired by famous songwriters such as Sia, Max Martin, Bonnie McKee, Ester Dean, and Calvin Harris. My favorite artists are Rihanna, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, and Michael Jackson. I’m also 16 by the way. P.S. check out my music at:

  21. Shaunbrea Hicks

    Hi my name is Shaunbrea Hicks and I am a 14 year old African American girl that lives in Columbia, SC. I love to dance and I can also sing a little, Im a outgoing person and a fast learner willing to put all my time and energy in the new movie Camp rock 3. You can contact me by email at <hidden from public> and or by phone <hidden from public> Thank you.

  22. Reym Ocampo

    Hi! My name is Reym Ocampo. I’m 13 years old, a lovatic from Philippines. My friends are calling me Mitchie, I always sing camp rock songs since I watched this movie year 2008 thats why. I want to be part of this movie because I want to chase my dreams, to be a singer. I want to work with my Idol Demi Lovato. And I want to show my talent that I’ve been hiding for so long. I know how to play guitar,piano and a little bit of drums. But my number one talent is singing,rock is my genre. I am deserving to be part if Camp rock 3 because I have a teachable mind and heart. I will do all the things that you will command. I will do my best and give all of my efforts if I will be given a chance to be in this movie. I want this movie to be my way to chase my dreams. Thank you and please, pick me to be one of the cast of Camp Rock 3. Thank you and May God Bless you all!

  23. Isabella

    Hey, My name is Isabella and I’m 13 years old. I love singing, dancing, and acting. I live in Jakarta,Indonesia and I would love to join Camp Rock 3. I have always wanted to be an actor since I was around 3 to 4 years old and i want to make my dreams come true. I can fly out to the US if its a problem that i stay in Indonesia. I really hope you choose me. It doesn’t matter to me if I’m just a background dancer or anything because I really want to join the movie. i hope you pick me…. Thank you.

  24. Reym Ocampo

    Hi! My name is Reym Ocampo.I’m 13 years old, a lovatic from Philippines.My friends are calling me Mitchie because of the movie camp rock. I always sing camp rock songs since I watched this movie, thats why my friends are calling me Mitchie. I want to be part of this movie because this is my dream. I want to show my talent that I’ve been hiding for long time. I know how to play guitar,piano and a little bit of drums. But my number one talent is Singing. Rock is my genre. I am also good in acting. I’m deserving to be part of this movie because I am teachable, and I will follow all the things that you will command. I will give all of my efforts if I will be given a chance to be in this movie. Thank you so much and I hope, this movie will be my way to chase my dreams. May God Bless you all!

  25. Grace

    I’m Grace. I’m 16 years old. I have light brown hair with natural red and blond highlights. I am 5’7″ and have an athletic build. I play guitar, ukulele and I sing. I have been taking acting classes and been involved in Theatre since I was very young. I have such a passion for acting and would love to be involved in Camp Rock. I remember watching Camp Rock 1 and 2 when I was younger. I even threw a huge Camp Rock party for the premier. I look up to Demi Lovato so much and it would be a huge honor to work along side her. Thank you all for the consideration!

  26. tristan leonard

    My 2 daughters Jocelyn Watkins -8 and khristan Watkins-6 and my little cousin tyonna jordan-16 absolutely positively love camp rock and they really would like to be in any Disney movie, especially camp rock. They know every song and dance and know everybody part in the movie. We watch the movie all the time we even have all the Disney movies.

  27. Oladele Esther

    I love singing and I would love to show my talent on camp rock 3

  28. Angie zamorano

    Also I’m 14 years old and friends and family have told me that I sing really good and I’ve seen many dancing and singing movies like camp rock 1 and 2, all of the high school musicals, princess protection program, starstruck, the jonas brothers, and many more but that is all thank you again.

  29. Angie zamorano

    Hi my name is Angie and it would be an honor to be part of the next camp rock, I love music and and dancing it lets me get my emotions out and just a way to have so much fun, I like trying new things and honestly I’ve been trying to audition for the X factor because I also love singing, I’ve seen both camp rocks and I am super excited to see this one in action and if I could be part of it that would be amazing, I know your probably reading all these comments and mine might just be like every other one but I hope it’s not, I really want to be in this audition and if I don’t make it well at least I can leaving knowing I tried with out just giving up because that’s what my goals are to do what I love and help other people out in the world find themselves but if I made this it would mean the world and thank you for your time and taking time to read this, thank you so much.

  30. MLE Mondelo

    Hey! Name’s Emily. I’m a 16 year old aspiring actress. I’d actually be very interested in being a part of the Camp Rock movie whether it be as a main, extra, or behind the scenes. I can do it all from acting to singing to dancing. It would be an honor to actually be part of this project. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

  31. Earth-destiny Williams

    Dear to whom it may concern,

    Hello. My name is Earth-destiny Williams. I was born in New York, but i have lived in California for the past 12 years. My birthday is September 11, 1999. I am now 15. I read from a source that Girl Meets World is on for a season 2, and since its one of my favorite shows, I was checking the web to see if they need any extras on set and I came across that Camp Rock 2 : The Final Jam, will have a sequel titled, Camp Rock 3: Live for music, and i couldn’t believe my eyes! Camp Rock 1 and 2 are my all time favorite movies. Characters Mitchie, Shane, Catelyn, and even Tessa towards the end, have taught me so much. About friendship, courage, strength, and how to treat others how i want to be treated, and how to not let anyone bring my light down because i am my own person and someone loves me. That’s what i learned at such a young age from that movie. They’re reason i picked up a guitar. I love music with all my heart. I also enjoy acting, which at my school i have been taking drama, and I love dancing more than anything too. I don’t have an agent, or anything like that but I would die to have this opportunity. Even if it’s a one time thing, this can be my once i a life time chance of doing what i love the most instead of worrying about my mom going to the doctor all the time because of her false surgery back in ’07, or her being sick and saving money twenty-four seven, so she can pay lights ,and water bills. Or hearing her crying and praying every night asking god to not let her babies back out on the street again, because from early October 2012, we lived in San Jose, CA (that’s where i’m from) where we were kicked out of our home so we moved out here to La County so Heaven my big sister (20) can go to college at Le Cordon Blu, but it wasn’t working out because we were in and out of hotels and shelters in Pasadena, and Glendale and my mom had to save up gas. Then In Early February 2013,we move out here to Palmdale, CA and we’ve been here ever since. I just want a chance to do something for my life and for my great grandmother and my grandfather, may they rest in peace, especially to show my mom that i can do these things just as she did when she was young. The only difference is she gave up her music career for my sister and I, and I would like the opportunity to show her that what she gave up isn’t going to go down the drain, but going to continue for as long as time. Just to be and extra on set wacthing the beauty of the movie being created would be amazing. Even if i’m not chosen, I do really appreciate that whom ever is reading even read it, so thank you.

  32. Angela Payawal

    Im angela :) Since then, im really a fan of Demi lovato Especially when she is still Mitchie torres.
    I can sing .. Im Cute (as they say) Im Filipina :) I can act. I think i deserve any part of the role :-) . Im 13 years old .. And if you choose me i’ll promise i will Do my best :) Music is my Life so I think i will be Good in this <3

  33. Kenneth Costelo

    Good day..
    I’m Kenneth Costelo…
    I’m 18 years old
    height: 5’5
    I wanna be a part of the camp rock 3. It is my biggest dream to be a part of a very popular movie.. Actually, I became part of some Independent Films (shortfilms) and I am also attending some workshop to enhance my talent. you should consider me or choose me to be a part of camp rock 3 because of my experience on camera and appearance on screen…. And the other reason why you need to choose me because I am a total performer like Demi Lovato that give her heart whenever she perform on stage.
    I am Looking forward to you to choose me… I am not difficult to work with.
    thank you so much.
    contact me to my email <hidden from public>
    thank you and Im praying for the biggest success of Camp rock 3

  34. Camille celera

    Hi!! I want to be part of camp rock 3.. I love demi lovato. (Certified lovatic). By the way I’m Camille “mikay” celera.

  35. Rylle Rivera

    Good day!

    I really want to be part of Camp Rock 3 since it’s one of my biggest dream to be part of the movie. I believe that I am capable to be part of it.This will serve as my stepping stone to become a successful person. I can act, sing and dance. And I would love to take this oppurtunity if I’ll be given the chance to..

    Please contact me

  36. Trevor Tedford

    Hi, my name is Trevor Tedford I am 20 with medium length dirty blond hair, with Green and sometimes brown eyes! I love to sing and acting. I have been in musical theatre class in high school and in college. And I also took 4 years of drama class. Being in camp rock would be an absolute dream come true and it would give me a chance to do what I love most, sing and act. I really hope you consider me for a part in this movie. Please feel free to contact me at my email >. I live in Brockville Ontario which is near Ottawa Canada. Ive had a acting audition up in Ottawa and world love a lot more chances to come out top !
    Thank you for taking your time to read this and I truly hope you consider me.

  37. mijan

    Hi, my name is mijan and I love playing music on my guitar and acting. I have qualifications in music and drama, I am 17 years old. Being on camp Rock 3 would be a dream come true, I have been playing the guitar for 6 years and can also play a little bit of piano and drum with practice, I also want to sing. recently I have watched starstruck, princess protection program, sonny with a chance, camp rock 1 and 2 and LOVED IT. all I want to do is live my dream and become a star in Disney and be an inspiration to the younger generation. I believe that I have very strong potential and be the next best Disney actor. All I need is for Disney to have faith in me and to call me up. I’m around 6ft tall so I’m 17, but I can always play the role of someone older.

  38. Dai' Jah Wooten

    Hi my name is Daijah I’m 15 years old and I love singing, and dancing. For the past four years me and my family have been struggling. Living with people, sleeping on people’s floors and I really want to make my mom happy! It’s not even about the money, or being on tv it’s about doing what you love and making your dreams become bigger.i hope you enjoyed my little story about me!

  39. Kaeleigh Peck

    Hi, my name is Kaeleigh Peck. I am 15 with medium length dark brown hair, hazel eyes. I love to sing and I have been told that im really good at it too (my freind has told me to put in here that ive also sang with Shawn Mendes before because we used to be friends). Being in camp rock would be an absolute dream come true and it would give me a chance to do what I love most, sing and act. I really hope you consider me for a part in this movie. Please feel free to contact me at <hidden from public>. I live in Pickering Ontario which is right outside of Toronto Canada.
    Thank you for taking your time to read this and I truly hope you consider me.

  40. Mary Stephen

    Hey. I am 20 year old from the suburbs of Mumbai, India. I have been in love with Camp Rock since the first time I saw it. Needless to say, am a #JonasBrothers fan. I can dance. Once did a small role in a church play. Would definitely love to be a part of the Camp Rock franchise.
    I am 5’3 with medium length brown curls and brown eyes. This is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity so fingers crossed. :)

  41. haley stroupe

    Hi my name is Haley stroupe. I love singing & acting. I’m 13, in 8th grade, my birthday is July 9. And my friends say I’m really good at singing and I’m just trying to break out of my shell and show people who I really am, my friends are the only people who have heard me sing.

  42. Bri and Allie

    Hi! We are two american girls who would love this amazing opportunity!
    Bri: I have been a part of 20 musicals and plays thought my middle school and high school life. I am a 15 year old girl who can sing and act and do dancing. I am a fast learner and good listener, this would be a chance of a lifetime!!
    Allie: I have been a dancer/cheerleader for 10 years now. I have been apart of a few musicals as well and did choir all throughout middle school. I am a 16 year old girl who can do anything you ask of me. This would be such an amazing opportunity for me and Bri.

    Please, contact me (Bri) if you are interested in talking to us :)

  43. SImone Delesque

    I am a 14 year old american girl. I love the camp rock movies and it would be so amazing to be a part of this production. I can sing, act, and play the guitar. I have written some music and I know that it is what i love to do. I have not had much experience with dancing but i am sure i can learn! I would love to be a part of this production in any way possible. This would be a dream come true if I have even a small part if this. It has always be my dream to let people hear my music, and I believe that being a part of Camp Rock 3 could help me understand what i am getting into and to meet people who have the same dreams as me. Thanks!

  44. Laken Davis

    Hello! I would be more than interested in taking part in this movie or anything else that might be a possibility. I am 17 years old and I aspire to be a professional singer/actress. This has been my dream for my entire life. Please contact me for any information about myself, my experience, or my goals for the future. I want this more than anything.

  45. Celest Salgado

    Hello my name is Celest Salgado and I am a 16 year old actress and dancer, I have yet to be in a movie, as i have been doing live theater for the past four years and dance shows as well, but I feel this would be a perfect opportunity to getting into films, thank you and feel free to contact me

  46. Sarah Tello

    I know with these thousands of responses, there’s an unlikely chance you’d see mine. Anyways, my name is Sarah Tello, I am 14 years old soon to be 15. I’ve been doing acting for 4 almost 5 years. I like to take on as many auditions as possible, because like anyone else, you could say I want my “dreams” to come true. I think that it would be very great for me to audition for this. Hope that whoever is moderating this will see my comment. I know that if I got this role me and my family who moved here from Latin America, would really benefit an like this.

  47. Zaya

    I am a 14 year old girl who would love to be in camp rock 3, I can play guitar and sing. I have a good sense of music and have played in a few school plays but not muy h acting experience. I would be very excited to be a part of this production

  48. Isabella Moress


  49. christina burrow

    I love camp rock and would to be a part Of camp rock

  50. Stephanie Terry

    I would love to become apart of this wonderful original Disney movie. I am 15 years old, I tend to be funny, a good singer and I can make voice impressions of almost anything. The reason I believe I would be a great cast member is because not only am I good with a lot of things, but I love the Disney movie Camp Rock ! People tend to call me obsessed with the ideal idea of keeping up on almost all Disney characters. Aside from that I have ever single song/album of Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas. I know everything about Camp Rock to Camp Rock 2: the final jam weather it be the songs or casting members or even what Mitchie’s outfits look like! Camp Rock is the most heart touching, inspiring and romantic Disney movie yet. If I were to be picked to be apart of Disney channels original movie Camp Rock 3 I would not only dedicate myself to learning my part but to become in touch with all of my co-stars personally to get to know them to make this Disney movie even better! it would be an honor to to take place in such an out standing movie. Please let me know if you need anymore information or if I have or have not made the casting of the Disney channel original movie Camp Rock 3.
    Thank You for your time and consideration !!
    Yours Sincerely,
    Stephanie Terry
    Contact Information:
    Email: <hidden from public>
    Phone number (cell <hidden from public> or <hidden from public> 

  51. Miss Sharbrena Duffus

    Hey, my name is sharbrena I am an attractive female. My home town is the United Kingdom, but I recently moved to the United States in Orlando Florida, so I still have my British accent. I am 21 years old, currently turning 22 in December, I have big brown eyes, red hair, medium height, skinny and size feet 7. I am the oldest of a triplet, I would love to be a part of Camp Rock 3, as I am a motivate , sociable person , I like to meet different people , gain new experience and give things a try . I am up for anything what’s offered and is determined to work to my best of abilities. I am an easy going person. I was a huge fan of the Jonas Brother, still am right now, they are inspirational brothers and fantastic role models in the music industry.

    The Jonas brothers are really amazing guys to act with, I love there funky rock image, there personality and there looks. I practically know soo much about them, because I was a dedicated fan. I got involved in everything about them, from there burning up book ,movies , music’s , live chats, tours even tho they are not together as a band anymore . I always will support them they all are hilarious brothers and I look up to them very much. I enjoy all of the camp rocks I have all the dvds and poster collections, I know everything about the storyline of Camp Rock. I really love the style of music, dance moves, watching Camp Rock always puts me in a dancing mood. My favorite song is cant back down, I love all the characters they have great personalities in the movie, including Nate he’s funny.

    I enjoy watching Disney films they are enjoyable to watch and is very inspirational to me. Most people had known me as quirky and funny. As a kid I have experience in acting as I use to attend drama lessons every Wednesday. I’m a very passionate individual who likes to put 100% effort in everything I do. To play a role in Camp Rock 3 I be much appreciated, it be soo amazing living the dream of the Jonas Brother, so fingers cross you pick me.

  52. Zoe

    Hi! My name is Zoe. I am ten years old and have been singing, acting , and dancing since I was four. Now I am doing an advanced ballet class two times a week, and every Tuesday I do a musical theater class. I have auditioned for Ramona Quimby , and Tarzan. When I lived in Omaha NE, I worked with the directors at the Rose Theater. I did a main stage show, and had a solo and duet in it. I now live in Livermore CA, in the bay area. We just moved hear and love it so much! Every weekend we etheir go to a beach or San Francisco. I have three brothers, and one sister. I would love to take the time to be in this for you. I will work hard to get a part in this.
    Thank you and have a great day!

  53. Tshifhiwa Mhlongo

    I Feel it in my vains that I have all the strengths and qualities to be the part of camp rock.I’m very talented when it comes to dancing and acting.I’ve been performing at the Theatres since from the age of 8.I want this opportunity I want to change my story :) I stand bodly not having any trepidations I’m very gifted.I’m really looking foward to be choosen.I’m Endowed with the Seeds of dancing Designed To entertain Accomplished with Greatness. I Decree and Declare that I’m one of the Camp rock stars for 2014 .I’m from South Africa

  54. Alissa Laurie

    Hi, my name is Alissa Laurie, I’m 20 years old, but I look about 16. I’m an inspiring artist and I love to sing! All my life I have been afraid to sing in public out of fear of people not liking me. When I watched the first two installments of Camp Rock it lessoned my fear. I would love to be apart of this movie because it is what has helped me be able to sing to some people and by being apart of it I feel I will finally be able to use my voice and conquer my fear fully. I have always wanted to be in something like this and being given the opportunity to just audition would be amazing to me. Thank you so much for your time!

  55. Sonia Correa

    i am 14 years old , i am camp rocker since i was 12 years old , i love this movie Besides that my dream always has been to take the possibility of shining as a moment .I’m good at acting, I’m learning to play guitar, I like dancing and I love camp rock.Camp rock changed my life and I would like that I also could change the lives of others and influence them as much as possible. I really enjoy acting and being a part of CAMP ROCK IS MY DREAM !!! I strongly agree with Mitchie as she have the same dream ‘shine like a star “.Quiero fulfill my dream as her and even harder WOULD ARRIVE never surrender. THIS IS ME .

  56. Aixa

    I would really love to be part of that because I love singing. I can also dance and act. I’m from Argentina and maybe we don’t have the same opportunities as an American guy, but I hope to be considered

  57. Liz

    I’m 16 years old, and this would be an amazing experience for me to be able to break out of my shell and show my true colors. This would also be a once in a lifetime experience and I would love to be able to entertain and inspire others.

  58. Hannah Terranova

    Hi, I would love to get a part in Camp Rock 3. I’m 12 years old. I love the Camp Rock movies and I think it would be lots of fun! I can sing and dance. Some people tell me I’m a really good actor so yeah. I’m learning how to play the guitar so that could be helpful. I really like doing these types of things and people say I’m good. I’ve always wanted to do something like this so this would be really fun! I hope I will hear back!! But whoever is reading this no matter what I appreciate it and thank you!!

  59. Anya Fitzgerald

    Hey, I’m a 8 year old girl and I would love to be on Camp Rock 3 no matter what part I would get… I love acting and dancing. I also can kind of sing. I love the other Camp Rock movies and I think it would be an amazing experience to actually be on it. I also do gymnastics so if that’s any better. It has been my dream to be in a movie/musical. Even if I don’t get on thanks to whoever is reading this.

  60. Elizabeth Kim

    I would love to be in Camp Rock 3. I remember when I was little I was so excited for the first two Camp Rocks and as soon as I heard about the third one I was excited again. When I heard there was a chance to be in it I couldn’t help but want to be in it. Demi Lovato is a huge role model and inspiration in my life and I know Camp Rock is what had started her out and to have started out like her in such an amazing movie on Disney would be incredible. It has been my dream to be a singer for a long time and I love to act. I would love to someday be looked up to by children as Demi has been. This is just an amazing opportunity and I would just love it if I could join even as an extra. I do hope I will be considered for this because it would just be incredible.

  61. Cassidy Quick

    I think i should be able to be in the movie because it has been my dream to be in a musical. Camp rock was always my favorite disney musical. Demi lovato and the Jonas Brothers were my favorite singers and actors as a child. I’m 16 and i judt want to be able to live my dream. Disney Channel was always the channel i looked up to and i always wanted to act in that. I remember replaying the music and movie over and over again. Being in something that shows such a strong meaning would be amazing. This would be the best accomplishment for me to be able to say I’m in a musical with all of my idols in it.

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