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  1. Jenna

    I’m ready to go back to camp to rock it out and sing my heart out. . When does the bus leave? Please don’t pass my bus stop without picking me up.

  2. Kirsty Cheyenne Richardson

    Hi, my name is Kirsty, I am 17 years old and live in England, UK. Its my absolute dream to be a dancer! I’ve always watched the dancing in Disney movies and programmes and wished I could be doing it as well. I think it would be great experience for me and would really boost my chances of getting into/a scholarship to a professional dance university such as Bird College, Urdang or Laban. I’ve always danced since the age of 4/5 and absolutely LOVE performing. I always perform to my best ability and work as hard as i can to improve my dance skills and versatility. I’ve danced at DisneyLand Paris with my dance school once before and am going again this summer. I also hope to work there as a dancer in the future but can only audition when I’m 18 so I’ll be auditioning next year I hope! I’d be thrilled to even get an audition and a chance to get a dancing role in this film, even if its only a small part I’d be so happy to have had the experience.

    Ethnicity: White British
    Hair: Long Light Brown/Blonde
    Gender: Female
    Eye Colour: Brown

    Thankyou so so much!!!

  3. Malachi Eyerman

    Hi everyone at disney channel my name is Malachi and I always wanted to be on Disney channel and I LOVED camp rock 1 and 2.and all of the disney characters have inspired me to be an actor and Demi lovato is my favorite singer I would really appreciate it if I could be on this show it would be really awesome and would make my dream of becoming an actor come true :) thank you for your time here is my information so you kind of get a feel of what I look like

    Name:Malachi Eyerman
    Area:Sacramento California
    Hair:dark brown
    Hair length: medium
    Face:no freckles

  4. Jennifer Gomez

    I love Disney channel movies and shows I would dream that I am part of Disney channel

  5. dakota clingan

    Hi, my name is Dakota. I have wanted to be a singer or a actress since i was little . And I really want to be on this movie I know it could be fun to be acting with the crew. And I hope my wish of either being a actress or a singer well come true. So please at least think about giving me a part. Anne if it happens I well be the happiest girl.
    Hair: dirty blond
    Age: 12 I was born in October 5, 2001
    Eye color: hazel

  6. Miranda Sangma

    Hello everyone!!
    M Miranda aka Mia…imam huge fan of camprock(both 1 and 2) and future part 3…..:)
    To get here would be great and I’d be the luckiest living creature on earth…and to get into acting with DEMI and JONAS BROs…..would be huge…just huge …..m their fan and have been following ‘em ever since Forever. I love singing and acting…its my passion but never got a chance to audition cause m from India and feel like less opportunity for us to audition for DISNEY.
    Please consider me if you think m capable of doing it and it’d be great to be part of DISNEY FAMILY. Trust me you won’t regret.
    Thank you for reading this….take care….ciao

  7. karlee

    I am 10 years old. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I was in the Lancaster pageant and won 4 trophies. I won Second Princess, Miss Photogenic, Miss friendship, and one for being a contestant there. I love the 1st and 2nd Camp Rock and I really want to be in this one. Thank you for your time

    -Karlee M. Roseberry

  8. Rebecca Wan

    Hey there!

    I am Rebecca from Malaysia. I am a 13- year old chinese though I’ve been told I look sixteen. I am in love with music. Music is my passion. I play three instruments and I love singing and dancing. Sometimes, I would hold a mini concert for myself in my room with my karaoke set for fun. I am very confident though I can act almost any character. I have dark brown hair and eyes and I would like this role because it would be a really amazing experience. I love disney channel and camp rock.

    Thanks for everything.


  9. Marie

    Hi’ I’m Marie. I’m exactly what you would call an aspiring actress and singer. I’m not a professional actress but I do have a vocal coach. I’ve taken voice lesson for a little less than 2 years. I want to learn how to play guitar and piano but it’s a lot to push in to my schedule. I know how to perform certain vocal things such as breathing correctly and forming words the right way. I’m very focused on music and have dropped other activities to do singing. I love the art of music and acting because you can really do almost anything you prefer with it. It would be non-reality come true if I could be on camp rock 3. I admire Demi Lovato which is another small reason it would be a dream come true. I’m only 10 but I sing , look , and I’m as mature as someone around 13-15. I have fair to tan skin and I’m 5’4. I have a naturally curvy body. My hair is naturally curly and brown. I live in knoxville Tennessee and I also got accepted to the know county honors chorus. I’d be willing to do to almost anything to be on camp rock 3 and be a famouse actress/singer. I hope you will pick me because I have a great attitude and people say I’d be fun to work with. PS. If you don’t pick me I understand and I wish Disney and the cast the best of luck -marie

  10. Marie

    Hey i’m marie. I”m 110% in love with singing and acting. I have a vocal coach and want to look at guitar lessons and acting classes. I am a huge lovatic and i love Camp Rock 1 and 2. I have a big personality and i can be someone from a brat to a perky princess. I don’t want to anything but sing and act when I get older. I also want to be a rolemodel for young girls. I’m a straight A student. Here’s some info about me . BTW I’m super tall for my age
    my height- 5’3-5’5 i got excepted to the county honors choir
    my age- 10 my birthday 2/24/04 I live in Knoxville, Tennessee i have fair tan skin
    I’m curvy not a stick
    my hair- naturally curly and brown
    .i love to do makeup and have sleepovers with my bff I am also really good at makeup

  11. Aileen Rosales

    Hello , my name is Aileen Rosales and i would love to be a part of this movie because i love acting and singing . I want to be successful at both . Here’s some information about me …..

    birthday : 12-20-99


    height: 5’4

    weight: 120 lbs.

    - i am light tanned with dark brown medium length hair and eyes . I’ve been told i have a great and funny personality . (:

  12. Emma

    Hi there,

    My name is Emma, I live in Sweden.
    I am 12 years old nearly 13, I’m half Swedish half English.
    My passion is singing, dancing, songwriting along with horse riding.

    I love camp rock 1 & 2, when i was younger, I sang and dance along to vamp rock all the time.
    I have been in many boot camps writing and producing music.
    It will be amazing to audition for Disney’s camp rock. That’s my dream.

    Gender: Female
    Hair: Brown
    Height: 5’7
    Eyes: light brown

    Big hugs

  13. Desteny

    Hello my name is Desteny. I am 13 years old. I live in Brooklyn New York and I am in middle school. I love singing and I want achieve my dream/goal which is to be on camp rock with joe Jonas, Demi lovato,etc. If you give me a chance I will finally achieve this goaland you won’t regret it I promise!! Please give me a chance.

  14. tara M

    Tara M

    Aspiring Singer/Actress

    Love RnB and Pop, but really any style of music.

    I have been singing in show choirs, gospel choirs, traditional choirs my whole life. I have sang in an RnB ensemble and had one professional gig singing pop songs with reggae beats, it was called the Reggae Rich band.

    I am a quirky, funny, sassy,super friendly girl.

    I’ve included a clip introducing myself and singing a lil something.

    Please contact me if you guys are interested, I go nuts for movies and things like love love Disney Channel and the Camp Rock Movies, my friends used to pick on me because I was actually in High School or College when these movies started to come out and I didn’t try to hide that I was a fan. I love the Disney channel movies, especially with singing in them in addition to Camp rock I love lemonade mouth, cheetah girls, high school musical, and all things alike.

    Its my dream to be able to audition for a movie like this

  15. Emma J.

    HI there,

    My name is Emma, I live in Sweden, I am 12 years old, nearly 13, Im Half Swedish, Half English.
    My dad is a well known music producer and he has written many top hit songs around the world.
    My passion is singing, dancing and writing songs along with horse riding.

    I love Camp rock 1&2. When I was younger, i sang along and danced to camp rock all the time.
    I have been in many bootcamps for writing and producing music and it would be fantastic to be on Disney’s camp rock, that my dream!

    Gender: Female
    Hair: Brown
    Height: 5’7
    Eyes: light brown

    Big hugs,
    Emma J.

  16. Jasmine

    My name is Jasmine and I am 15. I like to dance hip hop and break and sing.
    I hope I get to try out.

  17. Lianora Coffin

    Lianora Coffin, 11, September 10, 2002, Rap, Act, Drums, Video Editing, I’m Samoan, German, and New Zealand. I was born in Kansas City, MO, but I currently reside in Independence, MO.

  18. Anita

    Hello, my name is Anita and I live in Bulgaria.
    I speak English and Bulgarian.
    I am a girl of 12 years.
    I love to sing, dance and acting.
    When I was 7 years old sang and danced in public for the first time.
    At 5 years of age participated in the transmission
    Local TV.
    I love music. It really is my life.
    Practice swimming, tennis and painting.
    Two years ago I won a drawing contest.

  19. Anita

    Hello, my name is Anita and I live in Bulgaria.
    I speak English and Bulgarian.
    I am a girl of 12 years.
    I love to sing, dance and acting.
    When I was7 years old sang and danced in public for the first time.
    At5 years of age participated in the transmission
    Local TV.
    I love music. It really is my life.
    Practice swimming, tennis and painting.
    Two years agoI won a drawing contest.

  20. Zoë deleye

    Hi i am Zoë I’m twelve years old I would like to get involved with this film I sing and dance all all my life I hope I get a chance thanks in advance

  21. Sophie Nadel

    My name is Sophie Nadel I am almost 12 and I live in Orange, California. Camp Rock is a movie that inspired me to want to be an actor.
    Birthday:August 20th, 2002
    Height: 5’0
    Hair:Ash Blonde

  22. isabelle schoorl

    hey im isabel and i love acting and friends of mine say that i can act really good
    hiar: light/dark blond, light brown
    eyes:green blue
    lenght: 1.66
    weight: 41
    passion: acting and dancing
    sports: dancing, gymnastich, beach tennis and swimming
    place: aruba
    age: 13 years
    i speak: dutch , spanisch ( a bit) and of course english
    i hope im in :) (it would mean the world and more to me ) xxxxxxx isabelle
    ps. im from holland and i can speak perfect english
    please xxxxxx

  23. Mechelle Dixon

    I am also 13. I have been singing and dancing my whole life. I would love to try acting very much

  24. Mechelle Dixon

    I would love to be in camp rock three. I love camp rock I watch it on tv all the time. I want to be an
    Talented young actor just like these other amazing people thank you for accepting my application I would love to audition I want to be the lead singer. I love singing allot. Thank you wont be sorry

  25. Ariana Lynn Salkeld

    Hello my name is Ariana i would love to be in this movie I love singing I sing all the time I love dancing but I have no experience in acting but I would love to be in this movie as a start of my singing and acting career I hope you add me as a consideration! Thank you for your time!

    Age: 13
    Height: 5 6″
    Experience acting: 0
    Hobbies: singing,dancing,writing music

  26. Diego garcia

    Hi my name is Diego Garcia i have watch camp rock one and 2 and i like the movie and i like music a lot i actuall love music my father got a chores of music i know to play the drums and i like dancing and i like to sing a lot

  27. Mikaila Sparks

    Hello my name is Mikaila Sparks. I am 15 years old. I am a huge fan of Camp Rock 1 & 2 and the entire cast. I am a dancer. I’ve danced with my highschool dance team for a year. We practiced ballet and danced hip-hop,jazz, contemporary, lyrical, and modern jazz. I am an enthusiastic actress. I have an amazing sense of humor and I’m a hard worker and a fast learner. I would love to be apart of the making of Camp Rock 3! If you would like to consider me for a role you can email me at: <hidden from public> where I can send you my full résumé.

  28. Melissa Burlaud

    Hello, my name is Melissa Burlaud im 14 years old . I was born in a very small Town of France , one day(I was about 8 ) my sister show me the movie ‘Camp Rock’ and I just loved it ! From the day I saw Camp rock , I became a huge fan of Demi . She’s has been my idol during 5 years now , and she still is !
    I even wrote essays about her in school !
    In august 2011 , I moved to Miami FL, with my family, it has been really hard for me to adapt to a new life , to learn english ..
    But I made it , now I speak very good english!
    To be in Camp Rock 3, would be more than a dream come true to me , it would be incredible, amazing !!
    I’ve always wanted to be in a movie or in a Tv show .. I can act , dance (I’ve been taking dance class during 3 years ) and also sing (in french and english ) I’m also very good to lip synch ..
    I can also do a very funny french accent !

    Hair : red dark & curly
    Age: 14
    Grade: going to 9th
    Eyes: Green/Gray
    Weight: 107
    Ethnicity : white

    ~Thank you for taking time to read this !~

  29. Bethney Ramirez

    Name: Bethney Val Ramirez

    Age: 14

    DOB: 8/11/00

    Height: 5’1

    Hair color: light brown

    Eye color: light brown

    Weight: 130

    State: Texas

    Gender: female

    Hi my name is Bethney and I would like to be apart of upcoming movie role coming up soon in the future. I can act,sing, and dance. I can also do any emotion when needed and do many facial expressions for what is asked for. I want to out myself out there and show people that there is more to me than just someone that you see in the hall ways at school, in want to be someone who little kids see on tv and tell them selfs they want to be someone like me someone who is not afraid of a challenge and will do what ever it takes to make that happen. Thank you and I home I hear drone you soon.

  30. Brionna Belcher

    I couldn’t be more excited for this movie! I’m a 14 year old girl with brown hair and blue eyes. I have an a lot voice but can easily reach a mezzo soprano. I’m Caucasian and has freckles. I have had little vocal training but I participate in chorus at school and have been in a few vocal programs. I hope you consider me. I’m very dramatic and love acting! Anything creative I like. I play clarinet but I’m not professional.

  31. Erin Joy Ordakowski

    My older sister, Heather and I cannot wait for a 3rd Camp Rock! We’ve been waiting for it to come out for 3 years now. 3 years, I tell you! We already got the other two on DVD. For the past year now, I’ve been praying for the third one to come out. Why? 2 reasons: 1 — because I’m a christian, and 2 — because ever since I was little, I’ve heard that praying always works. I think that each and every Disney star who has been in any Disney movies should take the same advice for making Disney movies that I’ve been given for when I’ve had trouble with stuff, which is, ”never, ever give up.” I mean, come on now; think about it. They say it on Disney pretty much all the time, right? Well, maybe everybody should follow it. I know I have. And another kind of advice that I know everybody should take from Disney is, ”work hard.” So, I think that the Camp Rock cast should keep making the 3rd Camp Rock until they are finished, because we don’t want what happened with lemonade Mouth 2 happening with Camp Rock 3, right? So, what are you waiting for? Make sure just about everybody knows about this. Why? Because … Camp Rock is awesome!

  32. Catalina Zuniga

    Hi my name is Catalina Zuniga I love to sing and act I’ve never tried acting but this this would be a great experience I’m 11 years old I love singing its my true passion I’ve never really sang in front of people some but I really hope u consider me

  33. Trinity Sampson

    Hello my name is Trinity Nicole Sampson. I am a African American 14 years old female and my talents are singing, writing, dancing ,and most of all acting it is a dream to work with Disney. I have been in many plays and I have acted, song, and danced many places I cant keep count, and I do it because I love it and I try to do things to help my family and to help my mom out around the house whenever I can so I looked at this Disney audition and decided to take a chance. I would be a very good person to work with on set and off. I have been told that I am a very sweet and hilarious young lady and I here that a lot so I guess it is true. I love to entertain people anywhere I go because I love to make people smile and laugh. I am a fast learner when it comes to business and making thing good and I promise I will do any and everything in my power to be on Disney and to make you proud you will have absolutely no regrets at all I hope that you consider me. email me at () thank you.

  34. Tara Petrosh

    Please don’t forget to let me know where and when the auditions will be for Camp Rock 3! I am a true fan of the first two shows, and Demi Lavato is my inspiration. I “live” for singing as it is what I do every day. It is my passion, and I will work very hard to persue my dream to one day become a singer first, and perhaps include acting also. I have been performing on stages for the past 5 years, not only because I enjoy, and hope to get exposure, but because I fee a great sense of satisfaction that I can succeed in it, and feel accepted somewhere. You can view me on Youtube: Tara Petrosh. I am working on new pop songs to upload this summer….. I love making new friends who are just like me and enjoy performing. We have great fun together, sharing our love for music, and performing…….

  35. ansh chadha

    hi i am Ansh and i am from Auckland which is in New Zealand and my passion is dance i have been dancing on stage since i was 5 i stopped dancing at 8 yrs of age and recently started dancing again i do hip hop, contemporary and some sorts of Bollywood and i would love to be a part of camp rock 3 thank you….

  36. Destiny Lockhart

    I’m going to start off and say that I love camp rock and Demi,she’s like my idol. Now…Hi…you probably won’t see this because of the other amazing people commenting but I’m going to give you facts about myself. I was raised by a single mother and although I don’t live in the best neighborhood I believe I came out pretty well. I am a black American, I just turned 13 years old, I love to sing and act. I’ve been in about a hundred different plays and I was always given beyond positive reviews. I want to change the way people think, not just about women but about them all in general. I get good grades in school and now I am going to 8th grade. I have dark brown hair that comes to my shoulders and dark brown eyes. I love to do British accents and well yeah,that’s a random fact…I hope you choose me

  37. Destiny

    My name is destiny sadewasser
    I am 15 turning 16 years old soon, I have brown hair with brown eyes, my height is about 5’5, Gender: female.
    I loved camp rock 1 and 2, I would have to say it was the best musical in my time!
    I love to dance, sing, and act! I am dependable, a hard worker and very fun to work with. My dream has always been to be on t.v with Disney’s shows and to be on camp rock, working with Demi, and the Jonas brother also everyone on the cast.
    If I do get on camp rock 3 you will not regret it! I would be very happy :) thank you for reading hope to hear soon.

  38. Erika Mota Jimenez

    HI im Erika i love camp rock i live in orlando florida. my birthday is oct 13. im 13 years old im 5’5 i love singing and dancing i would love too be on camp rock 3. I always wanted to be on disney channel and if i was on camp rock 3 that would be the best thing ever ! Every since i first saw the movie i always wanted to be in the movie. That would be a dream come true if i was camp rock 3. I’ve always been dreaming too be an actress singer dancer. Im in music school so i could learn how too do music so i could start my music career. But if im in camp rock 3 i would’ve start my acting and singing !! Please pick me. Everyday i pray to God that my dreams come true !

  39. Devin Sabato

    i have been attending a summer theater camp every year since i was 5. acting, as well as singing, are great passions of mine and getting a role on television is my main goal in life. i have volunteered and worked at “screams at the beach” which is a haunted attraction that was rated #1 scariest on the east coast. therefore, i have a lot of experience acting in front of thousands of people. i feel so comfortable and happy on stage, its natural for me.
    name: devin sabato
    sex: female
    age: 14
    grade: 9th
    height: 4’11
    body type: athletic
    weight: 110
    hair color: light brown
    eye color: brown
    ethnicity: caucasian/ hispanic
    currently living: delaware
    i really hope you consider me

  40. Jordan bermillo

    My name is Jordan. I am 15 years old about to be 15. I have been watching Disney channel all my life and camp rock was absolutely one of my favorite, because of course, Demi Lovato. I am also am striving for a huge career in singing, but I’ve taken acting classes since I was 10. Disney channel has always been a dream of mine, but I never tried to audition for a movie/ show. This would be a great opportunity to up my career.

    Thank you,

  41. Christina

    Name: Christina

    Singing :I have been singing for almost my entire life.

    Dance: I have also been dancing for most of my life.

    Age : 12

    Acting : since I was about 9.

    I also don’t care what part I get as long as I am not in the backround

  42. Maria Perez-Medina

    Hi, my name is Maria Perez-Medina. I am a 17 year old Hispanic. I fell in love with Camp Rock since the first movie. I love it from the dances to the actors and actresses. I consider myself to be a great dancer and I also love to sing. I want to be part of the team even if it is just as a background dancer. I am a very hard worker and this is the opportunity of a life time. I also see this as an opportunity to get one step closer to reaching my dream which is to become a star.  It is my hope that you consider having me on the team.

  43. Kyndyl.Jordan

    Oh yes and one important thing I can sing and dance!!

  44. Kyndyl.Jordan

    Myname is kyndyl Jordan I’m 11 now I know I’m to young to be an like oficall camp rocker like demi and Joe but if u guys r still doing the little kid thing like with the jonas’s brothers youngest brow I would luv to be apart of that clan

  45. Manar Nour

    camp rock 3 .. how awesome is that :o

    i’m waiting …. Egypt is waiting :D

  46. Asia Richburg

    Hello my name is Asia Richburg,i am 19 years old and i live in South Carolina. I am interested in any role or part that you could fit me into for “Camp Rock 3″, the other two are my favorite movies and i would love to be apart of it that would be great! I have taking acting/drama classes throughout my years of high school i am currently in college and i just finished up with a theatre class which was amazing. I love being around people acting and improving its such a heat felt warm environment. I have plenty of experience! I am a harder worker and eager to learn i also can pick up things really quick. I hope that you would find interest in me and contact me this is a dream come true this is my dream so if you would give me a chance i wont let you down. There are no small parts in acting every role/part is important. Thank you. Please Contact me back.

    Asia Richburg

    Ethnicity:African American

  47. Keysha Garcia

    Hi, My Name Is Keysha I’m 14 I come from a small town I Love Dancing it’s My passion, I got voted best dancer for two years in a row at my school I’m Very Ourgoing not shy at all. I always wanted to be on a Disney Movie, when I first watch camp rock I knew I wanted to be a dancer everyone told me I wouldnt make it but I want to prove them wrong. Demi Lavato is My role model I lover her

  48. Janee Santos

    Hi, my name is Janee Santos. My family has been through a whole lot. My mom has fibromyalgia, arthritis and much more medical conditions. I’ve always wanted to help support my family, but I can’t because I’m too young. Anyway, I’m 14 years old and I’m very musical. I don’t really like to admit it; however, I play many instruments. I play alto saxophone, flute, piano, guitar, ukulele, and the mallets. I sing sometimes and very horrible at making up my own dances. I was in ballet for awhile until my ballet teacher moved and I can do tap dance a little. I didn’t really go far with tap dance or ballet, but I went farther with my music. I played the flute for about 3 years, alto saxophone for 1 year, guitar for about 5 years(but can’t get the bar chords only open chords), ukulele for 5 or 6 years, mallets for about a year, and piano for 3 years. The reason why I should consider myself to audition because I work hard and want to try something new. If this doesn’t work, oh well. I’ll just keep going at my music.

  49. Anahi Esparza

    Hi, my name is Anahi Esparza, I am a blue eyed, brownish haired, Hispanic 15 year old small town girl, that has wanted to act since I could possibly remember so if I am to be chosen it would be and honor. I know what you’re thinking there are many sub-missioners to choose from, what makes me any different? well honestly, the only thing I can say for you to consider me is that I would do my best to not disappoint you and I surely would give it my all. Thank You for your time and I hope to hear back from you soon, (:

  50. Janee Santos

    Hi my name is Janee Santos. My family has been struggling- a lot actually.. But I want to support my family, however I can’t because of the fact that I’m only 14.. My mom has fibromyalgia and arthritis and many other medical conditions. Anyway, I am going to be a freshman at my high school and I hope this helps my family a whole lot. I play a bunch of instruments; I play the flute, alto saxophone, piano, guitar, ukulele and the mallets. I can sing, but I sound sharp when I sing… I can act a little depending on the situation; My sixth grade teacher told me that I couldn’t act or sing which was sad and my self esteem wasn’t in me anymore for a couple of years. I should be considered because I work hard and I just wanted to try something new.

  51. Kiera Webb

    My name is Kiera Webb and i’m 14 years old. I live in Memphis,TN. My race is African-American and my eyes are brown. My hair is black and my height is 5″5. I should be on Camp Rock 3: Live for Music, because I love watching both flims of Camp Rock and i play a clarient for 2 years. It would be an honor to on Camp Rock 3. Also, I have Camp Rock 2 soundtrack and Camp Rock DVD . I was in my school choir for my 4th and 5th grade school year.

  52. Stephanie Perez

    Hi my name is stephanie and I always wanted to be on stage or even in a movie I started playing guitar not to long ago I love to sing and dance I’m very funny and fun to be around I have blonde hair and blue eyes I’m Spanish and I’m twelve years old my family has always supported me to follow my dreams and know thats what I’m doing

  53. Jair rouse

    My name is Jair and I want to pursue my dream of acting.i am really good a sports and I can dance too I am a all around person.
    Height 5ft
    Weight 100 lbs
    12 years old

  54. Alise Elīza Voldeka

    hi! My name is Alise, in october I will be 15 and I will go in 9th grade.
    I live in Latvia. I play piano, guitar, violin. I have got blue – grey eyes, medium lenght brown hair.
    I’m 171cm long and I weigth 58kg.
    I love to sing, I don’t really know if I can act, but I hope that I can.
    I really hope that you will find some interest in me.
    lots of love.

  55. Thimna

    My name is Thimna. I love to sing, act and especially I love Camp Rock I love all the songs my favourite is this is our song and its a brand new day. I would love to be part of an amazing move like Camp Rock 3 this would make my acting dream career come true.

  56. Tamia Butler

    I’m 14 going on 15 in September and I have been in theater for four years and I love camp rock I would love the be in this movie it would be my dream to be in a camp rock movie

  57. emily

    I watched 1 and 2, and I loved them both so much!!! I am 15 years old, I have brownish blondish hair and blue green eyes and I’m about 5’9, I love acting singing and dancing and if I could be in this movie I would be so happy!! I am a hard worker so if you could please pick me to be in this movie, I will not let you down, I hope I hear from you!

  58. Diana Brennan

    Hello, my name is Diana, I would love to be considered for this because I love to song and act and dance and just preform and make people smile, I aspire to be an actress cuz that’s what I love to do is preform. When I’m on stage or on camera is probably when I’m happiest.
    Hair:natural blonde
    I would love to be seriously considers for this.

  59. Esther

    Hi my name is Esther I’m 17 and I would love to get a chance to be able to audition for one of my favorite Disney movies of all time, I love all the songs and dances from the first two movies. I remember even getting up and actually singing and dancing to the movie. So this would be one of the greatest things in the world to just get a chance to audition.

  60. Heather

    Hi my name is Heather and I am 15 years old. I live in Victorville,Ca and i would love to star in Camp Rock 3. Camp Rock would be a awesome experience to show other kids and teens the true meaning of teamwork and dedication to something you love. I can not sing but im pretty sure if i learn i could dance or be a camp counselor. Please give me a shot to show you. Thank you in advance.

  61. Kristin Armstrong

    My name is Kristin and I’m just a small town girl. I don’t have much talent, but one thing for sure is I know what I want in life. Long story short, I never realized how long I’ve wanted to be a singer/actress until a couple of days ago. I honestly think I’ve wanted to since I was a little girl. I’ve been told I can sing, however I don’t know if people were just being nice or if it was the truth. I play a little of the keyboard but I’m not a professional. One more thing, I can’t dance, well, I’ve never tried.

    Hair: brown, curly
    Eyes: Hazel/ blue
    Ethnicity: causation (mostly)
    Height: 5’4
    Age: 19

  62. Amanda

    Hi, my name is Amanda and I would love to be a part of Camp Rock 3! I’m from Miami, Florida. I can do just about anything you ask for example I can act, sing, and dance! I’ve always loved to perform in front of my school and family/friends! Ever since I was little it has always been a dream of mine to be on Disney Channel, and I feel like this would be an amazing opportunity to start of a career. It’s something that I love to do and hopefully you pick me!
    And here is some basic information about me:
    Gender: female
    Hair: light brown
    Age:13 11/30/00
    Eyes: light brown
    hopefully you pick me! thank you!

  63. Anamica

    Hi my name is Anamica! If youre wondering how to pronounce my name it is (ANA-MEECA), people don’t usually get it at first. I am 13 year old girl and 5 foot 3. I love to sing and act its one of my hobbies that I love doing. I do big roles in the school plays and I have been watching family channel for a very long time:) I am tall and have long dark brown hair. I also love the movie camp rock, it always makes me smile and laugh my head off. I love all of the characters in the movie and I love all of their individual personalities which makes the movie interesting:) Demi lovato is one of my idols and getting to work with her would be a dream come true. But don’t worry I wont bother her if I do get a chance to be on the movie:) My dream is to star in a tv show/movie and make my family proud. I want to become a role model to other girls and boys out their by sharing my story and be an idol for atleast 1 person. I will give my 101 percent effort on getting a role in the movie and participating in it somehow, but its not upto me. If I ever to get the role I will be the happiest girl in the world :-) Ive always dreamt of becoming an actress/singer but I was to scared for some reason. Now I am trying to make my dreams into reality with the support of my family:) Thanks for taking your time and reading this and I hope somebody recognizes me:) If I don’t get picked to be in it, I still hope the best for the movie and I hope for it to be a hit and for it to become very popular:) Thanks for taking your time out for reading this:) Thanx:)

  64. Olivia

    Hi my name is Olivia as you can see above. I am 12 but turning 13 in November. I’m skinny and about 5’3. I’ve watched disney channel for as long as I can remember and “Camp Rock” has always been one of my favorite movies. It would be amazing if I could be a part of the third. I’m Mexican-American and have brown hair and brown eyes. Please consider me for a role in this movie.

  65. Jessica




    Can I act?:yes

    Can I sing?:kinda…well…yea

    Can I dance?:I have danced since I was 6

    What do I do on my free time?:sing and dance most the time and when I’m not singing and dancing me and my friends practice acting

    I love camp rock 1 and 2 I also love Disney channel. Camp rock actually inspired me to dance and sing soon after me and my cousin started to love to act we have always talked about becoming some big actresses and I just never gave up on my dream I just made it bigger like being a singer,dancer,and an actress so if I got a role in camp rock I would be SO happy.!.

  66. Monika

    Ahhh I wish I new how to sing !! -_- barnacles!

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