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  1. Kimora Zachery

    I love singing and dancing including Camp Rock.I am 9 years old.I am a female from Atlanta.

  2. Jacqueline Alvarenga

    Name: Jacqueline Alvarenga Gutierrez
    Height: 5 feet
    Weight: 95 pounds
    Dob: 6/21/2002
    Neck size:12 inches around and it is 6 inches tall
    Waist: 27 inches (around)
    Sleeve size: 19 inches
    Inseam: 24 inches
    Hat size:one size
    Dress size: 10,11,12
    Jacket size:10,11,12

    Shoe size: 4 and 5 (kid)and 7 (women) (depending on the brand)
    My moms phone <hidden from public> 
    (Call me better) my phone number <hidden from public> 
    Languages: Spanish and English
    I’m Hispanic
    Live in Texas and I am from Texas I would LOVE TO BE ON THIS MOVIE❤️❤️❤️ I love acting dancing and singing plz contact me. I have experience because I had modeling and acting classes (paid 2000 dollars) plz contact me. It would be a pleasure to work with ya!!Thanks

  3. Coílean Melarkey

    Hi! My name is Coílean Melarkey and I am a 16 year old white male from Ireland. I believe I have what it takes to be in this show! I have a passion for singing and acting and I have been involved in two school show productions, including, Oliver and Joseph and the amazing technicolor dream coat (I know this is not much, but if you give me the chance to be in this movie, I will not let you down!). I also enjoy dancing, but I have never had any real experience of it, but if you allow me to be in this movie, I could learn how to dance properly! In case you are wondering, I speak English (my first language), Spanish and German! If you would like me to send you a video of me singing, send me an email and I will send one to you

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