Wipeout – ABC

Wipeout - ABC

Wipeout – ABC

Have you ever wanted to be on television? Do you love a good physical challenge? Do you love game shows and competing against others? Would you like a chance to win a huge cash prize? If you answered yes it’s time to start training for your shot to be a contestant on an all new season of ABC’s absurd and absurdly fun obstacle course game show series Wipeout. Submissions for upcoming rounds of nationwide casting calls and auditions are being accepted now. Take the challenge of a lifetime and you  could win a grand prize of $50,000 dollars on Wipeout!

The craziest game show on television is back and looking for a whole new group of brave contestants who think they have what it takes to not Wipeout. This ABC giant pits competitors against each other in a race against themselves and against the largest obstacle course in the world. This season the producers will be casting fresh, fun and athletic teams who want to try their hand at conquering the Wipeout course with a special emphasis on family teams and out of the ordinary twosomes. So if you’re ready to be the next Wipeout challenge it’s time to grab your brother, sister, mom, dad, aunt uncle, co-worker, boss, ex, or new husband or wife and get ready for the biggest game show on television today! Casting calls and auditions will be scheduled at various locations throughout the country very soon and you can apply today by heading here wipeout.tv. You can also send an email here wipeoutcasting@gmail.com to apply or for more audition information.  We’ll post every casting update as they become available so keep checking back and be sure to leave us a comment below and tell us who your teammate would be and why you think you can be the next champion of ABC’s Wipeout.

$50,000 dollars and the title of Wipeout champion could soon be yours. Apply today to be a contestant on the all new season of Wipeout.

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  1. Malik Rasul

    Hi! me and my brother decided since we’re both 21 and in the best shape we can be now working at a gym why not try to test our fitness! We’d love to be participants.

  2. Kiara

    Hey im kiara 22 from perth my sister 18 also from perth love wipeout and now that shes old enough we are so excited and really really want to compete. Brooke is a state wrestling champion and i train in crossfit. I think we would make a pretty competitive team!!

  3. Derrick Warren

    Hi, I’m Derrick and I was born in Asgard so naturally I will mop the floor with the competition if given the chance

  4. Oliver Reid

    Hi I am Oliver, ‘Project Mad Dad’ to two homeschooled boys. My wife Julia and I would be over the moon to partake in the show. We’re both fit, fun and ready for action!! P.S. we as a family, love Wipeout!!

  5. Anna Crowley

    Hello! I’m Anna Crowley from Maryland. Me and my brother John would love to be on Wipeout! We’re fit and enthusiastic, ready for the challenge! Please let me know if you have any openings soon.

  6. Chris

    I’m Chris from the Gold Coast, day to day life in retail is like groundhog day for me I need a change so time for you to put me in the line up for your show’
    I will accomplish every obstacle to the best of my ability! Really hope to hear from you!

  7. caress wheeler

    Hi wipeout!!!! My name is caress and i’m 28 years old and i loved watching the show on tv and i’m also from georgia and i would love to compete and have fun on wipeout!!!!😀

  8. Jay

    Hi Im Jay, Im in love with you show and want a chance to prove to all my mates that I can win something in my lifetime. Please wipeout give me the chance to show you what this short, wild, blondie can do!

  9. Juliet Watson

    Hey there ABC! I’ve been a long time fan of Wipeout since it first aired! I’ve always wanted to be on the show, and now that I’m 18 I figure I might as well try to do it! I’m a very strong female, and I rock climb and weight train. If anyone can tackle an obstacle course it’s me! My partner would be my best friend who is also a killer athlete, just like me. I would love to be on the show, and the prize winnings could help me with my tuition !

  10. Christopher Titus

    My name is Christopher Titus both my teammate (Tyler Younkers) and I are Cadets at the United States Air Force Academy. My partner who has also been my roommate since we went through basic together, is a cross country runner and runs about 60 miles a week. I am starting to train for the show American Ninja Warrior. I want to see who’s show is tougher. I slack line, rock climb, run, and compete in Spartan Races. The Academy has tested us physically and mentally to the point that I believe we can handle your show and make our school proud. It would be awesome to have this opportunity and put all of our training to a test that only Wipeout could create.

  11. Paulina castillo

    we can be wipeout champions because we are very competitive and we dont give up

  12. Eric

    HI I would very much so enjoy a chance to compete on your gameshow called wipeout. I used to be in excellent physical condtion now I am the most out of shape ever I would hilarious to watch trying to complete this course with my skill from before and laziness now I would make an excellent specimen for your show thank you for your time and I look forward to meeting with you in the near future

  13. Ariel Martin

    This show is HILARIOUS!!!!!
    I knew I would win, but I never gave any real thought to applying lol.
    To the application!!
    Where is the application? No, seriously… I can’t find it.
    Can somebody send me a copy?

  14. lewis

    Me and my friend believe we can win the contents and set records so if we could have information on how to audition for the show that be great thanks.
    Easy money

  15. William Young

    I would love to come show off my magnificent skills. I’m fit and skilled to conquer your course. Serving in the Army made me incredible.

  16. Nicole Lynn

    Me and my boyfriend would be good contestants.We are very entertaining and we work very well together most times lol!!! PLEASE pick us we would def make for good television!!!! We both love Tom laugh and have fun!!!

  17. Nicole

    Hi. My name is Nicole. My family and I used to have quality time all sitting around the tv cracking up at the wipeouts of people running the course. My girls have grown up a bit now and to be honest one of them needs a kick up the backside to get motivated to do anything. This would be hilarious to watch them stack it big time and have other people laugh at us. My husband and I would rock this because we can faceplant with style. We did the ROC race and loved it and are keen to give this a red hot crack. (I say this because you would most likely see our butt cracks…he he he). We aren’t the fittest family in the world but would love the motivation to improve our fitness and have a lot of laughs in the mean time. See ya on the flip side

  18. Christian Ovbiye

    Hello wipeout my name is christian. i am fast and i will like to be part of the game thanks

  19. CHristian Ovbiye

    Hallo Wipeout my name is Christian from Switzerland all my friends and family calls me the fastest man on earth. bc i am fast, and i will like to show wipeout that, i cant be wipeout. i am too fast to be wipeout. so please i will like to be one of the chosen ones to play the game thanks.

  20. Stavin Blount

    Hey wipeout!!! My name is Stavin Steele Blount and I have a sister named Tallulah Steele Blount or how she goes by “lula” . We are brother and sister looking for a challenge!!! I am 20 years old and my sister is 19 years old! We are fun, crazy, and always looking for a challenge!! If we were to have the 50,000 we would split it up and use it for college!!

  21. Toy

    Hi wipeout im toy from south africa me and my wife jacqueline always watch wipeout and said i can do that faster and i wil win that she always replies she can also and my oldest sun is also like yea dad i now u can beat them.
    Wipe out give me a chance to show my family that i can do it and not just talking (i dont think u kan wipe me out ) tanx Toy.

  22. Luis Arturo naranjo

    Hello I really want to participate on this exciting and famous TV show, you are amazing and it is my favorite TV show, I would LOVE to be there

  23. Amanda Bookey

    Hi wipe out, my 9 year old daughter, Brighten, Is a competitive gymnast, and competitive all star cheer leader, she wants nothing more to kick ass on your show !

  24. Tanner Woods

    Hey Wipeout. I believe that Chase sessler and myself (Tanner Woods) will be the perfect contestants for your show. We have inside jokes ever since we were 12 years old, we are both physically fit for the challenge, and we make everything just that much better. Chase was a state wrestler in highschool and i have trained and played volleyball at a very high level for six years. Do you want a junior olympic gold medalist on your show? Well thats me

  25. Terrell Rozzell

    My name is Terrell Rozzell and I am 25 years old. I’m quick smart and I use strategy to conquer any obstacle. I have a younger brother named Terren he’s 21 and he’s a winner just like his older brother (me). I’m from Brooklyn NY and IM READY TO WIN !

  26. Sophia Viteri

    I live in Florida, do I have to buy a ticket or you pay?

  27. Rob Gardner

    Hello Wipeout!! My name is Rob Gardner, I am a high school chemistry teacher in Austin, Texas. My sister, Veronica, (a speech language patholagist) and I would love to be considered for the show! Please contact us through email! Thanks!

  28. Kyle Ayling

    Hello Wipout my name is Kyle and I am 18 years old. I love watching the show and always wanted to compete

  29. Blake

    Yew let’s do it

  30. Brandon Yetman

    Hey Wipeout Canada! My name is Brandon Yetman, I’m 21 years old and I believe I can dominate any obstacle course you can throw at me. I have a 23 year old brother who would be my team mate, and we are ready to take on the Most Extreme Elimination Challenge of Canada! Ready to make our family and city proud! Thanks!

  31. Brad

    I need to go on wipeout Australia !! My kids need to watch me on wipeout Australia !! My entertainment would be priceless and we might have a chance to win some money for a holiday!!!

  32. Bekah

    Hi!! My name is Bekah, I’m a senior in High School, and it is honestly one of my dreams to be on your show. How can I audition?! Please let me know!!

  33. Joselyne

    Hi wipe out my name is joselyne and im 17 years old almost 18 and i would love to be on the show . Maybe a mother daughter team against others or just me by my self . I love challenges and i like passing them !

  34. Shayla

    I would bring my football player ex

  35. Tutu

    Hey wipe out , I’m 43years mentor ,ex proffessional player,coach and husband .I’m a wipe out fanatic, I would love to be part of this massive game!

  36. Patrick Losch

    Hey Wipeout, my name is Patrick I about to turn 40 and I’m holding on to my youth as long as possible!!! I’ve auditioned for a few other competition reality obstacle shows but Wipeout was the first one I ever watch. I’m so ready to conquer the Big Balls, hit me up guys!!!!

  37. Ross

    Hey guys, i love your show! I’d love to participate in Wipeout and show off my skills. I’m 26 years old and come from South Africa. Hope to hear back from you legends soon.

  38. Chris Wulff

    Hello my name is Chris and my teammate would be my brother Johann we are the wolf brothers, we only howl occasionally, we would love to show our wolf spirit in this awesome event!

  39. Jason jackson

    Hey wipeout. My name is Jason. Im a 37 yo dad, and my 7yr old daughter and I watch wipeout together. She loves the show especially the slow mo wipeouts. I told her id take her to watch a show live one day. I hope to be a contestant on that day.

  40. Chris brotherson

    Hey wipeout! My name is Chris, I’m 18 and attending SNOW college. I would love to be on wipeout! I want to try and conquer the courses and try to win!

  41. Luana Frescon

    Hi wipeout I’m a 27 year old mother of 6 and would love to show my skills and show women out there if u put your mind to something anything is possible. It would definitely be a one in a lifetime experience and would love to be apart of it.. My children and I are forever watching episodes and having a good laugh so think it would be outta this world to see my babies watch their mumma slay 😉

  42. Lev Rasin

    Hello wipeout !! my name is Lev 29 years old model from Israel,Tel aviv.
    alwayes been an extreme man and recently I became a father and afraid I lost my skills ^^.
    my wife is a little bit worried because all that I’m talking about is the big red balls so please help me to fulfill my darkest desire .

    p.s-written by the despaired wife who got tired from her husband please update him via email….

  43. Michael Crain

    Can I be on wipeout I’m 16 year old

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  45. Daniel

    Good day Wipeout! My name is Daniel and I am a 31 year old Firefighter who loves a physical challenge. I was once chosen for the TV show called Pros vs Joes before being injured. I believe that me and my coworker would be a great fit for some good competition as well as some good laughs!

  46. Daniel Duque

    Good day Wipeout! My name is Daniel and I am a 31 year old Firefighter who loves a physical challenge. I was once chosen for the TV show called Pros vs Joes before being injured. I believe that me and my coworker would be a great fit for some good competition as well as some good laughs!

  47. Jenna Benbaruj

    My name’s Jen, and I want to be on wipeout with my best friend Sof! We’re both students from BC, and we would be the next champions of Wipeout because we are 5″3 bundles of crazy energy!!

  48. Sofia Telio

    My names Sofia, and I’d like to be on Wipeout with my friend Jen because we think it would be a great experience! I would be the next champion of wipeout because I’m determined to conquer the big red balls.

  49. Emily Markowski

    I would like to apply! I have wanted to be on wipeout for a while now! It’s the perfect challenge for me!

  50. Shole

    Hi, I really love to go wipeout ,i thing i can be success , I love take my Housben with me

  51. Nicole Wood

    My name is Nicole I’m 38 yes old married and mother of two great kids ages 15 & 11 yrs old we are competitive and ready to win!
    Choose the Wood family for fun and entertaining TV please pick us were fans of the show

  52. Richard

    Hi wipe out. I’m Richard Ward. I’m a volunteer firefighter and I have 2 kids and I would love to buy them something very nice for Xmas but I don’t have much money, so if you pick me, I’m going to try my best to get the 50 000$ to buy them something nice also buy my women a wedding ring.

  53. Keeley Eldredge

    Recent College grad have always loved the show and it’s been my dream to be on it one day!

  54. latifah weddington

    My fiance would be my ideal partner in this game show wipe out,
    I know we are mentally and physically able to complete any task thrown at us

  55. Shaniqua

    Hi my name is shaniqua, im a middle aged mum from kalgoorlie WA. I LOVE big red balls

  56. Mike hunt

    Hi wipeout or CASTINGCALLHUB
    I’d love to put all my information on a random comment board. I think that’s the best approach……… Wait a second??
    It may be a better idea to read the article and take their advice, send my information in a semi-secure manner by Email? Nah I’ll put it in a public comment section

  57. Kate

    Im Kate and im from Perth WA.
    Im a mum that loves to push myself to the limits. I would bring my mate who is a police officer. I want to show everyone that im not afraid to take on the big balls 😀
    Im a single mum so having the chance to win 50k would be life changing.