Wipeout – ABC

Wipeout - ABC

Wipeout – ABC

Have you ever wanted to be on television? Do you love a good physical challenge? Do you love game shows and competing against others? Would you like a chance to win a huge cash prize? If you answered yes it’s time to start training for your shot to be a contestant on an all new season of ABC’s absurd and absurdly fun obstacle course game show series Wipeout. Submissions for upcoming rounds of nationwide casting calls and auditions are being accepted now. Take the challenge of a lifetime and you  could win a grand prize of $50,000 dollars on Wipeout!

The craziest game show on television is back and looking for a whole new group of brave contestants who think they have what it takes to not Wipeout. This ABC giant pits competitors against each other in a race against themselves and against the largest obstacle course in the world. This season the producers will be casting fresh, fun and athletic teams who want to try their hand at conquering the Wipeout course with a special emphasis on family teams and out of the ordinary twosomes. So if you’re ready to be the next Wipeout challenge it’s time to grab your brother, sister, mom, dad, aunt uncle, co-worker, boss, ex, or new husband or wife and get ready for the biggest game show on television today! Casting calls and auditions will be scheduled at various locations throughout the country very soon and you can apply today by heading here wipeout.tv. You can also send an email here wipeoutcasting@gmail.com to apply or for more audition information.  We’ll post every casting update as they become available so keep checking back and be sure to leave us a comment below and tell us who your teammate would be and why you think you can be the next champion of ABC’s Wipeout.

$50,000 dollars and the title of Wipeout champion could soon be yours. Apply today to be a contestant on the all new season of Wipeout.

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  1. Jessica Davis

    Hello people,
    My name is Jessica Davis (26) and my friend’s name is Tiffany Morian (23) we would love to be on Wipeout, we do basically everything together, we love to challenge ourselves every minute of everyday we think wipe out is just the place for us please pick us!

  2. Jose mulero

    I would really like to adudtion

  3. Ariana Holzinger

    Hi my name is Ariana and I would love to be on wipeout. Sadly i am only 16 but could play on kids casting. I have been watching the show ever since i was younger. My cousins and I would create obstacle courses and race. It is my dream to be on the show!!!!!!!!

  4. Mollie Ryerse

    Whaddup my name is Mollie Ryerse, I have freshly turned 19 and I have grown up watching Wipeout with my family ever since the show started. I even asked for the game for my birthday when it came out haha’ I find the show completely hilarious and it’s been on my bucket list to experience such fun! I’m very competitive, outgoing, goofy, athletic & I feel like I could totally own those big red balls! I’ve played sports my such as soccer, basketball, cross country, track ever since I can remember. I’m a very active and bubbly person, I feel like that’s what the show needs! Trust me when I say I am a pro at making a fool of myself. My partner would either be my mom (since we always watched the show together) or my boyfriend Walker! He is also a goofball like me but extremely competitive. We would probably be trying to beat each other the whole time. 🙂 would love some more information on getting the opportunity to be on the new season!’ Thanks for your time.

  5. Jessica

    I am 23 years old, living in a small town in California. My best friend happens to be my ex and we would be the perfect competitors on Wipeout. Our vegan lifestyle will give us the clean-energy-edge to win 😉

  6. Princess Lapus Monteagudo

    Hi my name is Princess Lapus Monteagudo. I am 17 years old turning 18 in a few months
    I love being to go on adventures and try new things out i also been watching wipe out on youtube but i have been interested in wanting to regristrate in the wipeout show how old are you suppose to be to be eligible to compete and do we have to pay for a fee to get in i would like more information

  7. madeline purdy

    Hi, my name is Madeline and my partner would be my sorority sister, Kelsey. We are both 21 years of age. We do competitive activities all the time at philanthropy events at college. We love the show and are crazy competitive! We bring the party wherever we go and bring enthusiasm to everything we do. We would blow everyone else out of the water. Not to mention we bring great humor, mostly roasting each other as often as possible.

  8. Stellina Fappani

    Hi, my name is Stellina and I’m 18 years old and ride dirtbikes! I love challenges and pushing myself…especially to win something…I’m very competitive! I’m going to drag my boyfriend with me for this and I’m pretty sure I can carry him to the end! We are both very competitive with each other but when we work together we are an unstoppable force…that’s what I’d like to think anyway XD I’m beyond loud and enthusiastic and I’be been wanting to do Wipeout for a very long time, now I’m 18 I finally can! Would love to give it a go and test myself and my skills! I hope the adrenaline I get from Wipeout will be like the one I get from racing my dirtbike! Hope I hear back soon!

  9. Melissa

    My best friend and I would love to be on wipeout! We love physical activity and have never been on television. We are a great team and know we can win this!!!!

  10. lavontae wright

    I am a very hard worker I am a very determined person if I start something I will finsh it and see it to the end I am very enthusiastic joyful and a great team player

  11. Michael Jessop

    Give me a shot WipeOut Staff. I live in London Ontario , and have wanted to compete since I saw the show on t.v. the first time ( 5 years ago ). I’ve always made lasting impressions on any person I’ve ever met. My personality , drive and story are what people viewing your show want to see , a dad that wont let anything or anyone stand in the way of his goal…. To Win

  12. Ron Magliacane, Jr

    Im a 43 year old carpenter and my sister is a 40 year old pilates instructor and we would love the opportunity to show that us “older” people can still bring it in a physical competition. And one of us is cute enough to be on TV lol. *spoiler alert*- it’s my sister.

  13. Michelle King

    My husband and I want to audition for couples wipe out. We are 35, have a 4 year old and 2 two year old twins. We train together 6 days a week. If we can handle these kids we can handle this. Pick us!

  14. Ben

    I’m a 39 yr old Aussie who will bring my “A” game. I have 3 kids and have a point to prove. You want a character? You will get one from me. I will go above and beyond to prove my ability to fearlessly conquer. BRING IT.

  15. Kira Hooyer

    I want to be a contestant on the show I have never been on tv before if you want to contact me let me know.

  16. Shaquila murph

    I want to be on Wipeout and play for the win. I’m 22, I have a daughter 3yrs old, and I’m ready to win for my daughter and I our own place.

  17. Danielle

    Hello! My name is Danielle, I am an apprentice plumber. I also work along side my boyfriend who also is in the plumbing trade. The both of us are active, in shape, and enjoy strenuous activities. I enjoy breaking stereotypes, and proving myself in all situations.. wipeout would certainly help the both of us achieve our goals in life and break the chains!

  18. Jeremiah mitchell

    I have always been a big fan of wipeout and i would really love to participate im confident i could win it

  19. Debra Maldonado

    Hey guys and girls, my name is debbie!! I have two lazy daughters who i know would love to be contestants with me (or not) on wipeout. Im pretty, im funny, and athletic….at least i think so!! So call me, choose me…, and

    Thank you!!

  20. Chrissy

    I want to compete just to prove the boys in my school wrong and it looks like fun

  21. Ayla Wiggins

    Hey my names ayla and id love to be on wipeout! I always watcb it and it would be super cool!

  22. malory nankervis

    Ive always dreamed about conquering wipeout! Having a chance to do it with one or all of my 3 sisters or mum is even better as we kick butt at everything together! A bunch of bought up farmers that have done almost everything together. Netball, football, basketball, campdrafting, horse challenges, sky diving, bunjy jumping, white water rafting, scuba diving, we’ve done it all together! We would be an asset to the show, please give us a go!

  23. AnnMarie Campbell

    I would love this!!!

  24. Joseph

    My name is Joseph and I’m from Thunder bay, ontario I’m 21 years old, I work for a local mechanical company. My sister’s boyfriend and I would love to do this because, we are both adrenaline seekers and enjoy pushing each other in physical activities

  25. Tay

    How do I fill out an application and get more info for signing up ?! Someone please assist xD

  26. alfred gagner

    My friend Bella and I would win Wipeout cause we are amazing and fabulous.

  27. Aaron wingrove

    I want to compete on wipeout because it would be fun!