Lights, Camera, Christmas - ABC

Lights, Camera, Christmas – ABC

Before you know it Christmas will be upon us once again and ABC is getting a jump start on the magic of the season by prepping it’s first ever Christmas reality series Lights, Camera, Christmas. A nationwide search is on to find families that go all out for the holidays and now you and yours could find yourselves the next big reality TV stars. Submissions for this exciting and festive show are being accepted now. This is your chance to make this year your family’s most special Christmas of all.

Lights, Camera, Christmas is set to feature a host of holiday-crazy families who love to take their Christmas decorating to a whole new level. Producers and casting directors will be on the lookout for people who decorate their homes in the most biggest and most incredible ways possible. Does your family cover their house in thousands upon thousands of Christmas lights? Do you buy out all of your local stores decorations? Do people come from miles and miles around every year to see what you have come up with every year? If this sounds like you and your family then Lights, Camera, Christmas wants to hear from you and possibly feature you in this exciting new series. Families with the most beautiful and outrageous decorations will compete against each other with the family with the most votes winning a huge cash prize! So break out your Santas and reindeer and snowmen and such and take your shot at the Christmas competition that will have the whole country talking! Casting for this new original reality series will be happening soon and submissions from families from all over the country are being accepted now. If you would like your home to be considered for this sure to be hit production you can send emails here We will keep you posted on all of the news and audition information for this fabulous new holiday series so keep checking back and leave a comment below and tell us why your family should be featured on the all new ABC reality program Lights, Camera, Christmas.

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  1. David Markowski

    My family has over 500,000 lights on our five acres. It is the biggest private display of lights in west Tennessee. People come from serval states every year just to see us. We have videos on you tube( Markowski Christmas lights). Check us out I think you will be impressed.

  2. Tonya Walker

    I would love to be apart of this show christ9is everything to me i wish it was everday

  3. Genevieve Suarez

    My family and I are very outgoing, we love to laugh, and spending time together and doing things as a family is what it’s all about.

  4. Tony Steel

    We are a family of four, who love Christmas – and I guess I am the crazy one! – We live in a historic home and I took time off work last year to build a 9′ tall Victorian village in our hallway, Elf and Candy room, and a whole host of other decorations. I am planning this years decorations now which will be even more over the top. Here is a link to my home video featuring some of our decorations from last year – all the houses and insides (except for the dolls and small green trees) are built and carved from styrofoam sheets you can buy from the local hardware stores, all are home made, painted and animated.

  5. Renee Porterfield

    My parents have been decorating there home since 1972. It is called Leon and Anns Country Christmas….Currently to count there is 1.5 million christmas lights, several cabins with trains set up, several cabins with animated christmas figures, santa claus on site, you can walk threw or drive around there home…..People come to my parents home in caswell county from all over the world even as far as Russia. People have made this a family tradition for many many years, and only 2 people prepare this amazing light display, my parents, they are both in there 70’s. It is just down right COUNTRY BEAUTIFUL. They deserve not only to be in this contest but to WIN. They do not charge anyone anything to come and walk around, there light bill is unreal, there are 10 different electrical meters there. I feel they have blessed so many people that they deserve to be blessed back..You can contact them at 336 939 2221. You can also contact my at 336 613 1529

  6. Forrest Nunley

    We are “over the top” in Christmas lighting displays. The neighbors across the street had to remodel their home to place their bedroom facing the other direction because of all the “lights” and “street traffic”. People from all over the world come to see our display and to take photos and to walk the sidewalks to see all the intricate details of the holiday display. Hands down we are qualified contestants for this show.

  7. Christina Martel

    21 Phillips Avenue Hamilton NJ has the biggest Christmas display ever !! This house needs to be on the lights camera Christmas light show. We have been doing it for 27 years thousands and thousands of lights and we do the neighbors yard too also walk thru the backyard with Tons of lights sheds with trains over 100 inflatables animated dolls!!

  8. angelina

    hello, my name is angelina i`m in glendale,AZ. i`v always wanted to be in a abc christmas movie i love sitting down and watching 25 days till christmas. Since i started watching 25 days till christmas i told myself i was determined to auditong in one of you movies. If you give me a chance i wo`nt let you down contact me on my gmail if you intersted in letting me audition. Thanks.

    Angelina _____ _____

  9. Olivia Jane

    Hi I’m Olivia, I’ve always loved family Christmas movies, and I would love to give acting a try. I’m 18 and in College. I find Christmas to be one of the most fun times of the year and I love the care and love it brings as well. I am a very comical person and I would love to have a part in making a family movie. Thank you.

  10. Victoria

    I’m Victoria Perez.
    I’m 19 years old. I’m from Vancouver, Canada. I speak English, French and Spanish. I’ve 10 years of acting experience . I’m very special, I can be who you need, where and when you need. I’m very motivated. I’m pretty sure that I’m what you need for that show.
    I’m always smiling and I’m very happy. You need me. Just contact me for more information and contact me if you want to know who I am. I need you. I want to do everyday of my life. It’s my passion. Its the only think that I love to do. Acting all the time.

    I’m brunette, I’ve brown eyes ( Latino)
    My weight : 99
    My height: 54

    Hope to read you son.

  11. Elizabeth

    Name: Emma
    Age: 1 year
    Height: 2 1/2 ft
    Weight: 18 lbs
    Hair: Brown/Wavy
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    We are in Arizona.
    My daughter is absolutely beautiful and has quite the personality. I have no doubt that she will be great at this. Please consider. Thank you.

  12. Roy Nisja

    We have been decorating our home for 34 years, and it keeps expanding every year. We only have about 12,000 lights, but we have 6 G scale electric trains running on over 300 feet of track in four layouts on the front porch and out on the lawn. There are numerous hand painted cut outs around the area along with many motorized items and lots of plush bears, including a bear blowing bubbles in his own little lighted building. We also have about 30 Christmas trees from 4 inches to 9 feet in height. We have two large trees (One Oak and one Magnolia) that have lights up to about 40 feet in the air. You may find us on Facebook or on the internet under the Nisja Bears House. It is a most unusual display that was started by our 17 year old son in 1980.

  13. Marvin Lima

    My name is Marvin from
    I run a Christmas house for charity that I do when ever I can
    I have over 100,000 lights synced to music and broadcasting on fm. I do this for everyone who needs to remember that Christmas is still alive and it’s something I hold dear. Please feel free to see past years shows and or 2012 at my profile. Marvinrlima at Facebook you can also see it on YouTube the Christmas house in Tracy
    Merry Christmas to all. And lets shoot for 180,000 lights this year !

  14. Edward Czajka

    My name is Edward Czajka (29), and I live in Ridgecrest, CA. I love sequencing lights to music for the Christmas Season, and I spend a whole weekend setting up the lights. Not to mention the months of planning before the first lights even turn on. I have a wife and 3 kids that love helping me with the light show. I live on a street that is nick-named “Candy Cane Lane”, because nearly every house has a 6 foot Candy Cane in front of the house for the season. My street is a well known destination for all residents in town.

    Videos from my 2012 Christmas Light Show:

    Amiee 28
    Amanda 5
    Sarah 4
    Anthony 3


    IMy name is Kevin and I am interested in the christmas lighting decorations for your consideration. I do a computer light show with a CCR tree and many other features. I have been doing it for many years and it can be seen at There are 2 videos linked as well. I also did a lot of acting in high school and college. I do love it!!! On Firday’s Saturday’s and sunday nights we give out free coffee, hot cider, cookies, hot chocolate and candy canes.. Alwys a lot of people stop, look and listen. I even broadcast on a F.M. station the music that is in sync to the lights. Thanks -Kevin

  16. Patrick Farley

    Hi, my name is Patrick Farley, I’m a 64 year old former combat Ranger of Irish/Lakota Sioux Indian decent who takes Christmas to the EXTREME. It takes 2 months to set up – 33 trees, full size Elf village, Santa’s log cabin, 2 sleigh’s, giant nutcracker’s, and a fairy forest celebrating the Gaelic Christmas and more.

  17. Jocelyn Hidalgo

    My name is Jocelyn Hidalgo. I am a 17 year old Hispanic girl who was born and raised in Mission Hills, California, but moved to Phoenix, Arizona a couple years ago. Growing up and watching some of my favorite actors on television has always gave me the inspiration to act. I realized that they never gave up on their dreams, so why should I? I made myself believe that anything is possible as long as I set my heart to it. I would love the opportunity to take on a role in this movie to take my acting skills to the next level. I have never auditioned for a huge movie role like this one, but life is about taking risks so I decided to do so. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you!
    Age: 17
    Height: 5’6
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown

  18. Una dizdarevic

    Hi I’m Una, and Christmas movies have always been a favorite to me. Every year around Christmas time me and my parents would record every single christmas movie on ABC Family. I would love being in a Christmas movie cause its my favorite season. I’m 15 years old turing 16 on march 18.

    Hair color:dirty blonde
    Eye color:blue

  19. Amber S

    My name is Amber. I am very interested in being a part of this show. I have been in many plays and have modeled with Rhode Island Modeling Agency and Zutopia. I am very outgoing, always laughing , and smiling!! I have been told I look like Emma Stone.

    Height: 5’3
    Build: Average
    Eyes: hazel
    Hair: Auburn (changes colors during different seasons)
    Age: 21

    Thank you for your time!

  20. Kari Ross

    Hello, My name is Kari Ross, and Christmas time is always a favorite time for my family and I as we do not get to see each other but only twice a year, the other times I am living abroad in Shanghai, China with my husband and two children, we live the typical expat life . It is very fun and very adventurous, and we do not live in our typical bubble. But back to Christmas time, it is such a joy to come home and visit with family and friends again we love to celebrate!
    Husband: Chad Ross age 38 dirty – blonde hair – blue eyes
    Me: Kari Ross age 34 Light brown hair – hazel eyes
    Hailey Ross age 14
    Anthony Ross 9

    Thanks so much and Merry Christmas
    Kari Ross

  21. Jenna Baker

    HI my name is Jenna Baker, I am 14 years old, I have always dreamed of acting, I performed ‘ a little bit stronger’ in the talent show in front of 500 students. I am a cheerleader. Im very outgoing. I have an awesome sense of humor. I love to make others laugh and make them feel good about themselves. I cant stand to see someone upset or hurting.. I always have a smile on my face. I love getting videos and pictures taken of me,
    I have brown hair!
    Blue eyes
    My hair is long.
    i weigh 140
    i am 5’3
    my talents are- Cheerleading, Dancing & Just being me!!
    I hope you can consider me in this role! Thank you.. Have a nice day(:

  22. Joshua I Smith

    Hello my name is Joshua Smith. I just turned 20 years old, however I occasionally get the “you look 16/17 haha.”

    I am approximately 5’8″
    have a slender/athletic build(due to playing football my entire life)
    With that being said, I am very athletic,
    I am a good dancer,
    very energetic outgoing extroverted personality,
    a great friendly “people person”,
    greatly respectful,
    and have the ability to improv very well.

    Building off of my personality, this allowed me to start/ host my own radio show (first radio show in my colleges HISTORY! (woot woot) and that was a great success for me and others I brought onto my show. I also won the Mr. Brevard competition(Ms. America pageant spoof, first in school’s history also). Then I was asked to host/MC events on and off my campus for bands, at clubs, single musicians, and many different events! My naturally given talents and personality God has blessed with has given me a edge that I do have and all I need is a great opportunity to show it like I have already discussed. . If needed/wanted I can provide PLENTY of refernces that would say no less but probably more! And I have videos as well.


    Thank you,
    and God Bless

  23. Dillon Stevenson

    Hello, my name is Dillon stevenson and I am 16 years old and I live in plynouth Muchigan. I have been putting up a Christmas light show since I was 14. I even did everything with a broken leg on crunches! I have a lot of acting experience. I have been acting since I was 7 years old for a professional theater. Christmas lights are my passion. Most boys my age play video games but to be christmas lights are like me video game. I spend all year fixing a adjusting my christmas light show. This past year I won my neighborhood christmas light contest! Being on this show would take both of my biggest passions, acting and christmas lights and it would be a dream come true!

  24. Brett deavers

    Hi my name is Brett deavers , my family includes my mom, sister, dad, and stepmom, and one of my moms crazy boyfriends.we live on a 9 acre farm on top of a mountain in Frederick County; about an hour away from Washington, D.C. And Baltimore . Each year we decorate the entire house inside and out we have a Christmas tree in every room on the first floor, we decorate the goat shed and house along with the trees that align our property. I am currently a student attending my second year in college and work in the hospitality Industry. As this is my last year becore transferring to a four year school, It would be incredible to be considered for an audition.

  25. Emaan

    Hi my son ‘s name is Emaan his 8 months old .
    Brown :eyes
    Brown: hair
    Weight: 30 p
    Race : Afghan American
    He has a very beautiful smile and very happy baby !
    I look foreword to hear from u !
    Thank u !

  26. glory ngwe

    Hello! My name’s glory and I have actually been performing since i was two and I was tje captain of my middle school dance team. I’m a singer and i can play clarinet piano amd i am currently learning guitar. I love working with others and I am very easy to get aling with.

    AGE: 13
    I am african american

  27. Kian'na Robinson

    Hello my Name is Kian’na Robinson, I am 14
    HAIR COLOR: Brown
    HAIR LENGTH: Shoulder Length
    EYE COLOR: Brown
    SKIN COLOR: Brown
    HEIGHT: 5′ 7
    ETHNICITY: African-American
    I love to act, I really want to be on a TV show or movie and i am really outgoing i would love to hear more about this movie , i look forward to speaking to someone soon.

  28. Kiara Harris

    Hello, my name is kiara harris. I’m a beautiful female with a bright future ahead of me. I’m 13 years young. I enjoy acting, dancing and softball. For fun my friends and I write monologes and act them out for friends and family. I can see myself acting on the big screen one day. I’d be trilled to be in your movie ‘lights, camera, christmas’. I’m a quick learner and i’m easy to work with. Please consider me for this opportunity.

    Weight: 89.0 pounds.
    Height: 4’11
    Race: Mixed w/ black and white.
    Eye color: Hazel.
    Hair color: Dark drown.

  29. Niyah fields

    Hi, i’m 13 years old, about to turn 14 in August. I absolutely love to act! I practice every day and I’ve been in a few plays. Every time I act I turn in to the character that I’m playing. It’s like, I magically become part of, like the world that I’m playing in. If I had to pick between 1-10 of how much i love to act,it would be like 100! I’m serious about acting,like it’s my passion. I learn quickly, when I’m practicing monologues I learn them very quickly and I’m A people person, so its easy to work with me and also have fun.I also love dancing, and sometimes sing, but I kind of need to work on singing. I’ve been dancing since I was little, I also danced in recitals and in church. Me and my friend kiara harris, write monologues and act monologues out all the time. Plus I really love Christmas and if I could have one wish for Christmas this year, it would be, to become an actress! Please consider me. I’m really, really ready to start acting, like 100%!
    Race-African American
    Height- 5″3
    Eye color-brown
    Hair color- brown

  30. Kayla brown

    Hello, my name is kayla and i love acting. That is all i do. I want to be an actress when i grow up and i would act even if you did not get paid or you were not on tv. It is that fun to me!
    Some of my information:
    Eye color: blue
    Hair color: blonde with natural highlights
    Height: 5.4
    Age: 11, almost 12

  31. nikimi ward

    I am interested in being on the show lights camera christmas

  32. Felicity Armitage

    Hi, My name is felicity Armitage I am very easy to work with and I get along great with others please email me back and I will send my head shots . I am 14 I have curly hair and light freckles across my cheeks . But I am willing to dye my hair if the role calls for it . thank you
    and please email back

  33. Amanya Paige

    I am very enthusitic I have background in acting. I have acted in many plays. I love acting so much and it would be an honor to act with the rest of your cast. I am a people person. I can remember my lines very fast. I will be on time and be at every rehearsal. I love the stage and like to performe on stage

  34. robbyn powell

    Age ; 13
    eyes; black
    hair; black and red
    Hello i know i would be the perfect look for this role and perfect sound im new and young thats what u want and need right well just give me a call because im hopeing and praying for thiis role to take flight in my dream

  35. Jamis Jackson

    Im a fresh face with hidden talents, and lots of it. I believe we all have to start somewhere and whether it’s an extra or a leading role I would put everything I have into it because I know what I put in is what I get out of it. This would not only be a great opportunity but also an honor and I take full advantage of every opportunity given to me. I know this would not only be a big hit but also the star of something big as well, my career. Plus i’m a hard worker and easy to work with, I know I would definitely bring a great energy to the set so I hope you take me into consideration!

    name: jamis jackson
    age: 16
    gender: female
    height: 5’6
    hair: dark brown
    race: black/african american
    weight: 145

  36. Briana


    My name is Briana and I am 20 years old. I am from Baltimore, MD and I am a model (unsigned). I am:
    114 pounds
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown
    Physical Appearance Age Range: 16-24
    In 2012, I auditioned to be on America’s Next Top Model. I would love to be in the entertainment industry because it has always been my dream to be in front of the camera. I would like to be apart of this movie because I know that I will be a good model for the younger generation. I want to show the younger generation that they can reach for their goals and achieve it if they try. Being apart of this movie would be a huge opportunity not only for me, but for the younger generation as well. I know I have what it takes to become an actress and a role model.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  37. Christian Pavlik

    My name is Christian Pavlik.
    I am 5’8. Brown hair and brown eyes weighing about 148 pounds.
    I am 17 year old man. Ethinicity: White.

    Why should I be chosen?
    I am a young man, with a positive attitude and wonderful personality. I am very passionate toward acting, which I want to make a career of. Acting isn’t just a job, it’s a dream that many strive for, it’s a reason to love work. Acting is a hard job, but it is a memorable experience. I devoted myself acting and writing. I am nearing completion of a movie screenplay I am writing. It is well-made. Auditioning for a character takes time, not a day. To become a character, you must explore who that person is, which to become that person takes time.
    I thank you for your consideration.
    -Christian Pavlik

  38. Xenia

    Hey my name is Xenia Nditika. I’m 13 years old. I would love to be cast because I just love acting. I have done some modeling. I am very passionate about acting and its my dream to be an actress. I sing and act. It would mean the world to me if you would consider me. All the best in your search.
    Make my dream come true. Yours Truly, Xenia

  39. Layla McFarlane

    Hellllloooo everyone!!! My name is Layla (like the boxer 😉 McFarlane and I am a HUGE Disney fan! I watch the Disney channel ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT until my mom makes me go to sleep! I still get good grades in school even though I watch a LOT of Disney. Sometimes if I have too much homework I will record all my favorite shows and go back and watch them…over…and over….and OVER….again LOL! I am super energetic and um….did I say I love Disney??? LOL…I love to dance all around the living room floor at home when the songs come on during the break. I really want to be on TV sooo super bad!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pick me! Christmas is my most favorite time of the year 😉

    Thank You


    Charming, Enthusiastic, ENERGETIC,


  40. Emma brideson

    Hello! Im 14 and have taken many theater classes
    And am really interested I’m being in a production I have been takeoff singing lessons for 3 years now and I play on the school tennis team. I have been in the school play many times. I usually play the role of the funny/ silly character. Or usually the little sister. I have much interest in doing something like this and I am verry serious and committed to theater and the arts. I would love to have an experience like this thanks for your time!

  41. Camille Gregg

    Hi, my name is Camille, I’m 24, 5’6 and I’m way too talented in acting, singing, dancing and writing to not share with America. I’m very determined and would love to have a real opportunity to woo someone with my talents. I feel destined for stardom and I feel the blessing coming to have my big break I just need a start. I would appreciate being apart in any way. If not considered, I would like an email letting me down and maybe some advice on where to start to get my foot in the door please because I’ve been scammed too many times. Thank you so much for even reading my comment.

  42. Oyessa Kusain

    Hello there!
    My name is Oyessa Kusain (Oyessa Sann klyde Castaneda Kusain), my nickname is klyde, and I’m 11 yrs old.I’m a female.I can sing,act and dance.My dream is to be part of the cast and If my dream came true I’m the happiest girl ever 🙂
    Pleas give me some Information 🙂

  43. Katie King

    Hey! I’m Katie, currently in Texas. I’m 15, I’m sure you want younger actors also! I have been in countless broadway like productions. I would be thrilled to be even an extra here and there.
    Name: Katie King
    Height: 5’6
    Race: Caucasian
    Age: 15
    Gender: female
    Eye: Brown
    Hair: Long Brown
    Weight: 125

  44. Jane Feng

    My name is JANE L. FENG PAGAN , I’m 2 1/2 years old and this is all my information , thanks for the time.

    About Me:

    Name : Jane Leah Feng Pagan

    Sex: Female

    Age: 2 years 1/2 old

    Ethnic : asian / puerto rican

    High: (35” inches) Aprox. 2′ 8”

    Hair: short curly

    Hair color: dark brown

    Eyes color: brown

    Father : Chinese
    Mother : Puerto rican


    Do i love Dance: YES
    Do i love Acting : YES
    i’m very Athletic : YES
    i love Modeling : YES

  45. Hope Nez

    Hello, my name is Hope Nez, acting has always been my dream to do. I work very hard I’m very outgoing, I like to make people laugh and have a good time and experiencing new things.

  46. Wanda Younger Higgins

    Hi, my name is Wanda and I am the Ultimate holiday Fanatic!
    I have a vintage Christmas decoration collection and
    my yard is extremely decked out. I have a natural tree out back
    that I decorate as well! I reside in IL where it snows during
    Christmas and I would love for my house to be featured on
    Lights, Camera, Christmas. It is definitely my favorite time of year!
    Feliz Navidad! Inside & outdoors is a parade of lights, camera and
    Imagination. Happy holidays 2013!


    Hello, my name is Marci Miller and im 21 years old. I am a very expericanced model/make-up artist and wanted to change up what i do, i always strive for something bigger and better. That being said, i have a very ouotgoing and dedicated personality, once i stick my mind to something i WILL achieve it with and if you give me the oppurtunity to do so i wont let you down

  48. Zhane Green

    Name: Zhane Green
    Height: 5’2
    Race: African- American
    Age: 16
    Gender: female
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown
    Weight: 142

    I am very interested in trying out for this audition. I am a very determined dancer and actress.