I Didn't Do It Season 2 Casting

I Didn’t Do It Season 2 Casting


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      1. Piper Casey

        Hi my name is piper and I love I didn’t do it! I have blonde hair and I have hazel eyes!im 11years old hope you will give me a chance for a roll on I didn’t do it❤️

      2. Hannah Estrada

        My name is Hannah i am 12 but i look older. I love to act and i would love to be on this show.

      3. Hannah Estrada

        My name is Hannah I am 12 but look older i love acting and love the show

      4. Hannah Jackson

        Hi, my name is Hannah Jackson and I’m 11 years old. I’m an actor just waiting to be put on Television. I love, ” I Didn’t Do It” . Its a sensational show. I could be the adopted sister. My race is black. When I’m in front of fellow actors, People looking for actors, and the camera it’s like I’m a different person that you have met. I’m sensational just like the show. I hope you pick me. Also, YOU WILL PICK ME. Cause I’m AWESOME. Hannah Out!!!!!!

      5. Emily

        Hi my name is Emily and I’m 15 years old. I have always loved acting on stage or in front of a camera. I’m used to being in front of a crowd of at least 500 people. I have always dreamed of being on Disney. To be able to preform with actors/actresses that have inspired me would be amazing. I also hope to inspire kids my age as well just like say, Piper Curda inspired me. Thank You for at least giving me a chance to express my feelings.

      6. dawn

        im 11 year old girl
        i love i didnt do it i have long blond hair like lindys please choose me

      7. Cardelle

        I meant to say she’s amazing .please let me be on the show as a main character and act and have fun with the cast

      8. Cardelle

        I my name is Cardelle I’m 11 years old and always wanted to be on your show can I please go on the show I looked and filled out the audition slip and I looked for auditions at Disney auditions and I always want to recanized by people and I really want to see Olivia holt . I seen all her shows. She amazing

      9. Daisy Gomez

        Hi my name is daisy and I am 14 years old and I would live to be on the show as an extra or any other part you guys have.If not then I understand. THANK YOU.

      10. Natalya

        I see every show you guys make.They are really cool and fun to watch.I love the one that jasmine say she like Lounge.Then lounge is the that was play the and jasmine say to not tell loung that she like him.


      11. Nahshon Grant

        Hi my name is nahshon and I’m 16 years old bout to be 17 next January but I really like Disney channel and I just wanted to become a actor as well so please email me I would very appreciate it.

      12. stephanie zuniga

        hey guys! my name is Stephanie Marie, im 21 years old and live in a small town in hidalgo.
        Im the youngest of three and I love to act and dance! I love making people laugh! i love making the sillies faces or corniest jokes just to see a smile! i would love a opportunity to be able and cast for this show! i go way back to when lizzie McGuire and that’s so raven were on Disney! email me! Zunigamarie77@gmail.com

      13. LEILANI

        hi i am 10 years old and will be 11 in september.i love this show and watch it all the time i hope i can be in this tv show

      14. Francesco

        Hi, I’ m Francesco, I’m 17 years old (18 on June) and I’m from Milan. I am a perfectionist and iI love learning new things.
        My passion is acting and I would really like to be part of the show because it would give me a great opportunity and because my brother suggested me to try it. Off stage I’m shy, I embarass easily, but when I’m on stage ,or on the set, I change and become another person because I really feel confortable while I’m acting. I’m 172 cm tall, I’m thin and I really wish you consider me. Thank you

      15. Jazlynn Wiles

        I would really be fascinated to be on the show. My family helps with my acting to keep it on track.
        I am 10 years old turning 11 in March.
        My email is alwiles4@yahoo.com
        Contact this email account if needed
        Thank you for reading this i look forward to getting this audition

      16. Brecht

        hi I’m Brecht I’m 17 and i would love to be on the show
        I’m a very driven,honest and versatile I’m also sportif and i try to be nice to everyone
        I’m a very simple guy that would be happy with any kind of job

      17. Nalia Morrison

        Hello my name is nalia Morrison
        I love acting singing and dancing
        I’m 5 feet I’m 11 years old I’m
        Humble I’m black/Puerto Rican
        I have brown eyes.
        I’m responsible,pretty and talented and
        I look up to Beyoncé and Zendaya
        Wish the best of luck to all thank you

      18. Yvonne Encarnacion

        Hello! My name is Yvonne. I am 18 years old. I would really love to work with such an amazing group of people for this show. I will work hard to get the job done, whether I am a main role or just an extra. Please and thank you for your consideration! Any more information needed just let me know!

      19. Bethany

        I’m Bethany I’m 19, I love this show acting is my dream I’ve had experience in both church and school. So this would be an absolute dream come true. Thank you.

      20. Mariah Thomas

        Hello my name is Mariah I am 11 years old. I love I didn’t do it. It would be so amazing for me to be on the show. I don’t even have to be the person thy talk too. Let me just walk behind them. Just let me have a chance I’ll prove to you that I can be the best actress you have ever heard, seen, and saw. I am no ordinary little girl on the internet looking for an audition. This would be amazing experience. For a little girl like me. Just make it possible that you can give me the time of the day to just hear me out! I have it, you just don’t know it. Its not just about oh im going to be on TV, its away to express my feelings by acting. Have a berry nice Day. And don’t hesitate to respond!!! OK!!

      21. coral

        Hey I’m coral I’m 11 and been looking for a acting job since I was 7acting is my pashion you might not say yes but please:)

      22. Francesca

        Hi- my name is francesca I am 10 years old I love to dance and play basketball my favorite character in I didn’t do it is jasmine – I like her because she loves fashion and she never gives up -I would appreciate if you could email me thanks-

      23. Kirrilly Tooney

        Hey Disney,
        My name is Kirrilly and I’m an aussie chick that lives in the hunter valley of NSW, Australia. I am 16yrs old. I also have a twin named Jessica. I am currently attending Hunter School of the Performing Arts for singing. Singing and acting is a great passion of mine. I have been in 3 musicals and am hoping to be in more in the future. When i was younger i lived, breathed and bathed in Disney. Lizzie McGuire and Raven from That’s so Raven were a highlight to my childhood.
        I hope to here back from you! x
        Thank you! x

        Kind Regards,

        Kirrilly Tooney

      24. shelby fraser

        hi my name is Shelby and I am 16, I am from Western Australia and love to act. Unfortunately since I live in W.A I have not had the opportunity to be in anything as Perth doesn’t get many or any tv shows, commercials, movies etc. I have however had the pleasure to be in my school musical and have had experience in some university student short films and I have had many years of drama lessons, this would be an amazing opportunity as I have grown up with Disney channel and it would be great experience
        thank you

      25. Calvin

        Hello my name is Calvin, I’m 18 years old and i would love to be a part of your show. I started acting 1 year ago because i randomly joined the drama class in my school. After the first lesson I fell in love with acting and my teachers told me that i got big talent. I grew up with Nickelodeon and Disney Channel and all these shows like iCarly, Zoey 101, Drake and Josh and so on … It would be a dream come true if i would have the chance to convince you to make me a part of your show. I’m not from America, I live in Germany but since I visit the english advanced course I’m very familiar with the englisch language and I can speak it fluently. I’m half turkish, square south korean and square german so I don’t have a every day face, I got black short hair, brown eyes, my weight is about 141lb and I’m 5ft 11 tall. Most people say a look a bit younger than i actually are. And for the record: It’s not that important for me which show I would join because it is the acting that makes me happy, that makes fun to me. I would love to hear from you.
        Sincerely Calvin

      26. Alisha

        Hey guys my name is Alisha I am 10yrs old I will surely be fab for this part because I always get the lead role in every play I do! But okay if you don’t want me Good look to everyone!

      27. Jaeda

        Hi, I’m Jaeda and I’m 11 about to be 12. I can sing, dance, and act. I’d love to have a part on I didn’t do it!!!!

      28. phillip gonzalez

        To be in this show would be such an honor, especially with a channel that you basically grew up with!..im a guy im 16 years old and im from Mcallen texas, this would be such an amazing opportunity. You dont see this happening to a lot of people especially where i’m from, this would really be the best opportunity to show my true potential. Some feed back would be amazing

      29. Juliana

        Hello my name is juliana im 14 years old and i would love to audition for the show i didnt do it . I speak two languages (spanish and english ) i come from a big family im colombian and i love acting . Im a very honest , passionate and a very hardworking person please email me @julianasierra63@gmail.com thank you

      30. Katerina Georgiou

        Hey! My name is Katerina (Kate) I am 14 years old and I am from a small island called Cyprus (My dad is from Cyprus and my mother is from Poland). I have long brown hair and brown eyes, I am tall (1.67) and I talk Greek, English and Polish. When I grow up I want to be an actress, I love theater and I can do anything for it. I am in my school theater and all say that I will become a very good actress. I love “I didn’t do it” and I want to be part of it. Please get in touch 🙂

      31. Kyle Allen

        Hi I am 15 but can pass from anywhere to 15-17 and I am just looking for a role and I think I can play a kooky character in the series or maybe just be an extra.

      32. Matt Rubel

        My name is Matt Rubel, I’m 18 which is a little old for Disney, but I’m kind of trying to make a name for myself through acting and then move on to music from there, sort of like most disney channel actors. Anyway, if you do end up considering me be ready for surprises because I’m not your average joe, or average Matt either.

      33. Kayla Stewart

        Hi my name is Kayla Stewart , I’ve been trying to get roles in movies and in tv shows for a very long time . Even though I’m only 12 years old soon to be 13 , I can’t think of me doing anything else with my life . I don’t want to be an actor for the money , but for the fun in the job , the creativity in it , Everyone wants to do a job that they can enjoy and love . I have been trying my hardest just to get at least one role in a movie or either a tv show … with me just waking up everyday I sometimes wonder about my dream , my future , my career , and this is all very, very, important to me . Nothing can really explain how much this really means to me just to get a role . I watch Disney channel when I can I haven’t really watched this show a lot , because it’s a rough life for me and my family , but it would be very nice if I could watch this tv show up close .

      34. Sereniti

        I am 2 years old and I believe that I should be on the show simply because my mama said like any one else, “I deserve a chance”!
        Thank you!

      35. Ketony

        Hello, My name is KeTony I’m 11,I’m a big fan of your tv show I hop I get the spot thank u

      36. Madi Godinez

        My name is Madi, but everyone calls me Mads and as an almost 17 year old, I could play perhaps a junior or senior, someone who is a friend, foe, or mentor to the twins! I am versatile, talented, honest, driven, passionate, hard working, and a bit obsessive (it comes in handy for work). I will do everything in my power to be everything the show, the network, and the crew need of me. Nearly entering adulthood, I know what it means to have a good role model through your teens, and I would love nothing more than to get the chance to be that for others. Around the world, people come to Disney Channel for different reasons but I want to be an allying force and to give hope and laughter to those who it matters most. Thank you for reading this and considering me, you won’t regret it.
        – Mads

      37. landon

        hi my name is landon im a great actor im 10 years old

      38. india

        Hay my name is India I’m 12 but I would love to be apart of Disney Channel. Its a dream and if it comes true I will be really happy and love to be apart of this show and I really think I didn’t do it is a funny show because they always in trouble but hope I could be apart please make my wish come true love you all.