Casting for GapKids and babyGap – Nationwide

Casting for GapKids and babyGap

Casting for GapKids and babyGap

GapKids and babyGap have been outfitting children around the globe (while making parents lives easier and more fashionable) for decades and now the company synonymous with quality and fashion is on the lookout for fresh faced talent to be the stars of it’s major marketing campaign. Casting submissions from parents of happy and healthy Gap kids everywhere are being accepted today for this incredible modeling opportunity. The next faces of one of the most highly recognized companies on the planet will be named very soon and your child could be one of them.

The GapKids and babyGap Casting Call is here and the producers and casting directors for the world-famous brand are looking for the best, brightest kids with the most boisterous personalities to represent their beloved products. Children ages 0 to 12 can be submitted today via photo which, upon approval, will be added to the contests official online casting gallery where people around the world will be able to vote for their favorites.

This community voting system will whittle down the approved photos to 40 finalists (10 from each category, each of which will receive Gap gift cards) which will then lead to the crowing of 16 lucky global grand prize winners who will be featured in the new campaign.

The Gap is searching for the world’s cutest kids for their latest marketing rollout – could your child be one of the chosen? Submissions from parents and guardians are being accepted today and the process couldn’t be easier – or more fun! To apply for consideration for this amazing contest you can head here and upload a photo and/or video to the official website for voting qualification. More updates for this incredible kid modeling contest will be posted for you here as they are released so be sure to check back for more news and information and leave a message below and tell us your thoughts on this once in a lifetime opportunity and why you think your child is perfect for the GapKids and babyGap Casting Call.

It’s time to share your child’s beautiful smile and even more beautiful personality with the world. Submit your little one today for the casting of the year for GapKids and babyGap.

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  1. jasmin macaspac

    is this worldwide?

  2. farrah cristine salvacion

    Hi i have a 7 month old son and a 2 year old daughter which i believe are perfect for the qualities that you are searching for your next endorser..hope you find time considering my message..thank you.

  3. Sam goh

    My son is coming to 8 months old. He is born of Chinese – Iranian parentage. He is friendly , likes to interact with people of all ages. He easily smiles on most occasion , and always shows strong interest on anything new , in particular with lightings. When we take him out , many strangers like to play with him , partly due to his friendly nature , and strong interest with people.We believe he could be a successful model .

  4. Octavia Herbert

    Yes I’m very interested in entering my son into the kids/Gap calling cast!! He’s a natural!!

  5. Alonda Lawton

    Good evening,
    My daughter is Victoria. She is 9 She will be10 on Christmas. I have never push her to be a model, but I have watched her through out the years and have notice that she has what it takes to be a great model. I have raised her to be a living and caring young lady.i would love for you to give her the chance to say she’s done it. Thanks and I look forward to you meeting her.

  6. Lisa Williams

    Hi, I have 2 and half year old daughter who is half English and half Chinese. Super smart, funny, witty and absolutely adorable. She is definitely the next face for gap kids and more.


    I have a boy/girl twins almost two. I keep getting compliments and tons of comments about them being gap models. How do I go about entering them to start something?

  8. Sheena

    I’m 100% sure of my sons talent and he needs to be a face of GAP, Disney or eventually Calvin Klein! The child’s outgoing personality loving heart and devilishly handsome good looks at only age 4 blows my mind.

  9. Jamila

    My daughter yami is 6 months and very smart she can sit up she can roll around and move. She loves clothes when i show her some she gets excited.

  10. julyann

    hi how to audition, I have baby girl she is 1year old and she so cute, hope I can sign up for gap casting for my little girl, thank u…

  11. prashanti lakamsani


  12. Liz Cordova

    3 year old son, very handsome and very outgoing. interested in getting him into modeling. I also have a 9 year-old daughter who is also very beautiful!

  13. Claire

    Hi I have a 4 month old daughter and she is as beautiful as any other baby they all beautiful in my eyes to be fair and was wondering if I could enter her for the contest I think she deserves it I’m going to try giving my daughter the best in life as her father doesn’t want to know and I’m raising three kids up single handed but it would be great for Kaitlyn Ava rose thank you Claire

  14. Sarah

    Where do we find more info?

  15. Tammy Garcia

    I have a son who lights up his surroundings he is awesome ..How do I get him entered in the kid casting? He is four yrs old.

  16. Brittany

    Hi my name is Brittany! I have a sweet baby girl named Kinley! She’s 6 months old and the cutest baby ever!