Casting for GapKids and babyGap – Nationwide

Casting for GapKids and babyGap

Casting for GapKids and babyGap

GapKids and babyGap have been outfitting children around the globe (while making parents lives easier and more fashionable) for decades and now the company synonymous with quality and fashion is on the lookout for fresh faced talent to be the stars of it’s major marketing campaign. Casting submissions from parents of happy and healthy Gap kids everywhere are being accepted today for this incredible modeling opportunity. The next faces of one of the most highly recognized companies on the planet will be named very soon and your child could be one of them.

The GapKids and babyGap Casting Call is here and the producers and casting directors for the world-famous brand are looking for the best, brightest kids with the most boisterous personalities to represent their beloved products. Children ages 0 to 12 can be submitted today via photo which, upon approval, will be added to the contests official online casting gallery where people around the world will be able to vote for their favorites.

This community voting system will whittle down the approved photos to 40 finalists (10 from each category, each of which will receive Gap gift cards) which will then lead to the crowing of 16 lucky global grand prize winners who will be featured in the new campaign.

The Gap is searching for the world’s cutest kids for their latest marketing rollout – could your child be one of the chosen? Submissions from parents and guardians are being accepted today and the process couldn’t be easier – or more fun! To apply for consideration for this amazing contest you can head here and upload a photo and/or video to the official website for voting qualification. More updates for this incredible kid modeling contest will be posted for you here as they are released so be sure to check back for more news and information and leave a message below and tell us your thoughts on this once in a lifetime opportunity and why you think your child is perfect for the GapKids and babyGap Casting Call.

It’s time to share your child’s beautiful smile and even more beautiful personality with the world. Submit your little one today for the casting of the year for GapKids and babyGap.

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  1. Xiomara Velarde

    Hi I have two beautiful daughters how I can sign then in Gap Casting

  2. Stephanie Aguilar

    Hello my name is Stephanie and I habe a son named Maximiliano he is 19 months old and he is the cutest kid.

  3. Rupal Shah

    Hi My handsome & Cute son is 5 and half & interested in future Gap casting.

  4. olga

    My name is Olga.
    I am a mother of 2 beautiful girls.
    They want to be a part of Gap casting.


    My name is Olga.
    I am the mother of two beautiful girls.They would like to be models and want to be a part of Gap casting.
    Thank you.

  6. Nicole Ottaviano

    Looking to get my 6 month daughter into modeling! She is adorable and has a great temperament.
    ~Mrs. O

  7. Wendy Salinas


  8. Prescilla

    My son Andre is 1.5 yrs old!

  9. Ezrah Perez

    Love Baby GAP :))

  10. Ashley Lange

    I was wondering how I could sign my daughter up for the babygap casting.

  11. Johana velez

    Hi I would like to put my 7months old babygirl in gap magazine

  12. Heather Bell


  13. Richard Jacques....Waterford ,Ct.

    My twin g.daughters(not identical)..ages 6.25….are drop dead cuties and would look fantastic even clothed in “hand me downs” !!!!!! A bit shy at first BUT………!!!!!! Any suggestions on how to proceed?? Have custody of these cuties while their Mom is temporarily incarcerated. Richard

  14. Angela Adriana Ramirez

    My grandson is 6 years old and loves the camera. He is adorable, smart, funny, and loves to dress in style… I believe he would be an asset to your great organization.

  15. Stephanie Goodner

    hope my little man can enter this one day gap is has amazing styles

  16. Carol

    Hi- I would like to find out when you are next casting for Gap babies / Kids please?

  17. Christine

    Hi,I have a beautiful child she just turn 6, she is really talented and a happy child..

  18. Amarilis

    How do we sign up?

  19. Guadalupe

    I’d love for my daughter to start do working with gap she is 12 years old please contact me

  20. Sonia Fortis

    Hey gap i have a 3 year old cutie and a 9 year old super star. She very outgoing,”loves the camera. Shes a little youtuber. Guys check her out Sorlandys World! My 3 year old boy is funny, outgoing has his own personality.

  21. Nguyen Nguyen

    I love Gap! I have 2 daughters: 15 months and 4 years old. They are so cuties…^^

  22. Mercedes carson

    Hello i will love to sign my beautiful daughter up

  23. Selina Asante


  24. Jan Eves-Down

    Hi there
    What’s the best way to send you photos of my gorgeous baby 15month old boys – I think you’ll agree they make great fashionistas!!

    Many thanks Jan

  25. Marilyn Moran

    My Name is Marilyn Moran I would like for my baby girl Janiyah to part take for the gap kids photo shoot..please feel free to contact me thank you very much.

  26. Keenina R

    Hello my name is Keenina and I have an a amazingly affectionate and beautiful sandy red hair freck face 5 year old daughter. I’ve been told countless times that I should get her into modelling.

  27. Keenina

    Hello my name is Keenina and I have an a amazingly affectionate and beautiful sandy red hair freck face 5 year old daughter. I’ve been told countless times that I should get her into modelling. I hope this is how you sign up for 2017 casting call…

  28. Cindy liu

    My 3 year old son, Lucas, is absolutely gorgeous. He is also smart and witty. Many people suggests him to do modelling because of his beautiful face.

  29. melissa

    hello, I have a beautiful 4 month old baby boy , I am in the NY area and very interested in entering him in modeling. if you can please send me some links for your current casting call would be much appreciated. thank you

  30. Ruby Chavez

    I am Ruby, Baby Osvaldo is 6 months, turning 7 soon.
    He is a very happy baby always smiling and giggling.
    Friends and Family always recommend introducing him to modeling because of his personality. He has big blue eyes, light brown colored hair definitely an attractive baby.

  31. Divya

    Yuvein won the is healthy baby 2017 award

  32. Darryl watterson

    I have the most amazingly beautiful one year old Girl that will melt you

  33. Victoria Rainey-Hires

    How do I get my child an audition?

  34. Rhonda

    I have the cutest grandbaby ever and she is awesome and does poses on her own and she is only 2 yrs old.

  35. Belinda

    Hello GAP, I’d love to get the opportunity to show off my 1 year old almost 2 to the world! Her name is Faith, she loves the camera! The poses and has the most beautiful smile. Email me for any more information, im sure you will love her! Thank you so much

  36. Filiz

    Hi I have a little princess Hira she is one year old. She is little dancing baby. We will be waiting for your nice news.

  37. Blu Davis

    Hello Gap i have a lovely 2 year old blue eyed little boy and a five month old little girl. they have the looks to be a gap representatives. For images feel free to contact me at my name is Blu Davis. Thank you in advance for your time.

  38. shanade

    i am interested for my son to do modelling for your agency he is 1 year old

  39. Lakeashia

    I would love to get my baby started with gap as quickly as possible. He is 14 months old with the cutest Hazel eyes and the deepest dimples and curly hair.. My Toot

  40. Leslie Alfonzo

    Hi. I have a gorgeous 2 year old boy Mason Christopher and he is the cameras best friend. He’s a natural and doesn’t have to do anything at all to win the hearts of so many. I’ve been told since he was an infant that I need to get him into modeling as his looks are breath taking. He is mixed with Peurto Rican, Venezuelan and African American, with the cutest head of curls, dimples on both cheeks, a wide captivating smile, big beautiful dark eyes with long eyelashes and the most happiest and funniest personality. He loves to entertain and make people laugh. When he looks at you its as if you can see straight into his soul. It’s time I let the world meet Mason . He loves fashion and I truly believe he could be the next face of Gap. Can’t wait for you guys to see him!!☺️

  41. Cindy

    Hi, my son is nearly 3 years old and he is very very beautiful with huge eyes and has the sweetest smile! So many people we met said he is so fit to be a little model because of his beautiful face. He is also a happy little boy who laughs and sings a lot. He is very smart as well not only he speak in sentences at 2 years old, now he knows numbers up to 1000 already and is doing simple addition! Please email me with more information. Thank you!

  42. Lungie

    Hi I am a mother of a 6 years old girl in South Africa so i would love to know if this open for South Africa’s kids as well? thank you


    Hi! My name is Christine. I am a mom of a beautiful animated doll, name Addison Faith. She is so lively and smiles constant, from waking and going to sleep a smile is what she gives. She is cheerfully looking for persons to show her energetic personality. She is light skin, gets rosy cheeks, has long eye lashes, full lips, light brown short wavey hair, close to 29 inches and is 9 months. I pray she is the person you’re looking for to show the world off in your gear. Thank you!

  44. Betty

    Hi my name is Betty and I have a beautiful baby boy whit only 8 months, he has a big brown eyes he likes to smile all the time and when he smile has a cute dimples, a lot a people say he is cute and I just want an opportunity for him, he like to see the the camera and he feel so happy when I take a picture

  45. Lashey rothmiller

    Hello Gap i have an amazing one year old levi lauren jones he is the most gorgeous baby boy and already poses for the camera..The cameras his best friend he always weres your clothing the most..he is causation and golden.

  46. Chasity

    Hi, I’m Chasity. I have a baby boy just turned 9 months old today. Everyone always asks why I don’t have him in modeling. He is dark skin, big blue eyes and he has light hair.. Very handsome, I know! Always smiling with his 6 beautiful pearly white teeth .. Please email me with any information.

  47. Dejonae Walton

    Hello my Daughter A’Nauri just turned 2 April 5 . She is the most outgoing , Smart , & Talented little girl I know . She Amazes me EVERYDAY . People tell me all the time “you have to get her into some type of modeling she’s just way too cute” I’ve been thinking about it for a while and now I not only think I’m ready , But I Know SHE’S ready . Her little personality is so indescribable . I guess what they say “you’ve got to see it to believe it” is TRUE . please choose us .

  48. kristine

    Hi ,

    My son Leo is such a happy smiley face baby, he is a bit chubby which makes him cuter. He loves taking pictures and he laughs and smiles at the simplest facial gestures. He would be perfect!

  49. Dafene parra

    I’m mirna’s mom, Mirna is 3 years old she is adorable people tell me everywhere we go curly hair I’m telling you she is picture perfect! She poses for the pictures. Dwayne is Mirna’s little brother and he is 2 years and is a very friendly boy. He has the most beautiful hair I’ve ever seen, naturally curly , big black eyes long eyelashes, naturally blushed. Please choose them

  50. Litisha McNeil

    Hello My name Is Mrs McNeil I have a 1 yr old Grand daughter that I care for. That’s picture perfect . Her name Is Saige she knows once the camera Is on and see the flash to pose. I would like to take a chance at this opportunity to see what you think .

  51. Caleesi D

    My little baby girl would make an amazing gap model! She’s being wearing gap wear since she was born.
    Caleesi is 15 months old and is always a happy baby!
    She has beautiful dark hair, delicious rolls, huge brown eyes! She’s got cute chubby cheeks with a dimple and chubby legs!
    Her eyelashes are one of the first thing people comment on as they are so long and beautiful. She loves exploring, learning new things and loves to read. My baby girl is a great listener and very easy going; we are truly bless by this beautiful little sweetheart!
    Please choose us #babygap Thank you 🙂

  52. Melodie Poulson

    Good Evening,
    I am a grandmother with four grandchildren and would love for them to become apart of a modeling agency.
    Please let me know when you will have modeling interviews,
    Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

  53. Sahara

    This is sahara’s mum. Sahara is 6 months, turning 7 soon.
    She us a very happy & call baby who loves to stare and smile at the camera since she was 4 months.
    She has been recommended for baby modeling from a lot of friends and family because of her social personality. She has big eyes and is definitely an attractive baby. 👌

  54. Mercy

    Hi babygap, I have am 7 months old baby girl she is has a curly hair with it love to style for her with a rainbow hair bands. She has 4 nice teeth is some gap in the medium of her nice. She always simle to camera anytime there is a flash and she loves to dance. I will like her to be a model because she is cute. And I don’t want to keep that beauty in my house. Please consider my request God bless.

  55. StAcey hylton

    Hi I would love for my 4 month old to model the GAP brand. She loves taking photos and looks adorable in your clothing.

  56. Amanda Diaz

    I have two very handsome boys. The oldest is Jonny, he is 2 yrs old going on 10! He is quite a character and is his own person. At times bossy, but loves to laugh and play pranks on others. His blonde curly hair and long eye lashes gets all the older girls attention. Adriel is my 5month old that looks like he’s 10months. He’s a big boy with the cutest rolls, chubby cheeks and like his older brother some very beautiful brown eyes with perfectly long curled eyelashes. Adriel loves to giggle, stick out his tongue and try new foods. These boys are loved by everyone they meet.

  57. Samira

    Hello baby gap, my name is melanie and my daughters name is samira she is 9 months and is an outgoing little monkey.. she likes to play, and is always laughing, smiling! Please consider for an audition.

  58. Mariah Foden

    My name is Mariah and I am the mother of a beautiful loving 3 year old. Her name is Nylah blue she is filled with a personality that could like up a room full of 1 million people. I would love to meet with you and share her smile.

  59. Meghan Field

    Rely have been wanting to get my sweet beautiful outgoing sunshineninti modeling she is perfect for it. An too beautiful notntonshare it with the world.

  60. Kacey Burnett

    Hi my name is Kacey Burnett! I have a 1 year old little boy! He is always happy, and loves he camera! He has the most beautiful blue eyes you I will ever see! Everyone comments on how happy he always his and they just love his eyes!

  61. Misha Mckellar

    Hello babygap i have 11 moths old baby. Her name is Kayleigh Mira. She is a funny, sweet and behave who only cries for breastmilk 😄😄 She is popular everywhere for being too much attractive 😄😄 She always gets an attention from strangers outside. She likes to play with her favorite instruments, drumsticks and shakers and make lot of noise 😄😄 Ooh She likes to eat everything as well. She eat foods like an adult😂😂 Her favorite is Shrimp yellow curry 😜😜 She eats lot of rice, shrimp and spinach, yum yum 😄😄 And now she started to walk with her walker outside. Do you know? She loves it,when she experienced it for the firstime. Even if she walks like a duck or she walks like an old woman 😂😂She’s nonstop walking as she was enjoying it😁😁 I hope you like the story of my baby. She likes different people also and kids. She is going to be shy for a while but she likes to impress 😄😄 Hope we recieve more information from you. Thank you 😊😍😍😍

  62. nancy lopez

    Im VERY interested in modeling for GAP This here is Jacob Lopez she is 8 months old and loves the camera and hes always laughing

  63. Katiane

    Hi, I’m interested my son is 8 months old, his name is Benjamin and a baby charm, he is a sweet… Thank you

  64. Emily Norman

    Hi my name is Emily and daughters name is Leilani, she’s three 1/2 months as of now. She may be young now but when she comes of age I ask you to just keep her in mind. She’s a stunning baby and her laugh and smile can brighten a day.