Casting for GapKids and babyGap – Nationwide

Casting for GapKids and babyGap

Casting for GapKids and babyGap

GapKids and babyGap have been outfitting children around the globe (while making parents lives easier and more fashionable) for decades and now the company synonymous with quality and fashion is on the lookout for fresh faced talent to be the stars of it’s major marketing campaign. Casting submissions from parents of happy and healthy Gap kids everywhere are being accepted today for this incredible modeling opportunity. The next faces of one of the most highly recognized companies on the planet will be named very soon and your child could be one of them.

The GapKids and babyGap Casting Call is here and the producers and casting directors for the world-famous brand are looking for the best, brightest kids with the most boisterous personalities to represent their beloved products. Children ages 0 to 12 can be submitted today via photo which, upon approval, will be added to the contests official online casting gallery where people around the world will be able to vote for their favorites.

This community voting system will whittle down the approved photos to 40 finalists (10 from each category, each of which will receive Gap gift cards) which will then lead to the crowing of 16 lucky global grand prize winners who will be featured in the new campaign.

The Gap is searching for the world’s cutest kids for their latest marketing rollout – could your child be one of the chosen? Submissions from parents and guardians are being accepted today and the process couldn’t be easier – or more fun! To apply for consideration for this amazing contest you can head here and upload a photo and/or video to the official website for voting qualification. More updates for this incredible kid modeling contest will be posted for you here as they are released so be sure to check back for more news and information and leave a message below and tell us your thoughts on this once in a lifetime opportunity and why you think your child is perfect for the GapKids and babyGap Casting Call.

It’s time to share your child’s beautiful smile and even more beautiful personality with the world. Submit your little one today for the casting of the year for GapKids and babyGap.

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  1. Misha Mckellar

    Hello babygap i have 11 moths old baby. Her name is Kayleigh Mira. She is a funny, sweet and behave who only cries for breastmilk 😄😄 She is popular everywhere for being too much attractive 😄😄 She always gets an attention from strangers outside. She likes to play with her favorite instruments, drumsticks and shakers and make lot of noise 😄😄 Ooh She likes to eat everything as well. She eat foods like an adult😂😂 Her favorite is Shrimp yellow curry 😜😜 She eats lot of rice, shrimp and spinach, yum yum 😄😄 And now she started to walk with her walker outside. Do you know? She loves it,when she experienced it for the firstime. Even if she walks like a duck or she walks like an old woman 😂😂She’s nonstop walking as she was enjoying it😁😁 I hope you like the story of my baby. She likes different people also and kids. She is going to be shy for a while but she likes to impress 😄😄 Hope we recieve more information from you. Thank you 😊😍😍😍

  2. nancy lopez

    Im VERY interested in modeling for GAP This here is Jacob Lopez she is 8 months old and loves the camera and hes always laughing

  3. Katiane

    Hi, I’m interested my son is 8 months old, his name is Benjamin and a baby charm, he is a sweet… Thank you

  4. Emily Norman

    Hi my name is Emily and daughters name is Leilani, she’s three 1/2 months as of now. She may be young now but when she comes of age I ask you to just keep her in mind. She’s a stunning baby and her laugh and smile can brighten a day.

  5. Verna

    Casting Update

  6. Erika

    My daughter is 5 years old she’s have a beautiful curly hair..
    Half indinesian half italian.

  7. Robyn P.

    Hi there!
    My 21 month old son takes amazing photos and would be ideal for your ads! His daddy was born in Guayana and his mommy (me) is Caucasian. He has beautiful blue eyes (thanks to mommy) and gorgeous tanned skin. Everyone who sees him comments on his stunning eyes and how adorable he is. He is such a sweet little guy and quite the charmer.
    I can’t wait to share photos with you!
    Thank you!

  8. Mercedes Hoover

    My name is Mercedes, I have a beautiful daughter named Peyton. She will be 3 in July 4rth, she has a smile and laugh to light up any room. Her hair is easily worked with she has a long torso and long legs. Her lashes are longer than any adult with makeup on! Anywhere we go we are stopped by groups telling us how beautiful she is and they will take her with them (a bit scary sometimes!). She will be great for an opportunity like this

  9. Ekaterina Abreu

    I would like to receive baby’s castings.

  10. Erika Cruz

    Hello my name is Erika Cruz and my daughters name is Skylar Cruz. She is 5 1/2 months and already has this beautiful smile and bright personality. She would love to be your next baby model. Thank you.

  11. noara jamil

    Hi my daughter is 7 years old and I would love to make her a Gap model. Thanks

  12. Agnes

    Ellie is almost 14 months old and shes gorgeous mix baby with blue eyes. She has a great personality and shes a very active baby.

  13. Maya

    Hi my name is Maya,
    I have a daughter 18 months old she is so smiley, cheerful and photogenic I would like to get her in modelling I can show you some pictures for her.
    She has a curly blond hair and two lovely dimples they look amazing in the pictures.
    Please contact me if you are interested

  14. Joan

    If you do have any audition being a model i have my 3years baby girl can be your future model

  15. Tiara

    Hi my name is Tiara and I have a daughter that is 8months old. And I am trying find out how can I get her in Modeling or on Tv anything… My daughter is very Beautiful and very smart just about everyone says it.

  16. Robyn Byer

    I have 6yo girl twins and 8yo son who have all been casted in commercials and are great on set. Would love to send in photos.


  17. gladys marie

    hello!!my daughter is beautiful.she also a runner up from pageant and best in talent.,willing to trained. hope you choose my daughter to be one of your models.

  18. gladys marie

    hello!!my daughter is beautiful.she also a runner up from pageant and best in talent.,willing to trained.

  19. Melody Pitaluga

    My daughter is 2 and is a beautiful happy toddler full of love. She loves to dance, sign, and for everyone go watch her. I know she’d be perfect for this.
    Thank you

  20. Anslee Vance

    My daughter is one month old and we would love this!!! We can’t wait to hear from you and send our pictures in!!

  21. babyflor hernandez

    hello I’m babyflor hernandez from Philippines I have a daughter 6 months old and she always want to look on a camera and she’s so adorable and very active baby

  22. Lilia

    My daughter just turned 4. She has the runway expwrience. we can not wait to hear from u for more detail

  23. Lihle

    Hi, I have a 8 months son. I would like to get him to be part of any casting or advertising.

    Thank you

  24. Belinda Tyra

    My daughter would be perfect, for this photo opportunity! You wouldn’t be let down!

  25. kathy lempert

    Hi. My daughter is 6.75 years old and could be great for this opportunity.

  26. Mona

    Hi my name Mona from USA , my daughter Aleen is 5 years old and she been wearing Gap cloths since new born . She is very social loves camera , unique , and funny at the same time . I really would love for her to be baby gap model. Looking forward from you guys .

  27. Stephanie peoples

    Hello my daughter Morgan is 8months and she looks into a camera like she knows she cute I really would like to hear from you guys.

  28. Telma

    Hello I have a 3 year old kid named Liam.
    He would look natural in front of a camera.
    If you want a kid model contact me.

  29. marilen

    hi my name is len and my daughter loves modeling. she’s name is Isabelle Ellis,5 years old..She would love to have audition..we are from edmonton canadia.. originally from Philippines…Please give us the chance to show her talent… thanks in advanve

  30. Marek Brzoska

    Marek Brzoska
    My son is 3 years old, and has loved the camara ever since he was a infant. His daycare teachers,and all of the kids parents there all say that he should be a model. And everywhere we go people say this. He is a funny kid with a great personality and loves to dance. I think he will be the perfect fit.

  31. Suhad


    I have a beautiful baby girl her name is Rytal and she’s 6 months, I think you will love having her as a model for baby gap!
    We could send you her pictures if you provide us your email to contact

    And also we make handmade bows we would be happy if we try to do business with you I think you will love our collections !!

  32. Catherine

    Hello my granddaughter is 5yrs old. She is a beautiful, cheerful,
    happy, photogenic little girl that would love to model, be the face for Gap or any Kid’s company advertisement.

  33. Miriam

    thank you for your time to read this

  34. Miriam

    Hi my name’s Miriam I have a 1 and a half cousin I wanted to try to get her into something she’s good at . she’s half and half color and has black hair ,people can’t keep there smiles and she’s off her .She’s very adorable and cute ?. just email me and this will make her birthday wish?.

  35. Tyrome Williams

    Need contact information for auditions for baby gap

  36. Eoon

    Hello! My name is Eoon. My son is 2.5 years old and he would be a perfect fit for modeling. I look forward to hearing back from you! Thank you in advance!

  37. Eoon

    Hello! My name is Eloon, my son is 2.5 years old and would be a great fit for GapKids modeling shoot. He is a very happy baby!

  38. Saif

    Hi i’ my amber from Karachi Pakistan I want my 4 year kid in modeling

  39. Antoinette Renfurm-Thorpe

    My granddaughter is 3 and she would be a natural. Looks the camera. I would love to hear back from you

  40. Reena

    Hi im Reena! I have an adorable son named Mihit. He is 3 years old and loves attention! I think he is the perfect little boy to join your Gap Kids mideling. Our family loves Gap and has shopped there for many years. In fact, most of Mihits clothes are from Gap. He loves People and also loves the spotlight. He’s got the most beautiful smile and the cutest face. Thank you, and please let me know about how my son can do this modeling!! Thanks!

  41. Rosanne

    My son Ezra Reid is 6 months old. He loves interacting with people and has a great personality and smile. He would be a great model!

  42. Shima

    Hi im Shima fr Malaysia. I have sons that is so natural in front of cameras. I would like to let them try for this gapkid search.

  43. Karissa Daniels

    My name is Karissa and I believe my 5 month old daughter would be a perfect fit for your company because her personality shines everywhere she goes! She is the happiest and fun loving baby and all you have to do is smile and she will smile right back at you and make your day!

  44. Arielle Frazier

    I have a 3 year old daughter who I think would be a perfect model for you. She has a beautiful personality and a smile the brightens the room.

  45. Jenn

    Hello, my handsome little boy is 6 months now. I’m very interested in getting him into modeling for Babygap. It will be an awesome experience for him.

  46. Vanessa Smith

    I would love for my son to model for Baby Gap. He is 8 months old and he has a bubbly personality. When we go out, people always comment him. I honestly believe that he would be a great baby gap model.

  47. kellie

    How do i send a picture of my new born

  48. ni'yolma

    Hello I would love for my 3month old to model for you she is a natural.

  49. bayan

    hello my name is Bayan Palani and i have a 17 months old daughter, i believe she got the look and the personality for modeling gap and i would love to see her modeling for gap, we get a lot of compliments how cute she is or she should be on tv, so that’s why i am here i hope she will be the right one

  50. Immaculate highland

    Hello, my son is two and a half, he is a beautiful boy, and I’m not just saying that! I’m asked by strangers who walk up to us just to ask if they can take pictures with him, and if he’s modeling with any company? I’ve decided to give it a try. Please give my son a chance, you won’t be disappointed!

  51. Giselle Battistelli

    Just decide try to get my 11 months old son evolved at publicity model market after been told many times for random people everywhere we go, how cute and photogenic he is. Final decision was made at GAP store in San Francisco when one of the managers hardly insisted to subscribe him at baby GAP casting.
    Hopefully he will be right.

  52. Honey

    Hi! I’m honey, and I have a cute handsome little boy.. He is so talented and he like modeling. 🙂 he is very smart and friendly.

  53. Lynn shand

    My grandaughter is 3 and in my eyes she would be a perfect model for gap She has the looks and personality to go with

  54. Myrlene aney

    Hi my name is myrlene aney and I have a beautiful niece that you would love to have her has your modeling please feel free to call me I want her to be a baby gap model

  55. Angela Valdez

    I am interested in getting my child into modeling

  56. Denise Gallegos

    Hi I have a beautiful curly hair daughter and a 4 month old baby boy. Everywhere we go people tell me how beautiful they are, and I wouldn’t want them to miss a opportunity like this.

  57. Lorena rome

    I would like to sigh my son how do I go about this

  58. Heidi Stephens

    When is the youngest age you use for your models? I’m interested in my grandson modeling. Please email me with detailed information. Thank you so much.

  59. robin webb

    Hello, my name is Robin Webb and am a parent of two children, a 6 years old little girl and a 2 (almost 3) year old little boy. These two are full of life and many say that they are mature for their ages. I am interested in signing them up.

  60. Tiffany Jade

    I have to babies that I would like to sign up.

  61. Raquel


  62. Jennifer S.

    I’d like to sign my 1 month old daughter to be a baby gap kid. Please contact me to let me know how she can become one! 🙂

    Thank you!

  63. Myranda Reich

    My son is 8 months old and just darn right adorable. I would love to have the opportunity to possibly have him model YOUR brand! Please let me know how to make this opportunity a reality.

  64. Ebony Jones

    Hi id like to sign my daughter up to be a baby gap kid shes BEAUTIFUL please contact me to let me know how i can make tjis possible.

  65. Alcione

    How can my child become a GAP model?

  66. Randi white

    Hi my daughter is 3 years old and I think she would be the perfect face for gap everywhere we go people stop us to tell us how pretty she is and that she should be on TV and magazines. She has great personality and you would think because of how mature and smart she is that she was six years old not 3

  67. Ayden Estrada

    My son Ayden is 4 and is always stopped by people and then saying to him he’s like a model, he should model for the Gap. How can I send a photo in or get an audition for him??
    He LOVES taking pictures!

  68. nicole

    Hi i have three children that i would like to get involved in modeling they are very photogenic and have great personalites. I hope my children could be given a chance.

  69. Kianna

    Hello There, I am Kianna & I know my 1 year old daughter Mariahlee is perfect for this once in a lifetime chance for the BabyGap casting call because she just loves and doesn’t mind to be the center of attention in front of the cameras smiling saying cheese at any time lol Mariahlee’s spunk, happiness, joy fullness, big Beautiful smile& personality that’ll Light up every and any room.. And willingness to cooperate attitude will help bring life to the shoot alongside the stylish clothing you guys have

  70. Amber embry

    Hi i would like for my son to audition or send pictures to be a Baby Gap model I don’t know how to go about doing that but everyone tells me that I need to constantly so if you could help me anyway I would greatly appreciate it

  71. charletta maye

    I would like my Son to be a Gap kid Model…..he is 2 and a half! His name is Chamar

  72. Dean Mullin

    hi my daughter would like to model GAP so she was a baby model for mountin baby and she was so cute now she is 9 and wants to be in the mor serios modelling. her name is Neveah she has long blonde curly hair,blue eyes andtons of freckles….thank you and i hope to hear back from you soon!!!

  73. Griselda Orizco

    I think this is a great opportunity for everyone to show the beautiful hearts of these children. I think my 2 year old daughter, Annabelle Rose would be great for this cast because she is filled with so much joy. She enjoys trying on new clothes and taking pictures!