Auditions For Paid Healthcare Video ShootCasting Several Roles for Paid Video Shoot in North Carolina

Vittles Films has just put out a new casting call for a healthcare video shoot. Vittles Films is a documentary film company producing character-driven stories about contemporary social issues thru the lens of their most essential provisions. The video shoot is for Farmworker Healthcare.  Most of the roles call for Hispanic or Latino actors who are fluent in Spanish.

The video will be a “soap opera-style educational video to encourage H-2A migrant farmworkers to enroll in a healthcare plan. The video will be a parody of the classic Mexican telenovela Dos Mujeres, Un Camino”.  Seeking a Latino cast, with the exception of the Doctor and possibly the Outreach Worker. Seeking fluent Spanish speakers, with the exception of the Doctor, who only needs to speak intermediate conversational Spanish.

Key Details

Shoot Location: Durham, North Carolina
Shoot Dates: April 2-3 2016
Audition: Saturday, March 26
Compensation: Principals receive $250/day for shoot days
Usage: Targeted screenings for H2-A farmworkers such as at farmworker camps and on farmworker transport buses, as well as Internet, in perpetuity

Requirements for Application

Johnny – 25-35 year old, Male, Latino. H-2A farm laborer. Someone who can embody Erik Estrada’s Johnny Villegas character. Handsome, well-intended, torn between two choices.

Javier – 25-35 year old, Male, Latino. H-2A farm laborer. Johnny’s extroverted, somewhat mischievous best friend.

Roberto – 25-35 year old, Male, Latino. H-2A farm laborer. Johnny’s other best friend, the more thoughtful and responsible one.

Outreach Worker – 25-65 year old, Female. Farmworker healthcare advocate. Knowledgeable, trustworthy and comfortable speaking in front of groups.

Doctor – 30-45 years old, Female. Speaks broken Spanish. A beautiful, overly madeup doctor such as you might find in soap operas. Confident, capable.

La Tesorito – 25-45 years old, Female, Latina. Her face will be hidden from camera, but being able to do a quality impression of Laura Leon’s character is important. Having long blond hair that can be styled to mimic La Tesorito’s hair is a big plus, but a wig may be necessary.

How To Apply

If you are interested would like to apply for the paid video shoot email with your headshot and resume. The casting director states that all submissions will be considered and given more information about auditioning if they are interested. The first audition will be a video audition. They will have you read a scene that will be self-taped by candidates that you can record with any video device including a smart phone.

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3 Casting Responses

  1. Bridget Vaughan

    I would like to email a flyer for an audition we are having this Saturday

  2. Gleidson

    Hello my name is Gleidson Lara. I am a 30yr old and a 9yr Marine corps veteran, I’ve done 2 deployment to Iraq and 1 to Afghanistan. I am originally from Perú and I have no acting experience but I’m really motivated and I’m a quick learner. I have always been really interested in acting please feel free to call me anytime

    • Stephanie

      Is this the Gleidson stationed in SD? If it is I would love to talk to you.