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  1. Megan Elizabeth Ghan

    Name: Megan Elizabeth Ghan
    Email: <hidden from public>
    Phone <hidden from public> 
    City/State: Mesa, Arizona
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Height: 5″1
    Weight: 107lbs

    I’m available to travel wherever need be. I’d make an excellent addition to the cast because I am a great story teller. I have a fierce cunning look and extremely easy and FUN to work with. I deeply appreciate your consideration!

  2. Tyra Schroeder

    Age: 20
    Height: 5’7″
    Weight: 208
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    My name is Tyra Schroeder, I am from a growing town in Texas called New Braunfels. I’m a very outgoing person, I don’t mind taking risks and always have a fun time! I’m interested in auditioning for this series because it seems like an exciting experience to be apart of and would be exciting for me as well, even though I have never acted before…. Unless you count a church play where my twin sister and I split the role of the grandma, which turned out very good and is an interesting story! Although I have no experience, I would definitely be willing to learn and continue to better myself. I’m willing to take a risk and try something that I have never done before. I hope that you will take me into consideration while choosing for cast members, thank you in advance!!!

    P.S. It’s hard to describe yourself through words, you can get a much better picture of who I really am if you were to meet me in person!

  3. Anneka Madgett

    Hiya I’m Annie :)

    Age: 18
    Occupation: Model at Hollister co
    Hair Colour: Blonde

    I am always happy and bubbly! Every oppertunity I get excites me. I enjoy being infront of the camera and behind it. I am easy to talk to and work with. Love making people laugh and working with others. I feel like This oppertunity would be an extremly interesting expierence and would help me achieve my acting dream. I enjoy auditioning for different roles, even some that are challenging, it is all such great experience and I hope it will take me to where I would love to go! Thank you x

  4. Hannah-Lea Arias

    Age : 18
    Gender : Female
    Location : Providence, RI
    Height : 5’1″
    Weight : 120 lbs
    Body Type : Medium
    Ethnicity : Hispanic / White
    Hair Color : Brown
    Eye Color : Brown

    Hello my name is Hannah I’m 18, I am a current model at RIMA (Rhode Island Modeling Agency) I’ve been doing modeling since I was a young girl. I’ve done pageants, a Gerber commercial, I was chosen for the “Gertrude” role on Jersey Girl although I could not accept. I’ve done a hair show for Big Sexy Hair. I was accepted into Pro Scout but I chosen to further my options such as casting calls. I speak Spanish and English. I really do feel that I would be a great fit for this show. I have a lot of experience in modeling, I would like to further my career as I said and acting has always been a dream of mine. I would greatly appreciate being chosen for a part!! I really would love to hear back from you!!

  5. Gabriella butler

    Hi! My name is Gabriella butler I’m 18, African American, 5’6 and I have a passion for acting. I love this show, I watch it all the time and I would love to play a part in it. I don’t have very much experience but I was recently excepted into barbizon even though I have not attended any classes yet I know I would be great in a show like this. Thank you.

  6. Ann Willis


  7. Crystal St Pierre

    Hello my name is Crystal I am 30 years old and a mother of four. My children are my life and even though we have hard times I always keep there spirits up and I constantly remind them to go for there goals, there dreams. I believe the best way to show them that anything is possible is for me to go for my dream and that would be acting. We are from a small town with not to many opportunities around and so I am reaching out in the hopes to be given the chance of a life time.

    Best Regards,

  8. Ansley Brackett

    Hi my Name is Ansley Brackett, I am 20yrs old and live just north of Atlanta. I have been looking for an opportunity to get started with an acting career. I believe this would be an awesome starting position for me. Please contact me if you need any more information or anything else at all. Thank you

  9. Rose Ruminski

    Hello I’m Rose and I would love to be considered to play as stand in,extra,background actors.
    I’m 5’3,120lbs,41yrs old.
    Thank you!

  10. Cassidy Andryana Walker


    My name is Cassidy Andryana Walker, I am 14 years old, I live in Richmond Canada but I am moving to Richland Washington May, 2014, and this is me:

    Mädchen Amick is one of my top favourite actress.
    I dance in competitions, I am a 3rd degree Black Belt (considered pooms until I am 15,) I won the top acting award in MacNeil Secondary School, I take acting lessons in my new school: McNair Secondary. My teacher Mrs. Howard is one of the top actors in my opinion. She has taught in Tokyo and has down productions all over. Her partner is a former actor in Once Upon A Time In Wonderland. He was the bulb guy who was selling the lamps. Now he is auditioning for a spot in the series “The Killing.”

    I know everyone says this but this it is a true dream, not just to be apart of fame, but to be apart of a new family. Don’t get me wrong, my family members are my best friends, but I feel like I can learn so much more the Mädchen Amick with me my her side.
    I have no agent to be honest. I have never had the opportunity to try out and earn an agent. My parents support me in everything. They say I am really good at acting but I should stick to Taekwondo because acting will get me no where. Maybe you can say this is me going against there wishes but, I also want to prove to them, acting is a pure art. I want this so badly. I my life, I have me acting and dancing all over. Literally, if there is music in a Safeway, I will be be-bopping to the tune. Mädchen Amick is a big part of my life. I am not an obsessive fan but I am really into her acting skills: How she act, how she makes everyone believe who she is. Of course that is for every actor and actress, but I can actually take her away from being Mädchen Amick and put her in Aunt Wendy’s body. She is such a different person. If there was a episode of a few of her finding out in the future that she can have a kid, I can be that kid! She has a course of not having children but there can be a way to undo that curse! This would be a true honour to meet… it would be a true honour to meet the whole cast!

    This is what I want to do with my life, and if you can make that happen… you will have a girl who rises to challenges, who follows directions, and who gives it her all.

    My name is Cassidy Andryana Walker and this is why I want this so bad.

  11. Gabrielle Tramonte


    DOB 7-4-99

    Weight:140 lbs


    Ethnicity: American

    Race: caucasian

    My name is Gabrielle Tramonte 
    I would like to work with such an awesome cast. I have a profile on or if you would like to see more pics of me please email me or contact my mother at <hidden from public> . 

    Thank you,

    Gabrielle Tramonte 

  12. Briana Lynn

    Hi, my name is briana & i’m 20 years old. I really want a career as an actress & would love to get my start by being on this show. I’m ready to work hard & shine like a star. I have long dark brown hair & i am mixed. Please consider me for this audition, thank you.

  13. Chioma Otisi

    Hello, my name is Chioma Otisi. How are you? I hope you’re doing fine. I live in Queens, NY. I just turned 18 on February 9th. I have a passion for both acting and modeling. I’ve had this passion since I was 6. It would be a dream come true for me to work alongside the these fantastic actresses. I wouldn’t say that my family is rich or poor, but we’re trying to make it through. I just want to be able to land this so that my career can take off. I want to be able to support my family. I would love to take a shot at this. If you even consider me that would be a blessing. I am 115 pounds and also African-American. If you have any questions, ask away :). Please get back to me. Thank you for your time and this opportunity. Have a nice day :).

  14. Hailey

    Ethnicity: Polish/German
    Experience: very experienced

    My name is Hailey.
    I could write 100 pages about why you should choose me, easily, but the truth is I’m not words on a paper.
    I’m the picture I paint.
    I’m the thoughts in my mind.
    I’m my actions.
    I’m the words I speak.

    As an actress, I am my character.

  15. Neal Kirby


    My names Neal Kirby, 25 years old, from Upstate New York. A big fan of the show thus far and would love the opportunity to be an extra. Here is my info:

    Name: Neal Kirby
    Age: 25
    Ethnicity: Caucasian/Italian/Irish/Native American
    Height: 6 ft
    Weight: 220lbs
    Build: Athletic/muscular, former high school and college basketball player, now competitive fitness competitor and model.
    Hair: medium length, black.
    Extra: No accent, all American guy. Able to do any role needed that is looking for a muscular and athletic build.

  16. Yasmin

    There are so many ways I could write this but most simplistic form is this…

    My name is Yasmin, I am Seventeen years old and will be eighteen in October. I do not have a wide range of acting skills, I didn’t attend any special classes for acting either however I did attend a school which was specifically aimed for performance rather than sports etcetera.. I studied Drama for two years, and it was only when my performance day arrived when I realised that I loved to act. To enrol into other characters. It was brilliant. I loved every minute of it even when my legs where shaking and I was stricken with nerves.
    My point is like many others, is we all love to perform, we do it every day whether at work or home, maybe even at school or college, but I would like to develop my skills & progress. I am hardworking, respectful, responsible and will probably forget a line or two but will keep learning. It’s all I can do..?

    I hope you consider me.
    Thank You.
    Sincerely Yasmin.
    An eager learner

  17. Summer Dawn

    Acting has always been a hobby of mine, but now I am ready for it to become my life. I have been taking classes and lessons for acting all my life and I really love to challenge myself. I like seeing people get surprised and shocked at what I can do. It’s always been something that made me happy to do. When people tell me that I did great or give me a compliment I am so excited.w hen they give me negative response, I don’t get down. When I get negative response I just ask them what could I do better and I take that in consideration. The negative responses make me a better actress and I embrace them. Just give me one chance and I promise I will not let you down.

    Name: Courtney Renee Medvec, but I go by Summer Rosabel Dawn
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 133
    Hair color: dirty blonde but dyed golden blonde
    Hair type: Shoulder length and curly
    Special/Distinctive features: Scar on right forehead from a skin graph that I got from a fire accident when I was younger

    Thank you for taking time to read this. I really appreciate it!

    ~ Summer Rosabel Dawn

  18. gabrielle

    hello i would love to be considered to play a role in this show series. lifetime is my favorite movie channel. im 19 yrs old and even though i have no acting experience, i have the work ethic of a 35 year old. i dedicate myself as much as i can to whatever i want to achieve i respect any bussiness and take everything i do very seriously. Entering into the entertainment bussiness as always been a dream job of mine, i just never thought i had the confidence to do so but since im turning 20 soon i want to start giving my dream a shot. and see where it takes me. if any further questions itd be my pleasure to email back

    thank you,

  19. Briannna Rutledge

    Hello! My name is Brianna Rutledge. I live in Surprise, Arizona It is my lifelong dream to have my idols recognize me. I promise you I am not your average preteen. I am below normal! I have my entire future planned out for me. I am always in a go getting and goofy mood. For over two years now my family and I have been fostering many children that we love and take in as our own family member. I currently have two little brothers that I love more than anything. I am a social butterfly! I do not judge people by their love gender or race. I just see them as normal people that live, eat, sleep. I am very, very thankful that you even read this and took your time reading this. I hope you have a wonderful day and find the best person you are looking for :)

    Height: 5’7
    Eye color: blue
    Hair: thick red hair that’s naturally wavy
    Skin: fair, white and filled with freckles
    Age: almost 13
    Grade level: seventh

  20. Destiny Bolin

    And I’m in Louisville ky

  21. Destiny Bolin

    I’m destiny. And I would love to audition. I’m 15. 5’3 long blonde hair. Good at acting. I love the show so I know what’s gone down. Semi shy. But can be loud and proud. Good at doing any role

  22. tonyia

    Witches! Love it!
    I have not had experience with acting (high school once).
    I do plan on finally trying to make my life long dream of acting come true and set my mind to doing so. Lifetime is a great channel with touching, interesting shows and would be awesome to be a part of Witches Of East End.
    Hispanic American Indian
    Got to start somewhere and maybe this will be the starting point.

  23. Richard

    58 and just because.

  24. Shakilah Gayle

    Hi my name is Shakilah and I am 21 year old young woman living in Maryland and i would love to be in a lifetime movie. I love lifetime and I love movies. I am an aspiring actress and I am looking for experience. I would be great for this part because I am ready to begin my career as an actress.

  25. Vanessa Marquez

    Hello, my name is Vanessa, I am 19 years old and have been in Theater Arts and clubs all through my four years of high school. I believe that my skills that I have acquired will make me successful if given an opportunity to have a role in Witches of East End. If given the chance I would love to prove it too you! Thank You!

  26. Gelen Reynoso

    Hi my name is Gelen weird name yes it is. As everyone is saying here I will say the same, my dream has always been to sing and act. I barely got support from my family and friends and they all think that singing and acting it’s just a hobby but I want to show them that’s it’s not a hobby that I can make singing and acting as MY life career! I would LOVE!! To make my dreams come true! And I would like to show them dreams can come true!

    P.S I’m a HUGE!! Fan of Witches of East End! I got hooked from the first episode and was disappointed when the first season ended.

    22 years old but look like 15- 17 years old
    American/ parents are Dominican
    I speak English and Spanish
    Light brown eyes
    Tan skin
    I’m 5’2
    Long brown hair

  27. Alexandra Restrepo

    I’m alex im 13 years old & live in Kearny, New Jersey

    have Brown Thick hair
    Brown eyes
    tan skin
    im 5.3
    im also 127 lb.

    I really want to do this i love acting and i cant wait till Auditions!!!!!!!

  28. Caitlin

    Hi my name is Caitlin and I’m a 15 year old girl from Boston. I found your contact info for your new project witches of east end from I’m writing to you because on the site, it had said you were looking for extras/small parts in this upcoming film. I would be more then honored to be considered for any role offered, speaking part or not. Traveling isn’t an issue and I’d be happy to travel anywhere you’d like for an audition. I’m trying to get into the film business and I take acting very seriously. If you need a part involving a teenager, please get back to me. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you.

    Age: 15
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 115
    Race: Caucasian
    Details: long brown hair, brown eyes and slender body type

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