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  1. Jordan Esser

    I’m a mormon rapper with a lot of swag. 38 inch vertical and can 360 dunk. I ready to go!! Let’s do this!!

  2. morris drakeford


  3. M.J. Norman

    I’m a 52 and I’m in denial about my ability to do this kind of physical activity and I would like the opportunity to see what I’m made of, because I have big balls for a 4’7″ chick ;)

  4. Ebony Eyles

    My name is Ebony, and my best friend Isobel and I would love love LOVE to be a part of wipeout! We have watched this show for years and absolutely love it – even to the point where we would watch it on youtube in IT classes in high school when the teacher wasn’t looking! Its been years since high school and we still can’t get enough of wipeout. We are both athletic and play in the same soccer team. Money is not the issue (although would be a fantastic touch on this amazing opportunity), we would just be over the moon to actually participate in something that has been a part of lives for so long. Together, I think we can provide you with some serious entertainment and laughs! Please consider us!

  5. Francesca

    Hi I’m Francesca I’m 8 years old. I think being on wipeout would be fun and a chance to show off to my friend! I am very athletic and love to compete this would be so much fun for me!

  6. John Mlorgan

    I have been watching wipe-out since the beginning and I am very confident that i will be the new champion I’m single father with two kids ages 11 and 13and this will prove to them that anything is possible.

  7. Pam Gentile

    Hi I am nominating my co-worker and best friend Irene for Wipe Out. She is fifty one years old, in excellent physical condition, competitive and up for any challenge. She is a Teacher Assistant with middle schoolers and has been nicknamed “The Colvinator.” Irene would be an entertaining contestent on your show. I hope that you consider my nomination.

  8. Gagnon-Boucher Michael

    Hey! My name is Michael, I’m a 20 years old fit agile man 5”10 working in the reserve (part time army) and awaiting my full time carpenter class and I feel more than ready to take part in any challenges Wipeout has to give me! I’m an agile guy, I run and do some biking very often, I might be an adult but sometimes jumping around and climbing up things makes me feel like i’m doing the right thing (It’s fun!). I feel like Wipeout would be a unique experience and feel to my life and something I would give all of my energy into if have the chance to give a meaning to what I like to do :). I’m pretty sure I got the right technique not to fall those red balls too hehehe! Please consider me ^^ P.S I’m a very responsible man and expect me to be there if accepted!!

  9. Tristian Cisneros

    My name is Tristian I will be the best wipeout contestant on the show. Conquer this big red balls and will be the best wipeout. Funny guy very clumsy but athletic. Hope you guys are interested because in the next guy. Peace.

  10. genevieve angayen

    My name is genevieve, 27 years old, love sports ready for everything never give up, wants to experience my favorite show to test and have good and fun memories of my life.

  11. Alessandro

    I’m 32 years old, and I want to show young people how it’s done!

  12. Amelia Newton

    HELLO :) I am Princess Amelia mother of 5 under 10. There is nothing funnier than laughing at mom and dad as they make their way through a silly obstacle course. We the super mom and dad are ready to take on the world, (or maybe just wipeout) BRING IT ON!

  13. Jessica McClory

    I’m an athletic mom of 8. I have a wonderful fiance with 2 kids and we love a challenge to show our kids anything is possible. I would love the opportunity to get on wipe out with my fiance to see how strong we are together and show our kids how strong we are..


    Jessica McClory

  14. Karissa Dolan

    Hi I’m Karissa. Me and my boyfriend (Darrel) always watch the show together and we absolutely love it! We’re both athletic and pretty competitive and we would love the opportunity to compete either or against each other or as a team! So itd be awesome if you emailed me back it’d be a dream come true!

  15. Danielle

    Hi I’m Danielle I’m 14 and I would really like to be on wipeout because I have been watching it on tv for along time and I would like to put my strengths to the test because I’m really into sports (rugby ,volleyball, and basketball) me and my family always watch the show and personally love it and would really want to be on it please consider me as a contestant. And I want to see what the big balls can handle !!!! Please hope to hear back from you really soon it’s my dream to be on wipeout .

  16. carlos negron

    Hi my name is carlos. I have been watching your show from the start. Me and my girl would like to be a part of the laughter you bring to tv. We both are a bit athletic and we love to do crazy things like this. We are from Elizabeth nj. And if you pick us.. or me :-) I guaranty a win for us. I love a challenge and this is definitely a challenge. So pleeeeeeeeeeeease choose us. Thank you

  17. Amber Ledezma

    I would love to be on wipe out with my cousin. I’m 14 and she is 13. We are hilarious. I’m very tall for my age. I’m 5’8 and she’s 5’4. She is the athletic one and I’m lazy, sometimes. . Texas Raised. I think it would be hilarious to have us on the show. We would have a great time and a amazing experience.

  18. Jeanette Bath

    Hi my name is Jeanette,
    I am a 24 year old female. I am a big fan of wipeout Australia and feel that I would be an absolute ripper contestant for wipeout. I am enthusiastic, fun, competitive and athletic person and therefore would make me a good contestant.
    I would love the opportunity to have a crack at wipeout.
    Wipeout Australia I’m ready for you. :)

  19. Kendall Healy

    My name is Kendall, I am 26 from Melbourne! I would be awesome at Wipeout….Awesome at getting knocked out! I am often getting into funny situations and think I would make a great contestant! Definitely love to have a good laugh and think the audience would too! Also wouldn’t mind getting 50k!

  20. Mike Windle

    I love Wipeout! So much so that I record it and watch it over and over. My wife, who just gave birth to our son less than 3 months ago and is still in better shape than me, has banned me from watching the show with her until I audition because she is sick of me talking trash about how good I would do on it. She thinks she would beat me! Wipeout please give us a shot at the Big Balls! I’m coming for you Ballsie!!!

  21. Preetam

    i want to participate as I am from India and I have seen no Indian till now.

  22. marqelle perry

    I always wanted to be on an obstacle course and i fell like its my time

  23. Juliana Christiaanse

    Hey I’m Juliana and my sister Elissa and I would really enjoy being on Wipe Out! We are two funny girls when were together, and it would be so much fun to challenge ourselves on the course and see who comes out on top :D

  24. Evan Scholz

    I’m 37, in good shape and my son and I enjoy the show. I believe that I could win it and love a good challenge. Sign me up!!

  25. Joshua "JJ" Reese

    I’m a 30 year old father of the cutest 2 year old boy in the world with another one on the way! I’m 6’4 200lbs and have played sports my whole life and love any challenge(s) put in front of me! I’m self employed and my family is my life. I would love to win the $50,000 and secure a better future for my kids!!! And BTW I would jump across the big red balls like a gazelle through the safari!!!

  26. Kevin salazar

    My name is kevin salazar, I watched wipeout once in my friends house and since that day I love the show, so told my friend that one day he will be seeing me in tv showing my skills and my determination in wipeout. I hope I get a call from you or a email. Because I want to prove my self that I can achieve wherever shows in front of me :)

  27. Richie LaValle Jr.

    Hi my name is Richie and I am 8 years old. Me and a little brother Danny watch wipeout all the time and I want to be on the show so Danny can see me on TV. I like to wrestle and am strong for my age.

  28. Nathan "Dee-Jay Acee" Stogneff

    Hello my names Nathan but my nick name is Dee-Jay Acee simply because I ace everything I do, I’m athletic, fit, funny and have a huge personality, I am a parkourist/ freerunner and would love to put those skills to test on wipeout, I want to face to big red balls to if love to flip and fly over all four of them, I honestly don’t care about the money just want to have fun and test my skills, I absolutely love wipeout I watch nearly every episode and love the laughs you bring, if you choose me to be on wipeout I’ll Acee it :) hope to hear back from you’s soon
    So goodnight…. And big balls

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