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  1. Warren Neil Campbell

    Well to start I just love the show and courses and always wanted to try them big red balls. Also I’m young and agile I climb trees for a living Im very up beat and hyper type when it comes to competition I try for the win and always give my best with everything I do
    A bit about myself I’m 27 years old from nova Scotia now living in calgary alberta I’m engaged to my beautiful soon to be wife tabatha and that prize money would help with our wedding plans for sure ;-).
    Thanks for considering

  2. Michael Girma

    Well let see, I’m African American born in Ethiopia raised in Virginia, 5’7, I’m 20 years old and I weigh about 135. My teammate is my brother who is 18yrs old he’s does cross country and he won several championships. We both feel like the obstacles in wipeout are easy and we can fly through every challenge with out harm. And become the youngest contestants to win that cash of $50,000 dollars easy.

  3. Chris stephens

    Because I’m awesome…..

  4. karla-rae bruvold

    Im eskimo but as white as they come haha I’m an average person who is naturally outrageous yet suttel . I’m a mom a creative builder and creator in large and small scales. I’m decently fit but definitely sure I could make it through to the wipeout zone. I don’t easily give up and I’ve always wanted my family to see me on wipeout. (Whether win or loss) Im good with math and love a challenge. On my birthday in January 2015 I’ll be wishing to get on the show, the 50k would go towards my family’s home and those I love and maybe some to get my artistry really going. I’d ask my bf to audition but I don’t wanna watch him wipeout but me now that’s sounds hilarious :)

  5. Trevor

    Hello. Me and my fiance Would love to do a couple wipout. We just had our new baby on the 5th and winning would help us and our family. So pick us and let us show you why we are the best.haha

  6. Tiffany

    Hi, my name is Tiffany and Wipe Out is awesome. My dad and I love watching this together. I have played sports and my dad has been my coach since I was 6 years old and we think it would be really cool to get to do a Dad/Daughter show. Both of us are always trying to out do the other and this would be a great shut up or put up challenge. As an athlete, this would be a great way to help pay for college.

  7. mitchell tiger

    Hey wipeout!!! Me and my cousin Kenneth would live the chance to try and take the obstacle course and have a great new experience, were both great swimmers and bodybuild ask the time, thanks for considering us!!!

  8. Tavaris

    I work for AMF bowling ally in lakeland fl. And I think it would be AWSOME for me and a co-worker to go out and show the world what we are made of. We got bowling power and ARE READY TO Show OFF!!!!!!

  9. Hector Vargas

    I love wipeout and i wAnt to make my wife and friends laugh..

  10. spyro pappas

    Hi Wipe out im a 50+ year old young man that likes to have fun winning .Great opportunity for the people to see that middle age is going stronger than ever.Its all about mind over matter never lose. Congratulations for the show Thanks.

  11. CoLe

    Hey Wipeout friends!! My name is CoLe and I am a lifeguard in great California!! I am also an 18 year old wrestler and have been waiting since I was little for the opportunity to tackle this obstacle course! I love this freakin’ show and I got the energy to prove it on the course!!!! Thanks for taking the time to read #1,686 of these responses. :P haha!

  12. Sean McAndrew

    Hi I’m Seany M I’m 25 from sydney I’m fit and nimble and I’m certain me and my mate bob would show wipeout how it’s done and set some records ! See you soon wipeout

  13. Braeden Plouffe

    Hello I’m braeden I’m 22 and live in British Columbia. I’ve always wanted to run your course and conquer the big balls better than anyone can. I watch wipeout everyday I’m actually watching it right now. Thanks for reading my message hopefully you pick me one day.

  14. Erin

    Wipe out is my middle name.

  15. Joseph Shaffer

    HELLO PEOPLE!! My name is joseph a.k.a Jojo. I’m 18, full of life and ready to get knocked out!!! LET’S DO IT!!!

  16. justin

    My name is Justin I am 27years old and when I was in high school I was in the circus I can tumble juggle and ride a 6 ft unicycle and indo believe I would be a excellent competitor on the show I know how to stay on my feet and I’m sure my 3 kids would love to see their daddy fall and maybe even take home the big 50k thanks for the opportunity and reading hope I have a chance thanks again!

  17. Patrick

    I’m 19 years old and have always been fan of your show. It would be a great opportunity for me because I am very competitive and love to win. I have bonded with my girlfriend over this show and gives us more reason to be on this show! Thanks for your consideration!

  18. Vanessa

    My Dutch husband and I just spent 4 years traveling the world together to stay together before we got married. We traveled to 12 countries and finally got married this past August. I teach fitness classes and he works in the oil and gas industry and have spent many hilarious nights cracking up over wipeout. We’re an awesome team, crazy about each other but also drive each other nuts, making for great entertainment. We’ve wanted to come on Wipeout for years. We are your team!! Whoop whoop! Team Ameridutch!

  19. Anthony Taylor

    My name is Anthony Taylor. I’m 18 years old and i live in Denton, Texas. I was born on December 3, 1996. I have seen y’all show and it looks so fun. I’m a athlete and i believe if y’all gave me the oppurtunity i would win the whole thing. My twitter name is @taylor10dabest. I hope y’all consider me and pick me to be on wipeout!!

  20. Tom Daniel

    Hi I’m Tom,

    I’m 31 years old and I live with my mum and 2 special girls (my cats) :)… They mean the world to me and I want to prove to them I can do this. The 50,000 dollars will go a long way to helping me pay for my magic classes and drama lessons.
    I’ve always been good at sports and know the wipeout will be a sinch!

    People call me the Tommygun

    Look forward to showing you my bag of tricks.

  21. Andre garcia

    Hi my name is andre i will like to be in the show that good money need for my family got no job and im having a baby in 2 month need this plz contact me a thing i can win

  22. Herbie

    My names Herbie, I’m travelling around Australia from England and need a bit of extra cash. I’m very competitive and have good balance as I skateboard! I love a challenge and think I could EASILY complete the total wipe out course!

  23. Aleya Jesson

    Hey! My fiancè and I love the show! My name’s Aleya and his is Jesse, we’re both from Canada and 23 years old, he’s a truck driver and I’m a Behavioral Interventionist for children with autism. We figure this would be a cheaper honeymoon adventure than the Bahamas, and seeing him covered in mud would be a great start to our marriage. We love star wars, candy, embarrassing ourselves for large sums of money, and long romantic walks on soapy, plastic covered death machines wanting to whack us into oblivion. I think we’d be a great match, and we promise you won’t regret having us grace your obstacle course.

  24. Nick pierce

    Because I can conquer the big balls.

  25. Tegan Smith

    Let me just start by saying this would be a great achievement to even go on the total wipeout course. I think myself as a adventure junkie and this would be an extreme adventure sport race course which would give me the opportunity to take my cross country running to a whole new level please let me indulge in this competition which would be an absolute blast!

  26. Rich

    I’d love to run the course with my brother. He’s the spitting image of me only 16 years younger. I think we’d do well though. We are both fast, agile, and can’t stand losing haha I hope we get a chance!!

  27. Brandon

    I am Brandon! don’t wear my name out im 11 years old. obviously, i have no chance of winning, or getting on the show, but hey it’s worth a try!

  28. Nicole

    My name is Nicole I am 26 years old and I have a 7 year old daughter. I think it would be hilarious for me to be on the show because when I watch it I just imagine my self and I always wonder if I would be good or just pure jokes. I mean I have a bit of athleticism in me but I’m a “go big go home” kinda gal so I feel like I’d just go for the challenges and end up being hilarious to watch.regardless of win or lose I would be sheer entertainment . I have a larger than life personality and am very competitive . However 50 grand would help me out tremendously in life!! Pick me!!! Pick me!!!

  29. Jimmia

    I should be on the show , cause I’m going to win! I’m a college student and can put my winnings towards my degree

  30. Sherry McIntosh

    Hi! I am a zookeeper from Canada! I deal with carnivores and exotics creatures,so this shouldn’t be a stretch for me…though I will stretch before I run the course. My two boys, 12 and 13 would love to see my (butt) kicked by the Wipeout gauntlet! I am 48 going on 30. Amused by the show. I will have to get back into my taekwondo training, so give me a heads up, haha.

  31. Shiraaz Sulemane

    Hii there my name’s Shiraaz and im 22 years old currently an engineers computer student im Mozambique – Africa.
    wipeout is one of the best programs that I watch and there are happiness, I would like to be able to participate and represent my country . I’ve never seen a participant from Africa. I believe I can succeed on tests. hehehe

  32. Taylor May

    Hey, my name is Taylor May I first want to thank you for the opportunity and also want to add that I would love to be on the show! I think I would make a good contestant because I like to consider myself athletic. I am 22 years old and go to school at Western Kentucky University where I am currently a senior. I hope to hear back from you and just want to say that I am ready for Wipeout!

  33. Spencer

    Hi Wipeout Canada!
    I’m Spencer. A 38 year old, *proud*, Canadian.
    I live in Kingsville,Ontario.
    I’d love to be a contestant on one of your shows!
    I’m a single father of 2 little girls, and they’ve both encouraged me to write to you and try to win the big money!!!!!
    Please consider me, as a contestant, in one of your upcoming shows!
    It will put a huge smile on my girls faces, and a lot of excitement in our lives:):):)
    Thanks, and take care.

  34. Crystal Roberts

    Hey Wipeout!!!! Party’s here!! I’m Crystal, and I am 21 years old. Born and raised in Montgomery, LA. Us southern men and women can do it all, and are always up for a challenge! I’m the only girl in the family with 3 brothers. We would love to compete against other couples/family members to just show how strong we are! We are strong minded Christians and this would mean so much to us and our family if we were to win! My brother, Jesse is a state championship Ju-Jitsu fighter, and top notch football player (if they would’ve let me play I would). Please consider us being on the show and giving everybody a run for their money!!!!!

  35. Andy. R.

    What’s up what’s up my name is Andy I’m a 25 year old boilermaker from Queensland as everyone else here I also adore the show and want a shot at the wipeout title. I’m very athletic and very determined to win at all costs so you could only imagine the intensity of my efforts once there’s a $50,000 carrot dangling in front of me. Here’s a mathematical equation for you, (high intensity efforts) + (high risk wipeout course) = massive wipeouts and top ratings. Hope yous agree with my answer look forward to hearing from you. Your pal Andy.

  36. Timothy Campbell

    I’m a 17 year old nerdy yet athletic looking individual. Im a huge pokemon nerd but love playing sports. Im the best of both worlds. I am extremely dramatic and tell corny jokes on a whole other level. Being 17 i can bring fast paced action, a crowd of young viewers and insane plyometric workouts into the show. Im also an obstacle machine and never fall off things with my amazing dancing ability.

  37. Shayne Tiaki Hooper-Biddle

    Representing our Gisborne city and country, I Shayne a NewZealand competitor will be most delighted to represent our region on the wipe out competition and show, this would bring joy and happiness to alot of family and freinds, and most likely the people who tune into the wipe out show. Type my full name in on google to find out more about me.

  38. Tammy

    Heyy! My name is Tammy, I am 26 years old. I LOVE challenges and competing with others! Im a goof ball and love to have fun! This show is hilarious and always wanted to be on the show! Yayy! Pick me! :) if i get on the show and if i end up winning id donate money to my church and of course buy a well needed car and help out my family!

  39. Brad

    Hey I want in cause every time I watch I say to my missus how easy it is, and If I did it I reckon everyone would get a laugh cause it’s probably not. Plus could do with some cash for our wedding and honeymoon.


  40. Anthony Rumolo

    Hello Wipe out!

    My name is Anthony Rumolo. I’m 26 years old and a provincial deaf hockey player and I pretty much am 90% deaf or as I’d like to say 90% ignore whoever you want :) I think that i would make a great contestant for wipe out so that I can be an ambassador for other deaf individuals to challenge the big balls of life and be on the finishing platform battling through all obstacles.

    I definitely love a challenge and after watching the heroes segment, I’m really considering every chance I could get to be on the show. It’s either Wipeout or Back out and I wanna set the boundary for others!


  41. Daniel Moreno

    Hello! My name is Daniel, I am 21 years old, I live in Los Angeles California. I would love to be a contestant on wipeout because I love challenges and I am doing this to help stop animal cruelty by donating the money (if I win) to shelters and rescue organizations. Please pick me!

  42. Tyrone Busby

    :-) what’s up….I’m Tee :-) I love games shows and I talk so much about how or what I would have done….that I feel I need a chance :-) lol not just for myself but my daughter and girlfriend who’s ear I talk off about it while watching the show….

  43. Mitch Cassidy

    Hey!!! Names Mitch…I’m 23years old livin in a little town called Little Britain, ON. I’m writing to whom ever might read this because I strongly cannot stress enough about how much I personally think whiteout Canada needs a person like me! I’m very competitive and don’t settle for anything less then perfect. I’m gunna keep this post short and sweet. Im a huge fan of Wipeout Canada and I believe I have what it takes to outdo anyone who’s gets in my way. Wanna see this this course get done in the fastest time ever, you let me know. I’m not cocky…just confident! Hope to be considered!
    Thank you,

  44. Mark Frimpong

    Hi, my name is Mark Frimpong. Im a 23 year old York University student from Toronto, Ontario. I believe I would be a well suited contestant in wipeout because I play football at my school and I am extremely athletic and like taking on challenges. If I was given the opportunity to be a wipeout contestant It would benefit me in a major way as I could pay off my student loans and also to support my 4 month old son. Hoping I get considered

  45. Allan Dsouza

    Hi I’m Allan , I’m a Doctor In India . I’m 22 years old fast , agile and deserving to be on wipe out..I’m funny , lovable and want some money :p. Thanksss

  46. Michael Z

    Hello, my name is Michael, I’m 33 years old, 6’ft.
    I believe this would be a great opportunity for me to show my
    energy, humour, and risk taking skills as they will be put to test.
    I reside in Vancouver, BC. I love watching Wipeout Canada!
    It’s a wonderful, hilarious, game show that you can’t go wrong with!
    If you choose me, I can definitely say you wouldn’t regret the decision!
    So put me to the test, and let’s bring on the challenge.

  47. Christopher Seawright

    Hi my name is Chris. I know I am suitable for this opportunity I am very athletic and I am willing to do whatever to win this competition I am a sophomore in college my major is criminal justice and I live in Columbia South Carolina. I am ready for this season

  48. Cameron McMillan

    Wipe has to be the funniest craziness amazingiest show out there to be a part of a piece of that action would be a thriller and life changing blast! I want to get in there and “git r dne”!! Would never regret having me on the show I would cruise to the finish line with pride and with the wipeout experience!!! So COME ON!!! Haha

  49. Luke godin

    Hey guys. What’s up. For starters I’m a huge fan of wipe out
    and I watch every chance I get, laugh every time.
    I would live to be a participant on it cuz I think it would be a lot
    Of fun
    I’m from Vancouver Canada
    I’m 31 years old 5’9 and 150 lbs.
    I know I could do each and one of those wipe out courses.
    So please consider me and tell me how to get out there.

  50. Edgar Ramirez

    My name is Edgar. I’m a big fan of the show and have always wanted to be on in. I’m from the texas panhandle. im 18 6’0 and full of potential.

  51. Rachel

    My name is Rachel I’m am 18 and currently a nursing student in Ontario. Me and my boyfriend would be the perfect contestants. This show bonded us when we first met and has brought us closer just hanging on the coach watching this show. This would be a great opportunity for the both of us, additionally would help with the big school bills for the both of us. We bring out the competitiveness in each other and would bring lots of attention to the show, coming from a small town. Hope we have a chance!! :)

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