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  1. angel garcia

    I am 15 years old and love acting and watching comedy movies although I play sports i would love to be on the show
    Height: 5’11 1/2
    Weight: 160lb
    Build: Slim Athletic
    Hair: dark brow
    eye color: hazel
    Location: Miami,Florida
    Availability: Full time

    For more information please contact me via email ;)

  2. Steve Phillips

    I am turning 65 yrs old this Oct., and what better way to celebrate being eligible for Medicare than making a fool of myself on my favorite show of all time, Wipeout!.
    I am 6′, 220 lbs with a slight beer belly and live in Austin, Texas, and hoping your show will have a special senior citizens only event.
    I am comfortable around audiences and people and a little flamboyant, so I feel I can add some humor to the show.
    On a special note, just to be next to Jill for even 10 seconds would take 40yrs off my age ehehe….

    If there is anything else you need to know about me, just email me.


  3. Terry Mcness

    Hi there, would love the opportunity to be on your show, and tackle that awesome obstacle course you have, please provide me more info on when and where the auditions will take place in Perth ..Western Australia.
    My team ( don’t mess with the baldies ) will definitely have a good go and give you a great show.
    Also getting on Wipe out is on my bucket list.
    So please give me a chance to cross it off…

  4. Ethan Rorie

    If you’re looking for fun, enthusiastic, fit, young people than look no further because you’ve found two of Australia’s finest. Myself and my best mate are both 20 year old fit young males who enjoy anything physical, love a challenge and would be great contenders on your show.

  5. Jeanette Bath

    My name is Jeanette Bath I am curantly 24 years of age.
    The team mate I would have come with me on wipe out would be my partner of 7 years Matt Brown. I believe we have the ability to win wipeout because we are athletic, enthusiastic, fun, competitive and love a good challange! We would love the oportunity to take wipeout extreme to the next level. :)

  6. shamel boyd

    I’m 5,6 sport like built and would love to give it my all for that cash money

  7. Jeremy

    When the original Wipeout ended last year, this year when I found out that there will be a Wipeout Extreme, I thought “I still have my chance to fulfill my dream to go on the show.” I’m 5’11 and I’m studying to be a professional ballroom dancer. And I work out a lot too, so I really want to get through the wacky obstacle course. I am athletic, so the O.C. should be a piece of cake for me, no big deal. I love to play video games in my free time too, so it’ll be like being put inside of a video game. And I can swim good too although it’s been very long since I’ve had swimming lessons.

  8. Kristina

    I am Kristina (19 years old) and I`m crazy about Wipeout. I watch it every day and wish to be on it. It would be a great experience and so much fun. I love sports and everything physically related. I am a model and a volleyball player and I never give up on something that I want.

  9. Silja ridings

    Would love the chance to be on wipe out . 28yrs old , 65kgs , 4 kids who love to watch your show ! Female … This would be awesome can’t believe I even found that wipe out is coming back to Australia!! Abc / wipe out I am ready to concour !!!!

  10. Courtney

    Wipe Out is one of my favorite shows, hands down!! There is never a second that I am not laughing my ass off while watching this show. I would be a great contestant because I am very competitive and know how to be a team player. Health and Fitness is my passion.. In other words, I am ready for something challenging and ready to win!! I am 23 years old and live in Florida.

  11. Mike Copeland

    Pick me!!! I want to go on TV and make a damn fool of myself.
    1 year… well 1 semester of community college lmao

  12. Maideen Nawabi

    My name is Maideen Nawabi my brother Ghufran and I are both a big time Fan of this show . My brother and I are both soccer players which requires a lot of training which makes us both lean mean fighting machines we are looking for a challenge and what better show to prove than wipeout wwe want to prove to ourselves and the world that we can win, we are also looking forward to having a blast and for the people who watch the show if we get selected to sit back and enjoy the show. One more thing Jill Wagner if you read this message I love teen wolf ur my favorite character on the show ;)

  13. Emma Music

    Hi my name is emma and I’m 13
    I would love to be on this show if
    You have like a kids edition or a sibling
    Duo. It would be a blast for me even during
    the painful moments! I hope i can be on
    your next show and hope to see u soon!
    Thank you

  14. Melvin James

    Hi, my names is Melvin James and i would love to be on your show Wipeout Extreme !
    I’m hilarious I have a wonder full personality that everyone could love i work for a welding company so i work with heavy objects i’m 5′ 6 and i live in house with 4 girls so i can work through any problem i’m 47 years old and I’m very good a swimming. I love making people laugh.
    Things you should know about me :
    I’m African American
    I’m happily married
    I love to cook
    I’m located in Houston, Texas

  15. Sarah Best

    Hey my name is Sarah Best and I would win this show simply because I am the BEST. My teammate would be Imogen Beardlsy and we would be awesome on this show because we are both gymnasts and can tackle any obstacle. It looks so fun and I would love to be apart of it

  16. Jack Harrison

    I am the best arm chair competitor that Wipeout has ever seen!
    Every time I watch it I wish I was participating, imagining myself to do the courses better than the competitors on the television.

    I would like to enter as a duo, I would pick my brother in law to participate with me, I’m 29 and he is 35.
    Give us a chance, we promise to make good TV!

  17. Jacob Winslow

    Hi my name is Jacob Winslow, I am a professional freerunner and am currently in the process of opening the only parkour and freerunning gym in all of Michigan with my team Phoenix Freerunning. I have done stunts for tv shows, commercials, short films, and live performances before and still do. I am a huge fan of the show and want nothing more than to be a part of it. I love doing stunts and any crazy thing i can think of and i feel like this would be a great opportunity for me. Thank you.

    6ft tall
    Brown hair
    Brown eyes
    188 ibs
    Athletic build

    -Jake “SideShow” Winslow

  18. Shaun Gibbs

    Hi there. I’m Deshaun, or Shaun for short, and I am very interested in being apart of this project and I think I would be great addition though I haven’t been in any films I am a pretty good actor/extra. I’m 17 and moving to Michigan soon for college(June), I can do parkour to a degree so this sounds like a very fun challenge for me. I am very athletic and strong. I’m about 5′ 10″ and 165 lbs on average. I suck at describing myself so this is about it so thanks for reading you guys^.^

  19. Peterly Durosca

    13 years old love watching wipeout

  20. Jacob vT

    My name is Jacob, I’m 19 years old, and I live in Tasmania.
    I would love the opportunity to win $50,000 as that would cover my University fees completely! I’ve been a fan of the show for many years, I always used to come home and watch it after school back in 2009 and in later years, it was a favourite of mine.
    I like the idea of a physical challenge, and the competitiveness makes it all the more enjoyable! I would very much enjoy being a contender in this competition.
    Height: 5’9
    Weight: 62kg
    Body Type: Slim
    Hair Colour: Brown
    Eye Colour: Blue

  21. Jordan

    BEHOLD! We are the Murray Brothers!

    Raised by a pack of wild bush Yetis in an east Coast Australian forest cave, we have been taught but 2 things in life.

    1) How To Win

    2) How Not To Lose

    3) How To Roar Like A Yeti So Fierce That It Resonates In The Very Hearts Of All Who Hear It In The Night Hour …. “We Are, We Are Here, We Are Now!”

    The yetis, we are the yetis, and we know not defeat!!

  22. Juan Carlos


    I’m really keen to participate on the next version of Wipe Out Australia.
    I would like to join the contest with my co-workers I know we will enjoy it to much as well as the people who like to watch it.

    Could I get some more information about the application process?


  23. francisco

    I would really like to be in wipeout so bad it looks like it so fun but i wanna try it

  24. Elias Fuentes

    Elias Angel Fuentes
    Im 22
    gender: Male
    Im 22
    gender: Male
    hometown: Rockport, Texas
    pant size: 29
    shirt: small
    shoe: 9
    medium skin tone
    Black Hair / semi curly
    Can Grow Facial hair. Shave Anyway You Would Like
    Dark Brown Eyes
    Good Straight Teeth
    in shape ( but could work out more)
    Please Contact Me By Email Or By Phone <hidden from public> 

  25. Tierney Smith

    I would choose my best friend, my boyfriend Ryan! I believe we could win because we work great together. I would love to have a fun challenge like this and frankly, I would love to see him do a faceplant once or twice!

  26. Bryan sencion

    Hi I would pick my brother my 2 cousins and 3 of my friends to be on your show because they are all very competitive and athletic type of people

  27. haley

    Me and my cousin because we’re the best the show could have!

  28. Kendra Bell-Garraway

    My friend and I, Suzanne Barter, would like to be apart of your show. We watch it a lot and we like it a lot. Please let us be apart of something so wonderful. I can guarentee we would make people laugh.

  29. jesse.bowden

    I just want an awsome experience and life changing event like this . Im not gonna say i will win because as luck may have it for me i would probably break my leg on the first course. But would love to give it my best shot and who knows i could walk(or limp) away with $50,000 and give my little blind brother a better future he deserves

  30. Breanna

    My brother Bo and I. I think we would def win!! We may constantly bicker about who is the better athlete (hahaha) but im positive we got this!! He is a NUT and I am laid back and ready!!

  31. Charles Richardson

    Hi, my sister and I both signed up together and she talk a good game. But I know I can win this challenge. I’m faster, stronger and better looking than her. I would love to see her face when she wipeout and I am still standing……We love your show and would love to compete together…..

  32. Patrice Richardson

    My brother Charles and I signed up together. We love the show. We have always been competitive, we workout together and I know we can easily complete this course. I would love to take the prize and show the world that he will wipeout before I do. I know I can bring home the $50K.

  33. Brian Laarz

    I am interested in auditioning for wipeout. I live in NJ.

  34. josh james

    Me and my mate abe because we like to compete with others and love to put on a show were not to shy and love to make people laugh

  35. Daniel Carlisle

    Keen as, I’ve got mates or family who’d be super keen to be on as well. Always wanted to have a crack at a wipeout course, thought I’d have to travel to the USA. psyched that it’s going to be happening in Aus:)

  36. arron

    My brother in law and myself from tasmania. We are both athletic strong willed and vwry entertaining. Im a coutry boy his a city boy it would be great

  37. Alexander Whitehurst

    My girlfriend and I are former basketball captains and in our first year of college. We are fun and exciting and this would be awesome to do with each other.

  38. Megan

    My brother and I are from Arkansas and we would love to compete on the show! We’re a couple of golfers who definitely know how to make our way around a course. America would love watching us work our way to the top! Bring it on and WOO PIG SOOIE!

  39. Megan

    My brother and I are from Arkansas and we would love to compete on the show! We’re a couple of good golfers so we definitely know how to get around a course. America would love watching us work our way to the top! Bring it on and WOO PIG SOOIE!

  40. Dan

    Ive been watching this show for yrs and i believe my girlfriend and 1 would gladly take the 50k off your hands, Im 25 athletic as i can be i guess and my girl is 26 and is a workaholic so i would love to see her take a dive on big red balls hahaha

  41. scotty slater

    i honestly think that my brother and i would completely dominate the wipeout course!!!
    We would love to have the opportunity to go head to head with this course. My brother and i both agree that as well as winning the 50,000!!! we would really love to get the opportunity to give this course a go…PLEASE LET US DO THIS im 16 and my brother is 21 and we are super keen to destroy the course with our skills!!

  42. Sam Sharkus

    I would love to be on wipeout!! I have been watching your show for over 4 years, and I have always wanted to be a contestant. I am very active, energetic, and i do sports as often as I can. I used to be known as the human monkey from how I played on the monkey bars. I could jump from one set of bars to the next, and I could climb the highest on trees out of all of my friends. When I was in elementary school, I was one of the first one of my peers to do a cartwheel and back-dives/back-flips in the pool. I am very intelligent and outgoing and I would die if I went on your show!!
    More info. about me:
    ~Age: 16
    ~Height: 5’3″
    ~Weight: 107 lbs
    ~Body Type: Fit

  43. Maria Jefferson

    Feisty and Furious little italian Aries and my hubby will make those young spring chickens look like old wet dogs!!!

  44. nicholas browne

    Hell yea…. Bring it on
    I would team with my crazy cousin kylie
    And I don’t plan on getting wet

  45. Marita Banta-Long

    Body Type: Athletic
    Hair: Black
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    My name is Marita. I think being involved in this would be a great way for me to bring something new out. I am a swimmer. I am strong, and I am built strong. I think I would have a good time. When It comes to fitness, my head is in the game. I have watched the show a couple of times, and thought I would give it my shot for you to consider me.
    ~Thank you,

  46. kelly

    My Co workers and I would love to be apart of your show..We AL watch the show and the office is excited for the new season

  47. Royce

    i haven’t been on any game-show yet. It would be a once in a life time opportunity for me.
    I’ve always watched wipeout as a young boy. Now that i’ve grown up, i would love to be a contestant. Show everyone what i can do. I would be forever grateful to be a contestant on wipeout.
    Please give me a go!
    should have my details as i subscribed!
    I’m very keen.

    hope to hear back from you.

  48. pedro rendon

    Ramon, my brother and I will win no matter what. Just give us a chance to be on the show. We’ll take home the money.

  49. Sarah Crowshaw

    I’ve laughed my head off throughout all the Wipeout Series. I think I would make an extremely entertaining contestant!

  50. Jacob Sharp

    My partner and i were just on family feud and had a great time, however she is the brain and i am the brawn, would love the chance to get one back!!

  51. Jonelle

    Bring on the wipe out. I’ve got 3 boys & my sister has 5 boys. Our lives are one big wipeout everyday.

  52. Rhys the beast

    Why not take on a couple of pro athletes? My teammate and I have just finished playing basketball and need some off season training. As the saying goes…the bigger they are, the harder they fall!!!

  53. Bobby Stanley

    I am athletic. I love a challenge and adventures. The show cracks me up. And it looks like a total blast!!

  54. Tristan wilinski

    I’m outgoing fun women that will try anything skydiving, Rollercoasters and just anything that keeps me on my toes..or with this show possible falling down on my ass lol but all for fun..also I think this would be a cool way to bring in turning 30 this year..July 25th is my birthday. .

  55. Kate Phillips

    My kids love Wipeout and want to see Mum get dunked!

  56. Brent Reading

    I love challenges and never give up. Its all in the mind. Believe with all your heart and soul that anything is possible and the skies are your limits.
    I’ve never succumbed to defeat and achieved all past goals, dreams and ambitions. This is just another milestone to climb.
    F.E.A.R – Face, Emotions, And Rise.
    I am up for the challenge.

  57. Oliver Dawson

    Im up for a challenge.Huge fan of the show. Like watching the big WIPEOUTS and am Keen to give it a crack and Conquer the course. Bring it on wipeout

  58. Chantell Thorpe

    CAUSE IM A MOTHER of 2 in a 1 B/R UNIT at the age of 23 , I NEED A DEPOSIT !!. Come on you know that you wont this 5 foot 1 energizer bunny , showing them how it’s done haha .

  59. Amy

    Just gotten out of high school and started a full time job. Feeling like I need excitement. I’m not extremely fit but from watching the show for many years now I know that the ones who aren’t fit are the funniest. Nobody needs an easy win! I’m keen to get pretty wiped out!!!!

  60. Stephen Lockwood

    I am an 18 year old Catechism Teacher. I am 6,5ft. Most likely you are guys are looking for people that are going to get laid out quiet a bit and can laugh it off. I have always been that guy that gets nailed in P.E and just laughs it off. I did run track in high school. I believe I can be just what your viewers are looking for! I will most likely be that guy that’s going full speed and then out of the middle nowhere just gets obliterated with an obstacle. Also I know a little bit of German for those seemingly bad words. Thank you for any consideration you may give me.

  61. Claire and Pete Fernie

    We are an extremely happy married couple with a 18 year age difference! 35 and 53!!! And we have a gorgeous 7 year old daughter. We are both practicing black belt karate instructors at our own club as well as working full time. We are ridiculously competitive and absolutely love watching Wipeout every night having a good laugh!!!

    This would help with our dream of launching a new food business which is why we would try our hardest to smash the course and become Wipeout Extreme Champions!!! BRING IT ON :)

  62. Anthony alonzo

    Always love this type of challenge! I have competed in warrior dash in Illinois before and had a blast. I play world class softball with the bad ponies and play and play basketball three nights a week. I just had my first son, Jason Anthony, and would like to put 50,000 into his college fund! Give me the opportunity and I’ll have fun and entertain the world!

  63. Larry Couch

    Age: 17
    Height: 6’0
    Weight: 176
    Body Type: Athletic
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    – My name is Larry Couch and I would like to be apart of this production because I love anything revolving around fitness. I have watched the show for years and it looks like a blast. I believe I would be a worthy contender in the competition.

  64. Sylack Uy

    I am ready for a wipeout challenge. EXTREME is my middle name!

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