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  1. Regand ardrey

    I’d win

  2. Danisa Serna

    HI wipeout
    Im 20 years old, my boyfriend is 21 years old and we would loveee to do a couples episode.
    we would like to be on the show, our lives are quite boring.

    if anything i would go on the show alone


  3. Melissa Parkins Leslie


  4. Gintare

    I’m creative, I’m positive, I’m enthusiastic, I’m weird and fun at the same time.
    I’ve been watching series since ages. Back in my country I would never even dreamt about becoming a contestant and finally when I’m here in Australia and series are still on I would be so so so so so so so happy to be part of it!!!!!!!!
    Plus I used to work in a circus few years ago, I really want to challenge myself!
    Please pick me!

    Also I have very weir name x

  5. Jennifer Phan

    I would love to cast for Wipeout, Not because of the money but because Who else gets to say they’ve been on Wipeout before!? Being on Wipeout will be such a funny and fantastic experience for me. I may be a shy girl but I can take on a challenge and win it ! I wont let anything in my way and you’d definitely see my Competitive side on Wipeout. My name is Jennifer Phan, 14 years old and If you pick me you will not regret it.

  6. Shiromee Gasperson

    Trying to prove the inactive stereotype of Sri Lankans wrong! Im a big fan of the show and would love a go to show that a curry can win it!

  7. sarah

    Im fun beautiful very active and fun size lol. I love having a good time being active. I love to try new things and I love show men I can do what they can and even better

  8. Jam Pinner

    Me and a few friends did tough mudda a while ago and it was great fun, but this would have to be 100 times better! Surly this is the coolest obstical course in the world :)

    I don’t mind hitting the gym, so I should be fit enough to have a pretty good shot. In a hockey goal keeper, so I like to think I can take a decent knock and play on… I also do a bit of rock climbing and bushwalking, but what I really like is doing something different. Really, there’s nothing is rather do than anything I havnt done before!

    Basically… Wipeout looks like a heck of a lot of fun!

  9. Brett

    I would love to try out for wipe out because I’ve played sports my whole life and it looks kinda easy-yes that is a challenge- also i just love watching the show but the main reason is I’m about to graduate high-school and i desperately need help with college/university as i would like to become a sports physiotherapist, so all the winnings would go to that-again challenge- and i can guarantee that if nothing else i will be in the last 4 no matter who else you put on the show or what you put in front of me. Please except my challenge and except me to be one of the competitors.

  10. jeremy 'delirius' mccandless

    hey wipeout
    i have been trying to get on the show for the last two years i would be a good person to join on the show i am athletic and always pushing to the limits and always tryign to prove to my self and my family that i can do what ever it takes. im 6 ft 217 lbs and tatted up from head to ankles and would love the chance to show my edge of everything but i have a moto never give up and never stop trying if had a chance to be on the show i will prove you did not make a mistake and make me the happiest man alive and a chance to help out my family with things they need help with

  11. mathieu bond

    I am active and always up for a chalenge meand my girlfriend have been wanting to start a family as well aa get a family vehicle that will last us for years to come


    I love the adventure & i m big fan of this show please give me one chance for enter this wipeout.

  13. Crystal Kucheran

    I am a mother of 2 boys and stepmom to a daughter. My hubby and I watch your show and know we would love to challenge your circuit. I have been a stay at home mom for 13 years and would welcome the opportunity to challenge myself and hubby to try something new. It would be fantastic to do the couples challenge! It would be so much fun!

  14. Kevin Gibson

    Former marine, up for the challenge

  15. laterrance cracket

    I should be on your show because i am guaranteed to win. im athletic, fast and really good at doing crazy things. i love the show and it something im would love to do im young and ready to win.

  16. William Polk

    I would be a wonderful contestant for this show because I absolutely love being challenged phsyically and having to overcome obstacles. I am 20 years old, I am in the United States Marine Corps, and I have always wanted to be on a show like this!

  17. Aaron Jones

    I’m an athlete/hybrid drama enthusiast who’s good looking and entertaining..throughout the time I complete the rounds I’ll also keep you and American entertained…A plus is that im pretty sure all my 1,000+ FB friends will tune is to networks premire date in which will increase ratings..

  18. Rob Smallwood

    I think I should be on wipeout because I want to prove that I am not to old to have fun I am 44 years old and have 2 kids I need to prove that an old man and can still throw down

  19. Maigan

    Hey whipeout im a fun loving waitress and a mother I would love to show my family what its like to ein im going back to school to work with disabled people and kids I would love to be on your show. Please pick me.

  20. Tracy M

    Pick me! I’m a podcaster/ archaeologist and I LOVE rock climbing and star trek! oh and WipeOut!

  21. Reno Bravo

    This looks like child’s play. Even my unborn child can pass these obsicles. Give me an opportunity to show my fellow Canucks how its done. Buh bye for now

  22. David C

    I love wipe-out im very clumsy and love to win my family feels that I will beat everyone on this list and also wipe out more then a 100 times if pick you wont regret it money back guarantee
    im you guy I have wipe in my blood and im ready to dominate and destroy

  23. Jarryd ovens

    Good day wipe out

    I am responding all the way from south Africa.

    I am 23 years of age, ex navy diver.. meaning I love new challanges
    and would love to try this game.. looks fun and potentially painfull, which makes the thrill so much more exciting

    Let me bring the bang to your country;)

  24. Kevin Ryan


  25. Chris

    Every time I watch Wipeout I think “I can do this”. I either need Wipeout to prove to me that I can’t, or prove to myself that I can. I am a hyper 22 year old with a short attention span looking to challenge myself while the potential of being embarrassed is on the line. I am 5’10” and 160 lbs. with an athletic background. Looking to make an “easy” $50,000. ;)

  26. Kayleb Brozik

    Hi Wipeout crew! I would love to be on the show I watch every episode and cannot get enoguh! I feel like I’m the perfect fit for your show. I am a 17 year old student who does about anything you can think of. I am 6′ tall 160 pounds. I want to be on the show to prove that I’m the real deal. I play football, baseball, run track, wrestle, and am beginiing to do crossfit. I think I should be on the show to bring out and show the the younger side our our country. I would love to be on the show and I hope I get to hear back from all y’all

  27. otereo evans

    Pick me im POSITIVE. Ill win

  28. Stuart Pearson

    Dear Wipeout,
    I’m a 23 year old Physical Education teacher from Victoria who loves to jump, flip and slide (I may as well be a monkey!).
    Having watched hours of hilarious Wipeout moments I believe my extensive experience in face-planting, belly-whackers and falling over would be a asset to the show.
    I can swim competently and have no problems signing an I-will-not-sue-if-i-hurt-myself contract!
    Stuart Pearson

  29. Nick

    Hey wipeout pick me, I’m sure I will provide some footage for the highlight reals.

  30. Christian Raposo

    I will keep it brief. Pick me!

    That is all.

  31. janey

    Hey WIPEOUT !!!

    We are fun, young, VERY COMPETITIVE couple who needs to find out WHICH ONE of US IS THE BEST!!!! We will do everything (almost) to be on the show!!!!! P-I-C-K U-S and YOU WILL SEE !!!! Janey & Daniel

  32. jordan

    dear wipeout ! My name is Jordan Bueckert I am a 23 year old male. Being on this amazing show is a huge goal in my life. I feel like I would be a fantastic contestant with my super outgoing personality, my athleticism and pure awesomeness ! i am from Saskatchewan canada, I’m a mechanic, i snowboard, i live in a igloo. I love watching your show.. and almost pee my pants laughing so hard. I definitely think i would do pretty darn good on this amazing show !

  33. Fued

    Holaa me merezco concursar porque desde que empezo el programa no me lo he perdido ningun dia y me encantaria participar y quiero participar porque quiero ganar y me encanta wipeout!!!!!!!!!

  34. Ana

    My brother and I are 10 yrs apart but so close!! We’re also opposites and have different abilities, strengths, weaknesses… we’d love to show our funky side and push ourselves to the max! Give us a chance as we aim for the grand prize to share it with those in need :P

  35. jason diaz

    I want to join because I’m young ,strong, and the best. I know I can win

  36. Jasmine

    Hey Wipeout!!!!…., I just want to say ever since i’ve been watching this show i have been wanting to tryout for this. I am 26 year of age, I am a very Competitive person and I hate to loose. I Love to bring the action and excitement to anyone and anything. I am 5’2 in Height and I weight 128. I love to do the walking not the talking so BRING It WIPEOUT I AM READY!!!!!!…

  37. Brendan

    I watch every episode of wipe out and I always want to be on the show. Me and my wife and friends thinks I would be good on the show because I am competitive at everything I do. I am 21 years old and would love to be on Wipeout 2014 show.

  38. Isaiah Casados

    5’3″ / Brown Eyes / Dark Brown Hair / 115-120 lbs {age13}

  39. Oscar Laguna

    Where do I start? In a nutshell I think you should consider me because I need a break in life and I think I can win. I have made some poor choices in my life, I do accept full responsibility for my actions but my path has been a very difficult one to say the least. Unlike most kids growing up I did not have parents I could confide in because neither one of them were there for me. I am the product of two parents who failed to protect me, when I needed their protection the most. They both failed me. At the age of six I was adopted by another family. I am now 30 fighting to stay afloat and keep my life in order. I do not have a lot to my name, just a beat up 96 Ford Taurus that has transmission problems lol bad credit because I have been very unfortunate with Employers, and maybe about a $1500 debt. Somehow I am managing but I am exhausted with life already because my fate has been to do so many things on my own. I wanna be happy too one day. That is why I am applying. $50,000 can be a new beginning for me. One that I can use and need to continue believing that I too can have a brighter future one day. A little bit about myself, anytime I attempt to do something it is with a great attitude and enthusiasm lol I guess it is my way of coping with my past. I am about 5’11” and weigh about 185 lb. Working out use to be a regular routine of mine so I have some degree of athleticism. I am very competitive and I hate loosing. No kids or girlfriend, but I am hoping all that will change if I win. The two closest people in my life are my older sister and older brother. Please choose me.

  40. Robert Swanson

    I would love to do the course Becuase I watch it on tv and am like I can do that I always am looking for new ways to challenge myself and I believe this is the greatest challenge for my self this would be a dream come true to Beable to do this thank you cast of wipeout for selecting me if you do so

  41. zachary hoover

    Me and my step dad always used to watch wipeout together and I always told him one day I wanted to do it after I turned 18. He said he would like to see me do it so he could laugh at me while I wipeout! Last year my step dad got really sick with melenoma cancer and we were in and out of the hospital. A few weeks ago he passed away from the cancer. so in his honor I would love to try out the wipeout course.

  42. kimberley "the gibster" macphee

    I know you should pick me for wipe out for the following reasons:
    1) I love and always watch the show!
    2) I play wipe out 2 on my phone daily!
    3) I love me a great obstacle course, but had to be challenging or im out!
    4) I love to laugh at myself….and im sure I would if I was on this show!
    5) I have 4 boys at home who would think im the coolest mom ever if I was on wipe out. We always watch it together and laugh our butts off.
    6) im short and small but fiesty as ever! Dont be fooled.


  43. Luke Schering

    Hey wipeout, I am an 18 year old guy from Wellesley Ontario and I am writing to tell you why I want to wipeout the competition and participate in your obstacle course (pun very intended). I am an avid skateboarder so I have lots of experience and practice wiping out in various and hilarious ways. I have watched your show for some time now and have always wanted to try out your obstacle course because it looks like sooo much fun and to see if I’m up for the test. This past year I ran the warrior dash (obstacle course) and placed 48th out of over 5000 people who participated so I believe I am physically capable of competing on your show. Thank you for your time and consideration…. goodnight and big balls.

  44. Daniel Slater

    My wife, my 8 year old triplet sons and I watch Wipeout together as a family and always enjoy the show. One day while watching I said that I’d love to try the Wipeout course and received the very enthusiastic support of my sons. They were very excited loudly exclaiming “you should do it daddy”. So while I would definitely enjoy competing on the show for the challenge of the course, it would mean even more to see the joy on boys faces if we were able to sit down one evening and watch the episode where Dad competed.

  45. Jake Rutherford

    Wipeout!! I would be so keen to get a chance to be a contender! I’m a 23 year old who’s played footy all my life I’m fit and ready to smash any course you guys throw together! I’m an enthusiastic loud mouth who makes ice cream for a day job. The opportunity of a life time to win 50k would be a dream! Pretty please pick me! Have a good one!

  46. mahesh

    My dream wipeout!! I am very big friend of wipeout game show. I love this show and I am very good fit for it. I am 30 year old pharmacist and had won most of the competitions in my lifetime till now. Now I just need a one chance to be appear in wipeout to prove myself. Plz plz give me one Chan e and that’s all I will need. Again wipeout is my dream game show. I am waiting wipeout. I see you guys soon!!!

  47. mohammad nasir

    I am 35 years old and I am a physically exercised man and I think I can take a chance and try your course and see if I am worthy I want to try wipeout Canada because I know that I will wipeout all the opponents in the zone.

  48. Tayon

    Hi I’m a young man 15 years old,150 pounds, 5″10, humble and and a big fan of this show love it to death. I would love to have a chance to be apart of this TV show. I’m just trying to make my parent proud and put food on the plate. This would be my only opportunity of making it big.

  49. Sonny Eather

    Hey everybody in the wipeout crew. I would absolutely love the chance to try your course!!! I work on various job sites throughout the day as a dogman, (I work with cranes) bouncing around like a kangaroo and always get told I should apply for wipeout. I’m a 30yr old male, adrenaline junkie and runs rings around guys half my age. Please give me the chance to audition and I guarantee you wont be disappointed. I look forward to hearing from you, cheers.

  50. Teneala James

    My name’s Teneala, I am an awesome person with a crap load of enthusiasm, I work hard, and play harder, no doubt. oh I am 20 years old, and I am currently in school for video game development, I am the only girl in my class, comics and gaming bring me so much joy. If you ever saw me you’d think i was reserved, plain jane who ‘s never been outside but i’ll prove you wrong.

  51. Andrew Marante

    Hi my name is Andrew Marante, and i was actually just watching wipeout! I believe i would be an awesome addition to wipeout because im very athletic and i know i would be able to win that $50,000, in plus i could really use the money. Financial issues are really hurting. Short and Simple.

  52. Danielle Wheaton

    Hey my name is Danielle Wheaton. 24 years old From calgary Alberta and I should be on wipe out Canada because I will crush all the other competitors and be crowned Wipeout queen!

  53. Dani Knaak

    10 reasons I need to be on wipeout and wipeout needs me.
    10. I’m a broke college student and i would like nothing better than a slim fighting chance of winning money which ill never get.
    9. My dream has been to fling my body without a care on the most unreal and craziest obstacles even though i will probably end up physically injury and without my dignity.
    8. I don’t want to work at the famous footwear for the rest of the life. I would rather be known for being on wipe out, then continuing telling people that the crocs look good on their feet.
    7. I will be competitive and talk to everybody else even though i won’t have much to show for it.
    6. (Please note** do not underestimate me due to the above comment because I was once a gymnast in my younger days but soon gave it up because of the conditioning and hard work, and now play softball in college with lots of less running, and hardly any leotard wedgies.)
    5. I don’t want you to think I’m not serious about this show, because all i do on the weekends is watch marathons of wipeout and dream about one day getting thru the wipeout zone with the quickest time and standing on that platform, with a huge grin similar to mckayla maroney’s when she won the gold.
    4. Will twerk for ratings.
    3. I can run a 9 minute mile. Its pretty impressive, but doesn’t having anything to do with this competition, I just thought you should know.
    2. Even if I don’t get chosen right away, put me on a waiting list. I will wait. As my idol, Harry Potter was, I am the chosen one and the true owner of the deathly hallows, master of death.
    1. I’m Dani Knaak, and now that you’ve seen all the many reasons i should be on wipeout, know that I am a competitor and serious about being on this show. Im what you need on this show and i would be honored to be on it. As my other and true idol once said, You all know her as Beyonce,I call her B “I woke up like this, flawless.”
    Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you soon, but if not soon, I WILL WAIT.

  54. Trey mitchell

    Move out the way wipeout…….I am so ready for any challange u can put up against me……But I love this show from the first time I watched it…..I love how this show can bring a family together for a great night of joy suprise and laughter……This show has a great family balance to it…….Witch is why I think my older brother and I would be great for the show……..We are very athletic so this is for us…..I have a great personality an he does as well……..So the reason I think we should be picked is so that we can finally settle the score on who does it better…….So I wouldlove to hear from you guys……I’m from a small town in TN and these oppertunitys don’t come often….So I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys……. thanks………- Trey Mitchell

  55. Pat

    Hi my name is Pat I’m an extremely athletic 18 year old male with a great sense of humor and more energy than you’ll ever see

  56. Caitlen Montoya

    I am a 24 yr old mother of two my daughters 6 and my son is a year old, So you know I have what it takes to be on WIPE OUT !! I am a total dork. Me and my daughter always watch this show we LOVE IT !! <3 YAYYYYY <3

  57. Taylor Foster

    Wipeout is such an entertaining show, looks like a thrill. I want to take on the big balls!

  58. Shucaeda Watson

    Hello my name is shucaeda (Katie) I been watching this show for years and now it’s time for me to be part if it. Show y’all want I got and ready to take over the wipe out challenges I’m goofy outgoing and most importantly I have heart and I can accomplish anything I put my mind to!!

  59. Mindy Shepard

    I have been watching Wipeout FOREVER!!!!! Im not even joking every single time I watch it, I say…..Im going on this show. No, obviously have not made it yet, but I will. YES YES YES I will jump on the Big Balls! Oh yeah BRING IT ON….. Ty Ty Ty

  60. Ryen Pilven

    Hey wipeout its ryen here, just letting you know i am ready for your challenges i will destroy them!!

    BRING IT ON!!!!!! XD

  61. Greg Inglett

    I have been watching Wipeout since it has been on TV and love everything about this show. The challenges are awesome and look so much fun. I am funny, love wearing random costumes, athletic and would give people a good laugh watching me WIPE OUT!

  62. Jayson Johnson

    Hi Wipeout my name is jayson I am 20 years old and I am real competitive I will dominate your show with my fast acting skills I will dominate your bouncing balls and the punching wall pick me to be on your show if you want a real show. I really hope to hear from you. Thank you

  63. Jeremy Day

    Pick me pick me. I wanna come rule the course, bcuz I’ve got to mister, blululu. That was my Jim Carrey impersonation.

  64. josh mccaig

    hello wipeout, my name is josh mccaig i think i should be selected because i am 20 year old baseball player and i watch the show ever day and know i could do it.

  65. Bryan gilbert

    I’m a big joker, I’m looking to bring the Heatttt baby, need the chance.

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