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  1. Frank wall

    Pick because I’m getting married this year and it would be an honor to be in the show

  2. Jesse jodon

    My name is Jesse Jodon I am turning 19 soon born in Ohio but live on Tilbury Ontario, and am in amazing shape,my girlfriend Haleigh Bruner and I watch the show all the time it is our favorite show, she is 19 and a gorgeous red head, loves photography, we both love hiking through woods, the scarier the better,I used to be an amateur boxer for 3 years, and have been skateboarding since, hoping to get sponsored early spring. We would both love to even participate but I guarantee we will win.

  3. Becky olsen

    My names
    Becky Olsen and I’m from a small town near calgary alberta! What better person to wipeout with than my sister. We’re
    Both pretty extreme and ready to give wipeout Canada a bit of small town girl rough and tough! We’re not afraid of getting a little beaten up! We’re both very athletic playing hockey soccer and baseball? So we’re not scared of getting physical! We are the silent but deadly and loud and proud duo that wipeout needs!

  4. Michael cook

    Please pick me even tho I never get picked
    Looks so much fun would love to give it ago
    I’m 22 and should have a good laugh

  5. Jeremy Golledge

    I run around on this sorta stuff every day lifeguarding, I got this!

  6. Cecil Towney

    Hello wipe out mob, my name’s cecil I’m from a small town in the outback called Bourke! I would love to contend in the competition I love watching it with the fam all the time having a laugh!

  7. Britt

    Both my boyfriend and I are extremely competitive people.
    We watch the show, laughing and repeatedly point out which one of us could do it do it better.
    I’m a journalist and he’s a plasterer.

  8. justin rowbotham

    Hey.. I just want to been on tv and so everyone knows how loud I can really be, and love making people laugh so yeah I reckon

  9. Stuart lock

    Hey I’m Stuart lock, 23, absolutely love this show
    I work at a swimming pool as a lifeguard and do birthday parties and love going on the giant inflatable and I blitz through it. I would love to go on wipeout to set the new record on the show

    I also am a 2nd Dan black belt and would love to try my luck with the sucker punch!

    Hope to hear back!!!!!

  10. Arianna

    Hi, I’m Arianna , I love the show! I wold love to see if all the time spent at the gym was making me in shape or just poorer! I just want to challenge myself and show my boyfriend than HE IS the lazy one!!!

  11. David colomy

    Wipeout is my middle name well it’s actually Joseph but wipeout sounds better I watch this show all the time with my little girl and man do we laugh , she always tells me to do this show. I run obsticals on a daily basis running ducking dodging, after my children and around all the toys! When I get chosen to be a contestant my girl tells me I need a battle cry her favorite is EAT MY SHORTS WIPEOUT she is 4. I am an avid swimmer an advantage I think so. If I win I would use my $ to help my girl through school to be whatever she wants to be . She says she wants to be a wipeout girl.

  12. Clayton Schiefner

    Mouth full of water? Wedgies? Falling from tall heights? Big Balls?LOL
    What more could one as for?

  13. jana hupman

    My name is Jana Hupman and my bff of 7 years, Cassidy and I both love this show. We are both volunteer fire fighters, both musicians and both outgoing, fun, weird people ;-). From Canada NS, two gym loving, almost 20 year old big dreamers, ready to take wipeout by the big balls!

  14. Lindsay Harrison

    Me and my partner paul would love to give this a go, its such a laugh and would be amazing experience, iam a hairdresser and paul is in the navy we both love our fitness and would love to try the the wipeout
    thank you

  15. Martina

    I laugh so hard at this show… I am sure people would laugh at me.

    I have a big personality in a smal body. It would be so awesome to participate in this show.

  16. Harry Tammel

    I’m a curling obsessed college student from Prince Edward County Ontario studying film and media at Humber college. My whole family has always been a big fan of the show and I really want to give that course my best shot! I think it would be the opportunity of a lifetime.

  17. Gabrielle lenssens

    I was wondering how old u have to be to be classified as a contestant if u consider someone as a contestant

  18. Dylan Greene

    Hi! I’m Dylan Greene and I’m 10 years old. I know I’m young but that never stopped me before. I’m 90 pounds and 4’6″. PLEASE consider me. I LOVE this show. Thank you for your time!

  19. ️Cate Albright

    Hello my name is ️Cate. I love your show and have always wanted to be on it. I am full of energy and would want to show the world that females can be athletes just like men. I am 22 years old and it would be such a blessing to have to privlage to be on your show.

  20. sharrr

    Hello hello.. me and my best friend of fifteen years, would like to have the opportunity to challenge ourselves more than what we can do in our mountains. We are hilarious and love to goof around, we would be great for the viewers.. hope you consider us on the next show! Thanks…

  21. Fiona (& Brian)

    What can I say? We are the Tassie Devils from Tasmania, Australia! !! I am 42yo & my drop dead gorgeous husband is 62yo. We both are very competitive & athletic, particularly for our ages! I have no fear. Given the opportunity to participate in Wipeout, we would certainly spice up the show, & are happy to travel anywhere to do so. Hoping to meet you in the flesh soon. Cheers, Fiona (& Brian).

  22. Joel Parkhouse

    It’s the kinda competition I was born for and I am wipeout ready!!! ;-)

  23. Lyndon Steele

    Watch this show with my boys all the time always telling them I can do that. .please let me show my boy I can.

  24. Hayley Mata

    My name is Hayley. I am an outgoing fun loving kind of girl from the city of fountains and bbq (Kansas city)! I just graduated from college with a degree in communication. I am adventurous and seek out physical challenges. I cheered in college, and also was president of activities. This shows my physical and mental strength. Give me a tryout and you won’t be disappointed!!

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