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  1. Thomas J

    Ready to the next funny contender.

  2. Brett Lockeridge

    My brother and i are both very competitive outgoing aussie fellas, ready to give the audience a wipeout to remember.

  3. janise

    I have what it takes to get to the end pls pls pls i gove me a chance to do this it will be really awesome!

  4. Stacey

    Me and my little sister are the dream team! Two indigenous Aussies addicted to wipeout!! Count us in!!!

  5. jonnyboy

    Let’s do it!!!!!!!

  6. Titus aka King T

    I am a backpacker from Holland.
    I would love to participate!!!
    And I need the money for travellin around Austrlia :)

  7. Jimmy patuwai

    Hi my patner and i would love to on the show snd it would be a great 30th birthday present for her please keep us updated.

  8. Zara :))))))

    Hi I’m a gymnast from Australia and am determined to win. I will cartwheel my way across those big balls. I of course want to win who doesn’t?
    Zara :)))

  9. Alexsandria

    Hi my name is Alexsandria! I’m a mum of three girls. I was a very active person in my school days representing my school and state in different sports but unfortunately now not so active even though the girls keep me constantly on my feet but wouldn’t definitely mind a challenge in the WIPEOUT 2015 just to see if I still got it in me to be the person I’ve been meaning to be for a very long time . . . Please please pick me

  10. Travis

    I would love to be on this show with my boyfriend, we are always wanting to do more challenging things and this show seems like the next this we should do.

  11. Michael Johnson

    Sign me up have always loved the show and would be a dream to actually be a part of it !!!!

  12. Adrianna

    Hi I’m Adie and would love to try my luck on this fabulous show! I am a 15 year old cancer surviver and what doesn’t kill u makes u stronger!B-)

  13. Cameron

    I am 30 years old and would love to be on the show my partner would be my father in law only he doesn’t know it yet but he won’t refuse he is 44 years old. Pick me pick me

  14. Cody

    My name is Cody

    I am 19 years old. I Live in British Columbia, Canada, I have glasses thicker than a fish bowl, and I would love to be a contestant on Wipeout. My teamate would be my father Scott. He is 63 years old, with hair whiter than snow. We are basically the same person with a little bit of an age difference obviously. Corny jokes and high fives is what we’re are all about. Give us a shot, and we won’t dissapoint.

    We’re both very athletic and quick on our toes to say the least. We’ve both taught and competed in gymnastics, and diving competitions. Played high levels of many sports, and look good doin it.

    Give us a shot.

    “High Five! Good Vibes!”

  15. Nate

    I an ex marine going through a little financial, trouble with my transition back into the real world lol but its just an obstacle course with surprises and me and my brother have always got a lot of laughs out of watching people fall all sorts of crazy ways. id like the chance to prove that I could conquer the course or going out in a flailing blaze of glory

  16. Aquavios Hunt

    I’m will be turning 16 on the 23 of June and this would be the the absolute best birthday gift ever I would really appreciate this opportunity Please wipe out give me a chance

  17. Rod

    Gday rod hear I’m 45 dad of 5 all my kids would love myself and my wife to do this we love sitting back and having a laugh good show.. cheers rod

  18. Rhianna Carpinteri

    My husband and I make a cracker of a team…. We are both very competitive and what more would you want than to have a class clown like my husband (Michael ) on wipeout. Always the centre of attention everywhere we go… Hilarious, people would say! Together we are a fun, silly couple always out to make people laugh. We love this show and would love to have the chance to smash out these obsticles and have a laugh doing it!

  19. Raajaah

    I am really athletic and I love a challenge.This would be a huge opportunity for me.

  20. Katelyn may dilger

    I nominate myself and my boyfriend, i was born in the 90s and he was born in the 70s :) great team for the show!!!! we would be the laugh. Our kids would be pretty proud to i think. We LOVE WIPEOUT!!!!! WWWOOOOOHHHHOOOOOO PUMED FOR THIS!!!!

  21. ben wallis

    I would love to be on the show how do i get on

  22. Scotty

    Husband and wife team, 2 poms now living in cairns Australia – we will fly anywhere in Aus to get a crack at this – please get us involved to represent FNQ!!!

  23. Russell Hutchison

    14 year firefighter let’s do this

  24. anna fuentes

    I have a 7 year old nephew who is determined that he and I as well as his uncle, be on wipeout. (He also wanted his granny but decided she’s too slow, lol) any hoo- for 2 years now he’s asked me to take him to try outs. My question is, have y’all considered doing a family fun run just for fun where I can possibly take him to try out or play?
    We both live in Texas, he’s in Dallas, I’m in Smithville (outside Austin), uncle is in San Antonio. I hope y’all decide to do something like that and we’re able to participate. Thanks!

  25. Jeremy Lea

    Hi, I’m Jeremy and I believe i can do your show and i havent even bothered training. I’ll smash it! Take me on for REAL entertainment….I do want to keep it fair though so you should put me in the elite section!!! Haaaaaa!!!……Love the show!!!!

  26. freyki francisco

    Soy de republica dominicana, tengo 30 años y creo que reuno todas las condiciones y habilidades fisicas y mentales para salir vencedor de este reto.

  27. Karen

    Oh my partner would be awesome!

  28. Jenni Ferruzca

    My brother and I would make an awesome team! Were both athletic, I play soccer and rugby, and my brother plays soccer, football, and wrestles. Were outgoing people with awesome personalities that show through when we participate in activities together. When we were little we gave each other random nicknames, I became Bub and he became bubby. Thus our team name would be The Bubbsters, this would be the chance and experience of a life time and I couldn’t imagine anyone else to experience it with than my little Brother.

  29. Russel goldsmith

    Husband and wife all ways getting stuck into each other so let’s put the money where Our mouths are

  30. Melynne

    Me and my partner great dynamic couple. ..competitive and ready to rip the course to shreds…ex gymnast and footballer what more could you want.. A good laugh and challenge.. I hope we can audition for this show…and assure you haven’t made the wrong decision. ..bringing us on board. Bring it on wipeout!!!

  31. James

    The short and tall medical student duo would love to be apart of the total wipeout, we would give the course a physical it would never forget!

  32. Octaveon

    The course so easy and beat it once

  33. stephen quinn

    i would wipeout that coarse ha you know us irish we run up mountains chasing leprechauns, not a problem. we come over your country show ye how its done haha yeeaaaaa bboooi8iiiiiii

  34. Madeline

    My fiery red-haired best friend and I met in Singapore. We are inseparable and laughing constantly. With her serious gymnastics skills and my athleticism we could conquer this course without even blinking! Give us a chance to show you and it will blow your mind. We are young and strong and I KNOW we can win!

  35. Corey, Brian

    Both myself and my stepdad would smash your wipeout courses, just try us!

  36. Corey, Brian

    Both myself and my stepdad would smash the wipeout courses!

  37. Amanda

    Me and my friend Carly would make the best team. We just did the Wipeout Run and destroyed it! Together we would be everyone 😉

  38. Chris Clarke Sr

    My son and I are obviously a father-son team (Sr and Jr) and we are called in all of native country as the Soggy Bannock Boys. We add a Native American flare, and our mighty and sacred braids give us our spiritual powers and ability to ask the animal spirits for all the help and guidance we need. Put Us On TV and we shall show you how “greazy” and awesome bannock is with jam… Mmmm

  39. Stephen Smith

    We are a dad and daughter team who are avid fans of wipeout, we have been studying the obstacles for a long time and feel that we have the best tactics and superior brain power to overcome your simple challenges

  40. Chee

    My Military boyfriend and I could kick some serious butt in Wipeout Canada!

  41. Mark Pentland

    Me and my girlfriend are from the UK and we would love to be on wipeout so I can kick her ass and rub her face in it true live I know but there has to be winners and losers please pick us.

  42. Stuart

    Both My daughter and I could smash it !!! Bring on the challenge….

  43. Jacquie

    Competive gardner Boyfriend and media girlfriend combo bringing pretty top notch skills to the game. We are athletic yet lazy at the same time.. We’ll be grinning cause we’ll be winning :)

  44. Jai hodge

    Two all Ozzy tradies here,Great blokes funny as hell would be great for your show. How do we sighn up?????
    Cheers jai & Fetta

  45. Marco

    Brother sister :):):) challenge accepted

  46. Justin

    Number 1 Father / Son team. Challenge accepted!

  47. Team Fit and Forty

    Team Fit and Forty from Canberra are coming. All you pretenders…better start running.

    See you at the arena!

  48. Maddi Twycross

    My and best friend love a challenge and would beat every single one of you!

  49. dave

    My brother and I are a couple of electricians from WA. We are both physically fit and think we would be great contestants for the next wipeout. Look out wipeout!!!!!!!!

  50. Kyle Vincent Hamilton

    I would choose my brother, growing up we were both separated an didn’t know each other our dad had also left us both at a young age, my brother found me an the last 2 years have been fun getting to know him but havering the chance to go on wipe out with my brother an try to work together an take home the prize, would be a memory I would never forget

  51. Tamara

    I just want a chance to play on an adult playground! This looks so damn fun! 😀

  52. Javier Beker

    My Bestfriend and me both are 18 are both starting college and are willing to take the risk of being beat up to get the money, we were both varsity athletes and are very confident we are the best dynamic duo out there. Give us a chance to prove it

  53. Marcus myles

    I don’t think it would be fare if my brother and I played even if it is athletic year, because we wouldn’t have any competition. Wipeout should probably skip on us. Just in case you considered us from my previous post. No affence to the engineers behind the scenes. But I wouldn’t back down from challenge anyways.

  54. Tierra Thrower

    Hi my namw is Tierra, im really interested in being on the show wipeout. Im very athletic and I love a good challenge. I know for sure i can pass the course and can really use the money for my family.

  55. Marcus

    My brother 22 and I 21 are already beach volleyball teammates so I think we would have the edge at being Wipeout champions!!

  56. Brandon

    Where do I sign up I really think I have what it takes to over come this course and a shot at the 50,000

  57. Charlotte Brabant

    My husband and I are highly competitive Total Wipeout junkies!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us be on the show!!!

  58. Daniel

    My wife and I are WIPEOUT junkies and are pumped for the Australian show! Please let us be part of the action!

  59. Chris Galbraith

    Have watched the show years and pretty sure I could be the next champion!

  60. Cayla

    I love to be active more than anything and i just want a chance to show what i have got and have fun in the process. Please give me a shot

  61. Calil Austin

    Hi my name is Calil Austin,im 19 years
    old, Im a college student at Georgia Gwinnett College in Atlanta,Ga and i have a twin that i love alot and sometimes act like a bonehead time to time but he’s pretty awesome and is way more bigger than me name Cameron Austin, and a side note( most people we know look at me as a toothpick and him as the burger or sometimes we hear is why u let him eat all your food? true story, but anyway me and my brother would love to be on u guys show cause we enjoy watching wipeout every week and sometimes we imitate u guys show with our own type of design of a course that we challenge ourselves with in our grandma backyard trying to see who can get through the course faster than the other, but anyway we will love to be contenders on wipeout and hope u guys pick us to be on u guys show. Thank You.

  62. Jolene Caruso

    Me my daughter and my niece and her boyfriend would love to be a contested on wipeout we always do crazy stuff and we would love to do this

  63. Anna Mansfield

    I am a yoga teacher so I have good balance and flexible. Sign me up!

  64. Myles

    Awesome show, would like to be on it

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