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  1. Ma Thompson

    Hi im mat i reacon id be great at this game. It looks like a great deal of fun.

  2. Alana Dixon

    My brother (19) and I (18) would be pure entertainment, because let’s get real we watch for the humour aspect not the idea of someone perfectly completing the course even though we could do it well. Although the money sounds amazing would love to just have a hilarious time trying.

  3. Sam Osborne

    This would be an awesome test of will, strength, and of the mind. Major bonus for a life changing amount of money. I love a challenge and love winning! I’m 31 years old. I’ve served 4 years in the Air Force, and been a helicopter mechanic to date. I’ve lived majority of my life in ( l.a.) lower Alabama, were champions are born! I’m 5’9″ 160 lbs. I love hunting, fishing, and camping! I’m very athletic and tuff as nails. I can skin a buck, run trot line, make my own whiskey. I have a wife and 2 boys that I live my life for. I thank my creator everyday for the life he has provided me. Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Kevin Porter

    My friend and I would be an awesome duo for the show. Watch out! We just might be wiping out all over the place!

  5. owais ayub

    hi i am owais from pakistan i love ur show i want participate in wipeout plz plz

  6. Matthew Poslusny

    Hello! I am 28 years old and I am a very athletic, fun, funny guy who would be a great asset and addition to your show. I am very good on camera since I do acting and stand up, and I would make the show that I am on very funny. I love people and making others laugh, and I enjoy watching your show, since day 1! I watch replays on YouTube all the time and I honestly would do very well and make it a feast experience for everyone involved! Please choose me for the show because I would make it very fun and entertaining. I also own a new food company I started, and that $50,000 would help me out so much. Also, did I mention I give good neck massages and make a mean burger? Think about it 😉

    -Matthew Poslusny

  7. Andrew Horvitz

    Hi, my name is Andrew Horvitz, I’m 16 years old, my birthday is September 3, 1999. I’m a big fan of you, and I want to be a contestant for wipeout because I’ve never been on national television in my whole life, and I would like to be on it. I even do a lot of other sports like tennis, basketball, baseball, catch, golf, and do swimming. I’m a great swimmer, so please put me as a contestant of wipeout, right when I’m 18 years old, which is less than two years from now. Thank you so much, and one last reminder, put me on the course when the time is right.

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