Wipeout – ABC

Wipeout - ABC

Wipeout - ABC

Wipeout – ABC

Have you ever wanted to be on television? Do you love a good physical challenge? Do you love game shows and competing against others? Would you like a chance to win a huge cash prize? If you answered yes it’s time to start training for your shot to be a contestant on an all new season of ABC’s absurd and absurdly fun obstacle course game show series Wipeout. Submissions for upcoming rounds of nationwide casting calls and auditions are being accepted now. Take the challenge of a lifetime and you  could win a grand prize of $50,000 dollars on Wipeout!

The craziest game show on television is back and looking for a whole new group of brave contestants who think they have what it takes to not Wipeout. This ABC giant pits competitors against each other in a race against themselves and against the largest obstacle course in the world. This season the producers will be casting fresh, fun and athletic teams who want to try their hand at conquering the Wipeout course with a special emphasis on family teams and out of the ordinary twosomes. So if you’re ready to be the next Wipeout challenge it’s time to grab your brother, sister, mom, dad, aunt uncle, co-worker, boss, ex, or new husband or wife and get ready for the biggest game show on television today! Casting calls and auditions will be scheduled at various locations throughout the country very soon and you can apply today by heading here wipeout.tv. You can also send an email here wipeoutcasting@gmail.com to apply or for more audition information.  We’ll post every casting update as they become available so keep checking back and be sure to leave us a comment below and tell us who your teammate would be and why you think you can be the next champion of ABC’s Wipeout.

$50,000 dollars and the title of Wipeout champion could soon be yours. Apply today to be a contestant on the all new season of Wipeout.

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  1. Kirsty Batson

    Hi I’m Kirsty I’m 18 years old, athletic and would love to be on wipeout Australia

  2. Alex Simmons

    Hi wipeout!!!
    My name is Alex I am a 22 years old male from Queensland
    I believe I’ll smash the wipeout because I love a great challenge love to be around people having a great time being a good sport and definitely winning 50k will change my life!!
    I know my athletic limits and find the wipeout to be so fun and know either way it’ll be a great day!!!

  3. Michael radziuk

    Recently divorced and my ex wife always watches wipeout, I would like her and her new man to watch me kick some butt on your gameshow.would like to audition with a co worker (strictly platonic) thank you.

  4. Chewie

    I will win this easy ill do it myself or with my son…. easy !

  5. Connor Gourlie

    This wipeout would be a piece of cake! Sign me up and I’ll show ya I can win this

  6. Puck

    My name is Puck, I am 19 years old and I am from The Netherlands, but I live in Australia, I do Gymnastics and Horse – Riding, I would love to be in the next episode of “Total Wipeout”

  7. Tim

    I want to be in wipeout! I’m 18

  8. Matt Hadley

    Hi my name is Matt Hadley (17 turning 18 August 2ND) and my brother Kevin Hadley (19) would be my partner. We would dominate this course as we both do parkour and haven been parkour instructors for over 3 years. We are an incredibly athletic pair from San Diego, CA and have been waiting for this opportunity for many years. We have done everything together since we were very little including watching wipeout!

  9. Ash Jones

    My name is Ash. I would absolutely love a chance to play this game. My step son loves this game so much he even got the video game. The person I would bring with me to compete would be my cousin who is constantly competing in Sparatan races which are obstacle courses.

  10. Will

    Me and my partner want to prove we are the ultimate couple in her family of 7 children. We think this show would be an awesome way to prove it.

  11. Denver ross

    I have a friend named denver ross there was the big red wipeout balls and he went across 18 tines if there is a kids wipeout that would be good because he is 13. He is very athletic and from oklahoma.

  12. Lee Kringsberg

    I know I’d win. Want to see me prove it?

  13. Telly Olson

    My names Telly, I’m 21 years young, I’m very athletic, High energy type person, I love being challenged and I 100% believe I could ace any course you can throw at me,( besides the big balls) so prepare to be entertained!

  14. Nicole Niskanen

    Hi wipeout selection committee! My name is Nicole Niskanen and i am 17 years old (turning 18 August 12), and my team mate and sister Amanda Niskanen is 19. What makes us more than just a sibling team is our quirky dinamic and polar opposite personalities; she is very artistic, creative, incredibly weird and has no problem embarrassing herself on national televition. I am the sporty one who loves to get down and dirty, have fun, and most likely will embarrass myself unintentionally on national tv. Ever since we were little twerps watching the show we used to dream of being contestants and facing the big balls. Now that this oportunity has presented itself it would be totally awesome if we could have our dreams come true and conquer those big balls with honor and dignity.

  15. Tracy Carroll

    I’m Tracy and my buddy Adam and I would rule this game, we would win cause we know big balls

  16. Nikeeta spiteri

    Hi there I’m 17 years old and my Friend (18) and I would love too contribute in this game!
    It’s our thing too just sit down and watch wipeout whenever we have the chance
    And we would love the chance too actually do the course!
    We get a good laugh out of the show and we know we would
    Give everyone else a laugh also! We love a good competition
    But we’re not in it for the money, we just want to go out there
    And have an awesome time! Something we’ve
    Always dreamt of doing! 🙂

  17. Anthony Henderson

    Hello, I’m Anthony Henderson I’m 25 almost 26 born on June 9 currently become redundant from perilya so am now I’m unemployed and currently seeking employment love too become a participant on your show love watching it at home and would like too take up the challenge of going on the show never been on national television and would like too be on it on your show, have strong interest in sports and outdoor activities and hoping you’ll choose me too take on the challenge of wipeout
    So thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you do choose me cheers!!

  18. Ma Thompson

    Hi im mat i reacon id be great at this game. It looks like a great deal of fun.

  19. Alana Dixon

    My brother (19) and I (18) would be pure entertainment, because let’s get real we watch for the humour aspect not the idea of someone perfectly completing the course even though we could do it well. Although the money sounds amazing would love to just have a hilarious time trying.

  20. Sam Osborne

    This would be an awesome test of will, strength, and of the mind. Major bonus for a life changing amount of money. I love a challenge and love winning! I’m 31 years old. I’ve served 4 years in the Air Force, and been a helicopter mechanic to date. I’ve lived majority of my life in ( l.a.) lower Alabama, were champions are born! I’m 5’9″ 160 lbs. I love hunting, fishing, and camping! I’m very athletic and tuff as nails. I can skin a buck, run trot line, make my own whiskey. I have a wife and 2 boys that I live my life for. I thank my creator everyday for the life he has provided me. Thanks for the opportunity!

  21. Kevin Porter

    My friend and I would be an awesome duo for the show. Watch out! We just might be wiping out all over the place!

  22. owais ayub

    hi i am owais from pakistan i love ur show i want participate in wipeout plz plz

  23. Matthew Poslusny

    Hello! I am 28 years old and I am a very athletic, fun, funny guy who would be a great asset and addition to your show. I am very good on camera since I do acting and stand up, and I would make the show that I am on very funny. I love people and making others laugh, and I enjoy watching your show, since day 1! I watch replays on YouTube all the time and I honestly would do very well and make it a feast experience for everyone involved! Please choose me for the show because I would make it very fun and entertaining. I also own a new food company I started, and that $50,000 would help me out so much. Also, did I mention I give good neck massages and make a mean burger? Think about it 😉

    -Matthew Poslusny

  24. Andrew Horvitz

    Hi, my name is Andrew Horvitz, I’m 16 years old, my birthday is September 3, 1999. I’m a big fan of you, and I want to be a contestant for wipeout because I’ve never been on national television in my whole life, and I would like to be on it. I even do a lot of other sports like tennis, basketball, baseball, catch, golf, and do swimming. I’m a great swimmer, so please put me as a contestant of wipeout, right when I’m 18 years old, which is less than two years from now. Thank you so much, and one last reminder, put me on the course when the time is right.