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  1. Steve

    Watch Wipeout on TV all the time and love to give it a crack, would definitely be one to tick of the buckets list for sure!!!

  2. carl

    My best mate and I would love to try and conquer this pretty cool course you have made. We a normally competing against each other so I think it would be awsome to team up and have crack at it.

  3. Patrick Turner

    I would make a great contestant on the show because I am very competitive! My friends still call me “Competing Man” like its some sort of superhero name! I am not afraid of failure and challenge you to give me a shot!!

  4. Jordan Jones

    My little sister and I would kick some booty!!! We both are very competitive and very athletic! It would be so much fun and such an awesome experience as well. She’s getting married in 6 months, so this would be a SUPER COOL last adventure for us to do together!! :)

  5. Justin Foreman

    I’m super competitive , very cocky and have the body of a greek god lol….. Sleepy and dopey of the seven dorfs could be my partners lls!!!! Im just that damn good . Piece of cake # sweet money

  6. Aleisha

    Me and my partner would Love to give this our best chance. Would love to think we would kick a!! Woo give us a go!!

  7. Anton

    My ideal partner would be myself, I’d rather do everything twice then drag someone through with me.
    But if I had to take someone it’d be one of my red-headed friends.

  8. Jhenesy

    I I was on wipeout I would take my best friend. We would use the money to go to college because we will be the dirt ones in our family’s to go.

  9. Safety Sambrooks

    Hi Wipeout Australia, Safety Sambrooks here, depending on the structural upkeep and tip-top physical condition of fellow contestants, I believe my partner, Tazi-T-Bone the beautiful BUTT KICKING community lawyer, and myself would be available to take on WipeOut, and get EXTREME.

    Safety first people, getting wild comes second. ;)

    Safety Sambrooks, out!

  10. sharnee

    Would love to be on wipeout would be such a fun expirence and the prize money could deffinetly help me and my family a lot !! Watch all the Time

  11. jake cooper

    Hi. I’m really interested in being on the show I know I have the athletic ability too defeat the course! Please contact me woooo :)

  12. Derek

    My twin and I could do this np or at least try hard at it and have fun o ya

  13. Steven More

    Me myself and my cousin John, we are read to finish up from the beggining to the ending” we are the next champions of the Wipeout Extreme.. Salutation

  14. Britany Evans

    MOVE GET OUT THE WAY GET OUT THE WAY!!! Is what my boyfriend and I are saying to ALL OTHER competitors!!! I am a 27yr old 5″2 195 pounds nurse who was very athletic during my school days. I believe I still “HAVE IT” My boyfriend is just as good as i am and better. We would totally KICK BUTTS!!!

  15. britny

    My boyfriend and I would kick a on wipe out not to mention we are weird and people on wipe out are always weird so we have that goin for us if nothin else!

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