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  1. jose

    hi my name is jose and i think you should consider me because i am determine and i am in it to win it i have a wonder full personality and i just want to help my wife and son there the only family i have left i think this is a chance for me to allow my family to be stress free i have to risk it to get the bisscit this why i think you should conder me i hope you read this i love you wipe out

  2. toni Blake

    Been watchin the show ever since it came out really would love to be on this show to challenge myself

  3. Robert Davis

    My name is rob. I am 30 yrs old and a happily married father of two. My family and I watch the show all the time and I always joke that I could get through all of it. Well my wife said i can try so what the hell…Let’s go for it!!!! I hope you guy’s answer back because I also have a half brother that is itching to go also!!!! We ride 4 wheelers have tattoos and love anything that includes adrenaline !!!!!!! BIG BALLS 4 LIFE!!!!!

  4. Stephanie Rose

    If there is a wipeout for friends, I’d like to bring my bf, she’s pretty athletic, I used to be but not anymore. We love wipeout and would like to be on the show and laugh at each other! Come on wipeout!

  5. justin hunter hollands

    i will be agreat contestant cause i have been wathing the show sense 3rd grade im 18 now but i really love this show an would want to be on wipe out so i can win an start my please choose me thank u.

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