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  1. kathy Duveste

    Hello my name is Kathy Duveste I would want to be part of this because I believe that i can do it and i’m very enthusiastic.

  2. Kiara

    hi I am 13 years old and in 7th grade I really want to do this soo please pick me

  3. A.J. Green

    My full name is Amanda Green. I play almost any sport including volleyball, basketball, track, baseball, soccer, football (with friends), and softball. I played on Varsity for Basketball, Volleyball, Track, and Baseball. I play guitar clarinet and trumpet and I know some piano and I am learning drums. I have starred in a few different plays at my schools and I have participated in Fine Arts for the past two years and we’ve made it to nationals each year.
    Here are my facts:
    I am 5’4″
    I am 16
    I have dark brown hair in the winter and blonder hair in the summer.
    I do live somewhat far away from most things but I got my license so I could get there somehow. I live in southern North Dakota. I have friends and family in many states that would help me get there.
    I have an athletic figure
    I absolutely love traveling.
    I am a very fast learner and can memorize
    I have three pets.
    I am Caucasian
    I have Blue or Green eyes (they change color)
    I am in Choir and Band
    I love singing
    I am female
    I would absolutely love even just to be considered for any parts on disney channel. I am good with people and would love this opportunity. Thanks for reading this and possibly considering me.

  4. Olivia

    Hi, I think it’s great that your bring back an old show and adding tec stuff! I think it would be great if me and my best friend (Erin, she’s amazhang (inside joke) anyway) got on the show because we do everything together, crack amazhang jokes all the time, we go on trips together and make videos about how weird we are! I would love to be on the show will Bella Thorn she was always my favorite on Shake it Up! Or someone from good luck charlie, suit life on deck or teen beach movie. Me and Erin watched every version of that all summer when it came out!! Thanks for taking the time to read this and please consider us!

  5. Jayden Goodloe

    I just love the idea of this show it is amazing it would be the greatest thing in the world to be apart of this TV show.

  6. leah

    i love win lose or draw.

  7. jakeena

    I really love win lose or draw and soon I get off of school I get on my lap top and lay this this the game right hear just want to be on this show I
    Can draw I can do this I can guess words seem fun like really thoe

  8. Janessa

    My name is Janessa Ruiz. I’m eleven years of age I will be turning twelve on 3/29. I love to act all the time weather its playing dead [lol] or just having plain old fun im up for the job. Some of my hobbies include singing, drawing, writing, and science. I hope you will get the chance to read this. Thank you!

  9. Karley

    Hello!my name is Karley (Carly).i have been a big fan of Disney for years!I have always watched every movie or TV show made in my time and even before!I forgot to tell you I am 9 and my little brother Aron is 8.I would be like this

  10. Marshall

    Hi, My name is Marshall and I would be very grateful if you would allow me to be on the show. I’m 13 and my brother is 11. We are a big fan of the show and would love to be a part of the fun. Please consider us as great contestants for the show. Thanks!

  11. Diamond Johnson and Quantrail Johnson

    We love win lose or draw. It would be an honor to be apart of the show. So please think about picking us. I am thirteen and my brother is twelve.

  12. Geiana Taylor

    Hi I’m Geiana Taylor and I would be honored to be on this show. I have always wanted to be on a game show and feel as though I would thrive at this. I’m a hard worker and I’m also very smart. I’m 16 years old, and I very talented and smart. I hope that you guys would hopefully look further into having my on your show thanks.

  13. Sophia Bingham

    Hello, I am Sophia Bingham and I 8 years and I would love to be on the game show win lose or draw. My talents are picking my nose, smelling my butt, and annoying the heck out of people. I also am good at math and horrible at drawing. K hope you choose me. And I smell really bad fyi!

  14. Elizabeth K

    My name is Elizabeth and I’m 11 years old. I love Disney and love to draw! I love acting, dance, singing and am also in the scenery club at school. I would love to be a part of Win Lose or Draw!

  15. George Acquaah

    my name is George I like win lose. or draw because you get to draw cool pictures and do cool stuff and Disney Channel kids and you get cool. prizes I hope I get paid because I really really like the show

  16. Asher m. Levy

    I am 12 years old.
    I am in the seventh grade.
    I am homeschooled.
    I am a alright drawer.

  17. Bailey

    I would love to be in this game show I draw ALOT I’m 11 I’m a boy from alabama don’t have an redneck accent though it would mean so much if you let me on this show

  18. Katie D.

    Hi my name is Katie.
    I am good at drawing
    I am good at singing
    I have red hair with hazel eyes
    I am 10 years old

  19. Anahí Orbe

    Hello, I’m Anahí Orbe, Im 18 and I will abide 19 this february, I´m from Ecuador,I speak spanish and english perfectly, and I know that maybe I´m not that young, but i have acting since I was like 5 years old, I´m a Model, and also I’m a Belly dance dancer, I have been dreaming with this my whole life, and I know that there´s a lot of teens that want act too, but the difference between they and I is that I´M GONNA DO IT..!! Acting is my life, is what makes me wake up and fight for my dreams every day, and I will keep dreaming and fighting to make my dreams come true, even you don’t choose me, I will fight for my dreams, but if you pick me you can be part of the beginning of a new star, and I want you be part of it, so PICK ME, I promise you will not regret.

  20. Maximilian Sandefer

    My name is Maximilian Sandefer. I am a 14 year old boy from Indianapolis, Indiana and have loved game shows all of my life. I am spunky and packed-full of energy! I’ve been acting since I was 7 and would keep audiences entertained throughout the entire episode without a doubt. Also, I am easy to work with and know all of the rules!

  21. magda k

    Hi I’m Magda almost 13 5’6 and live in chciago…. being on a show with celebrities count me in… it would be awsome.I love game shows and I think I have what it takes….. BRING IT ON

  22. Emma Brown

    Hi I’m Emma Brown I’m 11 years old and I would absolutely love to be on this show!! Please pick me! I am an amazing actor and I even got a role in a play at school once!! So please pick me!! Thank you!

  23. Brionna dixon

    I would love To be on this game show because i think it would be fun i would wanna be with either Debby Ryan or bella thorne
    Im 5’0
    13 years old
    Short curly hair reddish brown
    I love to draw and sing
    You can reach me at <hidden from public> 
    Or <hidden from public>

  24. Kevin

    Hi im kevin 23 years old but I look 17, like 80% of the other disney actors. pick me cause blah blah. and some stuff. and blah sure ill act. and blah. sure yes. call now.

  25. Ce'Kayla Miller

    Hi my name is Ce’Kayla Miller I am 13 years old. I have watched this show multiple times and I would love the opportunity to be on the show. If the players actually bring a person with them I have a friend who loves the show. I am a smart student and like to have fun so i would be great on this show. Thank you for your time even if I don’t et to be on the show.

  26. Sydney Daugherty

    Hi my name is Sydney Daugherty and for as long as I Remember I would always tell my parents I want to be on a game show no I will tell you.a little about my self I am 13 years young and I do crossfit I can lift 220 pounds deadlift I am a 1st gup recommend red belt (one before black ) I have done it for 4 years and. I really enjoy it and I am in 8 th grade and I play alto saxophone and French horn. My likes are ONE DIRECTION❤️❤️ Drawing singing and being a drama queen I love to cook watch Netflix typical white girl and my birthday is September 27 2001 I have brown hair I am 5’4 I hope you can pick me for your tv show thanks goodbye

  27. Cash Spencer

    Hello, my name is Cash Spencer. I’m 13 years old and would like to do the show with my 16 year old brother Jace. We are 2 good looking farm boys from Grace Idaho.
    We lived in Fairbanks Alaska for 5 years where we were chased by grizzlies and moose and we fished for salmon.
    We also lived in Tucson Arizona where we thawed in the scorching heat.
    I love to draw, I’m even in art and my teacher says I’m not half bad.
    My brother is not so bad himself.
    Now that we live in Idaho our family has become part of the RMSHA Snowmobile Hillclimb Race circuit. My brother Jace is a Professional Racer in the RMSHA Snomobile Hillclimb Circut.
    We love Disney and watch it all the time. We would like to play with any of the Disney contestants, we like them all.

  28. Spencer Gray

    Hello my name is Spencer gray , I would love to be on this game show to test my skills and to compete with others. And also to have a great time playing. I am very smart so seeing who can beat me would be great haha.. Thanks so much .. Hope to here from you .

    Thanks Spencer Gray.

    Number is <hidden from public> 

  29. David Green

    Im David Green Like The Name Huh ? Well It’s Real And My Name , I’m 17 Years Old , 5 Foot 11
    , I’m Very Funny When I Can Be Funny I’m Good Looking And Smart , I’m African American & And Popular everywhere And Facebook Famous . I Really Like Cracking Jokes , Soccer & basketball

  30. Lyn Redd

    Hey, I’m Lyn
    I’m 14 years old.
    I know a LOT of random facts.
    I’m a graphic designer.
    I know Swedish, some French, Hebrew, and English (obviously)
    I’m from the U.S.

  31. Chloe

    Hi I’m Chloe.
    Almost 13
    Life’s hard
    I play volleyball and am very active .
    Have good Health and good grades
    I’ve been wanting to do modeling and and acting
    And have wanted to make it a career
    I have practice commercials an I love to take photos
    I would be a photographer as my occupation
    I have blue eyes and brown hair
    I love fashion and doing hair and makeup
    My family says I should act , and I want to go to a acting college .
    Thank u so much!

  32. Alikah Johnson

    Hi im names is Alikah Johnson. I live in Albany,Ga. Im 15 years old and i think i would make a good person to be on win lose or draw because its a fun game show and i love acting and if you pick me i would be on this show with my little brother he just trunt 14 years old and Debby Ryan. Please chose me and my brother.

  33. Linda Huang

    Hey Im Linda and Im 12 and I live In Wisconsin and I have some experience at performing Iv been in John Robert Powers and I love game shows I am competitive but a good sport. I am very friendly and work very well with others. If I set a goal to do something I try as hard as I can to suecssed it. I love hanging out with my friends and we love making up games and playing it. My dream team would be Debby Ryan or Bella Throne or Olivia Holt. My number is <hidden from public> I really hope you consider me. I would love to be on Win, Lose or Draw

  34. Isabella L.

    Blond hair
    Blue eyes
    4 feet and 7 inches
    10 yrs. old
    Currently living in Florida
    4) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE? If not, I’ll just look for another show/movie, it is okay!:)

  35. Amba mcmanus

    Im 11, i live in australia WA mandurah. I think i would be really good. If i can i would like to do it with my best freind Tori Wood. For the celebrity debby ryan maybe

  36. Alisson Contreras Burelo

    Hey again me please choose me I’m a good girl that knows what to do i don’t panic in situations so please please

  37. Adrianna Schaefer

    Hi! My name is Adrianna Hope Schaefer. I love acting. I have been in plays and dramatic presentations at school, church, camp, and our local theater, the Schauer in Hartford, Wisconsin. I love expressing myself as well as transforming myself into the character I am portraying. II also love singing and dancing. I love to be in WIN LOSE or DRAW and would be thrilled tobe in this show in any capacity you would allow me to be. Thank you for considering me!
    I have long straight hair, light chestnut brown in color.
    I have sky blue eyes.
    I am 11 years old and in sixth grade.
    I am 5 feet, 3 inches tall and weigh 95 pounds.

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