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  1. Nalege

    I want me and my cousin to be on win lose or draw because we really love the show

  2. Danitza

    Hey my name is Danitza Paz and I know its a little cliché and overused to say this but, I think I would do an amazing job. I’ve been acting, singing, and playing different instruments my whole life. I am a great person to work with. This would be my dream and a way to start off. I know you wont regret it! :) Here is some info about me:
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5’4
    Weight: 105
    I live in Miami, Fl
    I am 13 years of age
    My passion in life is singing, acting, playing instruments, and different kinds of sports.
    Thanks again! :)

  3. Jordan

    Hi my name is Jordan Jennings, I am extremely interested in acting and modeling! I am a 14 year old African American female. I weigh 108 pounds and my height is 5’5. I am very confident in everything I do. I am also competitive especially when it comes to sports and different activities. I plan to one day be a professional actor and I know Disney Channel is a great place to start. I enjoy the shows on Disney Channel and I can very much see myself being on those shows as well. I really hope to get the opportunity at being on this show. My mom always told me to never give up and if I really want something to keep going at it and do it to the best of my ability.This could be my chance to show everyone I can do anything I set my mind to do. Please seriously consider me to be apart of this show.

  4. kaitlynn

    Hi my name is kaitlynn I love win lose or draw my friend and I love the show we are both 12 we are crazy and fun and have total permission to come on the show if we have a way we live in Franklin NC but I hope that’s not a problem

  5. Sincere Smith

    Hi my name is Sincere Smith i’m 13 years old and 5’6! Me and my older sister love games shows we watch them all the time and it would mean so much for us to have the opportunity to appear on Win, Lose Or Draw!!! Hope to hear from you soon it would would be an honor, Thank You! “WIN,LOSE OR DRAW!!!!!!!!’

  6. Drayden bartkiw

    I’m 12 and my best friend boris is 11 we’ve been best friends ever since we’ve been baby’s please we love this show

  7. alyssa

    Hi my name is Alyssa I am 12 and me and my friend would love to be on this game show not just for the prizes just for fun and that’s all .

  8. Sammie Lencke

    Hey! I am an 11 year old girl who loves to draw. I watch this show almost every day! I think it is really funny and very entertaining. Ever since the first episode, I have wanted to be on it. I think it would be so much fun. I would be so thrilled to be on this show. Plus, how does he do those tricks? My favorite one he has done is where he drew a bowling ball on a piece of paper and squished it. An actual bowling ball came out!!!! Anyway, I have always wanted to be on tv and I also have always dreamed of being on a fun game show just like this one. Please read this and consider it. I would be honored and I love the excitement on this show. I can get the answers pretty easily sometimes, but other times I am struggling watching them draw it and it’s really funny. I would be so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks! :)

  9. amanda

    hi my name is Amanda
    hi my name is amy
    we both love to sing and dance have lots of sleepovers and be crazy all the time
    we are fun crazy girls we both are 12 we make friends easy we get alone with some people and we treat people with respect
    we would love to be one the show make some new friends and meet some famous and get to know what it is like to be famous
    we both live in Australia nsw
    we both have a passion for fashion
    we both are sporty
    and we don’t want to go on the show to get to prizes we just want to have a fun time and meet new people
    we hope you guys pick us

  10. Kyndyl.Jordan

    I’m Kyndyl I’m 11 and my best friend Carmen is also 11 but is older than me wonder how that is well her birthdays in December and mines in February still don’t sound right hers is in2002 and mine is in 2003 well….
    Since we got that covered I would love to be on this game show!!!a
    It seems pretty interesting and tough plus I would love to meet glens well bye….
    hope to see u

  11. Jaheem Smith

    hi my name is Jaheeem. i would like to be on win loose or draw. i love game shows but the one i like the most is this one. the best thing is the director. please pick me if u don’t it is okay i will just watch the show and still enjoy it. bye.

  12. tyneace green

    my name is tyneace green i want to be on win lose or draw i love this game show im from savannah ga e-mail me please im 8 years old

  13. Katelyn Brown

    Hello there peeps, I’m Katelyn Brown, better known as Katey. I’m twelve years old and absolutely LOVE drawing. This seems like fun and I would like to try it out, maybe so? Let’s see! So I have blonde medium length hair and blue eyes I’m 5’7″ and am super athletic witch leed s to being skinny. I admit sometimes I’m not that bright in ways, so its kinda well, funny! I also have type one diabetes, its been about two years now. So pumped up to see if I’m able to be on the show! Byezzzzz

  14. Tianna Merie Hammoudeh

    Hi, my name is Tianna (my nicknames Tia) and I love the TV show ‘Win, Lose, or Draw’ if i get a chance to be on this show i will have sooooo much fun! and ill get to be in a TV show for once!

    here is some info you should know

    birthday: 1-15-02
    height: 5’1
    location: Sebastopol, CA
    age: 12
    eyes: brown
    hair: brownish blonde and VERY naturally curly
    ethnicity: African American, Irish, French, Palestinian, German
    weight: 92 pounds
    build: fit
    interests:dancing, singing, acting, talking
    experience: I have no acting experience but i practice all the time and i think its time to take a big step forward!


  15. anamica

    Hi! My name is Anamica (ANA-MEECA:) Im a 13 year old girl (5 foot 3) and I would love to play, win lose or draw:)

  16. riley p.

    this show looks really fun and i would love too be on out disney because riley is here!!!!

  17. James Pettinato

    I would really love to audition for Win ,Lose ,or Draw. Cause I am good

  18. Somahle

    Hey I’m Somahle I would love to be on win lose or draw
    Name: Somahle Manzini
    Age: 11
    Nationality: South African

    It would really fun

  19. Timari Claybourne

    Hey, my name is Timari Claybourne and I would love to be on your show. Im a great drawer tought by my best friend. So please let me be on your show. Plus I would love to meet Ross Lynch I love Austin and Ally.

  20. Ashley Duncan

    Hi I’m Ashley and I’ turned 10 a month ago I would love to be on win lose or draw because 1. It would be the best thing in my life and 2. I could show the bullies that I’m a somebody

  21. kiysa

    hi im kiysa and me and my brother really want to go on your game show it looks like so much fun im 13 and my brother is 10 we watch all the time and finally decided we wanted to be on it please call us at <hidden from public> or email us either one is fine thank you

  22. Elysa Le

    Hello, I’m Elysa Le.I’m French,and I Live in France.I’m 13yo.
    It is my dream to play in a series or a movie.I am very motivated to play in this role. contact me for an answer.Thank you

  23. DAngelo Baker

    Hola (that’s hi in Spanish if you were wondering) my name is DAngelo and I happened to stumble upon this as I was looking up teen jobs i could apply to cuz I’m 16…and jobless, I guess it would be fun to appear on a game show since I enjoy watching them. Best of luck # follow me on Instagram @bigdbaker01 Haha jk…but no really…au revoir(that’s bye in French If you were wondering)

  24. audrey

    hi my name is audrey i would like to be a competeter on win lose or draw. I am avery artistic girl

  25. citlalli perez

    Hi I’m citlalli I would like to be in win lose or draw cause I’m good at gesing

  26. Hayden Smith

    My name is Hayden and I am about to turn 13 and I would love to be on win lose or draw. When I draw my friends say I am bad but I tell them it doesnt matter if its pretty or ugly as long as you can understand it that is all that matters. I know every body says that they love to draw but I think that drawing should be how you express your feelings. If I was on win lose or draw my drawings would be crazy and fun but understanding. I hope you pick me to be on the show. It would be the best birthday present.

  27. chris candelaria

    I would love to be on this show with my friend Rudy we are both 13 and both play football and basketball It would be a pleasure to be on this show .
    me: rudy:
    brown eyes. Black hair
    football. Hazel eyes
    basketball. Football and basket ball

  28. Marie

    Hello im Marie Brooks sorry im really happy right now so it would be a lifetime dream
    name marie brooks
    race Mexican American
    hight 5.4
    weight 65
    grade almost 5 this year im in 4th
    hair pink and blue
    eyes dark brown
    favorite color pink
    fashion sassy
    im good at décor room
    im way better then the others so add me!
    p.s. it will be so much fun.

  29. Mersadie

    Hello Im Mersadie.c.fileds Sorry That Turned Out A Little Wrong Um Im 13 And Me And My Best Friend Audum .m. noble Shes 12 Anyways We Love This show so we would like to enter so please call me at <hidden from public> and please ley us enter cause my moms in work shes
    selena gomez private chef my dads the ambassner for chicgo and im in soccer just call me at my number weather its yes or no Thank you and no my mom amd dad would like to write something okay
    mom.please add my little girl it would mean a lot!

  30. keyonnah mcshane

    Hi win,lose or draw I would love to be on the show am 10 years old and a smart student love to dance and love to draw even more I can draw a lot of things just by looking it at I also love the Disney channel I would really like the chance to experience that journey. Thank you my mom says go for it in do not stop$$$$$$$$$$

  31. kayla

    Hi I’m Kayla I would love to be on Win Lose Or Draw it would be a lifetime dream if i was on Win Lose Or Draw. I’m 11 years old, A smart kid and intelligent student. I’m a good drawer and i can guess stuff really quickly I also love watching Win Lose Or Draw on Disney Channel. I also want to learn alot of experience of being on the game show.
    Anyway thanks for letting me have this oppurtunity to audition for the show. From Kayla

  32. Mya

    Hi, my name is Mya. I would like to be on Win, Lose, Or Draw.I am very artistic & I just love your gameshow :) It’s my #1 game show that I watch! In my school my favorite subject is art.
    Every time we are gathering for family nite my parents and I always catch a episode of Win,Lose Or Draw. We are a very adventurous family & live in the Mid-west which is pretty cool if you ask me! We all get together & go camping, ride are bikes, walk around all of are beautiful Great Lakes. As you all can see I would love a chance to do something amazing & something my family would like. As we always try to do family game nights, I think this would being another adventure for my family & I. Hope to hear from you ver soon as we will be waiting patiently!

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