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  1. Caithleen

    I’m 14 lives in a city called Stockholm in sweden… I know I don’t live in USA but I could go there if I would have a reason to. I’m around 5 feet tall. I have blue eyes and brown/red hair. My hair is too my shoulders maybe a little bit longer. I am a mullatto I don’t really know if it calls that. I like to sing I’ve done that sense I was 5-. I have intrest in acting too ofcourse. I don’t watch that much.
    I know I’m pretty young
    pretty new at these kind of things but please contact me // Caith

  2. Fabian

    I’m Fabian and can sing and dance and this has been one of my biggest dreams ever so please consider me please and thank you

  3. holly

    hi my name is holly and i am 12 years old. i currently live in nsw , australia but my mum has allowed for us to move to the usa for the time i am required to be there for filming if i were to get a part. i have brown hair and blue eyes and i am 1.6 metres tall. i have done acting for a year and i really enjoy the experience. out of all of the current victorious cast i think i am most like jade. it would be amazing if i were to play a younger sister of jades even in just a few episodes. I am told i look older then i am so i will be able to look like a high school freshman. i would really be so grateful if i am even considered to play any role in this show. this has been my favourite show for so long and i have always been inspired by the cast. i have also done a year of singing and have performed in concerts so i am very confident to sing in front of heaps of people. as i said i am extremely confident and would be so grateful if i am considered for a role in victorious.

  4. jontae pittman

    hi my name Jontae pittman and really like your show and what i do for a living is singing i like to sing everyday at school at home everywhere i would like a chance to sing on your show
    and show you my tanlent

  5. Nashalie legarreta

    My name is Nashalie legarreta and I’m 10. I love singing dancing and acting. If you search my name you will see information you need. I hope you choose me. Thank you

  6. Diego Gollas

    Grew up watching Nickelodeon and really enjoy there shows. I feel like I would be great for victorious. I can be Tori’s quirky friend of some sort.
    Check my facebook : Diego Gollas

  7. Shanice Liburd-Ivey

    I’m an extremely hard worker and very passionate about acting. I’d love nothing more than to have a chance to leave audience and casting directors amazed by my acting ability.

  8. Alessia Sorce

    I want to be an actress and this is the most important opportunity of my life !!

  9. Robert hunt

    I love this show

  10. Enya

    I wish I was a famouse actress it’s alway been my dream!

  11. Carrie Smith

    hello my name is Carrie Smith, I am 16 turning 17, 5″11 with blonde hair and dark green eyes. Just now i live in Scotland but am willing to move anywhere for filming. I have a lot of drama experiences big and small and i also have my agency in LA so i am expecting to move out to LA anyway. I love to sing, opera and modern, and i do a lot of accents. I am a funny, outgoing person who is confident and is very optimistic. I believe i would fit perfectly into the cast and would give it my everything.

    Sincerely Carrie.

  12. Marshall

    Hello My name is Jovan, and my nickname is Marshall. I do rapper. I always look at the number of nickelodio and so one day I came up with the Pasion. I speak Italian, Serbo a little bit of German and English I’m studying, I want to learn it well. My friends always tell me that I do best comic rapper because I always make them laugh. I will continue to always try and one of my big dreams and I’m trying to make it happen

  13. Jeremy Proctor

    Hello casting director’s etc.. my name is Jeremy Proctor, I am a hard-working, very-talented, creative and ambitious 9 year old African American boy. Things about me I love to draw I draw about 12-15 pictures a day for people, I also write short stories and I am currently writing and illustrating my own chapter book. I believe I have the personality and the creativity for what you are looking for. If you give me a chance to audition I promise I will leave you with feelings of joy while making you laugh and cry at the same time.

    Jeremy Proctor

  14. Tania Ceniceros-Mendoza

    Hi my name is Tania Ceniceros-Mendoza i am 17 years old, im petite 5’2. I speak 2 languages! Im not ganna say i want this more than anyone, many of us want it bad! ive had television class/drama for six years now. I am a fast learner i catch on quick and im up for anything! I like a challange.

    Please contact me gracias for your time.

  15. Kristyna R

    my name is Kristýna and I`m 17 years old.
    I`m 5`11“ tall with slender figure.
    I`m not from USA but I don`t thing it should be an obstacle.
    I sing and play a piano.
    To be honest, I don`t have any experience with acting but I think I could be good at it, you never know if you don`t try.

    Thank you very much
    Waiting for your response

  16. Courtney Madia

    I’m 13 years old and I have light brown hair blue eyes I’m 5’2 and I’ve done some modeling for Lord and Taylor and have been in musicals- Annie and played one of the orphans and in Greece. Also Ive been dancing since I was 4 years old. I’m going to be getting singing lessons. I’ve been to acting camps.

  17. Anna

    Hi my name is Anna and I am 13 years old I’m not sure if I’m old enough to be castes in Victorious but I would really really love to be this how has one of my favorite stars in it. I also want to begin my acting career with a popular tv show. I’m in 7th grade and I have dark brown hair and. eyes and I have a light tan skin color. I sing, I act, and I dance.

  18. Tea

    Hello I’m Tea.
    I would be very interesting to attend the casting for Victorius it’s my favorite TV program and it would be a nice experience for me.
    I’m 12 years old.
    I have caramel colored hair,
    Hazel eyes.
    I’m tall and slender too.
    So recite very well,
    So dance well,
    And sing resonabily well.

    Thank for interest

  19. Hailey

    Hi my name is Hailey white.I am 12 years old I love to sing ,my hair is a redish brown and I am African American. My talent is to sing.I am in choir and i am a alto. Many people say I can sing but i am afraid to let it out of me.

  20. Roxana Salazar

    Hi I’m 11 years old . I love to Sing it s my favorite thing to do. In 5th grade i was in honor choir and now I’m in show choir. I always wanted to be a performer and now maybe I can . By the way my name is Roxana .

  21. Khira

    Hi I’m Khira I’m 13 years old and id love to audition for Victorious well if I’m old enough I’ve been wanting to be acting with Liz,Victoria and mainly Ariana for quite a while now and it’d be a dream. I’m working on getting my acting better over the next few months and if I could get a audition that’d be so great and I will try my best I’m not great but I will work my very hardest to get an audition and hopefully I’ll get through and it’ll be great working with Ariana I love her so much and too meet her would be everything

  22. Karen

    Also im 11 i live in Everett ,WA I tried to audition. For Disney but I freaked out and cancel it . that was a long time ago please help !!!!; =D

  23. Karen

    I think … That im sarcasticl Enough to be an actor. Every day at school sometimes. People tease me but after they tease me and they walk away i just keep thinking That they will regret teasing me because. SOMEDAY I WILL become FAMOUS i just want to them to regret what they have done !! My dream is thinking to be like Selena. Gomez. Be an actor and singer !!!! I would like to be in Disney channel Or nickelodeon please help me !!!!

  24. muna

    Hi I’m muna I’m12 i love singing is my dream.
    I only want to make people see that I’m talented and i don’t want people to ignore me like how they always do

    Thanks for reading this

  25. Elaijah Williams

    Hi I’m Elaijah Williams and I’m 12 years old.I’m African American and I have black,brown,and light brown hair. I have dark brown eyes. I’m short,and thick.I love ton sing and dance and act.I love Nickelodeon shows made by Dan.I live in New Orleans!

  26. Franklin

    Hi am franklin, am a nigerian nd i believe am a good actor i’d love to act with you guys it would be a dream come true i also love to sing pls contact me plsssss

  27. Adam Smith

    Hey guys, my name is Adam and I am 20 years old. I am a Kiwi (New Zealander), who is interested in an acting role. To be honest, acting wasn’t the first “dream job” I had thought of when I was younger (I wanted to be a professional soccer player haha), but have featured in school plays etc. I am blonde with blue eyes, Pākehā/European New Zealander, 5’7.

    Thanks for your time :)

  28. Alec Bolinas

    hi my name is Alec Bolinas and i live in Edmonton,Canada but i’m full Filipino which means i’m asian.I’m 13 years old and im in my 8th grade right now.

    to be honest this is my first time to try to get involve with this thing beacuse first of all i want to experience this kind of thins and second just like everybody else here i want to be a star.

    i dont i have any talents but i can sing,dance and act pretty good. If you would like to get me as one of your “talents” to audition,i would really or i will be really glad and can you just reply or sent me email if made up your mind. thank you very much and i will patiently wait for your response

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