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  1. Sarah Embry

    My name is Sarah. I’m 16 years old. I’m going to be an upcoming junior in the fall. I love the show Victorious because of the inspiring talent the characters in the show portray. They have big hopes for the future and are striving to make it in the film and music industry just like me. I love the atmosphere of being around creative people and that is exactly what the show is made up of. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  2. Treasure

    Hi my name is Treasure Conway..Im 12 years old .I would love to be on victorious. Al my life i wanted to be a actress or a singer. I would have a fun time at this acting job . If u make my dreams come tru i will always have a space for u in my heart. <3

  3. Layla McRae

    Hello my name Layla McRae and I am a big fan . I am 8 years old . So if you pick me I will be excited and I will not turn back because my mom and dad told me oneday I will be famous because I love acting ,dancing, modeling and singing . Please pick me please. I hope this would the best day of my life because I love your show I watch it almost every day when it come on. I just love all your songs I just love your Christmas song. Just please pick me.

  4. Landonia Desine Mcgill

    Hello my name is Landonia McGill. I live in Reaford North Carolina,I’m 11years old. It has been a dream to be on your show. My family has always told me I was born to be on TV because I was on america got talent and I made it,so then I went to american idol in I made it half way. Then I realize I want to be on the TV more often to see want it feel like. Since I love dancing,singing,and modeling

    Ps. Hope you pick me if so I see you then

  5. Janessa Adames

    Hi, my name is Janessa Adames and I am 15 years old. I love acting, dancing and singing and modeling as well. I have been doing performances since I was 5. I love being in front of the audiences and I am very comfortable with it. I have done some background work for some T.V Premiers and I loved being in front of the cameras experiencing what actually takes to be someone like I want to be in the Acting and entertainment world. I would like the opportunity to be part of this experience and keep gaining more experience to make my dreams come true. I am a big fan of Nick T.V. shows and It will be very thrilling to be part of Nick.

  6. Jester Productions

    Hi! My name is Richard Varga. I’m 17 (but I look 23-4 with beard) nad I live in Hungary.
    I’m watching Victorious since I know of it and I would probably die from happiness if I make it to that auditions *-*.
    I can act, I acted in a lot of middle school short movies, I can sing (at least thats what they say to me XD)

  7. Richard Varga 'Jackson'

    Hello! My name is Ricsi and I love this show since the very first episode :DDD
    I believe that I could audition for someones role into the Victorious cast :)
    Im singing in a band so it wouldn’t be a problem at those parts, I look good on camera(at least thats what they say to me XD), I have a little experience in acting( in school carneval as MJ)

    Age:17(24 with beard)
    Body type:chubby
    Travel: idk if i could
    More info will be on my profile :D

  8. Natasha

    Hi my name is Natasha Hendricks. I am from Cape Town, South Africa and I am 16 years old. I would love to be afforded the opportunity to work on a show as big as Victorious because it is funny and interesting and different than any other show and because it has three elements of the arts (singing, dancing and acting) which happen to be three things that I am very good at. This would be the opportunity of a life time for me. Hopefully I am taken into consideration and goodluck to everyone else.

  9. Natasha

    Hi my name is Natasha Hendricks. I am from Cape Town, South Africa. I am 16 years old. I would love to be afforded the opportunity to be part of such an amazing show that has three elements of the performing arts (singing, dancing and acting) which happen to be three things that I can do very well. I hope you take me into consideration and goodluck to everyone else who is hoping to be afforded the same opportunity.

  10. Nasteho

    Hi my name is Nasteho, I am 14 years old and will be turning 15 this year. I would be extremely thankful and appreciative if I were to receive a roll in this Victorious – Nickelodeon. I am a huge fan of Victorious – Nickelodeon ! It would mean the world to me to even be considered to be a part of the cast. and I am interested in pursuing my acting/modeling career. Disney would be the perfect network for me because I consider myself to be role model material, and a responsible teenage girl. Please contact me, I am a very determined and hard working girl.
    Thank you for reading this

  11. Alexander

    Hi, my name is Alex, I’m 18 years old and I absolutely love the show Victorious. I love to sing and dance and have enjoyed the amount of acting I have done. I should be considered for this great opportunity because I could bring a new taste to the show. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  12. Johnny Narvaez

    Hello my name is Johnny , age 17 , hight 5’5, i have always been told I have the face for cameras , I enjoy acting and could completely get into character , I would love just to get a shot in at least auditioning , I promise you won’t regret the chance, email me anytime I would answer any questions, and will go where ever I need to for this opportunity

  13. Maria Perez-Medina

    Hi, my name is Maria. I am currently 17 years old. I love Victorious especially the actors and actresses. Being on the show would be a dream come true. I would really love to have the opportunity to be in it. I am a great dancer and I knkw I was born to be an actore. It is my hope that I will he considered to be part of the show. Hopefully I will see an e-mail soon.

  14. Kelcie

    My name is Kelcie and I’m 13 years old.. I notice theres a lot of comments for you to read so I’ll make it short. I live in east county San Diego I have no experience with on set acting but I used to be in CYT so I know some of the basics. I have brown hair and brown eyes. Im Humorous and cheerful. Im a California native of mixed heritage and people are always trying to guess my ethnicity. I’m interested because I love acting and think its a wonderful way to express yourself. I know this is a one in a million shot and people often laugh when I tell them that I want to be an actress. But look at all of the successful actors and actresses. If they made it i might as well try. This would mean a lot if you decide do contact me :)

  15. Onyene chidinma

    I love nick and disney and it will be an honour for me to be to act victorious and any other movie.I am 15 and I am nigerian and it has always been my dream to be an actress…I am 5ft 8in tall and beautiful…please help me make my dream a reality

  16. Asia Richburg

    Hello my name is Asia Richburg,i am 19 years old and i live in South Carolina. I am interested in any role or part that you could fit me into for “Victorious”, this has been my favorite show since forever i love it and to be apart of it would be great! I have taking acting/drama classes throughout my years of high school i am currently in college and i just finished up with a theatre class which was amazing. I love being around people acting and improving its such a heat felt warm environment. I have plenty of experience! I am a harder worker and eager to learn i also can pick up things really quick. I hope that you would find interest in me and contact me this is a dream come true this is my dream so if you would give me a chance i wont let you down. There are no small parts in acting every role/part is important. Thank you. Please Contact me back.

    Asia Richburg

    Ethnicity:African American

  17. Hervir Khangura

    Hi my name is Hervir Khangura and I am 13 years old and I would do anything for this part . I am a huge fan of Nickelodeon and Victorius. I am amazing at acting and singing so I would be perfect for this role. I do not want to waste your time with a huge essay about me so you can contact me at my email <hidden from public> a phone number you can contact me at is <hidden from public>  If you do call please just ask for Hervir. Thanks i really hope you pick me because I would be of great help .

  18. latoya ashton

    hi guys i think i should get a role in this because im hard working im committed and willing to do anything and my family always say things like ill never make it so i just wanted this to be the time where i can show them i can become anything i set my mind to so thats why u should pick me btw i love victorious it rocks keep it up guys thanks for your time

  19. ranesha revels

    Im ranesha 14 years old danced for two years singer and rapper fast learner love victories so please i want to help support my mom even if im. Back ground character

  20. Svenja

    Hi. My name is Svenja, I am from Switzerland and I am 22 years old. Yes I know, thats very old, but when I want to go out with my friends, I always have to show my identity card, because everyone thinks I am 17. :-)
    I love acting. I am playing in a theater in my village. Every year we are performing a new play. What I also love so much, is Victorious!! The show is awsome and it would be a dream come true to play in there. Hopefully I will get a chance someday.

  21. Kimani Garrett

    Hi my name is Kimani Garrett, I’m a male and I’m 14 and I want to be an actor and act for Disney. I live in Jacksonville Florida so i can’t go to your casting calls this year which sucks, I’m currently going to 9th grade, I’m 5’3 I have brown eyes and I can act! I know I can this is my dream. I’m a little shy, but who isn’t? Well, not shy just nervous. I don’t have a talent manger or head shots or a resume but I’ve had acting classes. Please! Make my dreams come true. I would love to act for Disney XD and or Disney Channel. Thank you.
    Sincerely, Kimani

  22. Lachlan Diamond


    Hi my name is Lachlan.
    I come from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    Victorias is one of my absolute favorite shows
    Victoria justice is a big inspiration to me and I luv it when she sings
    I’m really good at singing. I’m the best in my region south east
    Im really good at acting gotten lead roles in every play I have done
    If u give me a part in this play like picking my nose or slapping tori it would mean
    Everything to me

    So if u pick me
    I will do what ever it takes to make u proud
    Hope u select the right person

    Lachlan Diamond
    12 years old
    Melbourne Victoria Australia

  23. Noah

    I believe i would be a good fit in victorious because i have always had a love for acting, i am a good singer, and i play the guitar and the piano. It would be a huge honer to be playing a role in the show victorious.

  24. Hope

    my name is hope and i want to be on victorias cause i know i have the potential ive been in many shows im 12 im 50 to 60kgs please give me any part even t a part where trina and tori and cat have to babysit me as long as im in it for the whole season and im a good singer or so ive been told so please i promise if u giv eone part for the whole season i wont let u down i normally put 1000% focus when i acting soo true
    i will bring my resume

  25. Megi Hebeja

    Hi, my name is Megi. Out of all the comments and requests, i hope you will get to see mine. I was born in Europe, Albania, and came to america when i was just one, i began walking here. Throughout the 14 years of my life, i have come to a passion of mine. I realized i love singing, and acting, of course. I began singing when i was 4 and acting when i was 6. It would be a dream come true if I got this chance to be on Victorious. I would watch it every day, and just think to myself….. wow.. imagine if you were there. I could only dream. Anyway, i hope you read and surely enjoyed
    my request. Till next time, make it shine.

    Age: 14
    hair color: light brown
    Weight: 102 lbs
    Eye color: brown/green
    Height: 5″5
    People say i look 15 because im tall.
    Please email back as soon as possible
    With much love

  26. janayah carr

    Hi i am janayah carr and im a 12 year old girl. I have been singing dancing and acting since i was 2 years old. This would be the only time i can show people what i can do. This would be a drean come true for me and my family. I want to make myself proud ant my family.

  27. janayah carr

    Hi my name is janayah carr and i love acting singing and dancing.I am 12 yearS old. I have been doing this since i was 2. If i am picked…this would be a dream come true.

  28. Olivia

    Hi… I live in sebastion fl. I am 11 years old u don’t understand I will do anything to get this!!! I live the show and I make peaple laugh and they say wow u should be in Disney!!! U will never regret it look me up on Facebook and text me I’m begging u!!! Olivia Nicholson !! Thanku

  29. Spyros Alysandratos

    Hi my name is Spyros and I am 16 years old. I am 170m and I leave in Greece. Even thought I live there i use the English language well. I have seen this sow many times and I have to say it is awesome. I cooperate with others easily and always try to give my best self in order to be good and achieve my goals. I’ve been in many English plays and my friends,relatives and teachers say that I am a good actor. I would love to be part of the sow. I hope and believe that you will take my application in consideration, thank you

  30. Spyros Alysandratos

    Hi, My name is Spyros and I am 16 years old and I from Greece and I like the TV sow Victorious. I’ve been in several English plays and my friends and relatives say that I am good at it. I am very good at cooperating with others and I always try to give my best in order to succeed. Even thought i am from Greece I speak the English language well. I hope and believe that you will take in consideration my application.

  31. Farouq Abdurrahman

    Hey, my name is Farouq! I’m 13 years old but some people think I’m 15 years old. I live in Bandung, Indonesia, but if i was selected i’ll move to US as soon as possible. My hobbies are play guitar, acting, roller skating, and I love new challenges for acting. I have black hair, black eyes, brown skin, my height is 168 cm and my weight is 60 kg. To be an actor at Nickelodeon is my huge dream since iCarly is shown up on TV, i really work hard to be a great actor at one of the Nickelodeon shows. I really like Thank you for this opportunity, and hit me if you’re interested

  32. Isabella

    Hi my name is Isabella but my everyone call’s me Bella
    I’ very out going and sassy always have a smile on my face ! I’m 10 years old 4’3 long light brown hair and sparkly grown eyes.
    I’m a competitive cheerleader on a senior team I’m one of the flyer , was on 2 competition dance teams and also a competitive gymnast. I’m very dedicated and a fast learner and willing to put long hours and do what it takes for perfection . Dance Gymnastics Cheer & Acting are my passion it is part of me! I know what it takes the dedication you have to put in and I love it I normally spend hours in the gym for my Cheerleading on my own time to be the best I can be not only for me but for my team
    It would be an honor to have the chance to show you what I have ! Please Please give me the chance to prove myself to you

  33. Elkin

    Hi, mi name it’s Elkin i’m 13 years old but the some people said that i look like i got 15. I borned in Venezuela, were actualy i live, i lived seven years of my life in portugal and so i speak three languages Portuguese, Spanish and English but there are a few words that i don’t know in English.

    I know a few steps of dance, i like to rap and sign. I know how to play flute but I really want to learn guitar, drum, bass and piano. I have been in a couple of school’s teatral funtions.

    Since I was a little boy I starte to do Parkour, so I can run pretty fast. And i know a bit of gym. And wen I was about 9 years old I learned to climb.

    Plus I can do almost everything, just tell me what to do and the way to do it, and after a few trys I’ll made it.

    I want to be in this show because I want to help my fathers because we are a little bit bad in economy and because every time I’m sad or hingry I turn on the tv and watch this and soo I get happier and I want to do that make people happie.

    I always have in mind that popular prover that sais if someone made it you can do it tu, if nobody did it you can be the first.

    I have light brown eyes y black hair.

  34. Kensye L. Gault

    Hello my name is Kensye and I’m 10 I don’t know if I’m old enough for the role I would play if I get picked so I’ll try my best. I’m African American and will be 11 in January, I’m 4 feet 8 inches, shoulder length hair, singer, dancer and songwriter. I hope that you will find the perfect person for the role I’m auditioning for. Ps. I have a huge crush on Leon Thomas! :) I’m totally awesome for this role!

  35. Sheena

    Hi, my name is sheena. I live in California, & my dream this summer is to be on victorious or any other show :-) . I’ve tried many auditions or talent sources but they turned out fake or as scams. I would really like the opportunity to try this and I am ready for the fact if I don’t get the part . Please reply I’ve tried so many places and nothing worked & I really want this . I’m 13 and I know I would be perfect for a role on victorious . Thanks.

  36. Naomi

    Im Naomi! Im 11 years old and ive always wanted to be on TV! I live in Virginia
    Im very nice, sensitive, and a teeny bit lazy
    I would love to be on Nickelodeon

  37. yaslia flores

    hey im yaslia I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin . I will love to be in victorious because I always dream of acting with u guys . my talent is dancing singing and of course acting. If I had a chance to be there Ill be so thankful. And this will mean a lot to me.

    color hair black
    color eyes brown

  38. yaslia flores

    hey im 11 years old I will love to be in victorious because it was always my dream to enter , my talent is dancing singing and acting, this opportunity means so bad for me . I live in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

    color of hair black
    color eyes brown

  39. vanessa vallone

    Heyy i am Vanessa an 14 years old.
    My biggest dream is to be a popular actress because i had played in more than 100 acts, and all people and teachers had said that i am really good .
    i can very good put me in other roll, i can from one to the other second begin to cry or scream.
    But my family said i cant make it because thats impossible .
    But i think all what a people be want or get is possible.
    Its my biggest dream, to play in movies or so make so mutch funn.
    and i will show all peoples what had never belive on me andmy dream that i have managed.
    I lives in germany but when i can get the roll i am ready to come imediatelly to america.
    I speek english italienisch bosnisch france.
    Now to me:
    name: Vanessa
    age: 14
    sex: female
    height: 165 meter
    weight: 40-44
    hair: brunette
    eyes: brown green
    ethnicity: i am italian
    plrase wirte back

  40. Shania Donaldson

    Hii, I know you most likely wont see this but I have been dreaming of being an actress for years !! It’s all I ever think/talk about. I would really appreciate it if you took the time to read this it would actually mean the absolute world to me honestly. I am a girl, I’m 14 years old, I’m 4ft 8, I LOVE acting, singing and dancing. I know this is a big thing but I live in the UK but I really want thins and I could go over to America to do this I want this more than anything please coincider letting me audition. I have green eyes and brown hair. There is no opportunities here for me to live my dream so I have to think outside the box and I know that acting wont just come and find me so I have to work for it I know. So I’m working so hard for thisi have been looking everywhere to find an audition. Please let me audition. Thank you so much, shania.

  41. Eva guzman

    Hi my name is eva and im 8 years old. Victorious is my favorite show and it would be so awesome if you let me be on your show. I have brown eyes and black hair. Please consider me. THANK YOU!!

  42. Natali Orozco

    Hi my name is Natali and I would love to be on Victorias so bad. It would meen so much to me a lot. Im 12 years old and I have brown hair and brown eyes. I have experienced acting before. I auditioned to be on a commercial and I also got a callback but i didnt do it because of the price so I would love it if you considered me and emailed me so please please please give me a chance and by helping me make my dreams come true. I have been the lead role in lots of plays at my school. When it comes to acting im never shy and its never hard to learn lines. Im a great singer and I would LOVE it if you considered me. So please please please email me if you would like me to be on season 3 of Victorious. THANKS!!

  43. arianna

    Im a young teen great actor i watch all of your shows but i think Im perfect for a roll o

  44. Janet kuk

    Hello, I’m janet! I’m 14 going to be 15. I live in California and I am 5.1 feet. I want to work in victorious because I want to work with Victoria justice. She inspired me to to become a nickelodeon actress. I want to become an actress and work with amazing people. Please email me and thank you.

  45. Alexis fullingim

    My name is Alexis fullingim .I have experience but, on a minimum. I have been in musicals such as high school musical , Peter Pan , and a couple more. I have tried for commercials , but that’s the experience I have. I have had acting lessons before. I would love more then ever to take part in victorious.I have watched the show since day one. I’m a fast learner and I sing , I learn my parts and words very easily.I have always wanted to be in show business , on tv. But If I could i would love to start my career now. Thank you very much for reading . I don’t know if you need contact information so you can find me on instagram @alexiss___xoxo.Im 12 now but 13 in 20 days.Once again thank you and goodbye.
    Alexis fullingim

  46. yazlyn

    hello my name is yazlyn and i would love to be in victorious, im 14

  47. Dayana

    Hey my name is Dayana I’m 12years old my passion is
    Acting I spend half of my time acting to get better so
    That maybe one day I get the opportunity to do it on
    A set. Please consider me for more info or question
    Please send me and email thank you have a nice day

  48. Johana Vidrio

    My name’s Johana Vidrio
    Im 14 and i love to sing, play piano and act.
    Being one of these Nickelodeon shows is so AWESOME ! lol
    p.sin my room i like to act alone with many different characters :D
    alone is better so i wont be judged or criticized :// but hey I know how so i wanna show those who thing wrong about me :)
    If not, thanks anyways ! :)

  49. Brandon Mullins

    Hello, I am very interested in having a role in this Disney Channel television show. I have experience in school plays, I think I could definitely bring extra talent to the TV show. I do very well at taking direction and I am an excellent listener. I hope you will look at this comment and get back to me with more information.

    Where are the auditions and what day?

    Age: 15
    Birthdate: 26/07/1998
    Race: Hispanic/White
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’3
    Weight: 150lbs.
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Short styled, dark brown

    Thank You very much & have a wonderful day. (:
    -Brandon Mullins

  50. breuna adams

    Hi, my name is Breuna Adams and I’m 16 years old. My current height is 5’2 I would like to be on the show cause I believe that my talent would add amazing talent.

  51. Yarlenyth Febles

    The reason why i should be considered for Victorious is because i am a very talented girl that can sing, dance, and act. I also have a connection with Victorious because my dream is also to be recognized by someone big for my talents. But anyways my name is Yarlenyth Febles and im 13 years old i love in Florida in a small town called Clewiston and its kind of hard to be recognized in a small town but im really looking forward for you to contact me. Let me tell you a little bit about myself i love to sing and dance in front of people and i always let people know and I’m very funny and i love to match. I’m the kind of girl that well show that im confident and spiritual. I will always keep my head up and have a smile on my face. Something i always tell people that are sad is no matter what keep your head up high because if your not successful this time you know what you did wrong and next time you wont do the same mistake

  52. Yarlenyth Febles

    The reason why i should be considered for Victorious is because i am a very talented girl that can dance,

  53. Austin Johnson

    Hi my name is Austin Johnson I love acting I like doing impressions and I’m mostly flexible around the career field I have a good attitude and I am a good person to hang out around.



    hair color:Black

    eye color:Brown

    African American

  54. Nadia

    Hi I am looking forward to seeing this on your channel but I am also asking that you look at this and others comments. I would like to share a few things about me. I am 13 and I can be professional about working. I am around 5’5. My features are blue eyes, blonde straight hair, and weigh about 100 lbs. I may not have much experience but I will work my hardest to meet the expectations and over achieve the standards. If you hire me I will give it 110% with concentration and passion in my character. Thank you for reading this and please contact me with any information about this role.

  55. imani brown

    Hi I am imani brown I am 11 years old. I love victorious it was sad when they ended it and I want to try to be in it . I believe I can do it and be in this show. I am african american I am about 5;2 and I love sports like basketball and football I love singing and acting also I love drawing and being active being involved

  56. Dejana Radić

    Hey! I’m 16 years old girl from Croatia,i love this show and my dream is to be part of her.i have long brown hair,big green eyes,and i’m tall. I’m relax on stage. i enjoy to be on stage and work with people. Since i was little i was part of lot of plays,that’s are not profesionals plays ,but it’s still acting. I go in art school,so i like drawning and painting but for me acting is important.i don’t have opportunity to act in movies or tv shows because here,in Croatia ,hasn’t shoots for something like that,oke i don’t know what to say,but i promise i won’t let you down if you give me opportunity :)

  57. Israel Martinez

    Hi my name is israel i’m 5’8 hispanic,brown eyes,tall,and have a sense of humor. I would love to be on the show victorious because i love being with people of that age i am 13 years old and i live in arkansas but i still want to furfill my dreams as an actor no matter what i do. The reason i would like to be on the show is because i think diffrent races should be considered so they all wont be the same since i am half mexican. I have seen the show along with my sister who is a huge fan of ariana grande and victoria justice. I also love to act give me a script let me sing i can also do that i am NOT shy 100% and will come out for you completely and do it right. I also like it because on the show you guys do a variety of things sing,act,or play an instrument like leon. I can play the guitar (sorta) sing and act like i said earlier if u would like more info on me just email me

    Hope you consider me.
    Israel Martinez

  58. Cheyenne Lehman

    Hi, im cheyenne lehman, im 10 but i can play a 10, 11, 12, 13, or 14 year old, for im 5ft tall so i can play a 12 year old and i can play a small 14 year old, i was born october 17 2003. i can play a brat or a smiley perfect stuck up girl, i can be outgoing or shy, i can cry or force a sincere smile or laugh and i am fully willing to work full time. i hope you pick me and i dont want to wast your time som im keeping this short, i have brown hair braown eyes, and bangs, other then that im just… i guess me. well i hope you pick me, cheyenne.

  59. Alison

    I love nickelodeon and acting and dancing and singing it is all so fun I would love I to be on this show it would mean the world to me thanks

  60. jada quinn

    hi im jada Quinn I would like to be on the show I don’t have a good voice im warning you and thank you

  61. lekaja berts

    greetings im lekaja ….13…i can sing dance and act —- particularly pop and r&b——hip-hop——–im amerian idian——the lead in all my school plays——– and i am out of school rite now and im very much hopeing that someone e-mails me with information ……to do with casting an audition……………….ive been performing since the age of 2 but november 22nd i kind of lost it because of my fathers death so if i was to get this audition he probably would have been so proud of me and am working on contacting a record label so thank u for reading and good luck to others on stepping out and trying to persue their dreams as well…..its what my dad would have wanted!

  62. Summer Schmiedebusch

    I am a female, who is 5 feet tall, 11 almost 12 years old, I live in Ohio, and I think I am very talented. I am a brunette with short, curly hair, I have brunette eyes that turn from brown to hazel, and everyone that I have met have said I am very respectful and kind to others and their feelings. Ever since I was about 4 I was in love with singing, I cannot dance or play any instruments,when I started getting older I started acting with some friends, it never was official but we all still had lots of fun acting. I’ve been through some hard times too, my parents got divorced when I was at a young age, my mother has been through a fight with stage 2 cancer, thankfully she won the hard and long battle. My zodiac sign is cancer ( what a coincidence), Therefore i was born June 25 2002. My current music inspirations are Little Mix, Cody Simpson, Laura Marano, One Direction, R5, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Becky G, and Debby Ryan.

  63. Zoe Ellison

    My name is Zoe Ellison I just turned 10 in January. I love to sing and act! Most of my friends say I sing like Ariana Grande. I took ballet lesson for about 4 years in Ohio. I currently live in Thornton, Colorado. I also love doing impressions of celebrities and cartoon characters like Spongebob Squarepants. I have been in 2 plays the first one was called The Little Christmas Tree and the other one was called Colorado History so I do have some experiance with acting. If I could be any character I would just LOVE to be related to Andre in some way.

    How I look
    I am african american
    brown hair and brown eyes
    4’11 and weigh about 56 pounds

  64. Mykia Johnson

    Im 16 years of age 5’5, black/native american brown curly hair brown eyes.
    Im athletic my sports are, volleyball played my freshman year, cheerleading for 5 years. I’m also in a pageant and made the state finalist for Maryland. Also I have experience with acting. Acting is a passion of mine and I take it very seriously but also like to have fun with it at the same time.

  65. Myanna Armstrong

    Hey my name is Myanna. Im 12 years old I can sing and act. I live in Detroit Michigan. It has been my long life dream to be an actor. I love to sing i sing 24/7

  66. nicole!!!

    Hii! My name is Nicole Madzigon, I live in Toronto, Ontario, I am 14 years old, 5’7, brown/blond hair, and green eyes. I don’t have much experience but I’m truly victorious! I’ve been doing great in my drama class at school and also awesome monologues/dramatizations in English class. I feel as if I’m a joy to work with and I’m willing to do everything to further my career (start my career). In my spare time I play tennis and I dance, Also I love watching Victorious and other t.v shows. Hit me up if interested :D Thanks

  67. Eda nazli

    Hi I’m Eda and I am 15 going to be 16 years old .I have completed my drama exam and successfully passed . I Study at an academy school and I and going to further study drama at sixth form. I love victorious and would always repeatedly watch each episode of it constantly I would love to be a part of the acting crew and make my dream come true. I think that am I fully experienced for this role.
    Hair colour: brown (long)
    Eye colour: brown
    Olive skinned
    Second language : Turkish
    Half Asian
    Thank you

  68. mimiko emma

    Hi my name is mimiko am 12 going to 13 am from nigeria i really need to be on this show because am a grate am very intelligent if u give me an play to memorize I I won’t forget my line am very serious in acting am very funny .please if u chose send me a mail

  69. nasiriyah pacheco

    I will do what ever it takes

  70. Ashley Dekker

    Height: 5’8
    Age: 19
    Race: mixed black/white
    Eyecolor: brown
    Haircolor: blonde (naturally brown)

    Hello my name is Ashley Dekker and i’m 19 years old, i live in Amsterdam, Netherlands but that will not stop me from following my dreams! My dream is to be an actress and i’ll do anything i can to make this dream come true, i graduated high school and i’m in college right now. I’m also doing a bit of modeling. Ariana Grande and Beyoncé are my rolemodels, they motivate me so much! I think i deserve this role because i’m super confident and an outgoing person!

    For pictures and more information please e-mail me: <hidden from public>

    Hope you’re interested!

    Kind regards, Ashley

  71. Shemiah Timmons♥♡♡♥

    Heyy, my name is Shemiah Timmons. Im 17 years old and i live in Baltimore, Maryland. Im a big fan of victorious i have been watching it since the first season. I would love to be apart of the new season comming up. I see how much fun they have creating the show and how they connect to there characters and thats something I’ve always wanted to do. I dont want to be an actress just for me i wanna do it for my family as well. Im not poor, but im not the richest. I dont wanna be like everyone who just wanna wait around until something comes along i want to go get it. If you want something to happen fight for it an work hard to do what you love, not because its just something to do, but its what you believe in doing. So please give me a chance to begin this journey as a actress. This has always been a dream to do.

  72. Destiny Green

    O i also should have mentioned i’ ve been told i have a very soulful voice TOO!!!!!!!! So singing is like a natural talent besides acting

  73. Destiny Green

    Hello,my name is Destiny Green iam a african/indian 13 year old girl i am a very good actress iam really interested in a career at Nickelodeoni watch a lot of the shows too.I am very determnd i will start from being an extra but i will intend to someday be the main character it is my dream i just need a chance..I know that in life its who u know not what you know..Thank You :)

  74. Joan kerryn Enock

    Hi my name is kerryn I’m 12 going 13 this year ,I have been to several plays in my street.Even though I am in Tanzania,I’m really good in speaking English language,especially American English,I hope and believe you will consider my application.

  75. Kylie Alexander

    Hi I’m Kylie I’m 21years of age, I just love the shows and it would be a hugh dream of mine to become an actress I just love acting. I’m very enthuisatic and take whatever challenges is thrown at me, I’m very friendly and great to work with. I have spoken infront of a crowd before aswell as danced, I am a very quick learner. Thank you this would be a great opportunity and I live in South Africa.

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