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  1. Alika Mundy

    I’m 13 years old and female. I would lobe this opportunity, I understand my chances are unlikely as hundreds of wanna-be stars are going to audition. I have been wanting to break into the acting business for about a year now and I think this is the job that will get me into that. I am a confident actress that wants to get noticed!
    Thank you for reading this and I hope to get more information on auditors.
    Alika Mundy

  2. Naomi

    Hey I’m Naomi I’m 11 years old almost 12 and I live in United kindom,England acting has been my dream and passion since I was very little but it doesn’t really seem to come true I really believe in my self. Every day I just stand in front of my mum’s wardrobe mirror acting, I used to be very shy but acting has made that shyness totally go away I really dream of being on nickelodeon or disney on any show I hope I get auditions I haven’t found an agent yet please if it’s possible can you get back to me by a email thx.

  3. Keana

    Hi! I’m Keana S Ildefonso I’m from philippnes but I was born in America I’m 12 years old . I Like to audition because that’s my dream to be an actress .

  4. Itali Hernandez

    hi my name is itali and im 12 years old I have a 10 year old sister and we both are interested in auditioning for victorious because its our favorite tv show if we qualify to enter please email me at <hidden from public>

  5. audrey lee dempsey

    I would love a part in this hilarious show. It brings laughs to everyone and makes you desperately plead for a part. :)

  6. Aaisha Kalande

    Hi lam 13yrs old and a dark female lam 154cm tall l can sing opera in a man voice and sing normally ,l love to act and l would like to get a part in the series ,l am from Sweden and l have an accent, l really love to act and l would really love to get a part, mabye like Adreys littel cousin or sister or something please l have some great ideas so please, please just a littel part, please lam begging you please l love victorious and l listen to ariana grandes and Victoria justice music often but l really wanta Part so thanks for reading and bye, wish everybody luck

  7. reiniluz solano


  8. Amanda

    I’m Amanda and I’m 15 almost 16, I love performing as I’ve been a competitive cheerleader since I was in 2nd grade, and love tumbling/gymnastics I’m outgoing with my friends and make new friends everywhere I go. I have a variety of personalities, I’m not perfect, so I think there would be different variety of roles I could play. I’m bright blonde and love my friends family and learning new things, Im in an advanced media class and drama, so I’m interested in the show business world. Please consider me as I would love to be apart of this show. :)

  9. Sarah Raza

    Hi! My name is Sarah Raza and I live in Chantilly, Virginia. I have LOVED acting since I was 5. Right now I am 12, and my hair is black and curly/wavy, and my skin tone is tan. I have always loved victorious, and I remember the first day I watched it, I fell in love with it. It has inspired me so much, and even before I found out about the show, I have always had a nag that I should become an actress. I would practice drama with my friends, and it’s so fun expressing different emotions and facial expressions! I really love dancing, singing, fashion, and most of all, acting. I am very athletic, which of course makes me a great dancer and runner. I would love it if you considered me, and acting means A LOT to me. Thanks!

  10. natasha campbell

    hi me again i just wanted to say that me and my friends always mess around and play the parts from victorious and i wanted to tell u about me a little
    1.)my hair is short and really dark brown
    2.)my age is 9
    3.)i am from new mexico and grew up in new mexico
    4.)i go to adobe acres es i been going there for 5 years
    5.)i have two siblings one older sister and one younger brother
    so thats all i have to tell you right now i really hope you let me audition thank you ok bye :)

  11. natasha campbell

    i just always wanted to be an actor and i love VICTORIOUS its one of my favorite shows on nickelodeon

  12. Eugene

    Hey there i’m eugene weird name i know…don’t think otherwise lol i’m a guy and not gay.. victorious is my favourite show its like the most awesome/funny show in the world my favourite actress is victoria justice *damn she’s perfect/beautiful/funny and thats a fact… leon thomasIII is my favourite actor they would make a good couple though because they both great artiste… And i love acting and singing and i know acting beside them would make me a much better actor and i do agree victorious does need new faces funny ones though and sinjin needs a hair cut just saying lol so umm i guess thats why i should be considered i guess first time for everything …ohh almost forgot i’m black and im 16 turning 17

  13. Eugene

    Hey there i’m eugene weird name i know…don’t think otherwise lol i’m a guy and not gay.. victorious is my favourite show its like the most awesome/funny show in the world my favourite actress is victoria justice *damn she’s perfect/beautiful/funny and leon thomasIII is my favourite actor they would make a good couple though because they both great artiste… And i love acting and singing and i know acting beside them would make me a much better actor so umm i guess thats why i should be considered i guess first time for everything …ohh almost forgot i’m black and im 16 turning 17 and i so love my hair lol joking

  14. Giselle Martinez

    Hi my name is Giselle Martinez. I am from California, Santa Ana/Garden Grove. I have liked acting for about 2 years now. I am very, as my friends describe me, humorous, fun, funny, cheerful, wise adviser, great thinker, and different to be clear. Anyways I really want to get a part in this movie. I have acted like a bad sister to my older brother a few times and he actually believed me, not even having a clue that I was acting. A friend and I have done different thing too. We really like to sing but she’s amazing and I just there like “hey “. My parent is separated and I would like to help them out on a lot of things. I am currently at Eisenhower Elementary in Garden Grove. It is my first year there and I am:
    1.) school-body president
    2.) In pentathlon
    3.) In chorus
    4.) Chorus president
    5.) Playing violin, also got in honor orchestra
    6.) Playing the saxophone
    7.) In the league for our 6th grade sport (TEAM 1)
    I would really like to have a part. It would mean so much and if I don’t get it I will work harder for more acting parts.
    Height: 5’6
    Eyes: brown
    Hair: brunette
    Race: Hispanic/ Latina
    Skin: light brown
    Gender: female
    Age: 12, December 28, 2001
    Languages: Spanish and English
    Hobbies: basketball, hanging with friends,
    Nicknames: Gizzy, Press, Miss Martinez, king size. M.B, Mom
    Thank you so much!

  15. Addie Neal

    Hi my name is Addie Neal I love this show espically the singing and everything else
    Live New Hampshire
    Age 13
    Height 5″4
    Hobbies singing dancing acting comedy

    Hope you let me try out
    Reach me
    Thank you

  16. Meisha Skinner

    I think I should be considered because I have always love acting I know I’m not experienced but when I watch movies I have always wanted to experience how it would feel to be in a movie or show and show my talents but I am kind of shy

  17. jessica warren

    When are you going to pick the people for the show?please pick me I’ve been wanting to do this for years and i can do gymnastics. I want this role to show people I’m not just the shy girl with pigtales beacause i have floppy ears but i wanna show people I’m more than that!

  18. Destiny Hall

    I love watching Victorious. I like the one where Tori poured the spaghetti down the mans pants. I Love all of Tori’s songs. She is a creative girl and I adore her. I would love to meet her .

  19. sanggeethaa

    Hi my name is Sanggeethaa Velu. I m 13 years old. I live at Malaysia. I m very good at my english. I m a indian but u dont have the accent. I always want to became a actress. I love singing. I have been to a choir competition. I love singing its my life. My instagram name is @sanggee_thevampire. Please if i get this part it means a lot to me and my family. Because i would love be in the cast. I m a good memoriser. I memorise lines. And i would love to star in a show. Hope i will get it.

  20. Mayte Casas

    I think I did it wrong, I’ve been sending applications instead of commenting dammit……anyways I would love to be on the show!!!!!! To start off with I am a fan of the show hehe I think its funny and it has a great cast AND its the type of school I’d like to be in :( It waould be such an honor to be part of it THANK YOU <3

  21. Erika Jackson

    Hi my name is Erika. I am 12 years old. I live in the state Pennsylvania. Flying to a specific place will not be a problem. School is almost over and my parents are very understanding and are very encouraging in my goals. This would be a dream come true if I made it as an actress. I am African American and I would really like it if this dream/ goal became true. Though, I am very short on the other hand. I think I am about 4’6-4’8. I understand that my height is not compared to Zendaya, but there is passion in my heart that has passion of being an actress. I haven’t been in any acting classes, but I do know that this is a passion of mines. I could practice and practice to prove this is not something so silly I thought of. I would really do my best and show you the talent I do have. I am good at remembering things and I don’t give up. I have good grades in school. I would like advice if I am not good for the role. Thank you very much for your time and I would gladly appreciate if you could contact me at my email address. Bye!

  22. George

    hi am george i love acting and also i have been taking acting lesson a whole year now please i would realy love working with you guyz

  23. La'Dora Lewis

    Hi my name is La’Dora Lewis considered to get a roll in victorious because , I’m an very unfamiliar face , and not a lot of people in Indianapolis get a chance to have an opportunity like this. Also I’m singer , and I’m an song writer. I’v sung my whole life and i still sing a lot. And I’v always wanted to meet Victoria Justice because i would like tips on how i is in the music world and , i promise you wont regret this decision and I’m no hard o each. My name is La’Dora Lewis and have a grate rest of your day.

  24. jessica warren

    If u pick me i would be honerd i know there is another thousond messages to look at but acting is my life and I’m not letting that dream die and i will keep fighting until i get a role in someting and i won’t stop, thank u for your time jessica warrenxx

  25. Amiaya fortenberry

    I’m amiaya and I am 16 years old and I would love to audition

  26. Victoria peralta

    I’m victoria.i live in Chula Vista C.A and I’m 14 years old.
    Languages:English and Spanish
    I’m in drama classes for two years and a model when I was a great at acting and have been watching nickaloden scince I was a baby and have loved all of your love to be in basically any show you have open.

  27. Zabdiel Villarta

    Hello, my name is Zabdiel Villarta, um… Im a bit fat and Im very funny. I should be considered to be one of the Victorious cast because, I can act good like Victoria Justice and I feel that I belong to the movie Victorious.. So, please accept me and I will do my very best in playing a role in Victorious. Thank you!

  28. Eboni Portelli

    Hi, my name is Eboni Portelli. I am a 16 year old girl who lives in Queensland, Australia. I am in Year 11 in High School and I am a very sporty person. I have played sport for basically all my life and I have also had an interest in acting but didn’t know where to start, which means that I have no experience but I do love to try new and crazy things. I love to meet new people and I work really well with others. My friends say I am a bright bubbly person who loves to have fun but is still responsible and hard working. I would love the opportunity to be on a TV show like Victorious because it is just an exciting and fun show to watch. I hope I here back from you :)

  29. Guadalupe Deleon

    Hi I’m Guadalupe
    Im currently studying entertainment in highschool going to a solo acting competition where ill learn to improve my acting and compete against other schools. Acting is my new found passion,all great actresses start somewhere and I would love for this to be my chance.I have a bit of experience in acting being in a few roles,but I can asure you I learn my line easily,a fast learner if you would just give me a chance I won’t disappoint.
    Hope to hear from you soon :)

  30. Victoria Babalola

    Hello my name is Victoria . I am 13 years old and I live in NY. I am a good actress , singer, dancer model,and pretty much everything when I put my mind to it. However, I am a straight A student always on the honor roll, I am looking forward to being the valedictorian at my graduation. I feel that I should be chosen because I fit in perfectly at anything I do. One day I look forward to meeting Dan Schneider because of all the really funny kid shows he creates.Every day I sing and make people laugh,sometimes they say that I should be a comedian or have my own show to inspire kids all around the world to always follow their dreams. I hope one day I can be on a show . Thank you .
    ps: my number and my mom’s number is <hidden from public> or <hidden from public> .

  31. Ian

    I would love to have the opportunity of being on Victorious.

  32. Shannon sedgwick

    Hello! My name is Shannon Sedgwick and I am 17 years old! I currently live in Denton, Texas. Located about 45 minutes outside of Dallas. I recently graduated from high school and it has always been a dream of mine to be on a nickelodeon tv show. Ever since I was little I’ve been watching nickelodeon. It started with the old kid shows like the rugrats and before I knew it I was 12 years old watching Zoey 101 or drake and josh. As long as I can remember I’ve been interested in the thought of being on tv and the idea of being of Nickelodeon makes me nothing more than ecstatic. One of the few reasons why I want to be on this show is that I love children and the thought of being looked up to by millions of young kids fills my heart with happiness. Another reason why I think you should consider me to be on your show is that I have an outgoing optimistic personality and I love to make people laugh. I have no problem being silly and embarrassing myself or just having fun while doing what I love. I love to sing and perform. I used to cheer at my high school where I was one of the captains of my team. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment. I hope to hear from you soon!

  33. Irene Nkrumah

    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: black
    Skin: fair in complexion
    Weight:134 Hi my name is Irene Scott Nkrumah and I’m from Ghana which is on the west side of Africa. I am 17years old and will be 18 on November 29th 2014. All I wanted to become was a model that’s when I was 8years of age, I started wearing high heels and so on. Life is difficult in my country and less opportunities. I came to the United states when I was 10 years old with my dad, step mother and 6year old brother who is now 13 going to 14. I love to sing and dance…it’s something that I developed very early as a kid, I sing at church and I’ve performed at church and in I think in middle school…it was a song about slavery “wade in the water”. Now I so much into acting. I love music because it makes happy when sad, bored, broken, hurt, happy, and so on.I can BOLDLY say that music is my life or at least part of my life but my parents don’t really see it because they are busy thinking of me studying hard and getting a better job in future. My mother has hope in me and she’s depending on me as her first child.I want to do something I love and make both my mother and the rest of my family proud of me. I’ll be more than happy and appreciative to be a member of the cast of victorious. The advice I have for myself and others is that “practice makes u perfect”….

  34. Janelle

    My daughter is 6 years old love this show a lot. She’s really outgoing and likes to have fun hope to hear from Nickelodeon!!!!!!!

  35. Adebola

    Hi my name is Adebola, i am nearly 17yrs(december) am very much interested in victoria show and i know that i will do it in a good way. Have been acting since i was 9yrs old and people always wish to have me among their shows/films. I will be very happy if am choosen. Thank You

  36. Emily Bucher

    There’s no way that you will see my comment amongst the one thousand commenters but I thought I’d give it a shot. Victorious holds a lot of talented actresses and I for one love to sing. I auditioned for X Factor, third season . I have light brown hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin and I’m 15, 16 in September. I don’t have much experience with acting but I’d love to try it.

  37. larisa

    Hello, my name is Larisa. I am 14 years old. I live in Russia,I have no particular acting and English is not really, but I can offer you the movie though it has not yet been written. and I’d like to have it if it interests you please write.Thanks for the attention.

  38. Jessica

    Hi! My name is Jessica.i been in a lot of school plays and has always push myself for being the lead! I am very enthusiastic when I am in front of a live audience and never shy,not one bit. It has been a dream to be on t.v especially Nickelodeon. I hope you have time to read this short letter and please consider emailing me thank you for your time:)

  39. Aaliyah

    My name is Aaliyah, I am 18 years old as of March 26th. I love to sing and act, I have youtube videos of me singing from a couple years ago. My youtube username is aaliyanlee.

  40. Ryan Thomson

    hello, My name is Ryan Thomson
    I work with  <hidden from public> 
    I am 16 years old
    I have brown hair
    I have hazel eyes
    I am 5 foot 8 inches
    I am Hispanic and Brazilian
    I weigh 140 pounds
    I play guitar, violin and piano somewhat.
    I am very ambition dedicated and motivational
    Contact number <hidden from public> 
    Contact email: <hidden from public>

  41. Samantha Bryn Reavis

    My name is Samantha Bryn Reavis. I’m eight years old. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I love acting. I can play the paino and cello. I also love singing. I’m 51 1/2 inches tall and 68 pounds. I live in Los Angeles. I have been in Thanksgiving 1621 and Ruby Bridges. I am very serious about acting and practice alot.

  42. Brittany-Anne Anderson

    I believe that you should pick me too be on Victorious because I am a very good actress and I love to sing and I pay violin. So I am very talented musically .I really love to act I have got large roles in plays at my school. So I think I am deserving of this role.

  43. Makenna Blakcwell

    Eye color:VERY blue
    Hair color: sandy blonde/brown
    skin color: pretty tanned
    Dance experience: I am pretty good, and have been learning quickly due to musicals and such.
    Weight: about 149(average)
    Very animated
    Singing: I am very good at belting my music, along with singing quietly to :) I am really good at the po, and jazz and country, or just abour anything you throw at me.( Nothing above an F flat though)

    Hi! My name is Makenna. I have been singing since I was 5 years old, and am now almost 16, in september. I have been acting since 4th grade, and am now in 10th, and am still in plays and such today. I can do anythin you can give me :) I currently live in Lansing Kansas.I can dance, sing, act, and am very good at memorizing lines quickly I am really good at acting and singing, and have quite a sassy but happy personality.I am pretty sarcastic, but am really good at serious acting. Because I am so sassy and sarcastic, I am also really god at humerous as well.

  44. Alex (Alexandra)

    Hi my name is Alex im really interested in being in this.. Im 14 nearly 15 ( in december) but people say i look alot older than i am, i have dyed dark brown hair and am tall for my age. I live in UK but would be willing to travel. I have had acting experience in theaters before i also have done modelling when i was younger. i hope you consider me. I would do any roles i have also done street dance lessons and self taught myself piano. I did acting classes for 2 years and performed alot with that group. I think i have potential. PLEASE CONSIDER ME!
    email – <hidden from public>
    i love victorious so much and would love to be in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Daniela Maldonado

    hi my daniela
    Age: 13
    height: 1.69cm
    weight: 59 k
    Hair color: dark brown
    Eye color: Dark Brown
    Sex: female
    Race/Ethnicity: peruvian /latinoameric
    Email: <hidden from public>

    im daniela maldonado chavez im play guitar and piano. i from peru i speak spanish and soso english i like acting but i doesn’t have the oportunity. my favorite series is Victorius i ñlike the victoria’s voice i like one direction, ed sheeran, etc. pliss select my is the best opportunity of my life. ;)

  46. Dmitriy

    привет меня зовут Дмитрий Григорьевич мне 19 лет 182см рост ,Живу в Украине,у меня нет специально подготовленного мастерства но не это главное насколько я понимаю талант превыше всего а он у меня есть, наше время в моей стране не возможно показать себя, вот и решил чтобы ни было
    я своего добьюсь вы у меня великая надежда спасибо за внимание))

    hi my name is Dmitriy G. I am 19 years old 182cm height, I live in Ukraine, I do not have a trained skill but this is not important as far as I understand the talent and above all I have it, our time in my country is not possible to show themselves, and that’s decided to any
    I’ll do you his great hope I thank you for your attention))

  47. Dmitriy

    привет меня зовут Дмитрий Григорьевич,Живу в Украине,у меня нет спецыально подготовленного мастерства но не это главное насколько я понимаю талант превыше сего а он у меня есть, наше время в моей стране не возможно показать себя, вот и решил чтобы ни было
    я своего добьюсь вы у меня великая надежда спасибо за внимание))

    hi my name is Dmitri G., I live in Ukraine, I have prepared spetsyalno skill but this is not important as far as I understand this talent above and I have it, our time in my country is not possible to show themselves, and that’s decided that neither was
    I’ll do you his great hope I thank you for your attention))

  48. dulce hernandez

    so like ive always wanted to become an actor since i am good at alot of things and i love to sing. everyday me and my sister sing and me and my sister got to become a model at Westminster Mall…and belive me we went to miami on last summer.. on American Mall Model Search…it was incredible and i hope you pick me cause i can be really good and me and my family would enjoy watching VICTORIOUS..ive been on T.V when i was on FETCH

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