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  1. Aylanna Cox

    Hey, My name is Aylanna, i’d love to be on Victorious! I’m 13,love getting down in the mud,but love dressing up too!
    height: 5’8
    weight: 140 lbs
    greenish blue eyes
    dirty blonde hair, naturally straight.
    I love to sing but I don’t think i’m that good,probably a few vocal lessons would do.
    sincerely Aylanna

  2. Elizabeth Grace

    Name: Elizabeth “Lizzie” Stockton
    Age: 11
    Eyes: Baby Blue
    Hair: Medium Brown
    Height: 4ft 10in
    Weight: 74lbs
    Location: On the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee !

    Hey there…..i’m an 11 year old girl up on the plateau in Tennessee just kickin it country ! I have a Mom, Dad, an awesome big Brother, and 2 English Bulldogs “slobber machines ” lol ! I love to dress up and feel beautiful & I also love to get down and dirty in the mud ! Softball is my favorite sport even though they nicknamed me “Target” lol….seems the ball can’t miss me ! I’ve participated in several beauty pageants and won many of them. I represented the county I live in for the year of 2010-2011…..I was 2010 Little Miss Fentress County and boy was that an adventure ! I love to be myself….original & unique….everybody says GOD broke the mold with me I love to be goofy & crazy at times and love to make people laugh !!!!
    I really hope to hear from you and be able to show you what I have to offer in acting ! I will truly be greatfull for any part that you have to offer me to become part of the entertainment industry ! Thanks soo much……Lizzie

  3. Claudia Rodriguez

    Hey my name is Claudia Rodriguez im 12 im going to be 13 in 2 months which is in august and i love the to be in the hit show “Victorious” and its my dream to become an actor because when i watched the show it inspired to act and i love act alot the show inspried me to how much i love acting act and singing so its really important to me to be in the show Victorious and i can sing So email me

    Name:Claudia Rodriguez
    Hair:long/dark brown
    Hobbies:singing,acting and dancing
    Dob:August 7,2002

  4. Amelie

    Hello i’m 8 years old and i absolutely love the show Victorious i love to sing and act so much.
    i t would mean so much to me to have a part.
    I’m in year three and love acting and drama and pretty much look like Tori!!!

  5. Mia Johnson

    Hello my name is Mia Johnson I’m 13 years old and I would be a honored to be in the tv series of “VICTORIOUS´´. And my dream is to be an actress ans sing and dance with the whole victorious cast .
    Name: Mia Johnson
    Age: 13
    Date Of Birth: March 28,2002
    Height: 5’6
    Hair: Black/ short
    Eye: Dark brown
    Hobbies: singing, drawing, acting, cheer
    It would be an honor to be in victorious and sing with tori ( Victoria ).

  6. Tyzhane' Taylor

    Hey , My name is Tyzhane’ Taylor. I’m a honor roll student. I’m originally from Akron, Ohio. I moved to a small town in Louisiana called Labadieville, Assumption parish about 4 years ago. I’m on a dance team in my town , I am co-captain of the team. I ran track for one year when i was younger, five years cheering , one year of ballet and two years Majorette dancing. My family has a history of singers, i am more of a dancer, my voice could use a little work, but i love to sing and dance.
    I am a big fan of a victorious. The main character Tori inspires me because she doesn’t take no for an answer. When she believes in something she makes it right.
    Age: 16.5
    D.O.B: 12/03/98
    Hight: 5″3
    Weight: 212
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: dark brown

  7. sofia starace

    Hello my name is Sofia Starace I am 11 years old I love to act. I have been in school plays chorus concert and clarinet recitals. I sing, dance, swim, act, and do gymnastics. Would love to join the cast.

  8. Jeynaliz

    My name is Jeynaliz (Jay-nuh-lees) if you don’t know how to say it
    Age and height: 12 year old girl and 4’11”
    Grade: 6th going into 7th
    Looks: short, tan, long dark brown hair, dark brown eyes
    About me: I’m a funny, cool, and social girl. Can be a bit of a trouble maker. Not shy at all. Make a lot of people laugh a lot. I basically know every one like in the first 3 months of a new school. I love animals. Favorite color is mint green. Not nerdy more like cool and popular but not mean.
    Hobbies: basketball, volleyball, playing PC games, drawing, singing, going on my iPhone 24-7
    Expirience: have been in a best buy commercial before a long time ago for just dance 3 or 4 but I haven’t done other commercials and never been on a tv show.
    I hope to be an actress one day.

  9. Ulyana

    Name: Ulyana
    Age: 14
    Hair Color: Light Brown
    Eye Color: gray/blue/green
    Height: 5’5
    Weight: 110,2lbs
    Experience: I don’t have any(and this is killing me)
    I’m from Belarus so I almost have no chances but if I would have a chance it’d change all my life! I’m so tired of all this routine I wanna do something exciting, fun, the things make me smile from my soul. So if I have a small chance please contact me! Help my dream come true!!!!!!

  10. lakin

    hello my name is lakin im 10 and i have black and brown hair im a very good actress im 6,3inches im light brown my eyes are brown i speak spanish and english so if u give me a chance contact me at <hidden from public> thanks that will be very appreciative thank you mwah

  11. Danaya

    I’m not going to write a whole book on here , because that’s just something im not going to do . If you need any information about me just email me .

  12. Emma

    hey my name is Emma burns I am eleven years old i’m turning 12 in 4 months i am from Canada
    and i would love to be in the show victorious i have been in soccer,ringette,figure skating,lacrosse cheer leading,dance,gymnastics.
    i love pets and i am a fast learner. I am tall and weigh about 110 pounds it is my dream to be on a nickelodeon show
    hobbies:i love signing and hanging out with my friends
    i live in Canada and i would love to come out to america and i think move shows need more people like me i am kinda shy but when you get to know me i’m a good person and i am also very good on camera please email me back ,thank you

  13. Rachel Burns

    Name: Rachel Burns
    Age: 15
    D.O.B 24/06/1999
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: long brown and curly
    Height; 175cm

    I love singing and acting, I can sort of dance but I don’t think I’m very good (my friends think differently.) I am up for any task that you assign me to, I do live in Australia though and I have glasses but I can see without them. I am also 100% committed to anything that I do and love working with others. if there is anything else that you want to know please feel free to contact me and thank you for taking the time to consider me.

  14. A.J. Green

    My full name is Amanda Green. I play almost any sport including volleyball, basketball, track, baseball, soccer, football (with friends), and softball. I played on varsity in Basketball, Volleyball, Track, Baseball. I play guitar clarinet and trumpet and I know some piano and I am learning drums. I have starred in a few different plays at my schools and I have participated in Fine Arts for the past two years and we’ve made it to nationals each year.
    Here are my facts:
    I am 5’4″
    I am 16
    I have dark brown hair in the winter and blonder hair in the summer.
    I do live somewhat far away from most things but I got my license so I could get there somehow. I live in southern North Dakota. I have friends and family in many states that would help me get there.
    I have an athletic figure
    I absolutely love traveling.
    I am a very fast learner and can memorize
    I have three pets.
    I am Caucasian
    I have Blue or Green eyes (they change color)
    I am in Choir and Band
    I love singing
    I am female
    I would absolutely love even just to be considered for any parts on disney channel. I am good with people and would love this opportunity. Thanks for reading this and possibly considering me.

  15. Katrina

    I’m a new rising actress. Since I was little, I have been singing, dancing, & acting for my family and friends. When I grow up I want to be a famous singer & actress. I work everyday, all day, I’m very determined, hardworking, and motivated. I feel this show will be a great start in my career. Even if I don’t get in, good luck with the rest if the auditions, & good luck to the test of the actors that apply and try out.

  16. Alysha Anderson

    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Height: 5’0
    Race: African American
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Hair: Brown & red
    State: jeffersonville, Indiana
    School: Jeffersonville High School
    Qualifications: I recently have participated in talent show and almost won. Ive Participated in plays as lead roles . I come from a family of singers. My sister has won kentucky idol before, and they gave her a car. Im a A&B student, but occasionally i have gotten a C. I sing in my school choir, and also i sing in my church. I dance, and step, and pretty much have a positive attitude about things. I will try anything new also :)
    Reason: I would like to be a Cast Member. The reason why i wanna be on this show is because i have a HUGE thing for acting. I’ve been watching all 3 seasons of Victorious so, i know how the inviorment is and how to work with the actors. My favorite Actor on the show is Cat Valentine(Ariana Grande) because i love her voice and the way she is. Im willing to cooperate & understand the meanings and things i will have to do when trying for this part. Im also willing to get along with others and follow orders. Thats why i think you should choose me as a Casting member on Victorious.
    Contact: you can contact me @ my email . <hidden from public> or <hidden from public> . Thanks for your time :).

  17. Jordan Johnson

    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Height: 5’8
    Weight: 158 pounds
    Race: African American
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair: Black; Short
    State: California
    Qualifications: I auditioned and got accepted into a Performing Arts School and I am a theatre major there. I’ve taken multiple acting classes dealing with many areas in the field of theatre. I have experience with auditioning also.
    Skills: Dance (almost 2 years) and basic (Tumbling)

    I would love to be chosen to act on the show, because acting is my passion! After all, I do go to school for it. I love building relationships with fellow actors. I work well with others and I’d be honored if you even considered me for a role in your show!

  18. Ricky Kamuren

    Hi. My name is Ricky Kamuren and i am16 years old. I am a big fan of the Victorious show because Tori’s attitude inspires me and the music and the show is generally amazing. I come from a country called Kenya. Given an opportunity in the show,I will work hand in hand with the team in the show and play role in taking the show to a whole new level. Thank you for giving us this platform to express ourselves.
    This is my email»<hidden from public>.

  19. Samy Al-Mshref

    Hello My name is Samy I’m 10 years old and will turn 11 on July 12TH I always dream to be an actor and I’m good at it

  20. Olivia oakes

    My name is olivia Oakes I’m 13 and I love to act I’m going to cut to the chase I don’t have much experience but I’m an amazing actress I’m super dramatic and very bubbly I am a very talented singer and I have done modeling since I was a baby I have also been in a few Broadway show such as Annie,wizard of oz and grease and I was the lead in each one if you could get me an audition that would be great
    My agent will be in touch thx

  21. Andreea

    Hi my name is Andreea I’m 11 years old turning 12 in September I really want to be on your amazing show Victorious.I’m a really big fan of your show and I telly live acting I literally want to be an actress when I grow up.One reason I want to be on your show is that I can meet lots of my favourite actors/actresses im a really good at acting and I really want to experience how it is on a tv show.I’m studing at a studio in London called Pineapple Studio for the last 3 years drama and Dance. I hope I get selected for your amazing show.Kind regards Andrea x

  22. Erin Harlow

    Hi my name is Erin and I would love to audition for Victorious. This show is my favorite TV show of all time. I would absolutely love it if I could audition and get the part. And I love all the Actors/Actresses in Victorious especially Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies. I was in quite a few plays and I have a beautiful singing voice. The episodes of Victorious that I have watched are really interesting episodes.
    Call me at <hidden from public> or send letters or notifications to me

  23. Carmen

    Hi i’m Carmen and I love this show and i’m an very good actress and I’m 10. If you know who Sabrina Carpenter is she’s a singer/actor and I love her and i’m inspired by her. I all I want is a big break to where I can be popular for once. I’m really funny in a lot of people’s opinion. I’m a good singer and that is great for the movie. I really want to meet all the people on set. I’m a girl with Brown long long hair. I think I would be great for this role. I live in Louisiana. THANK YOU .

  24. Tyler Miller

    Hi, my name is Tyler. I have always dreamed of becoming part of the Hollywood world and become a famous actor/singer. I have been singing ever since I could talk. I’m 16 years old and have finally decided that I should start putting my name on the audition lists. I am working on becoming an Eagle Scout which shows hard work and determination. I am 5’7 with brown hair and blue eyes. If I could get one shot, I would do my very best and show how dedicated I am to obtaining my dream. Thank you for for taking your time to read this as I am sure you are very busy.

  25. Annabel Yeboah

    hello my name is Annabel Yeboah I currently live in England but I won’t mind to come and see America. I thought I should apply because all my life I’ve wanted to act and as I’m British it would bring a new flavour to TV. I hope to hear back asap!

  26. Tyler Miller

    I would love to be on Victorious. It is my favorite show on Nickelodeon. I haven’t had chances too show my acting skills, but so far anything I put my mind to, I can do it. I’m not in the best of shape, I’m 16 years old, really blue eyes, and brown hair, I’m really smart and a super quick learner, I love to sing, I’m about 5’7, I play volleyball, and am free at anytime when I’m not in school. If you guys do look at grades, mine are obviously not the best just because I’ve always been the kid that gets bullied because I’m so smart. I’m also a Mormon, which means I will not do certain things.

  27. Jassi

    hi victorious,i would love to be in victorious

  28. Emilyanne Cusato

    Hi, my name is Emilyanne and I am 15 years old. I live in the Philadelphia area. I have always wanted to be an actress since about 5 years old. I love performing whether acting or singing. I love doing dramatic and improvisation. I have just recently started going after my dream aggressively, with the help of my mom. I am home schooled so school will not be an issue. I would like to thank you in advance for your consideration of me for a part in your show.
    Emilyanne Cusato

  29. Ellen Adams

    Hi victorious,
    I love to sing and dance and I would be perfect to act in victorious i watch it every day! I am 11 and love it so much. I love to act so please can I have an audition!!

  30. Channing Sturgis

    Hello Victorious,
    My name is Channing Danielle Sturgis. I am 13 years old. I have been singing since the day I could talk. I can range from a high soprano to bass. I can also draw and act. I can play any role. I am a hard-working student who can survive long hours of acting. It would be my dream to meet the cast of Victorious and participate in becoming part of the cast.
    I have dark-brown hair. My eyes change from green to blue, most days I have one green eye and one blue eye. My height is 4’11”. I am white. I am also very fit. I play many sports such as: Track, Cross Country, Softball, and Basketball.
    I think you should chose me because I can show many different kinds of emotions. I can be the “mean girl” or a “shy girl”. I am capable of any role. I can sing loud. I am the top of my choir class currently. (Since the school is Hollywood Arts my talent could be singing).
    Thank you for taking the time to read this and if I am chosen I promise I will NOT let you down!

  31. Nathaniel Barton

    Hello my name is nathaniel I am 13 years old I sing and act I am sure and can prove I have the heart to do it,……

  32. carlos canales

    Hi my name is Carlos Canales-Torres i was born April 17, 2001 ever since a kid i have been in love with acting I loved watching victorious, icarly, neds declassified school diary,and zoey 101.
    I loved victorious because it would really keep me entertained. After every episode me and my cousin would react out our favorite parts. That is when i found out i really liked acting. I would love the opportunity to work with all those amazing actors.

  33. Alyssa Lagana

    Hello, My Name Is Alyssa May Zaratan Lagana And I’m 14 Year Old But Turning To 15 In October 20, I Have Dark Brown Hair And Brown Eyes, I’m Not That Tan But Maybe A Little But My Height Is Not That Tall, & I’m From The Philippines, I Really Wanted To Be An Actress Or A Singer And It Has Been My Dream Since 6th Grade, I Want To Be Like Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, Elizabeth Gillies etc.. Because That Makes Me Happy And I Want To Know What It Feels Like To Become An Actress, Honestly I Don’t Have Any Experience In Acting And I’m A Shy And A Nervous Person At First But I Can Get Used To It, That’s What I’m Afraid Of Because I Know That You Will Not Accept A Non-Experience Person To Become An Actor/Actress In That Show/Movie, I’m Trying To Join In My School But I Don’t Because Of My Batchmates Or Classmates Will Think That I Can’t Act And I Will Not Do It Right & I’m Suppose To Do It And It’s Okay To Be Embarrased But It’s Different In My School So I Just Didn’t Join And The Teacher Is A Tough One..I’m Still Not Sure About Auditioning Because My Parents Still Didn’t Know That I Want To Be An Actress Because I’m Not That Smart In Academics But I Am In My Toughts So I’m Shy To Tell Them Because I Know That They Will Say “What?! Are You Sure/Serious?!” (In Filipino Language) Because I Tried It One’s And I Don’t Want To Hear It Again Because It Will Just Make Me Down, And Also Because I’m So Faraway From America And We Can’t Afford A Ticket, But If Everything Will Happen Positive, To Permission, Auditioning And Filming This Will Really Change My Personality And Life So I Wish It Will, This Is All, Thank You, I’m Sorry If It’s Long
    And P.S I Can’t Dance *peace sign*

  34. Shanadia Cown

    Hello, my name is Shanadia Cowan. I am 15 years old from North Carolina. I am a trained dancer (this marks my 10th year). I am an African American (light skinned), 5’3, black hair, and brown eyes. I am an aspiring actress and model. I would also love to stick to my dancing. I have always been a great a great performer and love getting into character. I have also been told to join modeling because of my looks. If you are interested or want more info please contact me at <hidden from public>. Thanks!

  35. Daniel Faruqi

    Daniyal here I go by Daniel or danny, I’m an absolute perfect match for this and highly qualified and interested.a a lot of people friends have recommended me this as I’m funny great actor and sexy and great sense of humor as I’m the fun type and passionate. I always wanted and want to become a celebrity as a Hollywood superstar as it’s a dream very passionate about it.this is has been my first dream and desire lifelong then businessman of a cool American company owner but Hollywood celebrity is first that is last. I’m confused and needing info about audition date’s and location available and I’m flexible easy going type and show start date. A longterm career desired very soon, I’m 22 and fit smart etc and in KC. Please email me quickly at my email address and etc. will appreciate the time you will take to respond.Thanks.

  36. Pol

    My name it’s Pol i’m from Catalonia i have 15 yearls old my dream is act in Victorious i’m handsome, i have brown eyes and black-brown hair i love performance, i love do judo and play basketball,
    Thanks for all, please get me.

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