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  1. oralee e holloway

    This is a package deal, my 14 month baby born on my feb. 8 2015 and myself but born 74. My baby was a twin 1 died at birth. Abel whom is with me. I’m afraid to leave my side. although I have my fears, I’m funny, entertaining and a charm. I work hard. I’ve been threw it all and now that stable. I”M READY !!!! We look forward to meeting you soon.


    Abel and Oralee Holloway

  2. sophie ogodo

    I’m approaching 30 years of age and I feel I have not reached my full potential in life ,there is this itch or urge to become more than an ordinary person with a good job,your platform would be in my opinion ,the best to kick off from ,as it seems to be a fair platform for people of color like myself.

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