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  1. Charmarra Finch

    Age 34 (although I look much younger)
    Height 5’3
    Weight 120 lbs

    African American female with light brown complexion, dark brown shoulder length hair, and brown eyes. From the moment I saw the movie The Color Purple when I was a young girl, I knew I wanted to act. I have some college experience in Theater at Avila University. I starred in a few plays but the major play was A Streetcar Named Desire where I played the leading character Blanche Du Bois. I have a great personality and a passion for acting which allows me to be comedic or dramatic where I have the ability to cry on cue.

  2. Kayode

    I’m a singer and entertainer. I’ve been hoping for a break since I was a child, unfortunately things never panned out. I’ve actually met Mr Perry at one of his movie premiers I had him one on one and I mumbled my words and didn’t know what to say. I’ve been having my ups and downs financially for a few years now and for a time I felt as though maybe time has passed me by . But I still have faith in God that he can and will open the doors and allow me to achieve the vision I’ve had since childhood. I knew you get a lot of these messages on a daily basis. So thanks for your time God bless.

  3. Andrew

    I’ve lived through a lot &! I’m Still able live, laugh and love; I’m capable of relating to a very diverse audience.

  4. Denise madkins

    I think I should be chosen because I was born for this. I’ve been educated for this profession.I have also polished myself to be the best. I’m hungry for the big screen and most of all I’m ready.My time is now!!!!!! Ready to shine bright like the star I was born to be!


    Hi,my name is Tonya Brown .and i believe that i should be chosen because I am the untold pages of the Diary of a Mad Black Woman before the marriage and after the divorce YES ! I often wondered why did i get married!. I was raised in the Family of secrets and incest as of the Haves and have Nots ! YES ! I am a Brown so i can show you how i fought to keep My Deliverance and not be entangled in the curse of mental health in my family .Ive experienced the anguish and disappointment from Loving the wrong men . I can tell you about how difficult it was to Love thy neighbor, whom taught me bible scriptures. When i knew nothing about the word of God .how she Use those scriptures to abuse my children by putting their hands in fire on a gas stove and burn their hands until their little skin bubbled! I can tell you how i contemplated murder ! Yes!!! I Am Tonya Brown and im POURING FROM A BROKEN FLASK .

  6. Twanda Twine

    Hello I from Houston TX I love to sing, dance, and just have fun. I want to be used by god with the abilities he has bestoyed upon me. I am at the point where I want to be molded for greatness. I look foward to hearing from you, Thank you Miss Twanda Twine.<hidden from public> Mother<hidden from public> Aunt
    <hidden from public>

  7. Candace

    I’M DIFFerent!!

  8. Dikianna Berguin

    Hi,I am Dikianna Monique Berguin and I’m from Natchitoches,La
    I am 26 years of age,I would say that I feel,but instead I would like
    To say that
    I know that this particular story there could be no way I could not
    Be the best at what ever part that would be given to me because
    I’m a Christian and no I’m not perfect at all but the Church and the
    youth choir is where I was raised also taught to love thy neighbor
    and Speaking in present tense in my life it’s hard sometimes
    Because even though u should love thy neighbors you also should treat
    People the way that u would like to be treated and in this world
    Today that’s hard for some people but if you serve the same GOD
    That I serve no matter what loving thy neighbors will be as easy
    as not loving them at all.

  9. Ashley Kingsberry

    Hi my name is Ashley Kingsberry, and first off i love to watch Love Thy Neighbor! I think i would be great for this part because im very self-motivated and i think acting would be exciting. I love to watch all the Tyler Perry sitcoms and movies, and if i could get this opportunity i know that i would be great. I always strive to be the best and i always try to follow my dreams & acting and singing is one of them. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and i refuse to pass it up!

  10. pambela carter

    Hi my name is Pambela Carter, and I’m a self motivated person who loves working with others.I am a hard worker,,,I recently lost my mom June 4th of this year and it has changed my outlook on life and what I want to do I am a single mom with. An 15 year old son and an 12 year daughter,they really look up to me.I feel that I am perfect for your new show\movie. I can sing and act,I’ve been singing since I was 6years old and I want to do something with my voice,my family always pushed me to do well in life and I’m trying.I just want to live better and serve the lord because without him all things would not be possible, I just want a chance to be somebody for once in my life,,,,that way my kids see that there are better things in life,,,,,,,,please contact me thanks!!!! I WONT LET YOU DOWN!!!

  11. Tristan Buckner

    The opportunity would change a lot of lives outside of mine, so I’ll do what it takes to succeed and prepare myself to make it a success for OWN..
    Thank you….

  12. alisha

    Hi! Tyler this is Alisha and humbly appreciate this opportunity to apply for one of your parts in your production company. I am just starting out, reliable, and available please give me a call.

  13. Tracie Williams

    I have been told several times that I would be a PERFECT character for the Have and Have Nots because I have this certain spunk with in me. My eyes speak for me. With my many different experiences that I’ve encountered within my 39 years on this earth, be it the good ones or the bad… It has allowed me to have an, If you respect me, then I’ll respect you attitude or my reaction towards you is based upon your actions toward me. I can give you the innocent and sweet or I can give you the sneaky, attitude and deceitful. That is why I would be a PERFECT FIT for a part in Love Thy Neighbor because I can make what ever character you put before me, come to life. It is my desire to work with Mr. Perry because I love the fact that he didn’t go higher and never looked back but he extended his hand and reached back to help any body. I love his heart and love for God’s people and that’s the type of heart that I have and that’s the type of man I would love to work with and for.

  14. Omar Jones

    This is my dream and I am ready to make it my reality.

  15. julie forbes

    Hello my name is julie and I’m just 14 I love your movies and I would like to be apart of them

  16. Joan Doss

    MR. PERRY, I know I can fulfill your acting needs. I am outgoings, funny, romantic and talented. I moved back to Atl to be in a Tyler Perry experience. I am flexible, quick study. MR. PERRY give me an opportunity to prove mystery, you won’t be sorry.

  17. Mr.Everbody Love Me

    I have been through hell and back with my neighbors to the point of almost a Lose of life….I still love them because God fought my battle…I waited til 33 to be Saved and I felt some of Jesus Pain..Anytime u draw close to the Lord the Devil is Waiting to Pounce on You.Yes I have all Praises to My Lord because without him I would be Lost Looking for Answer

    BIBLE (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) I Read his Word and try to live it because he Saved Me for a reason.


  18. debra wood

    Hi good day yes ,i am hoping that i am not to late ,i would love to be apart of this filming because 1] i have a passion and determination for for showcase/actess, 2]and i do really like this movie ,base on i am a true believer of the law of GOD when in real life ,we are to love thy neighbor,as in the spiritual law love thy neighbor as thy self,so i am loving what i all ready practice,and you know while i am practicing this already ,i am more than grateful to be in a movie with it yes my people this is me.PEACE AND BLESSINGS

  19. kentraviousrhoden

    Please I love what You do

  20. Nancy Nelson

    Hi Mr Perry I am bring greeting to you from Son Rise INT Faith Church Summerton SC. We are writing to ask your assistance in serving our community. On September 20, 2014 we are having our Out reach Ministry. At which time we will be distribute food, clothing, appliances, bag groceries grilled food to those who need them. We have been in Outreach Ministry since August 1987. At the present we are serving the Summerton SC. We are asking for donations and or products and or services will be appreciated.
    Thank you in advance for your generosity.
    Sincerely Your,
    Mrs. Nancy Nelson: Public Relations

  21. Latongya Elliott

    When God has gifted you with a gift, he doesn’t take it back. It remains in you, awaiting for you to take action upon it. His WORD says, your gifting will make room for you. So, I KNOW God has blessed me in the areas of singing, acting, comedy, etc. I feel you should consider me because I have always loved to sing, make people laugh, or share and act out a funny moment to others, that I had witnessed throughout my day. I have done this since I was a small child and always had visions that I would one day be important or make it big, at least larger than I am now. I am not so much worried about making it big or NEEDING to be SOMEONE. I know who I am and WHOSE I AM, so having the chance to be apart of the entertainment industry and enjoy the work that I do is a blessing in itself. I know God will take care of the rest, as long as I let him lead me. When God is leading and guiding me, you , Mr. Perry, will be blessed even more because of that.

  22. Rue

    I would be honoured to be involved in this project as acting is my passion and I would love to be given a chance to prove myself. I’m a 24 year old African woman 5 ft 3 in height. I hold a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and a Masters in Project Management from a prestigious British University. I come from a family that believes success is only achieved through an educational perspective. I haven’t been given a chance by family to follow my dreams not because the resources are scarce but because of my strict upbringing and background. Just like any other contestant I have had highs and lows in life having lost my mother at a young age and sadly my grandmother who was my support system earlier this year. Without the people dear to my heart I have had to deal with the numerous challenges life presents. I believe this opportunity could emancipate me, open doors of opportunity and assist me in showing off my capability. I’m a hard working individual and I strive to achieve in everything I do and I will not disappoint. Furthermore I believe I should be selected as I enjoy watching Tyler Perry movies as they always teach the audience a lesson of faith, family and values, I would be honoured to be part of a team that educates the public about these issues.

    Thank you for reading
    Regards Rue

  23. claudia simpkins

    I am continually knocking on doors wondering if a door of opportunity will finally open, and that tenacity and persistence is what Mr. Tyler Perry and Ms. Oprah Winfrey and others have used to manifest their heart’s greatest desires. I am a person who loves life and the experiences life brings; therfore, I have experienced the highs and lows of life. Laughter and love helped me to find my way out of those dark places in life. I believe I should be considered because I want to give to others the joy of a smile, a laugh and even a pensive thought.

  24. Maurice Davis

    Hi i am a city bus driver in mn i have 4 kids and a wife and oy has been my dream to be an entertainer/actor since i was four years old. I know if i was given a chance for any upcoming position i will go above and beyond to the needs of rhe character. I also write my own music and could bring ideas to the table for movie plots, not that you need any ideas, i just wanted to let you know im willing ro grind and be part of wonderful family. I look forward to working with you all.

  25. Yvette Jacqueline Elmore

    I am currently a special education teacher earning an advanced degree in the same field. I had a wonderful experience and opportunity to be part of the cast of the play The Colored Museum. It was very exciting, a great deal of hard work. However, when I finally learned my lines, received extensive coaching on how to project and evolve in the true mind of a character. I am looking to venture into some other aspects of career because I feel you only live once. It never hurt anyone to try to reach their dreams. I enjoyed being in the play. My experience is limited but I am willing to try.

  26. Lauran Morgan

    My daughter who is a very exciting and funny 10 year old, would love to have a part in your shows. As a matter of fact, my family would also. I am 50 years old but I look 30ish. My husband is 43, and I have another daughter who is 16. We are very out going and we love acting out our own funny plays on our family game night. My daughter who is 10 (Jada), she has had 2 small parts in 2 different movies, and she models also.
    We are ready to take the next step.

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