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  1. Simone Taylor

    Good day all,
    My name is Simone Taylor; I live on the beautiful island of Barbados.
    Gender: Female
    Eye color: Dark Brown
    Hair color: Dark Brown

    From a child I knew there was something significant about me but I never knew what it was but life, it is the greatest teacher and it is through my life experiences I found out who I am and my passion for life.
    Creative arts are my passion; singing, dancing, acting and I am interested in pursuing an acting career as this is my strong point.
    I am ready to make this move and I would like to be a part of this movie.
    I have done some stage plays in my church, a local sitcom here is Barbados called “Keeping up with the Joneses” and I had the opportunity to star in a BET Rising Starts short film “Oh to forgive”.
    Simone Taylor

  2. Urshela Lynch

    Hi Mr.Tyler Perry I am a single parent of three children and I take care of my mother that has Multiple Sclerosis (MS).The struggle is real!!!And this is the real reason I would love to be in any
    show that you have an opening for!!Thanks <hidden from public> 

  3. Gwendolyn Rowell

    I should be considered to be a part of the cast because I’am a hard working african american female. I’am beautiful ,I currently work a full time job, manage to raise six beautiful children without a father who passed away when my children were young.I live in New York City HARLEM. My life experience needs to be shared. I watch your movies i felt some of the same real life situations that you act out on screen. There is so much more that I could say.
    However hope to hear from you soon.
    Gwendolyn Kay.

  4. Urshela Lynch

    Hi Mr Tyler Perry I’m just going to be honest I am a single parent with three kids and I take care of my mother that has Multiple Sclerosis (MS).The struggle is real that’s the real reason I would love to be a part of any show that you have openings for!!Thank You <hidden from public> 

  5. La'Tricia.Lawrence

    As a lot of your employees and or performers., I have a story a few stories that will make you cry or smile. As I actually sit here and watch Family that Preys on television. I see all the people you have given a chance at life. My family and I are struggling right now. I know I can change that if I am given the chance. Please pick me for an audition I am good at whatever. I do if the opportunity presents it’s self or I am going after it myself, I succeed! Please Please Please pick me yourself & Oprah are my inspiration!

  6. annetbaldwin

    I’m a 29 year old single parent mother who has always put her dreams to the side for her children needs and wants. I have a passion for acting and have been told I can feel others pain. I’m a strong believer of god. And hope that you can give the break of a lifetime. And even if I’m not chosen this time please keep me in mind. I’m never giving up. Thank you kindly Mr. Perry.

  7. Logan

    I am a mother of two and former teacher. I am a fast learner and willing to try new things. If you don’t want me, my two boys are adorable, funny, and handsome!

  8. Teaira (Eaton) Curry

    Hello! I would like to become another cast member of this Tyler Perry production because I am ready for my gift to make room for me and my family. Heather Bivens had called me years ago but due to the bad reception in Marta, I had missed the call and recieved a voicemail to become a featured extra. By the time I got off the train to check my voicemail, Heather had found someone else. God blessed me to be a singer and songwriter. This is my way of uplifting peoples spirit.

  9. Dash Nachole

    Hello Mr. Perry I am eager to say that I absolutely love your work and would love to be apart of some of your upcoming projects! I was just recently featured in the movie”House Slave” which was produced by a very talented director Prince Domonick here in Huntsville AL. I currently model but would love to launch a career in the acting industry, I knew right where to go to find auditions. I googled your auditions trying to push myself forward to get where I want to be. I hope you choose me to audition for project.
    Thanks, DASH

  10. Jacqueline Smith

    Being honest I want a career not a job. I’m a hard worker and very dedicated in everything that I do. I don’t get star struck so I will not be distracted. There is a time and place for everything and I know those times. Thank you for your time.

  11. Lelia Randolph

    I should be considered for the show because how went through a lot with means in my life I have been hurt and abused solo I know I would know the right thing to say and do in this movie I’ve been divorced 2 timesthe last horse was March 20th 2014 one day before my anniversaryso I could really act out in this movie if you give me a chance even just to be an extra

  12. Lelia Randolph

    I am NOT trying to give you know sad story but I am a grandmother raising 6 grandkids we live off of government assistance I’m not knocking it because to keep a roof over our headand food on the table but I would really love to be in a movie asand extra I believe in my heart that I can do it I’m not trying to put myself about anybody else because everybody deserve a fair chance I would love the opportunity to give it a try if you would let meI work for my complex I work 4 hours a week sometimes 6. I know I am NOT the only thing over and parent in the worl but I really would love to have chance to work with the group

  13. mekayla

    Hello TYLER PERRY!!!! I would absolutely love to come and be a part of the history you are creating, and I would be a great contribution to your team. I am very dedicated and a hard worker.

  14. Terrence Shingler

    Mr. Perry,

    I believe I should be selected to work with you because I am a Triple Threat in terms of Acting, Singing and making people laugh. Acting is a passion of mine. I am dedicated and I work extremely hard perfecting my craft and using the gifts that God has given me. If you knew my story , you would be absolutely blown away guaranteed. This is my dream and without any set goals, it would just be a dream and the goals that I set for myself cannot be achieved without discipline and consistency. Those are two of my strong points meaning I am Disciplined and I am Consistent. You can count on me to bring your scene to life. I promise you would not be disappointed if you selected me to be apart of your cast. If you want to find out more about me, checkout my website at, thank you and God Bless!!!


  15. Terrence Shingler

    Mr. Perry,

    I believe I should be selected to work with you because I am a Triple Threat in terms of Acting, Singing and making people laugh. Acting is a passion of mine. I am dedicated and I work extremely hard perfecting my craft and using the gifts that God has given me. If you knew my story , you would be absolutely blown away guaranteed. This is my dream and without any set goals, it would just be a dream and the goals that I set for myself cannot be achieved without discipline and consistency. I promise you would not be disappointed if you selected me to be apart of your cast. If you want to find out more about me, checkout my website at, thank you and God Bless!!!


  16. Paige Shaw

    If I could choose any dream to have come true would be able to become apart of the Tyler Perry show. I have been a fan of his every since he came out with his first productions, and I’m talking about his plays. To work with such a talented force, this man, it would be an honor. If I were to have this opportunity I know that it was my door to go through. What better show to be on, than with someone who started from the bottom. Who lived in his car. Tyler Perry showed me that anything was possible. People will try to bring you down, but to not let that take control of your life. This show teaches morals and respect and of course you know it will be funny if Tyler wrote it. I pray that this gets noticed, because I would love to be apart of this team and to have such a wonderful opportunity!

  17. jaylen blackmon

    hi!!! well first off i want to tell you something about myself, im 15, I live in Chicago Il. im a sophomore in high school, and i love to act/dance/write. i love acting i use to be shy and not want to do anything, but my mom loved to take me and my sister to parties so they could watch us dance and entertain them. And ive been doing that since i was 6 years old, now i love it. and when i say im a writer, i love to write as well. i write poetry, stories, songs, and even my own play. its called ” A Bad Girl To A Church Girl. ” and its something that i created. Ive always wanted to be an actress, i tried so many auditions in Chicago, and i even got it, but to me it wasnt the real deal. my dream was to be on Disney Channel ” Shake it Up. ” but the show had already ended. but thats not going to keep me away from chasing my dreams, im going to keep trying, and i hope you see something in me that others did not. i love you Tyler Perry, and i wish the best!!!!

  18. Breanna

    Also , when I was younger I tried out for the All American Model Search and I won that competition . After I won , I took a professional photo shoot and I also have a portfolio .

  19. Breanna Lee

    Hey , my name is Breanna Lee . I live in Dallas,TX . I think I would be good for this casting because I am hardworking , willing , and motivated . I love acting , it’s always been my passion . It’s always been my dream to become an actress because I love being around people and communicating and just doing something different everyday which is what is acting is all about .

  20. Karissa Cross

    Pick me

  21. Ebony Thompson

    Hi my name is ebony Thompson I really believe I need to be a party of Tyler Perrys team I have something the world needs to hear God had given me a wonderful gift and I believe Tyler Perry can help me to get my voice heard and he won’t be disappointed.

  22. Sheena Cook

    Hi My Name Is Sheen,
    I’m Not A Professional In Acting Or Modeling
    But Always Wanted To Be. I Think If Given
    A Chance I Would Be A Good Actress. This
    Was Always Something I Wanted Too Do.
    I Feel That Every Day We Wake Up It’s Is A Blessing
    And Another Chance To Shine. I Love Role Playing With Family And Friends And They Love It. If You Give Me A Chance. You Want Be Disappointed & I Will Put My Soul
    Into My Performance. Truly Ready To Take A Leap Of Faith.
    Thank You , Sheena

  23. Joha Harrison

    I will be a great fit in any role. I am a well rounded person, so being my self wont be hard.

  24. fredrick

    I’m 18 years old living in dallas. I’m a African American male whose 5″7.I’m a person that’s gonna give it all I have in my chest, I’m going to go out and give it all I have. I’m very excited and happy to learn from such prestigious director I know I’m going to meet and ready to listen and learn to make my dream,my goal be reached. I’m a very motivated guy ready to become any character. With the passion to become a great actor being a nice, outgoing , respectful guy with the inspiration to take care and provide for my family. Although I have no experience I’ll show u flashes of superstar talent being a diamond in the ruff getting out. I have experience in auditioning however, I audition for acting with model and talent company , while not getting it I know there’s no where but up and I’m going to work hard getting there.

  25. alexie

    The name is Alexie Imani
    I’m young, ambitious, talented, & outgoing.
    i’m an aspiring model, actress, singer-song writer. I’m from Houston Texas where, “Stars are Born” & if i’m chosen i would reassure you that i would deliver the up most best!
    HT- 5’5
    skin tone- chocolate
    eye color- brown
    hair color- black/brown

  26. Henry c Bailey

    What’s up Mr tyler perry how you doing name Henry Bailey um from Montgomery Alabama. I have three kids.that I love thank God for them.I did ten years straight in prison. I’ve been out for seven years and a half .by the grace of Mr Perry I would love to see me and my kids on your show and you would love us being there smile so if would Mr Perry please give me a chance to show my kids that all things are possible for those who love the LORD…

  27. Ariel Millsap

    Hello, my name Is Ariel. I am 17 years old, in a month or so I’ll be 18. You know, I know there’s a lot of people that are really wanting these opportunities, but I really do want to become a professional in the entertainment field. I haven’t really don’e any training or programs or anything like that, but I am willing to work hard to become an actress. Where I live, in Lincoln, Nebraska their are rarely any opportunities, so I never really get the chance to do things that maybe other kids in the states can do, I don’t really have those opportunities. I love every last one of your movies and it would be such a great honor to star in one. Most of these kids wants to be famous, I just want a chance to have fun. There’s only so much that I can say for you to believe me and I know there’s a BIG chance that you won’t read this or reply, honestly it’s worth a try. Even if I can’t be in your show or movie, I would love to know if their are any other great opportunities. Thank you.

  28. Chuckola Bobo

    This comment is not for myself, it is for my boyfriend he always talks about actig in one of Tyler Perry’s movies. He’s really funny and has an amazing voice, I think this would be the break he needs and is always talking about. He works really hard everyday to take care of his family so he really doesn’t have any time left to put towards his dream! I know it really means a lot to him and this would be a really great opportunity for him. Instagram @marcus_terrell_the_entertainer Facebook Marcus Livingitup Redd

  29. Jacoby mattison

    Hi, my name is Jacoby.
    I’m from Robbins Illinois, my dream was always to be in the spotlight act
    Were I’m from there’s not many opportunity to do anything, or
    Even get involved… I’m very responsible capable, hard working and great at acting.. If you choose me
    You will be changing my life..

  30. Allysha Morris

    Hi my name allysha Morris and I’m from Chicago il
    I think you should choose me, I’m great at remembering line.. This is my
    Dream to act I have no stage fright at all..
    I’m 17 years of age I preach and spread the word of god
    I’m trustworthy hard working and capable.. I love to have fun..
    If you choose me you want regret it….

  31. Keala

    Hi there I’m Keala.
    I truly believe I would be good for this show. I am hardworking and talented. I have taken online acting classes and I’m known as the funny one to people. I am out going and won’t be shy.I wrote to you mainly because I plan on meeting you soon. I know I sound overly confident but really I’m humble.
    Age: 13
    Hair: short thick and brown
    Body: triangle shape
    Eyes: brown slightly almond shape

    Thanks for reading!

  32. Tina Nicole

    Hi, I’m a 42 year old working mom. I have never stepped outside of my comfort zone. I am ready for a new and exciting opportunity to express everything that God has blessed me with. Why keep it a secret?? We are put here on this earth to be a light for others.


    I would live to audition for Mr. Tyler Perry’s new show or anything that he comes up with. I find his work very fufilling in the sense that i can relate to most of it. When I was in high school, I did some acting and my drama teacher saw the talen I had. Unfortunately, college was not in the budget for my parents. However the case, i’m grown now with a set of 13 year old twin daughters (identical) and I would love the chance to show them you are never too old to at least try to do something you love. Acting was my first love and I pray I get a chance to show you my talents. Im so excited at this chance.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a wonderful day.

  34. Angela

    I bring my listening and communication skills along to be a teachable individual. It is my desire to act/ model. I came close to this during high school years but life’s circumstances said otherwise. I will put in all necessary work and beyond to get more than expected results.

  35. Shaquindolyn Jones

    Hi my name is Shaquindolyn Jones I’m 18 years old, I’m a big fan of Tyler perry and all his productions. Every since I was a little girl I have been striving to become and Actress my granny always told me that Acting was my talent. I come from a rough neighborhood in Shreveport Louisiana called cooper road. I just recently graduated from high school and all I ever wanted to do is make a difference in my community and to get my family out the hood. I feel like acting is my calling and that is my life long dream and with God I can do anything that I put my mind to.

  36. Valerie

    I am a army veteran single parent I left the army after a divorce to raise my children now my exhusband has taken his turn with the kids which is allowing me to pursue my dreams. I am a current employee for goodwill industries in management and although I love helping people I would like to be able to provide more for my family back home I love Tyler perrys vision his story and his mission and i love presenting acting and being the life of the party that’s why I would like to be considered for a role within his company

  37. Elizabeth C

    I’m 23 , black women who never acted a role but is willing to learn everything there is to know about this role . I will work my butt off to prove that I’m not just some country girl with no talent. I can do anything that my mind and heart takes me. Nothing but good has been coming to me lately so I’ll take that one out of a million chance… Thanks!!!

  38. Jyrah

    This has been my dream since I was a little girl. I watch your show every new episode and the old ones too. I have prayed for a chance like this to come and help me get out of the apartments and everything. I prayed for a chance to have a better education. I think this could be my chance to a better life.

  39. Shonte

    I am 13 years old and im a big fan of all of Tyler Perry’s movies and i’ve praying and striving to become an actor and to be on your show will be a miracle which god will make thanks so much.

  40. Grace Antwi-boasiako

    I am 24 year old young lady, the last of 8 children. Who had most of her educational life in Africa. However I am a junior in college offering a degree in nursing. As much as I like to take care of people and help then in diverse ways, I have always wanted to go into acting. Upon my parents advice as a child which is “Do something that will guarantee you a job, no matter what. Knowledge that will be with you for the rest of your life.” I listened to them and did just that. On the side, I took part in any school play that came up in primary school and high school dramas.
    i am a great choice to be in this TV project in order to bring the diversity and different cultural background bit since this project want to affect people worldwide. I am articulate, confident creative and jovial and always thinks outside the box in the right direction.

  41. Lisa Henderson

    Truth… I’ve never auditioned for anything. I’m taking a chance as an unknown raw talent following her instinct to go for it.

  42. Kc

    I’m 24 years old with a 3 year old son and a daughter that I gave up for adoption after she was born on Sept 28th 2013, yes I said 2013! Because i didnt want to be another “baby mama” , another statistic, a single parent times two . I’ve seen every single movie and play that you have produced and starred in. Your stories are so raw! So authentic! I’ve done my share of dirt, I’m woman enough to admit that but I’ve changed, people look at me the same as they did 4 years ago! I have bags under my eyes, stretch marks, cellulite, have never owned a car! Moved from Monroe, La to Austin, Tx when I was 12.. It was too late! I have 4 sisters, one who was given up for adoption, and a brother! They have it so made out here, opportunity, friends, education.. I know I can’t let that hold me back but in a way it is. I know I’m not supposed to be living like this. I know it’s something better than to be working just to be broke. I won’t let you down. Please just give me a chance. People say I act like a younger version of Angela! Lol

  43. Tramicqua Pointer

    I am a big fan of Mr.Tyler Perry. Mr. Perry brought his play to Buffalo Ny, “HELL HATH NO FURRY LIKE A WOMAN SCORNED”. I have always wanted to go to a play of Mr.Perrys. And I was so excited to have finally been in attendance. All my life, I could only dream of being on tv, magazines, billboards, appearing at a red carpet event, for being the top actress! More importantly, I have always wanted to join the cast of Mr. Perry’s production. I participated in Drama/theater in college. It was a non credit class, how ever, I enjoyed the class very much so I stayed. Even if I am only just considered for an audition, not only would I be happy with just that, but it will prove something to MYSELF. That I can do whatever it is that I dream to do!! Please accept me for auditions. Thank you.

  44. Marie O'Neal

    I am a big Fan of Tyler Perry. The reason I should be a cast of Love Thy Neighbor because I have a natural born talent to act. I had my first child at the age of 19 in college and was told that I should give up the idea of persuing an acting career with a child, so I did. I have been on a roller coaster with a career and struggling so hard to be successful when I truly believe that God has a designed plan for me to do just this if I step out on Faith and go for it… So here I am. I would be forever greatful and know that it would be a stepping stone for a great career.

  45. Tiffany Mac

    I am a very hard working entertainer/ actress/ host and radio personality and I am a very hard working . I will earn and work hard for the role. I am very confident and getting the role of main character or supporting character, how ever I am constantly humble in being a extra on the set and work had to make sure that my craft is great in that as well. I have established many credits , I have a strong back ground in media and entertainment. I balance it all and let NO ONE take my goals and future successes away from me. Please email me if you have or need any additional details from me and I will provide promptly. I just want to be GREAT and prove to the world my greatness.

    Thank you and For Your Time

  46. Veronica Dozier

    I Love Tyler Perry! thats why, his work is amazing and it is so inspirational to me. I love acting I adapt to my surrondings and I know how to adjust my emotions. I am 5’2 African American Female I weigh 160 I am half Carribean half Nigerian. This opportunity would be amazing, I would love to be apart it!

  47. Candice

    I would love to be in the filming of love thy neighbor, the reason being is because I’m very animated. I make people laugh, been told many of times that I am a funny person even when I am not trying to be. Growing up I was told I should have been a comedian, and I can also sing. As I love watching Tyler Perry (Madea), and I would be honored to be in one of the shows.

  48. nicole hill

    Hello my name is Nicole Hill in addition to loving Tyler Perry and everything he do I would like to audition because I just want to step out on faith and take a chance, see where God will lead me.

  49. Linda

    Hello, my name is Linda and I believe I should strongly be considered a role for the upcoming flim Love Thy Neighbors. Reason being, I am a single mother of two recently became unemployed. but still displays a positive attitude in my situation. Acting have been in my bones every since I was a little girl. My nickname used to be the Coca Cola girl ( because of the commercial from back in the 90′s) so I’ve been told my smile will light up a room. If given the opportunity, I’ll love to display my talent.

  50. Sy'Mone Williams

    Hi I’m 21yrs Old From Houston Tx,An Will Love To Be Apart Of The Casting Family An All So Love Thy Neighbor.I’m An Outgoing,Caring,Wonderful Personality An Also Funny Person.Singing Is My Passion,Every Since I Was An Little Girl,I Want To Be Heard,I Want To Show My Talent,I Want To Make Things Happen,For Myself An Also My Family.This Will Be A Major BLESSING If I Could Be Apart Of Anything You Have Coming Up.I Pray An Hope I Can Get An Reply Back,Lord Knows I Really Want This,An To Be Able To Change My Life For The Better An To Be Able To Help My Family Out &To Make My Dream Come True.

  51. Endya Hammond

    I’m a mother of three who decided to get up and go after my dreams.
    I told myself that it’s never to late to go after your dreams and I could
    become the most hardest working woman if I was given the opportunity
    to show what I have to on top of that I have all the Tyler Perry movies Lol. I
    love to get a chance to work with and for Mr. Perry. If I had the chance I would
    never take it for granted.

  52. Endya Hammond

    I’m a mother of three who chose to get up in go after my dreams.
    I told myself that it’s never to late so I’m going for it. I believe that everyone
    should have that chance and I think my time has come if I could get just the
    right chance at it I would never take it for granted.

  53. Beverlycook

    Honestly its one of my gifts i use to play piano and drums now i work at arbys aka nuthouse and now its my season to share with the world how very talented i am and make myself proud besides my aunt beverly who im named after always told me if you want something work hard for it and if you gone act a fool….i no im rambling but i had a co worker tell me she was upset and jus a few silly but encouraging words brighten her day.also everytime my brother antonio visit he ask where i am and how funny i am who knows maybe im jus funny looking maybe there laughing with me or at me lets find out if im wotthy or all talk at your convenience please contact me its a matter of life and breath.

  54. Tyler West

    SAG-AFTRA actor
    Age: 19
    Height: 5’9
    Ethnicity: African- American
    Study: Beverly Hills Playhouse
    Film- Kicking and Screaming Featured
    Film- Bad News bears Featured
    Commercial-Nissan Main Actor
    Commercial-Scott Paper Towel Main Actor
    Commercial-Downey Main Actor
    Print- Six Pix Game Mattell
    Print-Macy’s Catalog
    Print-Target Catalog

  55. Stephanie Griffin

    Good Evening, I’m a young woman who lives for the life of acting. There is nothing in this world more important to me than pursuing my dream. No matter what obstacles I face in life, being able to act gives me peace and happiness. To be considered for this project will be an honor, actually saying honor is an understatement, this would be the opportunity of a life time. I’m learning that blessings come in all forms, and I will continue my journey!

  56. sylvia king

    Tyler perrys work is so very true to the black experience, pecular to all black pple everywhere. What better place is there for black artists to wrk nd express themselves. I definately want to be a part of his wrk.

  57. Calandra

    To truly love thy neighbor, one must first love thy self. Unfortunately many people do not love themselves, and this truth is played out repeatedly in everyday scenarios. Learning by observation is a powerful tool. That’s why Mr. Perry’s body of work is so profound. I should be cast in Love Thy Neighbor so I can be part of teaching America and the world to love themselves.

  58. Akeem Raemon Adams

    Age: 23
    Height: 5 foot 7/ slinder average
    Weight: 145
    Eye Color: Light Brown/ Hazel
    Hair Color: Dark Brown/ slick back/ straight
    Race: African American
    Vocie Range: Bass/Baritone/Second Tenor

    Hello and Good Afternoon to you. I am a lover of music. I love television (sitcoms). I love old movies, musicals and acting etc. I learn everything by ear. I cannot read music (I am currently taking courses in college). I did not start my acting career until I was 17 in high school. I have learned alot in these short 3 years. I do not know everything about the acting business. I do not expect to learn everything in one sitting. I am always learning something. I believe in hard work. I always get the job done. I have a crazy sense of humor. I’m always making someone laugh. Even though I think I’m boring, someone is always saying that I make them laugh. I’ve always been myself. I’m somewhat old fashioned. I often go above and beyond. If you take a chance in life either good things will happen or bad things will happen. If you don’t try, nothing will happen. I am positive. I’m always optimistic. I look on the positive side of things. I believe things happen for a devine purpose. I love to meet new people and try new things. I work very well with others. I sing in the church choir(s) and school choir(s). I love to help others. I try to live a life of service.

  59. Laquiesha

    I should be considered for the next and any other role for tylerbperry because I have follwes him and his plays since the original play. Every time I see another play or movie directed by him I’m always feeling like it’s going to be me next, if only he could get Insight on me or even be possibly scrolling on YouTube like he found one of his other cast members. It would be an amazing experience to finally get my big break. I have been scammed many times on this journey and told no so many times but I do believe that with every rejection soon there will be plenty of acceptances.

  60. Janika Potier

    Why Should I Be Consider As An Actor In The Upcoming Performance With Tyler Perry ?
    The Reason Why I (Janika Potier) Should Be Considered As A Casted Is : 1. Through Out School & Church I Have Been In Drama. #2 I Would Love To Bring My Talent To You And We Grow As A Team. And You Bring Your Talent And I Learn From It.We Can Learn Each Day From Each Other. So Lets Work Business & Have An Awesome Time! That’s Why I Should Be Apart Of Your Cast Team
    Sincerely, Janika

  61. Doris Cross

    I have been praying for an opportunity for so long. And I believe it’s here.

  62. Tiffany Williams

    I’m hungry and ready to work for my dream! Focus and dedication will have you being the first one on set and the last one leaving. It’s my season of growth and success which Id love to contribute both to Tyler Perry Stuidos!

  63. jawleh shields

    Hello, my name is Jawleh (ja-lay) Shields. I believe I should be considered part of this cast because of my DRIVE. I have a passion to sing, act and dance. Only God knows how long ive had this dream of making it. I know as a determined indiviaul if you want to make it you have to invest in yourself. Sometimes you win, sometimes your rejected but through it all ive learned that you cant give up on yourself! I believe I have everything it takes to be a part of this cast and if theres is any imporvements need to be made im willing to do so.

  64. Leeona Brown

    I have always been a character, so my freinds and family have said. I can make some one laugh just being me. But, when I put on a show I give them a run for there money. I would love for the opportunity to show you what I can bring. I can sing (I have a few notes in me), and I sure can put on an act. I am a dedicated hard worker and I will not just bring me, I will bring my heart, my soul my all. Oh and a sweet potatoe smile

  65. Jazmin Crumley

    I would love to considered for a role in Mr. Perry’s Love Thy Neighbor because entertainment is my passion. I have sang all of my life, for year professionally, as well as acted for years and I would love to be given the opportunity to use my talent as well as challenge myself to be the absolute best I can be. What better way to be the best than to learn from the best? I appreciate the messages, morality and the comedy in all of Mr. Perry’s productions and I would simply love to opportunity to bring even more life to your cast as well as gain knowledge from greatness. THIS WOULD BE A DREAM COME TRUE! God bless you and thank for sharing the opportunity!

  66. Thurman,Anita

    I will love to be apart of Tyler Perry’s love thy neighborhood

  67. quann

    I’m god child an I know he has a plan for me:) have a bless day

  68. Janell

    I should be chosen for a part because I am very animated, beautiful (easy to look at), and I’m someone that people would enjoy watching on tv. I can play all roles and I can SAAAAAAANG! I’ll blow you and viewers out the ball park, Juuuuuuuust try me!

  69. Danitra Roberts

    I admire Tyler Perry so much and everything he has done for our African American community I have always wanted to be in a sitcom I am the sitcoms queen!! I’m funny I’m witty I’m not afraid to let myself go and become a character….I know I’d bring good vibes and great energy to the set I’ve had a secret passion for acting that I’ve just begun to embrace

  70. Greta

    I should be considered because I’m young, talented, beautiful, intelligent, bright and willing to learn. I have that “it” factor and am the next rising star!

  71. Latoya

    This has been my passion for years…. i love to sing, i love to act crazy n make people laugh… i love being in the middle of a crowd n just do crazy exciting things to see what other people will do….. if i could just get the opportunity to start somewhere…. love ya GOD bless

  72. Kiara R

    I should be considered to be apart of this cast is because I am a hard worker I feel as though I can bring a lot to the table and can get the job done that is expected of me. I’ve been in music majority of my life but my heart is also set on acting… I feel as though I can relate to a lot of the different scenes in your movies and shows ect.. But this is my dream to be apart of something big that I know I would love to be apart of. So this is why I feel that I should be considered apart of this show and cast.

  73. Kiara R

    I should be considered to be apart of this cast is because I am a hard worker I feel as though I can bring a lot to the table and can get the job done that is expected of me. I’ve been in music majority of my life but my heart is also set on acting… I feel as though I can relate you a lot of the different scenes in your movies and shows ect.. But this is my dream to be apart of something big that I know I would love to be apart of. So this is why I feel that I should be considered apart of this show and cast.

  74. Marcus Tolbert

    Get me on this show as the mom boyfriend

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